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Tech contributor for @Forbes and others. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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Galaxy S9 Leak Reveals Samsung's Expensive Secret - the one thing you didn't know, you won't like... Leak Reveals Significant iPhone Design Changes - a lot is changing in 2018...
@HanoiToon @NUFCTheMag Ah yes... @HanoiToon @NUFCTheMag I remember reading recently that points with him in the team are higher than with any other…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @ChronicleNUFC And now reality... @ChronicleNUFC @FotMob @ChrisDHWaugh Chris, thought those might've made an appearance in your 'Mitrovic is a sensation on the debu… youngest has had my old phone for a couple of years. Just for games, which I download for her before disconnecti…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@FotMob Thank you! @FotMob @ChrisDHWaugh Wow, yeah that's not great. Particularly for a player whose assets are meant to be heading and strength! @FotMob @ChrisDHWaugh Ah, that's really interesting. Do you know, from your statistics, why Mitrovic was rated the… @ChrisDHWaugh @FotMob Certainly not a bible, but very useful reference point when checking players NUFC get linked with 😎 @ChrisDHWaugh @FotMob Mitro recent seasons @ChrisDHWaugh @FotMob And for Man U @ChrisDHWaugh @FotMob FWIW - NUFC scores Vs Man U as you will have opinions on that game. @ChrisDHWaugh Worst player for them according to fan votes (yep, hardly scientific but it's usually pretty accurate… @Squawka ...and 64 assists @LalitTripathi Hope you got away with it, and your phone is fine! @Hum_Abd I'm pretty sure you didn't read my article before replying. You're repeating what I wrote to me 😉 @eduard_pinos I don't understand your points. 1. Of course Samsung has facial recognition first, it didn't have fac…
@BenDinnery Gotcha. Got on Aguero early so reaped the benefits, but he has an expiry date with Jesus returning! @ScreenjabberStu @sm @sarahcuda 🇫🇮👋 @bencsin iOS. @UnboxTherapy Holy shit Lew @BenDinnery When would you say it poses an FPL risk to Aguerooooooooo? @umesh1306 @LindaAWade @SadiqKhan @ECHist37 @SayNOtoNuisance @kensociety @KCLibDems @michaelbach1 @saveEarlsCourt @Coop_dog 'Confirms' Galaxy S9 Significant New Features - these are the headline changes... Admits iOS 11.2.5 Has A Serious Problem - bad news for your iPhone and iPad...
@tinacha2 I do multiple times. @JohnHil40198365 @trish_regan @FoxNews @LouDobbs @seanhannity PS you right wingers and your fake news. I said nothi… @JohnHil40198365 @trish_regan @FoxNews @LouDobbs @seanhannity The only "free country" in the world whose economy is…
@odowd_mike I hope so. The days of iOS 7 feel a long time ago. At least the fact the company is doing this shows th… @odowd_mike It comes with the territory. Impossible to praise/criticise any company without something thinking you… @Luis_Ar Hopefully it'll be a much needed catch-up. One area Galaxies have been behind for years. @MillManner Exactly. It needs to give users real choices, not simply pretend to. @SentinelZorro Bug reporting means I don't like an OS? Interesting logic. FYI I use both Android and iOS. Pixel 2XL is my preferred option. @odowd_mike Thanks. It really must. It overstepped terribly and now it's just compounding things. @8VITCA Indeed it does. @JohnHil40198365 PS just browsed your Twitter feed 🤦‍♂️ @JohnHil40198365 @trish_regan @FoxNews @LouDobbs @seanhannity I'm sorry for you, if you rate Fox News as a source o… Galaxy S9 Details Expose America's Raw Deal - this is not the Galaxy S9 you are looking for... iOS 11.3 Release Hides A Nasty Surprise - this isn't what Apple promised...
Important moment. Even prominent Leavers now admit 'Project Fear' was accurate.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @CMRLee @ehaaramo Check my reply to Ed Chester on Facebook 👍 @cgartenberg heads up on Pixels wider release. All these prices include tax, which is the common practice everywher… @queseracrochet Wow. iOS 11 is a total mess, isn't it.
A man hits a very large, slow-moving, peaceful creature at close range with a high-powered rifle to help him feel l…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @Charlie_Z Only that it'll be before the end of the month.Samsung Galaxy S9 Exposed In 'Accidental' Carrier Leak - NOT how Samsung would've wanted the Galaxy S9 to be made o…'s iPhone X Has Serious New Problems - expect an emergency iOS 11.2.6 release to fix this...
@bigchrisholt Yep. Simply saying I don't think it was Championship quality. Imagine if Rafa had taken over from Sir Bobby... 😲 @sportingintel Brilliant! Any way to subscribe with a regular podcast app? @bigchrisholt I don't think McClaren's team was that bad. Rafa would've kept them up no problem had he been given m… @Arcos300 @OfficialFPL Ditto + Sterling 👍 @FPLHints Isn't his record incredible over the last 10 matches? 🤷‍♂️ @THeinila AMAZING!! Vital win. Thrilled #NEWMUN
@FPLStrategist @FFScout_Jonty @FPLGeneral Aguero was my captained last week, Salah this week 😅🤦‍♂️ @FPLStrategist Changed to Salah last minute, because obviously I picked Aguero last GW 🤦‍♂️ @FFPundits 48. Salah (c), Firmino and DGD to play. @MattStein1994 @FFPundits Same 🤦‍♂️ @timoddcordal @markdfarnsworth @FFPundits Swapped for Salah as, obviously, I captained Aguero last week 🤦‍♂️ @NeilHall @FFPundits Ditto! @HussainHaji11 @FPLHints I sold Arnautovic for Walcott and swapped captaincy from Aguero to Salah 🤦‍♂️ @FFPundits Well that helped, though switch captaincy last week from Salah to Aguero and this week from Aguero to Salah 😅 @ChrisDHWaugh We aren't going to draw matches to safety. Worst run-in of the teams around us IMO. Dropped points in… @FFPundits Otamendi and DGD in goal as well. @FFPundits Kane, Aguero, Firmino. Salah, Sterling also in MF. You can see where the money went ! @FPLHints @ShaneMalpass Nope. Played v well, just unlucky. @FFPundits Simpson alongside them and a -4 taken to swap Arnautovic for Walcott. Not great so far 🙄 @BCFMO No, they reported lower sales than last year. This despite selling 3 flagships for the first time, one of th… @FFPundits Opposite. Long and Mee... @FFPundits @SwansOfficial Double Burnley defence here alongside Simpson (Leicester) 🤦‍♂️ @ffscout_az If any consolation, I took a -4 to get Walcott in for Arnoutovic and have a double Burnley defence with Simpson (Leicester). @HanoiToon Annnnd 2 goals back now for the Mackems. @BenCrellin Yay. I have a double Burnley defence 🤦‍♂️ @FPL_Heisenberg Yep. Took a -4 last week to get him out for Walcott!