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How was your year in reading? To help you look back, we put together a personalized infographic to showcase YOUR 20… @cybermango Sorry to hear about this situation! Please email us to support (at) goodreads (dot) com so we can look into this. @jaapgrolleman You made it! 😊 🏆 @KatreaderKJK Well done! 😎 @treulashes Congratulations! 😊 @nymphetty Great job! 😊 @jenwcochrane Woohoo! You are a champion amongst mere mortals! 🎉🎉📚 @courtagonist Well done! 📚 🎉
The Handmaid's Tale Was the Most Read Novel of 2017, According to Amazon the book you're currently reading in three words! @lish_yo 😍 @TomZemko Hoorah, go you!New Harry Potter game will allow fans to finally attend Hogwarts Defense of Love Triangles @nataliecparker @chilosa2004 You're on fire! 🔥 @AKoldy On your My Books page on the desktop site, click edit under Shelves and remove the shelf you don't want the book listed on anymore.
The best books for babies’ brains, according to psychological research need more books? If you say so! Interview with the Most Popular Reviewer on Goodreads Cline is writing a sequel to Ready Player One 13"Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story."
Good things come in threes. #shelfiesunday #youngadultbooks #youngadultfantasy've all been there. ( fictional book character would you pick to be your roommate? Reaction Time! Respond with a gif for: TFW someone says you have too many books... @Dg19XXGee Hoorah, you did it! 🎉 @garyhampson Ugh! Feel welcome to flag these requests for our attention – we'd be happy to investigate any spam accounts on the site. @ghanbak We're always open to suggestions! 😊 @NathanNorthcott Thanks for the feedback! Goodreads' revenue comes from advertising, so we experiment with differen…
Reading wreck-a-mendations. ( you have these books, you might be sitting on hidden treasure. (via @Forbes) you were transported to the setting of the book you're currently reading, where would you be? Reaction Time! Respond with a gif for: TFW someone spoils the plot twist for you...
Giving ourselves the royal treatment—TGIF. Books for History Buffs Man Who Invented Christmas​ is opening in more theaters this weekend! Discover the true story of how Charles Di… loved doing this interview for @goodreads...
Retweeted by goodreadsIt's Friday! What will you be reading this weekend?
How to collect a Nobel prize for literature @SusieSteinle Hi Susie! Sorry to hear you're having issues with your linked accounts. Please send us an email to su… go away. can't wait for these adaptations! (via @BookstrOfficial) parody covers are your favorite? (via @bustle)"Reading’s always better at the beach!" #GoodreadswithaView RT @10istweeter' Favorite 2017 Under-the-Radar Books @_Missy13 We're sorry to hear that! If you're seeking help for these feelings, or just need to talk to someone, ple… @askingsonia Hoorah – great job! 😊 @lispylibrarian Whoop whoop! @BackstageBen @WmMorrowBooks @TheAuthorGuy Ha! What did Mrs Peseski know anyway?! 😉 @Geekyjojo Great! We look forward to helping you! 😊 @sarah_ss67 Congratulations! 😎 @YosunErdemli Hoorah! 🎉
Don't be silly. Audiobooks for Star Wars Fans #Sponsored about right. the book you're currently reading in three words! @missmegs102 Maybe we can help. What's going on? @bbp3 This makes us happy. 😊 @thewinterizzy @xtineMAY Oh dear! 😂 Please let us know if this doesn't correct itself. @seademons Thanks for the feedback! We’ve considered many sub-genres of fiction and nonfiction for Choice Awards, i… @KhurramAlavi1 Well done! 😊 @Geekyjojo Sure thing, it sounds like you reached out to our support email? If so, we'll respond there – we'll need… @gambolloch Wow, great job! 😊
THIS is where we'd like to be spending our day. #GoodreadswithaView RT @rossayenny Are Bill Gates' Favorite 5 Books Of 2017 AM ALSO DELIGHTED. Thank you, @goodreads readers!
Retweeted by goodreadsThe Ship of the Dead has won the @goodreads Readers’ Choice Award 2017 for children’s/middle grade fiction! Thanks…
Retweeted by goodreadsThe Winners of the 2017 #GoodreadsChoice Awards Say Thanks! @sirxofcrows That's a lot of books! 😮 @BurdtheWurd We'd be happy to help you access your old account – email us at support (at) goodreads (dot) com! @withsagantomarx You made it! 😊 @CameraCourt Thanks for the suggestions! Which app are you using? @rodriguez545 Wow, that's a lot! 😎 @BAWilsonWrites Surprise!! 🎉 @Author_DLWhite @tashalharrison Feel welcome to email us about this – we'd be happy to take a closer look. @Geekyjojo Someone from our support team will be happy to fix this for you! @ladyvino Well done! Which one was your favorite? @sheriffredleg Well done! 😎 @MegsMcAuley @thehighlowshow Great book! 😉 🐛