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Malnourished lion filmed in enclosure in Bangladesh via @MailOnline
Retweeted by Amir KhanNWO Lord Rothschild feared dead in plane crash via @YouTube
Retweeted by Amir Khan @utpalghosh30 @devduttmyth @kush07 @iAbhishek_J @anti_conversion @hindustanse @EncapsulatdSoul @sush091979 Jacob Rothschild Been Assassinated? via @DrEowyn
Retweeted by Amir Khan"It's a sad day when #Switzerland, the HQ of UN #HumanRights is under sway of #Pakistan, the HQ of #Taliban and…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @sg3206 @TheOneDhawan @rishibagree @OfficeOfRG @Swamy39 @republic Chalo Rajul Ji Aik Week Varanasi Mey Rikshaw Cha… @TarekFatah @madhukishwar @Madame_Micawber @YogiMuhammed But it's true Sunnah and not fiction. Believer must belie… @TarekFatah @madhukishwar @Madame_Micawber @YogiMuhammed But it's true Sunnah and not fiction. s @ssavitri115 @PplOfIndia @jvidyasagar @desertfox61I @wisnoo @smita_muk @jxpooja @ATHREYAG @TheArahat @tufailelif
Retweeted by Amir Khan @ssavitri115 @PplOfIndia @jvidyasagar @desertfox61I @wisnoo @smita_muk @jxpooja @ATHREYAG @TheArahat @tufailelif
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Retweeted by Amir Khan @ramana_brf @bennedose @dikgaj @siyawardas @nimish41128245 @frenzykneecap @dubeyback @MuslimGhazi @vandana11414874 @Faesal_Ah @Durgasaptshati @siyawardas
Retweeted by Amir Khan @025_batman @devduttmyth Family values differ among different people. He will let his Ammi, daughter , Aunty, grand…’s family wrote letter with #blood to President. Till date, not a single #jihadi has been arrested by…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @vishwanathtn @devduttmyth @mads123s If this present example of Yazidi can't teach Indiots anything then they deser… at the helm of affairs in the West. Here the Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain quivers in fear a…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @DeplorablePagan @SIndicanon @brumbyOz @YogiMuhammed Perfect comparison case between Quality VS Quantity as functi… @zlando @TarekFatah @brumbyOz @YogiMuhammed @RambhaktRasul 6th spiritual Pillar of Islam. @TarekFatah @MehranMarri @zrh_airport @Swamy39 @SushmaSwaraj Let's get them Indian passports.Pictures of #Balochistan's exiled leader of the Marri people, Nawab @MehranMarri with his son & daughter in detenti…
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New Europeans doing construction work in Europe.
Retweeted by Amir Khan @hindustanse @I_YogiVerma @mini_707070 @RKHD008 @jeetensingh @ankitsinha0880 @DurgaMenon @VishalSatra1
Retweeted by Amir Khan @anti_conversion @sagarikaghose @utpalghosh30 @narendramodi @I_YogiVerma @blue21sky @davidfrawleyved @dcchoudhary197 Pakisani Salwar Pehantey Hain!! Wohi Salwar to Safdiiyo Sey sarre Bazzar Lakho Baar Uttari Gye orr phir pehnaye gye .Journalist claims that pigs in Jammu zoo will outrage Muslims in Kashmir -
Retweeted by Amir Khan @TheTolerantLama @meenakshisharan @TheSherni To add insult on injury and keep the confusion going , Nehru and Gandh… My paternal family are the descended of 12th century Hindu ruler of Lahore,Khokhar Anand,(some embraced Sikhism l…
Retweeted by Amir Khan5 Just 20yr old,my uncle shot & slit throats of members 26 members of his family including his mother😢and jumped in…
Retweeted by Amir Khan3 A muslim servant accompanied him on his journey to The Indian side with his son,wife,brothers,children,a total 27…
Retweeted by Amir KhanGenerations before my grand father were zamindaars at Rasul Mandi in Pakistan,around where #KingPourva fought Alexa…
Retweeted by Amir KhanSomebody had to do this three #TeamTrueIndology
Retweeted by Amir KhanJai Shree Ram 😂🚩
Retweeted by Amir KhanPaki has become an scornful word in Europe. The word Pakistan itself has become a synonym for abuse. -Yogi Adityanath Maharaj ji 🙏🙏
Retweeted by Amir Khan @JPY_Kurdish Chinese have some thing good to teach the Kuffar world.This is how Chinese Police deals with 3 Knife weilding Uyghur Muslim terrorists in Xinjiang Province. Zero Toleranc…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @Prateek_Goyal32 @Whokarannarang @Swamy39 Why not just forget about Dharma and convert to Islam or JC as fellow In…"In a Major First, Scientists Edit DNA Within the Human Body"
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Nation paid homage to martyr Sep Manjinder Singh who made the supreme sacrifice fighting terrorists in Kulgam. Shah…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @siyawardas @TajinderBagga @YogiMuhammed @brumbyOz @TarekFatah @TajinderBagga @YogiMuhammed @TarekFatah @brumbyOz Parchi Paa diyon ehna sariiya Sanppa dhi. .Must Watch Video. This is 300 years old real story of then Mughal terrorism
