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@MiRajeshPatil @Ibne_Sena @TarekFatah @hussain_imtiyaz @ashokepandit @rajnathsingh @parawahid @gauravcsawant tears of a father who lost her daughter in tral terror attack. Who will bring back her daughter? There are numb…
Retweeted by Amir KhanIf you feel tears coming on and need to hold them back, relax your jaw and refrain from blinking.
Retweeted by Amir KhanPlan of earliest temples in India mirrored the cosmos using 108, distance from Earth to Sun. Deity is the Inner Sun, Lamp of Consciousness.
Retweeted by Amir Khan @nimish41128245 @jose2ss @bsp_pari @Helll000 @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @dka1966 @Madame_Micawber @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @dka1966 @mauseen_khan @eenamg @MEAIndia A country that does not only export Terror in the neighborhood, it has unleashed Te…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @MuslimGhazi @jose2ss @dawahbyicode @dka1966 @Semmukham @siyawardas @bsp_pari @avullamparthi @nimish41128245 @suprema_she @MuslimGhazi @jose2ss @dawahbyicode @dka1966 @Semmukham @siyawardas @bsp_pari @avullamparthi #RahulNRIComment #rahulbacksdynasty #rahulgandhifunny My @firstpost #cartoon
Retweeted by Amir Khan @anandagarwal554 @Swamy39 Rahul Gaandhi hold British and Italian passport, He is NRI twice. @dr_rita39 No can do no talk on Millennium long crimes of Jihadi on Indian people & land . Time ripe 4 Indic Reconq… @AbdulBarri4444 @Prof_HariOm @anirudh_rakshit @sanjaybengani UPA wanted Paokraoches on Border and Rohingroaches in… is now Terroristan "Quest for a land of pure has produced the land of pure terror" - @IndiaUNNewYork repli…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @dr_rita39 Wait till all dams are build and rivers linked,not a drop of water 4 Islamists. We are gonna thirst them… @dr_rita39 Why privately, we have money & we give it 2 whosoever we wish.Pakistan will be made example of so no one… @Helll000 @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @dka1966 @Madame_Micawber @avullamparthi @human24679 @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @jose2ss @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @siyawardas @nimish41128245 @avullamparthi @human24679 @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @jose2ss @suprema_she @dawahbyicode @majorgauravarya @vinodshadija @ramana_brf @bennedose @saikanomie 19 years ago few ahead of the curve wise men coi… @nimish41128245 @avullamparthi @human24679 @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @jose2ss @suprema_she @dawahbyicode @siyawardas
ये है भारतीय सेना जो अपने दुश्मन देश के सैनिकों का सम्मान उनके मरने के बाद भी करती है।। गर्व है हमें🙏🙏 जय हिंद🇮🇳🇮🇳
Retweeted by Amir KhanAfghan president says Pakistan must crush militant hideouts
Retweeted by Amir Khan @miqazi @Imamofpeace @YouTube
Retweeted by Amir Khan @miqazi @Imamofpeace Umar the great ! via @YouTubeSteve Bannon held secret meeting in Beijing Ex-strategist to Donald Trump met second most powerful C-Party official
Retweeted by Amir KhanFew know that the shrines in Vārāṇasī map nakṣatras. Kāśī is the light to illuminate the three worlds. Don't miss…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @MoeedNj Is it true or imagination of a #prevert?
Retweeted by Amir Khan @Vijgatt @Ppanks_G @TarekFatah @brumbyOz This retard is simply being natural TRI =Temporary Resident in India B4 be… trial of Muslim who BEHEADED co-worker: “Slave to Allah” said he did it because it’s in Quran, “no regrets…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @chandbanerjee @kassim10960 @madhukishwar Not 4 cruel,medieval ideology. Muhammad showed the path & we have seen Di… in Denmark wants Shariah patrol, because Shariah must spread, Islam must dominate
Retweeted by Amir Khan @madhukishwar @ramana1729 @brumbyOz @YogiBabaPrem @Madame_Micawber Muhammad killed 800 Medina Jews in a day.1400 Hi… @tufailelif D-P is commercial Kanjar not a scholar. Serious person like you should avoid quoting such clown in meaningful matter.Pakistan belongs to army, all others are living on rent, says Mr Khaleeq Rehman.
Retweeted by Amir Khan @sengarajay235 Dekh Pappu Gya Pardesh, Hui Tunch Mem Ik Pesh, Chamcho Ke Mann ko Bhaati Hai Bole Desh ki Bhabhi Hai @MEAIndia @SushmaSwaraj @ISPR_Official @ShireenMazari1 @javeednusrat @HamidMirPAK @najamsethi @abasitpak1 Is that P… greetings! EAM @SushmaSwaraj with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the sidelines of SCO Foreign Minis…
Retweeted by Amir KhanHow Rajdeep sardesai managed to have a 65 Cr Bungalow in Lutyens Delhi & a palatial villa in Goa with his meagre sa…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @miqazi @Imamofpeace His proposal 2 marry young Fatima shows his prophetic nature & qualities. He would have been b… to all Hindus celebrating Navratri.
