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Tech contributor for @Forbes and others. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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Samsung has made a subtle change to the Galaxy Note 9 which makes a big difference...'s most exciting new iPhone has an unavoidable design flaw... @CarlosMCSE @UniverseIce Yep, it's excellent. Not the very very best, but still very very good. @Fredrickmaima7 @Squawka @smarkets Not really European, either way!Let's try this again with logic: 1. Trump/associates did nothing wrong, so the investigation must continue to clea… @FPLGeneral Hope you didn't 😲"I HATE children being taken away... the DEMOCRATS have to change THEIR LAW, that's their law" - Donald Trump "Mak…
Retweeted by Gordon KellyCan we all please apply this behaviour to cinemas as well... @LetsTalk_FPL @FPLVinnie Gotcha. What you should look for is who has the lowest frequency 4G as low frequencies tra… @LetsTalk_FPL @FPLVinnie Gah. Tried any other providers? Three, EE, etc. Also Satellite Broadband? That's usually s… @UniverseIce Nice. Though still blowing out highlights. Pixel 2 remains king of dynamic range. @LetsTalk_FPL @FPLVinnie I think that's actually better than the normal HomeFi one (B315). Damn! @LetsTalk_FPL @FPLVinnie You have the 3 MiFi? If so, I'd check out the 3 HomeFi instead as it has much stronger ant…
@avij27 We all are. That way it doesn't cost us our homes when we get hurt or sick. @mucbombs @JimWhite @HKane @NewsUK @LetsTalk_FPL @FPLVinnie Probably doesn't help hearing that I'm in Finland with one gigabit (1000Mbit) broadband fo… @muhammadbutt @RedNBlueArmy1 @Squawka Not loading @IntdznrHeatherB iPhone X Plus should be September 👍 @Luis_Ar @KellyCates Exactly @avij27 60% income tax? 😂🤣 Try 20% basic rate up to £45,000 ($60k) with first £12k tax free. That's £9k tax. If… @avij27 You really really don't. It's the same doctors and surgeons in both sectors, you just see them faster with… @WMHanlon @tgriff716 @KellyCates @billboard Ah, now I see what you're saying. Don't think I undersold it. I said it… @avij27 I'm pretty sure at this point you'd argue the opposite to anything I say at this point. You're Trump to my… @MilenYanachkov I'm sure they will! In short, I think it's too much to cram into such a small chassis, but it would have been brilliant.Impressive Belgium line-up ...and Derek. #WorldCup after me... I'm from Germany. Crime rate in Germany as low as 1992 (which is good). People of Germany are not turning again…
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@avij27 You're saying you want to pay for your healthcare? This is hilarious. @avij27 You found one article where the quality of the FREE healthcare is questioned - this is beyond sad. We have… @Luis_Ar @KellyCates Yep. That's not 'success' by how I define it. @mexisme @tgriff716 @KellyCates Yep! @WMHanlon @tgriff716 @KellyCates @billboard PS I'm amazing it got that high in the US! @WMHanlon @tgriff716 @KellyCates @billboard You see I said "UK", right? :) @avij27 You seem very confused. @kamalkylaureano Should be S9 camera on the back, something new on the front 🤞 @kamalkylaureano HAH!Samsung's plans for an industry-leading feature of the Galaxy Note 9 have changed... hopes for the iPhone X Mini of your dreams have gone...
@helloIamBesty @TaylorandBesty Agreed. Bloody good so far, now let's watch England sodding ruin it! @TaylorandBesty @helloIamBesty But makes for terrible knock-out stages if the underdogs win! @tgriff716 @KellyCates Cult classic football anthem in the UK 🍻 @avij27 So many factual errors in this I wonder if you even know what Wikipedia is. Imperial countries worldwide… Internet, this --->
And not necessarily for the better... @tgriff716 @KellyCates 😉 @avij27 Actually, that's exactly what it is. As is universal health care. @rajneilkamath SureGet metric then we'll talk. @cynthia_merritt Really pleased to hear that Cynthia! As I say in the article, the problem needs to be reported but… @Cassiedog You want them? Same reason millions die every day, but it isn't you. Odds. @rajneilkamath Thanks, that ties in with my analysis. So was Apple specifically acknowledging the issue? @kasysio64 Hi there, I think it is. I discuss this in the article as the battery issue is quite specific. 11.4 is a… most successful people I've met 1. Drink a whisky drink 2. Drink a vodka drink 3. Drink a lager drink 4. Drink…
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Samsung's Radical New Galaxy Smartphone Costs $2,000 - but it might be worth it... iOS 11.4 Has A Nasty Surprise - but you should still upgrade... @OnLeaks How big are the bezels on the Pixel 2 and 2XL? @avij27 Europe, dark age? That's hilarious. When you get metric, call us. @wlauderb Pleasure. I'm seeing some reports of battery life problems, which I may cover, but I haven't experienced… @carbonize @PhoneDesigner Ah, you're one of *those* people. Cyah! @kamalkylaureano I know 🤦‍♂️ @avij27 You think, as a tech reporter for the last 18 years I haven't been to San Francisco? 🤣 You should come to…
Google Accidentally 'Confirms' Pixel 3 Features - thanks (again) Google! @carbonize @PhoneDesigner 1. If the bezel is that small, it defeats nothing. 2. It will have both, they will be ve… @wlauderb Let me know how it goes! Nothing can be guaranteed 100%, but this seems to be the best odds I've seen in a long time. @wlauderb Yep 👍 @carbonize @PhoneDesigner Hint: because it won't have a notch and it will have a bottom bezel. @BBUKMIKE Me too!
Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is going to be *massive* in just about every way... has by far the biggest consequence of all Apple's planned iPhone upgrades... @ChaossCorp @UlurooSpeaks Absolutely. I don't mind a report being wrong - I'm far from perfect and we are only as g… @ChaossCorp @UlurooSpeaks I'll pass that onto him. Gordon thinks... 🤣😂 Right, must go. Take care 👍 @ChaossCorp @UlurooSpeaks Haha. Well, hopefully they did make for good reads. A lot of work goes in to analysis and… @ChaossCorp @UlurooSpeaks Well if 1 in, say, 1,000 people is 🤪 and articles are read over 100,000 times (several mi… @ChaossCorp Nope. The mute button is a wonderful thing! @ChaossCorp @UlurooSpeaks Count to ten... Type. Sometimes count to 100 😁These new Dad's Army stamps, following in the wake of the failed campaign for a Brexit stamp, feels like some top n…
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @ChaossCorp @UlurooSpeaks I think I need to follow your lead 👍 @ChaossCorp @UlurooSpeaks Thanks 👍 He's not very good with perspective! I did try logic, but eventually had to m… @westoncatron And you're welcome for the exclusive schematics.