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Half-Dead Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

#Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light. #FederalistParty Opinions such as they are. Are mine and mine alone.

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There is nothing more for me to say on the subject... people will believe what they want to believe no matter what the source is. (9/End)
Retweeted by Half-Dead OslinMake no mistake... you are NOT free... you are very much a slave... and your production/resource is being sold to the highest bidder. (8)
Retweeted by Half-Dead OslinAnd rest assured... laws no longer apply equally to everyone... laws are even being written right now that exempt large groups of people (7)
Retweeted by Half-Dead OslinFor the most part today, it is illegal to be a successful member of society... and if it isn't illegal, it is certainly cast as immoral. (6)
Retweeted by Half-Dead Oslin... in most cases it ends up damaging everyone involved including the group is was promised it would help. (4)
Retweeted by Half-Dead OslinThe simple fact is, civilization is crumbling around us BECAUSE we have allowed Government to have far to much authority over our lives. (5)
Retweeted by Half-Dead OslinI think to many things/beliefs in our civilization are accepted on blind faith and have no actual basis in terms of the greater good. (2)
Retweeted by Half-Dead OslinI'm beginning to question EVERYTHING in terms of who it benifits, who it harms, and why should I care.
Retweeted by Half-Dead Oslin
@Nataliagrey01 @ChasejustChase @WarwitchTV Hoping you'll run into @maximilian_ Tomorrow. :) He says he'll be there. @GayPatriot I wouldnt vote for GWB again. I'm done with this Farce.Never miss "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", but what was with the edits @ABCNetwork ?…
Retweeted by Half-Dead Oslin @RadioFreeTom @eriq49 @benshapiro @MattMackowiak Nope... Not sure many of those who didn't like it care any more. @scrowder @morninggrinders Leave Youtube. Find another way. #GoogleIsEvil. @GeorgeWept It was also a great 'Hey Squirrel' so even conservative sources for the most part ignored #Uranium1.After a blow dry
Retweeted by Half-Dead Oslin @maximilian_ I know its in your back yard but are you at #TwitchCon? @VekaFitzfrancis Working on it every day in one form or another... :')So true it aint even funny. This is the no bullshit Genuine article #Uranium1 #TwoRuleBooks. @seanhannity How about throwing her ass in Leavenworth for TREASON. #TwoRuleBooks.None of the Twitter heroes taking shots at Gen Kelly would ever be able to look him in the eye and say it to his face.
Retweeted by Half-Dead Oslin @GooGwaba Let me turn this around at you. Was there EVER a civil society? Or did we just fool ourselves into believ… @Fiercely_ I'm just pissed that so many are going after what is clearly a 'hey squirrel' moment and ignoring some serious shit. @Fiercely_ Yeah. I could have gone on and on but i have bigger fish to fry than that Jackhole. @Nataliagrey01 @WarwitchTV @soccerpj Purrfect. @Twitch it is time to prepare the Cannon Kittens! The 21 Furball salute! ;) @PolitiBunny #DescribeYourselfInThreeFictionalCharacters @torreymspears as many times as it takes for the proper bets to be paid off the proper way. #NFLIsOpenForBusiness #NFLIsFixed #BoycottNFL @SalenaZito @PolitiBunny This is also distracting from Uranium One and other stories. So who is more shameful? The… @ClayTravis Watching @Barrett_Jackson on Velocity. Screw all the sports.Everything else is just another signpost on the high way to hell.As long as the rule of law is not adhered to? We're done folks. We're done.Because Its all about cementing the farce now. not destroying it. Not Draining the swamp. entrenching it to the point it cant be removed.This two rule book thing? There are supposedly people in power who will not allow that to continue... Well They are. Get used to it.And Rand Paul can sit down and shut up. He is as much a part of the problem as anyone there.Those trying to claim they have spine are covering for the fact that when they actually needed it. None Existed.Another day ends...and