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@Madame_Micawber Bota Singh Ji and Bhai Garja Singh Ji were #legendary Sikh warriors that faced an army of 200. They managed to…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @OfficialDGISPR Yeh controlled blasts Kitni Baar Dikahyo Gey ? Naqal Ke Liye Aqal Bhi Chahihye , China Se Aqal bhi loan pey Ley Lo . @CorbettCornell2 @nimish41128245 @bsp_pari @siyawardas @human24679 @Madame_Micawber @BrethrenIndia @YogiBabaPrem @CorbettCornell2 @nimish41128245 @Madame_Micawber @rbharatk @avullamparthi @JGN190 @human24679 @siyawardas @ARanganathan72 @rahulroushan Same Ishwar resides in Croro Hard Haaths ready to slap.😹😹😹😹india vs China fight 2017😹😹😹
Retweeted by Amir KhanARREST warrant issued for Model Khulood JUST for walking through a village in Saudi Arabia wearing skirt in defianc…
Retweeted by Amir KhanWhen a soul gets out of the 3 jars of bodily delusion it becomes 1 with the Infinite w/o any loss of individuality
Retweeted by Amir Khan @CorbettCornell2 @bsp_pari @siyawardas @human24679 @Madame_Micawber @BrethrenIndia @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat
Retweeted by Amir Khan @CorbettCornell2 @bsp_pari @siyawardas @human24679 @Madame_Micawber @BrethrenIndia @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat
Retweeted by Amir Khan @Madame_Micawber @rbharatk @avullamparthi @JGN190 @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @siyawardas @suprema_she @Robin_D__ in genitals, pierced with nails: How cattle is smuggled into Bangladesh
Retweeted by Amir Khan @Imamofpeace @iAnoopJadon @brumbyOz Not Only they took 1/3 of Indian land but 1/2 of them did't not move out & now…'s not okay for Jewish people to form a country on Jewish land but it's okay for Muslims to create a Pakistan in…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @RashmiTrivedi9 @utpalghosh30 @kush07 @anti_conversion @EncapsulatdSoul @sush091979 @SV99999 @hindustanse of accused who gave electric shocks to Shiv : Adnaan Atiq Rashiq Tariq Yusuf Ayyub Shafiq Rizwan First 4 ar…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @chitrapadhi @tehseenp @Swamy39 @sankrant @republic This NIO=Resident of Non Indian Origin Failed 2 state they are… @nimish41128245 @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @sanjeevsanyal
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@ShilpiTiwari5 @Think_Right_ @RamaY_BRF @communalsandeep @VMuppi @TarekFatah @TRobinsonNewEra @Kuvalayamala @looker_89 @zuman22 @madhukishwar This Old Bihari Tabligi BC,BCC is still pretending 2b Indian. Islam recognize hum… @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @JGN190 @Satabdwi @Madame_Micawber @sanjeevsanyal @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @CorbettCornell2 @JGN190 @Satabdwi @Madame_Micawber @sanjeevsanyal @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @avullamparthi @JGN190 @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @siyawardas @suprema_she @Robin_D__ @CorbettCornell2 @BrethrenIndia @human24679 @siyawardas @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @avullamparthi @SaaranshAwasthi
Retweeted by Amir Khan @AhmedabaAhmed @TarekFatah @SatyaVijayi Still Materially, morally much better than being face of incestuous inbreed… @javedlivejaved @TarekFatah @SatyaVijayi Which god: The One who ran away in 47 ? @avullamparthi @Madame_Micawber @CorbettCornell2 @BrethrenIndia @human24679 @siyawardas @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @Madame_Micawber @sanjeevsanyal @siyawardas @human24679 @MuslimGhazi @BrethrenIndia @Madame_Micawber @JGN190 @suprema_she @siyawardas @Robin_D__ @republic Is DKD Vadra trying to make deal for portion of Paki land under CPEcks @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @siyawardas @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @avullamparthi @SaaranshAwasthi @CorbettCornell2 @JGN190 @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @siyawardas @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @avullamparthi @MuslimGhazi @JGN190 @siyawardas @suprema_she @Robin_D__ @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @SaaranshAwasthi @intelligent50ऑस्ट्रेलिया की विदेश मंत्री @JulieBishopMP आज नई दिल्ली में विदेश मंत्री @SushmaSwaraj से की मुलाकात, 2 दिवसीय भारत…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @BharatDharma @SushmaSwaraj Great idea , grant them conditional OCI. @AhmedAusif @SushmaSwaraj It can be held as soon as Paki security forces and Civilians vacate POK territory and han… @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @avullamparthi @SaaranshAwasthi @Madame_Micawber @MuslimGhazi @JGN190 @suprema_she @siyawardas @Robin_D__ @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @dhume @MuslimGhazi Transfer of population is not tolerance issue but political- economic issue.As demanded,Indian… @JGN190 @nimish41128245 @Robin_D__ @ohokgotit @Madame_Micawber @intelligent50 @suprema_she @human24679 @suprema_she @CorbettCornell2 @JGN190 @human24679 @CJPande1 @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @kautilyadharma
