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@suckandfuck666 I can’t stop thinking about this. @lndian_Bronson @JoeGayHistorian “A slower way to learn less “ . Perfect @LKing_1995 What am I watching? And why am I suddenly craving gefilte fish? @BrunusCutis Literally, the exact same scenario first oh that’s not so bad. …. Hey… Wait a damn minute. @BrunusCutis I did the same thing when I saw our gas was down to 299 a gallonThe former employees of Twitter having a tantrum over names being released in the Twitter files are the same people…
Retweeted by Mr MartyDamn I was this old when I discovered that the science nerd likes to practice making out with himself in the damn… @suckandfuck666 <adjusts glasses > HE’S BEEN DOING THIS MIRROR SHIT FOR YEARS!!! @suckandfuck666 And those tweets spanned a few months. How long has he been practicing kissing in the damn mirror?? What a freak. @suckandfuck666 His poor cleaning lady. So much windex to clean all those mirrors smudged with his kiss marks.Sometimes my blind dog has bad dreams and the only thing that settles him down is snuggling him and rubbing my bear…"ugh why are people still talking about hunter biden's laptop" because it was one of the greatest violations of i…
Retweeted by Mr Marty @Sweater_Yams_ @USeattlite True. I’m going to bed, have a wonderful night guys!! @USeattlite @Sweater_Yams_ Great job you two! Now I’m drooling about seafood, and I literally live on a mountain! Deep sigh @Sweater_Yams_ @USeattlite There is the little snow crab, and then the yuge king crab. I like snow crab, it’s easy to cook and easy to eat. @Sweater_Yams_ @USeattlite Crawfish. You can really only get them near the gulf. I mean they live everywhere but on… @Sweater_Yams_ @USeattlite Oh blue crab is perfection, but people in main… Steam them I think???? Savages. @Sweater_Yams_ @USeattlite And if you try shrimp I’d suggest wild caught gulf shrimp if you can find them. I get th… @USeattlite @Sweater_Yams_ When I was in Alaska I had king crab and it was amazing. Homer Alaska smells kind of sim… @USeattlite @Sweater_Yams_ What a delighting thread! Crabs are so exciting! @Sweater_Yams_ @USeattlite No well shrimp it looks like chicken broth. Blue crabs are about the same when boiled. N… @USeattlite @Sweater_Yams_ Blue crab? I wonder if there are any good out west? My grandma could rip through cleanin… @Scott_Haefs @DesertRatJT @jrosejunior1975 @mittenman77 @Floridared1776 @gangstergovt_ @RikHaroldson @0ryuge @USeattlite I d add lemon, celery garlic and a bit of crab boil. Cook down some shrimp peels and strain them. The t… @USeattlite Did you make your own? I used to make shrimp broth for gumbo @USeattlite I dusted the top with brushed up viagra instead of powdered sugar @Sweater_Yams_ That seems like a harder sell @USeattlite I would not say I was gorging. …. I didn’t get fruitcake sweats… a bit of swelling maybe… @Sweater_Yams_ Well why don’t they just bang straight guys? Seriously I know a lot of straight guys. They will fuck…. ANYTHING @USeattlite Don’t stop <bites bottom lip >He thinks I’m fucking with him. Literally doesn’t believe me.Tonight I explained to my husband that some women will take hormones to grow facial hair, then go out and expect ga…
@USeattlite @garysteveneaton It was fruity with a lot of nuts. @garysteveneaton I ate way too much today. I literally ate my weight in fruitcake . @USeattlite Don’t judge me you racist fruitphobe!!Is it weird that I genuinely enjoy fruitcake? Like I love that shit… @PYeetimus
Retweeted by Mr Marty @CasuallyGreg That poor bathing suit. @AgingWhiteGay How angry bitter and miserable can that person be?
@AgingWhiteGay @dandelafe You feel how you feel , no one is owed an explanation. I get it , I’ve had similar feelings. @TheColossal_45 @RikHaroldson @frozenmiller @jrosejunior1975 @penguinguy13 @DesertRatJT @CoolRiderr @imabi0weap0n @Paleoturkey @frozenmiller @jrosejunior1975 @penguinguy13 @DesertRatJT @CoolRiderr @imabi0weap0n @Paleoturkey @MayBeHunterF @CoolRiderr Follow me for more helpful advice. I’m very big on helping people reach full potential. @CoolRiderr Just don’t start screaming and rubbing excrement on the walls while foaming at the mouth. Unless you’… @saintrizla Oh my… I’ve known a few guys like this…. was this energy when the CDC, a government entity, was spreading misinformation, Mark? And in that same vein,…
Retweeted by Mr Marty @Cee_Dubbbs I’ll be over in a bit. Lord knows I need someone to hang off the end of this thing..
