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Tech contributor for @Forbes and others. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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@_briancork @McCleeryPhotos @vladsavov It's an annual update so, as always, March/April.
iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sales are the stuff of Apple's nightmares. No pressure iPhone X... @yofal Kuo nailed every major detail of the iPhone 8, 8+, X... oh wait and iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, S7, S7 Edg… @McCleeryPhotos @_briancork @vladsavov Hah! If you can afford it, do it :) But the hope is Google will address at l… @boygenius Congratulations on some truly next level trolling 🎣 @toxicpath So why oh why would Apple increase the aperture on the iPhone X's telephoto lens when it's the premium m… @toxicpath I'll stick to the poll thanks. @SKyPuffGM @p_Zilla @vladsavov Just the angle its taken. @yofal Nope. Still wrong. We're all talking about the iPhone X2/iPhone 9/9+ - whatever, they'll be called. This isn't difficult. @toxicpath Especially when the second lens is a crappy low aperture telephoto with no OIS. @toxicpath Yes. Yes, it really can. @backlon @toxicpath My bad, didn't realise you were still tagged. Over and out. @Jersey_Geordie @TaylorandBesty Likewise. What was it? Ryder blocked me years ago for pointing out 5 typos in an article 🤣 @ChrisMc1892 @GeoffShreeves I think his point is when we were breaking world transfer records we expected to be top… @toxicpath @backlon This shows you don't understand how smartphone photography works. I do, it's my job. Preference… @toxicpath @backlon Every phone has pros and cons. Display is a serious con on the 2 XL, but it thrashes the iPhone… @toxicpath @backlon Best you check the poll. You're one of those Apple junkies who retweets everything iPhone posit… @theloop @toxicpath ...and incredible cameras, class leading battery life, charging, speakers, and iPhone matching… @toxicpath @backlon No, it's one of those eyesight things. @Luis_Ar @backlon 😂 I can see why he isn't smiling though when the iPhone just gave him a buzz cut! @queseracrochet No @siluah @vladsavov Yep. Won't help the serious discoloration from wide angles, but it would be enough to stop it ru… the "I'm getting old" department.., a kid saw this and said, "oh, you 3D-printed the 'Save' Icon."
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @yofal When you are just going to admit you were wrong? You assumed I was talking about current gen phones. Own your mistake. @jpohhhh @vladsavov Yep. But it can be improved. Rest of the phone is so great that "good enough" would just about carry the display. @jpohhhh @vladsavov LG makes both. @SKyPuffGM @p_Zilla @vladsavov That's because it's a photo of a display. You know how refresh rates work when photographed, right? @p_Zilla @vladsavov 1. Not my child, 2. Was just in from playing outside in the Finnish winter. He had bright red c… @Hitesh1123 @_briancork @vladsavov It will never be as good as the Samsung displays with software. But it needs to be better than *this*. @thisistechtoday @jbattelle @vladsavov Even Verizon model is sold unlocked. @toxicpath @backlon Focus still off. Hair crop still off. It's not even close.Left: iPhone 8 Plus. Right: Pixel 2
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWhich Portrait Mode looks better?
