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Vedic & Sanskrit scholar & Associate professor. SCSVMV University. (currently deputed at Sri Jayendrasaraswati Ayurveda College Nazarathpet) KANCHEEPURAM. TN

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@GlobalMouthful @Twitter @TwitterIndia On real protectors of democracy? Aren't you all ashamed of bullying a person… @GlobalMouthful @Twitter @TwitterIndia If a nondescript man tweeting on virtualterms is takn seriously & feel offen… @bnrynn @chulbulThurram Needn't meet as we are far away from each other @drsureshpant @reddygvsb I've an alternate reading also: न भूतपूर्वं न कदापि वार्ता हेम्नः कुरङ्गो न कदापि दृष्टः।…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @kjsingh2 @giniromet @patnaikt Who says unarmed? Well armed with vitiated pen to spew venom on Indian beliefs. Witches they are @gsurya Hahahaha. Readying for gunning me? Come on! Swagatham @thirumalraja @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt Every one is born single & has to go back single. None wud acco… @thirumalraja @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt Yes Sir. Nothing is hidden here or manipulated 2 suit 1's ideas… @svkarthi @IncisiveScalpel Present day edu hasn't instilled confidence in d minds of Indians to claim that we inher… @Indopolity 2 have ruled. 3rd is still ruling & still more 2 yrs at hand. So once NM also completes, we can't form an opinion @sanlove07 தவறை தவாறா எனக்கேட்டது தவறு. ஆத்திகர்கள் யோசிக்காத நாத்திகமுண்டா? சார்வாகனையும், ஜாபாலியையும் விட பெரிய… @IncisiveScalpel Yes. True. My modern education hasn't made any change in me but d change u see in me is understand… @bnrynn @chulbulThurram What's problem in identifying them? Obvious characters na? @Indopolity All 3 governed d nation under d granted powers to d PM, by d constitution @PrisonPlanet @Cosmopolitan Trying to create an unavailable mileage out it. Don't ppl identify a person going by hi…'s a method to this madness and maybe awesomely funded too
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanHey @Cosmopolitan - why did you describe this guy as a Muslim when you knew he was a Sikh?
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @haraharasankara काण्डात्काण्डात्प्ररोहन्तीपरुष:परुष:परि।एवानोदूर्वे प्रतनुशतेनसहस्रेण च।याशतेनप्रतनोषिसहस्रेणविरोह… honor the Earth, regard all countries as part of the greater community of the entire planet. Do not separate…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @_Abidi_ @totabola1 @giniromet @patnaikt I'm not a physician Sir, I hold a PhD degree to affix it in front of my name. That's all @chulbulThurram Yes. Violence when needed to establish rule of law is needed & very much justified as we find very… you decide to learn but don't know where to begin, connect with @sudarshanhs to find a good course/teacher close to you. #Sanskrit
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @govikannan @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt Yes sir, I've even seen Thai version of Ramayana where story is q… @rajdifferent @charchir_rang Enters uninvited, speaks a lot w/o being asked 2. Pose faith on unreliable is d one wh… @TwitterIndia @narendramodi better we have our own MSM 2 b real liberals&xchange true emotions whn ppl of our country need thm. #standbySonuWith @myogiadityanath in Lucknow today.Says he will deliver what he promised.No ambitions of becoming PM.Full Inter…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanOut of 71, 60 minors: 32 boys, 28 girls. Bibles recovered. Illegal religious conversion also carried out in large s…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @sardesairajdeep So Sony nigam doesn't matter na? Marriage of convenience u indulge in @govikannan @vsntwiter @zeneraalstuff @vezhamukhan @crazydiode I'm amused by yr approach! If u want 2 learn? B inqu… @govikannan @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt Suggestively pictures are drawn. Had anybody seen them d way they… studying it word by word will make it all the more meaningful. The object of this verse is the bhakt's 'aparādh…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @govikannan @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt They were composed by them & taught by themselves carried over or… @Gopalee67 Sir I m nt well versed in Sanskrit but ths is apt for ppl trllng u अनाहूतः प्रविशति अपृष्टो बहु भाषते। अ…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @vsntwiter @GDhulipati @swami2005 No. Real animals @DigestSas @saileenas Even MKG, d FoN, had accepted it justified tht evn a cow can b killed if it comes attacking u… @govikannan @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt If u say its mythology, don't quote from there. If u want to quot… @saileenas @T_hn_ Despite Brahmins losing power (in fact only Kshatriyas had powers. Not Brahmins) Dalits r said 2… @saileenas @T_hn_ The so called supremacy of Brahmins over dalits ended long long ago. Nowhere brahmins are in powe… @Atmaprajnananda @nparama1951 @vezhamukhan @zeneraalstuff @crazydiode I'm to remain here as long as I'm comfortable… @govikannan @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt S.Those events give space4debate.But I'm happy that Sage Vyasa or… @T_hn_ @saileenas Discrimination if u say. I accept it. It had happened at different times. But saying that we were… @saileenas How u accept peace loving religion(RoP) indulging in bombing children4 no reason&not accepting me while… @totabola1 @giniromet @patnaikt Doesn't matter! Many of d accounts in Twitter are so. I know it. I addressed d issue not d individual.RT #Sonunigam 24 Shall Delete d account in a bit so the messages are conveyed clearly and with Utmost Humility and Good Intent. Thanks Twit…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan#sonunigam just quit Twitter
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan#SonuNigam to quit Twitter in support of #AbhijeetBhattacharya
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt Never anybody told this to Rama when he went to Lanka to kill Ravana. Krishna… @saileenas Many of us r slowly getting radicalized by seeing d actions of radicalized Moslems spoiling d world peac… @NaseerA62916208 @giniromet @patnaikt Sorry! Didn't recollect that stoning is yr culture. Not mine. I can never b f… decides to quit #Twitter and explains why in 24 tweets
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanSushruta Samhita of Ayurveda has world's oldest detailed accounts of surgery, including plastic surgery.
