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staff writer @newyorker | never underestimate the power of I'LL. SHOW. YOU. -- eli roth to harvey levin | my name is pronounced "nomi" just like in showgirls

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i like how my brain when i'm writing is filled with cotton wool @dstfelix "swag"i got real excited when i thought for a second this was from tess from pretty wild @randlechris check the thread...tbt @hannahgoldfield You’re on fire today! @GoldieGoldberg I’ve missed himguys... @spencerpratt omg omg omgthe AM hours are when i respond to streetwear tweets @jacobwgallagher are those oakleys @noahvjohnson that chris gibbs "fit"!!! @jacobwgallagher "we out here" @willystaley young and fuckin: meme edition @willystaley get with it willya little stunned trump hasn't yet responded to the grimes/azealia banks/elon kerfuffle @hannahgoldfield Good morning @cejarvis This whole story is giving me grad school flashbacks @sandyhonig Jinx @GoldieGoldberg Where have you BEENThe comedy community etc @Abbey_Bender he suggested a tweet lena RTd was "absolute gibberish"... blessed...remember when i got dragged by n*rm macdonald earlier today but didn't get a screenshot and then he deleted @katienotopoulos uhohremember "stan" from mad menSorry to bother you had a “youth in the streets” feel. I liked it! @MattZeitlin Dm me
@nobody_stop_me It’s like a revolving door around hereOhad, getting up from the table after lunch: “good job, teeth!”Checks out @MatthewSchneier It’s been a long weekend etcThe frenemy of the peopleThis is interesting because I myself am “lucky sr.” @JOSH_BENNY I want them to get cheated out of their lotto winningsStop tossing sand at me asshole I don’t care if you’re sevenI wanted to kill all the well-fed alpha kids at the beach today @MattZeitlin I’m martin’s cigarette
@TobiHaslett *immoral @a_alesy AlwaysThey’re telling me I got a bit of “color” todayI wish I could say I like the rich...I forgot to mention my antidepressant fell into my bra this morningWhat if I get attacked by a duck in the Hamptons @winterjessica I’m telling you he’s a character in cabaret. It’s Weimar!!!We live in beautiful times, innocently: “you seem especially thirsty today, what’s wrong?” @BrettBietz Swag is forever
@failingupwards Gang gang etcExcusing myself from the dinner table to fav @failingupwards memes on my phone like a little baby @BrettBietz @musicfactnews Exactly @Cat_Marnell IconicWe’re in East Hampton and Ohad was just railing against Russophobia and I was like have you been listening to red scare again @Cat_Marnell @nobody_stop_me @333333333433333 IconicA little on the nose guys @ecareyo Say more @spencerpratt ???? @BrettBietz Bury them!!!Anyway on my way to the hamptons!August in New York is lily bart month @dan_allegretto Oh I know, it’s so goodDude I INVENTED coming on too strongBogosian as bernie is good casting @realleoxxx There’s no one like you Dundee!!!Goddamn co-sign comes and goes but jokes are forever mon frere!!!!! @nobody_stop_me Let’s shootGonna do one of these avant-garde contemporary productions of the glass menagerie where it’s just me as Laura but i… @donetodeath I’m gonna try this @laurenmechling Haha
Why are you not supportive of my dreamsI feel like I could have a career comparable to Drake’s all based around my thirst for that Mayer Instagram followWhat if I suddenly started wearing a wide-brimmed fedora like an Australian creative director @maggieserota @BrettDavisRIP wtfone thing that's great about the conde nast building is that you get to have millions of pretty woman rodeo-drive-s… large birks on the vogue floor @atossaaraxia I also hate “mentor twitter” @ecareyo I still listen to this .... legendary album @failingupwards @GQMagazine @GQStyle @samuelhine LOVE YOU FAIL GANG!!!! @failingupwards @GQMagazine @GQStyle @samuelhine i am what i am!!!!