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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. Married to a beautiful Finn.

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@PennyRed doesn't bother me at all. Liberal and proud. Love your articles, but that's a ridiculous generalisation.
@TapInGuide @FPLHints @hailcheaters and even better now! @BritanniaKen hi guys, been emailing and calling you for 4 days without reply/answer to confirm a food order for my event. What's going on? @FPLHints helps me feel better for selling him last week!! @TapInGuide @FPLHints @hailcheaters I sold him last week. Makes me feel better after that brace! @BernardTurnerft yep, you've got the problem. Apple repeatedly insists it's the iPhone 6S only - which is evidently nonsense.
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Retweeted by Gordon KellyChina Warns iPhones Have A Serious Problem - Trump reacting on Twitter in 3, 2, 1... #batterygate @kesslerio yes, but inversely: the bigger the players involved the faster it reduces the participation of many smaller ones. @mbyasana @faisalislam "just London" @kesslerio and it looks like Google will jump in. Like phones: only a serious playground for the big three: Apple, Google, Samsung...?President Sharif: thank you young man, now if you could please put your father on... Wait. WHAT? stop, refrigerate and listen
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWhere'd you get your PhD? Trump University?
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@MayaBenson exactly. Final code always has tweaks and betas aren't widely tested on devices. Only true test is 24/48 hrs post release. 👍 @wonky_donky @techjpr I'm taking that, in standard football fashion, as a 5-0 victory to me this season 😎 @MayaBenson *your (!) @MayaBenson PS but you're wait and see sign off is sensible 👍🏻 @MayaBenson thanks, though I'd personally argue it is risky to publish upgrade guides based on what is not final software. Sorry. @CMRLee @wonky_donky amazing. And yet I should've predicted that - you're normally only up to 6 months removed from any country on earth! @CMRLee @wonky_donky I KNEW you'd know about Croatian football 😝 @wonky_donky @techjpr he has long been the ultimate football hipster. @CMRLee Croatian football the next hot bed? So over the Bundesligua? 😉 @wonky_donky @techjpr oh dear. The shame! It's not all about the winning, but the community spirit. Our first quitter in 5 years! 😮😨😲😱😵🤧
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @Iwantcurlyhair2 @Keithr10 @LukeEdwardsTele Shot was from distance and close to him. Was a woeful parry. @Keithr10 @LukeEdwardsTele @Iwantcurlyhair2 true, but what's the point of having a last line of defence if it isn't a last line of defence?Massive Apple Leaks Reveal Radical New iPhone - the biggest iPhone changes in years...
@Keithr10 @LukeEdwardsTele @Iwantcurlyhair2 it was a terrible parry. @mickquinn1089 JINX!! @fuckmuir thanks. Learnt this about a week after posting @LaidbackBax @TheOptimisticG @89Grant oh you lucky lucky people.
@TheOptimisticG @LaidbackBax @89Grant likewise. @Starman892 is making me stupider with every sentence. He'll be pro… @RobertpHaslam @LifeAtOpen Thanks Rob, followed them. @Starman892 @89Grant @TheOptimisticG just factual. Plus, if you didn't get optimistic following his Chelsea debut you'd be a moron.We are getting attacked for participating in a recount that we didn't ask for by the man who won election but thinks there was massive fraud
Retweeted by Gordon KellyHard to argue against an audit/recount if the president-elect asserts, without any evidence, that were millions of illegal votes
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @Starman892 @89Grant @TheOptimisticG from day one? Before he had played a game? You deserved the roasting!For #NUFC fans this was entirely expected... @CowboyBillTN @Forbes exactly. Golden rule is: Only buy what you really want at a price you're happy to pay. Then don't compare prices laterBest 'Cyber Monday' 2016 Deals: Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Target And Walmart - the best of the best... #CyberMonday
@davidpkfishman @realDonaldTrump evidence? To expect evidence behind a Trump claim is to thoroughly overestimate this fascist.Illegal voting? Then he should WELCOME the recounts... 'Cyber Monday' 2016 Deals: How Good Are They? Wow MASSIVELY disappointing... #CyberMonday @matejp23 he needs to! @kalburgivinodh if it's over 90 degrees then I'd suggest going to an Apple store. But iPhones can get very hot and be normal.Target 'Cyber Monday' 2016 Deals: How Good Are They? Ranked from best to worst... @kalburgivinodh that's where the CPU and GPU are. Normal unless you can't hold it. @matejp23 was looking at future fixtures. Frustrating. Was circa 30k. Now looking at 100-150k. @matejp23 so selling Aguero and Sanchez for Kane and Coutinho worked out well for me...😵😵😵 @FPLHints no Alexis, no Aguero. My transfers this week were insane (Kane and Coutinho!)Best Buy 'Cyber Monday' 2016 Deals: How Good Are They? Ranked from best to worst... #CyberMonday
Walmart 'Cyber Monday' 2016 Deals: How Good Are They? I've ranked them from best to worst for @Forbes... @FPLHints I thought Newcastle fans were deluded for saying he was awful and hounding him out? ;) @FPLHints captained Firmino, sold Aguero, bought Coutinho #FAIL @Iwantcurlyhair2 called it @MsiDouglas part Heskey, part Duncan Ferguson... never known which one you'll get. @SquawkaNews @Squawka *that* hair - @TaylorandBesty @CalledItFPL my bench! @FPLGeneral started mine this GW! (and sold Aguero to fund it 😵) @matejp23 going to take a lot for my selling of Aguero and bringing in of Coutinho to come off now! (Firmino captain...) @ChronicleNUFC Gamez #SavedYouAClickCompare and contrast: President and President-Elect.
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly @KevinLidman @NUFC_Index yeah, I'll join you in that bet! @FFPundits just brought him in, getting the funds by selling Aguero for Kane! @FuzzyWarbles I brought in Kane and Coutinho for Aguero and Siggy, if it makes you feel any better...!Amazon 'Cyber Monday' 2016 Deals: How Good Are They? Ranked from best to worst... #CyberMonday
Something I wrote while visiting @GordonKelly and @ehaaramo and a must-read for people who like #Finland
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@RandomOne2k22 thanks, yes the post has now been updated. Bizarrely Best Buy left part off its circular and product page.Hello to Jason Isaacs...'s going to be carnage tomorrow. David Attenborough narrates #BlackFriday. #PlanetEarth2
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBest 'Black Friday' 2016 Deals: Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Target And Walmart - the best of the best... iOS 10.1.1 Has Two Nasty Surprises - iPhones get hit hard...
@adamleehartley thanks. It's a term that really irks me. It was invented by these groups for a reason stop using it! @adamleehartley I don't think so simply with workload (prepping Forbes major Cyber Monday coverage) but let me know what's what.There is no "Alt-right". There are Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, racists, Fascists - don't do their PR for them.
eBay 'Black Friday' 2016 Deals: How Good Are They? Standout deals ranked from best to worst...… @ErnKerl @3bduu92 @RedBSierra @AndrewMinDC @MrTommyCampbell @Telegraph there are none so blind as those who refuse to see @ErnKerl @3bduu92 @RedBSierra @AndrewMinDC @MrTommyCampbell *sigh*