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Liberals LOSE IT after seeing Thanksgiving Message sent by the Washington Redskins
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@stephenasmith he knew and knows NOTHING.and away i go off to family and then sadly work.@Hecate40 @DMR_MI @Dwarfclone @Redhead6886 @QuantumFlux1964 @GaltsGirl @JJBranchaud @skiplacombe Same to you #Hugs@EEFWW @MarkSheppard @coconutimetravl @pennjillette Anyone who can get that one right that quick deserves a follow from me. #PPGSince that Poser wants to ignore me i'm more than happy to return the favor today. Slappy ThanksGiving @Youxia88 You really are sad.So a person who i thought got it @Youxia88 @ArmorCavSpin @NahBabyNah blocks me for suggesting a Ted Cruz Glenn Beck ticket.@Youxia88 @ArmorCavSpin @NahBabyNah I flat out dont trust anyone BESIDES Cruz currently in the GOP field. His VP is gonna come from outside.@Youxia88 @ArmorCavSpin @NahBabyNah not sure why that one is aimed at me. I'm Pro Cruz. I'd LOVE a Cruz/Beck ticket.@littlebytesnews and by out hawk we mean destroy everyone's constitutional rights. #FuckRubio.@IsabelleSahra xenophobic? I'm an immigrants daughter you incompetent, judgmental BITCH! My family is FROM the Middle East so STFU
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@del_backspace Even with that the Primary was not going his way until Rand's endorsement. KY was fooled once. It wont be again.@del_backspace At the time Rand was a Rock Star in KY. He could do no wrong. That's changed.@del_backspace And Without Rand's Endorsement and the Deal Those two struck McConnell does not win that primary.@del_backspace McConnell is primaried without Rand. And Bevin winning KY shows what KY thinks imo.@del_backspace KY has redeemed itself since, Honestly i think Rand's gonna be a one term senator.@del_backspace they were thinking Rand was not a complete SELLOUT. (Hint: He WAS and IS)So #JusticeOrElse means attacking Christmas trees now? How productive #BlackLivesMatter. Here's your stereotype.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@google @starwars Yeah. If you could just get the Chinese translation to handle a little better... (would make a load of difference at job.)Man how many heads would explode at a Ted @tedcruz / @glennbeck ticket?If Trump is the hill you've decided to kill your credibility on, then that's your problem, not mine. That level of stupid can't be spun.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@ArmorCavSpin @Youxia88 @NahBabyNah No it will be Cruz/Beck. Enjoy that one.Tomorrow if i were not deep in the woods with family and friends i'd want to carry. Hell even though i will be i STILL think about it.@CplSoletrain It is time for the sane people of that city to counter riot. ENOUGH OF THE GAMES@CplSoletrain It is time sane people stand up against these assholes. The Govt and Police support these actions. THIS IS A RIOT.@_Holly_Renee If i have Sanders Supporters at my house i might spend ALL of thanksgiving at MY JOB.@justinamash @mkibbe And we will remember you voted for John Bohener 2.0 who has yet to prove he isnt. #Disappointed@MarioLopezExtra @SenTedCruz You have made an incredible amount of enemies today with this. But many more friends than you may ever know.Now this is a campaign poster! @SenTedCruz
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Grasswire Saudi Arabia should be IP Range banned from the Service. Think we forgot about your own jihadis #Wahabism WE DIDNT YOU FUCKS.@jensicilian @SuzySP There are no nice or safe words to describe this bullshit.Poor snowflakes have it rough nowadays. #SafeSpace
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@TelcoJ Thank you Captain Saurkraut. you Disciple of Rove. For telling us something anyone paying attention knew YEARS AGO
@MarkSheppard @coconutimetravl @pennjillette They were Reincarnated as Reemo and Zooty (SP?) In B5. Of course they are. xD@NahBabyNah He'd be the first president to do that...@skiplacombe #Skiphasnochips@StarCoreOne02 and he has been corrupting that network since 2008. he's a CANCER.@TheFix @Dab7One I do. He was a terrorist in training Probably part of an ISIS cell in texas. he just got exposed.Holy crap @MadCatz 350 for the Star Citizen controller? Any chance that comes with like a ship attached? o.oNeed to get some fucking answers tonight...Attention Ladies And Gentlenuts: 1 hour 15 minutes until the Fall Steam Sales Begin. 1 hour and 15 minutes. Your Wallets Are not Ready.Nexon if you ever fix your hackable games you have handle on an IP that will put you into orbit. Please let this game be free of cheats@AndrewMayne There is something to be said for not feeding the beast though. Like i said. Having a lot of trouble.@AndrewMayne Having a lot of trouble reconciling my view on some of the SJW reboots in marvel@AndrewMayne Personally used a fire. It died on a trip. If i can get the money i will replace it eventually. Love the system.
