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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse.

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@ACrispix @notTHEmikemoore @techjpr we're trying. We're trying 😵 @RE_Mansfield @techjpr haha. We exist to entertain 😎
@ACrispix @techjpr Thanks Andy, you rock :) @dolosthegreat sorry, but I write about gadgets. And I'm not sure you have all the facts to make that judgement... @chesh haha @mikebutcher he's no fan of "a quiet word" 😜 @mikebutcher free to reapply in future and we'll keep an eye on it. @mikebutcher discussed with group admins. @AFHStewart @Ned_Donovan @JamesLiamCook @ProfJeffJarviss 🖖 @Ned_Donovan @JamesLiamCook @ProfJeffJarviss that could work 😂 @ProfJeffJarviss haha! @ProfJeffJarviss I think the language is too vague, everyone would say they aspire to that. But appreciate the ideas. @mikebutcher he doesn't like the group, so he doesn't need to be in it... @ProfJeffJarviss no, it hurts those just starting out in PR and journalism who need a voice as much as us all. @GeordieStory 😂 @ProfJeffJarviss my thoughts exactly. There are worse examples too, but they cannot be shared publicly out of respect to the journalists. @rodolfor that's ok @ProfJeffJarviss this sort of thing. But if you're a tech journalist or PR I'm happy to welcome you to the group @ProfJeffJarviss sorry, it wasn't. He continued it in the group being rude and trolling other members. @ProfJeffJarviss not saying you did. This is about what James was doing yesterday. @JamesLiamCook @Ned_Donovan bye guys. Was fun playing with the crazies. @Ned_Donovan sorry Ned, not your call but thanks. @JamesLiamCook @mikebutcher just keep digging James. @mikebutcher @JamesLiamCook sadly not Mike. Especially given his responses to other members as well. @JamesLiamCook @Ned_Donovan nice try. @JamesLiamCook @Ned_Donovan sorry, this is the fact of the matter. @Ned_Donovan @JamesLiamCook @guardian then he's welcome, but not to collude votes. @JamesLiamCook @Ned_Donovan it's a group for technology journalists. I'm afraid, lovely as he is, David Attenborough wouldn't qualify either @Ned_Donovan @JamesLiamCook is he a technology journalist? That's the requirement to join the group. @Ned_Donovan @JamesLiamCook this is journalism, Ned? @JamesLiamCook what a strange chap you are. @JamesLiamCook yet more evidence of your trolling. You're no victim here. @JamesLiamCook no, because you trolled the poll. Get your facts right before playing victim... @Ned_Donovan support for what? I think you're very confused. @DHS @Ned_Donovan @JamesLiamCook which is actually pretty funny. I made that point yesterday. @JamesLiamCook @Ned_Donovan @DHS "liberal media" - bless. @Ned_Donovan @JamesLiamCook @DHS yep, he's perfectly polite as a member too. @sensiblestu he's being blocked from a technology Facebook group for trolling it, not Forbes. @Ned_Donovan because he trolled the support group Ned. Please don't rant about something where you don't know the facts. Thanks. @JamesLiamCook @Ned_Donovan @DHS sorry, not my call there. But TechJPR is done with you. Quite the human being you are. Milo 2.0 @GazTheJourno no @JamesLiamCook @Ned_Donovan @DHS you're banned from TechJPR not Forbes. More problems with facts? @Ned_Donovan what are you talking about Ned? He's blocked from a private FB group for trolling it yesterday, not "the Internet". @JamesLiamCook @DHS if only your morals were so high. You trolled your own industry's support group, that's why you're banned. Nothing more. @JamesLiamCook @DHS no, you're done. Banned. @JamesLiamCook @DHS I believe it was taught in the same class as manners and peer respect. @JamesLiamCook @DHS seems you have problems with rhetorical questions. @JamesLiamCook @DHS "trolling" would be the polite term. But trolling our industry peers is truly pathetic. @JamesLiamCook @DHS "nasty" is also not the phrase I'd use. Who are you?! @DHS never met @JamesLiamCook, but "mischief" is not how I'd describe it.Banks...!?! "Lloyds to cut 3,000 jobs and 200 branches as profits soar" @youngbobby @Khurtizz an application process has just opened up for all. @Khurtizz @verified indeed. Probably for the best as well. @TaylorandBesty @podbeancom so who do you think will win the Euros? 😋.@verified 😎
@Sally_Adee not mine and other helpers who give their free time to try and manage the group, put on events, etc! @DHS that really didn't help. @JamesLiamCook vote is your choice, but please don't deliberately troll. Hard enough keeping journo and PR conversations civil as it is! @JamesLiamCook wouldn't describe it as "very serious" but we work hard to maintain it, put on events and keep peace. @philiped sorry, it's an editorial decision. But at least I hope this helps give some context. Lot of research done for NS, GSF articles. @philiped ps single quotation marks are style guide for headlines. 'confirms' quotes the source. Best of luck with your site. @FantasyFootyFix no worries, happy to wait for the full fix. Thanks! @philiped message anytime, but please do respect 'Nasty Surprises' and 'Great Secret Features' are columns - that's their format.
