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never underestimate the power of I'LL. SHOW. YOU. -- eli roth to harvey levin | my name is pronounced "nomi" just like in showgirls

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@mollylambert @themjeans I feel so seenSo @mollylambert is telling me she did the @themjeans pod today and that I was mentioned at LeAST twiceThe clash is the first great example of pop punkMe to the babysitter: “is Venmo ok” @ArnoldFriend6 Thank you I think so!!I swear I can hear the dial tone through this picture
@thebluehoodie NOOOOOOOOOO"god's plan" also presents a very serene approach to "allow me to bury my haters." goals!still true feels very cyclical... like sands through the hourglass... one still point in a turning world... what can i say, i just love him! @jaycaspiankang it's a great time to commit murder!!!!whenever a new drake track comes out i feel very calmed"she's running"It might not always look that way but overall I think I usually smell pretty goodLiterally genius pivot @AldermanCharlie That’s it I’m moving to LAOne thing I’m really aces at is physical humor @333333333433333 “Her breasts were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and her pussy felt like home” oh wait sorry t… @ronsilverado Literally on my way home from work in a cab you laggard! Who’s minding the restaurantBetter yet, remember moby’s “tea spot”Remember “moby” @johnlevenstein remember when i coopted the writers guild strikeshut down that government for me daddy etc etc @ronsilverado my child needs a father etc @ronsilverado how'd you guess billy @amandafortini you are always here for me!!!Who here would want to see a tv show about a bespectacled jewess who moves to LA
Retweeted by Naomi Fry @amandafortini WE ARE!!!!i'm still at work, yesyou know what's interesting is reading new york magazines on amazon from like 1990just had a recovered memory about watching a 60 minutes segment about tina brown at vanity fair in the mid-'80s tha… @amore_orless @johnlevenstein i can only hope for the same @yetiweizen painkillers @jimwindolf @JohnMayer JIM! this is no laughing matter @johnlevenstein no dice, you're stuckone of my greatest joys was celebrity rehab @max_read @willystaley @jaycaspiankang buddy comedyno presh thoughi feel like if @johnlevenstein ever unfollowed me i'd have to kill myself @yetiweizen never! @wkndpartyupdate great tweet!!!! @chbarnard love thin sober elton!!! @michelledean i too have lost my voice!!!"thanks for nothing" @BoobsRadley !!!!! @joecoscarelli opioid crisis :(i saw this video of a sloth being swaddled in a tube sock and i've decided this is my life goal -- to be a sloth swaddled in a tube sock @laurenmechling i love YOU!i've been told kanye and kim's new baby was named after judy chicago #woke @chbarnard oh those boston college days...this year i need to learn to "love myself"
@MarisaMeltzer @MatthewSchneier omg @ArnoldFriend6 i'll be sure to report back!sundance is GREAT so farone thing i've got going for me is that hollywood loves a funny jew @leoncrawl @MatthewSchneier it will never cease to tickle me that marisa is half jewishHigh af, telling our babysitter about how I met my senior year boyfriend
Retweeted by Naomi Fryis @JohnMayer doing drynuary but for twitter? i don't know how much longer i can hold on without himone of my strongest tweetsyou know you're a '90s girl when... you ask to be spanked with an issue of sassy magazine @themjeans @donetodeath seed familyIf Garfield didn’t teach you where Abu Dhabi was, you’re a cop
Retweeted by Naomi Fry“I’m never drinking again” @Abbey_Bender Wowowow!!Classic same is happening again... @sperm_Fee Aaaahhhaaaa @sperm_Fee LinkGreatest city on earth!!!!!Omg I’m literally on second avenue waiting for a Lyft and a PRIUS went by blasting California Uber Ales.@willystaley is talking about jost again... @dave_schilling I need to think!!!Surely you’re all shocked I haven’t responded to this picture yet find it almost beyond belief that i can be simultaneously killing it at sundance AND at my desk in midtown @mstcambot what's WRONG with you??
@333333333433333 listen, it's intense @333333333433333 "she had the most beautiful breasts i'd ever seen. i wanted to lie down in her lap and stay there forever" etc etc etcnothing like settling into bed with a good book, aka anthony kiedis's dad's vanity autobiography
Retweeted by Naomi Frya real stunt assignment would be me profiling kiedis, "making love to him" to get a sense of things on the ground, so to speak
Retweeted by Naomi Fry