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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

General of the #BunnyArmy #IchooseHope #Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light. Lord of Flame and Rage.

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Reverse Tweets @AlphaOmegaSin is on point But his questions can be answered. Looks like I have my entry point.
@dmbl02 Given that he didnt spend too much in cash there he has the biggest win.Big day for Vietnam draft dodgers. Congratulations Trump and Sanders
Retweeted by David OslinSaw a solid price on a Jeep worth having even if it is a Soft Top. But its down in Dallas...dont know if they ship or not. @cciedotnyc @PolitiBunny @c5hardtop1999 @scalpatriot @realDonaldTrump Go pray to the Altar of Alex Jones you fucking whacked out shitheadI might just have to bite the bullet and just deal with everything at once. I dont want to. I really dont want to. But i dont see an option. @GeekCons Especially when the employer is as big as this.Hey @mcuban . You got your money. Here's an idea. RUN YOURSELF AS A FUCKING INDEPENDENT IF YOU THINK THEY ARENT DOING IT RIGHT! @Dwarfclone @kuhb00m @skiplacombe @smod2016 Sorry But i back @cthulhu4americaWhich would you choose?So i cant get off nights. I now need to either switch jobs or drive myself deeper into debt. I will lose Pay Rate if i switchKinda scary Yes? Is done. Sanders is the Nominee barring the worst type of backroom politics. Trump finally wins in an ESTABLISHMENT state.Well this sucks I don't like talking about work but now I am forced to either switch departments or.go deeper into debt. Not sure what to do @ChuckNellis @FoxNews YesWhat will @FoxNews DO if Ted Cruz is nominated, root for Bernie?
Retweeted by David OslinNo, you don't. You stand for imposing Progressive Policy by Mob Rule.
Retweeted by David OslinI'm getting emails from fans saying they joined Twitter for me but they're now leaving because it's obvious where the company is going.
Retweeted by David Oslin @BeachInSC @Daddy_Warpig it may well come down to finding people and developing something new.I wonder what will replace Twitter, after Twitter has gone. #riptwitter
Retweeted by David OslinWould I have preemptively destroyed that North Korean missile on the launch pad? Yes. It's called leadership.
Retweeted by David Oslin#1984Twitter #RIPTWitter
Retweeted by David OslinIf you love the men and women who serve in our military and police our streets #BoycottBeyonce because their lives matter. #SuperBowl 💙👮🏼💙
Retweeted by David Oslin @6LambsMom @Mediaite not all are but no one is explaining to them what is happening. @AlphaOmegaSin it's time for that video.I thought Twitter was founded in 2006, not 1984.
Retweeted by David OslinThis ransom note (complete with threats from the kidnapper) was posted on Twitter by the governor. #Pennsylvania
Retweeted by David Oslin @Timpanist @seanhannity @marcorubio I doubt hackity will listen @seanhannity I submit that @marcorubio IS that "squishy moderate" that we usually settle for. NOT... THIS... TIME!!! #CruzCrew
Retweeted by David OslinThe world reacts to @Twitter's idea of making it a less free, less interesting forum. #caring
Retweeted by David OslinWhat the #French think of #Islam #immigrants but @ABC @NBC #CBS #NBC @CNN & especially @POTUS don't want U 2 C
Retweeted by David Oslin @nowiknowmyabcs couple of waffle houses IN PA too!If there were all white dancers for white entertainer it would be called racist! #WakeUpAmerica #RedNationRising
Retweeted by David Oslin @mashbusiness everyone knows why ... corrupt officials made billions of of those buildings now they tore them down to make more money)
Retweeted by David Oslin#TweetsTheTwitterPoliceWillHate SJW's never say, "you've given me what I wanted. I'm done and happy now."
Retweeted by David Oslin @NahBabyNah @TheAtlantic shamefulThis isn't just un-American, it's goddamned ANTI-American.
Retweeted by David OslinBudget fact: @GovernorTomWolf's 2016-17 budget plan proposes an 11% increase to the Personal Income Tax #PABudget
Retweeted by David OslinHey all! CNN is offended by my Tweet. Good.
Retweeted by David Oslin @Shell not a dime invested in security HELL NO I DON'T WANT CONNECTED CARS.They could change how we travel and how cities are planned. Are you ready for connected cars?
Retweeted by David Oslin @ZoeluvsDogs @Daddy_Warpig in agreement. Not sure what the move is thoughTwitter's goal is to become a shittier Facebook, but with all the content of Tumblr. @KnoxvilleKC @benshapiro
Retweeted by David OslinUngrateful Bitch!
Retweeted by David Oslin @HornerMichelle @BreitbartNews sorry it does and it does not care. #trumpbart. @nnedv I spoke my mind freely and unabashedly and didn't care who got offended. And you should do the same.
