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Vedic & Sanskrit scholar & Associate professor. SCSVMV University. (currently deputed at Sri Jayendrasaraswati Ayurveda College Nazarathpet) KANCHEEPURAM. TN

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Islam is not programmed to co-exist with other faiths. As a minority it'll play victim, outnumber you, become majority, then subjugate you.
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanHollow condemnation by a man who gave social & religious sanction to stonepelting, militancy & mob violence in…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @vezhamukhan @Atmaprajnananda @GDhulipati @PnNamboo @drsureshpant @reddygvsb षष्टसर्गान्ते? At d end of 6th chapter? @pbhushan1 If 23% Minorities want reservation b extended to converts too then 77% want it to b scrapped. Its democr… sculpture Which is found only in India. The face suits to each body in whichever direction you see!
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @sumanthraman When u HV an option of choosing English, why u bother about Hindi, choose EnglishCan one hug a person who is loaded with bombs and bullets to explode and shoot? Let dialogue deities set an example by hugging terrorists!
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanபணவிஷயத்தில்1பைசாவாகினும் இயக்கத்தில்கணக்குகாண்பிக்காமல் தொட்டதுகூடஇல்லை.ஜெமுதல்என்வரை ஒரேமாதிரியானஅணுகுமுறைதான்.யாரும் குற்றம்சாட்டமுடியாதுதமுமுகவின்ஜவாஹிருல்லா பணம்வாங்கியவிஷயத்தில்ரம்ஜான் முஹூர்த்தம்முடிந்தபிறகு கைதாகட்டும்.ஆனால்73வருடங்களாக பொதுவாழ்விலிருக்கும்ஐயா ராமகோபாலன்Rationalists make fun of our belief in Rahu Kalam or Sacred place. But they begin campaigns on their leader's birthday in their birthplace
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanFirst glimpse of the holy #Amarnath shrine in #Kashmir in 2017 before Yatra begins officially. Thanks to our brave…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan#lovejihad activities continues... It's important to be vigilant
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanமக்களின் போராட்டத்தையும் மீறி அரசு அதிகாரிகளின் #அராஜகம் ஈரோடு மேற்கு மாவட்டம் பவானி அருகில் விநாயகர் சிலை அகற்றம்…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanராமநாதபுரம் இந்து சமய பணியாற்றும் #அஸ்வினை கொல்ல முயற்சி, அவரது தந்தைக்கு வெட்டு, அஸ்வின் வீட்டை சூறையாடியது கும்ப…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanநேற்றைய நிகழ்வு இன்றைய செய்தி... #வெற்றிசெய்தி, ஈரோடு குட்டிபாளையத்தில் விநாயகர் சிலையை ஓப்படைத்ததுஅரசு, ஒன்றுபட்…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanTheni dist #hindumunnani condemns the #sdpi atrocities over Hindu girls
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan31satz
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan#july16 state wide protest in all d dt headQ asking 2 abolish collecting Darshan fee & spl dardhan syst in d tmpls
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanHarvard business review Bible of US says Uber must close down. Here Uber is hero.
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanAbsolutely brilliant! @bibekdebroy Via @livemint
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @Richanjgd @SMukerjee1 That I don't know madam. SorryThe mother of a heart donor,listening to her son's heart beating in the recipient's chest.Nothing in the world coul…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @kanimozhi Kani jee.. Great reply by Mithali Raj to a cricket query...Kindly RT, thanks.. @madhukishwar @Pria12Rao
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanWe worship a stone image as God and it is superstition. When rationalist salutes his flag & gets mad when it is disrespected, it is rational
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @republic @sgurumurthy WhenRussian Navy fires 6 cruise missiles on #ISIS targets in Syria – MoD
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanShowering rain as Putin lays wreath at ceremony marking start of Great Patriotic War
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanOnly Nitish Kumar can manage this - running a coalition govt with Cong & supporting Modi's BJP prez candidate against his ally's nominee
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanIndian village where people speak only in in Sanskrit -
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @Narayanan3 சண்டக்காரன் காலில் விழுவதைவிட சாட்சிக்காரன் காலில்விழுவதே மேலென்று நினைத்திருப்பார். @SMukerjee1 A variety of rice that's harvested in 60 days periodTvameva : #watercolour #krishnafortoday
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanDr. Shyamaprashad Mukherji was killed by the people of Sheikh Abdulla on this day,we request complete probe on his…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @Atmaprajnananda @suresh_jambur 2 different issues.1is documenting details of an individual for 7generations.Anothe… punishment ...please keep our Nation clean #SwachhBharat
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanZamaluddin Ali, Raju Ali, Abdul Rahim 3 cattle lifter along with 19 cow nabbed by villager in Moran/Assam. Bolero p…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanSee the full video, this Skull cap wearing beggar is Phd in time he may enter a Army camp as paralyz…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalanअन्ताराष्ट्रियसङ्गोष्ठी समारब्धा, कुलपतयः भाषमाणाः सन्ति । स्वामिनः @SwSwaroopananda वर्याः, गोपालस्वामिवर्याः,राधा…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanReflections on visiting #ChinmayaUniversity's Kochi campus by @MakrandParanspe. Op-Ed Column in @dna (17 June'17)
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @SushmaSwaraj @narendramodi @MinistryOfEA @Indian_Embassy Thank you very much for creating an oppty to spread the m…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanThere will be an Acharya for every one - in all traditions - Advaita, Dvaita, Vishishtadvaita, Saivam and so on. #Periyava
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan25 ஆண்டுகள் அவர்கள் வருமானத்தில் வாழ்ந்தோம்என்பது மறந்து போகிறது 15 ஆண்டுகள் நம் வருமானத்தில் வாழ்கிறார்கள் என்பது மட்டும் நினைவிலிருக்கிறது
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanPROPHET Zakir NAIK having Iftaar with dreaded terrorist Masood Azhar wanted for multiple terror attacks in India
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan
#Amrtavacanam षष्टिकान् शालिमुद्गान् च इति पदच्छेद:। JAngalam is animals of dry place not of forest as d othr cate… a person has accidental death&he was filing IT retns last 3 yrs then govt is obliged togive10 times av annual income of last3yrs 1/2 RT
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanJune 14th one Jafer Sathik Jasb threatened to kill BJPsey Aswin Kumar in his FB. Now he & his father attacked. TN is den of Muslim terrorism
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanMeira Kumar occupied two bungalows "illegally" in Lutyens. Got govt to waive off 2cr rent. Just the kind of candidate UPA could propose!
