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Tech contributor for @Forbes and others. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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@PM4EastRen Pathetic. Glad those with a conscious still won without you.
Remember bullies just hate what they see in the mirror and take that out on others.
An especially normal conversation between two very real people
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@SayNoMore33 @OfficialFPL That has been known to affect eyesight, happens to me all the time 😃 @SayNoMore33 @OfficialFPL I'm guessing you have Vardy in your fantasy team? 😉 @ChrisDHWaugh Bit like Diame saying he needs to find form or Perez's weekly pep talk about getting a result in the… @GTperformer1984 @ChrisDHWaugh 🤣 @SayNoMore33 @OfficialFPL Yep, stopped it and Perez tackled him. It's not going to Vardy. @SayNoMore33 @OfficialFPL The one where Okazaki controlled it and Perez kicked into his own net? 🤣 @ChrisDHWaugh Only so many times you can say "NUFC need a positive result in the next game"...#NUFC 125 years in a nutshell... @FPLEditor @FantasyFootyFix Nice. 42 for me with 5 to play. @FPLStrategist Agreed, though I don't play more than 3-4 weeks in advance. For now the double up is flying, inevita… @HanoiToon Not idea why Rafa gave up on what was working? Going to get hammered today. @FPLStrategist I have double Burnley. Just play them both every week! @FPLGeneral I think that's pretty normal. Ward, Kane (c), Abraham for me with 5 to play. @HanoiToon Must be the world's worst trainer!?! @ChrisDHWaugh Aarons must be appalling in training. @MsiDouglas @NewcastleGoals @randallbell It's this really necessary? Worst minute by minute ever 😉 @NUFC360 @ChronicleNUFC Send it has been turned into the worst minute by minute ever... @ChronicleNUFC Why? This is the most desperate minute-by-minute ever...LAST thing that the Many Adolescent Girls Assaulted need is for another accused sexual predator to be given a seat…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @kate_vinton @Forbes @Hackbright Wow, I'm both sad to see you go and happy for you, this amazing news Kate. Thank y…
Merry Christmas Madeira! Madeira. Simply stunning! @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport @missme_melissa @xXSuperJudeXx Cute. Good luck with your (very public) breakdown. I h… @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport @missme_melissa @xXSuperJudeXx Is this your standard reply? I've read it several time… @BarristerSecret Made a couple of alterations for you...
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @dextersdoghouse @freespirited_p @JonMarcStanley @Vman__ @Conservatives No such thing as “British law” - It’s the CJEU, not the ECJ - It’s “judgments”, not “judgements” - Never in the h…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @jeffridder PS Your stance is a bit like a response to a report there was a war where millions died, and you respo… @iamrapaport @missme_melissa @xXSuperJudeXx @MichaelRapaport Judging someone's life based on their number of Twitte… @jeffridder Not weird at all. Be far weirder if 100% of users were affected. Enjoy your good luck. @RichardBentall @BorisJohnson He'll be more like the comedic relief in a Shakespearean tragedy.
Did he also announce the results? Would save everyone a lot of time and effort.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyApple Leak Reveals Massive New iPhone - this is Apple's biggest iPhone yet, and maybe it's cheapest... @theRevanchist1 Yep, it's a long time since "It just works" ran true...Xbox One X Vs Xbox One S: What's The Difference? Christmas is coming, so it's time to learn the differences between…
@theRevanchist1 And the flip side: @LeventBayatli I think it won't be long before we see 11.2.1The Obama effect: “The U.S. economy, heading toward full potential for the past eight years, gets there without a s…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @RobertSuhr @Forbes PS you don't get many iPhone 6 running perfectly these days! Ask around and you'll feel like th… @gabiikena This time it was for a specific restart bug, but other than that it's needless so I don't get it. Often… @cloverka 🤣😂New Galaxy S9 Details Reveal Samsung's New Smartphone - the picture is coming together, and it's impressive... iOS 11.2 Starts Causing Problems - Dear Apple, STOP rushing updates! @sunnyspellsjp @ForbesTech @AppleSupport Yes, I should not report people's real world problems 👍
@taurai03 @AppleSupport Android 8 works a lot better than iOS 11! @RobertSuhr @Forbes Wow, that's hardcore! Usually the last update for an iOS generation is v solid, iOS 10.3.3 for… @McIntyreUsa @AppleSupport Yep, I'm going to write about this as an ongoing issue. Pressure needs to stay on Apple to address this.Actually no, my favourite was the lady who thought the above was a tweet in favour of Trump, and then called me a “…
Retweeted by Gordon KellyHello and thank you to the sudden surge of new American followers. Especially the several hundred who took this twe…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @LaureJames @acjimbo I think @sidlowe may worry about a doggie upstaging! @Radeon962 I don't think that's a valid argument. It's 90% as good for 50% of the price. Citing compromises as a pr… @ReliableLedger iOS 1-6 were great, reliability has got progressively worse with each generation since. @quiksotik I think iOS 11 has so far been garbage. iOS 11.2 didn't even had finished release notes when it was rele…
@Radeon962 Which delivers? 2XL camera? Used it for 5 weeks. Floors the iPhone X. It's not even close. @CarlosMCSE 🤣 @LeventBayatli When even the release notes aren't finished, it's one to avoid! @sharonmagano @gabiikena It might, though this isn't a listed bug fix. It's Russian roulette so depends if you want to take the risk.As a lawyer, I can confirm that I frequently compose tweets confessing to crimes and send them from my clients’ twi…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @Radeon962 It is (2XL is my daily driver) but 5T is the first OnePlus phone that really nails package Vs price ratio. @Radeon962 Ish. I'd say you're getting 90% of a flagship smartphone for 50% of the cost. Everything on this phone p… @Luis_Ar Back is actually my preferred position for a reader. It's really nice (unless you pick the stupid Samsung option! @Radeon962 I fully agree with that. For me it is Pixel all the way - it's Android but stock and updates like an iPh… @CarlosMCSE Yep, though Face ID for many is not! (restart fix not working) @kasysio64 Again! :)New iPhone Leak Reveals Massive Upgrade - this is the smartest move Apple could make... @Luis_Ar While they forget most of us sit somewhere in the middle...Samsung Leak Details Radical New Galaxy S9 - leaks are getting VERY specific now... iOS 11.2 Release: Should You Upgrade? Here's a hint: NO! @Radeon962 You're lucky given the state of iOS 11! @Radeon962 Third party keyboards can't be used in all areas - for example, can make typing a password a real problem. @Luis_Ar Maybe true in the Blair years, but this is the furthest they've been apart in decades - far right vs extreme left.
@Radeon962 So the question becomes: do you care your device has the same version number or do you care it has all t… @Radeon962 That's seeing it in black and white. Almost every part of Android is in the Play Store. Your device coul… can be cruel... @aidilrenz63 @OfficialFPL Goalkeeper only cost you 3.Which is why Android only needs 4-5 version updates each generation. So much of would require a dedicated iOS updat…