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When a study comes out and says “yes, 13 Reasons Why negatively impacts young people” the proper response is “what…
Retweeted by gabby frost @abi271309 It’s about the people watching who don’t know anything about mental health. It’s about the young people… @abi271309 The warnings weren’t added until awhile after the first season premiered. People had to find trigger/con… will really make up the most ridiculous excuses to defend 13rw I’m so over it @depressionnote whoever runs the account is catfishing everyone bc it’s someone else’s pictures being used, they ju… @brentconner_ It would be great if you didn’t blatantly copy and paste @depressionnote’s tweet! The retweet feature exists for a don’t even need a research study to prove that 13 reasons why is detrimental to people’s mental health, especia…*pretends to be shocked* @NiallOfficial it better be a collab with harry, liam, and louis*accomplishes literally anything at Drexel University* my brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say…
it’s almost 2019 and people still somehow don’t know how to RT something instead of copying & pasting it to tweet it themself 🤠 @recoveringarmy
I wish my mental health would be where it was when Pokémon Go came outImagine this. Youre 22 yrs old, 19wks & 5 days pregnant with your first baby. You go to your appointment to reveal…
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you’re allowed to be sad. you’re allowed to be angry. you’re allowed to be overwhelmed. you’re allowed to feel any… shrine honors me. My heart is filled with love and garbage.Tomorrow, as you may know, is my name day. Do somet…
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you will always be worth enough even if the people around you don’t make you feel that way. you deserve to be surro…*person without mental illness meets someone with a mental illness* their brain: don’t say it don’t say it don’t s…’s actually nauseating that so many people are defending victoria’s secret for clearly only catering to able-bodi…'s a literal camel on the road in a snow storm near my house in pennsylvania, why can't I be home right now
@nictillotson yes girl so proud 👏🏼finding new music that you really vibe with is such a great feeling @RyanAbe this is so wholesome wow wish I was in philly so I could meet up tooif you think anxiety is a cute quirk to have just know that my anxiety has me convinced that everyone around me hat…
Retweeted by gabby frostI need new music to listen to, pls give me some suggestions (preferably indie rock/pop/alternative artists similar…
@nic_marq me & danny watched it over the summer and it had me crying at 2amso many people forget to be kind to themselves. if you’re reading this, take some time today to be kind to yourself…’s a good movie that will make me ugly cry I just really feel the need to cry right now even tho I’m not remotely sadmental illnesses aren’t a choice but taking time out of your day to educate yourself about mental health is a choice :) @KendallRaeOnYT congrats, proud of you!! so glad I stumbled across your channel two years ago ☺️
@localwinemom found it @localwinemom I think it’s from when eric andre went to the DNC? definitely from the 2016 election era thoughthis is the greatest thing ever wow @ItsEduardoSolis I’m on the quarter system too and I swear the same thing happens with my school & I get screwed over even tho I’m a junioryou have the audacity to try and call someone out for not knowing there were wildfires but you consciously filmed t… you really believe we’ve gone three novembers without a new one direction album
I got to hold a koala, bungee jump, and snorkel at the great barrier reef this weekend, I don’t think my mental hea… @cathrinekhom @rexorangecounty wow I’m so jealousI love the great barrier reef she’s so beautiful
@BronnieMusic I come back from Australia literally the night of your Philly show (but basically the next day bc my… went bungee jumping today and the company made me a video, so of course I choose Breaking Free as the song played…’m about bungee jump 164 feet what am I getting myself into
Sean Adler, 48. Cody Coffman, 22. Blake Dingman, 21. Jake Dunham, 21. Ron Helus, 54. Alaina Housley, 18. Dani…
Retweeted by gabby frostYou know who was really late and short? The white people who voted for Ted Cruz. But yes, blame Beyoncé who didn’t…
Retweeted by gabby frosttoday was actually the best day ever wow
@dancingofpens I swear I have one every single term @JacklynKrol I’ve seen a few buskers play them in the street but I don’t think most people know howif you voted for someone who doesn’t believe in basic human rights, i 100% don’t wanna be friends.
