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Tech contributor for @Forbes and others. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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@fnafilms @LukeEdwardsTele Yep, saw it. @JFlogell @City4Ever_Hull @hollajamesbird @bielbs56 It's fake
Payback. #nufc #safc @ChrisDHWaugh Because he always scores? *reads* Because he always scores.It was always going to be. #SAFC #NUFC @HanoiToon @cedsc @AFCBvB1410 @Squawka And 23 caps for England... Now I feel old.#UnPardewed #WBALIV @FPLStrategist He will? 🤔 @ChrisDHWaugh A 3 month goal drought in Holland, playing for PSV... 🤔Because your day needs this 😎👍 @FPLHints You have 12 playing? Wow. I had 9 before I saw the Liverpool teamsheet... #MagnificentSeven 🙄 @KennethDrangsh1 @FantasyFootyFix 2 of 3 not playing. But you're probably right 🤣 @jacksons_lane @AinoVenna @IlmatilaCie Darn! @fnafilms @CaulkinTheTimes @LukeEdwardsTele @MattHughesTimes @tinhinz88 @OwenJones84 @lewis_goodall Yep, likewise. @CaulkinTheTimes @fnafilms @LukeEdwardsTele @MattHughesTimes @tinhinz88 @OwenJones84 @lewis_goodall My bad, I meant… @fnafilms @LukeEdwardsTele @CaulkinTheTimes @MattHughesTimes @tinhinz88 @OwenJones84 @lewis_goodall Exactly. I'd be… @BlvckInsulin 😎👍 @mdon874 @gudgeonline @madebygoogle @EE @ForbesTech Have you tried Portrait Mode on front or rear cameras yet? Can… @Kantoor I wish I could say yes, but... No! Flip side: I'm guessing your phone works beautifully on iOS 10.3.3 😎… @jacksons_lane @AinoVenna @IlmatilaCie We're in Helsinki for a few months. But curious if they'll come again later in the year? @Stee365 Thanks very much 👍 @SBU_Crash Horses for courses... @FPLEditor 😲 @FPLEditor Jesus here 🤪
Samsung 'Accidentally' Confirms Galaxy Note 9 - this will be an ambitious smartphone...'s New iPhone Cancellations Suddenly Make Sense - this is GREAT news...
@CalledItFPL Happy enough with differentials (got 84 from starting 11) but had 16 on the bench. @FPLHints So sub 1 = goal. Sub 2 = assist. Sub 3 = max bonus. #GlassHalfFull @FPLStrategist Went in with 2. Scored -1! @ffscout_az Flip side: if you hadn't planned you'd have got about 50 points and dropped like a stone... @CalledItFPL Went with single game weekers as differentials (Robertson, Firmino, Salah, Arnautavic). Forgot to hit bench boost 🙄 @CalledItFPL My total score tonight so far is -1! (Long + Simpson) 🤦‍♂️ @FPLHints I only have Long playing tonight. I'm in for a certain type of night...In England we don't really have drive-by shootings (or guns). As you can tell from this absurd headline...🤦‍♂️ they'll sign on to any old shit these days? @outsidewrite Not convinced they nailed it, but it's better than Ronaldo's! @spode Fair point. But yes, a total pisstake 👍 @outsidewrite Lahti - his hometown about an hour from Helsinki. @spode 110% sarcasm. Just to be clear 😉 It's a terrible story and boast.Why I got into journalism 😎 @outsidewrite Superb! They call him "Kuningas" here, which means King. Says it all 😎
@CarlosMCSE @bigchrisholt Reviewers on Forbes (and most places!) suggest he's the worst villain on TV. Read about t… @TheMightySteve @fnafilms @bigchrisholt Which is why I just got out. Did the same thing with Lost. Season 4 was tim… @fnafilms @bigchrisholt Zombieland. The one film everyone who hates zombies will love, guaranteed. @FPL_Heisenberg So that worked. Though he has Smalling!👍 @bigchrisholt @fnafilms Yep. I stopped in the prison when it all got too grim and too silly simultaneously. I can a… @bigchrisholt Quit in season 4 @altankurgun Agreed. I'd prefer a wide angle than a 2x optical zoom. Strange this is overlooked by so many - presum… @FPL_Heisenberg Sounds about right to me! Complex times :) @FPL_Heisenberg I'm second in my mini league. Leader doesn't have Lukaku, I do but we both captained Kane. 3rd plac… @altankurgun Thanks. I use a Pixel 2XL as my daily driver, but fascinating to see what this could do for the S9! @CarlosMCSE This is remarkable @altankurgun Wow! Then it's possible 😀 I don't think it'll catch completely but it would certainly stop it being so… @CarlosMCSE X front camera is decent. Again falls away in low light and isn't a match for the Pixel, but it's defin… @altankurgun Possibly, but look how big the gap is it has to close. Using the poor S8 front module again in the S9… @CarlosMCSE That terrifying! X front camera is far better them S9 though as it uses the old S8 module, which was a… @CarlosMCSE Issue with the S9 is the front camera. It's balls. @CarlosMCSE Full S9, X, Pixel 2 comparison shots in my review here 😉👍 @KryptonSvingar @Forbes Apparently not 👍Samsung Leak Reveals Radical New Galaxy Smartphone - now THIS is the new Galaxy worth waiting for... iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Expensive Decision - why iPhones are getting cheaper AND more expensive...
@truefaith1892 Hatem for talent. But only for talent. @FPLStrategist @akash_mehrotra Agreed. Really hope iOS 12 is a return to the form of iOS 7. @ViaTecnologica Bizarre! No I haven't seen this, of course that could be because those affected no longer have working iPhones!! @_bigbootypapi Answer is in paragraph two of EVERY post. Seems like Samsung doesn't actuall… @ScottWLovesYou Pixel 2 XL ;) @akash_mehrotra Thanks Akash, but that's not an audio fault - that it what is limited to older models. But iOS 11 i…
Always good to set an example 😄🤦‍♂️ of this bit too. If I didn’t have the DVD I’d be beginning to think I dreamt all of 2012.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyLess than six years ago the whole country applauded the Windrush children dressing up as their parents. What the he…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @FPLHints It's not over yet... @BruceMallan @JacobSteinberg have I read a story that made me despair more with each line.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyAlready mentioned that ;) (But it's almost impossible to keep up with them all) iOS 11.3 Has 'Another' Nasty Surprise - this is going to anger a lot of iPhone and iPad owners...