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If making your staff raise a special flag whenever you enter the building doesn’t filled the gaping hole in your li…
Retweeted by Heather GLook at Trump's recent tweets, and how many are simply about his fragile ego. Barely anything about governing this…
Retweeted by Heather GSO COOL. a certain point, you’d think that they’d eventually get sick of Hannity constantly screaming that the sky is fal… past year has been the longest decade of my life. 😩 #TheResistance #DumpTrump
Retweeted by Heather G @femalemsktr My copy arrived last Saturday! 🙌🏼 @FretsMakesMusic @JIMMIEP78 @Carrion_Crawl @Iheartnoise @chuckwoolery Apparently, knowing everything doesn’t includ… your heart out, @SarahPalinUSA. I can see Russia from *my* house now. surely they wouldn’t sell those discriminatory ads in, say, rubles. #SarcasmFont @TheRuntSquad @washingtonpost Not to be too picky, but I think that should be “atmos-splat”. Like the noise he’s going to make.
I need to start counting these as trophies. @FaktCheck @BamaDan78 @DanielWBerty It’s telling that you misspell “fact” in your own username. #DunningKrugerClaimsAnotherVictim @TheRuntSquad Twitter, don’t let us down! 🙌🏼 [I’m waiting for the best ridicule threads so I can bandwagon-jump.] @MrReginaldJames @bobismywitless @nytimes Remember, these are the same folks who decided that John Podesta’s emails… this out with me for a sec. Let’s pretend Starbucks *did* have a big gay agenda being pushed subliminally via… @TheRuntSquad Wait, is that happening again already? I’m late to the public ridicule! Why didn’t you warn me?!?"Net Neutrality" means corporations can't pay to manipulate how you use the internet (PORN). If this goes away, not…
Retweeted by Heather GTwitter has not provided the House and Senate Russia investigations with any additional Kremlin-backed imposter acc…
Retweeted by Heather G @FaktCheck @BamaDan78 @DanielWBerty Awww, pumpkin, you poor thing. We can explain it to you all day and night, but… @washingtonpost Two words: Darwin Awards:
Retweeted by Heather G @washingtonpost I think I know how this is going to turn out. gay teachers? they'll molest kids! 1980s gays in your home? they'll molest kids! 1990s gays adopting? they'll…
Retweeted by Heather G @femalemsktr @nprfreshair But Fresh Air is always on point, and if anyone can report on it thoughtfully, I trust Terry Gross to do so! @femalemsktr @nprfreshair I think that the progress Mueller has already made reassured the right folks that this is… @mdh @AGSchneiderman @FCC It seems fairly accessible. We pretty much know they coordinated with the Russian troll f… @mdh @AGSchneiderman @FCC I don’t. I’m confident that was his intention all along. The only thing that remains to b… hope Mueller can tie this to the Trump administration. I suspect he probably can. office analyzed the public comments submitted to the @FCC about #netneutrality—and found that 100,000s of Americ…
Retweeted by Heather G @atleast6letters @Eddie_Hudd @CBSNews I bet you also have a tough time with the concept of buffalo wings too.
Retweeted by Heather G @Steampunk_Skunk @atleast6letters @Eddie_Hudd @CBSNews This is great. I will be using this. Thanks for your donation! 😂🙌🏼 @atleast6letters @Eddie_Hudd @CBSNews The nazis were as socialist as the Democratic Republic of North Korea is democratic.
Retweeted by Heather GOh, look! Another right-winger who doesn’t understand the most fundamental concepts of political philosophy. This i…’s practicing. we’re done with that silly “religious right” oxymoron. @MBFr1tz @47bacsi67 Yes, and you’ll notice that the results from March 2016 are the figures attributed to Obama. The high parts. 🤦‍♀️
@MBFr1tz @el_maletero @conradhackett (1) When do *you* think Trump was inaugurated? [Hint: it was before March.] (… EFFECT: Change in % confident in US president from Obama to Trump Sweden 🔻83 points Germany 🔻75 S Korea 🔻71 F…
Retweeted by Heather GPay just one lousy $32 million settlement, and people leap to all kinds of unfair conclusions
Retweeted by Heather GAnd just to be clear, you're not my favorite President. You're not even in the top 44.
