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Gerard Way @gerardway Pink Station Zero

Debut Solo Album Hesitant Alien out 9.30.14 on Warner Bros Records. My phone was haunted.

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Rodents make great pets@BAKKOOONN it's trickyhttp://t.co/hrWE55VvrpWhat's your favorite rodent?http://t.co/GyKsDarfeC@bigwormy @TommyTadeo great great times, digital violenceMy pals the Madden Brothers new album #GreetingsFromCalifornia just came out- checkit https://t.co/zUR9SKXOZN@gerardway http://t.co/rU6IsMLugP
Retweeted by Gerard Way@skullmandible fishin is good!These pictures are great@gerardway this is my dad peepin through a mini rock tunnel http://t.co/oij5Svxb68
Retweeted by Gerard WayI'm getting a rather large amount of dad pictures right now@horniieboii @YouDiedTrying I couldn't hang with Borderlands 1 or 2@gerardway help my dad cant and wont stop http://t.co/ckKUf6xeHX
Retweeted by Gerard Way@ktynyn that's a bold claimWord Trolling: The Musical™@gerardway irregerardless
Retweeted by Gerard Wayirregardless@NotOhFuxkingKay @ineptune_ I had a feeling I used that word wrong, I think I just really wanted to use it@ineptune_ I liked it very much, so I used the picture irregardless@ineptune_ this picture is usually meant for situations involving more than one person confusing me, but I missed it, so I used it here@ineptune_ http://t.co/SCXmV3V5uxHope everyone had a good day, mine was less productive than usual. Kind of drained!
I made a mature decision tonight and only played through two missions on Destiny after putting Bandit to bedhttp://t.co/OY6CAzAuH9@carlryan She was. Thank you for sending this.@McKelvie I have not!Ringo is my favorite Beatle@overtheraven that's the best pun in the movieIt is literally full of great punsYellow Submarine is a good movie not just for Beatles songs but also great puns@DredlockFrank you got that throwback box I see, solid work@kellysue just trying to get some gaming doneHey I'm just trying to make some coffeeHeyI'm just a dad looking to get his game onHey I'm just looking to get my game on@bigwormy bravo delta, I can confirm that the fan has been hit by something, possibly shit- fire team leader outHope everyone had a good #Wpr@bigwormy I saw that!@PoisonAndFire @comix_rock @ViennaKISS This is heartbreaking.Will always remember her smile and how kind she was.Eternal love to her family.Fun night, lots of high definition bullets were spent New pants!
@OwenMasha make more of these!Brewing up a fresh cup, getting ready to hear the silky smooth voice of @bigwormy and blast at some Fallen@ineptune_ I retain my stance on being "pro-lotion"@ineptune_ I love thisSo.....Destiny is really goodThank you guys for that sweet sweet tag #lovetoyou@SoulPunkEmma @ryanisnasty DuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuI should have never gone to that nude beach in Italy with Big Worm and Bob #tryingnewthingsSo tiredShe literally looks exactly how she did when I started, but it took me an hour and a half anywayThis game is badass, my lady is fierce.
Fuuuuck I'm gonna be at this all night http://t.co/O48fDmqWqEUpdated and accounts setup...loading the game. You might wanna mute me in case I get a wild hair up my butt and live tweet this experience@IanGonzales coffee sip and tweetPS4 is updating@DeannaLorena oh, The Chollies? I miss them@Timrannosaurus I will remember the nameOk let's do thisConsensus is drink coffee and play Destiny. I'm feeling that. I love coffee, and I love picking out haircuts.@IanChanserelli3 yeah that's my favorite partWill tonight be the night I hook up my PS4 and play Destiny? So tired@ThatOneGirlCeCe it's ok, neither did I@ryanisnasty @LolaPlusG awesome!@xbands_are_life living a life of freedom outdoors2 dudes go in the starbucks bathroom. as the door close i see them open up a chinese food container like marcellus wallace suitcase
Retweeted by Gerard Way@ineptune_ These chickens are pissed, 'Nep@ineptune_ Thanks Ineptune, I'm standing next to what some refer to as a "large mound" that appears to be covered in "moss" and "sad dreams"Coffee to go. Hurry up where's that escalatorOn the goMy new avi makes it look like I'm going to give you breaking news@tartangurlgolf well, I don't cuss much anymore. It's loud. Will probably be very warm.Amazon Music Book Club: Ex-My Chemical Romance singer @gerardway on comics, 'Dune' & more http://t.co/1AhShf6dMz http://t.co/lj1nN8mCJ2
Retweeted by Gerard Way#FollowFriday my trusted, apple scented companion, my fuzzy friend-@LolaPlusG for all kinds of nonsense me-relatedJust wanted to clear that up :)They would send me songs and I would send them mine. It was all a lot of fun to get an outside opinion.There's an article misquoting me saying I worked on demos with a young British band. I *traded* demos with them-we listened to each other'sGood morning!
@nweaver oh wait we can get it tonight?@nweaver yeah?@raytoro I always wanted to make calls with my iPad mini though@jitka if you can you should@jitka PREACH@sweetliner ((((((((the best vibes))))))))I hope you all watch that David Bowie cartoon I retweeted because it's basically the scenario I played in my head while making HesitantAlienWe're happy & humbled to announce we're joining @gerardway on his fall tour! Tour kicks off Oct. 12th @FillmoreSF! http://t.co/0B3q8WfgHJ
Retweeted by Gerard Way@raytoro more ghosts fit insideMy recreation of @DavidBowieReal, Brian Eno and @Tonuspomus recording ‘Low’ in 1977 https://t.co/W66frHeFSa (animation by @brothersmcleod)
Retweeted by Gerard Way@AdamBuxton @neilhimself this is the single greatest thing I have ever seen@tylerdennen why thank you sir@gerardway get 2 gold ones!
Retweeted by Gerard WayI'm getting the new iPhone that is huge because I want to walk around with an entire haunted house in my handI'm getting the new iPhone that is huge because it can hold more ghosts and get more hauntedI'm getting the new iPhone that is huge because it seems excessiveRT: @LolaPlusG Some live footage from the UK, enjoy! http://t.co/xB1yCLW8V5 #hesitantalienRemembering 9.11 My thoughts are with the victims, and the families of them, the rescue and relief workers, and the people that witnessed it
@thisismynote_ that's a great ideaJ Crew up in this piece@ineptune_ @Cryptoterra a little "crispy" but nice
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