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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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Scammer @seanhannity is a total low-life; bilking the system, costing Americans a lot of money
Retweeted by Holland TaylorA shooter with a criminal record who shouldn’t have had a gun Easy access to an AR-15 and unlimited ammo Innocent A…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor4 dead at a Waffle House in Tennessee, shot by a mentally disturbed man with an AR-15. Thoughts and prayers won't c…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis summer, he’s back 🙃 8.22.18 #MrMercedesTV
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Did the jury get it wrong in their acquittal of Robert Blake? I think they did -- and I recently spoke to…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorAn American abduction sends Bess' negotiations with Latin America south on an all-new #MadamSecretary tonight at 10…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorDear Ben, we have your superb direction to thank for the full effectiveness of the play, & now its "capture" for a… JFK, traveling to shoot more @MrMercedesTV , always good to see great new titles prominently placed.…, James Shaw. letter surprised and moved me deeply. I see @LindaBalzotti has been a longtime city councilor and was the firs… a thrill meeting @CecileRichards!! Got 2 tell her how much I loved seeing her mom, the late, great Ann Richard…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis film will be taught in Chekhov classes for years to come. Beautiful.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHappy Birthday to the longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II. Sending love from The Lone S…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorAnn Richards ... Lordy I miss this woman
Retweeted by Holland TaylorShe will always mean so much to those she touched and inspired. @CecileRichards
well, there she IS, my movie daughter and real life friend~ Hey Girl! #GLORIA
I just love this. #KINSHIP @ryderbuttry There is a movie of the play which should be up for streaming in the early summer... it'll be announced... thanksha ha! Had to think for a sec... @maria_m_town @margueritetown It meant the world to me. Thank you so much!
2018 has discovered the formula for possibly the most viral TV show of all time:
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHypocrisy is reaching historical highs for #tories in #UK.. #PutinPunishesUK #CorbynSpeech #corbyn #Bernie2020
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @ryderbuttry Hi Ryder, did you happen to see my play, ANN? In NYC or in Austin, at the Zach? @johnnysmokeitup ? @JimEdwardsnyc She said it... there are probably 15 verbatim things Ann said in my play, which is otherwise an exer… this picture of @_juliannemoore! BRAVO!! BRAVISSIMO !!! she knows things... this woman! Thank you @TaranaBurke 🔥 #TimesUp
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @Rtreatwilliams What a wonderful picture of you, Treat! I'll always see you that way!No offense taken. These checks clear just fine as I travel the world doing something that I love: helping artists.…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor“Life is NOT fair. But government should be. “ - Gov. Ann Richards‘I won’t be quiet. We’re not going to go away. It won’t be ok until justice is served.’ —Stephon Clark’s mother…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorDo your thing, Twitter: A hospice facility in NY is seeking someone willing/able to visit w/ a veteran patient — ag…
Retweeted by Holland Taylorthis is impressive~ but I am still surprised & sobered by the Amazon median income: 30K. 30K average salary? Who,… IS a genius and I would leap to work together again, leap to have a cuppa joe! God... no. ON...! @vickiringer @CecileRichards @BookSoup Ha ha!!! I make merely an echo of the late great governor Ann Richards, but…
@DavidJollyFL @ManMet80 @BetoORourke If I could sum up Beto's campaign message, it is that he cares about everyone…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorIt's a marvelous story and call to action! WONT LET HIM QUIETLY TARGET MEDICAID AND FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS, WILL WE?
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @levonsghostla @Batmancanseeyou @Amazed1950 @TXsnark7 @newtgingrich I grew up in Texas and I watched Ann Richards g…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor"@BetoORourke's race kind of reminds me of mom’s [Gov. Ann Richards]… that just means what we have to do is expand…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @WayneSlater reading God Save Texas and wishing you wrote the book about Ann Richards and Clayton Williams.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSPOTTED: .@EPAScottPruitt Administrator Pruitt commuting to work this morning outside of DC
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWill my giant bag of buttered popcorn keep till June????
Sound On: A baby elephant throws a tantrum and screams when his mom tries to end mud bath time.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorKind of can’t believe I get to say this: On May 8th, I’ll be sitting down with @msjwilly at @92Y to talk about acti…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorLast night was to die for. 💀 Thanks to all who came out for the #MrMercedesTV special screening and panel at the Ho…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorNo stranger to the happy notion of a woman governor, Evan had a friendship with the late, great Governor Ann Richar… director. Wonderful and witty painter. Good guy. Friend.
HEY!!! Heads up everybody... @MrMercedesTV in the house! @DEADLINE #DeadlineContenders @HollandTaylor @jackbenderart #BrendanGleeson
Retweeted by Holland TaylorBernie Sanders supporters like Kooky Katie Halper still can't get over Bernie losing the primary race, won't admit…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @businessinsider your new. Cecile Richards podcast must have a glitch...(it won't play on new Mac with strong signal...) @Rick_Ames .Yes, I performed it on Broadway in 2013 (& the Kennedy Center in 2012) & reprised it in Austin in 2016.… @CecileRichards joins @davidaxelrod @sennhs to talk about being a troublemaker. @wcfbook sponsored another great bo…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMe too.'m with you, Rick! Richards once described what people want from a public official: "They don't ask their public officials to be p…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorTexas Democrats are fired up about the midterms! We haven’t seen this much enthusiasm here since Ann Richards was r…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor#Ivanka is not qualified to be representing the U.S. This has to stop. #IvankaTrump #SaturdayMorning
Retweeted by Holland Taylorhope this will be uploaded so we all can listen in! God, these schoolboy rants get tiresome, don’t they?
Retweeted by Holland TaylorLove your capacity for hilarity, Wayne!’s very telling that Trump supporters view committing a crime, and then admitting to it by accepting a pardon, as…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor
Congratulations on your show! What a smart idea. And how fascinating! is so great @kenfallin- just stumbled on it again and saved it!You are so gifted. see "Making Trouble" has landed squarely on the NYTimes Best Seller list for hardback nonfiction in its first wee… *grabs wallet and metrocard* Parenthood's president on standing up for what you believe in Cecile Richards discu…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHaven’t Black people suffered enough.
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Bob Kafka and ADAPT helped elect Ann Richards Governor of Texas in 1990. He is a true civil rights leader.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMaking Trouble and Doing Good. The great @CecileRichards interviewed by wonderful #NinaTassler at @BookSoup event i… on your house, Gin Yung! Sally Edmundson must be doing a HELL of a job! @puzzlemaths Ooooops. No. 30? @puzzlemaths 25