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Rohit Sharma @geek_rohit Gurgaon, India

UI/UX Designer, Coffee addict, Fitness freak, Movie buff, Music explorer, Man Utd & F1, Batman, EDM fan, Google nerd, AvGeek, Petrolhead, Beer & Chicken lover

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@tweettabulous lol...what??
@hankypanty @NavdhaD HAHA! I was about to mention that one.Westworld/ Black Mirror: technology will kill us. GoT/ TWD: zombies will kill us. Narco/Breaking Bad: drugs will kill us. TV will kill us.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @tweettabulous that too!Never heard any bigger horseshit in recent times 😂😂 do what your gut tells you. Take advice, but then just do what you feel is right. That way you'll not have regrets of what ifs.I can't stand people who talk rudely to their subordinates at work. Respect your position, don't make them hate you.#Tubelight ke reviews are poor. Had a feeling this was coming. @NavdhaD HAHAHAHA!!!
We all start going to the gym because we have to. A few of us keep on going because we want to. Be the latter. Your body deserves it.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaGIVE US GAME OF THRONES FUCKING ALREADY!!!! #GameofThrones @tweettabulous Probably meaning that if they all don't stick together, they'll all die. They won't kill Jon again j… wow! o_O 24 days to go... #GameofThrones
@coderzombie Emergency? Why?
Why would Pahlaj object, he's a BJP guy & Modi is his "action hero". Let's wait till someone makes a movie which pu… will they stop playing the race card? President hai bhai. Municipality election nahi.'re getting ready for @SalonDuBourget, the world's oldest & largest #aviation show! #Avgeeks, are you ready? ✈️🚁🚀…
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @Bhawna_Sharma not raining? Delhi is been drenched since morning. Nice pleasant weather. @devils_disciple winning and losing is all part of the game, so you win some and you lose some. Take it on the chin and move on... @devils_disciple hehe...well sometimes it is a thing like losing is fine, but not to your biggest rivals. But defin… @devils_disciple Because there is a sense of loyalty to a team/club & generally men are very passionate about sport… @Alfifius @Sychlops yeah, it's a green color syrup. Like this on the link @Alfifius @Sychlops Ever tried Khas?
#BREAKING - India beats Pakistan 7-1 in the Hockey World League Semi-final.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaThe #A380plus offers an overall benefit of a 13% cost/seat reduction vs today’s A380, without compromise on PAX com…
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaIntroducing #A380plus,further increasing A380's efficiency w/ winglets to provide up to 4 % fuel burn savings…
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @Sychlops bhai tu aaj please kuch mat bol @tweettabulous It's a borderline stupid ad to be honest. Could have had more ideas. @tweettabulous Is the trailer out? @Sychlops Abeyaar @Bhawna_Sharma Aha, nice. Where in Himachal? Must be raining there.
@Bhawna_Sharma Awesome! Hi5s!! @Bhawna_Sharma Where to? @coderzombie So what are the good places to go around? Coorg is what I've heard a lot. @coderzombie Great! You're from Bangalore? @coderzombie I mean if I was go to go nearby places, will it be a good idea in monsoons? @tweettabulous Anything but this BJPHow's Bangalore for a trip in July? Too much rain?
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @Bhawna_Sharma LOL. Keep calm, and move on!New Twitter update is interesting. All platforms now look similar. Not a bad idea.I miss gym. Why can't I join that routine again. @tweettabulous Will you so fraaandsheep with me😝 @Bhawna_Sharma @priyal Haha, touché @Bhawna_Sharma @priyal yeah my entire week has been like this. Any who, glad the weekend is here. Cheers!HAHA!! 😂 @priyal that's still ok, compared to people like me who are still in office at 10:45 on a Friday night.One month away. #GameofThrones Season 7 premieres 7.16 on @HBO.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma30 days to go... #GameofThronesI have decided to step down as #TVFCEO
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaSo basically BJP/Govt is now above Supreme Court and can ignore their decisions. Wah! nation. One tax? I need one drink.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaSome of the #GST rates are just baffling. I mean who was smoking what when he/she decided those rates man!
@devils_disciple Happy Birthday! Age is just a number. I've jumped the 30s boat and it ain't bad. Cheers!
@mniROHIT @baxiabhishek I'll take them back as well. Ye bik gayi hai tournament, isme ab kuch nahi rakha. @cjcrompton @atulkarmarkar Brilliant indeed! Done by@dhanalytics
@baxiabhishek wait, let me correct myself. Ofcourse they won't win the trophy, home or away. Just that they won't l… @mniROHIT @baxiabhishek Indeed @baxiabhishek at home? In such form? I like the way you think :P @baxiabhishek you really think England will see their first defeat of the tournament in a semi-final against this Pakistan side?Unlike FA cup upsets, why do cricket upsets always feel like fixed? #CT17You couldn't have had a better game to tell you catches wins matches. #CT17 @meerasapra @UrbanLadder mattres felt like a volcano? How!Simply incredible, Rafa #10 #RG17 #VamosRafa #justdoit
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma
Safety car out on the first lap! When did this happen in #CanadianGPWTF was this start! #CanadianGPShould be an interesting race #CanadianGPNadal has been in some form this French Open. Winning the semi-final AND the final in straight sets is something. #RG17 @braj146 Sochna kya hai, le lo @tweettabulous Yeah, even i used to hate Vettel. But can't hate anyone driving a Ferrari. Hope Hamilton never comes to Ferrari 😛 @tweettabulous I can't like him either.
That was truly an unbelievable lap from @LewisHamilton 1:11.459 Goodness me. Ties with Ayrton Senna on 65 career poles #CanadianGP @NavdhaD Does it pain in the bones too? Or just body pain? @kukigrewal Not much of a book person. Haven't even read game of Thrones even though a friend still suggesting me to read it. @kukigrewal I started American Gods too. Saw the first episode. Quite different, but didn't make much sense just yet.Dayumn! Loved Adam West in Batman. The first time I saw Batman on screen. Childhood memories. RIP. @kukigrewal I'm watching it. Got late. Will tell you how I liked it. And where have you been? Work keeping you busy? @mniROHIT yeah but Mummy trailer didn't look that exciting either. @kukigrewal @HouseofCards You've gone missing! Have you seen the new season yet?