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@greatvivek007 I choose to learn the global link language to be able to do business with the world @ZeeMohamed_ @vasudha_ET In India, that is RW somehow. It's the closest we have to RW.How many of you would be called Islamophobic if you expressed your outrage?
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @ZeeMohamed_ @vasudha_ET Fine...not a Thacherite RW but a socialist-statist, hyper-nationalistic,breathlessly sermo… @vasudha_ET You are now welcome to join us at the Gymkhana Club for our Sunday Brunch sessions. We'll have a seat reserved for you :)I think we can make it official now. It seems to me that @vasudha_ET has made a right turn. Welcome to the club!Neither national party which has ruled Karnataka has strong incentive to push back against Hindi being imposed.Need a strong regional party.
Retweeted by A$hWiNiThis is what happens when NDA procrastinates action against jihadi Kerala and Bengal! Act when you have to…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @gossipdatabase @faiyazasm @Kewrious @gossipdatabase is never a bigot. His comments are always sensible and balanci…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @_ugra_ @PeeliHaldi Love Jihad anyone? :P @UN is a social club where the privileged go to talk and drink wine. They solve no conflict but sit and chat while…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiHorrifying: Plainclothes police officer beaten to death by a mob outside a mosque in Kashmir.
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @EllenBarryNYT That is the nature of Jihad- it spares no one. This is Jihad against the Indian stateBihar: RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav & CM Nitish Kumar at RJD's iftaar party held in Patna.
Retweeted by A$hWiNiI made NO mistake. I stand by every word I said. @Kewrious Oh please...Sekoolar cop was lynched by sekoolar mob coz his badge was named MA Pandit. Still we are told by secularatti Pandits 'left' coz of Jagmohan.
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @cugwmui @SwarajyaMag facts are fine* @cugwmui @SwarajyaMag True! I don't disagree too much with the piece but I want to add context. Their facts and fin… @ShefVaidya Happens to ugly people all the time.BJP have had enough romance with Secularism. Time for Ghar Vapsi & proudly accept Communal Tag. And clean Kashmir m…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @cugwmui @SwarajyaMag I typically write economic articles on ET & political ones (barring 3-4 which were on ET) on Swarajya/OpIndia. @faiyazasm @Kewrious Atleast you agree that the subsidy must be scrapped. That is progress.A colleague at work accused me of Islamaphobia last week. I said: "Don't be so fucking ridiculous, a phobia is an irrational fear" #Ramadan
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @Kewrious In which world is "Wait till they come for you", not a threat? :) Be reasonable. Accept your mistake. Maybe you didnt mean it.I am considering writing a piece in response to @TheEconomist 's piece on Modi. Might send it to @SwarajyaMag or @EconomicTimes. Shall I ?#Haj is subsidized. The Supreme Court asked for the subsidy to be discontinued. Appeasers not following orders. are openly threatening people, @Kewrious ! @gossipdatabase Need Kanu Reeves in The Matrix like ability to avoid the point and spin it around like this 😂😂
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @Kewrious You are hallucinating :P. I clearly defined who the enemy is. @Kewrious Muslims are not the enemy. Politicians who appease Muslims at the cost of secularism are the enemies. Als… rubbish. I have never advocated violence, merely the exercise of one's vote to throw out appeasers from power temples and subsidizing Haj. If this is a "Hindu government", then I dont know what a "Muslim government" is.'s blame the victim. Repeat after me , "The lynch mob is innocent. It was the victim's fault" @AquarianTruths @MehboobaMufti True @SIRBLOFELD Republic also shouts the loudest, picks non-issue and is intensely annoying @sidin @indianreagan Then, you haven't met politicians/bureaucrats/diplomats/consultants.😍 What a burn! found in Connaught Place #Delhi. Perhaps he came with yoga folks and got lost in the crowd.…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiIslam is not programmed to co-exist with other faiths. As a minority it'll play victim, outnumber you, become majority, then subjugate you.
Retweeted by A$hWiNiWho is more blatantly partisan?FBI confirms Michigan airport terrorist yelled "Allahu Akbar". CNN: 'He said something Arabic'.
