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J&K Police Officer. Tweets are my own & not inevitably corresponding to my employer.RTs ain't endorsements.

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Joined Twitter 1/1/10 takes time. You have to lose your pride. You have to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind. You gotta trust the signs.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainInstead of books, we're buying guns Instead of schools, we're building bunkers Instead of nation-builders, we're producing martyrs #Kashmir
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainThis is beautiful. A.R. Rahman - Kun Faya Kun (Berklee Indian Ensemble cover) love producing Reports. Do American leaders care reading them at all? I doubt. @criticalthreats @POTUS
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MOHABAT GOLIYON SE BO RAHE HO/WATAN KA CHEHRA KHOON SE DHO RAHE HO/GUMAN TUM KO RASTA KAT RAHA HAI/YAQEEN MUJH KO MANZIL KHO RAHE HOSome breeze amidst the scorching cacophony of the villification of protectors. Long live @JmuKmrPolice @nitishcop
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainFeel good to see students doing so well at Police Public School. @JmuKmrPolice @hussain_imtiyaz
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1/ I want to tell u today the story of 8yr old Yazidi girl, forced to work for 3yrs as slave by ISIS fighters in Raqqa. I met her in Kobani.
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Salahuddin's sons work in govt; Wani's father is a govt school headmaster; Musa's father is a govt engineer. Does no one see the irony here?
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainEFSAS believes that education and acquiring knowldege are the best tools to fight terrorism,hate and radicalization.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainUnfortunate- Young lads being incited to killing fields of terror. fate of fence-sitters in the Valley - Times of India via @timesofindia
Terrorism across the world linked to Saudi funding the propagation of their brand of Islam:Fmr UK Amb to Saudi
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Today we remember #martyr Ct Rajesh Krishan Raina of Nanil Anantnag who gave supreme sacrifice of his life on this day in 2001.
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Stop glorifying militancy if you wouldn't want it for your own children. What is newspaper idealism for you, is death in a poor man's home.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainIt's around 17 thousand. Shoaib Nabi Lone whose father Dr Ghulam Nabi Lone (Ex-Minster) was also killed by militant…
One of militants killed in #Redbug Budgam by @JmuKmrPolice @adgpi @crpfindia was involved in murder of martyr #DySP Mohammed Ayub Pandith.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainSajad Gilkar is among the 3 killed terrorists of HM. He was the key accused in the murder of DSP Mohd. Ayub Pandit…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainA day after the attack #AmarnathYatra went on peacefully today with thousands arriving from Jammu and having Darshan at the cave.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainLet this madness stop now.#Kashmir wants to breathe peace. @JmuKmrPolice @nitzcop @spvaid
Anyone and everyone who glorifies gun is responsible for the murder of Yatris. Period.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainNo cause is worth anything that's to b achieved by killing innocent pilgrims.Thousands killed 2 achieve AZADI which's nothing but BURBADI.I call it terrorist army. Pakistan don't have Soldiers they have Jihadis, everyone knows that.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainWe ruin our own economy, break windshield of our own cars, burn our own apple orchards and stop our children from g…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainWhn hired gun-wielding proxies r killed and we make half-hearted attempts of condemnations on social media whn poli…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainKashmir has become a graveyard of truth; Courtesy, Selectiveness. Demanding Azaadi while we snatch each and everyo…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainWhen will we stand up against these bloody terrorists who kill people? Shameful. I mourn the death of these pilgri…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainThe gang of gunmen belonging to LeT and led by Ismail from Pakistan identified as perpetrators of yatri attack. Police on hot pursuit
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Horrendous and condemnable. Barbaric and dastardly attack by terrorists. My prayers are with victims' families…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainIdeology that advocates & promotes #terrorism needs to b wiped out 4m the face of planet 2 deliver justice 2 terror victims of world.Cowards and barbarian will always kill innocents.Killing #Yatris-the new low of ur noble souls.It's #AttackOnKashmirToday we remember Sgct Fayaz Ahmed of Babgund Bandipora who gave supreme sacrifice of his life on this day in 2003.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainThe militants of Lashkar took help of Sandeep to loot ATMs, and they also indulged in immoral activities in the vil…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainRecently Bashir Lashkari was eliminated. Sandeep Sharma a non local was in same house where Lashkari took shelter:M…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainUP resident Sandeep Sharma,a part of Lashkar module has been apprehended by J&K Police
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Malicious design to create misinformation, hatred; and incite violence got a new soft n sweet name : "Fake News". What an Idea !!!
