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@davidinnovember almost like he missed the FOUR GOALS 😂iPhone 7 Leak Reveals New Release Date - Apple fans face a small delay... #Apple #iPhone7
@davidinnovember @NUFC_Index 20 mins ago "they only sing Rafa's name". Full time says NUFC won't go up as fans always get on their back!?! @MsiDouglas Ritchie is so clearly the best (and only Premier League quality) signing the club made this summer. @rossgregory9 likewise. I'd have Perez / Mitro / Armstrong > Gayle; Janmaat > Clarke; Lascelles /Mbemba > Hanley; Darlow / Elliot > Sels @milesstarforth @FrankReidJP so good of us to immediately replace Steven Taylor with... Steven Taylor. @rossgregory9 dreadful signing. As we're Hanley and Gayle. It's like we want to stay in this division! @Squawka from a cross? @ChronicleNUFC @EveningChron No. #savedyouaclick @Squawka about as diverse a list of personalities as you'll see. Star signs, total bollocks. @MarcJobling David Kelly @DavekUmbrella thanks. I'm currently abroad so don't have access to the card (I'd order it for a wedding guest to bring). Can I use order #? @DavekUmbrella I have lost my Davek Mini umbrella, how do I redeem the 50% replacement offer please? I see my order # but not a serial code. @milesstarforth because we're two games and two defeats in, perhaps? @Okwonga just FYI... 😳
@BarryVenison @NUFC_Index you remain my joint favourite Newcastle player. David Kelly is the other, for *that* goal and surname bias 😉 @BarryVenison @NUFC_Index you're missed! Always watched for that leaping header and loved how you reinvented yourself & got Eng recognition. @robupham thanks Rob, it was working earlier. I'll take a look. @NUFC_Index we really could do with him... @NUFC_Index watching @BarryVenison run out at the start of every match and do a jumping header always psyched me up. Legend.TV these days, full of graphic violence... @CarlosMCSE agree 100%. Until there's an emergency brake fitted any bad update can potentially be devastating to millions. @SteveConstance research can hurt to hear it. Will update as soon as I know more from Microsoft. @CarlosMCSE glad to hear it. Obviously for millions it will, the is question how many millions did it fail for?Sorry to hear it. Ongoing dialogue with Microsoft. Would expect an update soon.
Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Has A Serious Problem - are you affected? #Microsoft #Windows10Apple Leaks Reveal iPhone 7 Nasty Surprises - does Apple has tricks up its sleeve? #Apple #iPhone7RIP Dalian Atkinson, scorer of one of the great goals in Premier League history...
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @TaylorandBesty ah no, quinoa is the people's food.Dawg-GONE, literally, had just one job.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @TaylorandBesty assigning food a political class is stupid. Apart from hummus.
@CalledItFPL swapped out Silva last minute. Then again also swapped out Mahrez so I went for Redmond and Vardy. Win some, lose some! @FuzzyWarbles exactly this! @sportingintel Clyne had an assist!If Arsenal score after 84 minutes then come close to equalising but fall short, we've enjoyed their whole Premier League season on one day.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @CalledItFPL and *still* the wrong players! @Akpommed @Arsenal @premierleague #hindsight @assistant_ozil @premierleague @Arsenal #hindsight @CalledItFPL getting there! Just wrong players. @FPLHints so say all of us! @CalledItFPL I think #calledit has to be 1 pick. Naming 10-15 is bound to pay off 😉 But nice one on Theo! @GunnerGrxnit @CalledItFPL #calledit ! @CalledItFPL Part 4? How many tips did you name?! @MarcSDuffy and yet he was brilliant for Sevilla. Thought they'd signed the new Dani Alves at the time. Shame. @FootballRamble they need a small, tricksy, creative midfielder in case Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Iwobi, Cazorla, Ox or Wilshere get injured! @JacobSteinberg spoke too soon! @danielstorey85 was great at Sevilla. Shame what has happened. @HanoiToon @sistoney67 Senior Pro? What's one of those? #CarrStrategy #BuyYoungSellOn @bensprattjourn exactly. It has just been £30M of padding squad with Championship grade players. Knockaert the obvious buy IMO + maybe Ulloa @bensprattjourn some bizarre singing by us. Sels not necessary (esp as 1st choice) and Gayle, Clarke, Hanley for £20M is baffling. @MsiDouglas @Fozzie94 @ChronicleNUFC would like to say horrendous like Thauvin but only 30 mins I saw of him he looked decent. Weird. @CaulkinTheTimes common sense is shockingly rare in football. @HanoiToon @MsiDouglas @NeilRobbo1106 all seems v tough on Darlow to me. Ritchie apart we've replaced heartless talent with talentless heart @bensprattjourn Forestieri the hot tip. He's 5ft 7! @billysubway @mickquinn1089 sorry already thoroughly committed to the job Newcastle are doing (again). @gazatwita @SquawkaNews hasn't won it in last 5 years. @j_wan1 @OfficialFPL it really is terrible. @MiguelDelaney only so he can be subbed after 5 minutes. @HanoiToon "The 52,000 near sellout will not be replicated again until Benítez’s players match the commitment from the stands on the pitch"!