Retweeted by David Oslin @nnedv Put nanny state busybodies like you out of business. #ProtectFreeSpeech
Retweeted by David Oslin @nnedv I talk shit and act like a dick. Protecting free speech. No bullshit.
Retweeted by David Oslin @nnedv no such thing. Go back to AOL.
Retweeted by David Oslin @nnedv I try and hurt all the special snowflake's feelings as much as possible.
Retweeted by David OslinI pull my woobie over my head and draw unicorns all day long.
Retweeted by David Oslin @DonnieWahlberg @PolitiBunny @realDonaldTrump @tedcruz @marcorubio And Bye bye 4th and 5th amendments!"Twitter stands for freedom of expression which is why we've partnered with Feminist Frequency and the Dangerous Speech Project"
Retweeted by David Oslin @gamespot IF Deadpool is good enough. I can see X-force. Deadpool+Cable=Legendary @ChuckNellis Saw it coming 4 years ago. Got out when they re-upped Shadow CEO Karl Marx Rove.Sad, and very true. @Bonfiredesigns I dont know any more. @connor_mighell The Guilty go unpunished those who pursue the truth are put on Trial. @connor_mighell The Rule of Law does not exist if you do not enforce it for ALL. @connor_mighell Hillary Clinton is not in prison. Convicts are getting back their right to Vote. I can go down the list of lawlesness from O @GeneMcVay This is beginning to explain some of the recent actions.#RestoreTheVote Proves that being a law abiding citizen means nothing. We are ruled by Men. Not Law. Act Accordingly.So #RestoreTheVote means Criminals who deserve no rights by taking away the rights of others still retain their most important right.Hmm Vimeo wants to charge a fair amount of money for what i might blow through in under a month depending on how i shoot and broadcast... @GrantGambling I hear ya Grant. I'm already exploring alternatives. Enough is enough. @PolitiBunny @Daddy_Warpig @Nero Yes sam it is.Nothing says Freedom of expression like having known haters of opposing speech Feminist Frequency as member of the council.... @jack
Retweeted by David Oslin @DLoesch If Cruz were to win i would say its a measure of how strong his grass root support is.I am going to have to make some big decisions moving forward. Some say Stay. Others understand. The problem is my future plans. @ChuckNellis Dude. It better be @APRcoffee the best coffee on the planet! @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo I'd probably start a second account for the new content on its own. But the framework is there @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo But if my feed is getting shut down by this crap. Its costing me money. @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo I've gotten several offers from the business aspect of twitter to put a variety of ads on feed @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo Advertising as part of the content i hope to produce later this year. @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo Gonna really have to think on this.5 ways @GovernorTomWolf's #PaBudget will hit your pocket book
Retweeted by David Oslin @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo My problem becomes if i attempt to use twitter to make money. Which is what i wanted to do.Here's the massive new government spending that Wolf is demanding. $33.3 billion. #PABudget #WolfWantsTaxes
Retweeted by David Oslin @ChuckNellis @LcchandlerLiz @IndianaRight have you seen this? @sargeherren @PolitiBunny @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo Good to know. @PolitiBunny @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo I dont WANT To go. @sargeherren @PolitiBunny @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo I plan on pairing my gaming and politics into a setup that can engage Millennial @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo Its a pretty hard choice for me given long term objective. @Hecate40 @PolitiBunny @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo But if i'm going to try to Monitize this i either comply or lose money right? @TGBED8v8 No. I've seen this playbook for 8 years already. This crap is straight out of O's playbook. But i get where you're coming from. @PolitiBunny @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo I guess your suggestion is to stay? @PolitiBunny @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @Tek_Roo If i can lock in a favorable alternative i'm pretty sure i'm gone.Nope. But he's taking his orders from the White House. Not the People incase you missed it. You guys need to read this @PolitiBunny @Hecate40 @rockiwithani @Tek_RooMore information to come as i figure out where i am going to end up.I'll be moving to another platform and i hope a lot of you follow me.As a heads up, if this council is truly real and not a joke. I wont be on twitter much longer. @FlynnsTake @redsteeze @instapundit @twitter Not a 1. #RIPTwitter. Sane people are not waiting anymore. If you find an alternative tell me.Very rarely have I seen a company torch it's value in real time this quickly. Have fun guys.
Retweeted by David OslinI had already planned on using Vimeo over Youtube given recent actions. But how do i replace twitter for getting my word out quickly?Well Twitter will no longer be factoring into my plans moving forward. this is why @KurtSchlichter This is a Who's who of fucking leftwing nutjobs! @BradThor here we go again #RIPTwitterHey followers. Why arent you following @jphilipbaker Cool Dude. Even if we keep missing each other. xD @KurtSchlichter Lying Schmuck. In other news. PA Gov is putting State in play for General thanks to #PABudget speech.
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