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My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie.

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I am not good at video gamesGreat stream tonight! Huge thanks to @gerardway for stopping in to game, fecalexodus, all the donations and of course #wormsquad <3
Retweeted by the spooky soupTGIF Stream! Come Hang Out!!!:
Retweeted by the spooky soupSome days art is hardAnd that's my cool storyBut the Camaro is like fuck-you-yellow and I'm super self conscious driving it aroundBut they only cars they had to rent me at Enterprise was an SUV and a CamaroBut no one was hurt, it was an overall pleasant experience dealing with the driver and his supervisorAnd when I walked to the bus after parking I had to apologize to everyone on the bus because they had to get offSo last week I got into a non-dramatic accident with a city busThe alternate title to the next album is Watch Me Try And Grow A Beard Nine Times
life slimeGood morning!
Sauce-fame drove him mad, and power hungry, he would make erratic movementsWho is the sauce?Being sauce-famous is coolI like it when people are famous for sauce, or become more famous than the sauce famous gerards @michaeljhudson I'm dyingI'm going to be doing a fair bit of things differently this time so I don't think you'll be waiting long for concept and titleIt is requiring quite a bit of art. A lot more than Hesitant Alien.Hit my art target for the day, pencils, inks, and color. I think everyone is going to have a lot of fun with this next concept.Jack Off Jill's Final Show!! Congrats to you both!Here's that picture disc for ZeroZero/Television All The Time! love what you normally do but this is also amazingGood morning!
Just made a phone memo demo vocals and guitar was funPaging Blair Waldorf: The hair accessory is back in a major way:
Retweeted by the spooky soupI'm practicing magic but it's not a big deal@shitdeweessays I didn't think about that, it's like he has an assassins nameWe have a poutinerie in LA Moon of Endor photograph print now available in my online store in 3 print sizes!
Retweeted by the spooky soup@xryanrussellx your photos have inspired me to go thereJust posted a photo morning!
@mikeyway @bigwormy Hopping on this Birthday Train! ChooooChooo! Happy Birthday WormSan Diego is sold out but there is a giveaway happening! Good luck! Hi!
Retweeted by the spooky soupMy partner on The Umbrella Academy, and good friend, @gerardway read an advance copy of TWO BROTHERS. #TwoBrothers
Retweeted by the spooky soupGood morning!
Hope you all enjoyed that song by Sleep, to find out more about stoner metal visit our website or just @ @AHoyeHoye@gerardway check out my brother and I cosplaying the lungsmen on the dunes this month ✊ #followthesmoke
Retweeted by the spooky soup@ARTofCOOP yes!Ok then Dopesmoker by Sleep one wants to listen to an hour long riff with me today?NAZARETH!And again
((((((((((blue))))))))))@rachelmillman you too- enjoy the wedding@rachelmillman Los Angeles...home for a couple weeks@rachelmillman how is ny?Good morning!
A page from #TwoBrothers
Retweeted by the spooky soupBut they were far away, and now it was time to go to bedAnd close to the fire they enjoyed this soup even though it was somewhat difficult to eat, the wolves howledplump soupplump pumpkinsThe pumpkins bore a cloak of frost and the barn doors shuddered, howling through the punctures in its roofIs there something, visually, different about Twitter now?The plains shudder in the night chillOver a mountain of black and purple silk, these would later turn into Orobos plantThree ravens, cross the crescent moon their trails leaving stardustStunning.-@JeffLemire Another masterpiece.-@gerardway Beautiful, poignant.”- @OliverSava #TwoBrothers #FF
Retweeted by the spooky soupI always have fun working with someone with a vision and @AndyBVB has thatOhmygosh. So much going on. Forgot to say how much fun I had working with @AndyBVB and @JohnFeldy the other day@howl_inks so great! Love your styleGood morning!
We need to burn a sage bundle the size of a skyscraper@peachykeenpaige yeah I'll burn that shit all over the busI hope you've stirred some good ingredients into your soup today@ohkayewhatever @dril ah yes, the greatest tweet of allSending lots of hugs & love to you all and a reminder to never take your loved ones for granted. Remind someone close how much you care <3
Retweeted by the spooky soup@ohkayewhatever what's the skeleton war again?Good morning!#warmup @gerardway's #FudgeLord
Retweeted by the spooky soup
I'll share some of my soup with you today@skylarsmustdie can I make that my username?And then you share that soup, that goodness you enbrothed@DarkHorseComics I want this so badThe ultimate snow globe! Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer snow globe!
Retweeted by the spooky soupGood soupYou are a soup- put good stuff in that soup. Make yourself a nice soup.Got some really cool @gerardway and @CharlieAdlard exclusive merch in the works for @NC_Comicon
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You know I'm on twitch with worm nowCalm peaceful free earth energy*****magi~{spel\_sI'm glad that you exist@laurenmoran yay! Thank you@kateleth 🎶 they say it's your birthday🎶 it's my birthday too ya🎶Happy birthday Hesitant Alien! Already working on the next
2015 morning!
You can probably find oils at any health food store near youYou should pick yourself up some calming oils at the whole foods today@bigwormy ok I'm not on contract or anything I'm a free agent but we are going to need a fancy water cooler and a large bowl of apples
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