Shorts aren't "pants", but kudos still to @GaryLineker... @DanielJenks89 @guardiannews @Nicola_Slawson he did other than the UK collectively forgetting the difference between pants and shorts. @Ed_DawesBeeb @NUFC_Online £24M on Gayle and Forestieri... Wow. Just. Wow. #facepalm @helloIamBesty heartless talent swapped for talentless heart. @helloIamBesty I live Rafa, but Gayle, Jesus, Hayden, Clark and Hanley are worse than we already have. @FantasyFootyFix Aguero. Showing up as 12 points. @Saldamuz @NUFC_Online and had we scored more goals we would have won. @theAndrew_Beard @NUFC_Index thoroughly depressing. @helloIamBesty yep. Because what we need instead of playing Armstrong is a small, nippy Championship poacher with an attitude problem! @nufc_bryant @NUFC360 @NUFC_Online Ritchie aside all signings are depressingly Championship. Heartless talent swapped for talentless heart. @FantasyFootyFix my GW score is completely wrong in the app. Says 36, I got 42 (official site). Got some bugs? @NUFC_Online Mitro are not, this isn't how NUFC played under Rafa last season. Why is he stooping to Championship's level?! @mcatmull88 @NUFC_Index Mitrovic. It's Premier League standard. Just need better supply. Ritchie & Knockaert would be a great pair on wings. @theinsidernufc @NUFC_Index exactly. But buy Knockaert, not Knoechart - he's only good on paper 😂 @mcatmull88 @NUFC_Index indeed. His profile is exactly what we'd try to sign if we didn't already have him. @robbieelliott3 @mickquinn1089 a dance, a chicken dance. Not a roll 😂 @mcatmull88 @NUFC_Index we have Mitro (big man), Armstrong (small, nippy, scores goals) but we continue to buy fodder. Just play them both! @robbieelliott3 @mickquinn1089 surely it should be *sticks out elbows and chicken dances*? @mcatmull88 @NUFC_Index and I suspect Armstrong is better than both as well. @mcatmull88 @NUFC_Index exactly. No need to spend another £12M on the same won't-do-it-in-the-Premier-League striker. Mitro better than both @LiamMaddison31 @NUFC_Index I'm still v confident about the season. That's nothing to do with thinking Gayle is a waste of space. @BonusFPL @FPLAid @FantasyFootyFix I benched Capoue. But so did everyone! @NUFC_Index @mcatmull88 it's complete duplication. Both don't cut it in the Premier League. Good way to waste £20-25M @NUFC_Index well it makes the signing of Gayle a complete waste of time. As it was always going to be. @shieldsgazette @milesstarforth The Fans #savedyouaclick @robbieelliott3 @mickquinn1089 impressive to get two sayings wrong back-to-back inside 140 characters! @NUFCJS @NUFC_Online agreed. Squad may be revamped but it's now a Championship squad. @NUFCJS @NUFC_Online Ritchie aside, we've replaced heartless talent with talentless heart.What amazing fans. What a sorry team. #NUFC @NUFCJS @NUFC_Online yep. Agree with that. Striker and CB signing so far completely pointless. Other team's dross. @roybirch @bbc606 fanS? He speaks for himself and himself alone! @Dougie_1983 @NUFC_Index Always was. @Dougie_1983 @NUFC_Index Ritchie the sole bright spark. Appears was. @Dougie_1983 @NUFC_Index baffles me why so many suddenly considered Palace, Villa rejects, Blackburn donkey and Wolves loaner good business.Nothing fazes or impresses blue T-shirt guy. Nothing (pic: @epaphotos) #Rio2016
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @James_Dart Newcastle will next season! @BonusFPL @FPLAid @FantasyFootyFix ?! > 20 today is good going today @Fpl_Updates only noobs. TC is for DGWs only. @NUFC WTF?! ANITA!