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If you are a businessman/wage earner paying out large mortgages or investing in equity, you will love NDA & dislike UPA (rates, inflation)If you are a retiree or an HNI investing mainly in fixed income, you would love UPA & hate NDA (interest rates, inflation)The Rajasthan government has crossed all limits. Ordinance immunizes all govt officers against prosection & gags media. #Fascism
Retweeted by A$hWiNiA CM who understands politics ! Wonderful. misleading.Liquor is taxed very heavily. Liquor is subject to VAT & Excise duty while medicines are not. Film #Mersal Criticizes #GST & #DeMonetisation. BJP Wants Scenes Deleted. What Happened To Freedom Of Express…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiA washerman having a domestic dispute with wife says "I'm NOT Rama—who accepted Sita after she stayed at another ma…
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Pollution is being communalised. Diwali is a festival of light and not fire crackers. But many journos want to give it a community colour
Retweeted by A$hWiNiWhy is that 40% more people in #Delhi are getting lung cancer? Doctors confirm cause is #AirPollution. #MyRightToBreathe #BeatPollution
Retweeted by A$hWiNiI was hoping for a clean & peaceful Diwali. But again, every burst of cracker echoed Delhi's "I don't care" loud an…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @gossipdatabase Yes it would. This kind of an ordinance defies logic.
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @ShahulAhm It is for "public servants" . That would include netas in power, right? @ShahulAhm Perhaps a senior govt official or Mantri is at risk of getting exposed soon & this is to prevent it.Waiting for @OpIndia_com to call this fake news & a conspiracy by Presstitutes & Lutyens media 😎The Rajasthan government has crossed all limits. Ordinance immunizes all govt officers against prosection & gags media. #FascismPC was good in 97 but under Cong, he kept raising indirect taxes. Didn't embrace reform as much as touted says failure is considered a stigma in India. #CEODialogues To Read more:
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @hariiyengaar @arunjaitley @CitiznMukherjee I disagree. AJ is all talk and no delivery. Pranab was regressive and did direct harm.Ppl who say such things rarely follow through. All talk @vivajeans @arunjaitley @CitiznMukherjee MMS was the best FM under Narasimha RaoAnti #GST dialogue in #Mersal seems to have rattled govt. What do you expect when there is a 28% on movie tickets as entertainment tax?
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @hariiyengaar @arunjaitley @CitiznMukherjee AJ isn't a good FM but at least he isn't as bad as Pranab. Letting an e… decent country would have declared public health emergency by now and advised everyone to stay indoors. Great work! #Smog
Retweeted by A$hWiNiDelhi: Morning visuals of India Gate #smog
Retweeted by A$hWiNiThis is obnoxious! How can the govt make itself immune from prosecution or prevent the media from covering cases? have had worse FMs than @arunjaitley . @CitiznMukherjee comes to mind - GAAR, Retrospective taxation etc. Worst FM so farSomeone in the neighborhood Facebook group my mom belongs to washed a coyote because they thought it was a dog
Retweeted by A$hWiNiLovely article by @salonishuklaET . I can totally relate to this, being a Fintech entrepreneur in lending pseudo-secularism, we now have pseudo-media. Next we will have "pseudo-Indians" & "pseudo-Hindus" @logical201280 Atleast, it wont be like Demo or GST rollout. I dont know when Shakuni will fix the GST system. 3-6 months atleast! @rajendraraghave @gossipdatabase Wow. Typical commie argument. Current Labor laws are main reason for unhealthy sme or large sector
Retweeted by A$hWiNiI will welcome PSB privatization & labour reforms like I will welcome rain in a polluted Delhi! @vishalkmumbai I spend 2-3 days every fortnight in Mumbai. I see the potholes on a weekly basis. Lets thank SS.I can say that we are in a worse situation on these compared to UPA 2 but can't say we are significantly better either.Kashmir, International Standing etc are fuzzy non-issues. Electricity, roads, cleanliness, economy - real issues Jihadi Morons of @Republic.. Keep your orgasms under control.. If Sreesanth is banned for life... How is he betraying India? #Drunkards
