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Sarah Howes @howes62 Ashtead, South East

Head of Academic Advancement at Manor House School; NPQH, Educational Psychological Assessment, Apple Teacher.

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Our #media production facilities give you the chance to see what it's like to work in the #industry. Find out more:…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesThree choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you've got.
Retweeted by Sarah HowesWe're skating from 2pm till 8pm tonight right in the centre of #Guildford theres a great Christmas market…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesA few shots of the final product at #CampTiticaca. The new kindergarten kitchen looks amazing😆💪🏽#GapYear
Retweeted by Sarah HowesOnly two days before House Arts Performances take place @ManorHseSchool #creativeandcollaborative is what the world needs - more people like Ruby.
2017 3-6 enjoying the Onatti French play this morning entitled, ‘Le Chateau.’
Retweeted by Sarah HowesGreat news and many congratulations! #individualchallenge News - 'Ice Maiden' team aim to break ski record've failed over & over & over again in my life. And that is why I... ~Michael Jordan #quotes #inspiration #success
Retweeted by Sarah HowesThank you @SmoothRadio. Another forgotten track this morning! via @youtubeManor House Seniors enjoyed joining in the Onatti French play ´Mes Chers Voisins’ today. Merci à Clarisse et Axel,…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesLooking forward to hearing about it! Sue Campbell - PE and sport has never been more important for young people #gsauk2017
Retweeted by Sarah HowesYou do not have to be everything, and everywhere, and every woman. Be you. You are enough. #IamWhole Enjoyed this.…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesHave you seen this hippo? £100 reward for sightings of three-year-old Woking boy's beloved toy
Retweeted by Sarah HowesHouse Arts practice - whatever the weather @ManorHseSchool #happyandhealthy best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched they must be felt with the heart ❤️
Retweeted by Sarah HowesLove this! you to our new cello teacher Aga for giving an interactive demonstration to our youngest girls this morning
Retweeted by Sarah Howes @GSAUK President: Women who went to girls’ schools fight harassment better because they didn’t experience it in the…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesInternationally, pupils who accessed the internet and social media did better than their peers #Pisa
Retweeted by Sarah HowesThe rise of the ‘screenager’ - good or bad? GSA President Charlotte Avery at annual conference this morning.…
Retweeted by Sarah Howes
What to expect from a coach - love this great sketchnote!! #sltchat #ukedchat #womened
Retweeted by Sarah HowesKew holds one of the world's greatest collections of botanical art. Explore the Shirley Sherwood Gallery:…
Retweeted by Sarah Howes5 only! year's Heathrow Christmas advert tells the story of 2 adorable bears' 50-year love story…
Retweeted by Sarah Howes‘We need to reshape traditional values in a modern setting. There is [now] less childhood but more adolescence.’ GS…
Retweeted by Sarah Howesreminder:
Retweeted by Sarah Howes"Now is the critical time to make sure girls are able to find a sport or activity they love so they will make time…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesDuncan Piper @Dyson reveals that 27% of the Dyson Institue of Technology cohort is female and his aim is to increas…
Retweeted by Sarah Howes#gsauk2017 hearing about James Dyson’s belief in naive excitement rather than experience when innovating @GSAUK
Retweeted by Sarah HowesGreat photo. We are heading that way in February. Staying in the lovely Castleton #peakdistrict and we're looking f…
Retweeted by Sarah Howes#MondayMotivation Any excuse for a lovely photo. #peakdistrict Kinder Scout - Grindsbrook from Edale.
Retweeted by Sarah HowesYears 1 & 2 working together to complete the Fire of London challenge on iPads #creativeandcollaborative
Retweeted by Sarah Howes100% - the proportion of net new jobs created in Europe in the past 5 years that were from companies less than 5 ye…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesYears 1 & 2 using iPads to practise new French vocabulary
Retweeted by Sarah HowesSo sad to read this, but so glad she achieved her dream. BBC Sport - Jana Novotna: Former Wimbledon champion dies a… festive - we love it!
Retweeted by Sarah Howes WITHOUT #LIMITS: THE ROLE OF THE #SENCO #STLChat #EdChat #Leadership #Education
Retweeted by Sarah Howes
Congratulations to Miranda Barrett from @EsherCollege who wins the first ever #YoungWriterPrize @GoldsmithsUoL for…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesStrength of feeling at @HMC_Org 2017 Conference in support of this was overwhelming!
Retweeted by Sarah HowesIf you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask... ~Nora Roberts #inspiration #quotes
Retweeted by Sarah HowesWow! Looks incredible. lovely walk this morning - glorious #autumn sunshine’s cross country start @NotreDameCobham @NotreDame_SPORT @ManorHseSport Well done girls..
Retweeted by Sarah HowesThank you Notre Dame, St. Teresa’s, Rowan & Rydes Hill for coming to our XC. Some great performances on a lovely su…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesWell done to Elin, Jessie, Verity & Elanor for winning medals and our U11 team for coming 2nd at our XC event…
Retweeted by Sarah Howeslatest news @ed2day School counsellors needed to tackle self-harm 'epidemic', minister told
Retweeted by Sarah Howes.@SydenhamHigh Deputy heads Mr Guest and Mr Batty led the way with their odd sock display this morning for…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesBursting with pride to see #alumna Yasmin Whitlock's work exhibited @gpstudio_design arch window at 74 Suffolk Stre…
Retweeted by Sarah HowesFrosty reflections #autumn bird antics! #autumn gingerbread recipe mix from @ManorHseSchool Christmas Fayre. Strange shapes as it all melded together! Bu…
What an amazing Christmas Fayre @ManorHseSchool @FriendsofMHS Stars, each and every one! #creativeandcollaborative rides @ManorHseSchool of fun being had, food being eaten and carols being played @ManorHseSchool @ManorHseSchool are getting in the spirit of things of lovely stalls @ManorHseSchool has arrived @ManorHseSchool Fayre @ManorHseSchool today 11 - 3pm. You know you want to win or buy something wonderful for friends and… are underway @ManorHseSchool for our Christmas Fayre extravaganza today 11 - 3pm Fayre @ManorHseSchool 11-3pm today #unforgettableexperiences - 3pm TODAY! @ManorHseSchool
Santa Claus is coming to town @ManorHseSchool #jinglebells roasting on an open fire @ManorHseSchool #gingerbread’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas @ManorHseSchool #rudolph 11 investigating 'radioactive' skittles in Physics today. #ALoveOfLearning
Retweeted by Sarah HowesLovely displays in the Nursery
Retweeted by Sarah HowesLower Prep After School Care is busy tonight as parents are helping to set up for the Christmas Fayre tomorrow
Retweeted by Sarah HowesWe are proud to have demonstrated our values #creative and collaborative #individualchallenge @ManorHseSchool in as… about the mini harmonograph #individualchallenges
Retweeted by Sarah HowesLearning to tie different knots #individualchallenges
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