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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@jay_jett Hah!!
"the the trump" is unhinged spewing dangerous lies to the last day. The election is not rigged. Don't let him win b…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI bet @HollandTaylor would dig this too.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorElizabeth always does what is best for the country. #MadamSecretary
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. @Juniper40 @themariskafiles @JRConway7984 the budget of the USA doesn't reflect that at ALL-- @Catalina6838 unless you're talking about a dictator, i don't follow. What you suggest isn't collective tho't of all who work in our gov't. @bumsue19 @monbomfim the gov't isn't a person. Ppl make up the govt & they have chosen to fund Defense THOUSANDS of times over education. @themariskafiles @JRConway7984 @cdjaska private schools are fine & God bless those who can go, but it's publics schools that need MONEY NOW @HollandTaylor @JRConway7984 @cdjaska that's completely true. My fam who teach in rural systems aren't allowed to form a union.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @tmwinsett @JRConway7984 @cdjaska oh my gosh. Shocking! @JRConway7984 @cdjaska @HollandTaylor same for TN. I'm from Memphis & our larger school system is just horrendous. You go private if you can
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@moniquejacobs @monbomfim it'll take a radical change in what we care about & vote for, as our country slides into an incurable mediocrity. @JRConway7984 @HollandTaylor when $ was not so imp (1970s) in elections (Root of current political probs).Good peop…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @TheChoirAddict @thehansel yep. Yep. @HollandTaylor @JRConway7984 @cdjaska I've been teaching middle school kids for 20 years-and I would absolutely agree with Ann.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWow! Will wonders never cease. I've always thought thete was a lot of selectivity in what he chose to "bring to lig… Schilling encourages me to think Trump will bring every half-wit fascist to the surface, so the public can officially reject them.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor!@mandle31 @monbomfim yes! An educated cultured populace wd not support Trump-a bully, a strong man who wd "fix" things. (& ruin a society) @cdjaska @HollandTaylor rural and southern school districts have the greatest pay disparity
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @cdjaska @HollandTaylor my mom retired with 30 years and a Rank One (30 post grad hours over her MED) making a little over 60k.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorYes! At end of opening week of #TheFrontPage, I await a sinful takeout Scaletta lasagna (working on ANN edit tonit… @cdjaska Deeply shocking. Heartbreaking. Shameful. Gov Ann Richards said teaching Jr. High was the hardest work she'd done. @HollandTaylor True. It's basically neglecting the very basis of a healthy nation.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @aniascua that can only be said of actual individuals..@monbomfim the point is we're the wealthiest nation on earth, with the greatest resources! That we have so neglected EDUCATION is crazy. @JRConway7984 when they were giants @HollandTaylor I'm sure! Getting into the minds of those who served in government when politicians actually governed is eye opening.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorAs the son of school teachers who has spent a lifetime in politics I can say this is 100% accurate
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor states have seen attacks on public education. Budgets slashed, pension & health insurance targeted. Goal is privatization.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor here in California they are grauating illerate people frm high school. A child fails a grade teachers not allowed 2 keep back
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor My mom is a retired teacher and I'm ashamed of how little money she got paid throughout her active years. Education is vital!
