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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse.

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@justintime56 give it a try & see how you get on. Be sure to enable notification alerts - you'll be prompted. Phone performance should jump! @brittaoboyle @Pocketlint so I take it back! Still if Apple Watch can be waterproof Fitbit should be able to make basic trackers waterproof! @brittaoboyle @Pocketlint thanks. How odd, I asked about the Alta as it wasn't clear and was told Flex only model recommend for swimming! @brittaoboyle @Pocketlint apologies, missed Alta info. But for me the lack of true waterproofing in all the new models is a bizarre omission @brittaoboyle @Pocketlint Flex is warerproof. I've owned one 2 years and swim 3x a week. Fitbit confirmed to me Flex only model for swimming @justintime56 not at all I'm afraid. Solution in the article, web app is awesome. @brittaoboyle same, and it didn't stop the endless "Are you going to MWC?" phone calls! @brittaoboyle @mattsmith084 @piaobo02 @Pocketlint nice but it misses key stuff. Flex only waterproof Fitbit band, Alta no altameter (irony!) @fulgergeorgedan @TechRepublic I remember that. Very interesting story. Thanks!Twitter was a true prophet... some point, maybe today, the world is going to finally realise Kanye West makes the Emperor's New Clothes look like a puffer jacket...
@gunsmokekitty Yep, it's a shocking state of affairs. I wrote about this here: @twister1955 I'd suggest going to Nvidia and checking for drivers directly. Nvidia has had problems with Windows 10 update previously. @MoizSoftxcess I would never accept payment for an article. You will be contacted with a cease and desist letter from Forbes' legal team.Facebook On iOS And Android Causing Serious Problems - but here's the solution... #Facebook #iOS #AndroidTests Reveal Windows 10 Spying Is Out Of Control - and Microsoft refuses to comment... #Microsoft #Windows10 @SynapticPain it's about profit and control, sadly.
@SynapticPain very welcome. & I'm afraid MS won't say. W10 gives it more control & app store rev, so makes sense for MS... less for users. @Volla1Volland haha, you're funny. Less bile, more turning your life around. @Volla1Volland It's all relative in this conversation. @Volla1Volland My Bachelors or Masters? Nottingham. You?
@fplhints looking like 80 for me and I captained Kane! Faith in Ozil and Lukaku repaid. @fplhints @LCFC Drago would be Real Madrid. Clubber Lang = Munich. @RichTWarms sounds familiar. Only did about 2k last year. This summer let's see... :) @RichTWarms motored version? Still riding much? I haven't done much in the last year. @ChrisDHWaugh @EveningChron team's only dedicated DM. Just needed a passer alongside him. @Chpperk @Forbes and yet the update has now become automatic... @ren_83 @Merica_on_3 @Forbes exactly. @eduble78 @Forbes and even faster to be doing the same to Windows 8! @dhillonz @ImWithThatGirl @Forbes @Microsoft Why do you guess that? Windows user. @Volla1Volland Perfect sense spoken by @BookChat_ @StephenKing. I feel so sorry for you. @taniwhaea @retroDoomer it's all free for those who allow the site to earn a living for the work it produces :) @MoizSoftxcess journalists publish articles and decide the content neutrally. That's all there is to it. @taniwhaea @retroDoomer sorry, it's part of an experiment conducted upon high. Not my call. But I do prefer we're paid for our work :)
@LWJACKSO252 @NUFC_Index 166 goals conceded in 100 games. £80m spent, one defender bought. How could that go wrong?! ;) @indra503 exactly. In fact I think you may have repeated my argument at me ;) @nick43087 definitely useful for gamers, but more about respecting those who have personal reasons in not wanting to upgrade. @DetMaitane @NUFC_Index @Keelo29 seems a relevant statement to my tweet. Thanks for that. @jamiecoop @NUFC_Index end of the season I'd like Eddie Howe @NUFC_Index @Keelo29 hey, you bigged up Thauvin when he arrived and we argued as I said he'd be a disaster ;) Sort of helping your cause! @PalaktheChamP @FPLAvids surely Monreal starts over Daniels?
@willard125 in a nutshell, yes. @Volla1Volland here you go, enjoy: @andreascseh @SCMP_News come on, show some manners. I'll be ignoring "the sky is falling" until after the record breaking quarters end...'Free' Windows 10 Increases Cost To Windows 7 And Windows 8 Users - there's no such thing as a free lunch #Microsoft @andreascseh @SCMP_News than Apple sales being stagnant. @andreascseh @SCMP_News ?? The sales figures are in black and white. Foxconn more likely to be suffering from HTC, Sony, etc sales falling @andreascseh @Kriszti_Bolczek @HuffPostTech I'm not sure what your point is? 74M in 3 mths is a huge number. It's just market saturation. @andreascseh @thenanfang headline points out that's not to do with iPhones. @Volla1Volland needing to make yourself feel good again? You have to address that in there mirror. @andreascseh we'll know once they've shipped 74m if one explodes ;) @andreascseh less about being sold out and more about what supply was available. You can supply one unit then be "sold out" ;) @AlexCastanedo @Forbes my thoughts, exactly! @Volla1Volland good luck with your life!
