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Yes, Brexit is messy, says ex-British PM David Cameron in an amusing on-air gaffe. Trump was mocked on Twitter after a general had to tell him it was probably best not to reveal to the press… the third time in the past day, a photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing offensive makeup has… users voiced concern after The Washington Post reported that an intelligence official’s secret whistleblowe… there have been significant wins and firsts with Latinas winning seats in Congress and in state and local… there have been significant wins and firsts with Latinas winning seats in Congress and in state and local… Trump has said he'll name Robert C. O’Brien to replace John Bolton as national security adviser. Democratic voters are enthusiastic about Elizabeth Warren than any other candidate, while Joe Biden is most br… White House plans to pull its nominee to lead FEMA and instead put forward the agency's acting chief for the ro… new law will reclassify many gig economy workers from independent contractors to employees ― ensuring them bene… hunting is already stressful enough. For undocumented professionals, it comes with additional risks. White House is talking with GOP senators about draft legislation that mirrors a 2013 bill that sought to extend… York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law extending the statute of limitations for rape survivors. striking workers were caught off-guard when General Motors stopped paying for employee health insurance this w… York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly said Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked them to lie…“This is the fight of a lifetime for us," one official said after Trump announced he's revoking California's fuel e… McMahon allegedly threatened a community activist in Charlottesville, Virginia, who planned to run for city… whistleblower complaint that the acting director of national intelligence has refused to hand over to Congress… Ilhan Omar said President Trump is "continuing to spread lies" after he promoted a false claim about her party… Joe Kennedy III plans to launch a primary challenge to Sen. Ed Markey on Saturday, according to media reports. House oversight committee said the records indicate that "U.S. taxpayer funds have been used to pay for more th… Kamala Harris is expected to join the strike line with McDonald's workers on Saturday as they demand a $15 hou…
Betsy DeVos' "Back to School tour" is promoting a Catholic school that bans transgender students and staff. IN: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore brownface at a 2001 "Arabian Nights" party that was documented… told reporters that he hasn't spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the election, saying:… lawsuit accuses some of America's largest housing companies of discriminating against older prospective tenants w…“Listen to the scientists.” Greta Thunberg and other teen climate activists are testifying to Congress about the gl… Pompeo said the attack on the largest oil processing facility in the world was an "act of war" on Saudi Arabia… Trump drew ire on social media for the way in which he commented on the death of celebrated ABC News journal… federal ban on marijuana is making consumers turn to illicit weed pens, which are untested, unregulated, and of… Sen. John Kennedy says it's "doubtful" he'll support Steven Menashi's confirmation, a major blow for one of Tru… Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist, took senators to task on the climate crisis, saying they weren't… President Jimmy Carter, who turns 95 on Oct. 1, says he doesn’t think he could’ve handled the job of preside… state Sen. Mike Folmer (R) resigned Wednesday after prosecutors say he admitted "that he had received… new law will reclassify many gig economy workers from independent contractors to employees ― ensuring them bene… Warren said it's "the most fun about this." coalition of nearly 10,000 farmers and ranchers is endorsing the Green New Deal and calling on Congress to make i… memes have come a long way since the Hamster Dance ― but over the past few years, they’ve taken on a more… Elizabeth Warren called President Donald Trump “corruption in the flesh” during her rally in New York City’s W… officials arrested a GOP state senator after finding images of child porn on a Tumblr account belongin… White House has reportedly fired the general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security, the latest shake-u… morning! ☕ Trump has now confirmed 150 lifetime federal judges. He's confirmed more appeals court judges (43…
Retweeted by HuffPost PoliticsThe sharp exchange between Donald Trump and one of his most ardent supporters set Twitter alight. night hosts roasted President Donald Trump for trying to appeal to Hispanic voters at a rally in New Mexico. President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he plans to appoint Robert C. O’Brien, the special presid… Carter's comments on age and the presidency cast doubt on the Democrats' older candidates. President Barack Obama hailed journalist Cokie Roberts as a “trailblazing figure” and inspirational icon af… Clinton is renewing her criticism of Facebook, slamming the site for allowing "Trump's propaganda" to sprea… than 125 migrant mothers and children have sued the Trump administration over the enactment of a virtual asylu… Trump lamented the nation’s homelessness crisis ― not because so many Americans are unable to afford housing… brand Bstroy says its offensive hoodies are meant to evoke “the irony of dying violently in a place you… visiting a historically black university, Joe Biden felt the love from a contingent of voters he doesn’t see…
