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@booksandladders Woohoo! Look at you 🎉Bill Gates shares his top summer reading picks with the help of some bookish puppies:'ll just be here in our book nest.'The Hate U Give' Adaptation Gets Release Date (via @BookstrOfficial): stuck? Mel Robbins, the bestselling author of the 'The 5-Second Rule' and the Audible original 'Kick Ass' s… symptoms may include sleepless nights and poor concentration. curtains always brighten the view.'s Friday! What will you be reading this weekend?
When @PenguinTeen and @FierceReads combined to bring @Sabaatahir and @tomi_adeyemi together, the Good @GoodReads Ga… @downeymore Congrats-- you're almost halfway there!Sounds about right. to add some liveliness to your long commute? These audiobooks might be just what you need:…’s Five Best Celebrity Memoirs (via @VanityFair):"What you were is forever who you are." —Salman Rushdie #GoodreadswithaView (RT @withclassics) out the 24 All-Time Favorite Book Club Picks on Goodreads:'s good to be prepared. the current book you're reading in three words.Sometimes, you need a moment. @TheBookRat Wow, you're on 🔥! @funangela Hey Angelina! Email us at support (at) goodreads (dot) com with a link to your account – one of our Expe… @ishish @evernote Hey Ish! From the desktop site you can use our "Recommended by" feature. Navigate to the book pag…
Oh to fall asleep, surrounded by books. a free book? There's still time to enter the book giveaway for Ian McEwan's 'On Chesil Beach' (U.S. Only):…"Beauty can break a heart and make it think about something more spiritual than the mindless routine we go through… up on a series! These binge-worthy books have a new installment coming out next month:'Game of Thrones' fans can visit these 21 filming sites in 60 hours while rewatching the entire series (via @ABC):… you could meet any author from any era, who would it be?We love alternate titles. (Artist Credit: Jim Benton) @RacqtheBelle Hoorah! We're so happy you like the site! 😊 @trevorUNC Hi Trevor! That book is #3 in the Maggie Costello series: @booksandbalks Hey Allison! Can you please email us a link to the book, and one to your account – we'll be able to… @IlyaOlegPopov @cstross Please feel welcome to report these users to us at support (at) goodreads (dot) com – we wi… @mrmawnoel If you're having trouble with unsubscribing, please email us at support (at) goodreads (dot) com – we'll be happy to help! @belindaofficial Excellent choice! ❤️
Author Philip Roth, who wrote novels including 'American Pastoral' and 'Portnoy's Complaint,' has died. all the basics. 159th birthday, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! you need more summer reading inspiration, check out the books on Sarah Jessica Parker's shelf on Goodreads:… for a new thriller? D.B. John's 'Star of the North' is now available at a bookstore near you. Check out our… of a wall of books. little Borges by a blue lake. #GoodreadswithaView (RT @empti_mind) @blindmaclover @BladedBlossom @Twitter Thanks for clarifying! We're letting the team know all of this information.You can never have too much to read. Check out the seven buzzy books hitting the shelves today:… 'Anne of Green Gables'? Read these books next (via @RealSimple): @LoveridgeWendy @rakesandrascals @RileyStella Please feel welcome to email us a link to that user profile (support… books are you planning on re-reading this year? @IAmRimmyGill Can you please email us more information about the issue you're experiencing, along with a link to yo… @KirkegaardEmil @gwern Hi Emil! You should be able to click edit next to that book entry, scroll down to the bottom… @texrat Hi Randall! Can you please email support (at) goodreads (dot) com with this information – we'll be able to help further.The heart wants what it wants. @lifeand100books We're sorry to hear that! If you see any more of these, please email us links to those profiles to… @blindcavefish Ugh, how irritating! Can you please try clearing your cookies and cache to see if that helps? Here a… @itsangielee Hi there. Please feel welcome to email us a link to this profile (support at goodreads dot com) – we d… @SinnersFanPage @andrewtshaffer You should definitely buy yourself a congratulatory pizza at the end! 🍕 @LouiseWilson60 Well done! 🎉
Some stories stay with us.'Fahrenheit 451' to 'A Wrinkle in Time:' 13 Banned Books Adapted for the Screen (via @THR):'re not a bookworm—you're a "bookwyrm." love our cuddly reading buddies. #GoodreadswithaView (RT @fre_gillies)'s America's favorite book? Find out on the Great American Read on PBS: #Sponsored by… you were stranded on a desert island and could only read the one book you brought with you, what book would that be?Check out @BillGates' Top Picks for Summer Reading: @FullKitchenSink @Abeeraldayel You can connect the two via your app settings on the desktop site:… @ScottEK22 We're so happy to hear that! 😊 @NMStoryTime This is our kind of mom! 😍 @anihi1ism Broke, but happy! @havenawright But we only like books! Read a book! 😉How about a list of movie tie-ins? No? @RTfromIL Hoorah! We just want to make you happy. ❤️
What stories are affecting you today? Retellings Of Fairy Tales And Classics That You Can Finish In A Single Weekend Literary Quotes That Celebrate Friendship's our motto. Asleep on Handmade Book Pillows While Reading a child, did you visit libraries or bookstores more?We “accidentally” might do the same today. @alurkingcat Hi elly. This was unfortunately due to the character count being exceeded – we're sorry about that. We… @Filmgalinpurple Does this help at all: If not, please email us at support at goodreads dot com for help!Need more binge-worthy reads? Get ebook deals on exciting series starters—today only! (U.S. Only):…