I am home. I am Here! #TWRadioFamily@TheWeldingRoom @rockiwithani it's a yes when I get in the damn door!@rockiwithani @TheWeldingRoom on a bus. With my 45.@TheWeldingRoom @rockiwithani omw home now.@Hecate40 mhmmm@rockiwithani @TheWeldingRoom DAMN AUTO COMPLETE. I SAID YAAAY@rockiwithani @TheWeldingRoom tasty #hugs.@SalenaZitoTrib @timelywriter @AP hoping...BREAKING: #Russia's Putin arrives in Tehran: state media. #Iran
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@NimjehMoe @Hecate40 Hecate just beats people in her way.@Hecate40 @NimjehMoe mhm@DaveDoom2008 @ChuckNellis @RickCanton @Infidelzfun @ouchinagirl 2:1 she repeats the most hated in America line.Breaking: #Obama gives the kill order for Russian Pilots, Helicopter Crew. Begs Putin for NUCLEAR WAR. Obama declared insane BY ME! #TCOT
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinPennsylvania Democrat Running for Senate Fails to File Financial Disclosure
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin"Turkey Assassinates Russian Pilots" No No No my friends. Not without #Obama giving the order to kill. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. #SYRIA #TCOT
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@DLoesch after year 2 I would never have gone to another thanksgiving dinner with them. More power to you.We are. course.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@ericbolling he needs to be arrested.WHAT THE _______?? It's our fault? @POTUS?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinPlease @FoxNews & @FoxBusiness please tell Americans why we should trust Turkey?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinYou see the problem w your answer right @mepstl ? Comey testified in Oct that they have no way of properly vetting.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@Conservative_VW @forrickperry @liane2552 bullet to the head.Me: we could destroy ISIS in less than a year. My 15 YO: why don't we? Me: because Imam Obama has no interest in defeating radical Islam.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@ChuckNellis you know Ted Cruz is looking like a shining beacon in this world of uncertainty - a hope for the future
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinTHIS! #Cruz2016
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinLibs are ruining this country w/ PC, global weakness, & economic stupidity. The American people are fed up! #tcot
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinMSNBC’s ‘No-Fly List Is Islamophobia’ poster boy arrested as part of ISIS cell
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinThe recent tragedy in #Paris affirmed that we CANNOT have a Commander-in-Chief who will sleep through a terrorist attack. #Benghazi
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin.@SenTedCruz and I just spoke for 40 minutes by phone about our love of this country. This man is the real deal. I'm all in! #TedCruz #tcot
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@RealJamesWoods @SenTedCruz Hell. Yeah.Great speaking with you and truly honored to have your support!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@vmpcott complicit@TheBatriarchy and the 2012 documents from the Dod show just how in the tank he actually was.Your ignorance on who indicts and convicts (not the NRA!) Shannon trumps her typo. You support terrorists on streets
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@N_C_Patriot0248 @housecatt05 play? No the dod just proved he IS long unless we are willing to revolt.@DocThompsonShow it has to be 'The Glaze' Pizza and Donuts!!The DoD just declassified the evidence that proves Obama's TREASON!!!Ok google. That was fucking awesome. #alongtimeagoinagalaxyfarfaraway@ArnoldSlaughter @emoblues and you are just another dumb fuck who thinks defense is never needed. #fuckoff
@FoundersGirl sorry. My ticket at this point is Cruz/Beck.Hey, #ISIS Bring your Jihad We're ready! #BrusselsLockdown Retweet if you refuse to Bow to Islamic Terrorists!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslinhow to win my heart:
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinIt's like a black cotton ball!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@EmrgencyKittens kitten pile!!!If you're at all connected with the coal have at least a year's more worth of misery thanks to Obama....
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@PinkUSADreamer @dyerc2012 @IrishTexan2009 the cancer of Karl rove has destroyed a once great organization."You hate refugees!" "No, you love terrorists!" This is the simple-minded oversimplification of refugee debate that's playing on repeat.
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@tographer my handgun is in condition all timesPray for the Republic, keep your weapons close and give them up to no one!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin@DiamondandSilk @WashingtonDCTea @realDonaldTrump @GOP aww the little neo-fascists don't like their Messiah getting the truth how sweet.To the millions focused on a meme tweet today, explain the brutal murder of this pastor's wife #AmandaBlackburn
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ OslinMedia's more interested in what Trump saw on 9-11 than Obama admin fixing intel reports. Tell me again why people ignore them?
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin30 years ago today (November 18, 1985) we first met a boy and his pet tiger. Happy Birthday!
Retweeted by David ◥▶◀◤ Oslin
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