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Ancient oracle. Haunted phone. Writer of Doom Patrol with Nick Derington and Umbrella Academy with Gabriel Ba. Follow Lola @lolaplusg for news.

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Another walk, another 10 minutes of meditation- both activities are already getting easier. I feel great- give it a try if you can. @vickyt no worries, thanks for the follow too. I have heard for years that we are look alikes
@Jeremy_Lambert I did and it's lovelySipping on tea isn't just an expression- I'm actually doing it! @wastedwings that's great. I'm trying to work up to longer walks @gerardway there is an app called Headspace that makes meditation easier for people that have difficulty. Worked great.I went for a short walk in the neighborhood and then meditated for ten minutes- I feel great. Try it if you can! @nataliereed84 I just need the permission from Rachel and the right time to reintroduce. Gotta leave some mystery tho! Thanks for engaging! @nataliereed84 Thankfully, due to the magic of comics, characters can always come back. I have no rules barring resurrection in this DP. @nataliereed84 That's a shame, I never read the Byrne run but it's on my list because I'm trying to nod to all continuity where possible. @nataliereed84 Thanks for the thoughtful comments and insight. I know Rebis can be a bit of a minefield. I try and consider a lot of things.
I'm off for now- take care of each other and be kind. Make art, or words, or things, or simply dreams. @mcrmom614 my brain explodes often @KeepRunning_xo I did and I thought it was very nice, I am humbled by it @harlnqnzl usually, no, but in this case, yes! @kateleth yeah I felt like it was time to just be myself for a moment @grcemeise may be a zine even sooner than music @ItWasAlwaysFOB in my opinion, adjectives can be overused in writing @Cliquekookie Very cool @Patrick3Stump right now I have let the black grow out, and I have quite a bit of grey hair, which I don't mind in the slightest @ErikaVsEveryone @TBonvillain @wastedwings @nickfil it's one of the most important steps in making a comic, and often overlooked @junkscripts thank you so much, my only involvement with Gotham at the moment is through Mother Panic. Maybe in the future... @GennySwan yup! No plans of release yet but there are plans of writing music @TBonvillain @wastedwings @nickfil and you're doing an amazing job- so thrilled- can't wait for people to see it!I know the word is out but I wanted to welcome our amazing colorists to the Young Animal team- @TBonvillain @wastedwings and @nickfil @GDYupdates I'm good thanks, just had a moment @seamusrabbit this Fall I begin writing music again @GWayWayliens I'm totally ok @ihemmingslove we will no longer be doing regular updates, this is for press purposes @antalkaa that is not to say that people don't affect positive change "inside" social media, but I'm considering a different approach @antalkaa I plan on unplugging slightly from social media soon, so I can focus on both art and affecting positive change outside @JanuarySky_ @ErikaVsEveryone @NickDerington We cannot talk about Lotion at this time, we can only talk about actual lotion @ErikaVsEveryone @NickDerington it is a nod the the Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol- big inspirations for our version of Doom Patrol @RedGlasses138 Also- I feel like every character should posess "unlikable" qualities, it is what makes them unique @ArielleCGas It is my belief that I am here to put my spin on things, while honoring certain elements from the past @RedGlasses138 But I don't think that means you should always stay away from them, you can always do your take @RedGlasses138 Well, they could have had a history that is somewhat problematic, being that these characters were written in different times @nataliereed84 Sorry for so many responses, just wanted to possibly clear that up, while at the same time giving a hint of my plans @nataliereed84 Coagula on the other hand, is a character I would very much like to write when the time comes. Danny is a shoe-in. @nataliereed84 This is because I wanted to do something new, and I also I felt Rebis is very much Grant- in his voice. Something different. @nataliereed84 @TBonvillain I've done a lot of research,since I'm writing Larry,and chose to move away from the character as "hermaphrodite" @nataliereed84 @TBonvillain or even seen as offensive, to describe those who are intersex. In the case of Rebis, they are mythological. @nataliereed84 @TBonvillain Which,as described by the ISNA,is a physiologic impossibility,and why the term "hermaphrodite" is inaccurate - @nataliereed84 @TBonvillain If I may, Rebis is described as a mythological "hermaphrodite", both fully female and fully male.
