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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@_marusonica HamiltonWe're down to this: Hillary is the chaperone at the frat party. Trump is Bluto Blutarsky trashing the place.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @itsjadeebony @MsSarahPaulson think it over.
@No1Dallas Thanks! Fun movie!..I .had a staggering cold then, & it taught me that it doesn't even show when you're sick, so just carry on!
If i receive a DM from a person I follow, but who doesn't follow me-and I respond, will they get my response?Beyoncé performing #Formation at the Super Bowl is about to make white people so uncomfortable, I can't wait.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @bulle_bleue merde, bien sur!My dear @michaelmedicoLA sends a reminder of him at ANN on Broadway. Does @ZachTheatre have a place for our banner?
@yosoyhelena on TV? Where in the world is it playing? I loved being part of that show- @guffawing_ @MsSarahPaulson @MsSarahPaulson @FoodTravelChat @foodguruchannel @ItsFoodPorn @FoodNetwork @eatPALETA gawd. @MatchGame67 Happy Birthday. Don't blow it. Do something you really love.
@HollandTaylor I should be sleeping right now but I can't because this is gripping. Sarah does not disappoint. Brava 👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @itsjadeebony @MsSarahPaulson rule. @girlontherant no- no, I couldn't.#SarahPaulson for all the #Emmys and #GoldenGlobes and whatever else. #PeoplevsOJSimpson
Retweeted by Holland TaylorOf all the actors so far #sarahpaulson feels the most pitch perfect to me. #ThePeoplevOJSimpson #marciaclark
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWatching #ThePeoplevOJSimpson #sarahpaulson might be the best character actress.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor#SarahPaulson is amazing as Marcia Clark. #PeoplevsOJSimpson
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @ReignOfApril i don't get how that worksTonight!!!! 10:00 pm. It begins.
Tonight @TedCruz won the #GOP #IowaCaucus. His vision for America would be a nightmare for women. #NotMyCandidate
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @chrisgeidner Jesus. @DebraMessing yyyyeeesssssss @willsbyavenue @LanaFoxxTattler excellent! Had I been associated with any production being honored, I would certainly have been there.Miss Peet, Miss Paulson.
"We're likable!!!" You sure are... Move to my street! @MadamSecretary @TheTeaLeoni @TimmyDalyShe's the reason I'm breathing
Retweeted by Holland TaylorHere’s the Beauty of Trump
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWow... Armani Prive suits her, no? @skylerrhoads11 Thank you, but Ann Richards is hero enough for any play! @shelfmagazine me neither!MY FAVORITE PEOPLE !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘👌🏼
Retweeted by Holland Taylor
@HollandTaylor Hey thanks for the tip on "Turning Texas Blue." Really excited. Just bought 6 tickets for ANN, April. Take care. Rest up!
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @EasonMarcie Wow! You're a scholar and a patriot! Thanks. Looking forward!
Turn Texas Blue again!Hot off the presses! Dear friend (& C. O. S. To Gov. Ann Richards) Mary Beth Rogers' new book!, president of @PPFA, opens up about the videos (and much more)
Retweeted by Holland Taylor"I can't get on the subway now without a young man stopping me and saying,'I stand with Planned Parenthood.'" ~@CecileRichards @PPact
From Horror Story to Crime Story. Watch @MsSarahPaulson in FX’s new drama The People v. O.J. Simpson.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorTexas grand jury clears Planned Parenthood, indicts its accusers.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorGrand jury decided not to press charges against Planned Parenthood- WILL take action against creators of slanderous anti-PP videos @thehill @clairsi breathe. Again and again remind yourself. See your doctor. Take meditation course. Walk in nature as much as possible. Museums too! @RaymondMcNeel Yes, I am ...the ZACH theatre, early April through May 15th.
I'm not at all surprised... @MsSarahPaulson
@WillyMilan0 very true. So we should only tweet about and talk about the gravest most pressing issues. Noted.Lady zhivago heading to her dasha gorgeous day in NYC
Retweeted by Holland TaylorFact: That Will Smith wasn't nominated for a best actor Oscar for Concussion is INSANE. Charlotte Rampling & Michael Caine, take a seat.This weather motivated me to sing in front of @MetOpera at @LincolnCenter! Don't think I can do this professionally
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.@amaditalks saw 1st 2 eps of OJ~ no one could take their eyes from the screen. It's going to galvanize ~ will spark nat'l convo stormAmAAAAzing! And this isn't even the half of it. Trust me. #TourdeForce @JLangePictures Indeed he was and ISI love when white folks start talking about "merit" when it comes to something as subjective as the goddamn Academy Awards.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @melcphoebe Well then, good morning to you!
