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Passionate about #EconomicReforms, #FreeMarkets, #StopHindiImposition, #PersonalLiberty, #Science, #Atheism

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President Ram Nath Kovind’s visitors, and conspicuous absentees - My story in today's @the_hindu -
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @nistula @nidhi_sharma @Bhavna_Vij This would have been unthinkable as long as Venkiah was in charge of AP/TG. Now…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiYuuuuuge spec over a possible Cabinet reshuffle within this week.
Retweeted by A$hWiNiNot when you have a HM who on assuming charge couldn't t secure files inMHA that had details of howModi-Shah were t…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiI don't know if he is guilty or innocent but bail is a right,really. is a reason why #RajivGandhi is considered a Great Prime Minister
Retweeted by A$hWiNiThis nearly blind senior Pit Bull got contact lenses. Now her humans say she can't stop looking at herself in the m…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiFreedom at Noon ... for #AIADMK from #Sasikala?
Retweeted by A$hWiNiOnly a united AIADMK can be an ally, says BJP - My story from a few weeks ago, as the AIADMK inches to a merger-
Retweeted by A$hWiNi
@eBankeLal @Kewrious CalfA converted Xtian,Hindu hater,tried entering Balaji temple with footwear.Steeped in corruption.Nothing more suicidal than coopting him#Jagan
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @iamssrrk Directive Principles of State Policy are merely recommendations @brumbyOz Please read your history. Congress banned beef first & in almost 20 states @nistula @nidhi_sharma @Bhavna_Vij This would have been unthinkable as long as Venkiah was in charge of AP/TG. Now… @brumbyOz No one is living under Hindu religious law. India runs on its Constitution sans the Muslim community who… was & is India's best hope against a corrupt, inefficient, nepotistic Khangress which is now led by a clown @Kewrious LOL! Hindus are almost 80% of India's electorate. BJP got 31%Hindus don't vote en-bloc. Else, Congress would never have come to power-ever! @swapan55 raised Rohingya issue in RS, @Swamy39 has sought info thru RTI, good to see that political vigilance…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @videet_ Khaleesi & Khal Drogo? @hachik012 As long as I am not reminded of #HindiImposition, I will be like this :P @brumbyOz FYI: Congress banned beef in the 1960s to start with. Congress banned liquor consumption first. Do you re… @gossipdatabase He is a Congi slave, ignore him. He'll waste ur time till u die of boredom
Retweeted by A$hWiNiBrilliant idea! De-fang Porkistan @Kewrious The same argument applies to the BJP too - cow slaughter, not beef. Facile argumentIndia is not a signatory to ANY convention of the UN on refugees. @Berti_and_Ernie @StaceyQConnolly Golden Retriever + Spitz/Husky ?Do you know who banned beef first? Do you know who imposed Prohibition in states like Gujarat? Congress can ask Begum to accept them in Germany & pay for their transport @Kewrious You can make RSS a bogey-man for all I care, but we had it a lot worse under Khangress & its minority-appeasers. @Kewrious Hold on... RSS is far, far away from destroying India. They are making a mess of things, but they aren't evil...just parochialOh! Wait... the penalty for apostasy according to the book is ...DEATH!LoL! I regularly rant against RSS. Look @ my TL. Hindu community is liberal enough to accept an atheist like me as one of their own. Does the Muslim community do the same? @Kewrious Nagpur isnt the sole representative of Hindus. I am a Hindu & I am not particularly fond of RSS. @brumbyOz I am a vegetarian by choice.There is no such thing. We are a secular democracy that runs on laws & not Hindu scriptures BECAUSE we are 80% Hindu @isomkahin @nistula @nidhi_sharma @Bhavna_Vij Yup!The moment Sharia is imposed upon my country,I will lose my personal freedoms & become a slave to a totalitarian Caliphate by another nameI worry about demographic change because I am an atheist & believe in democracy, genuine secularism & personal liberties. 