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Caught red-handed. (Photo Credit: @thewriterink: Books to Read If You Love 'Sharp Objects' (via @vulture): said. @SunSoar25 Awesome!!! 🎉Click If You Dare: 100 Favorite Horror Stories (via @NPR): alert! The answer is yes. wreck-a-mendations. Children's Books With Strong Female Characters: @lukecastellsn So early! Well done! 🎉 @likefairytale Hi Alicia. 😊Thanks for the feedback! We've had users both for and against your your 1. and 2. and th…
This is only a slight exaggeration. what we need: a grown-up book tent.'Crazy Rich Asians' Author @kevinkwanbooks Shares His Favorite Books for Social Climbers: 9 Highest-Rated Career Books of 2018, According to Goodreads (via @TheMuse): Rock renewed for season 2 on Hulu (via @EW): take reading very seriously. Up Now: These Big Series All Have Books Coming Out in September:"Oops." New Fantasy Books To Read If You've Never Tried The Genre Before (via @bustle): are a wonderful way of bringing a story to life, but do you consider listening to audiobooks "reading"?… @Hutchins4CD12 Hey Scott! Please feel welcome to email us more information if you'd like us to investigate (support at goodreads dot com). @twinsgirlkenz You should be! Well done! 😎 @HLibraryofLife Hi there! Are you having trouble on a specific page? @punkeymonkey529 Email us at support at goodreads dot com. 😊 @punkeymonkey529 Can you please let us know some examples? @srdevshatwar Hi Shrinivas. Is this on the Android app? This is something we're hoping to improve in a future update? @MrsMann21 Hoorah! Well done!
We've all been there. (Artist Credit: @MaritsaPatrinos) to make your kids love reading—or at least get through their summer reading list (via @qz):… for 'Crazy Rich Asians'? Here are 7 other books coming to the big screen this year (via @DeseretNews):… first lines have captivated you? from Prison: The Books that Inspired a Former Bank Robber:, please. the mood to read about man's best friend? Check out the 'Top 20 Books for Dog Lovers on Goodreads':… can never have too much to read. Check out these '7 Great Books Hitting Shelves Today': @JoseHernandezDz It's our pleasure! @christinacdm Amazing! Well done! @mrsjcroberts Of course! Email us at support at goodreads dot com for further assistance. 😊 @kalanadi We're sorry to hear you're not enjoying the app. We're looking to improve the updates feed in a future re…
The word "bookshelf" can have so many meanings. big: How Neil Gaiman and a team of fantasy writers are expanding The Sandman Universe (via @Polygon):…'s one way to stay cool while doing your summer reading. (Jokulsarlon, Iceland) #GoodreadswithaView (RT… Books Of Letters By Famous Authors That Will Inspire You To Correspond More With The People In Your Life (via… for leg day. Diana Gabaldon on Her Favorite Books and How Outlander Came Into Being (via @ParadeMagazine):… York Book Fans! Submit your questions for author @jennyhan! Comment below and Goodreads may select your questio… Reading for Adults: The Best New Nonfiction: @SandraDanby Hi Sandra. Can you please email us about this at support at goodreads dot com? We'd love to investigate! @KenHamner You're on 🔥! @shushunatural Hi Susan. Please can you email us at support at goodreads dot com. Unfortunately we're unable to hel… you were transported to the setting of the book you're currently reading, where would you be?
Cool Bookish Places: Agatha Christie’s House in Devon, UK're doing great, buddy. Reading Habits Have Changed the Definition of a Classic"Making a bed out of books." #GoodreadswithaView RT @writerahart 15 Most Popular Re-Read Books, According to Goodreads’d definitely talk ferrets with Cathy. @StephSurratt Feel welcome to email us a link to the audiobook's Amazon page – support at goodreads dot com – we'd be happy to add it! @mizlisa19 Unfortunately, we're no longer able to offer auto-sharing to Facebook due to a change on their side – yo… @emcgillivray Hi Erica! This was an issue specific to yesterday's email. Sorry about that. Let us know if it's not back to normal today. @originallyeve 😏 @emdeardo Wow, that's a lot – well done! @GetRichinTexas @facebook @Twitter Unfortunately, we're no longer able to offer auto-sharing to Facebook due to a c… @canphantom Oh dear! Can you please email us about this – support at goodreads dot com – we'd be happy to help. @ashmoo66 Good luck! 😊 @ASPSmith You made it – well done! 😎 @dixondaver Unfortunately this isn't supported on the app just yet – please email us at support at goodreads dot co… only, get titles to help you transition from your beach bag to your book bag. (U.S. Only):… @KeepingTabz_ Wow, which book was your favorite so far? @Mariiesen Hey Marie! Can you please email us (support at goodreads dot com) from the email address you use to sign… @AlastrenClimate Unfortunately not – though we hope to add this functionality in the future! @KylieAbecca Well done! 📚🎉 @AshleyReads88 Hi Ashley! It looks like one of our Experts has replied to your support email – please let us know if that isn't the case! @TrishaPratt99 Hi Trisha! Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, can you please drop us some more informatio… Great Kids Books About Dogs
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