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USAF vet., Love USA, Colts fan, Peyton Manning fan, like golf, and anything Conservative.

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@Grdina @DanCWN @loukasven @GOPSoldiers @chiefbuffalo @Vote4Wallace @gunning999 @subconch @spweber54 @cbbreeze Happy Easter Gayle, thanks#FF Easter PromisesB w/U @DanCWN @loukasven @GOPSoldiers @chiefbuffalo @vote4Wallace @gunning999 @golf1ngnut @subconch @spweber54 @cbbreeze
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U want gr8 Tweeps #FOLLOWTHEBEST @chiefbuffalo @Gunservatively @vote4wallace @gunning999 @golf1ngnut @spweber54 @Wild_Phil @mikekirbyone
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@WHISKEEGYRL @zoomarang @dooleyfree @RareCat @deanmeek @neverturnright @SustEarth @Saffron606 @jeanniemcbride S/O 2 U 2 Lori. TY#FF S/O @zoomarang @dooleyfree @golf1ngnut @RareCat @deanmeek @neverturnright @SustEarth @Saffron606 @jeanniemcbride
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Retweeted by Mike ParkerThanks for the mention! @Sanddragger @TRCreamer @Patriot1059 @golf1ngnut @TomFlowers @DGanteaume @jrstws @dukedukemj @BobG231 @vcortesusmc
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@TracyAChambers @dirigible15fe @jojoaruba52 @okiewoodwalker @BobMacAZ @WWWife @Dont_Mind_Dan @TEXIFICATION Thanks for your kind words Tracy @golf1ngnut Thank you so much for your support! @dirigible15fe @jojoaruba52 @okiewoodwalker @BobMacAZ @WWWife @Dont_Mind_Dan @TEXIFICATION
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@PatDollard Not in this land. They can take that shit elsewhere. @ChrizDDv3 YW Chris. Have a great week! @Dont_Mind_Dan LOL @Dont_Mind_Dan I Don't mind Dan! ;-)#MilitaryMonday @darlenesedor @shakeybrown44 @MasterGuns1313 @bamagirl0117 @diflann @LarryDurham3 @gregjenv @Lawlessbenjamin#MilitaryMonday @NRA2ndAmendment @Good4Hearts @MilliePeko @ItalyRobert @OWLUSA @cupsdaddy @pithypisces @Pmgeezer @yeoman3rd @ThinkArticle5#MilitaryMonday @GregWHoward @doctorbulldog @Tazmanian5 @DanStlMo @Jimglover5 @thebobbypost @jakevet95 @kinsman59 @tjholthaus @GeneMcvay#MilitaryMonday @SaddleBum @jazzetc @Okie_Dokie63 @apache_rider @aleykhat @PoppyMarkSr @mjgranger1 @Charlie194752 @PattilloD#MilitaryMonday @armywifeCindy99 @chrizDDv3 @rkobet @GOPGirlLA @rajsamra2 @Thomasjwhitmore @Earn_It_2012 @Connectionary @Jdeere2003#MilitaryMonday @ChuckNellis @cccharters1 @RodneyHamptonPC @Captrgutz @redpontiac97 @TheToady @JankeSteven @lockdude09#MilitaryMonday @dirigible15fe @jojoaruba52 @TracyAChambers @Okiewoodwalker @BobMacAZ @WWWife @Dont_Mind_Dan @TEXIFICATION @Jlosea#MilitaryMonday @TRCreamer @Sanddragger @Patriot1059 @4divots @TomFlowers @DGanteaume @jrstws @dukedukemj @BobG231 @vcortesusmc#MilitaryMonday @USNChief1 @LTHolsteadUSN @Battleforce3327 @golf1ngnut @10thMtnDivVet @Ken200960 @gunzrunner262 @doncoulter62 #SOT #SOV
Retweeted by Mike Parker#MilitaryMonday @PatDollard @eastrong50 @dochunter @LeftFighter @blackbartohio @justiniiams @presidentdiary @AllenWest @occupycorruptDC#MilitaryMonday @nifty_john @edjohnbus @VOODOOCHOLD1967 @MrLiberty64 @chuckwoolery @loboStruC @p8triat @Conservative_VW#MilitaryMonday @chucksrant @Miller51550 @MEAN_MARINE @cmartel007 @indydon7 @rightwingertoo @h8f8kes @Ldouglas1854 @ATCCCCX @Airborne80#MilitaryMonday @EnergizeVets @RolandBlow @OConnell75thRR @cachick @BillPowers9 @Vmishmash @GoldenEagle @TimHieb#MilitaryMonday @clevemarine @BartBuzz @gdd2010 @TehachapiHomes @evirg @Arkydiva @PatrickTower @RichBusi @Ssgt93 @marklindesr @akstkpkr2 @thatUPSdude What do U mean no judging? Have U never received emails with pics of Wal-Martians? @RichBusi @MinuteMan1776 @jibtrim @ThoseUSAGirls @PolitiGalTX @tessa091201 @krazeejarhead @stavangi1 @DL143 TY Rich, U are a great American#MM __//OO @MinuteMan1776 @jibtrim @ThoseUSAGirls @PolitiGalTX @tessa091201 @krazeejarhead @stavangi1 @DL143 @golf1ngnut
Retweeted by Mike ParkerDon Imus:"At CPAC, does everybody there wear sheets?" If you laugh at that, get the fuck out of my country. Imus, 1 of Murtha's marauders.Don Imus:"At CPAC, does everybody there wear sheets?" If you laugh at that, you are an unpatriotic anti-American jackass.Don Imus:"At CPAC, does everybody there wear sheets?" It's amazing!When U care abt your country nowadays you're a racist.Don Imus:"At CPAC, does everybody there wear sheets?" You think Dr. Carson wears a sheet you dumbass!Don Imus:"At CPAC, does everybody there wear sheets?" No Imus, but you're the guy who guy fired for racist remarks as I recall.
