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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

#Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light.

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Retweeted by David OslinLuckiest Asian you'll see today.
Retweeted by David OslinAt his tiny little face
Retweeted by David Oslin @mitchellvii @TheChrisSuprun @TheRickWilson we wear the full armor of god. Something you and others have long since abandoned.I know introspection is beyond you, but you do realize the Platonic ideal of "selfish arrogant asshole" is one Dona…
Retweeted by David Oslin @CalebHowe no no they are talking about the woman's right to be beaten publicly, the woman's right to dress as she is told etc..I'll just leave this here.
Retweeted by David Oslin @PolitiBunny @EricDzikowski American bunny! ♫😁 @JeffsOcean you are a mile wide and an inch deep. Coward.I hope you are tried for treason once President Trump takes office on January 20th. You feckless coward.
Retweeted by David Oslin @scrowder after that statement by PewDiePie I would NOT be surprised. @CalebHowe Dark. But funny at least. :) Hope your day goes well. @stinkybisquit actually pretty sure the old man himself was a slimeball. @CalebHowe Disagree. Laugh, laugh in the face of danger and all the insanity..are you ok man? You've been kinda dark today so far.Fact: 99% of the negative things being said about Dr. Ben Carson today would be considered racist if he were a Democrat.
Retweeted by David Oslin#PewDiePie is someone who would know if something Hinky is going on with youtube. Google is trying to tighten the noose. @roseserao @KueblerSusan @Jolitico @Prescott49 Tell that to Deerborne MI. @Medaton @KueblerSusan @roseserao THey gave this man the NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES.... @Medaton @KueblerSusan @roseserao They dont get to come back after buyers remorse. No returns No Refunds.Muslim man slaps a Christian female teacher at school when his girl says there's blasphemy in classroom. Other men…
Retweeted by David Oslin @LucidHuricane Cowards. Every last dare you stand by... @JeffMcIrish @PolitiBunny @1911G_fan @LucidHuricane If only teeth. He'd be a lucky man.Allen West whom Gen Mattis called "a commander who has lost his moral balance or watched too many Hollywood movies"…
Retweeted by David Oslin @CalebHowe Yes. But do you hate Retweeters?I hate people that tweet.
Retweeted by David Oslin @MarlaMHughes @RadioFreeTom @PolitiBunny Which is exactly the point he is making. =/Netflix & Chill
Retweeted by David OslinCat. Catter. Cattest.
Retweeted by David Oslin @RadioFreeTom @PolitiBunny In this case it has made me incapable of believing ANYTHING from almost ANYONE. @PolitiBunny @DemonTwoSix ;) @PolitiBunny I just ... you need this. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by David Oslin @AnimalBabyPix So glad i follow this twitter... @NoGuff1 @BenWilhelm1230 @timgephart @GOP_Contessa Yes a Psycho because we actually believe people should mean what they say. @NoGuff1 @GOP_Contessa @BenWilhelm1230 Or maybe hypocrites are hypocrites. Hypocrite. @GOP_Contessa Hannity Takes Orders. Aka he's a COWARD. @bloodless_coup Not me. Done with all of them. @LtningSams @MarlaMHughes @ThomasB00001 @CNNPolitics @maddow @MSNBC strange we said something about this BEFORE the election.... @VekaFitzfrancis snow preparing to make an appearence around here too. @Dwarfclone @DocThompsonShow That shows far more balls than CA has had in 50 years. @bloodless_coup They're all dead to me. Levin, Hannity, Rush, Every last one. @bloodless_coup I wont bleep myself on this. They're fucking shitbags. Every last one. You dont get to jump off now! @GaltsGirl which is why i dont own them. As much as i want them... @marklevinshow @VTwinCrucible @CR You mean if you're Mark Levin, Chris Salcedo, Ann Coulter, Bill Mitchell, Sean Hannity?Lot of people locally worried about Jobs... Thanks for failing to update Majestic....#WhenTwitterFriendsGoBad You get 2016. So many people i thought got it. So many people i've left behind. It sucks.
Retweeted by David Oslin @jontaffer @SuccessFastlane The question i have is Would you accept Running and Fixing the VA?What are you going to do? #MondayMotivation
Retweeted by David Oslin#WalterScott a travesty of justice. One Racist On the jury saves a Cold Blooded Killer. @benbsinger @ScrewAttack @Takahata101 @BrittanyLaudaVO You guys have jumped the shark. @senatorshoshana @KVeldman13 Because for some reason after everything else that has happened somehow I GIVE A DAMN When i clearly should NOT.@realDonaldTrump's autocratic mentality is on full display in this morning's tweets.
Retweeted by David Oslin @senatorshoshana @KVeldman13 NO I and many others DID NOT. We tried to warn ALL OF YOU but you lazy ass zombie psychophants WOULD NOT LISTENBusinesses to face "retribution" if they don't do what Trump says? From the party that's favored limited government?
Retweeted by David Oslin @ultimatetoy @KI_Central @KillerInstinct @XiBassiX @lKzeroll @XboxViking @IToTheG Wow @FedEx Thanks for reminding me NOT to choose YOU. @PolitiBunny This is why the chainsaw is in the trunk... ;) *hugs* @Patriot_Musket Not sure how or why that idiot blocked me though so Whatever go on a road trip with that fucker if you so desire.For the record I see the actions taken by @KateAurthur as a declaration of war by Buzzfeed against The Blaze. @newsbusters @nickmon1112 @DLoesch oh. No this is much more than that. If Buzzfeed does not fire her...Fuck #DumpKellogs Fuck Trumpbart. Fuck #MAGA fuck the Alt-reich and the lazy asshole psychophants who voted for Cheeto Jesus. @JumpVote Yes.Lol Breitbart is just as honest as MSNBC. #copolitics
Retweeted by David Oslin @PolitiBunny @PharaohTweetus @karnoa @TheRoadbeer His lack of balls is more so @stephenstephan @weaselzippers I am outraged at the outrage at the outrage. @evil_bun_bun maybe not use them all at the same time? @PolitiBunny @TheRoadbeer @PharaohTweetus @PlacidiJoe heh heh hehPlease list any and all criminal activities committed by Evan McMullin, Gary Johnson and /or Castle. I'll wait :) c…
Retweeted by David Oslin @VLRAmyCurtis @moxiemom @DIRECTV owwie. @VLRAmyCurtis @moxiemom @DIRECTV very if your money grabbers like them and Att @Patriot_Musket no no mine mine! @VLRAmyCurtis @moxiemom @DIRECTV my guess is no. @VLRAmyCurtis cut the cord! @moxiemom @VLRAmyCurtis @DIRECTV hahahahahahahabahahahahahajah @drixld There. @KVeldman13 the one I used is the right one I doubt checked @KVeldman13 Her twitter that i know of. I am praying it wasn't on Buzzfeed. @KVeldman13 Publicly disclosed a private business level number of the producer of the Dana Show on The Blaze.If Buzzfeed wants to salvage anything they've earned over this past year they need to fire @KateAurthur Now. @chippergaines i respect NO ONE Who publicly discloses private business information to the internet. @KateAurthur @ginamei