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staff writer @newyorker | never underestimate the power of I'LL. SHOW. YOU. -- eli roth to harvey levin | my name is pronounced "nomi" just like in showgirls

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@willystaley interesting...gotta keep things edgy... don't wanna lose that edge... @Katearfin @johnlevenstein @paulrust john is the man who taught me what being a comedian is all abouteating a salad with a spoon @squintables classic situation @georgeciveris now that's the questionBILL COSBY NOT INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Naomi Fryit's nice that kanye is also working at the new yorker nowlast night was a lot @totally_tod @levickjeremy oh good oneJust my opinion
Retweeted by Naomi Fry @cejarvis i knowsaw this pretty girl walking past me in the oculus and my first thought was, "this woman is beautiful enough to be… I want is to look cute on public access televisionShould I bring my supreme fanny pack with me “on set”I’m so happy because @teamcaroline is explaining to me all about Ronny Jackson and we’re remembering jfk’s speed doctor “max jacobs”
deemed "very funny" by a member of the comedy community... what more could i ask for... this will be streaming live… @mstcambot "very cool"*ahem* after approximately ten thousand rejections your gal finally made it into mcsweeneys!!!!!!
Retweeted by Naomi Frywait but i thought the world was our office? @willystaley also remember when THIS happened? (thread) @willystaley this is your MOMENT @Davidrcoggins coggins for president!honestly this reads like it was written by @willystaleyI'M IN!!!!!! @adamjk i've gotta speak my truth!listen guys, with me? it's posi vibes onlyplus ca change!!!!! @jiatolentino flooooooffff @laurenoyler sameThe news about Lily Allen and Liam Gallagher possibly doing it in first class on the way to japan in 2009 is the mo… @monodialogue Gasp! @monodialogue Omg whatashamed to say i choked on "wesley," other than that i was golden @hannahgoldfield we ever so young #2015 is our youth @nobody_stop_me i'm gonna fuckin bury them @bubblesdepot pretty good! @realleoxxx haha i knowsorry... but not really!!!!!! are the chances of me becoming the toast of the comedy community i wonder @snacksimus what a life!three glasses of sancerre on an empty stomach...fulfilling my ultimate destiny by emailing bret ellis "just to say hi"ran into some writers @sexyuniquepod AHAHAHAHAHHAA
@BrettBietz @KimKardashian @KKWFRAGRANCE @pomwonderful AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAgoing to a little boite named odeon, you may have heard of it? @laurenoyler get bret ellis on the horn!!!!! @willystaley @laurenoyler you're a media darling!whatever happened with this etc @laurenoyler @willystaley im telling you it's revelatory @WendyMullinNYC thank you!!!! @willystaley you're really on fire todayIt’s times like this that I really miss @JohnMayer on twitterJust confused nxivm with visvimi have the formidable jowls of a young denis johnson
Retweeted by Naomi Fry @teamcaroline there used to be hookers there... porn "cinemas"... @allanmcatee i wish i had a head of hair like that!!!!!!fyre fest was our altamont
Retweeted by Naomi Fryi'm living in the past!jews are hot #justine house is its own "clout alley"the TMZ watermark on kanye's black sweatshirt looks so good
Retweeted by Naomi Frybrand have never been stronger @johnlevenstein can't believe that even after this i STILL don't have that coveted kroll follow @johnlevenstein MY HEART @johnlevenstein please don't besmirch dr. armondnot many people know this so it may surprise you to learn that i'm the new yorker's first "staff comedian"Abbie Hoffman was kind of my “type”We might be getting a skewed sense of the Jewish community from the representation of LA therapists on pump rules @ariana2525 @kiiixfish She’s so cute!!!! @kiiixfish I was just thinking that!!! Who’s the kitty @ariana2525 ???Jax has a good head of hairA style maven"i knew you were [margaret] drabble when you walked in" @Zach_Baum yes!