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Ancient oracle. Haunted phone. Writer of Doom Patrol with Nick Derington and Umbrella Academy with Gabriel Ba.

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We will be back to our regularly scheduled Young Animal updates next week- this week was extra busy.Go*^d m{rn~nG
Void morning!
@ChasityCushing always really liked the concept of Batman Beyond, I always thought it should have been bigger @KelseyNicoloff congrats! Choose anyone of them you like!Very excited to see what the team on Rebirth have created, sounds to be a celebration of classic heroes and embracing what makes them great @sxbond @AaronMeyers my friend is helping put this together! @gerardway I gotta get this classic off ebay @simpleplanna that's a wonderful ideaTed Chimney @IanGonzales I'll just make them a super hero for you, The Red Chimney @EvilMarguerite thank you, I put effort into it and also try to own my mistakes. I appreciate the notice.Thanks for listening, hope things work out in the end.I don't want to be a creator that spends more time talking about personal views than actually making comics, so I'm off to go work. Refocus. @hesitantking message received(contd) But I felt it relates, and it never seems the right time to bring it up, though I am constantly watchful of who is pulling strings.Not the best time to bring up my observations on control, but it relates to the last year tremendously. Apologies for derailing (cont)Though it may not matter to you due to my heritage and background, I obviously feel that your anger is valid, and accurate. @_smokerrings_ agreed, which is why I stopped comenting as a general rule now @danielwarrenart Thanks DanielTotally agree. I was making an observation about control but did not want to brush away the actual issue. unpinned the quote because it pulls the tweet out of context to the rest of my tweetsSo, maybe look at the quote, and ask yourself who benefits from your anger. Someone always does.Not everyone is going to love what I do, hell, not everyone loves what my heroes did either. I promise to make the purest art I can.I also owe it to an audience to take these characters to places they have never been. I remain sensitive though, but I must make the art.I'm writing a comic with very special characters that were created by geniuses, and were worked on by geniuses over the years.I respect thatNow having said all that, I'm not dismissing anyone's anger. I'm saying to pay attention to how it is used, and how you are manipulated.That quote is very important. Your anger is actually a useful tool to many people. It equals profit, or power.This is the truest thing I've read in many years.“…it’s been obvious for a long time that anger’s a state that the internet wants you to be in so it can manipulate you to do what it wants.”I can't think of anything more foolish than throwing your hat in the ring on corporate startegies with properties.But I saw a quote recentlyFirstly, I deleted it because, from a creative standpoint, I have zero skin in the game. Also, I understand people's feelings.Bear with me for a momentDeleted my reactionary tweet. I hate making reactionary tweets, especially as someone that understands many different sides to things.The last two days, I have started the writing process by listening to Blizzard of Oz, it's the perfect length to get me where I need to be(contd) I keep writing, by the time the album is over and there is no more music, I don't notice it has stopped- by then I am in the zone.Personal writing tip I have discovered that may work for you- I start by putting on an album. Then I struggle to write (contd)Good morning!
I'm gonna tag 50 people in a tweet about my pantsGrey day in LA but the sunshines in my brain!Good morning!
@KristinColby @mikeyway no sweat!I have been inspired by @gerardway to jump into the snapchat! username : mwheezie
Retweeted by milk friendAre the only filters these x men ones?Braingames Is Now Over fuel gimmie fire gummies that which I desire!Good morning!
@comix_rock I think that needs to be a cerealHappy Sunday...the Void awaits
@coolurlname he's right @coolurlname no, you can google it, there are many edge lords, this is just the way things areSnapchat: dannythestreet @coolurlname edge lord is very common, there are many edge lordsHow does snapchat work, do I just throw bananas at my phone? @COLORnMATT oh that's brilliant @COLORnMATT now I wish Ghost Rider had a van in the comicsHappy 40th Birthday to my wife, my best friend, mother of our B, and the most wonderful, talented, gorgeous woman I have ever met @lynzway!
@thisquietcity @ROWAN_MACLEAN this character definitely has an egg accountGood morning everyone. Lots to do today. Hope you all get what you want accomplished!
@weirdine I won't ❤️Good morning. Everyone have a good one. Heading into the void- see you when I come out! #DoomPatrol
@MitchGerads Thank you!So excited for this book- just got my copy at the office, flipped through, and I am in love with it already.Gorgeous is the #DCYoungAnimal update #2 @kibblesmith @topatoco please make buttonsAnd good morning! Office day.This is how I roll these days
Congrats to @geoffjohns. I expect really amazing things!The amazing Joe Hill's new book! Should be running out to get mine this week. @andykhouri these are great, makes me want to have it on the ya books! @MitchGerads Hope you have a great one!Good morning!
The Shade, The Changing Girl fan art Pinterest is here:
Retweeted by milk friendArtists! Make sure to tag the writer of Shade The Changing Girl @misscecil with your Shade fan art- she's making a Pinterest board of it all @yerpalmildsauce weekend was great! Hope yours was good as wellGood morning!Ending today: signed Eaglebones guitar all $ goes to Jon Bunch memorial fund. #JonBunchForever
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Mourning the loss of the great #DarwynCooke? Donations can be made to the @cancersociety and @heroinitiative.
Retweeted by milk friend @gerardway Frontier is not plural, I always mess that upNew Frontiers showed me what super hero comics could and should be. I carry that with me always.I am sad but reading the outpouring of love, respect, and admiration for #DarwynCooke is amazing. He and his work touched many lives. RIP.Rest In Peace, Darwyn
@Jody_Houser @EvilMarguerite I am so lucky to know such wonderful and talented people, the feeling is truly mutualAh yes I well remember recording this song.
Retweeted by milk friend @kateleth @EvilMarguerite ❤️ @TiniHoward @EvilMarguerite This was really amazing to read today. Thank you both. I feel the same way about you wonderful people. @markhoppus thanks GerardIncredibly sad to hear the news about Darwyn Cooke. Sending all my love to him and his family. @JanuarySky_ (it shall return shortly)Mark keeps out-dad-ing me and honestly I just came here to have a good timeHark is a great name for a humanGood morning! @KatStou you can't talk in third person if you're not that person my friendIf you want to talk to Gerard this is now your only available option
@tabsthewitch I'm torn between these two looks @DVSblast totally agree @DVSblast I like how if you look into his eyes he's not too sure about it