Retweeted by Amir KhanEven Secular Aurangzeb knew the importance of consent. He took valid consent of the girl while making a CD. (Colori…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @JPY_Kurdish @brumbyOz @YogiMuhammed This is glory Islam, Allah hath made robbing Kuffar very lawful for Muslims.… don't want to hear any more complaining about the New York Times and Audrey Truschke. I only want to hear when…
Retweeted by Amir KhanSipahi Manjinder Singh. 22 yrs old. 2 yrs service. Made the supreme sacrifice fighting terrorists in Kulgam, J&K. F…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @Voice_of_Ranjan @narendramodi @majorgauravarya @MajorPoonia @INCIndia @ManishTewari @priyankac19 @digvijaya_28🇮🇶: Iraqi soldiers force ISIS terrorists to pretend to be dogs and bark🙂They are not acting that tough Now🙂
Retweeted by Amir Khan @rajamaka @malviyamit @AmitShahOffice @sampadscales @sukanyaiyer2 @ratihegde @sureshnakhua @SavitaSatish2
Retweeted by Amir Khan @sarkaar_raj @MuslimGhazi @nimish41128245 @vandana11414874 @dubeyback @Faesal_Ah @Durgasaptshati @siyawardas @MuslimGhazi @zapher134 @nimish41128245 @TheSensible_1 @babur_mongol @suprema_she @frenzykneecap @siyawardas
@anandagarwal554 @InvincibleBabu @kajal_jaihind @Ballarat_Brat @Chaudhary10dec @Gauravsharma891 @RKHD008 @neelu1961
Retweeted by Amir Khan @Ppanks_G @anandagarwal554 @InvincibleBabu @kajal_jaihind @Ballarat_Brat @Chaudhary10dec @Gauravsharma891 @RKHD008 @SJha1618 @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc Like the Young son of soil heading the P &W team working on F35 engine ? H… @RambhaktRasul @Abdulsaleemgad @RamaY_BRF @Parikramah @ShilpiTiwari5 @communalsandeep @Hiranyareta @saikanomie @ShilpiTiwari5 @shailendrah @RambhaktRasul @RamaY_BRF @ramana_brf @RatanSharda55 @INCIndia @OfficeOfRG @sush091979 @ssingapuri Pappu, Pappu Ka Papa, Pappu Ke Pappa Ki Ammi Ka Pappa Bahut Laamba Hai Pappu Parivar ka Chutiappa owrr Syappa.Pandit Nehru taught us how to be self sufficient. He didn’t ask anyone else for Bharat Ratna, he gave it to himself. Such a legend.
Retweeted by Amir Khan @TimesNow Man was just educating his friends about true teachings of Islam and Kuffar accuse him of terrorism.Here is corroboration, if ever one was required, of how Congress & Farooq Abdullah's @JKNC_ invented militancy in K…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @ShilpiTiwari5 @shailendrah @RambhaktRasul @RamaY_BRF @ramana_brf @RatanSharda55 @INCIndia @OfficeOfRG @Hindu__Rashtra @nimish41128245 @MuslimGhazi @vandana11414874 @dubeyback @Faesal_Ah @Durgasaptshati @siyawardas @Hindu__Rashtra @Semmukham @nimish41128245 @MuslimGhazi @vandana11414874 @dubeyback @Faesal_Ah @Durgasaptshati @nimish41128245 @MuslimGhazi @vandana11414874 @dubeyback @Faesal_Ah @Durgasaptshati @siyawardas @frenzykneecap
Retweeted by Amir Khan @ayeshaarvind Land is scarce in India even for the living. Let the build multi story burial buildings like done in…
@namo_satya @human24679 Inko Poocho Ghassoon Nerre ki Allah ?A rare picture of 40s. My Father Dr Malik Singh Vohra in his Army Uniform. He served during Second World War in The…
Retweeted by Amir KhanI have to now head for my morning yoga mat
Retweeted by Amir KhanTime to break your bangles @akashbanerjee !!
Retweeted by Amir KhanThe harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. Self-realization demands very great struggle. 😊…
Retweeted by Amir Khanसर्दीयों में नहाने का अद्भुत तरीका..... पानी साफ होना हो ना हो पर गर्म जरूर है.. देश की नई ईजाद
Retweeted by Amir KhanStumbled upon my Indian-born great-grandparents Passports.
Retweeted by Amir KhanGood Morning Friends.. Darshan Karo Ji... Kalgi of Guru Gobind Singh Ji kept at Takhat Hazoor Sahib Ji ,Nanded (Mah…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @moronhumor No successful attempt to make such cd with this Trohll. Tools fails & refuse to do job at first sight . @ggiittiikkaa @_dharam_vir @OfficeOfRG @AmitShah @Swamy39 But RG will never throw the stones piled over his Aqal.90% dip in stone-pelting incidents in Kashmir in 2017: J&K DGP Thanks Rahulji for making Congress lose in 2014, so that we can see this day
Retweeted by Amir KhanAnand was one of the witness of the 2012 brutal murder of Sharon, slain @RSSorg leader in Thrissur.#LeftistTerror m…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @gauravbh @pbhushan1 So Dhimmi Bushan is Thankless too.! May he know that deepest, hottest and darkest part of Doz… is Wrong: 3 Advanced Discoveries Made Thousands of Years Ago in Ancient India
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