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanஇன்றைக்கு நல்ல நாள்; ஆபரேஷன் வச்சுக்கலாம். குழந்தைக்கு நல்ல நட்சத்திரம். பிரம்மன் கணக்கை பைபாஸ் செய்யும் மனிதக் கணக்கு
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanFrom a humble level of a Chartered Accountant I am elevated by Ms Shabnam Lone into a HINDU TERRORIST!
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanThose who say Hindutva is contrary to true Hinduism are the same journalists who previously have denigrated Hinduism and its gurus.
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @hormndoc @vezhamukhan @blog_supplement Yes. All those 3 mentioned by u r referred here. But its haughtiness indeed…தர்மம் எந்த வடிவில் செய்தாலும் உங்கள் தலையை மட்டுமல்ல தலைமுறையையே காக்கும் சக்தி கொண்டது!!
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @Shalini250402 @sgurumurthy @capt_amarinder Is it so? Surprising. It might b congress ploy to cover lots of lost gr… @srini2506 @Junaid_Mattu Hahaha. I like tweets that I do really like. I also like/RT a few tweets which I don't lik… @svbadri @ranganaathan தமிழ்ட்விட்டர்ல பெரும்பாலும் கழிசடைகள்தான் தேசவிரோதகருத்துக்களையும், நாஸ்திகத்தையும் ப்ரசாரம் பண்ணிக்கிட்ருக்காங்க. @vezhamukhan @zeneraalstuff @crazydiode I sometimes engage these ppl despite getting trolled but 2 find reason with… Krishna : #gopika #krishnaleela #watercolor #krishnafortoday
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanSir @narendramodi its true you cant please everyone but WHY IS IT SO that Hindus are the ones who r forced to compr…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @GDhulipati But mark my words, I prescribed namajapam 4 gen public but karmAnuShThAnam 4all who cud perform dem bes… @kashcit But by any justification I cant accept MKG , fraud forced on us as FoN @kashcit That was d general trend of d society influenced by English centric eductn those says mostly. Evry individ… @kashcit IYI? But going by his writings on liberation of our country from Brits & his kannan& kuil paattu, Tamils t… @mitalisaran @sumanthraman Surprising is not a tweet from mitali but RT by @sumanthraman is.தந்தை என்கிற சூரியனின் வெளிச்சம் நன்றாக கிடைத்துவிட்டால்.. பிள்ளைத் தாவரங்கள் இயல்பாகவே செழித்து வளர்ந்து விடும்.
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanபெரிதாக சட்டை தைத்து வளர வளர போட்டு கொள்ளலாம் என்ற எதிர்கால திட்டமிடலில் மெய் பொருந்தாமல் போகிறது நிகழ்காலம்
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanNation first. Army first. No Compromise. Show your support with #NationLovesIndianArmy
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @WhosTruthAnyway @inquestioner Nationalist ppl shud equally occupy Tamil twitter space. Too such of stinking emanates from there @WhosTruthAnyway @inquestioner TrueThe grandiose boast of the chAlukya queen vijayA~NkA
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan1) Baba Photo ✔ 2) Sanskrit Brand Name ✔ 3) Trash Chemistry ✔ 4) Claim 'Natural' ✔ 5) Add word 'Herbal' ✔ Enough…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @Janu__B @govikannan தலைமேலே கொட்டகையும், தடுப்புச்சுவரும் பாக்கி.தூற்றுபவர்கள்தான் தன் குளத்தை தூர் வார வேண்டிய கட்டாயத்தில் கடவுள் இருக்கிறார்.. வேற யாரும் செய்ய நாதியற்று... உண்…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanதப்புத்தப்பாதமிழ்ல ட்வீட் போடறவங்கள்ளாம் முட்டாளாத்தான் இருப்பாங்களா? எண்ணத்லயும்,எழுத்லயும்,வாய்லயும் நாகரீகமாநடந்துக்கத்தெரியாதா?ஆச்சர்யம் @DrBhava @human24679 @swamilion @nviswam @ssavitri115 Yes sir. Any issues?The actual problem is with Islam. You may continue to blame Wahhabis, Salafis, Barelvis, Sufis, Deobandis or others. #ManchesterArena
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