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Band - New album 'Strange Little Birds' out now!

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@GarbageRussia Oh my god this is beautiful. I love it! Thank you to everyone of you who participated.It made me cry but in a good way. πŸ’– @thestefcuesta πŸ’” I know. I miss you madly. @MissionArtist ⭐️ @alliemackay β­οΈπŸ‘πŸΌβ­οΈ @trentvanegas πŸ’š know you have baby @SweetRelief πŸ’š @xdarkling 🐯 @DarionL1 ⭐️ @ddennisatc πŸ’š @LivZu ❀️ @soycesar πŸ’– @ItsJUMBLE ⭐️
Oh my god guys! Thank you SO much for all the love. I've been blown away. Best birthday I've ever had. Been crying tears of joy all day!πŸ’– @summerglaucom πŸ’– @Radio1045 πŸ’š @kooljane_ πŸ’š @Yoshibug ⭐️ @filthytongues πŸ’šπŸ―πŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’š @GarbageFan98 My sweet angel! Feel better soon. πŸ’– @DC101 πŸ€– @MiikeyGrey πŸ’– @Fredsablan πŸ’– @UKinMexico β­οΈπŸ‘πŸΌβ­οΈπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ― @yura_trendy πŸ’” @UNAM_MX 🐯 @FerVega_ πŸ’š @teamrockgames πŸ‘πŸΌ @SweetRelief πŸ’– @reventioncenter πŸ‘  @YahooMusic 🐯 @lyndseyparker ⭐️ @YNotRadio πŸ’š @danozzi πŸ’– @TheMisfitRay ⭐️ @PabloveJoAnn I love you. But then already know that. πŸ’” @jeannefury πŸ’š @DailyListening πŸ’– @AndrewTrendell I love you Andy. You get me. πŸ’–Fact of the day: Our hosting server called Marker is named after the @Garbage guitarist Steve Marker #clookfacts
Retweeted by Garbage @clookinternet πŸ‘πŸΌ @page1management πŸ’š
@peaches πŸ’šDesigner for the fragile yet tough. RIP Sonia Rykiel. Thankyou for giving me so many of my "looks". πŸ‘ 
Oslo - tix are now on-sale for our show at Sentrum Scene on November 7th. Get tix:
Be your authentic messy self. Let the fakers fall over them selves to end up where you begin.VIP upgrades are now available through @Adventure for our Ventura show on 10/20 & LA on 10/21. See you there!
@xs0meday ⭐️ @lgbtshirts πŸ’– @KubanaFest πŸ’š @Higgo74 I think I know someone who can help make that happen. @Higgo74 Oh Higgo .... I think we could have put you on the guest list you silly sausage . @omardrawings πŸ’proud to be in such good company πŸ’Norway! We’re excited to announce that we're heading to Oslo in November to play at Sentrum Scene. Tix on-sale 8/24
@LindseyByrnes πŸ’šthis photo SO much. @GailSimone We played Israel so now this person is engaging in anti Semitic mud flinging on Twitter. @GarbageFan98 My darling! I just heard the news.πŸ’” Sending you all our love from everyone in the band. Bloody hell Kid. Feel better soon. ❀️
@cdicelove13 thanks Ms. da sweetest ⭐️ @danozzi Save it for the 26th stud. πŸ’š @danozzi No silly. It's my birthday on the 26th. No need for the vitriol and sarcasm. I know how old I am . @PuffAdder_ πŸ”₯ @danozzi It's Rubens birthday. NOT mine. @danozzi @PuffAdder_ Yeah fuck you Ozzi. πŸ„ @PuffAdder_ hey we look good together ⭐️ @PuffAdder_ Happy birthday Ruben. Loved meeting you tonight. Love your band. πŸ”₯ @danozzi @beachslang Yes. It was Me. πŸ’© @danozzi Hey you! Are your mother fucking ears burning?!?! @beachslangIt is obscene to say but sometimes I can't believe how amazing my life is. πŸ’– Thanks Bodo for being the final show of my first half century. @kanutten82 πŸ’– @GailSimone πŸ”₯ @HannaHanra I wish. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌWe are coming to be with our people tonight BodΓΈ. πŸ’–
Tickets for @931JackFM's 11th show on September 23rd are now on-sale. Get yours now for our show at the Ventura Theatre on 10/20 are now on-sale. Get yours here:
@MEastQuagmire I consider this tweet slanderous . And will consult with our lawyers if you continue down this road. @LindseyBest πŸ’We've just added a show this fall at the Ventura Theatre in California. Tix on-sale tomorrow at 11 AM
@YNotRadio πŸ’–Dying @JEDIpartner πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
@Stevethebearcub no problem be right over @LDRObsessive You can read my statement on my personal Facebook page. Other than that there is nothing I can say.Interesting fact of the day: The nearest Starbucks to us today is in Amman, Jordan which is only 60 miles away. Middle Eastern surreality.⭐️
@gregCphotograph ⭐️Excited to announce that we will be playing @931JACKFM's 11th show on September 23rd. Tix on-sale Saturday at 10 AM.
Ugh. So far, Season 4 of Vikings has been shit. What the fuck has happened to Rolo ? And enough of the cheesy sex scenes. Seriously ..πŸ’”Riga, Latvia!! THAT was really special. Seriously special. Thank you loves. ⭐️ @ABREdoskoi @LoCocoAntonella RAD!!! ⭐️Visiting the holocaust museum in Riga, Latvia. Man's inhumanity to man must never be underestimated or forgotten. πŸ’”
@DeRevenMty ⭐️ @Amanda_D_Mota Happy 20th Birthday Girl πŸ’Woah! Some kinder news at last. @Marialadelradio πŸ’ @ubriJaco @asummerstale πŸ† @MadridAndMusic ⭐️ @Rik_Gardner πŸ˜‚ @Rik_Gardner @Screamales @garbagedisco Swoon. Rik I owe you one. As many free tix, and meet and greets to any Oz shows you want. πŸ’š @garbagedisco ⭐️πŸ’ͺ🏼⭐️ @Rik_Gardner @garbagedisco @Screamales Rik! Are you serious? Can you put them up?!? You will love them! ⭐️ @faunabeauty thank you πŸ’–Please help our friends in the Screaming Females find someplace to stay in Sydney!!!!! Email them directly πŸ’–
Tickets for our show in Brussels on November 11th are now on-sale. Get yours here: