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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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My great wallet rescue team @sloan_kettering Maggie Fox, Jim Orlando & Jose Ruiz plus Steve Vogt next door. Swells… Orlando, honored for investigative work, runs @sloan_kettering security, sleuthed thru 1,000s of #s for the win pic of the group of folks who got my wallet and all in it back to me! Maggie Fox!!! Let's hear it!!! the lovely young woman working at @sloan_kettering is holding my wallet for me please call MSK security. 212 639 7866. I'm here!
@IJFernandez747 Hah! TY!The Con Man's gift: Knowing what his audience wants to hear and saying it, regardless of his true intentions.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @theMCwale @TylerIAm Holy GOD!, too... guys make it all bearable.
Warning to media: Trump plan is a tax cut not reform. If say "tax reform" you are not being a neutral reporter. You are accepting a lie.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorLegend @LizSmith with long time cohorts @HollandTaylor, @williamNorwich at Catherine Treboux' timeless Le Veau D'Or personified #SarahPaulson
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSuch beauty, such composure, such a spell binder.
European settlers chose Plymouth for the recently cleared and planted fields... it was not land not touched by man…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @ADB110 it's sometimes all that can be said.
The new administration is a sweeping mandate for regular employment if the word. @drwoo52 @MsSarahPaulson Thank you for that - Sarah thinks highly of ANN, which means the world to me...I ❤️NY
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One of TIME's one hundred most influential people in the world & one in a million billion trillion gaZILLion for lucky me! @MsSarahPaulson
There’s not a single state where someone working 40 hours a week on the minimum wage can afford a one-bedroom apart…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @stonecoldpiper @RachelShelley good drawing!!17 women have accused Donald Trump of what O'Reilly is about to be fired for. And we have a recording of Trump admi…
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Little Empress. am CRAZY about Gentleman Lyle! sure thing... YOU're ready, Mary Beth. @Lawrence .Trump always wins the way toddlers can't. WE CAN'T YANK HIM UP BY THE ARM AND DRAG HIM TO HIS ROOM AND P… & Mattis lost an aircraft carrier. And Mattis is the "adult"?
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@LyleLovett @duchessgoldblat Lyle, you are forever in a special place in my memories! Thank you. @dreamwithjulie @WayneSlater well, Ann was there... you and Ann Richards are among the notable guests of the township!Why oh why would Donald Trump congratulate Erdogan on the extinguishment of Turkish democracy? (h/t @kapskom )
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The Trump Effect: Democrats shatter fundraising records for first quarter of 2017
Retweeted by Holland Taylor"Small?" And rallies of citizens with a beef don't need to be paid. Korea two years from nuclear missiles in range… @FilmNewsNos @RedHourBen @EdwardNorton @JennaElfman @Blythey_Baby @LisaEdelstein @RenaSofer I loved those guys...He's now made his nest in my hood and won't come out. Cancel the tour.
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Just saw video of parade in Korea where the marching soldiers seemed hell-bent on shattering knees, heels, hips, spines-- intentionally.Leave bias aside and PLEASE read! Now they want to keep their visitor logs secret?? This simply isn't right.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorNews Outlets: Stop calling it the Southern White House. The President is at his Private Business he is profiting off of. Period.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@MaxineWaters to the thousands at DC #TaxMarch: "I'm so glad you came to see your auntie today."
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThese twins combined have a total of 40 college acceptances, 15 different states, and over $900K in scholarships, t…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI'm at @TaxMarchSF !!!
Retweeted by Holland TaylorBe strict with us all, Auntie @MaxineWaters! Your wisdom gives you the right! Fired up, Ready to go!Texas House is advancing HB 2898, which would wipe out local LGBT nondiscrimination laws (similar to AR, NC & TN).…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @MsSarahPaulson What a glorious fiery spark ~
@ucandoit99 @WayneSlater Thanks! t'was still early stages-we honed & honed- u'll see when u see the film of the pla… traveled with Ann to Swinnytown in E.Texas - no key, but memory of neon sign for "Swinnytown Baptist. A Going…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @glennwsmith @WayneSlater Ha ha!Especially from cool guys like you, close to the flame... @HollandTaylor I drive through Muleshoe frequently. The McDonalds only has one commode in the ladies. Lines!!! Get…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHaving researched & performed a play about Governor Ann Richards, I often receive interesting or hilarious mementos Spicer's Hitler Comments as HBO's Veep Credits via @YouTube
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThey said if I didn't vote for Trump we'd have a warmongering, trying-to-prove-she's-tough @POTUS who'd drop a GBU-43 bomb in Afghanistan.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorJesus Christ This is why it's important to have a president who actually has a clue about foreign policy.
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Retweeted by Holland TaylorImportant:
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThousands expected for Tax Day march calling for Trump to release his returns
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis is history, folks. It's how this will always be remembered. We allowed our most prominent, accomplished woman…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorExcept your dad wants to defund them. 😑
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @captainsuburbia @NickKristof funny.well he is an unabashed idiot - he would rather end the world than admit he is in debt to RUSSIA - not a billionair…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorRetweet if you think @FoxNews should release its sexual harassment investigation of Roger Ailes & @oreillyfactor
Retweeted by Holland TaylorBoth if these women journalists are telling a tale here.
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Both if these women journalists are telling a tale here. know it.
This is a case of airline encouraged & approved police brutality. Everyone involved should be fired including…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWhere's Kellyanne?
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThere’s no state where a full-time minimum wage worker can afford a one-bedroom apartment at the fair market rent. That’s unacceptable.
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The @womensmarch is the most successfully organized public protest in history. World wide in presence, it's a game… man has done more in recent years to undermine the functioning of U.S. government than Mitch McConnell. For exam…
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My son Jon curates my twitter experience. @TLDuncan63 any way we cut it, it's just horrible ... the waste of our defense budget! going UP 10% and it's alread… @TLDuncan63 1.4 million for a tommahawk missile I read in Market watch: " Each Tomahawk cruise missile, made by Ray… breaking monumental picture~modesty, mourners on foot, mule drawn casket~ a hero who remains the towering hum…
Help me parse this out. We sent 80 million dollars worth of missiles to hit an airfield in Syria, NOT TRYING TO DAMAGE it, & warned Russia?In one line @mluckovichajc says everything I said tonight @TheLastWord
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @KathyCronin007 @MaxineWaters Yes, always a star for me... So alive and true! @RebeccaOkeeffe5 where the Hell is it playing? I'd like to watch it, too... I never see a show while I'm doing it,… @SupremelyOne I'm here!