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.@RepComstock, voters in your district will remember how you voted concerning #NetNeutrality. It's a big deal, poss…
Aaaa it's @jsbedlam! And Tractor! @TheViewFromLL2 I stand with Ol’ Neil. @thirtyeggs Cool watch. @leachbrian5 @GeorgetownHoyas @GeorgetownHoops A) We know that. B) Don’t matter.
@manyspaceships Just noted the other day that he's made about as many public appearances as Ed Gillespie did.
@daveweigel Virginia's Ed Gillespie also ran a losing campaign-in-hiding this fall. @tlachtga @daveweigel (hides my Yes soundboard files in nondescript folder) @tlachtga The corridor of trees with no views. You pulling an all-nighter again?
@sociolinguista I learned and used "y'all" at GU under my friends' influence. My use has fallen though I've stayed… @heatherEdc Ex-Hex and Snail Mail just announced for the 30th at Black Cat; think I'll be there.
@heatherEdc You're going both nights? @rhadaway Why thank you. @rhadaway Is someone talking about this? @arielleishere Doing things is hard. @tlachtga Yeah, when I got that record I had that "where have I heard this before" feeling, and it didn't hit me un… @UndeadIdiot Camp out at the Rose Parade, c'mon!
There's like a million books on how to write so just read those but skip the boring parts.
Retweeted by Graham Frosty @tlachtga Yes! Have either of y'all heard Wall of Voodoo's version of "Ring of Fire"? @NotOwenMeany Have a great birthday, young man! @ckhesq Aha, the fine Richmond cod.
@lowtheband Hey! That's my ancestral homeland, Scott County is. @JenKirkman You...might want to...spell it vise? OW! My hands! @sonicdork @MattYHZ @APMike @kristencheeks @1800PATBYRNE Hope so! I was out at a show and only caught the last 15 minutes. @paige_eden Two all time faves: Durutti Column and Minutemen! My recommendations are all messed up this year b/c I'…
@ahmadmzaghal @vhfrecords I was at No More Bush; my third was when he played opening for Yo La Tengo at The Birchme… @ahmadmzaghal Still one of the strangest settings was when he opened for Stereolab at the 9:30, perched at the fron…
@preciosatt The half-and-half is yours to calibrate. @tlachtga Ah, a non-car sleeper (or non-sitting-up sleeper). Good to know others.
@tlachtga @ServoAcademy One could argue that Tomorrowland ought not allow itself to be seen as “dated”. @tlachtga @Zizpa ...and next, he was barged. @tlachtga Keeping big half-and-half in the black.Imagine if an arts school such as Juilliard had a dean making $8,000,000 off the performances of the artists. “But…
Retweeted by Graham Frosty @ServoAcademy @tlachtga I’m lucky in that we visit L.A. every so often and can get our Disney fix while staying wit… @tlachtga You're on I-81, I gather?
@nyctaper Thankfullly I'm also better at preventing my car from driving in reverse on curvy roads at high speeds until my brakes fail. @Bafflegabs "Pink press threat!!" ♬♪♪♫♫♫♫ @reddusfoximus Why did it take me so long to consult with your feed to catch up on the Vols' week? @chrislhayes @MsBellaF This reminds me of how our Catholic school charged for after-care. Those wealthy enough to h… could seriously imperil Jared Kushner's ability to bring peace to the Middle East.
Retweeted by Graham FrostyShocking late night, handwritten addition to the GOP Tax Bill.
Retweeted by Graham Frosty @SaraJBenincasa By chance I read this piece today; from about a week ago, it also makes some points about framework…
Wait, SC hadn't won a conference championship since 2008? Thanks, Obama.Pero her emailos
Retweeted by Graham Frosty @manyspaceships Oh I know, but they sell it as evening the playing field for parents choosing non-public options. @manyspaceships Watch tuitions rise to offset any benefit, question is only how many years it'll take. @UndeadIdiot @_kgotts "Morgue Cabinet Failure Alarm" is a debut EP title in search of a band. @sonicdork @U2 Careful, Gary Powers. @tlachtga Those are surely yummy deserts which I will try first. More intriguing, which I didn't notice 'til I got… @TheRealTavie Damnit, Tavie. @eehouls Just this Tuesday my car battery died before mine. Also, your keys are in the door. @dcsportsbog I went to the Cardinals game that was postponed 'til January due to the Sept. 11 attacks. In the rain.…
The Fall - Fantastic Life (1981) Claus Castenskiold - Fantastic Life (2009)
Retweeted by Graham FrostyDoctor Who theme creator Delia Derbyshire awarded posthumous Ph.D.
Retweeted by Graham FrostyHappy table / Mystery table @mikethedevine @lanyardigan I'm rich! I'm rich! <--normal, very normal @alforrester I gallop as I write this / forgive me if I go astray. @tlachtga Sax in the workplace! What could possiblie go wrong? @ByRosenberg He's in the eyeball business. To hire someone who can behave properly towards others would be a great…, I never! Cue up the bucket seats lament!
@tlachtga Great call to the show last night! You have the best laugh 😄!thought about it and diamonds wouldn't be that bad of a best friend, would be cool to hang out with them, dont have to drive them to airport
Retweeted by Graham Frostydiamonds are no longer a girl's best friend, in this day and age a girl's best friend could be anything, even a poisonous jungle frog
Retweeted by Graham FrostyRoyal love is in the air! While we wait for the big day, here are some Royal Wedding Facts.
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@ShaneSmith416 @PitchingNinja #CitoSucksLooking forward to the annual Reminder That Time Magazine Still Exists issue
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Here’s Daphne Oram on how to approach music that initially violates your expectations 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Graham Frosty @MacMargi @palafo You’re planning to get away with your bombing? @NotOwenMeany Apple Gritty. @tlachtga @Nicole_Cliffe Something I always keep in my pocket: @sadolan Nice. @charles_kinbote This is my punishment for deciding this week, at my advanced age, to take a first deep dive into The Dead. #FourDayCreepRoom of hats, please, @belleisleasylum @BigSamThompson That's how they getcha. @tlachtga @bestshow4life Our visit with @tlachtga and @Zizpa was all too short (you did pick an excellent diner, th…
long island is basically what would happen if a bunch of cops found an island and started their own civilization
Retweeted by Graham Frosty @thisismariat So sorry to hear this; thanks for the note. One of the first local musicians I learned of when I came to D.C.
@tlachtga @letterboxd A few summers ago, we went to an outdoor showing in Silver Spring. During “Life During Wartim…