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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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@vmburkhardt I'd call tech support first. 10.3.1 has been withdrawn, so you'd have to go to 10.3.2 now anyway."They want us to turn on our neighbours and it will never happen". Thank you Ian. #manchester
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@iamahmerrehman @VenyaGeskin1 Nothing to do with pressure. It works with body's natural electric current. Google is your friend. @paz0r @Kawa15504309 @VenyaGeskin1 Not how it works. It's based on body's natural electrical current through the fingers. @VenyaGeskin1 Learning, learning all the time 👍 @VenyaGeskin1 Should've made a twitter poll ;) @VenyaGeskin1 And still the name is unknown... @Kawa15504309 @VenyaGeskin1 Other than the finger touching the screen? @VenyaGeskin1 That would lead to a ridiculous number of accidental unlocks. @FightingDoc14 @NotoriousNUFC @NUFC_Index @NUFC 110%. With Shelvey it's all about mental side.The lady is for turning... @NotoriousNUFC @FightingDoc14 @NUFC_Index @NUFC That said I'd argue Shelvey isn't even proven in PL. Struggled at L… @NotoriousNUFC @FightingDoc14 @NUFC_Index @NUFC I'd argue we've got two club's players of the season there. I'd tak… @USASafetyNews That's rough. @VenyaGeskin1 Dual front facing camera under the display now? Hmmmmn.
What I really like about Mr. Trump is how true to his word he always is.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyToday is your LAST chance to register to vote & last chance to complain about the outcome if you don't... #GE2017 @FantasyFixHead Random fact: I only had Sanchez last two GWs but good ones to get him! @FantasyFixHead Thanks. Still wish I had the extra 7M ! @FantasyFixHead Thanks, you will! Btw if mobile site is so much better than app could just repackage site in the ap… @helloIamBesty Fake account* (*but the point still stands!) @FantasyFixHead Thanks and thanks for a great app. Option for it to open app not web browser by default would be ni… @FantasyFixHead @FantasyYIRMA @FPL_Fly @FPLGeneral @FPLHints Crikey your team was worth £7M more than mine! (thoug… is your LAST chance to register to vote + last chance to complain about outcome if you don't vote #GE2017 @markvargas58 @Squawka That's some skill to play both roles! @FPLGeneral 2 of last 3. Almost 3 of last 5 :) someone you know thinking of voting Conservative? RT to help them out #votenhs
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @MsiDouglas Don't insult dead woodI PHOTOSHOPPED SARUMAN INTO TRUMP'S ORB PICTURE AND IT'S NOT EVEN WEIRD
Retweeted by Gordon KellyTory Manifesto.docx Tory Manifesto 2nd Draft.docx Tory Manifesto FINAL.docx Tory Manifesto FINAL FINAL.docx Tory Manifesto FINAL FINAL2.docx
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @NUFC_Index Cairney in a heartbeat. Hopefully Mooy too, but that's it from the Championship. @FightingDoc14 @NUFC_Index @NUFC I'd be very happy with a central midfield selection pool of Shelvey, Hayden, Mooy and Cairney. @NUFC_Index @LRobertOfficial If that's his official account his agent needs shooting!
Why you're going to need to save up for Apple's new iPhone... @FPLHints Ditto. 297 points last two GWs @ihsannistelrooy @GuillemBalague @LaLiga 2nd @FuzzyWarbles @BenDinnery @FantasyFootyFix Yeah, 198 points - mental! But kudos to the guy who won our my mini-leag… @FuzzyWarbles @BenDinnery @FantasyFootyFix Wow, 2 points between us! @neilswmurray Quite incredible. Look how tight the top 6 was! @FuzzyWarbles @BenDinnery @FantasyFootyFix Yep, turns out I was 2nd overall in my mini-league. Thought I'd done it… @FuzzyWarbles @BenDinnery @FantasyFootyFix Seems my screengrab corrupted. Here we go... all v solid seasons for us… @BenDinnery @FuzzyWarbles .@FantasyFootyFix turned out to be a tad optimistic, but still V happy with 18,500 @neilswmurray Done checks (was out and about earlier) - wow what a GW from him (111). Fair play. Did I edge you by one point?! @FuzzyWarbles @BenDinnery Thanks. Maybe-ish. Big last two GWs for me: 297 points combined! @FuzzyWarbles @BenDinnery Hoping this is accurate, would be my best finish to date (just). But think I'm second in… @FuzzyWarbles @BenDinnery Hope this is accurate, would just pip my best finish ever. Though (I think) second in my mini league. @SportsMole Where's the option for Matt Ritchie? @FFScout_Jonty Same. 6 points between to 5 in my mini league today, we all captained Kane! @neilswmurray Yep, had Pedro too. That and Davies had me optimistic. Who did Bibby have? @neilswmurray I thought Davies goal late on might've snatched it for me! @neilswmurray What were his big wins? @neilswmurray Figured we must all be close to 100. @neilswmurray I ignored Liverpool assuming all would hop aboard and it'd be a reverse differential @neilswmurray Didn't do any transfers, couldn't see who to change. Yep, was as good as I could do it. We all went Kane c then? @neilswmurray How did he manage that?! Don't think my GW could've gone better. @FPLStrategist Only moveI could do is Alli for Coutinho. Hmmmmn. @ChronicleNUFC £5m absolute tops. Cairney and Mooy far better bets IMO @DanielEran You're hilarious. @NadiaLlentirb Sheesh. It's been months. The logic in making paying customers wait longer is, well, beyond me... @LordRavenscraft @RDR0b11 Maps is underrated?! @9to5Google @NexusBen Very stable, but heavens above my Pixel XL is slooooooooow now. @jaduino It is stable, but on my Pixel XL dear lord it's slooooooooow.
@googlemaps can you tell me when Maps lists will roll out to GSuite users please? @FFScout_Jonty @FFScout Wow, didn't realise. Shame not to hear a postcast about winner (+interview?) and season awa… @laneystain @OfficialFPL That's playing the numbers - a game in its own right. Bench points are painful, so it's a… @FFScout @FFScout_Jonty Enjoyed it as always, but don't understand why no podcast AFTER final GW? Surely so many st…
Sometimes you just have to admire the utter shamelessness of @BGR ... @OnLeaks Paragraphs 6 and 7 😂😂😂 @OnLeaks And this classic yesterday... @OnLeaks They're masters of stretching out an intro 😉 @Thearvindrana Interesting. Thanks 👍Nothing like a bit of borderline racism from an out of touch presenter on national TV... @FPLGeneral My mini league right now 😲 @OfficialFPL Bad system. Transfers are strategic engagement and should be rewarded not punished. Points on the benc… @ChronicleNUFC Exactly. @Bradley_BKK Got it. Seems 10.3.2 has brought back the problems 10.3.1 solved for many. And only iPhones affected as far as I can see. @1rodneyharrison @haveigotnews Doesn't "shot" cover that? They missed out wrongly imprisoned though... Mandela. @Bradley_BKK But your phone been working since the 30% bug?Apple iOS 10.3.2 is causing serious battery problems for some users...