@FantasyFootyFix can't login - issues with the new season? @bensprattjourn fair points 👍 Sissoko? 😂 Goalscoring central midfielder would be a nice addition, otherwise getting there. @ChronicleNUFC @EveningChron surely Mitrovic, Gayle and Armstrong enough for this division?! @bensprattjourn @MsiDouglas @NUFC @SUFCRootsHall Richie? Mitrovic? @odowd_mike it's a holding year IMO - may allow the tech many expected in 2016 to be fine tuned for 2017 and 10 yr anniversary. Hopefully! @JayDiddly @lally_oscar @azatthetoon oh yeah, his attitude is shocking. But we want £35M for him as, like Gini, he *can* do it when he wants @oatmeal33 good spot! Thanks. @odowd_mike it's all about 2017 for me. Apple setting huge expectation for it to step up. All about if it can...Free Windows 10 Ends With Major Microsoft Warning - be alert, be VERY alert... #Microsoft #Windows10iPhone 7 Serious Problems Suddenly Make Perfect Sense - this makes everything slot into place... #Apple #iPhone7
@lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon @ehaaramo @AlexPearmain @CMRLee Rudolph in a rye burger is as Finnish as it gets! @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon *waves* @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon that was appropriate. Dear me. @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon yes, yes, you bought Zidane. We're all wrong watching him all season. You and your stats are right 😂😂😂 @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon seems a fair summation to me: @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon I'd prefer tackles, key passes, consistent goals, assists, etc but you keep your miles. @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon I'm a journalist for Forbes. We have a monthly audience of over 45M. Bless your 250 though. @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon *famed for @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon and only 60% of fans wanted to retain him and games for "being anonymous". But you have your "miles" 😂 @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon haha, as if running around in circles not putting in tackles = a great attitude. You're funny. @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon seemed perfectly fit to me. Just lazy and anonymous. Attitude transplant and he'll be amazing for you. @JayDiddly @lally_oscar @azatthetoon all of which distracts from fact you took our laziest player to fit into a gengenpress system. Lol. @JayDiddly @lally_oscar @azatthetoon Huntelaar played in the Prem? Seem to be missing the point again about Dutch players leaving Holland. @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon appreciate you sarcastically destroying your own argument 😉 We'll see on Depay - not a Mourinho player. @otavionathan8 @carolmendes143 should be yes. @JayDiddly @lally_oscar @azatthetoon Promes, Hossam, Farfan, Ruiz, Dzsudzsak, Chivu, etc. Many examples. Alves not alone. @JayDiddly @lally_oscar @azatthetoon and Altidore, Kezman, Babel, De Jong (x2!), Drenthe, Kalou, Kone, Lens, etc. Good & bad. @azatthetoon @JayDiddly @lally_oscar @GWijnaldum yep, like Depay lots of talent and a stinking attitude. Gengenpress will make or break him. @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon personally I'd be more wary of Rafa dropping him for last 10 (crucial) games. When going gets tough... @otavionathan8 @carolmendes143 sorry, you'll need to speak in English. @JayDiddly @lally_oscar @azatthetoon A. Alves - 45 goals in 39 games in Holland before Boro paid £15M in 2008. Dutch league is hit & miss. @lally_oscar @JayDiddly @azatthetoon you realise your just proving my point, right? One off games don't determine quality across a season. @lally_oscar @azatthetoon £67M from you in transfer fees for Carroll, Enrique, Gini. We've warned you about every one & been right so far 😉 @lally_oscar @azatthetoon ...that's not because he was sold. Believe it or not, most fans are happy he has gone, esp at that price! @lally_oscar @azatthetoon but please don't patronise those who watched him all year. Talent without effort is why he's disliked & expendable @lally_oscar @azatthetoon good luck to him, and to you - I quite like LFC. But I hope Gini tries *a lot* harder for you than he did for us.