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor yes,thats a major problem in #education but also lack of funding in after school progams that inspire kids to care for math.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @lalejen the tests I quoted from are uniform @moniquejacobs good idea @HollandTaylor perhaps social media can help raise campaign money; with SNL style smart & funny short films about daily struggle of teachers
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @KathrynLeRoy @kayakendall @cherryl_paul @jasternke @lizmenzer much more than defense which has swallowed all our wealth-& for what finally? @roughtradeX @EireannSpice @educationweek thsnks! @HollandTaylor it would be amazing if highschool FA programs had better funding , school systems in Tx dont truly appriciate the arts.😣
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@JRConway7984 how good of you to say so. In my study of the great Gov. Ann Richards, who worked hard for teachers always, I learned a lot..@roughtradeX less & less money for schools and teachers and school programs every year. Price of a SINGLE new stealth bomber? FIVE BILLIONSimple. Teachers in our public school system aren't paid near enough. Many legislators care -but there's no campaign money in it for them.One room one teacher schoolhouses 100 yrs ago turned out better educated than we do today throwing thousands per ch…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorTo my #education friends - keep fighting the good fight You R making a difference @cherryl_paul @jasternke
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor As a teacher, it's disheartening when your job is given no value. You can work your heart out but there is so much apathy.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWEEP: In knowledge & skills USA 15 yr olds ranked 14th out of 34 OECD countries in reading, 17th in science & 25th for math = below average.Thanks Wayne! This is the best political commercial I have ever seen!!! What a smart angle! of excellence and breadth of education in our schools will mark the beginning of the erosion of our republic. #CIVICS #MUSIC #ARTWATCH!! Justice David Souter says we should REALLY be afraid of an ignorant public with no civic understanding. @taj_mahal07 Thanks so much... She was a politician, but it's so much more about who she was as a person, and how she lived... Heroically.
What does Donald Trump do when he thinks no one's looking? Watch this GIF to find out:
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @BohoLadyEdith @docrocktex26 @tmtweetz The only other time I saw this in Texas was #AnnRichards first campaign. @HollandTaylor
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@DD733 @alisonmartino the goddamnedest hat you EVER saw on a lady. #TheFrontPage.@WayneSlater @jackshafer my father read Mencken a lot all through life, at any given break in the action- a book well worn as an old bible.McCain refuses to fill the #SCOTUS vacancy. RT if you will stand with Ann Kirkpatrick to get the job done for #AZ!…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSomething incredibly special and inspiring jn the middle of all the mud-slinging. Please read and retweet.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @BobBalaban @HillaryClinton so moving!
@MsSarahPaulson can you hide under my hat and keep me company always?JUST DROPPED! My #OctoberSurprise is now on @iTunesTV: "Michael Moore in TrumpLand." Watch:
Retweeted by Holland TaylorOpening night flowers to warm the heart- from @AnnRichardsStar and @StellaAdler Academy. Two of the greatest women! 1 degree of @TheNormanLear @eatgregeat @will_gotay @SeanDwyerWriter @MichaelDeLuise @ronburla @evegord @HollandTaylor @THEBrentMiller
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@Rtreatwilliams fine and DANDY, my friend ~ would love to clap eyes on you!
Ann Richards had the big qualities we want in a president. A purposeful courage, an available heart, a big brain, humor. @HillaryIsComingWhat a remarkable journalist is @BillMoyersHQ Read this:
Please support an organization called @SurvivorMitzvah that raises funds for Holocaust survivors who never got out…
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.@Pandamoanimum Tell me this is a joke...Remember like, a week ago, when Trump held a press event about how important it is to believe accusers when they co…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis is what #RapeCulture looks like. Sadly every woman will #KnowATrump @Rosie
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @deehasselbacher My WORD. Thanks so much for this.....@DD733 yeah, me tooooooo
@deehasselbacher goodness!!Nancy Schreiber, our brilliant director of photography on Kepler's Dream, wins an award from #americansocietyofcinematographers! Congrats!Exclusive tonight @NBCNightlyNews: CIA poised to for an unprecedented cyber operation against Kremlin leadership @warkin @NBCInvestigates
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @Bruce35dc @Rosie YES, and a 30 year marriage and four children and a HUGE passel of dear friends!
Well there's a swell idea, @Rosie!! ANN DVD's in everyone's stocking! We release AFTER political season-- ANN is about Life, not politics. @stanlewiecki @Rosie it has been filmed and will have a broadcast as well as DVD release. @MsDarcyFarrow @MsSarahPaulson Very good drawing!“In difficult times, we don’t discard our highest ideals, we rise up to meet them.” —@FLOTUS
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@moniquejacobs full play. It will bw broadcast and DVDs will be avail. I'm sure it will be online. ThanksWell, she was a sitting senator working on the Hill. Flew on a FEMA plane with Schumer back to NY the next day with…
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