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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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Listening @Lawrence, as you describe John Kelly's background & his rogue attack on the congresswoman. Gov Ann would be smiling at your take.Come on, white people.
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really ... we still have to put up with this 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽wtf
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @EditorialHell Teddy.SO GREAT & GREAT you're working with @emilyslist who will help secure our future, when as many women will serve in… MAN is not in reality and is motivated by a rampant rageful suspicious paranoid psychology. I imagine many Tru…“It’s just shocking.” @KenBurns and @LynnNovick offer this withering criticism of Trump’s attack on John McCain.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @MichaelSkolnik @Rtreatwilliams I think we're waaaaaaaaaay up in the 100k's with this fund!!!!!The incalculable damage, the woes of nations for years to come, because of the insulted ego of an ignorant bully? I… @BazBam @_elliottharper hah! @unfoRETTAble I don't do banking on the phone. scary. We count on them for too much, I think. And there's the phone… sequence and message!
A new law in France will ban cat-calling and harassment of women on the street. Men will be fined on the spot.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHa ha! That was me, reading by the light of the radio bulbs shining through the holes in the back. La David T Johnson Scholarship At least one can DO something. Something. @StantonSandra11 qu'est-ce que c'est. soft restore?Given his smallness~ could it be all, ALL about "destroying" everything that represents a man who filleted him utterly at a WH Press Dinner?Worked for Angela in her movie D.E.B.S. & then she wrote the 1st GREAT script for Peggy Peabody, in the L-Word! CON… Delaney retweeted this... she always sees the killer ones. Yes. heartbreaking.‘Wow. That’s horrible.’ I think I have a shot.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMy iPhone is totally whack after latest update & addit'l corrections. What the... It usually goes pear shaped after up dates but this... no.If Halley says so, believe it... @giopaulson @BazBam @_elliottharper Any flight to London is a nice flight.No one more modern, no one more masterful~ MILLION? My God. TO SEEEEEEEE THIS! @Rtreatwilliams boyoboy is that the greatest.
@tobbotfilms I really enjoy Wilmington. Easy going, smart, history everywhere-I stay at the delightful City Club wh… proof God is dead.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @pfeifferct lovely!We are probably the 1st super power to have psychologists march to remove a head of state
Retweeted by Holland TaylorOne of our great charitable orgs, doing great good for girls, women, families & our society. Let's generously suppo… for telling us about the peaceful life in Denmark, @CynthiaMcFadden, you brilliant communicator! Good thing @MsSarahPaulson is Danish @MsSarahPaulson Ha ha! I was speaking rhetorically! (Fires, Santa Ana winds, earthquakes, show biz) Sticking close to YOUBoy that better show on the west coast... tuning in! I'm ready to move!
Tillerson says they don’t want Iran to become next North Korea. Don’t they understand that without #IranDeal that’s…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorOne of the most powerful and successful acts of misogyny in western culture has been convincing women that "women h…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @deehasselbacher I know you will... @ladyvolhoops thanks, kiddo. @HeidiJBuswell Alas. @gerithemom When I was a kid, a family was supported by one parent's wage, as a rule... Now, both parents have to w… @grapenutRee You have a rare situation ... I'm so glad some areas still have that kind of schooling. What a differe… is not a trophy. If H.R. 424 passes, wolves will be shot + trapped for trophy in 4 states. Please take action:…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorVery fine people on both sides
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWhen traveling, I've had stuff stolen from checked luggage twice. Hand carry any jewelry, money or i-pads, etc.
@eveewing @HollandTaylor @missmayim Does she think predators target children because of the way they dress? No. Pre…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @mdlofsomewhere @ladyvolhoops Onward! @EireannSpice Dreadful picture. I'm sorry it's so rough... @Rtreatwilliams what a life you live, on earth and in the air!C’mon. You know the truth is it will ‘allow’ greatly reduced access & far greater costs for healthcare. Millions wi… I was a kid, PUBLIC schools had daily art periods, music classes, civics class, sports, shop, hobbies, monthy day trips, assemblies $$$ @KT3_1415 Thanks Katie. I feel so much for teachers. They have never been a fairly paid profession, but it has gott… was never speaking of the intentions of all the wonderful teachers who are NEVER PAID fairly. Schools can only do… do wish you luck, & fortitude. As a person, how you interact with each student can make a life long difference. T… @Howodd69 A scary prospect. It's taken 50 years for education to fall so low. It will take decades to recover. But… work hardest in areas where there's money for their campaigns. (Industries) There's no money to get the… @HollandTaylor Ms T thinking education decline impacted result of this past prez election. This is another tragic d…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorYES!!!. Fifty years ago a citizen emerged from highschool with a basic education, exposure to art & music & a sense… HAD a great public school education. Legislators haven't supported the funding to KEEP it good. 50 yr decline! US…"I have decided that my sexual self is best reserved for private situations with those I am most intimate with. I d…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThe TRAGIC 50 year decline in our public education's quality leaves us an ignorant, uncultivated, vulnerable populace- not even civic mindedI loved visiting this show. Dockery, Dowd, and Kinney. Sounds like a law firm, but basically a Box of Puppies! remember in college (!) reading her stunning exploration in which she coined the phrase "the banality of evil." A… every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster via @voxdotcom
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thread. hangs on. Hate is all you had. It can bring you back someday... #MrMercedesTV
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Really? @rChrisJones @HBO We do too! That’s why we made a movie of the play at the Zach in Austin. Entertaining & full of A… press night guests share their #HeisenbergPlay experience.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @JustLetGlow @thesaurosie @vakim40 @Molly_Kats I've shared this way too many fricking times this week
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMy good son. I have the guts to watch this????'s always been a great fun way to make dough for a couple of Aids organizations. It is so well produced. Witty.… @breedawool @Robstantinople @JharrelJerome @HollandTaylor I scream. You scream. We all scream for #MrMercedes SEASON 2! CONGRATS! 😆😆😆😆😆
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