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Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Oval Office plan indicates what she’d be willing to spend precious political capital on early… late night hosts clearly got through a lot of popcorn watching the ABC News interview with President Trump.'s been called a "koala-tee response." slams Fox News after network poll shows him trailing five potential 2020 rivals. users schooled Donald Trump Jr. after he agreed that his father, Donald Trump, had been treated worse than… father of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has won a defamation lawsuit against the au… Donald Trump is once again lashing out at Fox News after his once-favorite cable network released a poll… old interview in which Donald Trump named Tom Wolfe as one of his favorite authors, but then immediately flip-fl… criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's accusation that it had paid workers "starvation wages," calling h… and Trump say they have irrefutable proof that Iran attacked two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week.… Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has canceled campaign events and headed back to Indiana after a police officer shot… military space operations has been discussed for years. Then Trump turned it into a T-shirt slogan and ca… Katie Porter's support for an impeachment inquiry while representing a swing district in Southern California c… 1994 crime bill that Joe Biden is taking heat for doesn't seem that big of a deal to Democratic voters. Wisconsin and New York's examples, California is raising the gay pride flag at its state capitol for the… Trump said in a tweet that ICE would begin "removing millions of illegal aliens" next week. informally announcing more than a month ago acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan as his pick to get the Pe… Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager who was convicted of multiple federal crimes, will… Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said that the U.S. will deploy about 1,000 more troops to the Middle East… ramped up its legal attack on the opioid crisis, suing companies that have "the deaths of thousands of Nevad…
Jones’ lawyer Norman Pattis said neither the emails nor the images contained therein were ever opened. State Department said it will go ahead with $432 million in previously approved projects and grants, but will n…“There are certain things where it just takes a brass-knuckle fight,” Joe Biden said at a candidate forum. -- particularly Democrats -- support seeing 2020 presidential candidates debate ideas to deal with climate c… Two people were shot and another two were arrested near the Toronto Raptors parade. The victims were rush… Biden leans on experience. But does he learn from it? working for Trump's reelection campaign have reportedly been ousted after leaked polling data showed him… Supreme Court will not hear a case involving Oregon bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for an LGBTQ coup… Biden "screwed up & trusted" Bush, saw Iraq as an "Orientalized caricature" while arguing "I know you people"…
Retweeted by HuffPost PoliticsJon Stewart is taking aim at Sen. Mitch McConnell's response to a bill to safeguard funding for 9/11 first responde… in Congress have lobbied for Gallagher, claiming he’s an innocent war hero being unfairly prosecuted. pro-gun Parkland survivor won't be going to Harvard after all, following the discovery of his racist messages. Supreme Court let stand an electoral map in Virginia that was redrawn to fix racial gerrymandering, ruling that… Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can't seem to understand why Jon Stewart is so worked up over the Sept. 11 V… freshman lawmaker corrected Trump's claims that he can't be impeached legally. Donald Trump had a bizarre reaction to his acting chief of staff’s cough during an interview."Statistically, it’s almost certain" there's been a gay U.S. president, says Buttigieg. an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, President Donald Trump expressed hope that North Korea ha… by George Stephanopolous whether Kim was “still building nuclear weapons,” President Trump responded: "I don'… told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he hopes Congress gets his "fantastic financial statement." He's blocke… Counsel Henry Kerner said administration pressure to retract his call for Kellyanne Conway's firing was "wh…
America's heartland deals with wettest season ever on top of Trump's devastating trade war. in West Virginia are again battling their legislators, who are trying to open charter schools. man sprayed a fire extinguisher at police while trespassing in a Queens building where Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cor… of State Mike Pompeo is reaching out to wary foreign leaders to frame alleged Iranian attacks in a Middle… Tiffany Haddish pulled the plug on her June 22 show in Atlanta in protest of the state's "heartbeat" abort… once again floats the prospect of remainng in office for more than two terms, wondering whether his supporter… of State Mike Pompeo snapped at Fox News' Chris Wallace for asking him about Trump's statement that he wo… 2020 candidates pitched their plans to help black Americans at a forum in the early primary state of South Car… Ridder once managed Howard Dean's presidential campaign. Now, his daughter, Jennifer Ridder, is campaign manag… Trump tried to peddle false claims about the Mueller report. ABC's George Stephanopoulos repeatedly shut… are proposing bold policy ideas. Why are they still afraid to expand America's social safety net? appears to pad grievance list against Tehran as U.S. cranks up tensions. White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci calls E Street legend a "nobody." calls Times treasonous for story his own officials said was perfectly fine to print.'s been 3,615 days since the federal minimum wage went up. Yup, that's a record. White House faced backlash over its choice of photograph to mark Flag Day on its official Twitter account.