Trump just hit a milestone in the number of lifetime judges he's confirmed. Democrats say there's really only one w… has been devastated by mass shootings in 2019, but unsecure guns are harming children at an alarming rate as… judge in upstate New York was forced to resign after posting an image of a noose on his Facebook page. a new U.S. war in the Middle East actually break out, it will have more to do with a “locked and loaded” pre… worried about the broader implications of engaging in another Middle East conflict, warning against the U… Motors workers will be losing their company-sponsored health care two days into a strike that has shut down… has been in an ongoing legal fight with the Trump administration over its right to set its own auto emis… Cabinet choices are another sign that Trump’s populist pledge to “drain the swamp” is a catchy campaign slogan… Trump campaign aide Corey Lewandowski repeatedly evaded questions about his interactions with the president,… government says the former CIA and NSA official's book "Permanent Record" violates his nondisclosure agreements. Center for Immigration Studies - an SPLC-designated hate group - failed in its attempt to sue the law center ov… Ocasio-Cortez announced her first endorsement of a primary challenger to a Democratic incumbent: Marie N… three years separated by Trump's travel ban, this Muslim husband and wife were finally reunited in Arizona. new study found that in future presidential elections, a candidate could win the popular vote and still lose the… Obama-era deputy national security adviser reminded viewers of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that “American foreign poli… Donald Trump appealed to Hispanic Americans during a campaign rally in New Mexico on Monday. Recent polls… Roberts, who won three Emmys for her work as an ABC News journalist, has died at age 75. Gabbard sent a blistering message to Donald Trump, telling the president he was not the U.S. military's pimp… a campaign rally in New Mexico, President Donald Trump tried to sway Hispanic voters, even though only 25% appro… Democrats have launched an ethics investigation into Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and whether she use… Conway's husband marks up Constitution to suggest the Saudis, not Trump, are in charge of any military re… Yang will sit down with the disgraced former SNL cast member who referred to the presidential hopeful using… least 10 bomb-sniffing dogs sent to Jordan from the U.S. to combat terrorism have died after suffering abuse and… Ilhan Omar says the public needs to be fully informed on the president's "crimes and misdemeanors" to strength… Donald Trump’s suggestion that former President Barack Obama’s book and Netflix deals are worthy of inves… Lindsey Graham blasts "scurrilous accusations" against Brett Kavanaugh and vows the Supreme Court justice won'… IN: President Trump during his rally defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the wake of new allegat… Elizabeth Warren drew thousands to her rally in New York City's Washington Square Park, where she praised wome… Rep. Beto O'Rourke hit back at fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who criticized…'s White House is once again interfering with subpoenas. is lying about the Saudi attack, says Donald Trump, who lies just about everything just about every day – ther…
Once a critic of fighting wars for Saudi Arabia, Trump now declares the U.S. is "locked and loaded." University President Jerry Falwell Jr., the well-known political evangelical leader and ardent Trump suppor… falsely claimed that he did not say he would speak with Iran without preconditions. In fact, he's said it on… FBI is coming under fire again for the limited scope of its investigation into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kava… York City prosecutors have subpoenaed Trump’s tax returns, a person familiar with the matter told The Associate… Rico's political crises are fueling a new movement that could break the island's two-party politics. O’Rourke said he did not share the other candidates’ concerns, and would much rather focus on the “big things”… Warren just gained a major progressive group's endorsement — a sharp disappointment for Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump says Brett Kavanaugh is the one “being assaulted” in the wake of new sexual misconduct alleg… Warren's newest plan: a series of anti-corruption proposals, building on core issues of her campaign. critics are suspicious about the 1962 incident involving the “Romans” gang leader that Biden insists threat… and author Diane Guerrero has been a leading voice in the fight for immigration reform in the United States. Trump said the ad sends a "terrible message." operation, which targeted FBI communications, hampered the bureau’s ability to track Russian spies on U.S. soil…“Pray that we make it through the next 14 months,” Reich suggested. Julián Castro questioned Joe Biden’s fitness for office, fellow 2020 democratic presidential candidates are s… Virginia judge has blocked efforts by Charlottesville city leaders to remove two Confederate statues, including o…