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Rama and Ayodhya and The Battle for Rama - Review -'I Grew Up in Lalu's Bihar' - Tales of Lawlessness - I learnt recently reporting on reforms in Madrassa & Sanskrit boards in UP: Annual govt spending on 560…
Retweeted by Hindu Post2nd World Hindu Congress in Chicago, USA from 7 - 9 September -
The Real Kerala That I Explored - Interview with Dr. Surendra Jain of VHP - Erupts in UP's Faizganj After Members Of Different Community Try To Kidnap Teenage Hindu Girl -
Distressed by Constant Harassment, Adolescent Girl Commits Suicide in UP's Moradabad - of Child Marriage in the United States of America and Its Hypocrisy - is Hindu Dharma Being Denigrated in Spite of Being the Most Reasonable System of Living? -, Jharkhand : Don Bosco School Makes Kids Wear Islamic Caps For Eid Celebrations, Apologizes Later - -
Yoga- Hindu Dharma's Gift To The World - A Sacred Geography, by Diana Eck - Review - @mnchalat NpWhy Pooja Singh's Fears Could Actually Be Real - - @mnchalat Can we republish this article with credit to original?A very erudite Shri @neelakantha ji speaks to @mayankjain100 ji on BJP ending PDP/BJP alliance. Via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu Post10 Simple Things a Common Hindu can do to keep their Dharma alive - via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu Post“He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune”- The Arvind Kejriwal Saga -
Very Worthy cause...Hindus must fund those working on the ground with persecuted, suffering Hindus...if big busines… Carrying Kashmiri Pandits to Kheer Bhawani Stuck in Stone Pelting, Pilgrims Safe - Love Jihad Victim Speaks Out, Hear Her Out - -"Rohingyas are increasing crime against women. They tease our school girls, When they go through slum. I am with s…
Retweeted by Hindu PostIn this must-watch interview @mayankjain100 interviews @neelakantha on the way forward after collapse of the… Interview with Sushil Pandit on Way Forward After Collapse of PDP-BJP Alliance in J&K -
@InkedMonk @noconversion The tweet has been you have screenshot...any such writeups can be shared with BJP Ending Alliance With PDP in J&K, Here are 4 Things It Should Do Asap - Temples Of Malappuram – Part III (Temples of Tavanur) - Abuse by Christian Priests in Bharat - A Hidden Truth - Seller Abdul Stabs Hindu Girl for Refusing his Advances - Hyderabad - Crackdown on Hindus trying to Build Temple in Muslim Majority Jharkhand Village - via @hindupost
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@UrchinSpock @satyabhashnam Ganesha Statue hidden from Public view by grills at Qutub Minar complex - Mehrauli, Del…
Retweeted by Hindu PostThe oldest Ganesha temple is in Japan. Japanese people have been worshiping Ganesha at Matsuchiyama Shoden in Tokyo…
Retweeted by Hindu PostLathi Charges By The Police On The People Who Built The Temple For The Beneficiaries - (UP) - Sophia School Under Scrutiny For Transferring School Funds To Christian Missionary Orgs - Does Opposition Have to Offer in LS 2019, Except 'Defeat Modi' Call? - Akshaya Patra Foundation – Providing Nutrition to Needy Children - via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu Post16-Year-Old Girl Abducted via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu PostLove Jihad to Rape Jihad - How an entire Muslim Family & Maulvi Gang-Raped a Hindu Girl in Rampur, UP - Naxals – The Making of Buddha In A Traffic Jam, by Vivek Agnihotri -
The Akshaya Patra Foundation - Providing Nutrition to Needy Children -’s War Against Bharat’s Enemies - Hypocrisy on Pranab Mukherjee Attending RSS Event -
Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1963) was a writer, novelist, & philosopher. Huxley became interested in spiritual subjects l…
Retweeted by Hindu PostFor those interested in reading what historical accounts reveal, I would encourage people, including Shri Katju, to…
Retweeted by Hindu PostFive Hindu Households Attacked in Bangladesh, 9 Injured - via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu PostFive Hindu Households Attacked in Bangladesh, 9 Injured - Bhaskar caught again! - Monthly Sport of Mirpur Khas in Pakistan - Ceasfire Backfires - After Soldiers, Even Pro-Separatist Journalist Shujaat Bukhari Not Spared by Jihadis -
It was a Condescending Counteroffensive, a non-apology: Stop Pretending Priyanka or ABC Apologized - via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu PostWith Killings on the Rise, Sikhs in Pakistan’s Peshawar Weigh Exit - Valley Mourns Cops Killed by Terrorists - video is on FIRE. Getting 3,000 views per hour. @TVMohandasPai is at his best and the subject is so important.…
Retweeted by Hindu Post @RukhmangadA Thank you!Today is the beginning of 3 days long #Raja parba in Odisha 😊 A festival marked with fanfare by every Odia househol…
Retweeted by Hindu Post6000-year-old Rakhigarhi: Burials were done in Rig Vedic fashion, DNA study finds no Central Asian trace - Men, One of them Allegedly Nephew of Congress Leader Mujeeb Qureshi, Booked For Sexual Assault in Dhar, MP - at the radio silence of the mainstream media & #Dalit Activists. A Dalit family set afire in their house i…
Retweeted by Hindu PostIt was a Condescending Counteroffensive, a non-apology: Stop Pretending Priyanka or ABC Apologized - via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu PostIt was a Condescending Counteroffensive, a non-apology: Stop Pretending Priyanka or ABC Apologized - of Making Aerospace/Defense Investment in Bharat At Par With Making it in France or Netherlands, says U… @muglikar_ dhanyavad ... thanks for the endorsementthis horrific crime occurred on 10th June - 4 days later, no front-page coverage in English press like… Family Burnt Alive by Muslim Neighbours, Daughters Aged 3 & 5 Dead - Katihar, Bihar - Grandmaster Soumya Swaminathan Says NO to Hijab, Pulls out of Tournament in Iran -
@BDUTT Y was @atulkochhar's comment 'odious' @bDutt? From Bin Qasim to Ghaznawi; Timur to Abdali, when did we Musli…
Retweeted by Hindu PostIslamists tortured and killed our Gurus and char Sahibzada...coz they refused to convert to Islam...I'll call out a…
Retweeted by Hindu Post#FOEunderThreat Kerala BJP Worker Arrested for Criticising CPM MLA BJP worker Suraj has been arrested in #Kerala f…
Retweeted by Hindu PostFrench Woman Molested in Bengal Train, Accused Arshad Hussain Arrested - #KathuaCase update harassment of 8 accused continues as yet again J&K crime branch was able to produce only one…
Retweeted by Hindu PostE. Sreedharan - One of the Architects of Modern Bharat -
Retweeted by Hindu PostWho all said "educate to de-radicalize"?
Retweeted by Hindu PostJalyukta Shivar - Success of Public-Private Partnership - Girl Abducted & Raped by Muslim Uncle-Nephew Duo - Hamirpur, UP - this short book by an acclaimed historian, KS Lal, was an eye-opener. I strongly urge everyone to read it too.
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Collective hypocrisy or selective bias: Why Bharatiya media reports the way it does? - via @hindupost
Retweeted by Hindu Postहर घर से वीर निकलेगा -2 Smt Babita Sharma got emotional at passing out parade of his Son Lt Kshitij. Kshitij was 9…
Retweeted by Hindu PostCoca Cola Was Started by 'Shikanji-wala' in US, Says Lutyens' PM Candidate Rahul Gandhi -