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staff writer @newyorker | never underestimate the power of I'LL. SHOW. YOU. -- eli roth to harvey levin | my name is pronounced "nomi" just like in showgirls

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More snug less smug!!!!A little upset that my pajama pants don’t have a pocket for my phonesome quick digging has revealed the man on the gavin brown team actually responsible for putting garf in the newsle… sean parker's lord of the rings-themed wedding?!!?! @meganamram @ryanpfluger a stunning jewess @johnlevenstein following this story closely @ByYourLogic “Reagan battalion” @JeffreyKirkwood I kind of like the sleazy idea of, let’s check for how much you’d like to fuck your professor @shujaxhaider They did?? Too little too late!!! @willystaley Against all odds, I miss you guysI realize I haven’t taught since like 2014My one wish before dying would be a chili pepper on rate my professor
@timoandres No!Blessed @kurtralske Wow!!!! @camjwolf a hard one for sure @camjwolf goddammit john mayerI interviewed the great Jeff Goldblum for NYT Mag Talk about his new jazz album, acting, and growing up Jewish in P…
Retweeted by Naomi Frywriting about a lot of zaddys lately is this the @frynaomifry effect
Retweeted by Naomi Fry @mollylambert it might be!!!! @theorygurl daddy on the beach etc (sorry) @666satansass666 lol @hannahgoldfield sorry that i had the PR reach out... i now realize that either ohad or myself could have written directlyposted a pic of a youngish philip glass on the gram and the ladies are going crazy @asarahlarson just this morning i was thinking that it might be time to revisit pulp fiction“The Cat”?
Retweeted by Naomi Fry @laurenoyler @Liamjsm i'm an early bird woman myselfi'm a standout among the members of the 300 under 300 list @AshFrieds omg ashley, i get it @timoandres @kurtralske stravinsky in hollywood!it's kind of pleasurable to see a long, tedious update from someone you're apparently friends with on your facebook… again, the franchise is in step with the rising, then falling, fortunes of the american empire @johnlevenstein are they cheekily referring to hilaria's "assets"? @johnlevenstein this looks like a single date to me! @donetodeath @alyssavingan i'll never forget spotting jefferson and onetime love anouck lepere at PS1 in like 2006... peak mid-2000s!!!! @BerlantBro it's so hard to choose! @BerlantBro I’ve started watching just recently so I don’t know most of their names! At first I thought I hated the… @mollylambert Thirteen 2: the fourth decadethat cheetos turkey looks kind of good @timoandres this piece. When I wrote it a month ago, there were 13,200 immigrant children in government custody--a re…
Retweeted by Naomi Fry @OsitaNwanevu Memories...Interesting that I too was on a panel today... panel on terrace house is everything to meI love food!!!!
I like how it’s “possible” instead of “possibly” haha @dash_eats !Possible was a mistake to have these two quick white wines before this panel I’m about to be on!I reviewed a very good book written by a woman who worked at an amazon warehouse @thebluehoodie Yes @Caprarad @hannahgoldfield @NewYorker @aajanewyork Um giving a restaurant that happens to be Japanese a bad review…’re pregnant!!!!What if we were all pregnant with arie and Lauren’s baby @theorygurl that tooone thing i like is when one of my feet falls asleep and then i cradle it in my arms like a large, mute hamLike why the fuck notWhat if I suddenly decide to lean inPipe down @JDuboff CrucialIs there anything quite so annoying as a “drama queen”Thanks to Sheryl Sandburg, this is the end of corporate feminism, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.
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@johnlevenstein you know they used to have big silver bowls with pharma-grade cocaine in them, just for a regular n… @zinoman "you got the couch" etchas @johnlevenstein faved this yet @laurenmechling no. @NickPinkerton awww @nickkroll bad mitten is a dreamboat @MattZeitlin ohad liked it! @beefytopdog @dan_allegretto i watched the first season and it was GREAT. and then i fell behind on the other ones.… @MattZeitlin surprisingly i didn't watch any of it! i do have a wide-ranging continental education though etc etc @dan_allegretto yes i'm thinking about all my "shows" too!!seriously though the thing about orange county going blue is really really hopeful!!!! @sara_mcalpine @MIUMIUofficial @TheSimpsons @SimpsonsQOTD Wowcolin jost has the broad good looks of the arrogant but weak son of a weimar industrialist @donetodeath @_wildandthemoon I’m starting to worry about you @LloydWise Lolita!listen, if you've muted me it's YOUR loss @MrDool like can we get someone to interview jason wahler @MrDool i could not agree morei'd like to update this thread by noting that now that daryl hannah and neil young are wed, neil is cisco adler's UNCLE! @nobody_stop_me You’ll be toasting to your successes at Cannes yet!Just to recap... return of one of my favorite bit characters, dr. Harold Bernstein!!!!! @CarolineMoss Jen bunney?Gonna need a comment from Alex M. here or maybe from “dieter schmitz” @ruthiemarantz OofFEEL THE RAIN ON YOUR SKIN @ruthiemarantz Jealous!!! @allanmcatee @GrittyNHL It’s timeI just remembered baby driver and groaned @nelliekillian @GrittyNHL oh that's a good tip! thank you!broke down and followed @GrittyNHLa trick question
No pressure though @lkoturner I haven’t but I know it’s supposed to be great! I should!Now I’ve got something to live for @annakhachiyan vanderpump rules but about sex workers would be a great show @askanyone Hop hop! @laurenoyler @willystaley That’s a great point