Retweeted by Amir Khan @iarunmani @RanveerOfficial @sengarajay235 @Akshaysinghel @aadikamle @praveen_bajpai @rai_basant @hindustanse @madhukishwar @vijay_rajan @tufailelif Translating Murat/ Murati as idol and not Image ? While material idols are… @abasitpak1 @miqazi @Swamy39 @SushmaSwaraj @republic A late reference to old policy,tradition starting from Muhamma… @nimish41128245 @Aksh_Roars @dawahbyicode @Helll000 @VivekSurana9 @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @jose2ss @dka1966 @dr_rita39 Inbreds were shouting Har Hole Sey Afzal Nikelga ,We are waiting , Kya Hua ?. Choohe Dar gye Yaan Chooho ki Ammi Nikammi Ho Gye ? @Aksh_Roars @dawahbyicode @Helll000 @VivekSurana9 @MuslimGhazi @nimish41128245 @suprema_she @jose2ss @dka1966 @Helll000 @Aksh_Roars @dawahbyicode @VivekSurana9 @MuslimGhazi @nimish41128245 @suprema_she @jose2ss @dka1966 @Aksh_Roars @dawahbyicode @Helll000 @VivekSurana9 @MuslimGhazi @nimish41128245 @suprema_she @jose2ss @dka1966 @kassim10960 @madhukishwar 1400 a day was easy if seen in context Muslim rulers in race 2B declared Ghazi. Muhammad… @kjsingh2 @madhukishwar Average, India have been home to 25% humanity.Fact that population was educed from 12-15th… @praneelraja @ujaanghosh @FallingIntoFilm @MA_CW @madhukishwar Total loss in life under Islamic sword Estmated 120-… @Aksh_Roars @dawahbyicode @VivekSurana9 @MuslimGhazi @nimish41128245 @suprema_she @jose2ss @dka1966 @Semmukham @siyawardas @avullamparthi @Madame_Micawber @VivekSurana9 @suprema_she @MuslimGhazi @nimish41128245 @abdultawaab119 @MuslimGhazi @Madame_Micawber @jose2ss @dawahbyicode @dka1966 @Semmukham @siyawardas @bsp_pari @avullamparthi
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अगर आप माँ-बाप/सास-ससुर की सेवा नही कर सकते तो तकलीफ भी न दे, वक़्त आपके साथ भी यही खेल खेलेगा, और आपका अपना भी कोई…
Retweeted by Amir KhanConservative figures put the death toll during the British engineered famines in India at over 50 million. The las…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @pliersnwires @girishs2 @free_thinker Shape and Face of Hilsa ? @Imamofpeace At that Time Chinese were sending scholars to India for learning . By Muhammad wanted to do Ghazwa Hin… did But it's not in my hands " All my regards
Retweeted by Amir KhanThank you Putin! Have a great time in hell jihadist scum! 😁 #Syria
Retweeted by Amir Khan @pliersnwires @girishs2 @free_thinker The smell of dead fish still come Natasha. My only curiosity is how much was he paid eat the fish ?No wonder stinks.
Retweeted by Amir KhanSending across greetings to all on the auspicious occasion of #ShubhNavratri. आप सभी को नवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकाम…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @ggiittiikkaa @human24679 @RanaAyyub @sanjivbhatt Only criminal aspect of this incident is the payment he got for t… does not believe in any religion, why then burial in a graveyard? Think loud!
Retweeted by Amir Khan @rawat_manbir @ravishndtv @dcchoudhary197 @VINEET4BJP @SirAjaydevgn @JohnyLeverr @IntolerantMano2 @Srbachchanrai @HarminderjitS @Jatt_Sanga @vikasF22 Tretai Tae Maaniyo Ram Raghuvansh Kahaayo Duapar Krishan Murar Kans Kirtaarath… @HarminderjitS @Jatt_Sanga @vikasF22 Aap naraa-in kalaa Dhaar jag meh parvari-yeo. Nirankaar aakaar jot jag mandal kari-yeo." p. 1395 @Parikramah @Jatt_Sanga @seeker8002 @YungBhujang IMHO, slowly slowly Sikhi Values be adopted by people all over Ind… @Parikramah @Jatt_Sanga @seeker8002 @YungBhujang You are assuming Gurudwaras can be independent, they need affilia… @Parikramah @Jatt_Sanga @2aabi_ @DeplorablePagan @Hiranyareta @Tiwari5Shilpi @HarminderjitS @Kal_Chiron @ShashiTharoor @aakar_amnesty But India is secular as per constitution and per secular scholars there is no such th… to India Today for clarifying to us that a Maharashtra Cong guy is actually just a "political analyst". Noth…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @Ra_Bies He paid well for the services but unaware of the disease he could get from such act. .