it only gets worse. Not Better. Those we expect to have spine prove to have none.Fighting this battle is like screaming against a storm. And no one chooses to stand where i have. Especially locally. I see nothing.People remain with the rotting corpse of the GOP and don't even TRY to seek out alternatives. WHY!!?Youtube exists because of content creators. YOU HOLD THE POWER.It is far past time for just words. NOW IS A TIME FOR ACTION. And no i dont mean violence. I mean DOING SOMETHING.A POX UPON ALL THEIR HOUSES.Progressives have bitched so hard all the sane people left them and only the cowards and those committed to death are left.Conservatives want to complain about trump but wont talk about Cancers Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and others.Youtubers want to bitch about youtube but wont talk about what is driving it. IE Alphabet and GOOGLE going EVIL.I am so limited in what i can actually do to help. It aint even funny. It sucks. The people that can do something choose not to.Continue to sit. Continue to do nothing. I have screamed at the wind long enough. It is clear YOU do not care.But if anyone thinks they are getting into Heaven without a debate. GOOD FUCKING LUCK YOU COWARDS.My own complacency has probably reserved a spot in purgatory if not hell.As someone who works in Customer Service..i have the hardest time looking vets in the eye...and i get more than a few.You are all being played. And you are all CHOOSING to be played. To the eventual death of freedom.They dont even try to HIDE IT ANY MORE. And None of you NONE OF YOU seem to get it.This Single Party farce which i have railed and RAILED against for YEARS. That is showing EVERY BIT of who they are now.The farce is once again successful in DIVERTING YOUR ATTENTION FROM THE IMPORTANT ISSUES AND OUR SERIOUS PROBLEMS.This Single Party farce is LAUGHING while you idiots give one DAMN about what W had to say today.The utter lack of courage or balls to actually TRY something different is ASTONISHING.Everything Sucks. And we keep looking to the same people to save us. And you're all goddamn FOOLS for doing it.ANY OF THIS RINGING A BELL FOLKS!?He also is responsible for TARP which is to no small extent part of our problems as well. 'Too big to fail' "No child Left Behind'A great idea in theory. Piss poor in implementation and the violations of the 4th and 5th amendment that it pioneered are DANGEROUS.Love him hate him George Bush helped engineer the Patriot act. One of the biggest mistakes of the 21st century.I'm triggered by the same assholes VIOLENTLY flaunting the law to the point of Committing TREASON and no one talking about it.I'm triggered by the the supposed unemployment rate being down but my father a mechanic all his life cant seem to find work.I'm triggered by the lack of respect for the law that has gone on for at least 4 administrations possibly five.Because there are two sets of laws, and people dont want to talk about it.Me? I'm about ready to call it quits all together.I am tired of people who piss on the other side but wont call out their own.I am sick and fucking TIRED of the cowardice.Its about time to cull my followers. People like Mark Dice could create a panic within google/youtube if they had the courage to do it. @MarkDice Get. Off. Of. Youtube. Quit just bitching about it and make another site successful! @PolitiBunny Yeah... The problem is: Is it talking shit or telling the truth? @Lady_Sappho No... She has probably had ribs removed. >.< @Lady_Sappho In the alternative Lots of Planking? Or Burpees? :) @Lady_Sappho 1. Its animated not real. 2. The puffy shoulder dress creates a visual camouflage of the waist. @Nataliagrey01 @WarwitchTV @soccerpj Get out of that traffic Right Meow!I don't want to talk, Carl, Just drive.
Retweeted by Half-Dead Oslina civil war because we agree or disagree on trump's polcies... Do you even people even listen to what they are saying? @PolitiBunny Sorry Sam. Just...*Sigh* crazy. @PolitiBunny its all the same goddamn thing. FUCK THEM ALL! @PolitiBunny Fuck cons They're spineless gross cowards who have no fucking core. Fuck libs. They're spineless gross… themselves right in the damn foot.