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Band - New album 'Strange Little Birds' out now!

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@MandyMorbid I like it. Me too. 👊🏽 @Debbernaut good ....I expect nothing less 👊🏽 @Debbernaut come on can go for a few more rounds yet!⭐️ @PapaOlvidado nope @VileAvatar Fuck yeah ⭐️They who can withstand the most pain,win. @marcbrigden beautiful @RICHARDOFCHILE 🙏🏻Adelaide. Australia! We salute you . We were small in number tonight but holy shit you guys were LOUD. ❤️ @ThePreatures @thetempertrap ⭐️👍🏼👊🏽⭐️👍🏼👊🏽⭐️👍🏼⭐️👊🏽⭐️👍🏼👊🏽
@deerodarte 💖back at you sweet woman...... @ChampagneDiet 💄 @AndrewTrendell oh Andy (sigh) 🍒 @GambaRio4 💚 @kategeorge82 ❤️ @ADayOnTheGreen Thanks for having us! 💚
@MuseZack 💖 @garbage ❤️
Retweeted by Garbage @losutopians 💖 @tasfm_kediri 👍🏼 @JamesCrazy @HEAVYmagAU 🍒
@FerVega_ 💖 @Higgo74 why didn't you come say hello you silly sausage? @ROCPhotography 🍒Sweet Jesus Melbourne! Thank you for lifting us up tonight ! You were just what the doctor ordered. Love you. Until next time. TLF ❤️️
@deesie22 No it's not nice at all. Hence my encouragement to value other things about yourself. Beauty is not everything + it does not last. @774melbourne @ClareBowditch 💄 @NGAIIRE I loved getting to meet you. Good Luck with your music. See you out there again one day! 💄When @ClareBowditch introduced @NGAIIRE to Shirley Manson @garbage
Retweeted by Garbage @cdicelove13 I thought you would like that. 👊🏽 @gem4queen resist my darling....👊🏽Ok. It's official. The 90's really ARE back. I'm wearing brown lipstick. 💄THE GODFATHER OF GRUNGE: Q&A w/ @butchvig, @garbage drummer & producer extraordinaire.
Retweeted by GarbageUgh. Jet lag is killing me. Been wide awake since 3am! 💅🏻 @gamba1063 💖👍🏼💖👊🏽👍🏼👊🏽💖 @CZcomunicacion 👠 @nicole_brophy 🌭 @Metalorgie @sallepleyel 💖 @GambaRio4 @stadiumlunapark We are getting really excited! @RadioX2 💚merci pour le support @Sarah_Absolom 👄 @shakataq 💅🏻 @hauterocha 👀 @ROCPhotography 👅 @noblemonkey 🎯 @MoniqueSchafter 🍒 @TyRodneyJames 💖 @TheRubberRoomAu @UglyPhil My dance card is full my little darling 🌭 @MMM_RubberSons @TheRubberRoomAu @UglyPhil A man with taste 👊🏽 @ten_speed_ yes I need that
.@garbage, @Madonna, & @KarenO are amongst the many artists who cite @BlondieOfficial as a major influence.…
Retweeted by Garbage @Nikkiprovidence 💖Dream hair 💖 @Twiggystar 💖 @yotaspaceclub Thank you for having us. 💖 @JoeDiesel3 This is not a republican or democratic issue....hate speak MUST stop . Full stop. @_no_13 No. that's not ok either. Absolutely not. @AWatkins2007 of course we must!!We must galvanize against hateful rhetoric.We must safeguard our children.We must fight our fears +we must be brave. @Anchi46 I will always nurture hope so I remain part of the resistance. If that makes me naive so be it. Vive la Resistance. 💪🏽Dear @POTUS @BarackObama: Please listen to Kendrick Eagle. Let's get back some of the hope we started with. #NoDAPL
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This is going to rule! Kicking off this weekend! @ADayOnTheGreen @garbage @adalitamusic @TASHSULTANAA @ThePreatures
Retweeted by GarbageNext up: 🇦🇺! A handful of tix have just been released to @garbage's sold-out Melb show, on sale via…
Retweeted by GarbageTrump's plan to repair our infrastructure is a scam that gives massive tax breaks to large companies & billionaires.
Retweeted by GarbageJust watched Jim: The James Foley story on HBO. A harrowing but beautiful portrait of the conflict journalist beheaded by Isis in 2014.Thanks @ladygunn @cdicelove13 @Nikkiprovidence 💚💖💚💖💚💖💚⭐️💚💖💚💖💚 @musicdailyblog 👍🏼 @peta 💔 @garbage @GarbageRussia в рамках тура «STRANGE LITTLE BIRDS». rus & eng ver txt and photo. @yotaspaceclub
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@emirates @emiratesSupport Thanks for the incredible service. Your staff went beyond the call of duty. Best airline EVER! And I travel ALOT. @kresm Woah incredible work! @CigsAfterSexx Dearest Angels, can you check your DM's? I have a request I'm hoping you can accommodate !!! ⭐️Traveling together. ❤️️
@OtherJesus because intolerance of others is a much more important issue than a goddamn cardboard box. @OtherJesus good riddance @SerenityNZ not interested in a bigot who is so entrenched in their own opinions they are not willing to tolerate those of another ..... @e1news 💚 @TBTBLUSTR fuck off