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If you've ever enjoyed a night at @Corsica_Studios, consider supporting one of its founders in a difficult time:…
Retweeted by Hyperdub @_sshaw isn't that the bloke who runs prison planet?
Visual artist @jessekanda makes music as Doon Kanda and his debut EP 'Heart' landed via @Hyperdub. The upbeat "Axolotl"leads off the record.
Retweeted by HyperdubWe're back with Various Artists! This time we're bringing @ScratchaDVA to India for a two-city tour! Get details:…
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@ScratchaDVA @mickeythepearce haha!TEKLIFE x BASINGHOUSE x THIS THURSDAY
Retweeted by HyperdubDehli x Mumbai x Beijing x Seoul ✈️- c u in March 🇮🇳🇨🇳🇰🇷
Retweeted by HyperdubJesse Kanda’s compelling debut for @Hyperdub as doon kanda, now available on vinyl
Retweeted by HyperdubSo excited to have @ItsCoolyG joining us for #PRMF2017 on the @Hyperdub stage. Check out her classic @boilerroomtv
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Just Announced: Mumbai, India - Mar 4 at tba
Retweeted by Hyperdub @ScratchaDVA this guy @audio_pervert just seen you're not a 15 year old boy, which was a surprise Samrat. Time to grow up maybe?i'm doing an early evening history of hyperdub set this friday in london here
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Coming at 22:30 - Das Kapital gets an interview + mix from @ikonika (@hyperdub / @Planetmurecords / UK) Ahead of h…
Retweeted by Hyperdub @audio_pervert had a good laugh at this when you published it - ta
Playing @Bahidora festival today at 450 PM right after @MadProfessordub
Retweeted by HyperdubOptimised for SubPac by @kodenine #feelit
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A solas con la música | Entrevistamos a @jessy_lanza antes de su arribo a Las Estacas para @Bahidora
Retweeted by HyperdubFRESHERS: MAD HATER DUB [1 SIDED 12" AVAILABLE / 1 COPY ONLY] - BUY LINK BELOW on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by HyperdubI stripped down one of my tracks especially for the @SubPac - get it here
Retweeted by HyperdubListen2 @jessy_lanza premiere the Jeremy Greenspan remix of my album track AlmostU ft Rae Rae & @RosesGabor -
Retweeted by Hyperdub @LukeTurnerEsq @naylor_tony cameo from Anne sellors @PhilipSherburne @dave_sfx so its only there to catch data from those who will donate @PhilipSherburne @dave_sfx the last stage - youre asked to donate to the causeWe welcome @Hyperdub signee @jessy_lanza back to her #R1Residency with tracks from @FunkinEven, DJ Katapila and mor…
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If you live in Southern Ontario this is special for u! I'll be playing live at Kazoo Fest ( @kazooguelph ) on April…
Retweeted by HyperdubBig up @kodenine @nitetrax @lolina_relaxin @ScratchaDVA @FazeMiyake All of yous duppied tonight.
Retweeted by HyperdubReally was. Big up all the ravers and @kodenine. Thank you for putting on a blacked out smoked out ram dance. 🕶
Retweeted by Hyperdubø was so good last night
Retweeted by Hyperdub @ikonika i can't get over it. one of the best club experiences I've had in a while
Retweeted by Hyperdub.@kodenine teams up with @SubPac for an exclusive track, plus we have a giveaway!
Retweeted by Hyperdub @skipratmedia @AngusCarlyle steve's @kodenine :)Here's @ikonika 's track for the @SubPacクラブの空間をここまで活用しているパーティは初めてかも。 #hyperdub
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Big ol bag of bass ready for @Hyperdub / Audint tonight 🙌🏻 #feelit
Retweeted by HyperdubShouts to @kodenine and the @Hyperdub crew (via @magnetic_mag) #feelit
Retweeted by HyperdubCorsica tonight see some of you there I'm gonna play Ultra Nate for an hour coz I'm free to do what I wanna do.
Retweeted by HyperdubTonight, @lolina_relaxin @ScratchaDVA @FazeMiyake and me (@nitetrax) in room 2 of @Corsica_Studios for @Hyperdub Ø.
Retweeted by Hyperdub.@jessy_lanza made a playlist on @Spotify of her first @BBCR1 Residency show - check it here: time of the month -
Retweeted by HyperdubWatch doon kanda's (@jessekanda) beautiful video for "Womb" (@Hyperdub)
Retweeted by HyperdubØ2 - tomorrow night -
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I'll be here alongside the Audint crew repping my @SubPac fam #feelit
Retweeted by HyperdubWatch this beautiful video for 'womb' by doon kanda - taken from his new EP 'heart' @jessekanda eve at @Corsica_Studios @FazeMiyake @lolina_relaxin @nitetrax @ScratchaDVA + Audint - Come/Dance ETC Ticks @EklectiKEDM repliedTicks here: @Hyperdub bring 'ø' to @Corsica_Studios for the 2nd time on Wednesday 15th // #ldn #ø #event
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Episode 2 of Ø this wednesday at @Corsica_Studios - tickets here
Retweeted by HyperdubLOLIN' & SCRATCHIN' CD available now bus016
Retweeted by HyperdubØ / 2 on Wednesday with @FazeMiyake @ScratchaDVA @lolina_relaxin @nitetrax and Audint in room one - ticks:Ø / 2 with @FazeMiyake @ScratchaDVA Inga Copeland @nitetrax and Audint in room one - ticks: @RATegg_ join our mailing list my friend and you'll find out soonerdoon kanda - womb video - taken from his new ep 'heart' - digital out now - vinyl out 24th Feb @jessekanda
Retweeted by Hyperdubheart UNBOXING!! so grateful for all your warmths. gonna upload "womb" video today. tons new…
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@chalravens soundmagiv ones
@BismolDubz he released a record 2 months ago
.@q330 on @Spotify Fresh Finds playlist with 'Digital Lotus Flower'Ø2 -
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I'll be doing some workshops is S. Africa in a couple of weeks. More info here:
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precious metals livveeee in 15 min w @swan_meat 🔥🔥🔥@NTSlive
Retweeted by HyperdubH:E Remixes -
Retweeted by HyperdubCome to Ø Number 2 - on 15th Feb - we reveal the lineup on Monday !Here's @ScratchaDVA on @ReprezentRadio
Retweeted by HyperdubAnother date for @jessy_lanza EU tour added !ónar Hong Kong lines up DJ Shadow, Kode9, Evian Christ and more for inaugural event:
Retweeted by Hyperdub @BARO_RECORDS @jessy_lanza hmm no plans sorry - you have our permission to record it onto tape if you really want thoTickets for our second monthly Hyperdub night of music and art here: come and have mid week fun!
Have you ever wanted to hyperdub someone?
Retweeted by Hyperdub @therealsoundhog Is that from one of the stakker videos? @leftblankuk didn't know bowls was so popular in America 😉
nabbed this one earlier today, thx for the bonus phone background @q330 + @Hyperdub!
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I'm playing some shows this spring in the EU and UK tickets here
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Happy to say @jessy_lanza is coming to Europe on tour this spring! verdict on the bass + club music releases you need to be checking this month 💥
Retweeted by Hyperduband just in case you can't find anything on our bandcamp store, a ton of other labels are participating too: @subpop @mergerecords @Hyperdub
Retweeted by HyperdubHeres the Doon Kanda EP 'Heart' in @Spotify Fresh Finds playlist: