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Rohit Sharma @geek_rohit Gurgaon, India

UI/UX Designer, Coffee addict, Fitness freak, Movie buff, Music explorer, Man Utd & F1, Batman, EDM fan, Google nerd, AvGeek, Petrolhead, Beer & Chicken lover

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@braj146 LOL @braj146 tumhari to GF thi na bhai? Tum kab single ho gaye? @braj146 pehle mil jaye @meerasapra Your house is full of cool things, like those Disney figurines on the background @DilliBelle also their cup sizes, WTF is a Venti! @meerasapra if you ever have a garage sale, I'm calling dibs on every item!Girl watching football, enjoying it, and knows offside rule, and screams on goals or fouls. Such a turn on man! @DilliBelle That place is so hip, there are no normal orders :P @Grammar_nazzzi Tommen. Possibly Cersei or Jamie. @ddjmac I have it! @Profound_Gyani @Profound_Gyani cool! Will try that out! @ddjmac
@ddjmac TIL @TheViralFever is already cast ready! Great job! @reshamberi Wow man, that's what, 4 weekends in a row now? @Grammar_nazzzi Seriously! It's so good, you don't need DTH. Most of the content you can stream. @ddjmac True. YouTube has hell of stuff to see. @ddjmac hehe...yeah them and ignorant people. Like netflix, we need more Indian content makers with Chromecast ready apps. cc @TheViralFever @ddjmac it was the most popular thing on Amazon. India is a difficult market to crack. Only enthusiasts like us would find it useful & good. @ddjmac yeah. installation was a breeze, and it casts so well, saw YouTube videos, quality was awesome!Got my Chromecast 2. Awesome little thing! @Grammar_nazzzi Episode's name is winds of winterAlthough, geographically, the question in itself is stupid. You ARE part of Europe. You SHOULD be part of the EU, when everyone is #BrexitHow the country voted, by key demographics:
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaI understand that as comedians, they need to make jokes for a living. But to joke on everything often makes them overdo. Quality > QuantityDon't worry guys. Results will be out soon. In India's experience Britain takes a while to decide whether they are staying or going.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaIt's official. The UK has voted to #Leave the European Union #Brexit
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @VanDiablo He already had one take, let's see the post brexit one
Glad that Vardy chose to stick with Leicester. Respect for him. Speaks volumes about how big name clubs aren't everything.Leicester City Fooball Club have issued a statement regarding the future of striker Jamie Vardy. Full Statement:
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaHah! How the times have changed! @TextualOffender on what grounds! this is about crazies, not age. I demand trial by combat! @NavdhaD @TextualOffender by that metric I'm still in my early to mid 20s @NavdhaD @TextualOffender Meesa in ze 30s. Mesa old. @NavdhaDFormer Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes set to play in India as Premier Futsal's second marquee signing.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaSo a 2 day break in #EURO2016 next Round of 16 matches are starting Saturday.A decade of love, friendship, adventure. Read my letter @ Say hello & love your world #orkut
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @TextualOffender *raises hand* @NavdhaDIreland defeated Italy! o_O #EURO2016When I saw the Stark banner... #GameofThrones
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @chatpatidiary also subscribe to anjunabeats podcast if you haven't already. Uncovers some gem from the world regularly. @chatpatidiary If EDM is your thing, try Cosmic Gate as well. For Ambient trance Carbon Based Lifeforms. Really soothing stuff. @chatpatidiary I'm currently listening to some ABGT, ASOT, Hardwell podcasts right now. Try Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Snow Patrol @chatpatidiary Any specific genre? Any fav artists for reference?
@tweettabulous oh wait, there are 2 more tonight. @tweettabulous today's games are over. Portugal one ended 3-3. Was good from what I heard.Has anyone flown Air India to Sydney and back? Reviews please?