@LeMarquand Now you see how much they want to spend their own money. It's okay to spend all they want of our money. @exposeliberals Probably thinking HARD more than anything :-) @Tom_Francois Same to you Tom. I read you all the time. You make Twitter interesting and fun. Keep up the good work. @Saconi12 @marstraveler @dclondonInc @golf1ngnut @Poet_Carl_Watts @peeped_co we're all in this together and we must win it !!!
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@Tom_Francois You're not being fair now. You are being logical. Crass is better.HEY Obama! How DARE you demand background checks for Law Abiding Americans buying guns! You got elected to HIGHEST OFFICE without one!
Retweeted by Mike Parker @Tom_Francois Crass is good. @Tom_Francois Someone will talk before ol' wide body runs for prez. @Tom_Francois If all white people voted in line with their color, 1st BHO would not B prez, 2nd we would B called racists. @Tom_Francois Why do they call it Planned Parenthood? Once they have murdered the baby, what are they a parent of.Moronic Libs are so concerned about an occasional shooting, when you're up to 55 MILLION aborted BABIES+counting! Barbaric Bastards!
Retweeted by Mike Parker @Tom_Francois Now that's a classic Tom¡snuɐ s,ɐɯɐqo ǝpısuı ɯoɹɟ pǝʍǝıʌ uǝɥʍ pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ǝǝs sןɐɹǝqıן pǝssɐ qɯnp ʍoɥ sı sıɥʇ
Retweeted by Mike Parker No he's not a (D) secret agent. He's telling like it is. (R)s R not principled. CPAC is abt conservatives not (R)s. @matthewdds Thanks for the follow @Ssmfarley777 Conservatism doesn't fail and it hasn't changed either. It is a doctrine of what we know works. No need to experiment. @MichelleFields it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. You are as beautiful inside as u are outside. #CPAC2013
Retweeted by Mike ParkerDiane Feinstein to Sen. Ted Cruz: "Just know I've been here for a long time." Most would say too long. A poster person for term limits. @chuckwoolery HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chuck!BO has been making fun of the effects of Sequester. Isn't this the same guy who was warning us of the serious consequences of Sequester?
2013 I am getting to like this guy, Ted Cruz. Watch video.
@golf1ngnut "Tried" and trying are the key words....
Retweeted by Mike Parker @Dont_Mind_Dan It is my pleasure to give a shout out to those who have defended R Constitution & tried to keep Socialism out of R country.
@Fsmth45Faye TY Faye 4 D RT. @ChrizDDv3 Your welcome Chris. Have a good day. @blkwid713 Thanks for the RT of this one Cherryl.No foreign born student, no civilian, nobody should get govt assistance 4 school before D military does. We owe it to those who have served.#MilitaryMonday @clevemarine @BartBuzz @gdd2010 @TehachapiHomes @evirg @Arkydiva @PatrickTower @RichBusi @SSgt93#MilitaryMonday @chucksrant @Miller51550 @MEAN_MARINE @cmartel007 @indydon7 @rightwingertoo @h8f8kes @Ldouglas1854 @ATCCCCX @Airborne80#MilitaryMonday @nifty_john @edjohnbus @VOODOOCHOLD1967 @MrLiberty64 @chuckwoolery @loboStruC @p8triat @Conservative_VW#MilitaryMonday @PatDollard @eastrong50 @dochunter @LeftFighter @blackbartohio @justiniiams @presidentdiary @AllenWest @occupycorruptDC#MilitaryMonday @EnergizeVets @RolandBlow @OConnell75thRR @cachick @BillPowers9#MilitaryMonday @TRCreamer @Sanddragger @Patriot1059 @4divots @TomFlowers @DGanteaume @jrstws @dukedukemj @BobG231 @vcortesusmc#MilitaryMonday @dirigible15fe @jojoaruba52 @TracyAChambers @Okiewoodwalker @BobMacAZ @WWWife @Dont_Mind_Dan @TEXIFICATION @Jlosea#MilitaryMonday @ChuckNellis @cccharters1 @RodneyHamptonPC @Captrgutz @redpontiac97 @TheToady @JankeSteven @lockdude09#MilitaryMonday @armywifeCindy99 @chrizDDv3 @rkobet @GOPGirlLA @rajsamra2 @Thomasjwhitmore @Earn_It_2012 @Connectionary @Jdeere2003#MilitaryMonday @SaddleBum @jazzetc @Okie_Dokie63 @apache_rider @aleykhat @PoppyMarkSr @mjgranger1 @Charlie194752 @PattilloD#MilitaryMonday @GregWHoward @doctorbulldog @Tazmanian5 @DanStlMo @Jimglover5 @thebobbypost @jakevet95 @kinsman59 @tjholthaus @GeneMcvay#MilitaryMonday @NRA2ndAmendment @Good4Hearts @MilliePeko @ItalyRobert @OWLUSA @cupsdaddy @pithypisces @Pmgeezer @yeoman3rd @ThinkArticle5#MilitaryMonday @darlenesedor @shakeybrown44 @MasterGuns1313 @bamagirl0117 @diflann @LarryDurham3 @gregjenv @Lawlessbenjamin#HonorThem #MilitaryMonday @gregjenv @gizmanjr @gdd2010 @gp026245 @GregCarter1971 @GoldenEagle @golf1ngnut @GospelofJJ @giantman14
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@Bigjohnnyjet27 @Bidenshairplugs And UGLY! And you know, UGLY is to the bone. @Bigjohnnyjet27 @Bidenshairplugs Not just a lot of woman, a lot of NASTY woman. Look up NASTY in the dictionary & U get her picture.