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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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@morid1n @atpfm I do believe you've set a new high bar for #FirstWorldProblems @RDR0b11 of course, it's the apocalypse. Didn't watch TV today? 🤓Oops really really won't... good news is it has a happy ending... @GeordieFidd @NUFC_Index @EFL @OfficialBHAFC have and last?
@GeordieFidd @NUFC_Index @EFL @OfficialBHAFC which Brighton players would get in our team? I see Knockaert, no others. @NewcastleGoals Knockaert... should've bid silly money last summer. Excellent player + would've greatly weakened them. @GeordieFidd @NUFC_Index @EFL @OfficialBHAFC so far they have the best record, but best individuals? Knockaert aside, no chance! @NUFC_Index was worth silly money to get Knockaert last summer, great player but also would've damaged biggest rival. @MsiDouglas he was the one that got away. Was worth silly money last summer as also hurt our biggest rival. @FPLHints Everyone would just just pick Suarez or Ronaldo - be even more template. @mikesanz19 @Iwantcurlyhair2 unfortunately look again...Because today needs this: @ChrisEriksen8 was born in MiddelfartWe have fact-checked Donald Trump 348 times. More than half rate False or Pants on Fire.
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Retweeted by Gordon Kelly"This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off ..."
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @RMac18 👍 yourself on the language of fascists... @FPLUpdates_Tips @HullCity not really my type @jmcomms it either goes that way, or this... @teroterotero @Jezebel we'll need Anne and most of Marvel and DC at this rate. @teroterotero't be naive, learn the language of fascists... @HankAllenWX sorry, that British sense of irony is rough in text. Yes, not you 😉Btw, if you are still paying attention to Trump's promises & whether he keeps them, you are missing the point entirely. Always new promises.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyA speech based on Trump's campaign formula of division, despair & promises he has no intention of keeping. Disaster if he governs this way.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyHow you spot a Trump voter... @_JayMcgregor he doesn't need to plot against someone so hell bent on self destruction.Oops @_JayMcgregor he knows how often the sound bites he's hearing will be played at Trump again and again... @DrDavidDuke *slow hand clap* Sincerely, Rest of the World @sbisson @holly but would've felt shorterTrump aready being selfless... anyone's Dry January can survive this then I salute you
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWhere's the birth certificate? don't want to hear one word about the massive crowds today. Not one. #InaugurationDay #Inauguration
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThis Planet of the Apes prequel is terrible.
Retweeted by Gordon KellyI'm ready with my tick boxes... / After Hail The New World Order doing it well... @callum90ish this is probably my fault as well 😂The internet: A communication medium largely dependent on text, used by hundreds of millions of people who obviously hate reading.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @Luceobrien see Dr Strange, swap in Kick Ass, Deadpool, Nolan's Batman, Whedon's first Avengers. Then it's correct 👍 @vulcan33 actually not at all. @callum90ish @smartass1379 and bad Edge advertising in FF now as well as Chrome. Definitely my fault 😂😂😂😂 @callum90ish @smartass1379 @Forbes it's advertising... it's bad... you don't know if it can't be disabled... evil Gordon 😂😂😂😂😂 @callum90ish @Forbes "passionate WindowsInsider" - I do value the perspective of neutrals 😂 @Mujtabashafiq22 @OfficialFPL yep @180rae I'd wait. 7+ is iterative. 2017 will be a made reinvention of the range. @SLambrechts @VenyaGeskin1 NP. Point was your story is written based on a deliberate fake to show how leak images are faked. V meta! @SLambrechts @VenyaGeskin1 both BEFORE and AFTER shots in my post showing how it was faked on purpose. Still feeling smug? @SLambrechts @VenyaGeskin1 I'll spell it out: NOTHING to do with accreditation. @SLambrechts @VenyaGeskin1 you're missing the point. He created it as a deliberate fake for my post. Did you even read it before being curt? @180rae yep, though we don't know what it'll be called just yet. @blkhks @Forbes yup @SLambrechts your story: is based on a render done as a test by my buddy @VenyaGeskin1 ;)Massive Windows 10 Update Has A Nasty Surprise - there's no such thing as a free lunch... Confirms Galaxy S8 As Biggest Change Leaks - is this 2017's most exciting smartphone?
@woodyleonhard nice. Will take a look. @realharrystark already introduced monthly payments for businesses last year. I'm sure that's the long term model. @woodyleonhard let me know what you find. I'm expecting 'toned down but still irresponsible' ! @woodyleonhard how's your German? Native speaker I know is away atm. Don't trust Google Translate for professional work.Not pulled just moved here: But why?! To break journalist's source links? @woodyleonhard @infoworld not pulled, just moved: (to break source links in critical articles?) @woodyleonhard hey Woody, MS didn't remove the article just moved it to a new URL: (to break journalist links?) @TerciusBufete MS has now pulled the article, without explanation. Draw your own conclusions... @simonjgarrett @RobFlelloMP @NuclearJelly @trevkj @inthepastpresen @pcjwss @citycyclists we did. Hence our incredulity. @un7defeated yeah, that's my view as well. @siward77 that's an iTunes reset/refresh. 30% Bug doesn't fix through that (many tried) so you had something similar but not it. Luckily!
@bensprattjourn and we wonder why kids don't come through...they always get hammered. @TheMKATLBrand no, but based on the number of betas I'd say next week or two. @ChrisDHWaugh and yet ultimately... @mhardysport let me guess: "It wasn't pretty / a classic, but..." @ChrisDHWaugh let me guess: "It wasn't pretty / a classic, but..." @lee_ryder let me guess: "It wasn't pretty / a classic, but..."