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I write good tweets professionally and bad tweets personally. She/her.

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Regina’s is good but it’s not even the best pizza place in the North End.’s up Insomnia Twitter??
Here is my audition to be in a movie as lady who is unattainable (SPOILER: attainable!!!) dream girl of nerdy leadi…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleThis tweet is from 1 year ago today and we had no idea how much more tired we could get lol out Hollaback Girl and I Miss You have the same BPM.
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele @mariesha416 I know dude. We’re all just trying to get through the day. 😭 @lauraemasters I always go with hot food but frosty sounds amazing wow
@johntony Lollll 😂 I’m a big fan of the hot toddy too.Also like... I think people forget SNL pays really well?I get it, haha, it’s funny. But there are so many really important causes/candidates that could use your “haha $5”… miso soup.What’s your random go-to sick craving? I’ll go first massaman curry with extra peanuts 🤷🏻‍♀️You know what, no. No snarky tweets. This girl deserves a vacation from dealing with anyone else. She’s been throug… this just slammed me right in the gut. Instagram feed in October - People I follow from out of town visiting Salem And People I follow from Salem w… @TookyMonster is a very poorly targeted sponsored tweet. Alec Baldwin can eat a fart.
I missed Frank on Twitter but I did not miss Frank Bitching About Twitter public transit to Salem 🚉⛴👻 then check out these restaurants #AskTheEditor
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A man is 230 times more likely to be the victim of rape in adulthood than he is to be falsely accused of rape. Th…
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@MorganMurphles same @msaunsen lol sorry you're LOSING @msaunsen 4 uwait is it @msaunsen proudly. i'll add an e only for past tense, as in "i faved megan's very funny tweet"am I the only one who still calls the heart button on twitter a "fav"we all look so stupid staring at the single cup coffee maker, waiting..@FrankRamblings might not be using twitter right now, but Ramblebot is still serving realness. care of yourselves, friends. ❤️ #WorldMentalHealthDay out here 𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙢𝙚
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleGuys I’m seeing Hamilton tomorrow.
@kciccolini @a_tuts @mariesha416 Yeah I've definitely enjoyed a few of the more industry focused events (vs. career, which do tend to skew younger)me on facebook: "hi friends! if you have a sec please make sure you're registered to vote! it's supes important k?… @meghkeaney @KeithAnderson Our guy shook my hand after we made the deal and said “I’ve gotta shake hands with the l… @meghkeaney Noooooo. Stop.
Is there a law that used car salesmen need to be misogynistic or is it more of an industry wide standard“This is the hand I covered her mouth with”
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Text your friends/family in red/battleground states and make sure they’re registered to vote. A simple thing to do… many ways to slice this — Sen. Collins is challenging Dr Ford’s memory, which she said was 100 percent certain.
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleHa, get it, it’s funny because he’s an alcoholic who’s been accused by more than one woman of sexual assault and yo…
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Older woman crying in photo: “How are we going to find the strength to keep fighting? Are we going to be out here f…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleVery much appreciate the dudes I follow on here who are speaking out. We see you, thank you.I went to bed feeling betrayed--perhaps even enraged. I woke up, still feeling betrayed--but resolved. I still beli…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele @HiThisIsMarissa Maybe we should all just strive to BE RBG. Because we need her x100
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele“Maybe I’ll be RBG for Halloween.” “Maybe we should ALL be RBG for Halloween.” - my friend but also all of us tonightMotion to refer to all women who prop up the patriarchy as Susan Collinses from now on. She is our Uncle Tom. Phyll…
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To my white friends: These pro-kav voters absolutely SUCK, but understand that sh*tty politicians who screw and dis…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleWe are all rightly pissed at Susan Collins, but let's save at least some of the outrage for Joe Manchin, a Democrat…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleGod I’m gonna have an aneurysm
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleOur democracy is built and checks and balances. But all of those checks and balances are starting to crumble.Many assumed Sen Collins was agonizing over this decision but she sounds like she never had a moment of doubt.
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleI hope justice kennedy is enjoying his retirement.supposedly Susan Collins was undecided until this morning... so damn, wow, this hour long, impassioned speech defen… collins is more angry about process than she is about sexual assault
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleThis is why survivors don't come forward. This speech right here. This horrible moment when this horrible woman giv…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleTHE ABSOLUTE GALL of @SenatorCollins to cite stats about survivors not reporting while literally doing the thing those survivors most fear
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleSusan Collins should have just voted YES without giving this speech. The sin of these words will haunt her legacy. Women will never forget.
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele"Me too matters," Susan Collins said, licking the blood from the knife she just stuck in its back.
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele @SenatorCollins you're doing a disservice to every woman, every survivor, and every one of your constituents.this speech from @SenatorCollins is going to be someone's #WhyIDidntReport story.Now I know how a Maine lobster feels as it's being boiled slowly to its inevitable death
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuelei often say hyperbolically that i "feel like i'm going to puke" but i literally feel like i'm going to puke right… 2020.also v grateful to be working from home today so I can watch Collins speak at 3 and throw a fit and break some dishes in peace.just made plans to go to my friend's place tonight and cuddle with her cat and drink red wine and watch the RBG doc… a man with a known history of sexual misconduct will be confirmed to the highest court in the land for a life…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleEvery woman in America is going to be able to fly soon.
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remember when the GOP fancied themselves the "family values" party? @KateStilling the excessive butter stuff really grosses me out.if you're not voting based on what your constituents want then... yes? Yes we are going to allow peaceful protests?…
kind of crazy that men don't want to hold each other to a higher standard whoa alert twitter 2. i didn't get the alert twitter 3. you don't have to tweet about the alert twitter 4. yo…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleI walked into the house having a panic attack and my husband wrapped me in a weighted blanket and laid me down on t…
He probably shot at these ducks to scare them off our lawn 30 seconds after this Norman Rockwell photo was taken. got an email with some old photos of my grandfather who just passed. as I opened the song "fast car" came on s…
@chipgoines it's ok, it's hard to keep trash of which men are cancelled lately.Must read thread on trans rights in Massachusetts 👇. Massachusetts #voteyeson3 in November to continue to protect t…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanueletrump is the most alcoholic-looking sober person on the planet. am so excited for Townie Facebook this month. 👃
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@kciccolini @nbcsnl I do adore Rachel Dratch. @tmclaughbos Def make a trip up soon, it’s an awesome city. Lmk when you do, I’ve got lots of reccs. @tmclaughbos Worse. Imagine the Giacamo’s line at every restaurant/bar. @tmclaughbos If you’re a HUGE Halloween person, then fine, come in October. But if you just wanna check out the cit… from a Salem resident: Please visit Salem! It’s an awesome city full of culture, history, and great food/drink… @chipgoines Noooo chip Matt Damon is so bad. @michaelianblack When men apologize then we can start discussing a “path back” for them. But they aren’t apologizin… @michaelianblack @bradiscranky Michael he hasn’t even apologized.How quickly we forget. are you truly fucking kidding me with having Matt Damon, serial coverup artist and defender of sexual predators…
Do u guys have faith in me to stay awake for SNL tonight? Relevant facts: woke up at 6am and ate a VERY large plate… @graemeknows I’m so sorry for your loss.
@NBC10Boston @alexisanne_ @Alex20001 protest lunch break on Monday? @jack Get the fuck out of here with this today JackWow please @ me next time true need this today. check: is this the angriest/most upset you’ve been since the 2016 election?anyone else just realize they've been clenching their jaw for like 3 days