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@BrewersFarm @oilcantim I only care about the GWAR leaders. @realMatMolina @Thumpr1982 @realDonaldTrump I'd point the finger at Fox News, myself. @JakeRudh @daveweigel Do you have a release date database? I'd love a link, if so.
@LouisatheLast I'm sorry I didn't run into you at SPX! @ArchiePGH @DollyZoom I won't argue with any of the others! Ok, I've always found that guitar figure in "Pop Song 8… @ArchiePGH @DollyZoom Alas, first one to pop into my head was "Radio Song". @itscoffeyagain I'm very happy he got to spend the last few years out from under the umbrella, letting us get to kn… you, Hardy Fox: Resident.
@SaraJBenincasa Aaah, to be comfortable outside for months at a time! @elizaskinner Repo Man Grew up there.
Happy #FallFriday 1 very rare photo from the archives. My first Christmas with Mark. Taken in Chicago at my parents…
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@arielleishere No no no. I'm so sorry.
A lot of good books showing up in the mail today. My roommate’s cat can’t stop nuzzling @MKupperman’s graphic memoi…
Retweeted by Graham FridayGood stuff, Dan Coffey! Enjoy, everyone: @Bafflegabs It was clearly Tom’s eye sockets.
@mattlikestapes Do you get to visit your barge? Keep a thing on the barge? Watch its BargeCam?Yessss! I am now a proud patron of Liz Prince (@comicnrrd) on @patreon, and you should be too: #NewPatron @SplitSeason1981 @mroctober Ah, thinking back to when they made Anaheim Stadium ugly for the Rams to never sell out.Imagine thriving in a fast-paced environment
Retweeted by Graham Friday @legitimateacct @Nicole_Cliffe I like Death as part of your list. #alsoBadBrains @PTRQ Don’t let him kick the football. @libbycwatson I hope this is only the beginning of “Reasons to Die”.Classic FM website: “why Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1 is the most flat-out relaxing piano piece ever written.” Well, co…
Retweeted by Graham Friday @uscpsycho Dodger home game, too. @scharpling Ever spend time with rich people? They're...different. @BigSamThompson It was a pleasure getting to meet you and talk a while! I'm glad your whole weekend went well. Did…
@burjz Were they good? I'm considering going. @cgay_51 @BetteMidler More than that; it's a jobs program for people who don't want to believe they need a jobs program. @TheRealTavie I especially like, "You may run into repeated obstacles, such as trees or power lines."
@RyanWalker78 @AaronBlake Trivia time: that shot took one take. @Miss_Placed_ Will check out; thanks. @Miss_Placed_ @benpershing Jesuit. The Heights is Opus Dei. (but still #NoKavanaugh)When billionaires give their money to charity, it is just more of the same. They decide, like a dictator, what thou…
Retweeted by Graham Friday @JohnnyHeatWave “Eyes melt, skin explodes, everybody dead...” @tlachtga “Eyes melt, skin explodes, everybody dead...”
@eehouls George Snuffleupagus is a tough one. Don't be so hard on yourself! @thirtyeggs Enjoy your film! (What have you chosen?) I am going outside to do some long-delayed yardwork before it starts raining. @DiogenesTerp @HandleFlier @CharlesPPierce Oh, and my list of girls might be half that, and I socialized with public school kids, so... @DiogenesTerp @HandleFlier @CharlesPPierce "Men for Others" is a slogan at all Jesuit boys high schools, it refers to public service. C'mon.
Do you like stories about: —WWII/the Depression —child celebrities —difficult multigenerational relationships —ant…
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@ImMichaelBrown Theresa lesion removal.
For those unable to watch our MASN broadcast, Spencer spit his tooth out while walking to the plate before his firs…
Retweeted by Graham Friday @jennobenno Jennifer Wexton over Barbara Comstock (VA-10) Abigail Spanberger over David Brat (VA-7) I think Tim Kai… @ItsMeHenning Got to see Unrest and Camper Van Beethoven when they were still putting out their own records. I hear… @mekons63 @ItsMeHenning You just reminded me of seeing Kelly Hogan do an in-store in Arlington, VA around that time… @LouisatheLast Ever watch a panda eat? They're terrifying. Imagine breaking one rod of bamboo with your hands, and… @ahmadmzaghal You didn't get the memo? This is a backlash-against-pumpkin-spice-haters year. Lay low.Just listened to AAA member @Bafflegabs on Hollywood Handbook!
