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Rohit Sharma @geek_rohit Gurgaon, India

UI/UX Designer, Coffee addict, Fitness freak, Movie buff, Music explorer, Man Utd & F1, Batman, EDM fan, Google nerd, AvGeek, Petrolhead, Beer & Chicken lover

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India is home to only 2,226 wild tigers. On World Tiger Day 2016, we take a look at where India's wild tigers live.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @littlebitwenger LOLIt is weird how conveniently the politicians avoid the blame. If I did something wrong, I'll be grilled to death by my boss. But these guys.Gurugram and Gurgaon are still trending. I hope this forces the civic authorities to do something about this.29-Jul People coming to Gurgaon from Delhi are advised to stay back today to avoid being stuck in Traffic Jams due to flooding on roads.
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Gurgaon trending on Twitter. Well played city infra. Just some hours of rain and life has stopped. @NavdhaD then surely you stopped by at the famous chacha chachi dhaba. Jolly fellows they are.So the latest fad in Bollywood is to remix old Punjabi hits. Latest is Kala Chashma in Baar Baar Dekho. @NavdhaD oh you are from Agra? I thought you had some roots in Delhi. Spiti was beautiful. Did you halt at Batal? @NavdhaD back in Bangalore? Hope your trip was good. How was your trek?Zlatan Ibrahimovic: a World Cup without me is not worth watching. Zlatan, Putin, same guy? @NavdhaD Same. I Had my first AMS at the same place. And yes, alcohol is prohibited for a reason.
Introducing Family Library: up to 6 family members can now share purchases. Select countries
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaIf The Flash decided to play football
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We thought you might be interested to know that #FPL 2016/17 is now LIVE...
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaBy 2020, 15% of India’s GDP will flow from Digital Payments. Here’s why. #DigitalPayments2020 report, out soon.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaCLT: Wonder woman theme on a loop.Went to the Adidas store yesterday. Saw the new United kit. Had a price tag of ₹5,000. o_O Seriously WTF man? @IquEnCee how is the process for the permit to visit it for a holiday. Can it be done online?
@Alfifius they have many banks to verify with. I did with ICICI. I also didn't find Citibank, I think. @DeepXP I'm yet to see it, but had a feeling it won't be as good as the first season. @busyanuj and we thought such things happen only in IndiaOn a hot humid day, the first cool breeze after a drizzle is one of the best feeling in the world.Henry Cavill disguised on #SDCC and getting autographs of #SuicideSquad cast. Will Smith's reaction is THE BEST
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaThe first look at the #JusticeLeague, straight from #SDCC2016 in Hall H.
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaFrom dir. @PattyJenks, WATCH the official Comic-Con trailer for #WonderWoman, ft. @GalGadot! #SDCC2016 #WBSDCC
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Watching Wanted after ages. #BhaiTimeAnd finally the qualifying is underway. Track still looks water logged.The met department is like Melissandre. Always talking about the rain that was promised, but never seen. Where the fuck are monsoons?
Saw Fury again on @mnplustv It's one of my favorite war movies ever made. Rarely have we seen tank warfare so well. Brad Pitt gritty as everAlso, the camera they used for that insane slo mo,the Phantom v2511, costs quite a bomb. $150,000Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys. The most mental thing you'll see today. by minimum number of retweets, likes, or replies to help make sense of fast-moving events. #TweetDeckTips
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaAmul Topical: Superstar Rajinikanth mania sweeps the country!
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaYou can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet and poor nutrition.
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Police 3D-printed a murder victim's finger to unlock his phone
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaKickassTorrents domains seized after alleged owner is arrested in Poland
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @TheFlyingAce ahh fuck! @RootKanal @RootKanal what happened to it? was fine till last night
There's something magical about snow capped peaks or mountain ranges..@SauberF1Team have new owners after an agreement was reached today 📄 🖊 👌 Full story >>
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @gx_saurav kuch bhi! @Sychlops on droid?Taxes have been filed. Phew!
Netflix challenges TV heavyweights at the Emmys. Now this is interesting.