@gunsmokekitty @Forbes gotcha. It's a hidden folder for the download so most won't see it. The article shows you how to find it. @gunsmokekitty hi Jerry, that started 6 months ago: This week the news was it starting to automatically install. @Volla1Volland both. Good luck finding them. @MoizSoftxcess @Forbes sorry, doesn't work like that. @Volla1Volland I'll do my best to take in your wise words and recover: Remember, self hatred can be fixed. @Volla1Volland bless. So angry at the whole world. I've read about such types. Don't worry, you have my sympathy not my scorn. Good luck. @MikeDubsRadio @CassieDiLaura @Forbes exactly, always free to move. Existing ecosystem investment vs new ecosystem investment decision! @MikeDubsRadio @CassieDiLaura @Forbes that was actually the exact price tag I was thinking! With basic headphones in the box. @ManCalledJody @Forbes hi Jody, explained in the post. A render based on the leaks. @MikeDubsRadio @CassieDiLaura @Forbes there will be (overpriced) adaptors, you can count on it. @Volla1Volland *scans timeline* oooooooh, you're one of THOSE people... sorry, I almost took you seriously. Funny. @Volla1Volland excuse me?
@NUFC_Index players are there. Abysmal manager is the problem. @FFPundits yep... for 5 successive blanks.Newcastle United. The softest of soft touches. #NUFC
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @NUFC_Online but we had to pay £12m on a winger... not towards a LB and CB!?! @TaylorandBesty @GallowgateShots I believe I just mentioned we needed a LB top priority! @KHeneage Cowardly Lion @Scottwilsonecho we bought where we already have decent players and ignored where we start crap players. @TaylorandBesty we bought in positions where we already have decent players and ignored positions where crap players start. @Scottwilsonecho Wow. Just... WOW. @NUFC_Online @vine they needed replacements for the crap LB and CB, not backup to an already good striker. @MarcJobling when it's no longer the talent available it's how they're used... @FPLAvids not phonetically @Otis_271 @LarryLarmeu @Forbes this is well worth 30 minutes of your time: @rodtrent @RealDarrenCohen @zapellat @sunrise sure, sure. @rodtrent @RealDarrenCohen @zapellat @sunrise it's poor communication, not a national disaster. App descriptions should be updated. Simple. @RealDarrenCohen @rodtrent @zapellat @sunrise one blog post is not good enough to justify leaving apps in limbo: @RealDarrenCohen @rodtrent @zapellat @sunrise indeed. I didn't know! Profile page bio unclear, nothing on apps' pages suggesting ended. @rodtrent @RealDarrenCohen @zapellat @sunrise no. Really, no they don't. They think: why isn't my app updating --> complain. @KMcDermottFTech yep, but more than once a year customers would never feel secure upgrading :) The eternal dilemma! @KMcDermottFTech September 2017. So a while to go yet. Potentially a 4-inch (relatively) budget model coming this month. @Otis_271 @LarryLarmeu @Forbes ...privacy settings as there's a lot of data collection switched on. Those would be the first ports of call. @Otis_271 @LarryLarmeu @Forbes Windows 10? Give it a day to settle down (it downloads a lot of background updates), also change the default @MoizSoftxcess excuse me? @RealDarrenCohen @rodtrent @zapellat @sunrise cute :) Putting it where users will actually see it is what matters. Hence this discussion. @rodtrent @zapellat @SwiftKey @sunrise not really. There's no notice of on any product, app or social media page & user review complaints. @rodtrent @zapellat @SwiftKey @sunrise reading is easier when written on the actual products, not a press release. Clearly. It still isn't.iPhone 7 Leak Reveals Significant Design Changes - these will be popular... #Apple #iPhone7 @zapellat @rodtrent @SwiftKey @sunrise "we asked our new friends from Sunrise for some help" - hardly "Goodbye Sunrise" - nothing formal. @spode True, but two clicks, for a faster phone and 20% more battery life works for me. @zapellat @SwiftKey @sunrise no official word on it. Just stagnates. @spode yep, you get same notifications. Uninstall FB+M, go to Facebook in the browser, 'Add to Home screen' - allow notifications pop-up. @spode makes a very big difference to both performance and battery life on my Nexus 6P! @spode first thing you should do with any Windows computer is format it and clean install. Too much bloat. @spode ah, thought you meant a phone. Yep, standalone uninstalls is a ridiculous ongoing restriction.
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