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Sin and its redemption by blood --- That is the pathology. #Inquisition #Crusade #JesusMimicry

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Joined Twitter 10/30/09 #coverup in the #Church actually began when #Constantine preferred secret impunity to public scandal. #Gibbon @Pontifex #Ratzinger is put on trial as well @Pontifex. 3rd ranked #Cardinal #Pell on trial for alleged #child #sex #abuse will not get VIP status. #MeiraKumar victim of mob lynching ?
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiNo ‘Hindu Basti’ in Tseminyu: TSU tells AR. Who is the fanatic (1 mark)?
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiSadak puje Allah mile to main poojun flyover.... of idols is bad, what about worship of roads? @Google comes out with a new search option "Aphrodite with clothes on"
Long baneful history of #Christianity robbing from other religions and cultures. Eventually destroying them. takes over beliefs, practices, customs and conventions of other religions. We see this happening in I… theology had already outgrown parochial tribal deities, and #Zeus was both man and woman. #Christianity has… borrows from #Pagans. @dhume Those who value tolerance should b intolerant of intolerant ideologies
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti#ChristianTerrorism #Isatankavad there actually exists a man who believes that @Pontifex "zero tolerance" on child sex abuse is not a self serv… our Gurus: Learning from the life accounts of Rishis-I | IndiaFacts via @IndiaFactsOrg
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti#Ratzinger aka #Pope #Benedict had said that child porn was normal and pedophilia not an absolute evil. choir boys at a center run by the elder brother of #Pope #Benedict aka Ratzinger. "prison, hell and a concen… will get crucified double quick. this #Gandhism still apply? undeniable fact is that Christians are the real upper castes in India. favors Hindus. Fact:India accepts church(but not temple) certificate as legal document in loan,subs…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti#Catholic operatives shamelessly appropriate #Hindu symbols, concepts, icons then copyright #Teresa sarees. Why? #Priest (Self Styled) Father Saji Joseph arrested on charges of sex abuse of 2 boys in #Kalpetta,… comes on the birth anniversary of Mangal Pandey. @aroonpurie Killings galore: @aroonpurie #Cow #smuggling is worth $500Million annually. 20,000 to 25,000 animals smuggled daily. Daily worth $81…दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा रोग .. "क्या कहेंगे लोग"
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakritione of the reasons tony joseph and fraudacharyas of AIT cannot grow up.
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @MaheishGirri Maheshji, if 17 yr old souvik sakar and Kamlesh tiwari can be arrested then why not Naresh Agarwal ?…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @tufailelif Hinduism fell before the Abrahamaics because it had no understanding of these forces. Hinduism must mo… @Pontifex #Ustashe #Stepinac #Canonization @Pontifex #Francis likely to approve the #Ustashe butcher #Stepinac for sainthood. needs be settled. Either 1 #NareshAgarwal goes to jail or 2. Similar speech allowed for XN & Islamic icons will be shocked PM's Spl Assistance Programme, 1986 Total funds: Rs 179.73cr Jammu's share: Rs 15.5cr (8%) Kashmir's: Rs 164.58cr (92%)
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiHope taken over Mandirs are liberated soon and Church assets are taken over by the government. for horses but not for cows? Cows should have similar ID tags to prevent slaughter.
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @human24679 @CorbettCornell2 @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @siyawardas @bsp_pari @suprema_she @wavehit @CorbettCornell2 @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @siyawardas @GreatHeretic @bsp_pari @suprema_she @wavehit
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@UnSubtleDesi How can people forget the sacrifice of jhalkari Bai, tantya tope, Nana saheb , babu kunwar Singh & La…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @UnSubtleDesi Birsa ,sidho, kanho, vasudeva fadke, chafekar bros, khudiram, Prafulla chaki,dhingra, sarabha,bismil,…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @NitinKapoor2020 @GreatHeretic Yes. Looks like. But it's a serious matter. Proper investigation is required.
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @RitaG74 @GreatHeretic The usual modus operandi of Congress/SP I am sure.
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti truck gets it right. Anniversary of the sickest #Christian #clergy #sex #abuse case I have heard of. Please read. have sex after have promised marriage to each other. Man refuses and its rape. Would it be rape if the woma… On Saharanpur-Muzaffarnagar highway a Muslim, Wahid jumped in front of a truck carrying Kanwariyas Conspiracy to…
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiThe concept of #OriginalSin being transferred via the sex act developed because #Augustine read a faulty edition of… police detain #pastor after 2 worshippers die during river #baptism. light of the #InduSarkar & Misuse of #FOE #BlassphemyLaws in Bengal against Hindus, let me talk about few things
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @bsp_pari @suprema_she @CorbettCornell2 @CJPande1 @human24679 @JGN190 @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @kautilyadharma sex abuse on an epic scale as is customary with Christian clergy. 194 kids for 40 years. #abused by Christian #clergy are not satisfied with the compensation. @tajmahalfoxtrot You mean this groveling??
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiWhy not demand an all out assault on the Jihadis? "works to clean up centuries of shady business dealings" in the #Vatican Says this news outlet. Some Hol… must for students at this UP school -
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Christian British pig claiming martyrdom for the colonizers in 1857. @CorbettCornell2 @Gubomaster @BrethrenIndia @Madame_Micawber @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @human24679 @intelligent50 Hindus do some reverse #culturalappropriation ? Declare Swami Lakshmananda a saint under martyr category.Commem… only way is if respected Hindu religious heads & orgs of all sampradayas denounce this publicly, vocally and o…
Retweeted by Purusha & Prakriti @ravindranath_a @Ariomala @finsterr313 @AFP Noble laureate mean dog of west
Retweeted by Purusha & PrakritiWhy no Jesus Namaz, or Jesus Ramadan? now Bible Bharat Natyam with the assertion that it Is " not constricted to any religion".… Fadnavis should serve up the remaining term. should field a cow smuggler. #CongFieldsYakubBackerIDs for cows in India was made out to be a severe case of Hindu idiocy What's good for Christendom horse isn't good…