Good morning!
@bradmeltzer @JimLee @mikeyway @Joke2far @MCRofficial next time! @cjwardart @cameronMstewart @NickDerington thanks Christian!Today has got to be a better day- here's to hoping. Lots of love. @cameronMstewart @NickDerington that means so much coming from one of my favorite artists- it was a hard road! @davaja that makes me very happy- I'm a big fan of yoursDon't know why it wasn't mentioned that the amazing James Harvey colored the wonderful gyro- but here he is! @NickDerington @danmcdaid Totally was, but Dan had the same idea in a pinupback to work @danmcdaid @NickDerington Nick is a genius. Notice the parka??So we've had to hold back the Young Animal progress updates due to press reasons. They will resume at some point.Check it out- new info and imagery from Doom Patrol!
Love to you, eternally. You're all brave and brilliant. Goodnight for now.Brick by brick.I feel I must learn to rebuild.And I admire those people even more that choose to rebuild it, constantly, every single time it is demolished.I admire every one of you who gets up in the morning and still has love in their heart, hope, humanity, empathy.To lose that, or worse- replace it with fear- would be catastrophic. But that is a tall order, and many people have it very hard.We have compassion- I don't want us to lose that.I don't really know how to use twitter anymore because I don't know what to say. Everyones hurting....My heart breaks for the LGBT community. My heart breaks all the time.I've always just wanted everyone to be able to be who they want to be, proudly, enthusiastically- freely.I feel like the week broke me, I feel like many many months broke me. I don't think I've processed the shooting fully.But mostly it is from an overwhelming wave of sorrow, and of sadness, from almost everyone around us.There's one side of me that is simply trying to pretend the horror does not exist, another side that is struggling with my faith in humanityThis has not entirely been from working long hours. It is also being connected to this, a reflection of the horrors outside.Lately, I've found myself without words.
@NickDerington wear it proud my friend! @wastedwings @sxbond it doesn't have the same kick as PG that's for sureIt's not as hardcore as PG Tips, I like it, I like them bothFirst cup of Yorkshire's...smoother than PG Tips English Breakfast?
Office Day #Danzig
my hat
@CodyRhodes the Greatest!It's ok the wind blows
@ErikaVsEveryone whatever fits their agenda @ROWAN_MACLEAN it only gets worse, thankfully there is mute.@gerardway We will be teaming up with @equalitync during @NC_Comicon to help support education, diversity, & love. More details soon!
Retweeted by Gerard WayThanks for your time- see you at the con with a lot of other great people.I also need to get the details of the charity my signing will be donated to. Involves human rights.Just getting the name. Positive outcomes. @kateleth agreedBut I know there will be many things in support of the LGBTQIA community at the con, and it's a great environment for discourse.This may not work for some people, and it may work for others. That is the kind of situation everyone is in.And supportive of the fans affected. This has been a result of lots of thinking, and also personal experience in having boycotted before.Not boycotting a state can also bring some light an positivity to people, and I know NC Comicon is working hard to keep it inclusive-On the other hand, you want to support those same fans by sharing your art with them and not making them feel isolated.On one side, you want to support the fans who are affected by a terrible law by simply not going as a form of protest.As someone that was a part of Soundstrike in Arizona with our band, I have had mixed feelings about it over the years.I'm returning to @NC_Comicon! Come celebrate creativity with @DCComics, the #YoungAnimal team & me November 11-13th. @chantalclaret I always wanted to go to that @Zedaid it is! @chantalclaret yeah I think I'll have to preorder today- they are launching the game at this years GatheringI do not know the clowns personally, though I would not mind meeting the Psychopathic family membersSuper excited about that new ICP card game 'Into The Echoside'...I may have to preorder that jazz