Retweeted by Gordon KellyOne of these is the iPhone 8 Plus portrait. The other is the Pixel 2 (1/2 poll upcoming)
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @siluah @vladsavov Also my t-shirt is bright orange. @siluah @vladsavov Not when you know the context: just indoors after playing in Finnish winter cold. He had bright red checks. @perlmeister1l PS I'm using Vivid Colours - it's on by default - and it isn't the solution. Not even close. @perlmeister1l Ah. You don't work for Google, which means you aren't using the pre-release 2XL. Nevermind. Well, th… @perlmeister1l 9. otherwise brilliant brilliant phone (Congratulations!). Boy if ever I needed longer tweets! @perlmeister1l 8. 'natural' appearance as well. They don't look anything like the colours I'm seeing on the 2XL. It… @perlmeister1l that could be forgiven if the 2XL didn't look so bad from straight on, dead ahead viewing. iPhones d… @perlmeister1l 6. close to what I'm seeing when I take the photo. There's also banding across the display and serio… @perlmeister1l 5. another display - they will have ruined their shots. At the *very* least a much warmer option mus… @perlmeister1l 4. situation and it will lead to Pixel 2 XL owners over saturating their photos on their phones then… @perlmeister1l 3. Testing the phone, colleagues and friends simply didn't like their photos until I transferred the… @perlmeister1l 2... clearly dislike the look. It's not "natural" - skin colours are not grey naturally. Bright colo…
@perlmeister1l 1. Hi Benjamin and thanks for taking the time to reply. I've had this argument already from Google P… @_briancork @vladsavov 2 XL is the best phone I've used this year by some distance, but Google needs to fix the scr… @yofal The 8/8+ and X are 2017 models because, yes... they were announced in 2017. @yofal What are you talking about? I'm discussing the new models released in 2018. The models which will succeed the iPhone 8/8+ and X. @_briancork @vladsavov It does, but 2 XL goes far too far the other way. @kelo510 @Monkeypack @Google @vladsavov Pixels are the way to go. But only if Google fixes the 2 XL display issue. @kelo510 @Monkeypack @Google @vladsavov I've found Android far more stable than iOS ever since iOS 9. @kelo510 @Monkeypack @Google @vladsavov I never have. Nightly builds is a world of hurt, you're choosing to live in Canary software. @kelo510 @Monkeypack @Google @vladsavov Unstable? You've been following the mess of iOS 11 right? Android Oreo is p… @_briancork @vladsavov Because the camera IS awesome. Don't confuse the photo with the display. Pixel 2 photos look… @kelo510 @Monkeypack @Google Yep. Checkout @vladsavov 's post on this as well.Same image displayed on an iPhone 8 Plus (left) and a Pixel 2 XL (right). Brutal.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMy fuller, more nuanced rant on the Pixel 2 XL screen:
Retweeted by Gordon KellyAh, just as I was saying... @vladsavov Couldn't agree more. Same photo: Pixel XL top, Pixel 2XL bottom. Only hope this can be fixed in softwa… @Monkeypack @kelo510 @Google Pixel 2 XL would walk it if it were not for that display. Praying for a software fix. @kelo510 @Google Posted a photo in another tweet. @kelo510 @Google It's a stunning phone, hopefully display can be fixed with software but it's a real problem. @Google Same photo: Pixel XL top, Pixel 2 XL bottom... Washed out doesn't even begin to address it. @yofal I'm the only one? Go Google it.Pixel 2 XL would be best phone I've ever used, had it not a truly woeful display. Colour correction desperately needed @Google. Review soon.Afraid so. Apple stopped 'signing' iOS 10.3.3 which means you can't downgrade to iOS 10 anymore. @MKBHD Only problem: they're best viewed away from the heavy blue tint of the Pixel 2 XL's display. @yofal Ah, silly defences. If you don't see the premature cancellation of Touch ID as a massive cancellation, we'll… @palmersgreek @danielstorey85 Twitter has never accurately represented anything. If it did Labour would've won by a… @joerainey4 I agree. @DracIsBack Sorry it isn't working for you. For most it is an incredible technology and should work well over 99% of the time. @kasysio64 My thoughts EXACTLY.Apple iOS 11.0.3 is the third rushed iOS 11 bug fix in two weeks. Guess what...
@danielstorey85 So to blame it all on politics seems rash to me. I could've kick a damn about his politics, but I c… @danielstorey85 I'm sure those you heard created a watertight scientific study. But I'm sure you also admit he's a… @danielstorey85 ...poll would find less than 10% know he has a strong political opinion. He's an x-rated tackler wh… @danielstorey85 He's booed because he's a dirty, abusive tit first. He's also been booed by some who disagree with…