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General of the #BunnyArmy #IchooseHope #Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light. Lord of Flame and Rage. #Cthuhlu

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@BenHowe @ellencarmichael Your chainsaw is in the mail sir. #BunnyArmy. ;) @searfoss70 @PedroLomax Rush has finally fully exposed his bias. He's been anti-Cruz from the start @RushLimbaugh IS A STONE COLD COWARDThe GOPe demands we back Trump, just like the demanded we back Dole, McCain, and Romney. I won't hold my nose anymore. I'll pass.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @liars_never_win @CounterMoonbat And they can all Die in a Fire Die in a Fire Die in a Fire Die in a Fire Die in a Fire #jowhornalists @TheSylviaConner Yeah you better get ready to accept this. 535-0. That's the score. Hillary V Trump.Let's be clear if people don't stand up and protest and scream #DNCLeaks will mean nothing. Because of Trump HRC is looking at 535-0!! @ellencarmichael @BenHowe If the Shoe Fits. #RubioIsASnake @Lagartija_Nix @LaurieMettier Twitter Censorship at it again great job licking HRC's boots @Jack @Twitter @GB_Sports_Talk @jimcc66 I can't state what case I feel they make on here. But it's self explanatory IMO. @BenHowe They can't and after this week won't. Hope you're ready... @GB_Sports_Talk @jimcc66 Objectively the leaked emails make the case for illegal actions. @PKGOTeamValor You could just point out that both @YayaHan and @JessicaNigri are Team Valor... ;)Even after you had some jackass like Roger J. Stone, Jr. help Trump plant lie after lie, falsehood after falsehood in the media.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))When handling anxiety, doubt, or depression.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @Hecate40 @Tek_Roo @PolitiBunny @clbozz hi there :)GIVING AWAY a free #TeamValor T-Shirt! Must follow, RT (this tweet), and like to enter! #PokemonGo
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @jswinney2001 @PolitiBunny @GSFusionist shut up you fucking liar. You wanted YOUR guy to have the power and guess what HE BE A RACIST!!!And I ain't talking about acting like #BlackLivesMatter in a good way either.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @mcpbob @BenHowe and everyone will remember your adherence to Lucifer. @gntlman #TrumpCult members have resorted to acting the same way as a certain group they hate. They're acting like #BlackLivesMatter.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))Ironic how @DWStweets is Jewish, yet wanted to use #BernieSanders Jewish religion against him. Resign!!
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @RobertTripp12 @PolitiBunny @The13th_Ghost @TheWhiteKing200 bye racist! @landon_goss @PolitiBunny @The13th_Ghost @TheWhiteKing200 truth hurtsYup. If that is the GOP I will gladly leave the party. @The13th_Ghost @TheWhiteKing200
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @PolitiBunny not our monkies not our circus.Oh by all means, you can have the GOP. Would rather not associate myself with your group in any way. :)
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @TheWhiteKing200 @PolitiBunny hello racists good bye racists. @ChuckNellis dude ignore these kkk cucks frauds every last one. @notcounterfeit2 hello racist goodbye racistDeray to be made a leader of the DNC, given same power as DNC chair.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))gop: our convention was a tire fire dnc: we can do worse gop: no fuckin way dnc: oh yea watch this [the #dncleak appears] gop: oh shit
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))#DNCleak Twitter is suppressing @twitter
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @bloodless_coup He is an Alex Jones Convert. He never was worth your time. @rwbeil @libertygirlNH You ain't kidding. They're all in the tank including Faux.None of the major cable news network are talking about the #DNCleak very telling @CNN @MSNBC @FoxNews
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @replouiegohmert Why in the hell do people like you give that fraudulent piece of trash the time of day on any subject? @growingupzee @JoelleJp @flashjumpingjak and it's being attacked by a charmander! Help! XD> @photowonderland < @toddstarnes @FoxNews @hornets Yep another person against the safety of minors and Females.... @bloodless_coup Not sure they aren't right on this. BUt again this has happened before and people have not cared.RT if you're cool. Like if you wear socks with sandals.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))Except it won't be. It's nothing new. Since 08 Voter Fraud has been a thing and no one noticed.
@redsteeze truth means nothing to these psychos @TheMacTurner @Daddy_Warpig @Sarochi1 at least with THAT movie the Live action was 'crap' to start with.I've honestly come to the conclusion Trump is worse than Hillary. She's wrong & lacks any character but Trump is that and mentally unstable.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))Correct. Trump is an actual living, breathing neo-fascist. Far more dangerous than HRC. Hard to swallow, but true.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @BenHowe best answer to give those who say #NeverTrump is just pride and sour grapes comes from Doctor Who: "Never judge me by your standards."
