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Joined Twitter 11/25/10 reading @OllyNewport @FourTet Agreed. The sound was absolutely incredibleWhen @eventbrite asked what my favourite venue in London was, @villunderlondon got my full props. Such a good clu… asked @JanelWeaver @Roxannemusic @FunsterMixmag and @SonicPRMusic to tell me all about their favourite music venu…
Retweeted by Jeremy Abbott @DJmadamX I'd heard it before then just put it to one side. Since you played it I literally listen like 15 times a day. ffscan't.stop.listening @FourTet @squidsoup Will add in. They were completely mesmerising. Thank u for an amazing show @FourTet Loads more photos here was easily one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Completely beautiful and so innovative. The game has cha…
Yes house is the music of the people and must not be disrespected
Retweeted by Jeremy AbbottCool, we're fucked then track is amazing The whole EP is amazing @midlandsound's curation is amazing Big things incoming this is so dumb fucking love festivals and I fucking love festivals in the UK. We have more to choose from than ever before and w… thank u!
Retweeted by Jeremy AbbottNOW THIS IS WHAT'S UP Tech House done RIGHT. Mad groove, killer pace and the right amount of chunk to get those sh…
I lightly grazed someone’s arm and received the rowdiest sigh/glare combination. Impressive tbhThe sheer variety of frowns you see on a busy London bus actually makes me proud to be BritishEver stuck for something to do an at afters? I got you covered, this is dumb and fun (completely forgot I did thi…"If there's 20 cake signs and I don't bring cake, I'll feel horrible" "I've caked over 15,000 people" Steve Aoki, DJDaily Mail readers are threatening to boycott Center Parcs because they've pulled their advertising from the Daily…
Retweeted by Jeremy AbbottIs an album even good if it hasn't been booked in for an orchestral rendition that sells out in 10 minutes?fair
Happy birthday to @jasmine_ks aka the future of dance music journalism aka a massive sickheadThe new @courtesy707 mix for @dkmntl is a match made in heaven. Blasting in the Mixmag office now. Monday blues b… Amsterdam is so lit
@itspeach_ An absolute dream
@Danny_Jones90 Nor do you mate. Hero of our timesOne of the greatest sporting achievements of all time all my friends are very talented and whatever you do tonight it's going to be a ripperDown the road, my @P_Notions fam host a very special guest at my Dalston home (@The_Nest) The guest is HEAVY and… gyal @DJmadamX goes all-night-long at @fivemileslondon tonight. She's got the stamina if you have. I think y… @RalphusMoorus @AllGonePT @petetong @damianlazarus @BTraits @SannaLaFleur @blackmadonnachi @HONEYDIJON
Jesus this is big news at @fabriclondon announces its next lot of line-ups... @danaruh @WazeOdyssey @jacky__music @BontanUK
Retweeted by Jeremy Abbott @RadioDEBONAIR @fabriclondon @jacky__music following in your footsteps b @joedonaghy_ 💖 💖Honestly this is MAD but I'll be making my @fabriclondon debut in June. I'll be there alongside the DON…'s right, I got proper Judith on it is good and they are my friends @JaguarWorldwide @lazyoaf a lovely lot
“I joined Bumble on Valentines Day” @djhutch_ - Valentines Day, 2018The purest and most legit love story you'll see today will come out on top? @BenPearceDJ vs @FunsterMixmag
Retweeted by Jeremy AbbottHard to write a funny Valentine's tweet using the words 'I'm crushingly alone'. Have tried loads of different combi…'m a Love Island fan, fair enough, but this is fucking absurd. TV has reached a sad new low
Didn’t have pancakes 😩 Saw Kendrick instead 🤗 @BenPearceDJ @CallofDuty Haha but of course. It was a pleasure. Game on big dogI like @CallofDuty I like gaming I like @BenPearceDJ This was very fun to do @djhutch_ @The_Nest Think you need us on board @VitaCocoUKWHEN THE FELLAS ARE ON DRY JAN 💕 @The_Nest @djhutch_ YOU KNOW IT @AngstromHoot plasticine @AngstromHoot I think the illusion works best if I keep this one under wrapsPEGGY PEGGY PEGGY CAN'T YOU SEE SOMETIMES GIRAFFES JUST HYPNOTISE ME you do a good deed or something kind for someone and didn't post it on social media, did it even happen?#AccidentalPartridge
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Jesus this is good. New Traumprinz mix (oh and he's left Giegling) doggo
Such sad news. A genuinely incredible talent who created the most brilliant and absorbing soundscapes. Truly gutted. @RadioDEBONAIR @seb_wheeler_ This is classic wheeler pep talkEach and every time
LIVE NOW. TUNES. CHUNK. TUNES. CHUNK up. Back on @RadarRadioLDN at 10pm tonight with a guest mix from Intergalactic Gary. Unbelievably happy t…
I’m a DJ No actually I am. I’m playing 1-3 at Horse & Groom in Shoreditch for the @DaylightRobRecs label night.… but I’m a DJ
We can confirm @FunsterMixmag is a DJ..
Retweeted by Jeremy Abbott @stephbaillie88 pahaha @RadioDEBONAIR you're my favourite dj @seb_wheeler_ @lemmyashton also announced @RadioDEBONAIR You're a DJ too @anakristensen I think I'm a DJ, can't be sure thoughHere we go again... In case you were wondering, I'm a DJ.
house currently in uproar as it would seem the dug’s back on the gear. mum’s in tears, we’re all worried sick
Retweeted by Jeremy AbbottCHUNK 2nd BIRTHDAY. W/ HEAD HIGH AKA SHED 🎂 🎉 💥 🔥
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