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @gossipdatabase they were busy killing KPs in 90s. Now, there is no KP so smone else has to be killed. It is the ne…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @ZeeMohamed_ I want to see #RetributionKillings. The Indian state is too soft on terrorists IMO. @SIRBLOFELD @republic She did. She lostShouldn't separatist Mirwaiz Farooq be booked for abetment to murder of brave cop Mohd Ayub Pandith? Shouldn't his security be removed asap?
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @amargov Look s like @prasannavishy has blocked me. Been bewildered by that for a while :STime to declare President's Rule in Jammu & Kashmir,call in the army & clean out the putrefying scum.RT if you agree @EllenBarryNYT Perhaps only PV Narasimha Rao outperformed @narendramodi on economic reforms, which is interesting b…, this is about as good as it gets when it comes to reforms in India. Folks like @EllenBarryNYT must be realistic about expectationsFair point.GST,DBT,JAM,BRA etc are more functions of a parliamentary majority than anything else. even an IPS Officer isn't safe in Kashmir, exactly what is the CM doing? @MehboobaMufti @rajnathsingh If Dy.S.PAyub Pandith lynching doesn't stir govt to callCM to account theNDA is either incompetent or complicit @rammadhavbjp
Retweeted by A$hWiNiDSP Ayub belonged to the same neighborhood where he was lynched. When it comes to Jihadist causes, they don't even…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiPrecisely. That is what happened with KPs in 1989-90. Neighbours were active participators or silent killers.
Retweeted by A$hWiNiWow! Far more qualified than Rahul to lead @INCIndia. Go for it after she loses the Prez election:
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @gossipdatabase Why should one's choice of language become a public issue? This is not govt's responsibility or its…
Retweeted by A$hWiNiApparently foreign media that criticize Modi govt. are part of a #PlotToMalignIndia. [But criticizing UPA showed co…
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @gossipdatabase This entire debate is a classic example of how we are still stuck in the mentality of state plannin…
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This journalist's loyalty to Gandhis is second only to that of Sanjay Jha. So cute this "woman's wrath" n all. 🤣
Retweeted by A$hWiNiQ to @MamataOfficial : are there no practising Hindus to head the Tarakeshwar Temple Development Board? It is, after all, a Hindu shrine.
Retweeted by A$hWiNiI am hearing so much gossip about #MeiraKumar. If I were with a news-outlet, I could run exclusives!hahaha.. "Sonia Gandhi is upset" v 2.0
Retweeted by A$hWiNiMakes sense. Else, these "refugees" will end up @ Europe's door & barge in
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @Kewrious Sonia - yes. Indira- yes and no. Rajiv- no way. Pappu - really? @gossipdatabase in reply to your earlier question. Yes.
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @Kewrious That is how Indira Gandhi was pitched, then Rajiv Gandhi, then Sonia Gandhi and finally Rahul Gandhi. #Dynasts @GorwayGlobal That is standard vote-bank politics. Par for the course. @hachik012 That makes her a dynast btw. Not a qualification. She is better qualified despite the dynastic angle, not because of it. @Kewrious You ruined it all by saying "Jagjivan Ram's daughter". That makes her a dynast. Its not a qualification.I think #MeiraKumar is definitely more qualified than #RamNathKovind to be President. fighting folks :P of the Congress to go with Meira Kumar. Inability to see growing aversion in masses towards dynasty & privilege?
Retweeted by A$hWiNi @sidmtweets While Mrs Baith Jaiye is definitely better qualified that Mr Unknown General Secretary, she isn't known… Kumar's achievement eclipses Kovind?dalit woman ,lawyer,ex diplomat,MP who once defeated Mayawati,first Woman Speaker,cabinet minister
Retweeted by A$hWiNiAakhon ka hai dhoka, aisa tera pyaar.
Retweeted by A$hWiNiThe kind of access that journos used to have to Congress leaders is 2 quantum levels above what the Ornob & gang have to BJP leaders. @gossipdatabase Psychological tests, higher pay, training, less interference. Make a LEO career attractive to more…
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