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Nicki Minaj to Travis Scott
Retweeted by Heather Foley"Why does Batman put a bat symbol on everything?" Bruce: It's called brand recognition and maybe if you had a fuck…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyLESS than 👆 month until @HamiltonMusical arrives in Boston! #HamiltonBoston #BroadwayInBoston
Retweeted by Heather FoleyMotorcycles on the move against racism in Dot!
Retweeted by Heather Foley @notthisgirrl AMAZING! Congratulations!For nearly a century, Thomas Fitzgerald VFW Post #561 has been dedicated to civic engagement in South Boston. But w…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyFREE Girls Self Defense and crisis prevention August 23rd from 6-7:15pm at Curley Rec Center @_SBNH @CityOfBoston
Retweeted by Heather FoleyHey! Do you live in Roxbury? I'd love to ask you a few questions for background info for a story.
Retweeted by Heather Foleyare men ........... . okay
Retweeted by Heather Foley @HotelFoxtrot “THERE ARE DOZENS OF US! DOZENS!”
Retweeted by Heather FoleyGotta love a lipstick that's an Arrested Development reference Coven Returns. What a thrilling night with the legend Stevie Nicks on the set of AHS.
Retweeted by Heather Foley @ibee32 Oh, sorry nanaGood for her firth crying
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Looking for hotel recommendations in Hong Kong, relatively close to the airport #thankyou
Retweeted by Heather FoleyHappy #WorldPhotographyDay! We salute the talented photographers taking breathtaking images with iPhone all around…
Retweeted by Heather Foleycolin firth wearing scarves
Retweeted by Heather FoleyA young wheelchair competitor looks up to see how much farther she has to go as she struggles up the final, and ste…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyLarry, Darryl, and Darryl.
Retweeted by Heather Foley @jlmeds Hot Celebs Who Probably Have Silly Little Flaccid Penises Right Now:
Retweeted by Heather FoleyJust 2 spots left for #namasteandfrose at the @EnvoyBoston on Saturday 8/25. Sign up soon if you’re coming!! @DJSprino
Retweeted by Heather Foley @jlmeds He directed the first Thor!As a borderline hypochondriac, watching Afflicted probably isn't in my best interests but here we go! @nicolerusso He's a good little cook!Surprise afternoon snack from the kiddo, I'm going to miss him when he goes off to school!'Luscious pink fruit'
Retweeted by Heather FoleyI can't stop thinking about how she completely made Jimmy Fallon's studio her own. "Made For Now" is such a bop and…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyThis, however, may still be my fave live Janet performance
Retweeted by Heather FoleyNJ high school principal installs laundry room at school for students who’ve been bullied about wearing dirty cloth…
Retweeted by Heather Foley @jlmeds They'd horrid @maureencaught @HotelFoxtrot know anyone? 💗🙏
Retweeted by Heather FoleyIt's not quite the Death Becomes Her elixir, but it will do... with Top Shelf Cookies here today 12pm-4pm!
Retweeted by Heather Foley @maureencaught I'm not madMight have to bust out my fall bathrobe todayYay it’s Sunday! See you at SoWa! @sowavintage #sowavintagemarket 450 Harrison Ave #Boston #vintagemarket VENDORS..…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyRoxane’s God > Franklin’s God.
Retweeted by Heather FoleyLoyola has Sister Jean, but the White Sox have Sister Mary Jo Sobieck of @Marian_Catholic! The Sox might have a lit…
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Love overcomes all difficulties. Love gives us the strength to carry on.
Retweeted by Heather FoleyMy two favorite boys @Stones6865 Have you seen In Order of Disappearance? I read this movie is based on it and people were saying it's really good!Nevermind
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Retweeted by Heather Foley @JimDunna Haha, after we drove today I told him "if someone ever needs to go to the hospital you need to have someone else drive"I've been watching a lot of Scientology and the Aftermath & I've found myself very attracted to Mike RinderHow we prep to go out on a Saturday night:
Retweeted by Heather FoleyLooking forward to music at the bandstand thanks to @savetheharbor!! See you on Thursday night at 6:30 Southie!
Retweeted by Heather FoleyMost Black women in the South were denied the right to vote until 1965. But the great voting rts activist Amelia Bo…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyIsn't the REAL debate which awards show is going to have the worst Aretha tribute? My money is on Billboard. Becaus…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyMy son is singlehandedly making the streets of Southie safer by driving 7 mph and stopping for every change in the breeze.Stevie Wonder holds back tears as he describes his last moments with Aretha Franklin: "She wasn't able to speak bac…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyLeave doing the impossible in three days up to Jesus Christ and settle for a heartfelt montage
Retweeted by Heather FoleyI am also known for my durability and ruggedness! friends please be on the lookout for Rob Todd, share with whoever you can.
Retweeted by Heather Foley @Mearley1881 @joshhymanRTN I don't get storing them in bags for future usePLEASE RETWEET My job offers free showers, haircuts, and hot meals to anyone in need. There’s Also a map that shows…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyReally interesting piece on what each NHL team does with hats thrown on ice during a hat trick.
Retweeted by Heather Foley @RingPRgirl Handsome vs handsomePaul Rudd is two years older than Ted Cruz, and 17 years older than Stephen Miller
Retweeted by Heather FoleyOMG @ava that would be AMAZING!!!!
Retweeted by Heather FoleyBringing back this 1080p masterpiece to your screen. You're welcome.
Retweeted by Heather FoleyJust lost sight of a monster bug like this guy in my house so if anyone knows of a 2 bedroom I could move into in t…“Claire we’re white” 😭😭
Retweeted by Heather FoleyEnd the debate now! Let's just have Britney and her chipmunk filter do Aretha's tribute
Retweeted by Heather FoleyDead
Retweeted by Heather FoleyI am truly touched by the love fans on twitter have for me. I love em all back!!!!
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Fun fact about this quote (pic via @lbeckman) on the wall of Gregory-Lincoln Middle School in @HoustonISD: It's fro…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyKelly Price & @IAMANITABAKER paying tribute to Aretha with Natural Woman last night ... wow (h/t @SantoroAce)
Retweeted by Heather Foley @MediaGalChloe Gives me such happinessRight? All the feels.
Retweeted by Heather FoleyThings are happening on Day Boulevard! Work to begin on safety improvements next week! Be on the looking out for…
Retweeted by Heather FoleyI hope there’s no murderation or stabberation in the dancerey
Retweeted by Heather FoleyOh Liam Nice Enough to Let You Walk Between Their Hallway-Obstructing Conversation:
Retweeted by Heather Foley @notthisgirrl I know they're making the right decision, but I'm going to miss itMay as well remind everyone that Alex Jones & InfoWars, who've made life even more of a living hell for parents who… enough people are talking about the fact that Ol Countess Lu got a mammogram the morning of her cabaret. Your fav could never!
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