Retweeted by Heather GDear @realDonaldTrump: As public servants, we help people because it is the right thing to do, not because we want…
Retweeted by Heather GShit. I never started #GOT.
Retweeted by Heather G
PREDICTION: in 6 months or so, the investigation into Russian interference will announce that the Internet Research… @tattoosandbones @TattooedEnigma @RealDaniH Her “ChicagoOneNews” is—get this—a Blogger site. 😂 Oh, and she’s a “mom… @BikerNiqabi he puts the moron in oxymoron
Retweeted by Heather GWhoever did this is a damn genius.
Retweeted by Heather G @spudbeach @RealDaniH @am_anatiala @realscientists She’s an “independent journalist” because no organization held t… “Independent journalist” means “fake news journalist”. They’re “independent” because no organization held to a…
YES. Yes, this would be phenomenal. Please do this.
Question for the twitterverse: anybody super handy with the #RostockMAX2 3D printer? I really need someone to brain… News: The Keystone pipeline spilled 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
Retweeted by Heather GAs a Democrat, I am ready to criticize Al Franken. I don't know that I can ever vote for him (I am a MN voter). Bu…
Retweeted by Heather GPlease stop saying how much it hurts to watch your heroes fall; please start saying instead how much it hurts to re…
Retweeted by Heather GIs this how the @GOP’s war on education ends? This is a great way to drive all of the smart folks out of the countr… in ME, AZ, TN, WI, AK and OK. Step up and save the day! Johnson is a no. Collins is a strong lean no…
Retweeted by Heather GBarack Obama has a better favorable/unfavorable (52/45) than Donald J. Trump (50/47) .... in Alabama. Per Fox News Poll
Retweeted by Heather G @frankthorp @SenFranken Carter Page
Retweeted by Heather G @SenFranken Carter Page was also wearing a big floppy red hat when he arrived:
Retweeted by Heather GI want to apologize to Leeann Tweeden, to everyone who was part of the USO tour, to all who've worked for me, to al…
Retweeted by Heather GNot as payback, of course, because that would be petty. To make sure they *really* understand why what they’ve done… that the few men who *are* hired or promoted must be sleeping with the boss. Hell, maybe even make that true.Overwhelmingly and promote women, then when men complain about it, note in their annual evaluations that they’re “n… them 73¢ on the dollar, then charge them more for health insurance, toiletries, and haircuts. Criticize them if… them in job interviews or funding interviews what they plan to do when they get married or have kids. Disbeliev… feel like People Magazine has been trying to bring us to this conclusion for years. They’re wayyy ahead of the cu… mean, what’s a better way to foster empathy than role-reversal? Grope them at work. Comment only on their clothing.It’s great that we seem to be *finally* putting an end to the objectification of women. To be sure this sticks, we… in Donald Trump and Paul Ryan has an incredible rate of return.
Retweeted by Heather GWe can’t let Republicans get away with robbing the middle class. Let’s call it what it really is - a #GOPTaxScam
Retweeted by Heather Gwe tried
Retweeted by Heather GI do think Franken's candor and willingness to accept scrutiny is commendable. In the age of social media the old "…
Retweeted by Heather G @PortiaMcGonagal I’m highly confident that is their only reliable competency. tweet from a year ago did not age well.
Retweeted by Heather GAn aggressive anti-LGBT pro-"family values" Ohio Republican has resigned after being caught having SEX WITH A MAN i…
Retweeted by Heather GMy favorite Catholic right here, probably ever. 👇🏼 tax dollars at work:
Retweeted by Heather GCongressional Office of Compliance releases year-by-year breakdown of harassment settlements and awards:
Retweeted by Heather G3 tweet thread that explains the mindset of both Leavers in the UK and Trumpers in the US., if only there had been some environmental groups warning this might happen.
Retweeted by Heather G