1/n @nistula My only issues with Rohingyas are: 1. Risk of terrorism/Islamism 2. Demographic change. Do you think that… @neha_aks @ZeeMohamed_ I agree broadly. @neha_aks @ZeeMohamed_ We are talking of liberal principles. I believe that Hinduism is inherently liberal. I am no… is a natural home to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists &Parsis. Am in favour of giving refuge to persecuted members of these communitiesA powerful mining baron & ex BJP minister is said to be helping Jaganmohan Reddy negotiate with BJP. @nistula @nidhi_sharma @Bhavna_Vij @Kewrious Good, so lets give Palestine our support & plenty of aid while they support Porkistan. #ForeignPolicyBanda koshish tho kar raha hai. I broadly support him. of the blind BJP supporters.....BJP's big problem. Waah Waah...Modijee kya baat hai. Itney log mar gaye...sabotage hoga
Retweeted by A$hWiNiSharia is like cancer. There are many forms and variants - some aggressive, some less so. But all kill. @ZeeMohamed_ @neha_aks Sharia is like cancer. There are many forms, but all kill. @ZeeMohamed_ Yet, they have some form or the other of it in most Muslim countries e.g. Saudi, Iran, Afghanistan, Pa… @ZeeMohamed_ Their book instructs them to do so. If they disavow their book, I have nothing against them.Veda Pathashalas that don't teach other subjects like Math, Physics, English are committing child abuse, much like Madarsas. Crime!Apart from the risk of terrorism not being there with Veda Pathashalas, they are much like madarsas if they dont teach other subjects.This definitely deserves support as long as children are taught math, computers & subjects other than just Vedas @ZeeMohamed_ Blowing me up is 1 thing, but trying to impose Sharia, making my society even more illiberal & regress… @ZeeMohamed_ It is not just terrorism but also Islamism @ZeeMohamed_ I have nothing against Rohingyas at a personal level. Just don't want them in my home/my country @ZeeMohamed_ It is not an irrational fear @ZeeMohamed_ Tiny little drops make a mighty ocean esp given sky high TFRs @ZeeMohamed_ Tibetans are most welcome. They aren't threatening our demography, nor are they a security risk. @ZeeMohamed_ 1) So, we dont want them to come 2) Do elaborateDid you know that #Rohingyas were being settled in Jammu? That is part of a plan to alter the demographics of Hindu-majority JammuIllegal immigration has changed forever, the demography of Assam & of West Bengal. We will lose other states too at this rate.#DeportRohingyas from India asap. We don't need more demographic change. We have enough Bangladeshi illegals.Assam floods: 225 animals dead in Kaziranga National Park
Retweeted by A$hWiNiThey are being taught as literature, not as facts. @gossipdatabase You can't expect basic data literacy from journalists. They jump to conclusions based on even rumors and anecdotes
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @ZeeMohamed_ 1) They are changing India's demography. 2) Let us assume that they pose no security risk. What do the… @Kewrious . Unlike Palestine- which supports Porkistan on Kashmir, Israel supports us. says will never support Pakistan on Kashmir
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @ZeeMohamed_ Why should we carry the burden of 40,000 refugees-potential Islamists/terrorists changing our demograp… @Kewrious Yes...everything that doesn't involve groveling to Islamists is RW buffoonery @kunfaaya Adnan Sami is an exception, of course. He brings skill (in music) to the table & is not a Jihadi/Islamist… @Kewrious You mean, we will lose the opportunity for stone-throwing technology transfer agreements with Hamas? @kunfaaya I fully agree with you. Unless these 2157 people are persecuted non-Muslims in Pakistan, we don't want th…! What a big loss for India. We might lose PALESTINIAN confidence! Irreplaceable loss, really. 😂 MHA @MaliniP,157 Pakistanis got Indian citizenship during the same period v/s 298 Indians who went to Pakistan. Eat that!