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@WRADIOMexico β­οΈπŸ’–β­οΈ@BestCoast 🐿@KTTunstall πŸ‘»Happy Thanksgiving. Hate no one. Regardless of race,religion,creed,gender or politics. Practice Peace. Love all. Don't repeat history.
@alexfrzn ⭐️
Fargo has been magnificent this season. Sooooo great. Even better than Season 1. ⭐️Black Friday sale in our merch store! 20% off everything from friday to monday. are here all Thanksgiving Wknd to talk #20YearsQueer and play their favorite 90's alt! #GarbageTakeover
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@MACcosmetics ThAnk you MAC Cosmetics. I am proud to have been one of your Viva Glam campaigners. A great company with a kind,sincere heart.Outspoken and articulate, Shirley Manson remains a true iconoclast: #MACCulture
Retweeted by Garbage@GarbageRussia THAT is fucking INSANE!!!!!! So surreal and gallous! πŸ’– Russia and her people have been so good to us.
I know I'm late on this but I do love the new track from @Savagesband They didn't let us down.
Better get smart. Get smart quick. Recognize your friends. Save your spleen for your enemies.@kendal_bx Kendal! Don't live in the past . The best is always yet to come if you just keep forging ahead over the rainbow.
I've been lax in my duties. But I remembered in the end. πŸ’– @LaneyAmps cool picπŸ’₯.@Garbage: Up close and personal. #LifeInMusic
Retweeted by Garbage@_grammar_ ps. I think "should have " would have been ideal.@_grammar_ @ABSOLUTgarbage you are correct πŸ”₯just making sure you were paying attention@ABSOLUTgarbage you should of but you didn't #missedopportunity@madcameljockey πŸ’”
@kendal_bx Hey K ! I loved getting to meet you and your family last Saturday night. Thanks again for the really sweet + thoughtful gift. πŸ’–@rboerner @catboerner Thankyou for the incredible glow in the dark 3D piece to celebrate our tour. It's totally gallous. πŸ’–@Maudelynn Too cute.@talldanhegartyπŸ„ oh that old trick πŸ„@talldanhegarty ⭐️@talldanhegarty @MadOrpheum @rte2xm πŸ’
@hellaradyelyah @Topshop Day fucking MADE πŸ”₯@livincurious live this πŸ’–@talldanhegarty Thankyou for playing our music ⭐️
I love this T shirt so much. #selfdiagnosis I think maybe this is what is wrong with ME. πŸ”₯ πŸ‘»@RIT_Photography Thanks for posting your photos of our show @MancAcademy .The pic of Steve in particular is very special ...@WAXIDOLS @PattySchemel Afternoon tea at the Ritz! Oh wait.......wrong city.......wrong continent even .....wait ....where am I? #jetlag@PattySchemel Thankyou Patty! 🐿
Just took 33 hours to travel from Edinburgh to LAX. Good times. 🌚@AudioKitchen πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ’„πŸ’…πŸ»24 hours after leaving Edinburgh we are STILL traveling. Ugh. When oh when is the glamour going to start?!?!?
@Screamales πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ‘‹πŸ½Newark . ⭐️@DarionL1 πŸ’–
@tonydrury18 @Stellaandersonx they are both beautiful, fierce girls and I was thrilled to meet them πŸ’–Qlog Episode 6: Our London Family πŸ’Garbage, @garbage is now trending in #Edinburgh
Retweeted by Garbage@krysteltetelle πŸ’”Thank you to @theusherhall and @garbage for the tricolour on the building and to @edinburghcoffee for the photo
Retweeted by Garbage@tonydrury18 I can't wait to meet HER!@justinmj πŸ’‹I'm so happy!Just drank some pink champagne with my best mates and now I'm swooning over The Usher Hall's pink lights. No place like home. πŸ’–@HannaHanra 🌚πŸ’₯Ok Edinburgh. Ok @dutchuncles πŸ’₯ I've had my cup of tea and my potato scone. πŸ’₯Now it's time to party πŸ’₯like its the last night of our tour.πŸ’₯@ghostsIV oooooh love this pic πŸ”₯Home. 🍼@EODMofficial Horrified by what you, your crew and fans endured last night. Sending sincere condolences and much love.@miss_lovett_89 πŸ’–@neilsft πŸ’–
Manchester you were lovely tonight. Thankyou so much. Devastated that the evening should end with such sad news from Paris. Practice peace.@WeArePins πŸ’–Our love and prayers go out to all on Paris tonight. We are devastated to learn about such atrocities. Truly heartbreaking insanity .@sparkensoph πŸ’@Fredsablan I know you do Fred. πŸ’–Have spare standing tickets for sold out @garbage gig tomorrow night at @theusherhall Looking for FV only.
Retweeted by Garbage@Mim_Greene lπŸ’”@Anna_Zwillinge πŸ’–πŸ”₯❀️@SwordfishBham πŸ’–Tonight - GARBAGE - Academy 1 Doors 7pm @dutchuncles 7.45-8.15pm @garbage 8.45pm Curfew 11pm SOLD OUT
Retweeted by GarbageπŸ„This is how insane touring life is. Yesterday I had breakfast in Moscow,lunch in Amsterdam and dinner in Manchester. πŸ„How nuts is that? πŸ„Trying hard to. It might be working.πŸ’ πŸ’–
@reececargan πŸ‘»Qlog Episode 5: No Stop Until the Kabuki drops in Paris” β­οΈπŸ’–β­οΈFYI: any @garbage fans heading to Manchester or Edinburgh this weekend #weather
Retweeted by Garbage@ValerjPobega ⭐️@MetroStereo @LaTeffPalacios Thankyou for playing us! 🌞Rocking my halo. Pic courtesy of@Franplascencia
@PMCanal5Oficial πŸ’–@ShreddyMercury @IronMaidenBeer Greg rocks.⭐️Goodbye Moscow. Until we meet again, stay magical. βš’ happy birthday kiddo x@jeannefury πŸ’
Happy Birthday @peaches you inspiring beast . So lucky to have met you, be touched by you, changed by you. With love from all of us. πŸ†@O2academybrix @RyanDinhamphoto so awesome πŸ’–@yelyahwilliams πŸ’–you do perfectly well yourself and you know that Sx@justinmj πŸ”₯@StavRuler ⭐️@Pablodelmar πŸ’–@Queen_hayl πŸ’@Queen_hayl πŸ‘Let the politicians fight amongst themselves. We can't wait to play for the good people of Moscow tomorrow night. It is always a privilege.πŸ’@dutchuncles sorry for not locking the toilet door last nightπŸ‘»Pic by @denim_shoyts πŸ”₯
London. We stand before you . Heads bowed. Hearts spent. Thank you from all of us to all of you.This was all ours. Together. As one. TLF.πŸ”₯@AudioKitchen @ambushinc you are so πŸ’@BrotherAndBones loved meeting you .......FINALLY! πŸ’@heyJ0nnie πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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