@human24679 @JGN190 @Madame_Micawber @CorbettCornell2 @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @siyawardas @GreatHeretic @human24679 @siyawardas @CorbettCornell2 @Madame_Micawber @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @GreatHeretic @bsp_pari @DameMiriam @rose_k01 @brumbyOz Exactly, we are wasting our precious economic resources on those traitors who lync… @rose_k01 @brumbyOz Lynchi-islami jihadi traitor then cry when shoe fall on their face. @RichardFoxYoung @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @siyawardas @GreatHeretic @bsp_pari @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @suprema_she @Robin_D__ @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @SaaranshAwasthi @intelligent50 @SadhguruJV @narendramodi Dear Modi Ji please support and help us revive the dying rivers. #RallyForRivers
Retweeted by Amir Khan @CorbettCornell2 @BrethrenIndia @Madame_Micawber @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @human24679 @intelligent50 @CorbettCornell2 @BrethrenIndia @Madame_Micawber @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @human24679 @intelligent50 @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @human24679 @SaaranshAwasthi @Madame_Micawber @intelligent50 @kautilyadharma @klassik1 @Madame_Micawber @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @SaaranshAwasthi @intelligent50 @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @human24679 @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @GreatHeretic @bsp_pari @Madame_Micawber @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @SaaranshAwasthi @intelligent50 @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @BrethrenIndia @human24679 @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @GreatHeretic @bsp_pari @CorbettCornell2 @Madame_Micawber @human24679 @SaaranshAwasthi @intelligent50 @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @siyawardas @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @kautilyadharma @intelligent50 @GreatHeretic @bsp_pari @suprema_she
Retweeted by Amir Khan @PrisonPlanet @immigrant4trump Again...
Retweeted by Amir Khan @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @SaaranshAwasthi @Madame_Micawber @intelligent50 @siyawardas @kautilyadharma @human24679 @Robin_D__ @suprema_she @BrethrenIndia @SaaranshAwasthi @siyawardas @intelligent50 @Madame_Micawber @AvgJoe999 @siyawardas @suprema_she @Robin_D__ @bsp_pari @BrethrenIndia @human24679 @intelligent50 @Madame_Micawber @suprema_she @BramhaKamal @ippatel @Student4_Life @PChidambaram_IN @MamataOfficiaI @Madame_Micawber @siyawardas @Robin_D__ @SaaranshAwasthi @siyawardas @BrethrenIndia @intelligent50 @Madame_Micawber @GreatHeretic @human24679 @brumbyOz @tombstonerip Momin should know as Muhammad & Allah successfully used this very trick against Kuffar fro… @brumbyOz This is why it is repeatedly said that no ungrateful ,treacherous Momin should interfere in Indian matters. @madmanweb @brumbyOz U want to run business venture on 2nd hand Info? Intelligent business man will rely on exper… @brumbyOz Not when Indians are capable of these products. Invest in these industries than wasting time & money on U… has always betrayed us. Buying Chinese products is like helping the enemy. Every nationalist Indian should boycott Chinese products
Retweeted by Amir Khan @ExMuslimTV @brumbyOz 10-15 % are much greater Numb-ers than expected.It=Info Tech now can take real mortal stab at… @irkjain @disha_usa @mshiteshmohan @VINEET4BJP @blue21sky @RishiMishra_ @FastNewsDelhi @sagenaradamuni @cgalgale
Retweeted by Amir Khan @dawn_com @Swamy39 @sankrant @ramana_brf @majorgauravarya @madhukishwar GOI, Owr nahi bus Owr nahi, Paki Pyado Par…“At least 25 conversions of young Hindu girls take place every month in Umerkot’s Kunri and Samaro talukas alone”…
Retweeted by Amir Khan @JPY_Kurdish @human24679 @brumbyOz @AdityaRajKaul @Madame_Micawber @sankrant @siyawardas @AsYouNotWish @rishibagree @dr_rita39 @HamidMirPAK @MirwaizKashmir @majorgauravarya Humme Umang Thi Lakho Jihadi Maarne ki, Maaza Kharab Kar d… @gowhargeelani @dr_rita39 @MirwaizKashmir Really disappointed in Valley's Jihadi Soft dolls.Few slaps & loud claim… @rahuldewan @MuslimGhazi @siyawardas @suprema_she @Robin_D__ @human24679 @BrethrenIndia @SaaranshAwasthi @mintu_solanki @AdityaRajKaul @RanaAyyub @_sabanaqvi @Shehla_Rashid @shahid_siddiqui @tehseenp @Shehzad_Ind