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainThe graduates of #WhatsApp Universities & #SocialMedia Warriors who propogate hate r doing an irreparable loss 2 d social fabric of nation
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Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainA hamlet of migratory nomads seen in backdrop of forests at a Highland pasture along Mughal Road.
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I and my family had one of our best 10 days summer holiday in #Kashmir just last month. We were welcomed and it was…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainMore important is being RIGHT than the strand of flock you belong to & having faith in Almighty makes even hardest… in Kashmir have always welcomed our guests with open arms.Time 4 countrymen to visit in numbers & enjoy beauty of place & hospitality.
This senseless violence should incident with people getting killed &too much media coverage… Feroz. Justice delivered. Wish good sense prevails & there are no more killings in Kashmir and we all live in p… Lakshar and 3 terrorists are trapped in village Branti, #Anantag . They were involved in killing SHO, 5 policemen.
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Ode to #Kashmiri policemen, softest targets of the insurgency: Barkha Dutt
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Huge blow to Qatar
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainBREAKING: Iraq's Prime Minister declares the end of the ISIS state
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainMet yoga enthusiasts - Iqbal, Faisal and Irshad. Plan to sponsor these children from Baramulla for yoga competition…
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My day takes off with these lovely angels around and with some lift in hot air balloon. #SJSadventurecamp at heart, IPS officer aims to bring harmony through literature | The Indian Express @Kailash1987G @msc6336 My point is let's not become like them. We have to stop India from becoming a Pakistan. Indi… and shocked over the gruesome crimes in many parts of the country. This Indian society was known for...
Retweeted by Imtiyaz Hussain @iEssZed If only you aren't blind to see...!!!
Is mankind still alive to see this day..!!!! Ahmed Dar, the Kashmir Cop Killed by Militants, Was the 'Pride of Dogripura' via @thewire_in
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainIndian Police Man's Act of Kindness During Eid Prayer
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainThe lynching of Mohammad Ayub Pandith: Save Kashmiriyat, or stay in denial on where Kashmiris have gone wrong
2017 have lauded the role of MLA Tangmarg Mr. Abbass for personally being part of the rescue efforts at Gulmarg Gondola yesterday.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainAppreciate the professionalism & dedication of J&K police who ensured adequate arrangements for Eid celebrations across Kashmir.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainFor the third day in a row, Israel bombed the Syrian Army in #Syria's Golan Heights, paving the way for Al-Qaeda terrorists to advance.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainThis country is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet, but you probably had no idea…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainBe happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more. -Mother Teresa
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@jkpdp Gulmarg MLA Abbas Wani along with local police rushed to the accident spot & monitored rescue Ops.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz Hussain @Mubassir_Latifi @hussain_imtiyaz Well done J&K Police...Keep up the good work
Retweeted by Imtiyaz Hussain#Gulmarg Gandola accident. Some more rescue pics.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz Hussain#Gulmarg Gandola accident. @JmuKmrPolice with help of locals and All Terrian Vehicle operators rescued about 150 stranded persons.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainExtremely tragic news from #Gulmarg. 7 persons died in cable car accident. Heartfelt condolences with families who…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz Hussain#Gulmarg Gandola accident. Police team under SSP Baramulla on spot. About 100 stranded.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz Hussain#Gulmarg All tourists stranded in air evacuated. Cable car restored. RIP the 7 departed souls including 4 from one…
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainDissent or Disintegration? mobocracy overturning democracy is a serious concern for internal security. #Mobocracy #LynchRaj
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainClosing of schools to burning of schools & now it's attacking schools! Where we as a society are upto where we fear education! #DPSSrinagar
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainBy Attacking our schools they can't shatter our dreams our hopes but it only strengthens our convictions
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainCommunalism and castism will not make India great. Diversity and pluralism is the strength and respect of India.
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New Study Paper by EFSAS - Pan-Islamism and Radicalization of Kashmiri Youth. 'Religious radicalization has its...
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainWow. No outrage at all in the U.S. Only civilians killed by the Russian Air Force matter, apparently.
Retweeted by Imtiyaz HussainLynching for trivial reasons is the worst type of terrorism, people involved, be called not mob but terrorists.
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