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WOW! Over 100% of LYING Anglo-Saxon Chronicle contains no good stories about me! Typical Mainstream Bards. This is…
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanCRICKET PODCAST ALERT... Warning: Contains cricket.
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanThere’s nothing more festive than a subtitled Norwegian Christmas documentary right? 🎄🎄🎄
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanYes please. Write stuff. We’ve had loads of subs already but want more.
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanJust when I thought @MarkHarrisNYC ’s tweet couldn’t get any better...
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @HelenZaltzman U2 just put out a new album though.
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanWant to feel old? This is what S Club 7 look like now.
@podcon @ChrstphrReynaga @PointMystic @BriggonSnow @biglooppodcast Sorry, 1 more. I met an Asian guy who was shakin…
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzmanthis guy had police detain someone who made fun of his hat
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @kfingleton @DawnHFoster The sad thing is, there are an awful lot of Jases. @waferbaby "So inventive, darling! Two means of dying, AND racism and rape, all in one paragraph - you are clever!" @MattBrownnutt Priorities are in order then. @MattBrownnutt @kfingleton @DawnHFoster Yeah don't remind me @kfingleton @DawnHFoster Not yet, podcasting as a medium still hasn't broken through enough to attract the attentio… new episode is unlike anything we've done before. Listen:
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanThis guy failed every module at finishing school @DawnHFoster Whoops, I missed that because I was still red penning the graphic death threats. @AmberButchart Holy shitI saw @thememorypalace do a live show at #londonpodfest and it was absolutely magical. If you're in or near DC on 6… @EarbudsPodCol @Discover_Pods Give up the blog format - just an ever rolling list of lists. That's the age we live in now @danthesith @RadioPublic That's different - your art is on there! It's not a mug you bought in a rush at the petrol station.This is very sweet, from @RadioPublic: give someone a gift of handpicked podcasts! Oh, you… @Discover_Pods @EarbudsPodCol I'm pretty sure this year's List Season has been running nonstop since last year's List Season.“Literature can move us. But ultimately structural systems are very hard to shift” - wise wise @greg_jenner talks a… @Discover_Pods @EarbudsPodCol and still at least another two weeks of List Season still to go...Outtake from the new episode. How Dickensian is a chocolate dalek? Hear the episode at
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @danthesith @guardian That would certainly be more appropriate.“battles” is the wrong word for this headline, @guardian - try ‘weakly deflects’, or maybe ‘deserves’. to my kind friends @trufelman and @katiemingle for braving 19th century London in the new episode.
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanSweet edible nightmares you're unwaged / on a low income & would like 2 see any Tue or Thu screenings 4 free, email or pop in & see us!
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @joepevans @AllusionistShow Ugh how tedious. What did you go for? "No, who's he?" @nikeshshukla Can't wait! @HrishiHirway I'm glad this is out in the world!I’m on hour two of trying to wrap my head around this woman literally saying she’s not anti-Semitic because her law…
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @chayground @AllusionistShow @ZaltzCricket Nightmare
Charles Dickens: Social Justice Warrior disguised as Mr Christmas @AllusionistShow
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanThere is a gigantic (four acre!) Charles Dickens- themed Christmas fair in San Francisco. Fake snow, top hats, bad…
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanI’m at the episode of @HelenAndOlly that announces the (maybe) start of @AllusionistShow. It’s nice knowing how awe…
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanI'm having trouble putting together my Christmas wish list on Amazon.
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @amahnke This is going to be a MASSIVE hit Christmas 2019.Charles Dickens: Social Justice Warrior disguised as Mr Christmas @AllusionistShowThe WHOLE of Fanny Cradock Cooks For Christmas has just been added to iPlayer. If you’ve never seen it before, watc…
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanSteve Bannon to campaign with alleged pedophile Roy Moore on eve of election. And @SIRIUSXM just gave Bannon a show…
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @vivianhle Yeah but our boat trip to an island covered in penguins was cancelled today
Apologies for the short thread, but I think it is necessary to counteract the deliberate and cynical "everybody li…
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @craftyexpat Another amateur display from Britain.Feeling considerable FOMO about everyone at #Podcon and everyone playing in the snow in Britain @TheRebeccaPrjct I want to go! Hopefully next yearHappy birthday @davenadelberg! In honour of #Birthdave, treat yourselves to @mortified's new book, along with a dos… didn't count because suffering in war is indifferent to age or sex. But one thing I am positive of is that at the…
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @JesseThorn Did you go to the Tam O'Shanter today or are you just pumped for our trip to the Tam O'Shanter week aft…
Hullo! I loved doing this podcast about Charles Dickens & Christmas 🎄- why not give it a listen? 👂😁
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @nikeshshukla The Good Immigrant being such a smash @romanmars @jasonlrennie @themuzak @CelebJuice @MsMariaWilliams Absolutely not. @annapickard Does your real accent sound inauthentic in that place?Definitely @themuzak, @CelebJuice, @MsMariaWilliams, and most of all @romanmars, although he hates my gratitude.'ve never taken hallucinogens, but listening to the raw footage of them at the Dickens fair must have been a close…'s like he's reached that stage when children start trying to tell jokes.
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman @virtualmatthill @samlsteele @franpanetta @DirkMaggs @OllyMann @karyignite @jasotweet Proud to have opened doors to… very fun new episode just arrived! @trufelman and @katiemingle found Victorian Christmas in California, while…
Retweeted by Helen Zaltzman
@seedevonwrite @sonjalivingston @annheppermann @meganleetan @McEwenAnnie Same to you though, D. You helped me far more than you know. @Baggsie13 Keeping it real, Baggsie. @justmemonkey Thank you! Check here (you can play the songs for free) - was it @martinaustwick’s track ‘Methuselah’?
In the new @HelenAndOlly #AMT357, I deal with the most non-problem problem anyone has ever faced: getting deverifie… @PabloBonzo EVERYone’s pleased to hear @jonronson on a podcast! He’s always great on podcasts.
A rare live Allusionist fixture is happening at @SFSketchfest on 12 January! Tickets:
Retweeted by Helen ZaltzmanI'm sad that one of my favourite shows, @dinnerpartydnld, has ended. But I'll always have their book Brunch Is Hell… @nikeshshukla @JuliaKingsford Big win for both @jatomic @AllusionistShow I bet cruffins taste quite good.
@saricher Zuckerberg is giving a lot of money away, so he'll be on watch, but not condemned yet. @brentonwalters Google Docs is always trying to sabotage me. I don’t know how much longer I can hold off from succu… @dbennett_ks Except for the bits with the manatees.
@saimsaeed847 Excellent! Welcome, comrade.But this iteration is aiming for socialism rather than capitalism. @thermalsatsuma Better to fall apart than be torn apart, eh? @kirkketchum Would you prefer something more like Hunger Games For Capitalist World-Ruiners?