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sleep lord @gerardway kingdom of fantasy

The Adventures of Sleep Lord, whose phone was haunted. I love you forever David Bowie. Spirit Vessel by Nya Walker.

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@CORBINACTION @PIXIES Silver Snail is like a secret weapon on that album @PinkishPikachu @PIXIES that's my favorite album tooExtremely excited for a new @PIXIES album. Indie Cindy was my favorite record of 2014.Good morning!Pixies coming 2016…
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@JapkeW1tzier you gotta sleep a lot @romanticwaffle for the Dream LordsSleep lord is a dream companion that only protects you from dream thieves @wastedwings @HopeLNicholson I've had to give this thought and I think I am more of a dream companion @HopeLNicholson I had t worked that out yet but I'm going to say un-buttered @gerardway the real question what is the consistency of the potatoes thick or creamy? How long are we waiting for the mashed tatos to drop?
Retweeted by sleep lordThe formation of the drippings of the mashed potatoes will tell me what our enemies next move will beTonight I visit you in your dreams as you become ruler of an empire and I,as your court magician I bathe your bare feet in mashed potatoesJust boosting the calm and positive energy-signal @wintersoldierzz cap and Bucky all the wayFsunday nightSome Pillars of Eternity fanart while I wait for the final expansion. Superb companions Aloth and Edér!
Retweeted by sleep lord"My manta ray is all right" @_HangEmHigh_ it appears to be the strongest of allA great time to work on your fantasy fiction is when everyone in the house is still asleepGood morning and happy Fantasy Fiction Fsunday!
@gerardway I remember that. So many kids in high school smoking Marlboro so they could get the windbreaker.
Retweeted by sleep lordChipmunk technology has come a long way... should bring back the marlboro miles canoe @f_francavilla the 60s tv show, I've never seen the reboot, but The Prisoner was of its time, you can't remake it @ThatAlienGirl a great deal @redbubble pull this down, or pull it down on Monday when my legal contacts you @chantalclaret @kittymsi @Bill_H I believe that is correctReminder that lotion is a great word and product @kittymsi so good! And I can't remember which one of my friends suggested them to me @f_francavilla reminder to watch The Prisoner! @Revengefrnk__ this is art. I'm saving this imageLansing-Dreiden - Laid In Stone- great jam for a great Saturday. Very calming. was sweet and respectful, but I think it gets stressful for all of us in a tight space with a lot of bodies @Cryptoterra it was a really fun night and a great showAnd if I seemed cagey last night, it's only because I get really bad social anxiety in those situations, but it meant a lot you cameThanks to everyone who came to La Luz last night! Was magical. @God_of_Rainbows I love this
So proud of my wife @lynzway and our friend @Jessicka on their art opening tonight at @laluzdejesus!'s a sneak peek of my work on display tonight @laluzdejesus #ShittyTeen
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@comix_rock you're the best @ROWAN_MACLEAN @bigwormy great work Fecal! @sxbond @SadHappyAmazing holy cow!!Here we go! Very excited about this- come hang!! @neilhimself Yes! @cjwardart Dopesmoker, by SleepAlways a good time for this album @ErikaVsEveryone sometimes you need to have experiences outside, you could go to a museum, or a bookshopHappy Birthday to the great @RealAliceCooper! One of my biggest inspirations @MCRwuff thank you! @ErikaVsEveryone a couple things, but one of them is to use Brian Eno's 'Oblique Strategies', which is available as an appExperienceWas there a typo in that?Thank you for the good energy every day. Good energy is a shared expierienceGood morning!
Good morning! Another jam packed day that gets me out of the house
@brnbrgs this is so sweet thank youI will miss Chris, and always think of him. I send all of the love in the world to his family, and his wife. Thank you for listening.We got in his car and he dropped me off at work, I would see him later that evening when we would play Dungeons and Dragons. It was epic.A few more hours of seeing patterns and colors, I eventually fell asleep.We woke up, drank coffee-he couldn't stop laughing at our adventureKnowing he couldn't take me to my parent's house like this, he took me to his home, made a makeshift bed for me, and put on DanzigWe kept going- I remember saying "I'm really tired, I need to go to sleep". Knowing that I had 6 more hours of hallucinating, he laughedHe came back for me, running back into the street to grab me, the cars nearly there. This was right after I saw ghosts pour from a chimney.If he wasn't there I know I would have died because I tried to cross the busiest avenue in Belleville.. I froze, trapped in the headlights.Stone sober, he carted me around and kept me alive, walked with me, talked to me, made sure that no one fucked with me.When Chris found out I was going to take it (don't do drugs kids) he said that he was coming with me. He stayed by my side the whole nightI have many strong memories of Chris, but the one that always stuck with me the most was the first time I took LSD..."If you insulted his mother, he would punch you through a glass window". And he did, as one unfortunate bully found out. That was Chris.He loved Daredevil, and The New Jersey Devils probably more than anything in the world at the time. He made Daredevil my favorite super heroFrom my best friend Shawn- "He loved barbarians, and Jack Deth from "Trancers", those were every goddamned character he roleplayed."cancerLast night,my oldest friends and I lost one of our own.His name was Chris Byczkiewicz,and he was strong, gentle, honorable, funny, much more
@ActualDoctor that's a nice pieceFucking love knitwearOh- and Pinkish/Don't Try should be out soon- I'l try and find out today when it'll be announced, but it's all tied up and ready to goWhat I can say is it's not music exactly, though it will involve music I think. Either way I'd never stop making music, just a new focus @gerardway Hey! What are you doing in there
Retweeted by sleep lordBut- it requires a lot of art and writing and general brain usage so there is that to focus on- hope you have an inspired and productive dayGood morning good morning. Lots to do, apologies for the secrecy Whenn it's time to let you know I will. Exciting stuff though.Happy Birthday to @BetomessGilbert aka Gilbert Hernandez, aka a treasure to the world and one of the best cartoonists ever.
2016 podcast I did with my friend Matt is out today. listen here #podsequentlism #shittyteen
Retweeted by sleep lordHappy Birthday to my dear friend and inspiration, @grantmorrison! @jimmyurine oh shit I didn't realize that #prizedpossesion @JanuarySky_ wow- I never knew that- I will have to get it @AHoyeHoye nows the time @_BVB__ @GerardWayInfo this is greatFantasy Fiction Fsundays it is @shawnlexi @shawnlexi this works for meI'm dunno, maybe it leads to something. I have been wanting to create a fantasy fiction zine for a long time. But it doesn't always have to @narcissist_ghst I'm referring to writers in the third person as it relates to the conversationIf you plan on joining in the fantasy fiction writing, I suggest you watch Gentleman Broncos for inspiration as a starting point @S_Wayneofficial but I don't know why that is. Probably because it is the term they use in Gentleman Broncos @S_Wayneofficial u r correct, though I'm busy with work on Fridays. I like Science Fiction Sunday but 'Fantasy fiction' feels more inclusive @gerardway meaning just for the writerBut we all need that kind of thing in our lives if we create, something just for you.I don't know how accessible the fantasy fiction will be, so far it's more of a "this is weird why did he write this" type scenario
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