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Is THIS hawk Pale Male-- on my fire escape... upper west side? @realDonaldTrump wants 2 full time residences then he should foot the security bill - NOT NYC taxpayers.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI don't think he will make it to inauguration. The center cannot hold. He IS like a spoiled two year old with POWER @summerbrennan @BliedWe need to pay attention. Honestly. We need the media to be free & safe if WE want to be free and safe! A man wants… First Defection: Republican Elector Writes In NYT Op-Ed Why He Won't Be Voting For Trump
Retweeted by Holland Taylorjust the beginning
Retweeted by Holland TaylorPop culture is a powerful thing.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorCutting thru the park on the way home from Rx check up (I'm gonna live) is joy. Too bad NYC pays 1 mill a day on the Donald @summerbrennanI loved playing my doppelgänger @HollandTaylor !
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHonestagod. a hill. the same spot. every direction..., Central Park... what a gift you are. setting urself up here, E: So can private jets & fraud lawsuits &failed airlines & - what did u pay to get 2…
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BREAKING: #StandingRock Sioux Tribe's Statement on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Decision to Not Grant Easement:
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWonderful!!! Most wonderful. has turned away all but 2 daily intelligence briefings. Bush ignored 9/11 warnings.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHow many times in 2016 has a Trump spokesperson flatly denied something and then gone mute after getting busted on…
Retweeted by Holland Taylordear news media: stop repeating Trump's lies in your clickbait headlines. this is how we got in this mess. call his ass out IN THE HEADLINE
Retweeted by Holland TaylorDonald. Saturday Night Live is not a NEWS PROGRAM. it is entertainment, satirical as well-- It's YOU who provides a…
When the Donald finally does have a press conference, (the 15th of Dec.) do you think he'll actually take questions? I don't think so.Close up photo of one of approximately 30 cars in KKK's "victory parade" this afternoon in Roxboro.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorIT'S HAPPENING. KKK just came through Roxboro. Battle flags & shouting "WHITE POWER!"
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWillful ignorance and disdain for diplomacy, protocol and policy is not an accident. @voxdotcom
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThe world's 62 richest people have as much wealth as half of the world's population
Retweeted by Holland TaylorCarrier jobs still moving to Mexico: 1300 Carrier jobs staying in Indiana: 850 Cost to Indiana taxpayers: $7 million
Retweeted by Holland TaylorActually, he's of NY, where I was born & raised & knew about T---- from the time I could carry a bus pass. Hollywoo…
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.@MimiTorch he told Ford not to move factory just as he did with carrier. He DIDN'T add that Indianna PAID them 700k tax payer $$ to stay!!Police beat water protector in zip ties until bleeding from head, dislocate arm, then place bag over head as cops c…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorGee-- this is when I'm usually just waking up!
@HollandTaylor @nypost If they hold the responsibility of journalism, they should know better. It was a lie. Ford e…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSo we all know by now Ford was never moving the plant Trump says he kept here to Mexico. NY Post prefers Trumps lie. NO ONE can make the Donald (or anyone for that matter) SPEAK or ANSWER. Not ever responding to an issue worked fine with Tax returns.3. Just as he stonewalls in business, for example, reputedly never paying final payments to any contractors, he can stonewall as President.2. So far, he doesn't 'answer" to anyone, he doesn't have press conferences, he speaks to the public via twitter. No press as he travels.1.The pattern is clear~ The Donald does what he wants, regardless- of anything, it seems- rules, laws, protocol, common practice, traditionsRosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat and changed the world, this day in 1955.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorOn this day, 61 years ago, Rosa Parks took a stand by keeping her seat.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @Deba_55 It's not released yet... when it will be, I will tweet like crazy!
Cabinet of hedge fund and corporate billionaires. Goldman Sachs guy heading Treasury. Mitt Romney? Hey working folks, tired of winning yet?
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHow much more garbage must spew from Trump Tower before one of our crucial newspapers stops tiptoeing around him?
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@ChristyL17 thank you @audreyt1ndall was... @bburnam thanks! Good to know. Let's see... Lincoln, Trump-- Lincoln, Trump...This is a sincere question ~ Has a president elect ever done a 'thank you tour," as the Donald plans? Sort of a victory lap around the land?Thanks, nothing is more pleasing to my ears..., Joe... are you kidding??? Why don't you read up on how Hitler got to be Hitler? @HollandTaylor @camanpour Can never refer to #NeoNazis as #AltRight. We must never normalize or minimize the very…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @lightheart1 @Elucidated2 @nanaguerrax7
Retweeted by Holland TaylorOh, what the Donald has ALREADY "normalized," with the careless cooperation of the press~ "Normalized" ~ & as @CAmanpour says "banalized."DT started talking about a "registry" for Muslims. That wasn't normal. Now it's a normalized part of our national dialogue.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorGolly, the Donald has a whole lotta constitutional amendments to enact. Gonna be jailin' folks and deportin' folks and who knows what all.Toni Morrison sums it up in the New Yorker.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSo, then~ NO fraudulent voting in the Great State of Michigan, I guess~ right? you really wanted to change D.C., you'd have voted to: 1. Limit lobbying 2. Ban pols from becoming lobbyists 3. Limit campaign funding
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@Lawrence YOU'VE BEEN MISSED! (Won't ever forget you flying directly all the way from Africa right to a performance of ANN, with Kevin O'D)
Mus of Nat Hist projects proposed Richard Gilder Science Cntr ent on quiet Columbus Ave. will receive 800,000 visitors a yr. or 2,191 a DAY! @HollandTaylor Oh the irony! Extending the museum by destroying/ infringing the living thing...
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHelp 'Save Teddy Roosevelt Park' push Museum Nat Hist to build Science Cntr in part of NYC where Museum wd be a BOON of Nat Hist plans a VAST complex, cutting magnificent trees dog runs & kids park~ PUT SCIENCE CNTR in area that NEEDS a destination
This sort of lying is insanely dangerous, and history will condemn any media outlet that doesn't treat it like a th…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWhere, what, when, how? What the Hell are you TALKING about, @realDonaldTrump ???"Millions... who voted... illegally." Millions? MILLIONS??? It's reported in past 3 or 4 decades there have been approx. 33 fraudulent votesThis is incredibly dangerous coming from a president-elect—and flat out not true at all.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis is a lie. Brazen and stupid. It also betrays extreme weakness.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWe need to have a national conversation about the way we pick our president.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI have never, EVER, seen any aide to a POTUS or PEOTUS publicly try and box the boss in like this. Extraordinary.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @Juells21 @evanasmith yes... alas.I love seeing all the accomplishments of the students at the @AnnRichardsStar School for Young Women Leaders!
@mybbysftme @MsSarahPaulson I DO!Jesus! He tweeted this? How can he not be embarrassed?'d be surprised how open supposedly free societies are to authoritarianism. Remember after 9/11, how people were…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSecret Service protecting the Trump Tower will rent a floor and stay in the Tower. The rent footed by taxpayers goe…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWhere was this reporting when it could have saved the republic from the dishonor and injustice about to befall it?
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWe hate Donald Trump like you hated President Obama. However, we hate Trump because he is racist, you hated Obama because you are racist.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorYou see the best headline in the world, but then you notice the best picture caption in the world.
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