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How buying a flat became a nightmare in the National Capital Region (NCR)
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaBrilliant. @irrfan_k uses his movie's promotion to show us who has the most free time. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @braj146 asking for a friend @baxiabhishek Haha! Good oneAnyone been to Lakshadweep?THE FUCK???
What a goal! Brilliant play by Mumbai, Giggs starting it all. 1-1. Game on! #PremierFutsalWatching #PremierFutsal Interesting format. Great to see United legends getting such a great welcome, as expected.
Bar hopping continues. Fifth bar and counting... BeergasmImpromptu beer hopping plan happened. Yay! His!Monsoon is finally here, and how!
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @DrewBrew my guest, because we would be the only 2 people in it as of now :P @DrewBrew anything, from trips to bar hopping to eating out to movies. Anything involving friends having a good time.If you have friends with whom you can plan almost anything easily, consider yourself extremely lucky to be blessed with such people. @NavdhaD How was your journey? Raining? @NavdhaD I guess its a common practice there. We paid it on both legs of our journey.
Official update on the @Vh1Supersonic Early Bird Tickets #WaitForSupersonic Link :
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaOur partnership with @goairlinesindia grows as they order 72 #A320neo #FIA16 #WeMakeItFly
Retweeted by Rohit SharmaThanks @Airbus for an amazing tribute. Here's to the next century of healthy competition & industry achievement.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma*person faints at restaurant* "Is someone Doctor here?" Man: I'm a CA Everybody:?? Man:Just wanted you all to know that.
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma#MUFC are the only British team to make the top 20 of sport's richest teams...
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @NavdhaD Welcome to Delhi
@NavdhaD grunt! :D
@NavdhaD that's what you can do, right? Time will pass. The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.Our new 20-year forecast: 39,620 new airplanes worth $5.9 trillion. #FIA16 #Boeing100
Retweeted by Rohit Sharma @beeayeanoowhy Ok so TIL that it is done either way. My friend has done it Delhi-Srinagar-Kargil-Leh-Spiti-Shimla-Delhi.1 month to go... #PremierLeagueHot damn! has a new look! @NavdhaD Rule #2. Double Tap. Make sure they are down. @coderzombie @coderzombie I love that movie. I can watch it anytime randomly. @bitchwanti it's actually a good feature. I've been using them since they were made available. Easy to follow people whom you want to read.Goddamn, that look Sir Alex had on his face when he met Ronaldo after the win. As if his child won something. Such emotions and love.
@reshamberi hehe... Thanks @reshamberi hehe. I'm very good with wordplay. Esp GoT related. 😎 @reshamberi Haha 😈 @reshamberi for the night is dark and full of terrors 😂 @reshamberi let's talk tomorrow then! @reshamberi Yeah. I wanted to meet today. But it was hectic af day. @reshamberi hot fuck! How on earth! We never got a trip like that! 😱 @reshamberi you gotta be kidding me!Now watching Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Because Tina Fey. @awesomechep Pic will come on FB soon @awesomechep Went on a jeep safari to Chandra tal actually. Didn't go till Kumzum, Kaza, unfortunately, due to a tight schedule. :(When the fuck will this humidity go away? When the actual fuck will we get some real monsoons in #Gurgaon ? When? @SLotH13 hahaha...bhai jo bhi karna hai jaldi karna...rakhi is coming... :P @SLotH13 bhai phir na ho payega, swag ke liye to bill ayega. @SLotH13 oh sorry, Android na, then Sammy, Edge. Done. @SLotH13 iPhone. End of story. @SLotH13 OnePlus is amazing VFM and hardware. @stackmylife True! Chandra tal was heaven!Back from a long trip to Spiti. Still feel like I need another day to sleep it out. Also suffered my first mini AMS at my highest altitude.Full-time: #POR 1-0 #FRA Portugal are the new Euro champions! Glad that this one didn't go to the penalties. #EURO2016Ok, Ronaldo needs to sit down. He's almost the manager of Portugal now. #EURO2016Goodness me! What a goal! #EURO2016