@jonsolomon @wprb The first time I heard it on the radio I was wedged in the back seat of a station wagon between J…
@tlachtga More pics from the same photographer I shared earlier: @Timmmmmmmm @tlachtga Now that you mention it, GBV fans at least *appear* older than me now.Blondie's Autoamerican. Also, I dodged a bullet: it was between that and Billy Joel's Glass Houses. Source of money… @insidetroy *reads replies* Oh dear Lord, here we go...a long irritated sigh from the Google Maps voice when I veer from her directions and she must plot a new course
Retweeted by Graham Friday @Timmmmmmmm @tlachtga Few shows lately when I'm in the younger half. X? King Crimson? @tlachtga Only about 20 people dancing at the Shopping show last night, and I saw more than one 40s-ish person besides me among them. @tlachtga Thanks for getting the ball rolling! @ahmadmzaghal Just noticed I sent Marc almost the exact same reply. @Marcissist Tonight was the best of the four times I've seen them. Great audience energy.
@tlachtga After my time. We had the Pinto. 🐎💥 @tlachtga I credit the Ford Doctrine. @MattMurph24 Warren's no slouch head-to-head, either. @tlachtga Why didn't you cc: @jonwurster?"I remember President Ford" should be enough for Twitter. @libbycwatson This is so exciting to hear. Years of happiness upon you!!
@tlachtga Wait - crows are jolly? @tlachtga I forgot the word “nightstand” and googled “bed table”; got links about those wheeled serving tables in hospitals.Please take Patti to the hospital / and put her neck in a thing ever cared about 4 celebrities and now prince and burt reynolds are dead. please take care zac efron and oksana baiul
Retweeted by Graham FridayThe new DC anthem is "Exorcist Stairs" by Escape-ism
Retweeted by Graham FridayHe lives? @APMike How do I join the A.P. Mike fulfillment team?
46 Industrial bands just changed their names to Amendment 25.
Retweeted by Graham Friday @mattlikestapes @BargeLtd In the meantime, please consider following @BoatUS for your insurance and tugboat needs.
@catonatrain @TenaciousGrace Super æ is one of my all-time favorites. The bombastic opening track is the rare instr…"Wait a minute. You mean you get 5 cents here and 10 cents there - you could round up bottles here and run 'em out…
Retweeted by Graham FridayNew Sloat! @TenaciousGrace These vary from tuneful to really abstract; hopefully something will stick! @TenaciousGrace Daniel Bachman, Harold Budd, Mike Shiflet (on Bandcamp), Laraaji, Thor & Friends, toe, Noël Akchoté…*E-Cigs Alert* @bestshow4life
with Barge Ownership NOW’s guidance, I’ve invested in over 17 barges, found the love of my life (barges) and travel…
Retweeted by Graham Friday @mattlikestapes Please don’t barge me. @surfbordt @charles_kinbote Never forget the Wonkette comma, for justice.
@kingofjanitors @MKupperman Heck yeah. @tlachtga I mean, being into British rock & prog and growing up in L.A., I don’t see myself on team Buffalo Springfield. @miriamgc Hope he has a great day and year! @eehouls Hoping for better news soon. Thinking about you. @tlachtga The horror upon realizing how into Zappa I would have been then. @punkproletarian @samknight_one Aw man, U.K. vs. U.S. Clash Twitter: “They all went to public school.” “What difference does it make?” etc.
John: Urinal, client of a prostitute, unidentified corpse. Other than that, it's a nice, biblical name. (Also, I us…
Was he late because he was riding one of those bikes with one really big and one small wheel?
Retweeted by Graham Friday @NifMuhammad I think an important distinction might be: Can the artist appear solo and still only use the band name? @NifMuhammad The Durutti Column. @NifMuhammad My Dad Is Dead. @rajandelman What a bunch of clowns.Thank you for that answer, Brian! I can't even imagine making that noise breathing in. #CelebrityEncounters @bestshow4life @AmyRebeccaKlein I'm sorry you're hurting. All my best.No Dudio? I hope Don Strong didn't take him on a fishing trip. #CelebrityEncounters @bestshow4lifeI've mentioned this before, but I gave Tom Waits his will call ticket to see The Replacements. He showed up about 1…
@dbnitkin @ChrisRRegan That's Toto, I'm afraid.