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Sin and its redemption by blood --- That is the pathology. #Inquisition #Crusade #JesusMimicry

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A long outstanding problem solved... and a good news for women terrorists
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @tufailelif Time to stop the glorification of idol breakers, shrine vandals and book burners. @TimesNow Is Mamata government beyond the jurisdiction of the courts? government has a very bad record of collaborating with Churches in implementing child abuse schemes. In particular on Natives.Dr Omesh Chandra is now being charged with abuse himself and extradition requested to #Canada. The doctor says he i… Omesh Chandra is a psychiatrist and it was his report on a orphanage in St John's #Canada. #Christian #childabuse doctor Omesh Chandra Kashyap who had blown the lid on one of the biggest #Christian orders sex abuse cases i… slamming of Court judgements allowed? Is it allowed for everyone? @ImranKh13402427 @IndiaUNNewYork @UN Are cows belonging to other people stolen and slaughtered? Are people resist… @ImranKh13402427 @IndiaUNNewYork @UN Muslims are not attacked in Pakistan?Have requested Hon'ble @narendramodi ji to bring minority schools under ambit of RTE so that more economically weak…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @IndiaUNNewYork @UN Land of the pure Muslim. @suvojitc This guy just provided the perfect definition of #Kashmiriyat. these pigs go around lecturing everybody else on #HumanRights and #InternationalLaw @USAmbIndia I have been reading with wide-eyed admiration. #BookOfTheWeek
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti#SupremeCourt of #India does work in English only.
@MrinalPande1 Therefore Article 370 and Article 35A wouldn't apply to #Rohingya #Muslims. @Ram_Guha Textbook example of a bigot: Someone can split my throat but no one can tell me what to do: WB CM… @Ram_Guha The INTELLECTUAL Secularist's reaction when the High Court blasts the anti Hindu bigotry of #MamataBanerjee.#ReachedPeople #Hobart #Tasmania #Australia in a #Hobart #Cathedral depicts children with a self confessed priest child sex abuser and a convict. Victim… of idols and burning of books have mostly gone together. #Hypatia had planned to fight against it by teach… was the Christian hatred against idol worship that invented the concept of religious war. Muslims did the same. land grab foiled in #MadhyaPradesh? #India #Hongkong #US. away to the #Vatican after #US police suspected him of child pornography crimes. What did he do in #India. of His Holiness Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella a #Vatican diplomat wanted for child #pornography had ser… the white ChristoFascist continued genocide of #NativeAmerican well in to 20th c, "for greater good of society":
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @americamag When you've been abused by the clergy and the Church lobbies against lifting of statute limitations....… @indiatvnews If court verdicts shall not be implemented then how shall citizens obtain redress? @TOIIndiaNews @INCIndia Vice-president post shall be reserved for female progeny of the dynasty? @tufailelif If Christians and Muslims don't like worshipping idols they shouldn't worship them. The rest is simply… @RanveerOfficial @FilmPadmavati चित्तौड़ तो देखा था ये चित्तोड़ कहां है।
A very Happy #SecularNineNights to all Secularists. @INCIndia. #Happynavratri to everyone, everywhere. D Hume & T Paine, skeptical view widespread in Anglosphere. Gandhi had sufficient access to it but *chose* to…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @JantaKaReporter Never seen so many 'allegedly', 'reportedly', 'apparently' etc in a single article. Even the word… could be hiding a #Catholic scale pedophile scandal and why fundamentalist Christians are easy prey fo… must nationalize its Churches and end foreign control. Indian Christians should take the lead. #Catholic invaders made a bonfire of Aramaic Bibles of the Syrian Christian community. @cjwerleman The linked article makes no such claim. Catholic priests take the oath of celibacy. #priest in #Philippines paid a pimp & was driving 13yr old girl to a motel. Has been released on bail. @KewlKrishn @Anti_31Percent @BhartiyaCalvin @akedia02 @I_ImranSiddiqui @sardesairajdeep @Javedakhtarjadu Is Quran written by humans or not? of Lyon to be tried for not reporting #Christian #clergy #sex #abuse. Right step. is @OfficeOfRG visiting India? @Anti_31Percent @BhartiyaCalvin @akedia02 @I_ImranSiddiqui @sardesairajdeep What is the atheist opinion about this?… ALERT: Hillary Clinton turning Pranayama ==> Alternate Nostril Breathing.
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti helping Priests in abuse of kids. This is a 72 year old man recounting his ordeal at St Joseph's #Ballarat. @rashtrapatibhvn Please read this thread on a typical Catholic School child abuse case. #Shameful. @rashtrapatibhvn A google search for "child abuse in catholic schools" gives 18,90,000 results. These schools need… would force feed pig to Jews for centuries.जो मुसलमान हम हिन्दुओ के राम मंदिर के लिए 400 गज जमीन देने को तैयार नही वही मुसलमान हमसे चाहते है कि 40 हजार रोहिंग्याओ को शरण दे दी जाए
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @noconversion @SushmaSwaraj Self Styled Father.
2017 was about international dignitaries writing scare mongering letters over Modi, 2019 would be gushing over the accomplishments of #Pappu#US dignitaries highly impressed with #RahulGandhi. RG is a "grassroot understanding leader". Everyone impressed wi… the death of #Constantine #Christian #priests killed off all his non Christian sons & installed his one Christia… guarding the hen house! @PMOIndia @HMOIndia - Ban conversions - dump the UN just like the US in national inter…
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiHindus should give refuge to everyone bar #Abrahamaic creeds of Christianity and Islam. Learn from your history.What exactly is the law over here? I've got some great ideas for Christmas themed condom ads. Virgin pregnancy etc. themed condom ads in #Surat while 17yr olds get arrested for FB posts about some Arabic prophets. continues to evaporate in rural UP. @Meenuka Those certificates arrived by mail unlike in the secular era
2017 consented to being raped by #Christian #priests. #ReachedPeople @ShashiTharoor @aakar_amnesty Let us talk about muslim culture of wiping out Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kas… @IndiaTodayFLASH @IndiaTodayFLASH #Allah himself was rather weak in arithmetic as the property division law shows. So have patience… @IndiaTodayFLASH Because that farmer had only one paisa loan remaining. Try explaining that secular momins. @KhurramParvez only ideology of those countries is anti Hinduism.Fact is that India has a historical responsibility of protecting Hindus living in the Islamic republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh.+Hindus are persecuted most hideously in the parts of undivided India that became the land of the pure muslim.…