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My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie.

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@bigwormy true@bigwormy I do t remember@ErikaVsEveryone drop your speed when your aim turns into a circle, then just try and keep the cursor ahead of your target@bigwormy yeah, Rust is fun but ultimately losing progress and no way to secure your stuff when offline is just not my thing@EmoBandTwink true and I had later found out there was a character called Action Cat and it was no big deal@bigwormy oh what a bummer...I think we need to play a game with more Rp personally@monroevillex working on the release date now, shouldn't be too much longer@Urmumsmummy too scaryThere are multiple spaghetti dogs though and it's not really a stretch to put the words togetherNoticing some Twitter users are spaghetti dogs, just a dog name Spaghetti thenWorking on this new character called Spaghetti Dog@DeannaLorena will check it out!@DeannaLorena there's Mr Nobody from Doom Patrol but I'm thinking you're talking about something else@DeannaLorena I have not is that a film?@shitdeweessays trying to grab your cakes!Good morning, happy Sunday, don't let anyone touch your butt.@gothbees in progress, drawings about to begin!
I don't always want to know the things that I know. I just know them.
Retweeted by the holiday spiceI don't know if you caught the Twitch stream of Rust with @bigwormy but it was awesome.Happy Saturday@mandychoccy @BethRmoore14 this is so awesome
Me and @bigwormy are playing Rust. Dear lord.
@kateleth @Trungles @beckycloonan that's a very solid reason to go to art school. Would be worth the student loans.Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for my family and friends, and for science fiction.@ShaunSimon @Jenkins_Tyler @wastedwings @conor_draws @blambot I need it!
Don't chap your ass out there driving this ThanksgivingWake up. Drink blood. Fav art.@Ember_hsy I love these drawingsAce Frehley - New York Groove morning!Feb. 5th our shows open @laluzdejesus @lynzway "Shitty Teen" & @Jessicka Addams "Please Stop Loving Me" Exciting! ❤️
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@bigwormy I don't think I will be terrorizing the skies tonightI feel like I take it for granted but lip balm really does moisturize, soften, and un-chap your lips.📷 Serious-looking-and-yet-exciting pre-convention chat between Bá and Gerard. Making plans, talking...
Retweeted by the holiday spiceThanksgiving Pre-Prep: Your Secret Weapon to Less-Stressful Entertaining via @Elisabethf
Retweeted by the holiday spiceGood morning to you. If it is not morning, good morning the next time one appears for you. If you don't have mornings then have a good time.
I thought it was called Undertail and an MMORPG where you play attractive talking animalsUndertale I meanCheesewhistle....what's the deal with Undertail?@aliciawitty @debo_sagt love your performance in this film
spice up your life a peaceful Sunday
@KingZabor @LolaPlusG love it!Good morning, happy Saturday, lots of love.
Playing star wars with @gerardway and @shitdeweessays !
Retweeted by the holiday spice@bigwormy @shitdeweessays coming in @BBW_BFF this is one of my favorite comic panels of all timeFighter squadron is easily my favorite mode in SW Battlefront. Now we just need more ships,maps, and battles in space @EA@ErikaVsEveryone thank you! I love the piloting, really feel like I'm making progress
@AHoyeHoye brilliant@Brandon_Bird yeah I'm just trying to make him more relatable@gerardway is this your vision of Spider-Man by Gerard Way
Retweeted by the holiday spiceSure, stuff would happen and he'd punch some bad guys but at the end of the day he's thinking about what kind of pickles he wants's my take on Spider-Man. That's how I'd leave my mark.If I wrote Spider-Man I would have him build these elaborate sandwichesSo many feelings when I watch David Bowie. Completely in love with the new song and film. I'm so thrilled with this video and its fine work by director Johan Renck @TheRealDaphne
Retweeted by the holiday spice((((((((magic powers))***@tommyleeedwards @bigwormy ps4!@bigwormy yessss@bigwormy Battlefront? to Launch my @PledgeMusic Campaign & Holiday Pop Up Store! Lots of Fun Holiday Treats + Album Pre-Order! XO
Retweeted by the holiday spice@JAZZYSTARDUST CompletelyFeel like this might be a great day to share some things I have been really digging.And it is also a great album to make art toFinally got to listen to one of my most anticipated albums, Art Angels by @Grimezsz! I love it so much- magic. @amazon Absolutely. I would say essential reading for anyone that is an artist that wants to be a part of progress@gerardway And vital!Just started reading an advanced copy of this book. Absolutely gorgeous looking and beautifully written- eye opening so much fun last night I was up way past my bedtime and it has been a tired morning, but a good one to youSuch a great night!
@robertliefeld Also Battle Royale!Mitchell is such a great name shout out to MitchellsWho caught the Twitch stream with @bigwormy last night? We are loving SW Battlefront. Keep an eye on Worm's stream for good timesQuem gostaria de um pôster assim pra @CCXPoficial? #UmbrellaAcademy #CCXP
Retweeted by the holiday spice@shitdeweessays got it! And loving it@DeannaLorena you too. I really like WednesdayGood morning!
❤️❤️❤️❤️ to my own crew + all the crew people out there that make my job possible:
Retweeted by the holiday spice morning!
@comicsaquarius yeah I need to look into that- any help appreciated@ActualDoctor they are brutal and apparently can kill you if you just cut it off without dialing it down first@HopeLNicholson @cjwardart me too! Yeah I have some planning to do for this year@thisquietcity I picked up The Dispossessed at the airport and it made the flight a little easier@cjwardart it really was- can't wait to do it again@cjwardart thanks man@ActualDoctor it's the worst, along with the attached depression during withdrawalsI did this trip without Xanax to fly and it was stressful but I made it. Nice not landing in a fog that takes me days to climb out ofFeeling refreshed and inspired after NC Comicon. I really should do more of these- they are good for the writer in me.Nice to be back home in La. What I learned on the flight: life is not a dream.About to take off for Los Angeles. Til next time, North Carolina.
So make sure to let me know which conventions you like so I can see about attending them. Would be a blast!I've really gotta get out there and do more comic cons, small shows are great. Hope I make enough comics to support me going!I'll try and bring @Gabriel_Ba next year so we can sign some new Umbrella AcademyIn bed after an amazing weekend at NC Comicon. Feeling super lucky, tired, happy. Got a plane to catch in 7 hours@bcgoldthwait hope you are well too- I am a fan
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