@TheBookBooth as I walked to the stage it occurred to me to say "overnight," but I wavered-- would anyone get it? Then I just went ahead... @nuriaagonzalez @MsSarahPaulson i like that myself, to tell the truth
@ThePerezHilton right with you there.
@ThePerezHilton Thank you!! You know, they say no wise man wished to be younger. @JeffGelberg @MsSarahPaulson it's a riveting, so complex performance~saw 1st two eps at screening ~no one cd take their eyes from the screenBREAKING: Obama will meet with the mayor of Flint today at the White House over the Governor poisoning Flint.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThe #sexy and #hilarious, @HollandTaylor, is all about enjoying her #PALETA fare! #Paletaforlife #Health
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@fricklerakle @MsSarahPaulson cute @Vitalba_90 @TheTeaLeoni @KimRaver where you hikin' and how come I'm not there?Literally ten seconds in to Madam Secretary and chill and she gives you this.....look
Retweeted by Holland TaylorOne thing's for sure, you'll never hear the issues that got discussed tonight being debated amongst the Republican candidates. #fear #invade
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What a wonderful alliance of talent. #Transparent #CriticsChoice much to talk about... #Carol #CriticsChoice's lookin' at you, kid... R A G I C the radar: Evangelicals hear Trump as vastly ignorant of their Christian faith, an egoist in Babylon
Retweeted by Holland TaylorShe's b-a-a-ack. #CriticsChoice
@kevinddaly very handsome! @MORNAFAN93 @MsSarahPaulson Thanks! @stodderpower So cool of you @chrisgeidner @chrisricewriter Holy Moly @Paulsons_kitty Great!Show coming from my first ANN producer Kevin Bailey & his James Mellon looks very captivating a story! Wanna see it!
Now THAT is glorious birthday present @MsSarahPaulson thank you for all your many gifts
Color Spa demonstration booth 1236, Javits center today my balance back, with color filled light, guided by teacher @RobynLeeITM Color Spa, demonstration booth 1236 @hueynym my Lord, what an amazing thing to say! Thank you -In NYC Today- Check out Color Spa, @ NYTimes Travel Show, Javits Center, booth 1236, @RobynLeeITM personally demonstrates light treatment!Does light - colored lights- affect your mood, maybe more than you know? Does your mood affect your health? Check out @RobynLeeITM ColorSpaToday my great teacher @RobynLeeITM brings her color spa teaching to a larger public via the NYTimes Travel show, Javits Cntr, booth 1236Today! Going to my wonderful spiritual guru's "color spa" display at the NYTIMES travel show, Javits Cntr, 11th & 34th booth 1236. BALANCE.Best teacher I ever had~ physiological meshing with the spiritual well being. She alters u with color light fields.
My great teacher @RobynLeeITM brings her color spa teaching to a larger public via the NYTimes Travel show, Sunday Javits Cntr, booth 1236Just home in NYC for my great teacher's amazing color spa offerings -all day Sunday, @ Javits Center, booth 1236."Light & color offer communion with our primary energy. Colored light instigates healing & light is a natural medicine."~ @RobynLeeITMShe saw it as an open and shut case. The jury saw something else. The trial of the century begins 2/2 on FX. #ACSFX
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @EireannSpice hah! @EasonMarcie That warms my heart!
@hopping_robin wow.So very similar. Yours is a tougher sea. @caliboobarbie what a swell thing to say. @JeffGelberg comin' to Austin?This is ANN’s first cast and crew photo, taken in May of 2010 in Galveston. The photographer was Ave Bonar, who...
And by night-- words fail. water, sapphire sky by day-- is official. @CarolMovieFans and @CarolMovie is the best-reviewed film of 2015.
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@unfoRETTAble @netflix high praise, you.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor
@CecileRichards And to you! Hope to see you in TX in the Spring, when we wave ANN's flag at the Zach. Much love--
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