A Republican National Committee tweet celebrating Donald Trump’s birthday did not go over well. Democrats warned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the Trump administration is sending "a powerfully ne… Defense Secretary Leon Panetta explained why he believes Donald Trump violated the presidential oath of offi… Wallace dings Trump's weak backtrack on taking in foreign dirt on a political rival. petition calls for Kellyanne Conway's ouster over arrogant law-breaking. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ once-stated wish to be remembered as “transparent and…'s reeling in the dough from a D.C. Trump hotel that's the target of emoluments lawsuits. his role in derailing her testimony against now-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill says "of… Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tied "democratic socialism" to the New Deal. Some analysts wonder whether that is enoug… figure is substantially higher than some analysts predicted in 2012, when Colorado voters legalized recreationa… O'Rourke says electing Joe Biden as president wouldn't go far enough, urging: "We’ve got to be bigger, we’ve g… surfaced an old Joe Biden interview that raises more questions about the presidential hopeful's abortion stance. declared Wednesday that he would happily collude with foreign governments to help him win the 2020 election.… has announced the lineups for the first two Democratic primary debates this month."Voters won’t respect that in 2020," a former Bush White House ethics czar warned Nancy Pelosi, who has so far refu… about Joe Biden making remarks to young girls at campaign events about their looks, former Obama adviser Vale… is trying to take an ax to federal advisory committees, ordering that their numbers be slashed. tanker company president says something "flew towards the ship," while U.S. claims the blast was caused by mine… DOJ found that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was right to withhold President Donald Trump's tax returns from… bill prompted protests among immigrants and their advocates at the Capitol when it was before the Legislature.
“It looks to me like they’re trying to take away her right of free speech and that’s just not fair,” he said. DC Circuit court has ruled the Trump administration cannot block immigrant teens who are pregnant from obtainin… RNC is holding another event at a Trump property next week. And putting more money into the president's wallet. Sen. Susan Collins is about to get another 2020 Democratic challenger: Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon. Internal Revenue Service will stop sending private debt collectors after poor people with old tax debts thanks… emails show that the EPA's top air regulator not only attended a conference of hardline climate deniers but gav… federal agency is worried that naming people who died on the job might offend the employers they worked for. confirming ideologues and unqualified people to be lifetime judges, Republicans are finally drawing a line on… Donald Trump, who often expresses admiration for dictators, is now ripping House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for…"We have our own Jackie O today, it’s called Melania," said Trump on "Fox & Friends" this morning. The moment caus… Kander, the former Missouri secretary of state, discussed with NBC's Lester Holt his withdrawal from mayor's… presidential candidate Julián Castro said the issue of police brutality was more than just "a few bad ap… important video for National Flag Day. We went down to Mississippi last summer to find out why their state flag…
Retweeted by HuffPost PoliticsOn National Flag Day here's a reminder of the resonance of flags in our lives. While some flags inspire hope and pr… Cisneros, an immigration and human rights attorney, announced a 2020 primary challenge to Rep. Henry Cuella… #JohnMcCainDay hashtag went viral on Twitter as thousands of people trolled Donald Trump on his birthday. North Carolina man pleaded guilty to killing three Muslim students in their home in 2015. told ABC News that he never told Don McGahn to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, despite McGahn's testimon… Linton, who is married to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, has complained it “sucks being hated" in a new i… Trump’s claim to have once reduced grown men and women to tears with the signing of an executive order that… though most cities absorb the safety costs that come from Trump rallies, some cities, like El Paso, Texas, say… activists are targeting doctors using public record requests. wave of legal challenges are hitting what the Health and Human Services call the "conscience protections" rule, w…