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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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Apple iOS 10.3 Has A Great Secret Feature - perhaps the biggest reason to upgrade... iOS 10.3 Has A Nasty Surprise - but don't panic... @TheCamelonian yep. Doing a deep dive for several articles. @lbclover2017 my point exactly @VenyaGeskin1 gotcha. As render shows both on display and on the back. @VenyaGeskin1 interesting. Fingerprint sensor on the back, not integrated into the display? @KaushikJay absolutely. I rate movies based on how much they were marketed... see a sinking ship, and one big rat... @VenyaGeskin1 @UniverseIce it's fake
Massive Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus leak reveals TWENTY FIVE new features..., it's 2017. Getting these video clips are so easy. Trump just lies anyway.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyQuestion How many UKIP MPs does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer None. UKIP doesn't have any MPs.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyNow that UKIP has no MPs, can we expect to see & hear less from far-right politicians on mainstream radio & TV? Or will there be no change?
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @VenyaGeskin1 problem when writing about the 2017 iPhone is, unlike previous years, there's no definitive name to use for it. So 8 dominates @VenyaGeskin1 read my take on this? @rquandt brilliant thanks. It's editorial policy to ask šŸ‘ @rquandt amazing work Roland šŸ‘ Are you happy for me to use images on Forbes with full accreditation and source links? @WinFuture hi all, great work on the S8/S8+ information! Are you happy for me to use the images on Forbes with full accreditation & links?
So who is going tell tell him... (Reckless by name) this like when Columbus "discovered" America? Because this was already announced under President Obama.ā€¦
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThe most important thing about today, no matter whatever anyone else says, is that about 24 million people are going to keep their insurance
Retweeted by Gordon KellyRegular people applied pressure that halted the Muslim ban and this healthcare disaster. That's true power. Don't lā€¦
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@ksegall @chrisgrayson @Apple PS think Apple messed up with 'Watch'. iPhone cannot be dropped, neither can iPad. 'Watch' doesn't fit. @ksegall @chrisgrayson @Apple yep, that's my call. There are no numbers in anything Apple has released recently. "Series 2" being closest. @McIntyreUsa @Apple thanks Matt. I agree! @cynthia_merritt @MiguelDelaney that was a long time ago šŸ˜‰iPad 9.7 (2017) Vs iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 2 Vs iPad Mini 4: What's The Difference? Here's my detailed guide... Target! #GalaxyS8 Apple been secretly telling us about the new iPhone all along?
@FoxNews @KTHopkins This gargoyle is talking nonsense. I am in London. No one is cowed, we are not afraid and we stand together.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @favoredl nope šŸ‘ @edjeff @alexhern this is good: @KayBurley @elenacresci I think you should both read this: @katiecole_x @VivaElneny @KayBurley @MalCPD I think this is a pretty good angle on fake news Vs good sentimentā€¢ this story is from Sept., not today ā€“ decontextualized ā€¢ here's what Khan said, in full ā€¢ what the fuck
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@materialdesign welcome to Twitter! Qu: why the mangled Chrome OS taskbar spacing? With Android apps we need more dā€¦ perhaps the first time, I fully agree with Kellyanne Conway...
Apple Suddenly Confirms Three New iPhones - all the details here... @MsiDouglas it's Groundhog Day. Diame: I must improve Match day: he needs a big performance Diame: I must improve @realharrystark @Forbes that way it's everything we know ;)
@realharrystark @Forbes might want to include a link to the big news of a third Pixel this year. I wrote about it yesterday šŸ‘Galaxy S8 Leaks Confirm Final Missing Details - colour and pricing information revealed... New Google Pixel 2 XXL incoming? Looks like it... 8 Biggest Feature Suddenly Makes Sense
@amarshsa @NOWTV no, nothing. NowTV is incompatible with Microsoft's new Edge browser (as well as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera šŸ˜µ)Klopp asked about Guardiola saying this one of his proudest performances. "He is Spanish. They are more emotional than the Germans."
Retweeted by Gordon KellyRoberto Firmino celebrating without looking and then turning around to see Adam Lallana missed. Absolute gold.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyTake Back Cont... oops. Internet needs an official sarcasm font. @honigstein sarcasm font needed! @ShyRobin1 @Squawka @Tony_The_Red I think this signals the end of sensible conversation. @ShyRobin1 @Squawka @Tony_The_Red see second reply. Was clear. @rorymacdonald @NOWTVSport same here. @ShyRobin1 @Squawka @Tony_The_Red and reverse angle clearly showed his foot was locked away from the ball. Clearly. @ShyRobin1 @Squawka @Tony_The_Red nothing to get a grip about. I'm reporting the Sky studio opinion. @NOWTVSport service is down yet again, still relies on Silverlight and doesn't support Chrome, Firefox or 1080p. Nothing to smile about IMO. @ShyRobin1 @Squawka @Tony_The_Red had his heels clipped, Sky said was a red and a pen. Not a Liverpool or City fan btw. @FPLPriceChanges watch closely and Sterling had his foot clipped, Sky says was a pen and red. Fernandinho was a shocker. @d1sable headed that way! @OptaJean @OptaJoe @AS_Monaco_EN that daft nose tape continues to haunt so many players... @FPLStrategist @CalledItFPL besides... @FPLStrategist @CalledItFPL which is absurd @rorymacdonald @NOWTVSport down for me as well yet again. Helpful error message... @NOWTVSport no, that's me every time I try using the Now TV app @FPLStrategist @CalledItFPL wasn't he MOTM though?.@NOWTV doesn't support Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge (Silverlight based so Internet Explorer only) & no 1080p. It's 2017. Appalling. @NOWTV @NOWTVSport and no Edge! Who still uses Silverlight in 2017?!So @NOWTV / @NOWTVSport down *yet again* during a big match & still ONLY supports Internet Explorer - no Chrome, Firefox or Safari in 2017!! @FPLStrategist @CalledItFPL yep and Alli was sensational. FPL bonus is atrocious. Sanchez yesterday...?! @TheDougtor @nowtvhelp @Myerla23 Sky insists on using Silverlight, a Microsoft tech so old even Microsoft binned support in its new browser! @nowtvhelp service down again? During a big game AGAIN?! @NOWTVSport broken AGAIN?! @CalledItFPL depends on bonus. Was a straight pick between Alli and Eriksen. Had the latter all season, so wanted a change. @RealFTF @FPL_Fly @FantasyFootyFix he is on Twitter, just never uses it: @FFScout_Mark @CalledItFPL took him out for a hit for Costa and Alli @FPLHints spoke too soon! @vajahath7 @Forbes yet another buggy one was crippling PC on Friday: PS iOS/Android updates are nagware not forced @vajahath7 @Forbes yes, but you can clearly see opportunity to stop updates is important when Microsoft (regularly) pushes out buggy updates