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @hachik012 Look what 283 brought for the last 3.5 years!An NDA govt with BJP having just 150 seats might be the best possibility for India- A Modi focussed on execution & not experimentation @traveller789123 TDP, SAD, SS, TRS, JDU etc etc @traveller789123 I am more worried about issues which affect me - electricity, roads, economy rather than some vagu… @traveller789123 Dont mind NDA forming a govt with BJP having just 150 seats. Will rein in Modi's capriciousness &… Fie on the govt if they roll out Eid greetings like this. shd be PM but going by the last 3.5 years,dont want him to hv absolute power.Mucks up with arbitrary decisions for clarifying :), AJ, RSP @DerZuschauer7 My lungs thank him though they suffer despite the court-mandated ban on sale of crackersAsset creation via MNREGA hasn't taken off. Noble aim,0 implementation. Still at "Gadhdhe khod rahein hain" @sri9011 I live in NCR and suffer daily powercuts thanks to @mlkhattar 's administrationHave stated that NDA has done well on inflation with help from low global crude oil prices.Rates linked to inflation @sri9011 How much was chased down? Been over a year. How many chargesheets filed?Remember, folks that these farm-loan waivers despite a good monsoon happened due to Demo. Add their cost to the cost of Demo @sri9011 Please tell me what exactly Demo has achieved. 1. All the money came back 2. Almost no BM caught 3. Ppl suffered Only UP was won. @gossipdatabase It has not. I have no issue with that. But this guy might be serious and if he gets his priorities…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @Ray_luxuryyacht Subtract 150-200 bps from the new series to make it comparable to the old series & you will see th… growth, high inflation, big corruption NDA=Low growth (look @ old series), low inflation, low corruption, ad-hocism Take your pick @Ray_luxuryyacht If he gets 400, he will become a Nationalistic Tughlaq with 0 checks & balances. It wont be just c… @traveller789123 Because NDA had less than UPA in 2004 @Ray_luxuryyacht He has also unleashed chaos via Demo & shoddy GST implementation. With Cong, there was predictabil… @Ray_luxuryyacht I am not 100% sure about that. He has done better on inflation undoubtedly but not on growth (old series) @Ray_luxuryyacht The misinterpretation is that "Islam is a religion of peace". The real stuff is far more violent & racist. @vairagibaba @sidmtweets That would still give BJP a solid scare- a good thing esp given #HindiImposition & Karnata… @vairagibaba @sidmtweets Cong has a very solid shot @ retaining Karnataka. HP-not tracking. @hachik012 Demo, ad-hocism wrt GST rules. @vairagibaba @sidmtweets On development, I am not sure BJP is doing much better than Cong. Nationalism is like secu… @vairagibaba @sidmtweets Nope.... the Muslim vote-bank cant go anywhere. They will stick to Khangress & its allies.I agree totally. The violence, bigotry & fanaticism in the book must be exposed. The myth of RoP must be shattered Khangress had 150 seats, would NaMo have the power to act in a capricious & whimsical manner? Wouldnt he be forced to deliver better? @vairagibaba @sidmtweets Also, if Congress stops being anti-Hindu and becomes a powerful opposition party, it is fa… @vairagibaba Disagree. My sense is that they will do all 3. They have a good team advising Pappu etc. He takes thei… GST was a big,big reform but its implementation has been a miserable mess 2. Demo failed economically advocated 3 things for Cong's revival. #Traction? :P 1. Hindutva 2. Focusing on economy (jobs) 3. Regionalism sense is that people burned crackers left-over from the previous year. There was an order of magnitude reduction in cracker burstingThis is how the real Indian RW is - fiercely independent & objective. We will call garbage, garbage. @ponnappa Never heard of that show. Will check it out. @neha_aks Let us work to improve jail conditions first 😐
Retweeted by A$hWiNiNothing....I repeat, nothing makes me as happy as playing with a rambunctious dog! @neha_aks Hmmm.... Interesting. Are you sure? Most of my friends love the ban on crackers but my friends do tend to be elitistsPR agencies are paid good money to manage brand messaging. They are not fools to annoy their target markets.The fact that so many brands are putting out anti cracker Diwali messages on SM shoes that public opinion is against crackers.