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Every time someone talks about watching Planet Earth I’m like “heh heh you smoke weed.” @JuddApatow @SenTomCotton @RockTheVote @letamericavote He speaks like he’s a Hilter Youthwhen i saw this sign i gasped so loud now THAT IS A SIGN BITHC!!!
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleThere is no logical reason on the merits, for McConnell to object to guaranteeing military pay and death benefits d…
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This girl was maybe the most epic part of the #Denver #WomensMarch2018
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele @jbat413 @GOPLeader Maybe they should focus on making deals I heard your guy is good at deals. @GOPLeader Lol you guys are so bad at PRThe government may be closed but my kitchen is open for business ha ha ha I’ll see myself out @Cow_pokes @PressSec Cow pokes sir are you ok @Cow_pokes @PressSec Please answer my question, cow pokes! @Cow_pokes @PressSec Please answer my question, toddler. Why couldn’t your guy make a deal?On his one year anniversary. If this was a network television drama I’d call the midseason finale “a bit on-the-nose, if you ask me.” @Cow_pokes @PressSec Your boy ran - literally - on making deals. He failed. Try to see some reason honey. Night!
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele @Cow_pokes @PressSec Why aren’t the dems participating? Because your guys can’t compromise.
Lol this website is the best @Cow_pokes @PressSec What world are you living in? It’s straight up denial. @Cow_pokes @PressSec Every other administration was able to manage compromise. Your boy can’t handle it.Me: Go to sleep. Also me: Fight with MAGA trolls on twitter all night. @Cow_pokes @PressSec Your boys have all the advantages in the world but still can’t keep the lights on. @Cow_pokes @PressSec Not hard to get 60 if your boy can “make deals” like he promised.At least Trump didn’t base his entire candidacy on his ability to make deals
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanuele @PressSec Honey your party controls the senate do you know how government worksAlmost 5 years later and you know what I still want a cronut @seanspicer Honey your party controls the house and the senate and the White House do you know how government works?Tonight’s shitshow is proof the GOP needs to just fully implode and rebuild. What’s left of the Grand Old Party is… Hahahah happy anniversaryLooks like the Federal government will be shutdown on the 1-year anniversary of President Trump's inauguration.
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleIT IS NOW LITERALLY THE 11TH HOUR!
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanueleok this alone confirms the entire Stormy story. tweet didn't age well I say something I think is ~ hilarious ~ to @alexisanne_ via chat while she's sitting next to me and I'm waiti… @JWLevitt are you near east cambridge? sounds like something blew out. @ashlyn_stours #EastCambridgeWillRebuild @soph_bern East Cambridge probs amirightthe power just went off briefly in the office and I loudly announced "well I guess it's the weekend now" and then i… women. believe GIRLS.Did not wake up this morning thinking Aly Raisman would be my personal hero by the end of the day but here we are. Wow. @hiburrow Can you look for an email from Frank Emanuele? He hasn’t gotten a response since yesterday. @hiburrow hi guys! having an issue with a delivery- can you guys shoot me a DM? @MelissaObleada also like, how do you not walk into thingsI feel like I have a lot of work to get done before the weekend but I guess it could be worse. can't believe this website is free. @arb @rcadden regular ugly sunglasses.Umberto's is probably the thing I'll miss most about living in the North End. They "open" at 11, but if you get the…
@svershbow This is amazing.TEXT FROM MY DAD: call me ME: who died oh no someone died I can’t believe it I hope it wasn’t someone I really care…
Retweeted by Marissa Breton EmanueleRelated: please introduce me to all your favorite #SalemMA restaurants/bars/Twitter peopleI’ve lived outside the city for exactly 1 week and I’m already 35% less wired all the time.I truly wonder how she survive a single day knowing her dad wants to bone her. @FoxNews @TomiLahren honey did u know ur party controls the house and the senate and the white house right now @BostonGlobe I met @aubrybracco at Jacob Wirth so it's obviously a magical place.idc if it's anti feminist of me to say this but every woman can passionately discuss target for at least 10 minutesif you're ever having a conversation with a woman and you're not sure what to talk about, try Target. @SenatorCollins @Apple you know that's not true stop it. @CutlerDave @alexisanne_ LOL. now she's become more of a fast casual person. "Should I get @sweetgreen or @diginn on Friday?"I can't wait to get on the commuter rail home and start preparing my grocery list for next week. Yes, I'm adapting… @EricPeters0 ugh. maybe? if it's coming from a real person, not a marketing account. I'll admit it's slightly less shady.prayers for all my local journo friends can we all please hold hands and promise not to do this horrible subject line “Hack” anymore in 2018 PLEA… to my doctor:“Breakfast Salads” might be the most offensive food trend of my lifetime.
Did I miss the red carpet coverage shit @alexisanne_ MayonnaiseThe “13” in the headline really underscores how much the answer should be “None of our business”
Retweeted by Marissa Breton Emanueleok I know everyone has posted this already today but if you haven't read it it's very good and you should read it. "weak chin concealer"turtlenecks, or as I like to call them, "office virus blockers" @PerezHilton @jtimberlake easy for him to say. @graemeknows you understand my stock photo pain."We're smart friends and we're talking to each other!" - podcasts
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Fake fireplace ☑️ Heated blanket ☑️ Humidifier ☑️ We need so many supplies just to survive winter INDOORS.Bad timing my dudes firmly believe there are ~ too many podcasts ~ in the world. BUT. You should listen to Slow Burn. The paralle… trump's heart is in "great shape" ..... and he eats mcdonalds every day .... WHY DO I EAT SALADS it's 2018 and nothing matters @mkarolian haha no we just moved up to salem!The expectation is OF COURSE he would continue to pursue her even if she seemed unenthusiastic because that's what…
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@kciccolini I flew Azores Airlines this year and I believe they’re the same parent company? Anyway they were a tota…