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A Libertarian and a dog lover. Broadly support NaMo most of the time but criticize him liberally when I think he deserves it.

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@nistula This is national news? 😂And THIS is how Europe will turn into a Caliphate and dhimmies will rejoice!
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseI want the Gandhi roads, stadiums, airports and schemes renamed some ppl have a problem to #RenameBabarRoad ? @TajinderBagga
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseDear Hindus on my TL, request you to start donating to the pujaris instead of Hundis so tht govt can't steals donat…
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseCan animals be nominated for Padma Awards? If so, I'd like to nominate this guy for looking so cute. (Public Servic… is a failed cricketer. Sonu Nigam is a mediocre singer. Phogat sisters are gawaar. And now Raveena Tandon is a failed actress.
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseWe are with #Manchester because it could be any of us next time. We are all sitting ducks because an Islamist doesn…
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseTrump administration proposes massive $190 million cut in aid to Pakistan
Retweeted by Gossip Database @hachik012 @narendramodi Meaning? @narendramodi Interestingly it was an NHAI road and @nitin_gadkari should get credit too.My driver "Road construction it a tez chal raha hai ki flyover ek saal mein ban jayega. @narendramodi chappar phaad ke kaam Kar raha hai"I remember telling a bunch of journos about Mann Ki Baat months before the 1st address on radio. Like if you were one of them.IMO, Ramayana, The Resurrection & the prophet flying to the moon on a winged horse are in the same category rescued these cows stuffed like toys & transported.😿
Retweeted by Gossip Database @nistula are in my city!!UP Minister Mohsin Raza distributes 'Bada Mangal Prasad' to devotees of Lord Hanuman in Lucknow.
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseVirender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Raveena Tandon and Sonu Nigam ruled the roost at their prime. Those calling them losers have lost itGuess who interviewed the Gujarat CM :) . @vasudha_ET an opinion i want to hear
Retweeted by Gossip Database @sagarikaghose You are NOT a liberal in the first place. You just delude yourself. You DO NOT know the MEANING of l…
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Major Gogoi just said on TV that stone pelting attacks were being directed through masjid loudspeakers.
Retweeted by Gossip Database @AhmedDHussen In fell swoop @JustinTrudeau undoes 9 years of hard work by @stephenharper to repair India-Canada bil…
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseImmigration Min @AhmedDHussen says India engages in ‘rights abuse,torture,genocide.."Denies entry to a retired CRPF
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseAngela Merkel, in the closing months of her third term, is 14 points ahead of her centre-left rivals. Utterly remar…
Retweeted by Gossip Database @vairagibaba Not at all. We RW'ers have to up our game and embrace these technicalities. It isn't enough to be pass… diff b/w Paresh Rawal & Shehla Rashid is that the former is emotional while d latter chooses her words carefully @vairagibaba Hahahah! Ok...that can be valid defense @vairagibaba Had he said, "I wont be unhappy if she is tied to a jeep" etc, that would have been FoE. I fault him f… @vairagibaba No, his tweet was abetment to violence since he specifically called for tying her to a jeep. @kishoregarg She is a propaganda queen. @vairagibaba Same answer. I strongly disagree with her and will happily mock her, but she hasn't committed a crime by saying it.Meaning, I will call her a traitor,but will stop at that. She hasn't committed a crime but has fallen in my eyes.Is she a traitor for saying it? Ans. Loosely, yes. But, from a legal perspective- no. She was exercising FoE @vairagibaba We are civilized people and don't hang anyone for saying something unless it is direct abetment to violence @AnooBhu Also, tell me that I am wrong. The RW keyboard warriors don't have the gall to hurt anyone in person. Thei… @AnooBhu I condemned Rawal's tweet the moment I saw it. started this mess inviting half of Pakistan into our communities in the 70's
Retweeted by Gossip Database @AnooBhu Under UPA, it was 'minorities' would would kill and rape. Under NDA, it is keyboard warriors who tweet.
@AnooBhu D @AnooBhu I won't say "don't overreact" because it is deeply disturbing indeed. But I am yet to see a causal link between NaMo and lynchings @AnooBhu Very hard to get the most recent data but here is data till 2015. appreciate @arunjaitley for dragging Kejru to the court for his insane utterances. 1st CM in India to be declared bankrupt, wait and watch
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseHe tied up a stone pelter, not an innocent civilian @rnairb Emergency - Yes. Not before or after @AnooBhu My point is that lynchings aren't new. Your stress on 3 years makes it sound as if they are a Modiesque ph… Rashid is a kaun kiska gottam. Paresh Rawal is an MP @sidmtweets Actually, I think #TripleTalaq gets far too much airtime. Most people like me don't give a crap about m…, distressing and outrage-inducing. disappointed by Paresh Rawal's tweet. He is a respected MP and should be more careful while choosing his words. @Berti_and_Ernie Is Ernie a Schnauzer ? @Swamy39 @tarunnbansal By giving finance and defence both depts to Jaitley, Modi is doing biggest mistake.
Retweeted by Gossip Database @laxman_xy That was India's doing @thecyberbully13 is awesome guide to outrage. Must read. @bdutt @sagarikaghose @RanaAyyub @sardesairajdeep
Retweeted by Gossip Database @nayanikaaa True! He did hang out with a lot of despots. Thankfully, their traits didn't rub off on himNehru deserves credit for sustaining democracy and not turning into a dictator post Patel's death a victim of terror, Donald Trump acknowledges, says Muslim nations must do their bit to defeat terrorism.
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseIs there any agency to which we complain about the corrupt DTH @TataSky. They are cheating customers. Corrupt practices in plans
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@JogulambaV I disagree. If there were no alliance, Yrcp would have won @AnooBhu Mob lynchings have been very common for decadesMSM did its best to sell Rahul Gandhi in this day of SM & 24/7 TV. Imagine how easy it must have been to sell Rajiv Gandhi in the 80's
Retweeted by Gossip Database @RajeevSrinivasa @PeeliHaldi @TulsiGabbard She is a DemocratYes,yes...she got herself shot in the head and almost died, just for publicity. *rolls eyes * @vasudha_ET *jealous* @vasudha_ET Looks a bit overpriced for a non-metro unless it had unlimited refillsContext math is so off. 2.5 million CHF is about 16.5 crHilarious! Rajiv Gandhi gave us landlines, I guess. Funny that I didnt own one till 1996 @vairagibaba Interest rates were not under his control. RBI sets rates. Infra - golden quadrilateral, yes. What else?Simply abhorrent and appalling. It is a shame that we live in a society which still lynches people like this. @vairagibaba ABV was largely status-quoist. @vairagibaba MMS under UPA 1 was a solid performer overall with a caveat. ABV was also a solid performer but not outstanding IMO @gossipdatabase Jab bada ped girta hai to ............ 😉
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseWhy is this not national outrage -a jawan killed in custody! Oh wait Bihar is not BJP ruled so deaths thr is ok! Ef…
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseThe 91 lakh new taxpayers after notebandi? That was for *entire* financial year. New taxpayers in 2014: 76 lakhs.
Retweeted by Gossip DatabaseWhy the hell is RSS hosting Iftar parties? Have they frikking lost their minds? time goes by, MMS of UPA 1 looks like a solid performer. Of course, Coalgate & 2G were UPA 1 scams exposed during UPA 2.RGs greatest achievement was the spread RajivDarshan aka Doordarshan, the monopoly media of 80s.
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