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Band - New album 'Strange Little Birds' out now!

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@FerVega_ One back. 💋 @lazzy_otter That’s right! 🔥If you live in the LA area please come and join us! I’m going to be singing some garbage songs with the Girlschool…
This. Excellent @HannaHanra @JOJ_official Alice knows fine well I support her as i support any woman who speaks out. I resent your insinuations. End of conversation.
This has been a PSA from @garbage You're Welcome #Instagram
Retweeted by GarbageThis is one of the most dire threats to all animals across the nation. 🙁 Congress is considering legislation that…
Retweeted by GarbageCalling all animal lovers. Please HELP. 💔 @JOJ_official Who ever said you didn’t have my support?
LA I still need a lil drummer + some dancers for my @GirlschoolLA performance first weekend of February. Gonna be w…
Retweeted by Garbage @annabulbrook Doing nothing goes nowhere. So yeah! I’m with YOU. Let’s DO something. TLF🔥 @davisbe so sadA witch hunt was the systematic mass murder of women who did not submit to rape, religion or patriarchal rules and regulations. #timesupHappy Birthday to our very own Machina. We love you Duke. Hope you have a magical day. And night! Pic courtesy of… @MarkEglinton yupSo saddened to hear about the sudden death of Dolores O’Riordan. Our sincerest condolences to @The_Cranberries and all of her loved ones.Happy birthday #CaptainBeefheart (@CaptBeefheart). Read @garbage on the good captain and his magical band in MAGNET…
Retweeted by Garbage"By not disappearing, but by thriving, that's how you have the last word." - Shirley Manson of @Garbage accepting h…
Retweeted by Garbage @BAkerlund How could I ever forget? I love you my fellow Witch Bitch. 🖤 @MarkEglinton 💄⭐️💄 @ThePearlHarts @TicketWebUK Woah congratulations Witches!
@NRGRADIOALBANIA 🔥❤️🔥 @saywordson77 pretty 💋
The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks. 💅🏻 @mitchdurette 💋 @RoyaltiesWhere Said a man.No Liam Nelson you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no witch hunt. Just a bunch of privileged men being held accountable for their actions.💄 @tamarah_wild 🔥 @amazingradio @ESTRONS_MUSIC 🖤 @ThisKidneyLife A cat with taste @kendal_bx 🧡 @kendal_bx good lord K 🔥 @finnleen 💅🏻💋
Oh Stormy Daniels. 💅🏻💄💅🏻Are we turning into monsters? @USDA @MichelleYCho On it. SxCould someone please explain to me why the @USDA would roll back improvements to the welfare of millions of farm animals. Wtf is going on?
@SchweppsRocka You are so very welcome! I hope you had a beautiful day with your beloved. SxWell I think it is official. The President of the United States is a full blown racist. Utterly disgusted by his hate-fueled rhetoric today.A band that sticks together, stays together. A band that doesn’t , just won’t last. @janewiedlin Ha ha ha ha ⭐️ @carmencubacasts You are a good person C. So lucky to know and love you. 🖤Urge Congress to amend #CDA230 on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. @AmericaFerrera @TessaThompson_x
Retweeted by Garbage @Nylonus No James. Lagatha YES. Rollo ? A big NO. He sold his brother out. That’s unforgivable. @jlmeyer1980 It’s the end of an era. A tiny tragedy. And yet ?Sugary drinks are killing our people so it is time for sugared drinks to die.💔 @V2ofDoom 🍊⭐️🍊
I’ve lost the will to work out. I just want to lie in bed and watch @HistoryVikings @gaygilliana Hell no. You can do that on your own! Come on now. Tits out, chin up. 💖 @EW PRIVILEGE has a loud and powerful voice doesn’t it?
@cinster413 A jet pack would be SO amazing!!! Ha ha ha……Beware the person who is always on the take yet believes they never ask for much….. 💅🏻
@AshleeMPreston 💅🏻💄💅🏻💩 @DrinkyBear LOL totally!I’ve now been travelling for 25 hours and I’m STILL not home. Grrrrrrrr 💩
@Elka13mars To be honest it was a legitimate question! Not trying to be funny. Just genuinely confused. @KerrieNation It’s a legitimate question. @LadyMarion_ 🤡 @Man_Zero_Man It is a legitimate question. @kathleenrweener That’s none of your business . @LadyMarion_ totes @AshleeMPreston 💄oh yeah babes 🤡Is Steve Bannon schizophrenic? @stlcards314 Apology accepted. 🤡 @talldanhegarty Thanks for playing us Dan. Very much appreciate it!From the @91xsandiego X-fest in 2012 @garbage rocked the house #Nikon #concert #guitarist
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Genius. 💅🏻 @Screamales Absolutely. NOT.
Buck a shuck bitches. #scottishstyle @HIlaryMaclean1 yeah it was what my soul needed ❤️ u so muchI just can’t face my email inbox anymore.
"You would say something like, 'He is a fucking arsepiece'" – it's @Garbage legend Shirley Manson's Guide To Sweari…
Retweeted by GarbageEverything has gone to POT! 🤡 @AshleeMPreston ha 👊🏼👊🏿Just keep pushing. You can do it. 💅🏻
We are beyond excited to share our latest print issue of #TravelWithPurpose for @GraduateHotel, featuring…
Retweeted by Garbage @huwstephens @BBCR1 Excellent Huw. Get to it.To live in truth. Does anyone know what that means anymore?
@ferdbird77 yes @superv1xen Happy Birthday Baby Bird