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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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Retweeted by Holland Taylor @thelinster too true!So Trump thinks an unarmed man who, barehanded, goes to the forceful defense of a black person under attack, is as wrong as the attacker? @corgilover717 I understand. So am I. Bless you and keep you.Let's refresh our memories as we look at today. murderers, racists & white supremacists be seen as one 'side,' due the same respect as the other 'side,' law abiding & fair minded ppl?I notice she didn't go down, tho, but roared back to fend him off.. is he running away? @ReignOfApril ha ha ha! @erolsarabi .TY. James Baldwin was a hero of my youth, and to re read him now from my "elder" vantage point, is inc… Baldwin, quoted by DeAndre Harris: "“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”$10,000 reward for identifying information that leads to the arrests of the men who assaulted Deandre Harris INFO @…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorALL HANDS ON DECK. Who is White Supremacist #1? Witnesses say he was the most brutal in his assault against Deand…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorALL HANDS ON DECK. Clearer images of White Supremacist #2 who brutally beat & assaulted Deandre Harris. WHO IS…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThanks @MrJonCryer for a great retweet. a splendid story of public art, unifying and warm, in my home town, my dear old Philadelphia~ for me always th… and simple important to change the way we 'language' the simple reality of aging.
For the sake of your children and every tomorrow, read this.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorI'll testify. . . Preach, Helen., Nazis have forgotten how powerful the Jews really are. Nine days from today, as a small reminder, we will blot out the sun.
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I'll say it again. #FireBannon#FireBannonI finally realized what I heard when I listened to President Trump responding to Charlottesville:…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorTrump defined himself during campaign. He encouraged violence against protesters at rallies. We should not be surprised. #Charlottesviille
Retweeted by Holland TaylorEquating Neo Nazis with those citizens who object to them, saying both are extremist, is to not understand what evolved HUMAN SOCIETY is.Saw it last night, and the man himself afterwards for a hug-- only Michael Moore can be hilarious and heroic at the…, Jon retweets something I would NOT want to miss. Appalling & shocking implications in this statement from "… this looks like the perfect face for someone who believes white people are in someway, any way, superior to… @JoshMankiewicz @MrMercedesTV My Gawd!Thanks so much! Beyond rare praise.Remember when you and your party worked to systematically disenfranchise non-white voters?
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThis is the actual position of the actual White House on actual, real-life nazis
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@TiffPiff647 @MsSarahPaulson Tweet! It's your birthday! @NineDaves you got it! @NineDaves "Ms. Taylor?"... is Elizabeth here? @NineDaves Lucky you! wide open spaces, sky and water, incredible photos all around you... We better have lunch in your office!!!
Remember riot police was out for this. #Charlottesville
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSomething missing from this U.S. protest; where are the heavily armed, full body-armoured police? 🤔 #Charlottesville
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @rachaelkpope so where DID she?? I want one... @common_nonsense @MsSarahPaulson @MrMercedesTV @dibell44 @AudienceNetwork @directvnow Thank you so much!!Remember when we had a smart, sane, warm, funny, generous, responsible, experienced, cultured, and well rounded per… are at a moment when mobs on the left & the right ignore evidence & destroy scapegoats. That’s when we need good leaders most. ~D. Brooksthis would be something to see!!!
THIS is MY President... (Am in the TIME, inc building across from the new World Trade Center.) when people on Twitter said voting for Trump is better than choosing the woman warmonger who would start World War III? Good times.
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@TheRealDratch toddlin' town!What a gent! And thanks for helping me find my friend, the great @CynthiaMcFadden. It's nice to meet a real deal ne…, these two were engrossed by @MrMercedesTV #2scared I said there were several of our episodes I won't watch… In NBC newsroom. This structural "detail" isn't decor... a true support column in Rockefeller Center #STRENGTH me on @DifficultOnHulu
Retweeted by Holland TaylorSo sorry we didn't have time to play Producer Angela Tonini's fun guessing game on the @TODAYshow @MrMercedesTV Morning!! @MrMercedesTV Tonight! 8:00pm. Premiere @AudienceNetwork Stream on @directvnow Riveting tonight! Brenden Gleeson's superb, seductively interior, human performance was mesmerizing to me, in person!
@WolfieVibes ha ha! @WolfieVibes noise over here, too! not to mention the delay & hollow chamber of the connection link... we should've… cryer retweeted this and saved me from the awful fate of not seeing it...
@DanaDelany Damb! @planetjuneberry @BarryBostwick_ @Rosie Dunno what it means, but I'm imPRESSED!Pretty sure @HollandTaylor would agree with me...
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor "Reason is and ought only to be the slave of the passions and can never pretend any other office tha…
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @Rosie Rock and Roll. And roll ON. Right with you.I admire the low boil you keep rolling, Rosie! Preach! heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of... We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart." - Blaise Pascal
@BillMoyers "They're," surely. An odd lapse from a great site.And now it's YOU up there, all by yourself, @MMFlint How GREAT! Seeing you in a week. Meantime- PREACH! xoxYou… nights a surprise guest appears in my B'way show! Last night it was Maxine Waters - 1st time I've ever seen a…
Retweeted by Holland TaylorNorman Lear created the preeminent serialization of the future Trump voter (in 1969); a little show called "All In…
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Appointment at Disney. "Turn left at the cannon." I wouldn't give to shake the man's hand and tell him how wonderful, accessible & human a leader he was- How mi… honors. What I’m not accepting is the @WhiteHouse reception with @realDonaldTrump.
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She got game. kind of American attacks the Statue of Liberty?!
Retweeted by Holland TaylorTrump asked what Blacks had to lose. It was apparently healthcare, housing, college admission, & freedom after Sessions locks everyone up
Retweeted by Holland Taylor @Rtreatwilliams Wow! Three of my favorite men and actors. Wish I could table-hopNot to be missed night. (And imagine our culture without these artists!) We NEED art. Individually and collectively… chain
Maxine Waters: Coretta Scott King warned us about Sessions and his "racist agenda"
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