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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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@BlueCornPie @duolingo ? @metsjetstweet sorry, I'm on my honeymoon. @ZacksJerryRig will have your update. @duolingo could you explain the time difference between "yes in future" and "not at the moment"? @MoxziDotCom but seems you're very busy... @MoxziDotCom sorry, but a) what's the error? b) Your written English isn't so hot yourself. PS I spell in British English.
Cannot think of a better cause. Please get well soon and good luck! @RosalieMarshall @techjpr You're very welcome & good luck. Few lovely posts on TechJPR FB group: if you want to joinApple iOS 10.0.2: Should You Upgrade? Another surprise release, with an important fix... #Apple #iOS1002 @RosalieMarshall Hi Rosalie, we've a payment on behalf of @techjpr's fundraising efforts to your page. Our Facebook page has many posts too!A very worth cause, for a very good former journalist... @RosalieMarshall 'My fight against Cancer' via @gofundmeSo THIS is happening ---> @wonky_donky @jackschofield I WCed too. But I'm also now on honeymoon for three weeks - so if I beat you without pl… "Expedited (2 Working Days) delivery" = order Monday. Friday email: "Your order has been dispatched". Saturday I'm on holiday. FAIL @BrettGascoine hah! Yep, wireless without a tether around the back of the ear (like everyone else) is ridiculous. E… @_briancork yep. And Apple WILL NOT stick with the same design for a 4th generation in a row.Thanks! 2017 iPhone should have no home button (built into display), much smaller bezels, wireless charging, poss g… @Groovetemple thanks very much. Greatly appreciated when such a large piece of work!
@whoissuresh I'm sure it's better with the two but, unless they remove it from the final release, it's fine on the beta on my iPhone 7 @giampierod @giampierod sorry, that's not what I called it. @whoissuresh works fine on the 10.1 developer beta on my iPhone 7 @giampierod the title is "Should You Upgrade?"The difference? Many, but the most relevant is that people like you aren't dead or in jail for publicly criticizing…
Retweeted by Gordon KellyDon't be naive. Putin didn't make Russia great again. He made himself & his friends rich, Russians poor, and Russia a despotic pariah state.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @3MonkeysZeno @adamclat astonishing. Yes. Really. @giampierod the clickbait 4500 word review or the clickbait 3000 word iOS 10 guide? @CarlosMCSE not a bad choice, though I'd have waited for the release as 6S prices then fall.Apple iOS 10.1 Release Is An Essential Upgrade - major update news... #Apple #iOS10iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 7 Plus Review: Apple's Brilliant, Failed Smartphones - many steps forward, other steps back...
You want Post-Fact politics, UKIP Brains Douglas Carswell currently disputing laws of gravity with a scientist. Lol
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @ZacksJerryRig Fascinating. Dropped you a DM. @ZacksJerryRig interesting. Esp with Schiller saying "It's sapphire" in a tweet & Apple PR blowing me off today saying won't expand on that! @ZacksJerryRig received video by a jeweller using a Diamond Tester which registers 7 button and lens as diamond. So a poor glass/sapph mix?
Apple Admits iPhone 7 Has A Problem - and the temporary fix is risky... #Apple #iPhone7
@RDR0b11 better have the world's smallest bezels at that price! (I'm only half joking) @plc48 @isaby @julianknight15 100% agree. Campaigns were a disgrace start to finish & filled with lies. 2nd Ref is an absolute necessity. @BrexitCentral @timfarron "defiance" - LOL @samrutherford @tomsguide (2/2) often it's just digital zoom that's used - esp in low light. Here's more info: @samrutherford @tomsguid agree with conclusion, but don't think you fully get how telephoto lens works. It's not for every 2x shot (1/2) @morid1n @iMore thanks, didn't know that. Will go investigate. Great article. @stephenaxlscott that is frustrating, but it is iOS 10 specific not iPhone hardware. @morid1n true. I'm purely a smartphone specialist. Low light isn't quite up to S7 performance (with either lens). But daytime colours better @morid1n should be publishing my review for Forbes later on. It's a rare shortcoming in an otherwise excellent camera(s) for me. @AndreaWBZ I'm sure your home button will be fine. @morid1n @mikeyziel fair enough. I find it greatly limits effectiveness of the telephoto lens in low light & marketing implies OIS on both. @morid1n @mikeyziel shame no OIS in telephoto lens. Seems bizarre decision as needed most there. @AndreaWBZ sorry, don't get it. It's two presses when I try to unlock an iPhone 5, not 3. @ameliarianaa @nisconi well sets out to scratch things? Durability needed for when accidents happen. @AndreaWBZ press 1 wakes screen, press 2 triggers passcode request for me. Press 3? @AndreaWBZ if you want no security (not advised) Settings > Touch ID & Passwords > Turn Passcode Off - pushing home button unlocks phone. @DMeroth @AndreaWBZ @AppleSupport pressing the home button also triggers the passcode to unlock option. Not sure I see the issue. @AndreaWBZ @DMeroth @Forbes I haven't heard anything about touch issues. Email me full details: gordon AT
@chelseakris close! @Scottwilsonecho incredible price paid given his career to date! @MarcSDuffy oh yes. But fascinating to observe the early stages of "He seems fast, powerful, promising..." this time from afar. @MarcSDuffy search for his name on Twitter and performance either loved or hated by Spurs fans. History will record him as a baffling player @spiderm4tt damn our sensible and secure starting 11 picks. Held out hope last week when Sanchez was sub, but no! @MiguelDelaney @Eurosport_UK Android phone, via official Twitter app. V odd behaviour. Got it via web search though - great read. @spiderm4tt had him since GW1 as first sub. Never yet come on! @MiguelDelaney @Eurosport_UK will have to do an online search for it instead. @MiguelDelaney @Eurosport_UK would love to read this, but all it does it redirect me to install the Eurosport app in the Google Play Store! @TomLum1 @msenese you could trigger it before as it was a physical depress, that's gone now. A loss some will feel, others not - as always. @ChaseFailey astonishing how little £200M and a new spine has gone towards that! @metsjetstweet link? @odowd_mike likewise! @gorskon @gorskon "Oh, that" - by which you mean 'the clear explanation'. Sorry, I think we're done. @gorskon if you didn't get to paragraph 2 or notice it is written in italics, then I'm afraid I can't help you - or your attention span. @gorskon it's a column. Regular columns have names. It's explained in every article. But feel free to be self important with your . start @gorskon hi David, didn't we got through this before? It's explained in italics in every article: it's the naming format of these columns. @metsjetstweet but whether its a poor reflective coating or not, it still wrecks the camera lens. @metsjetstweet maybe, but 6S didn't have this problem when tested in identical way by JerryRig last year: @CarlosMCSE gotcha. Jumbling the camera roll itself is the issue one or two are reporting. It has been an issue in past iOS releases. @metsjetstweet my thoughts exactly, hence company contact. Should be *impossible* for sapphire to scratch below 8/9 on Mohs. @CarlosMCSE you also have the jumbled photo roll? Reports seemed limited, but curious if this one is gaining momentum... screenshot? @sbisson very possible. If so, then just unlucky no device of mine got it. Appreciate the heads up! @metsjetstweet @nirave the scratching using Mohs hardness picks is the real smoking gun. Sapphire shouldn't scratch with 6 & 7 picks. @sbisson cheers. None of my devices received anything - all are developer registered. Partial beta? @nirave ditto with cardboard replacing the plastic earphone box.