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Band - New album 'Strange Little Birds' out now!

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We're giving away tickets to see @BlondieOfficial, @garbage & @skyferreira at the @HollywoodBowl Sunday, July 9th!…
Retweeted by GarbageBe proud. 🌈 #Pride #GameofThrones
Retweeted by Garbage @MexicanTimes Muchos Gracias🖤❤️to all LBGTQ communities around the world. PRIDE. all our Turkish LGBTQ fans! We stand with you against the oppression of your government. We love you. Keep your PRIDE. You will overcome. @Random_Bridget @amazon Send it back!!! @therealrainfall @OCWeekly Ok let’s be honest!You’re a sad & nasty little brat taking time out of your day to be unpleasant.Get a life mate. @GarbageFan98 🐆💄🐆
@DJ_VanLear ❤️You deserve your seat at the table just as much as anyone else. You earned it. You sit in it.
Hey, @garbage ! We're promoting #ComparteAmor to counter hate in & outside of tomorrow's pride parade in CDMX, could you please rt? Love!
Retweeted by Garbage @therealrainfall @OCWeekly @HollywoodBowl @KAABOODELMAR You mean our critically acclaimed LP that went top twenty all over the world?The Staying Power of @Garbage Puts Them On Top of the Alt-Rock Pile @hollywoodbowl @kaaboodelmar
Retweeted by Garbage @RockSubculture @sfmasonic 💛
Join us for our @garbage meet and greet at Twist & Shout on Sunday, July 16th!!!
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@iamcandydax Our sincere condolences.Republicans are way too happy about last night's results. Democrats are way too sad. It's that simple.
Retweeted by GarbageWe r celebrating the launch of r new web store by releasing a limited edition shirt ft. Shirley's beloved dog Veela… @DigiGhostMind Um… Sorry. @misslolitalove Dear Serena Boborena, no we have no plans to do so I’m afraid. We are all tied up in North America this summer.Toronto @garbage fans: details of their in-store book signing are here! Tickets become available Sat, June 24!
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@jeordiewhite Happy Birthday Twerp. 💙Join us for a special book signing at @amoebamusic in Hollywood on Monday, July 10th at 6pm! More info here:… @rankinphoto @KarlPlewka Don’t get too cocky! So have I. 🤡 @nuthousepunks I believe it had something to do with thumbs in eyes…………..💄 @rankinphoto @KarlPlewka Look who’s talking? I still remember you in NYC as a young upstart. 1993?!?!JUST ADDED: @garbage is doing a special book signing at Amoeba Hollywood Monday, July 10th at 6pm! Ticket info:…
Retweeted by Garbage @RuPaul @BlondieOfficial 💄 @KarlPlewka Karl?!?! Is this really you?!?!? Oh my golly… so long ago. The city cafe?!?!? HA! Look at you now kid. Done good.🖤 @rankinphoto @Dazed @1malcolmedwards @lisabutlermua 🐆Has it really been 15 years since this pic? Sending love to you all, magical ones.🐆
@Fredsablan yeah I need it bad right now ❤️Garbage (@Garbage) have an in-store book signing scheduled at Amoeba Music (@AmoebaMusic) in Hollywood! Details:…
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@BryanFuller 🖤 @garbage Happy Father's Day to the 3 G Daddies 😄❤️🎉
Retweeted by GarbageHappy Fathers Day everyone. Thank you to all the great ones out there who raise your children right. Gratitude and respect to you all. @samdowler 💋
@inekedaans Oooh lovely ❤️It’s too darn hot in Hollywood today. UGH.
@garbage Hi guys! New radio station for 🇬🇧Cambridge, please tweet, share or follow! Every little bit helps. Thanks! 💥
Retweeted by GarbageA few VIP upgrades left through @adventure for our upcoming Rage & Rapture Tour! (Not available for all dates)…
@Nurlaaaaaaaan Happy Birthday Kid. 🐆Only 150 copies left of the limited edition of This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake (includes exclusive vinyl).…
What I'd like to read: a story about owners of Kensington & Chelsea's 1,399 unoccupied homes lending their keys to #GrenfellTower survivors.
Retweeted by Garbage. @bandofhorses @garbage Production Manager @jasontrabue is witty & wise, accomplished & accustomed to tour life -…
Retweeted by GarbageThis is a nightmare. Please help if you can. Please share.
June 13th, 2005 @garbage release Sex Is Not the Enemy as the second single from Bleed Like Me in the UK
Retweeted by Garbage @tom_conran Happy Birthday Kid.
On the anniversary of Pulse, we remember & honor the victims. Violence meant to sow division & hate will never win.
Retweeted by GarbageOoooooh. Yuk Foo, the new track by WolfAlice is so good.🖤 @justinmj 🖤it. Bravo! SxI have had to unfollow so many of my favourite animal accounts on social media because it’s taking up too much time in my life. 💔 @GothItBoy Happy Birthday Boy. 🐆
Wait. @CigsAfterSexx on an episode of A Handmaids Tale?!? Utter PerSextion. 🖤10 ways to rework your wardrobe instead of buying new
Retweeted by GarbageI shouldn’t have done it.People told me not to. I did it anyway. I read Tom Hardy’s letter to his dog Woody and now I’m crying like a baby. @gray 🔥🌈🔥🌈🔥🌈🔥
They took Batman.💔
@BrodyDHomme @cthulhucatcult @SpotifyUK @Spotify Hope you are not implying the fault lies with us. This is the fault of some dummy @Spotify
@GRSEdinburgh The pleasure was all mine. 🖤 @LittleMsNasty 🖤
@thevioletkind @GRSEdinburgh 🖤⭐️🐆🖤⭐️🐆🖤⭐️🐆⭐️🖤 @wendyrollins @pawsatlanta she’s fucking adorable 🖤.@garbage I think you will love this...A pup named after Shirley at @pawsatlanta! RT to help her find a home?
Retweeted by Garbage @BryanFuller 🖤How Donald Trump shifted kids-cancer charity money into his business:
Retweeted by Garbage @JoThrailkill ❤️miss youThe return of a grunge goddess. @DaynaEvans_ interviews @garbage's Shirley Manson
Retweeted by Garbage @jimtrippe_com HA! 🔥According to Eric Trump, I’m not a person.
@studiodog HA 🤡 @livincurious @GarbageFan98 @MorKosmik 🖤🖤🖤This @BlondieOfficial x @garbage playlist will save your life:
Retweeted by Garbagegot to sing with shirley + chantal on this super rad animated short for @pancakemountain!! @garbage @chantalclaret
Retweeted by Garbage @themynabirds @pancakemountain @chantalclaret ❤️u hot slutsWe spoke to @garbage drummer and legendary producer @butchvig about new band @5BiDmusic, rock in 2017 and @Nirvana
Retweeted by Garbage @DaynaEvans_ @TheCut HA! No don’t worry about it. I don care! I’m just teasing you………: @TheCut @DaynaEvans_ Lovely . Thankyou. But for the record I’ve never used the word “cor” in my life. I’m Scottish.We simply don’t do that.💄Women who thrive despite being regularly undermined are ALL wonder women. 💄
Visit to pre-order the new @garbage book to attend our artist signing and meet & greet w/ t…
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