Retweeted by gabby frostWe are the only country where mass shootings happen so often that it feels normal to us. I don’t understand how peo… in peace to the 12 victims. this should not be the normal. I’m so sorry Thousand Oaks. sending nothing but my… really feels like it’s never going to end. keeping everyone at Thousand Oaks in my thoughts, and sending love… Cheetos Australia okay existence might not be affected so much, but other people’s existence will be heavily affected. it isn’t hard to… @nic_marq @ArianaGrande can confirm, I got snapchatted a beautiful cover of thank u, nextone taught me love one taught me patience one taught me pain've been in class for two hours and someone has been playing a didgeridoo outside non-stop the entire time
one taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain
Retweeted by gabby frostmental illness isn’t a competition. yes, some people may have more severe symptoms or go through more traumatic exp… is so important for us white folks: Don’t point the finger when it was our people who got us into this mess.
Retweeted by gabby frostpositivity doesn’t cure depression and other mental illnesses. people with mental illnesses need much more than pos… you vote for racists, you are either racist or okay with racism. If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying atte…
Retweeted by gabby frostif you need to take a break from social media after some of the results of the midterms, please do so. you deserve…’t know why I even needed to question who’d vote for him, the answer is clear: racistsCelebrate #ElectionDay with a friend for a chance to win $25 on us and @Postmates! Here's how: 1) Tag the person yo…
Retweeted by gabby frostnot even from texas and I’m upset that beto lost, who in their right mind actually wants ted cruz to represent them“I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman…
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.@iamvicrodriguez wrote this incisive essay on what white women can do to step up for women of color. Not voting fo…
Retweeted by gabby frostToday’s the day – make sure to head to the polls because your voice matters. Your vote counts, and by bringing a f… taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain. Now I’m so amazing.
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I recently became a campus editor for @thrive, and they're still looking for college students interested in becomin… @victorr_ugo no problem! I saw @UnitedGMH quote tweet about you and thought it’d be good to connect. definitely agr… @TeenVogue so happy for you @dancingofpens !!!don’t let your toxic family or friends influence the way you view yourself. you are more than what they want you an… @awonderland @ArianaGrande we love legends supporting legendsno matter what your thoughts tell you, you will always be enough. @thesmelloftea thank you amanda!
Vote like a bunch of school children were shot and a bunch of other children were put into camps indefinitely bc th…
Retweeted by gabby frostwhat’s 9+10? bought mamma mia 2 on amazon, I love self-care @reillymarieb haha it’s okay, you’re good! @reillymarieb omg thank you reilly!! we need to hang out once I’m back in philly 💗no toxic friends november @EmmaRoseSkyyy thank you 💗💗💗NOW I’M OFFICIALLY 21 IN AMERICA!!!wow thank you @ArianaGrande for dropping a song on my birthday, I’m so grateful you’re a queen
@ArianaGrande this better be new lyrics @AudreyPorne did this tweet inspire the lyrics in better off @ArianaGrande @mbblooms I wish we were watching mamma mia together right nowsomehow talking about napoleon in my class and now I have waterloo by abba stuck in my head, thanks
rest in peace ted cruz is the zodiac killer meme (2016-2018)'s november 1st and the starbucks here in australia are all decked out for the holidays & my school is playing wi… @Harry_Styles then follow me as a treat @nic_marq @halsey OH MY GOD I LOVE JT
.@gabby_frost, @thrive's Editor-at-Large at @DrexelUniv, writes, "Everything I do, I do for my younger self."
Retweeted by gabby frostwe need to normalize bad days. it’s ridiculous to expect everyone to have a good day with their mental health. peop… those who do feel guilty or weak, it’s okay. good days can’t happen every day and that’s okay. even though you m… everyone who has or is recovered from an eating disorder that has trouble on halloween, please remember that you… Black man was lynched in his mother’s backyard on October 17! OCTOBER 17. It is now October 31st and I’m just hea…
Retweeted by gabby frost @NOTVIKING as a music major I’m really offended that I had to read this with my own two eyes