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))Ok. That's it. Scorched Earth mode engaged. @LiveFreedomOrDi Well said. I have no time for Refucklicans Rethuglicans or Trumpanzees. Aka the Entirety of the GOP. #LETITBURNYour vote for Trump is a vote for corruption, anger, divisiveness, desperation because deep down you know he's a POS
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @marklevinshow Fine he blew it. When are you walking off the party Mark? Enough is enough. The GOP does not represent YOU or ME. WALK. @joannesmoot @kmledf2 @JustinBarasky THIS is why he should have walked off the party on Wed. @BenHowe @PH32375 Better dead at this point than a Refucklican. >.< @ArcaneRatsel @MrXen0m0rpH ...I think we just found @donttrythis @mundyspeaks Fourteen Fraud Refucklican shitbags who don't deserve a dime Or a vote. #NotMyParty #NotMyCircus #NotMyMonkies.Donald Trump is a deeply stupid, petty, vengeful ass. He's squashing his own speech because he's a nutcase with a wallet.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))Just going to put this right here
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @adultswim @AlphaOmegaSin o.O daaaaaaaamn dat be one pissed Samurai! @donttrythis Nope. Not Ready. Ain't nobody ever ready for that... @CutiePetunie @kmledf2 Join the unaffiliated! @LiberalsBoreMe @kmledf2 I have no idea but The GOP no longer represents me. NOr should it represent anyone SANE. @alexburnsNYT @redrivergrl This could really backfire. Cruz did NOT go on the offensive. You really don't want him to. @EWErickson @redrivergrl You're #PoliticallyHomeless? If so can we start calling them Refucklicans? They really don't deserve republic. @PH32375 In the end he was nowhere near his father. Sad. @blastr He always does. @growingupzee Ebil kitties will win. Yes. yes... *pets*.. ;) @SamiSuzie remember to hide the Soylent Blue this time. He already knows about the Green... ;) @PolitiBunny thank you 😍Ivanka never said she endorses Trump. This will be a career killer.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))We're hosed either way. Pick your poison and hope there's an antidote in 2020. @Coondawg68 @Peetweefish
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @outspoken45 @tedcruz/@PolitiBunnyWatching so-called republicans calling for Cruz's head for making a speech about freedom is pathetic and baffling all in one. #RIPGOP
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @Hecate40 @DocThompsonShow dumbdamental transformation! EMBRACE IT!!! *headdesk* @PolitiBunny @RDSUK @TacticalAlpha i could joke but this does nor deserve thatHe spent more time talking identity politics than he did prolife, the Constitution, state sovereignty, low taxes ... @RDSUK @TacticalAlpha
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))Biggest most important in his life, and he can't take five minutes to talk about being prolife. Right. @TacticalAlpha
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))#WhatILearnedToday There is a 6 year old who is going to go mute before 30 if her vocal coach doesn't train her proper projection technique
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @stinkybisquit here ya go. @robbiehart21 @DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe @LibraTarian @sixchained i want 2!! @sixchained @LibraTarian wonder how they will react to this @InuHsien i want.#TrumpSpeechInFourWords conservatism has no home.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @DMR_MI yay :)Cats please. @WorldOfStu and for the record that count is 535 hillary 0 trump @WorldOfStu 535-0 electoral college destruction. @bloodless_coup @JayCaruso nope no prizes only America on firw @stuntbrain stay safe next week sir. @TheWeldingRoom @stinkybisquit @DocThompsonShow stinkles.... :pI watched Trump's speech ...did he once mention protecting all life, including the unborn, or defunding Planned Parenthood? Missed it if so.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))Sorry @stuntbrain but Contempt Ambassador sounds much better ;) @EWErickson but how. Do we have the time for the building from the ground up?It is time for a real third party.
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @weaselzippers thats chiraq but yeah...ffsWhat a shame that ppl who might otherwise be attracted to conservatism now look at Trump & erroneously assume that's what a conservative is
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin )))So @skiplacombe is saying @DocThompsonShow fell for click bait headlines #WhatILearnedToday
Retweeted by ((( David Oslin ))) @kuhb00m @TheWeldingRoom @DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe @stuntbrain all of the snacks...ALL OF THEM!!