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @meerasapra HAHAHA!! So how was Udta Punjab?DYK #Boeing is on #Instagram? Follow us for a historic countdown to #Boeing100:
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @meerasapra Good. GoT next? :PEveryone loves whatsapp/ texts and all these written modes of communication because deep down we're all scared of confrontation.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaWhy the fuck do Latin commentators go nuts after a goal. Why can't they show emotions like a normal person. WTF is a GOOOOOAAL till infinityCan this world stop comparing Ronaldo & Messi? Both are good in their own ways, the world can survive without a clear distinction of #1. @Jeba Because he loved Shireen, and Melisandre got her sacrificed. So obviously he's pissed. @NavdhaD Is that the new friendzone? Tinderzone?Haha! Well played @Heineken shit! 20 satellites in a single launch! Well done ISRO!Here's why Jon's direwolf Ghost didn't fight in Game of Thrones' 'Battle of the Bastards' via @TIMECulture
@tweettabulous and what about the opinion on the beloved Salman :P @NavdhaD Whoa, bangs! Those Zooey kinda bangs! Like show! @reshamberi Why is it a holiday for you and not for us?Was Varys foreshadowing Littlefinger’s future? #GameofThrones @devils_disciple oh that's a very simple word my lady. I had much more than mere satisfaction. The Starks back in Winterfell means much more#GameofThrones finale is having almost the entire cast in action. Starks, Lannisters, Tyrells, Martells, Targaryens, Greyjoys, Brotherhood..Speaking of Dorne, we are going south in the finale. Wonder what is left of that story arc in the scheme of things #GameofThrones @meerasapra It's much more than just being a TV Show. The scale and grandeur is at par of a large scale movie production. Highly recommendedLike it is in any good light atm. of the Bastards, ladies & gentlemen. 10/10 rating on imdb. No down votes at all! #GameOfThornes @nizbizz yeah :PSurely that tower of joy climax is coming in the finale to leave us with more mindfuckery. #GameofThronesAmidst all that is happening in the 7 kingdoms & slavers bay, the world forgot about that small little thing called Dorne. #GameofThrones @nizbizz Ramsay died already :P @PWNeha Can I join too? ;D @NavdhaD @sahik
@NavdhaD it's always a joy to see Tyrion talk, esp when it involves politics or wisdom @NavdhaD both. don't do that, ever. it hurts :P also tell that to your "friend" :PHoly flying crocs! WTF is this! o_O watching #GameofThrones again. This episode deserved repeated watch. Time for #SiliconValley nowFavorite moment from episode of #GameofThrones Teary eyed to see this back at Winterfell after EXACTLY 3 seasons. @NavdhaD hehe...I'm so used to it now, gotten a thick skin, it doesn't bother me anymore.Guys!!! New Video!! We talk about how to deal with Game of Thrones spoilers. Watch & please stop sharing spoilers.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @Jeba but they can't. They don't have enough time & budget to show us more stuff @Jeba oh yeah, wonder where did they go now! @NavdhaD Very good! Another Pixar gem from what I read. @reshamberi told ya! @NavdhaD seriously? I have no hopes. It's probably gonna suck. @Jeba were there mammoths in the GoT universe even? @Jeba We had this coming didn't we? I had this feeling they'd kill the last remaining giant in the world.I think a huge part of #GameofThrones impact goes to the amazing background score as well. Such fantastic tunes. @meerasapra it's raining hard. Cats & dogs stuff here in Gurgaon.Wow...people watch NBA in India? @Grammar_nazzzi @geek_rohit Yup. I'm SO happy. When that Stark banner was unfurled again at Winterfell, I almost had a tear. ☺️ @Grammar_nazzzi I wonder if after seeing today's episode, that poll would still be like that. @BeingDeeSee
@SLotH13 Kaspersky. Very efficient and cheap AF.Some big news in the world of the Premier League...
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaSad for Kimi though. Would have been great to see 2 Ferraris on the podium. #EuropeGPAnother fantastic podium for Perez. Strong @ForceIndiaF1 result. Hulk lost 2 places sadly to Red Bulls in the end. #EuropeGP #FeelTheForceHow did we have this race without safety cars or someone crashing! #EuropeGP10 minutes to go for #EuropeGP What do you think folks, how many times we'll see safety car or VSC today? #F1#GP2 race seems to have some crazy crashes. Like shit just hit the fan kinda stuff. #EuropeGP @IsAnathema why? What's bad with monsoons? @braj146 yaha to tez dhoop hai pencho