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanThis should be challenged in court as unequal treatment of faiths.
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanLet smart thinking and #technology take over!
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanIndia currently #IndvsBan
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanFlipkart was ahead but look at Amazon.....
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanMy interview to Times of India in Rajini. ‘Rajinikanth can be the messiah voters seek’ -- S. Gurumurthy
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanWhere Tectonic Plates Go for a Swim : Image of the Day #NASA. And to think millions of people live here! 😨
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanIf you want to know the mobile number of a SIM and not able to check via calling due to zero balance, this may help:
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanWe celebrate the birthday of a saint and rationlists laugh. But they visit the burial place of their leader before swearing in, in office.
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @PushpeshPant @sammodacharya @PnNamboo शवासनसुखासनौ न तथा मोदकारकौ। यथा पुष्पेशवर्यस्य संस्कृते कलकूजनम्॥ संस्कृ…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanIt is also very shameful and pathetic to study योग in foreign language in Bharatavarsha. Missing even योगश्चित्तवृ…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanArticle no 8 of KAviyam kAttum pAdhai in Deepam of Kalki dated 5.7.17.नान्येन स्पर्धते पुष्पं पुष्पेण प्रतिवेशिना । स्वच्छन्दं केवलं तद्धि विकसत्यात्मतृप्तये ॥
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan.@RajivMessage, .@Swamy39 sir c this video it's from odisha, evangelists hav digested Gayatri mantra @noconversion
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanRead this thread
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanThey were national symbols before freedom. After post independent Congress discarded them as valueless RSS has rest…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanGST will tax Temple activities but not of Mosques & Churches. It also exempts liquor/hard drinks. If not true please inform
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanWhile we have fake news of Bohras in a Mumbai mosque celebrating Pak victory, got these pics of Bohras doing Yog in…
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanShrimatam Camp moves to West Mambalam, Chennai tomorrow ( 22 Jun. 2017 onwards) Pujyashri Acharyas will perform...
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan#Amrtavacanam U might've habituated 2 consume even meat but b choosy of what kind of it will do good 4 you. Yr foo…
@sss_2585 Sankaracharya was accused not convicted whereas Jawahirulla is convictedTo consider&promote English as link language is not 1ly stupid,but also a conspiracy to spread inferiority&inequity
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanTMMK leader jawahirulla is givn time2surrndr till d end of Ramzanmonth in a cheating case whereas a Sankaracharya was arrstd on a diwali dayAnywhere Courts r meant for establishing rule of law but in India it sees religion of d accused 2 implement it either at once or taking timeTN CM Edappadi Pazanichamy announces his party(!) will support BJP's RamNath Govind! #RamNathKovind
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanRelationship of Hanuman with Sri Rama- देहबुद्ध्या तु दासोऽस्मि जीवबुद्ध्या त्वदंशकः। आत्मदृष्ट्या त्वमेवाहं इति मे निश्चिता मतिः ॥
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanTo the article on Samjhauta fabrication is attached complete evidence. See Pak interior ministers statement blast w…
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @sgurumurthy @INCIndia @OfficeOfRG traitors can fall to any level for power, congress is a dangerous cancer India is fighting now
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanVaishnavites hold Ramanuja in such a high esteem, calling him Udaiyavar. Daily pooja & ten-days festivity are done to him in a large scale.
Retweeted by Dr. S. Venugopalan @aatharvanee welcome to the world of TwitterYoga is helping genocide survivors in Rwanda
Retweeted by Dr. S. VenugopalanQuote of the day, from the "Father of modern Yoga".. #YogaDay2017
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