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I's kinda green so I hope it ain't pee 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ dropping a small post to tell all of you that I love Meg and am so thankful for her friendship. Wouldn't be wh…
Hey @Arbys Why uh...why you makin @yelyahwilliams outta meat? 😂 have a couple questions to help with my business plan. This is the first one. Please answer and RT. This is essen…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @anthonyshih Thank you! :) @jocorpeno Thank you!
@megcampbelluk Thank you pumpkin ❤️🆘 never get too comfy with your clear skin. she is too faced. keep your spot treatments and all your face potions handy at all times!!!! 🆘
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @megcampbelluk I love you too, bean. Scott and I have been talking about how nice your butt is lately. Feel the love 😂❤️It's now 4 o'clock and I haven't seen or spoken to anyone so far today. If this day went any slower, time would be… @pizza_poison Thank you :) @adorachloe Thank you!! ❤️ @SWEparamore Thank you, lovely! I love u the mostest 😂❤️😉 @rebelheartsgirl Thank you!! ❤️ @paramofe Thank you! 💕💕 @hellaradyelyah Thank you!! ❤️❤️ @caitiangel Thank you, love!! 😊❤️So a lil bit of @gooddyeyoung poser paste got me feelin’ like a mermaid 🖤
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesCan someone get me one of these?! They're gone and I'm sad my birthday alone, snuggled up in bed next to a snoring dog. Is this how you birthday? 😂😂 I've been napping. How are you guys?Love you Meggy Moo ❤️! I'm setting up my business plan and need proof that people will hire me and buy my prints. Please like or repl…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesAnyone wanna mail me some RIOT and SMS for my birthday?? 😂😂 I'm really feeling the orange/yellow rn 😍
@yelyahwilliams rocking that GDY merch Expression Is Survival is survival. (Photo Credit: @paramore_russia), y’all sold those shirts out SO FAST. We’ll have a poll soon for you to vote on more merchy-type things, but wh…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates21st*Don't mind my face. I can't take cool photos like the rest of y'all hair for the win! Tomorrows my 21s…
I call this: SMS doesn’t like swimming pools ft. natural curls and Gunther
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesSlowly coming back
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A few of the many After Laughter inspired makeup looks I’ve done ☺️ (People be pressed and say it ain’t art but sis…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesWhen your boyfriend says your hair reminds him of @yelyahwilliams know you're winning 😍the site says "when we see them, we'll add them" so I just have to keep tweeting my…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesI know that this is like a month early (can you tell I’m psyched for Halloween already??) BUT I really wanted to do…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesUsed some like year and a half old RIOT today mixed with even older yellow manic panic. My hair is orange now. I'm a happy little pumpkin.
Went on a work interview today and I always love a good excuse to wear a blazer. (They also loved my hair, but who…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @SeanJava @paramore been tryina kill that for at least a decade lol. im the only parawhore there ever was.
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesOkay but @gooddyeyoung does not only make the greatest hair dye (like ever), they also have amazing customer service. Bless ✨🙌🏼
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updatesalrightttt. i gotta go to @gooddyeyoung n work a lil anyway. happy studies. happy monday☮️
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• poser paste • for when you want to add a little pink to your blue mermaid + unicorn vibe. #gooddyeyoung
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesI used it and loved it! are real y'all! 💜💗🧡😍 Leave some🦄🦄 if Jiggy is giving you mane envy 😍 🎨 shop at 🐴 J…
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Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesHappy Birthday @SWEparamore ❤️
Thinking about dyeing the ends of my hair, what color should I do? I’m obviously using @gooddyeyoung
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @emilythwaits @gooddyeyoung You're in trouble 😅😍 from @yelyahwilliams have this Vest available. Dropping the price to $40 plus shipping costs :) Also have a copy of self titled…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updatesjust playing scrabble ☺️
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesMood’s not a dream anymore... finally made it to the bne road
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@karissa_lucero I've been hearing that they're calling it quits after AL :(Y'all pulled me back in for a moment. What's this about the last pmore show ever?! but doesn’t this look a bit orange still and way less neon? Or is it just the picture that doesn’t make it jus…
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@Para_smores Thank you so much! @minnniemou I appreciate that, love! I'll be thinking of you as well ❤️ @SWEparamore He's cute when he wants to be! Mostly just crazy though haha @SWEparamore Thank you! He says thank you as well! 😂 @SWEparamore Thank you! I appreciate that! We just found out our cat has to be fixed tomorrow so that's another $75… read. I'll see you guys asap. -JB ❤️
#BringBackHayleysUndercut2k18i look like ikea today
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesLook, @yelyahwilliams is just really excited about our new packaging, okay? 😍✨ 🎨 shop at
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesFriends asked me for a picture of my hair while I was at work today so here’s the photo I took of me and the hot po…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updateswrow!
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesThis is what most of my camera roll looks like. What have you done to me, @gooddyeyoung ?
Don't forget about our giveaway! We're going to start it when we reach 4,000 followers :)
@SWEparamore Let the sunshine fade and do some spoopy hair ;)It's spoopy season, who's gonna be the first to do riot and none more black? Or those with sms???
@megcampbelluk I LOVE HER+ 2 extra because we are extra
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesYesssss! uhhhh how are we supposed to live our best life?? @paramore @yelyahwilliams pls help
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updatesyes, i do own a hair dye co. called @gooddyeyoung with my friend/hairstylist @ColormeBrian. yes, i forgot to sign…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @anthonyshih Yes :)
As the AIF shirt has some small dryer holes I wasn't aware of, I'll be dropping the price on that one to $5+shipping :) @ERVO1973 I'll pm you :) @ERVO1973 Both are medium I believe :)Hey guys, as some unexpected bills have come up. I'll be selling some Pmore merch This includes - Ain't it Fun - F…! We heard y'all on the fade out of Riot AND PPL Eater! Riot is now more red based to fade more orange and PPL E…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updatesbasking in the glorious sunshine because STEAL MY SUNSHINE is back!! 🌞☀🤩 reply with only ☀☀☀ if you're as stoked a…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesFor my business plan I need statements/confirmation of people who would buy my prints and/or hire me as a photograp…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @megcampbelluk I'll have you do our wedding once you come to the US :)Morning hair don’t care. Happy Saturday.
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @megcampbelluk Go get him, Meg cx
for starters, something we felt was necessary was to change the base of Riot (our neon orange) from yellow to red.…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesDAMN! got distracted, sorry for the delay. here’s some 411 on the new & improved @gooddyeyoung :)))))) #DYEhappy bb…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesI hate seeing pictures of me with different color hair, because it only makes me want to dye it more. @gooddyeyoung
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesFor every day I lock myself out the house & have to break in thru the dog door...I'm reminded I still don't have a dog & die a little more
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung Updates @gooddyeyoung 👀👀👀👀 @thegoodsuccjin Try poser paste if you're worried about commitment ;)Hi My fiancé just accidentally smacked me in the eye with a wii remote while playing wii tennis. #ouch #ilostmycontact #imgonnahaveablackeyeYou totally could! Give it a try! we reach 4,000 followers, we're going to TRY to do a $50 gift card to @gooddyeyoung Money depending. We will… like y'all are onboard. Here's the deal guys! Get us to 4,000 followers and we will have a giveaway. A gift… are now @gooddyeyoung affiliates! Use our link next time you dye happy! Each time you use our link, that will he…
Retweeted by goodDYEyoung UpdatesHey y'aaaalllllll! How about a give away at 4,000 followers?! A gift card for GDY stuff!