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Sin and its redemption by blood --- That is the pathology. #Inquisition #Crusade #JesusMimicry #ReachedPeople. I am minority. Just converted to #Lingayat.

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Sepoys strangle freedom of speech. @HindolSengupta @sanjeevsanyal Precisely why every Hindu should convert to #LingayatReligion. Take minority benefits as well. @dhanyarajendran @_dharam_vir All Veerashaivas should convert to Lingayat and get minority benefits. @Abhina_Prakash @mnshzz Can I convert to #LingayatReligion?Remaining Hindus should convert to #Lingayat as well. Get minority benefits and remain in a religion that is as Hindu as any.This #Lingayat issue is a god sent opportunity my dear #Hindus. All Hindus who converted to Christianity for minor… only way to counter this #Lingayat move is to remove #RTE and other anti-Hindu Hindu laws. Are you up for it @BJP4India @narendramodi? @republic But priests who rape children and messengers of god! Bloody Hypocrite!
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @republic Paedophile bishops? Are they also criminals?
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @arvindneela @devduttmyth @SwarajyaMag Did @SushmaSwaraj and @ArvindKejriwal embarrass India by attending celebrati… V Pig. fears coming true. India fast becoming a Christian theocracy and its the worst possible state to be in. government will not allow liquor stores inspite of a favorable Supreme Court judgement because the Catholic… sort of Secularism is this where ministers of the state go about deciding pieces and portions of religions?
@ndtv @RahulGandhi Why do you praise a Sergeant Major of the British colonial army against the black Zulu… India and Sri Lanka shall celebrate together.#ChristianChildAbuseIndia #GraceHome #Jaipur #Pastor #JacobJohn. The children also confided they saw Jacob sleeping… Kids from #Manipur & #Nagaland abused in a #Jaipur based illegal child shelter run by… #Catholic #Church for all intents and purposes is part of the anti BJP, anti-Hindu political coalition. ECI mu… edge Christian fertility technology demonstration. From @noconversion on Facebook. the allegations seriously. if true take action and if not punish the file charges. #SuspendJohri Should a… @ILikeMultis @ranganaathan Seems that is not working. Very valuable resource. @ILikeMultis @ranganaathan Niyogi committee was appointed to study Christian missionary activities in India. Try t… shutdown? Cannot open it any longer. Collection of books mainly by #RamSwarup and… @ShashiTharoor YesTime to implement Niyogi Committee report recommendations in TN. When GOI brought out this Niyogi Committee report…
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiProfessional courses like #MBBS should be taught in Indian languages: Venkaiah Naidu
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti
2018 anti noise pollution activists in #Bhagalpur object violently to music in a #VikramSamvat procession, beat… paper highlights several formal features of Panini’s grammar that have direct parallels in computer science
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti#Vivekananda on salvation through Jesus blood. Complete Works vol 8 pg 209. Hindus should give this answer to missi…
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiCongratulations, ricebag converts! Your Lord has approved your Gharwapsi to your native culture! Replace your cros…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti did #London become the child abuse capital of the world. News from 2014. @nytimes says that the @Pontifex response to the Catholic clergy child sex abuse pandemic has been compromised by h… government sends official invitation to @Pontifex to visit the state. @ShashiTharoor @shivi_twitt @INCIndia @ProfCong Do Hindus have rights as a community @ShashiTharoor ? @ShashiTharoor just killed off all the Hindus. Didn't do it for Muslims, Christians etc.
Trends on Twitter India the day after a 70 year old Hindu is beheaded on the road. @TelanganaCMO KCR why did you get @SureshChavhanke and his wife brutally beaten up & man handled her using your…
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiThe Hindus will have to do the squeaking, shouting, mourning etc. Forget the chrislamists, were their any Hindu ma… @svaradarajan @SriSri @thewire_in Entrepreneurship is wrong? Apuron of Guam found guilty of sex abuse of kids by a #Vatican tribunal. What is the punishment? 1. He… from everything else why do we have these male padres or whatever doing this to a woman? Male police don't h…"Will such and adarsh liberal condemn this?" will be the Hindu response over here instead of actually getting out o… @VashiMant @rajneesh_saini Hope this brightens up your mood. you bother having a candle light vigil mourning the killing of a 70year old supporter dear @BJP4India? Please… of #RamSethu starts. Its equally sacred to Muslims and Christians claims a guy called @majid_hyderi.… of concocting and celebrating #Christian saintly miracles is apparently $550K You can create dozens of real h… @ashoswai Forget episodes from the remote past. These swines or pigs or whatever concocted stories of dead Teresa…
Anti Hindu bias is going to be institutionalized in the Banking sector very soon. @AnjaliB_ @rajibhawaibam Help him get a Aadhar ASAP.Are Indians being taught about the Christian Church collaboration with the British and Portuguese colonialists?… greatest miracle of the post colonial era is the Christian Churches positioning themselves as the protectors of… @ZeeNews @myogiadityanath @madversity He lost the polls simply because it was a by poll and @BJP4India didn't take it very seriously.2305 obscene pics among them 6yr boy blindfolded having drugs injected in his testicles. #Catholic #child #sex a new series from today on #ChristianChildAbuseIndia. Please read up this saga of FreddiePeats a… @ShatruganSinha Arse burn is the worst affliction @ShatruganSinha.Or its a very high level game played game played by the Vatican. BJP coopted to smoothen the emasculation of Hindus… @mdmpsyd @chondrite501 @Linda_the_Great @K8_Bowers @iGICHUKIj @Pontifex Then Jesus should take responsibility for t… @mdmpsyd @chondrite501 @Linda_the_Great @K8_Bowers @iGICHUKIj @Pontifex Ok. Does Jesus still consider the Catholic… fought out hundreds of Islamic Jihadi attacks, secularism and @narendramodi felled it. Well done. Rohingyas in Jammu is not only to change the demography but to also ensure that BJP is never elected in J&…
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiBack stabbers or duffers? @BJP4India should I ( a @BJP4India voter) react to this? @narendramodi. @mdmpsyd @chondrite501 @Linda_the_Great @K8_Bowers @iGICHUKIj @Pontifex You mean Jesus founded the Roman Catholic Church? @TAC Next step. Churches, Pope etc will issue dicktats on condom use by TB patients. Ex colonial pigs should keep…
Why wasn't that lady admitted to the Church? @indianbishops requested for sister in hospital. #Catholic operatives at @indianbishops prayed. Prayers done and prayers he… and Muslim gods in competition for torturing Stephen Hawking. Hawking burning in the Christian hell. Hawking being tortured in the Christian hell post death. Reactionary buffoon Mother Teresa meanwhile is i… Hawking burning in hell say Christian and Muslim nuts. A few generations back these people would have done…