Kim Kardashian is a coward for not standing up against child pornography. #BalenciagaGate
Retweeted by Mr MartyHe took his earpiece right out! #BalenciagaGate #KimKardashian
Retweeted by Mr Marty @0ryuge @julie74439076 @DesertRatJT @jrosejunior1975 @meltingseaglass @RandyARoberts2 @RikHaroldson @gangstergovt_“My pronouns are…” Me:
Retweeted by Mr Marty @suckandfuck666 Damn. lol I’m impressed @TheVikingDane No shit right? @imabi0weap0n @jrosejunior1975 @DesertRatJT @Paleoturkey @penguinguy13 @MayBeHunterF @gangstergovt_ @frozenmiller @DesertRatJT @jrosejunior1975 @Paleoturkey @penguinguy13 @MayBeHunterF @gangstergovt_ @frozenmiller @imabi0weap0n @ChrisBrad79 Very nice. Welcome aboard :D @ChrisBrad79 Where from? I grew up in St Tammany Parish.Finally a movie I want to see! @MaxHomocon @jrosejunior1975 @imabi0weap0n @DesertRatJT @Paleoturkey @penguinguy13 @MayBeHunterF @gangstergovt_ @LiberTexMex It is nice. I enjoy the bit of fellowship this allows.I always thought that Milo was a petulant brat, but this seems just extra shitty to me. @imabi0weap0n @jrosejunior1975 @DesertRatJT @Paleoturkey @penguinguy13 @MayBeHunterF @gangstergovt_ @frozenmiller, getting into the phone business would be pretty risky, but it seems it would be no more risky, then get… a crafty fella with manufacturing connections in China was looking to get into the phone space he could absolute… are leveraging data collected from your devices to target those adds. They have up being anti Google in favor… think apple understands that it’s not always a good idea to Fuck around, as you may just find out. The Apple ecos…
@Paleoturkey @jrosejunior1975 @DesertRatJT @penguinguy13 @MayBeHunterF @gangstergovt_ @frozenmiller @imabi0weap0n @ThatSmallgGay Glorious. @ThatSmallgGay He should have worn a frilly dress and a big ass hat. Anything else is literally violence! @GayToad_3 It’s the only logical solution. And more than most on the left deserve. @kylenabecker I rubbed myself raw once fapping to a picture of a gentleman’s lap. #triggered @TheElephantsKid Yes my new little kittens this is his sister morning @jrosejunior1975 @penguinguy13 @MayBeHunterF @gangstergovt_ @frozenmiller @Paleoturkey @imabi0weap0n @0ryuge
Retweeted by Mr Marty @kenny5alive I’ve heard that before, and I ain’t falling for that old line again.I don't have words for how much I loathe establishment GOP & its unfailing weakness and humiliating impotence in th…
Retweeted by Mr MartyApple has been helping dictatorial regimes around the world crush dissent via censorship for years. No surprise th…
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@AgingWhiteGay Enablers are destroying society. People feel that being critical of unhealthy or unproductive behavi… @amerigay11 Did you show him a picture of your shorts? @TheVikingDane @JoeGayHistorian So now I must create a grinder account and request countless new genders. <wipes f… @MooseMooter Great job! Thanks for posting, watching others helps me move along as well. Have a wonderful Christmas! @GaryJohnsonFan7 @_sn_n Ahhhhh .. got it. Thanks! @_sn_n @GaryJohnsonFan7 What is a bussy? @MarineNamedToby relies upon Uyghur slave labor in China. Sweatshop conditions at Foxconn's iPhone factory triggered a spate…
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@polishprincessh @JackMan4Reality lol they are such angry miserable terrible people! I mean damn. Just so full of h… you know Apple puts a secret 30% tax on everything you buy through their App Store?
Retweeted by Mr Marty @elonmusk I wonder 🤔
Retweeted by Mr Marty @elizableu @elonmusk Meanwhile, in the @Apple app store:
Retweeted by Mr Marty @dandelafe But still… It’s hard. I’m not throwing shade on anyone … I get it. But excuses are not helpful. It’s har… @dandelafe Yeah it’s hard as hell to stay “on the program” . I dropped over 90 pounds and it’s still just a beast e… King Estate Reveals He Died Years Ago And His Twitter Account Is Being Run By A Mentally Ill, Glue-Sniffing…
Retweeted by Mr Marty @dandelafe I can’t speak for others, but I noticed as I get older I don’t waste my time with excuses anymore. Only…
Retweeted by Mr Marty @AgingWhiteGay Sorry your having troubles bud.
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Retweeted by Mr MartyI wonder if the iphone 15 will be assembled in these new COVID camps being constructed by the CCP. I hope so I don'…