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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

#Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Tenno, Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light.

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@GrigLager @crash_matrix Nope. Nope no questions. bahahahaha @Cinnabon Not sure....too many good ones. @Cinnabon No comment. @Cinnabon Break out the damn grill! @Cinnabon Dont have one. @Cinnabon Dashed unfortunately. @Cinnabon 'When In Doubt. C-4.' @Cinnabon Never @Cinnabon Birds.Cinnabon BCS Sweeps #BetterCallSaul @marklevinshow @BarnMom52 Just like your Cheeto Jesus Marky Mark?I really wish people would stop giving Sham O'Fraudity any legitimacy. @Lady_Sappho @JesseKellyDC slap them silly. Twice. @bloodless_coup Yes yes but the way you delivered it that. Opens the door for so much if i didnt know who you were. XD @Isla_78 It'll get better when its over but its a mess today. =/ Thanks @bloodless_coup I so want to do something funny here.... XDWe’re very excited to announce a major partnership with @JonTaffer! Watch the announcement video from Taffer here:…
Retweeted by David Oslin @jontaffer @Harbortouch HUGE! This is awesome! @lehighvalley @Tek_Roo ...i need doge... @growingupzee Updated results from Testing Chamber 2. Doesnt look so good this time. @growingupzee not the Papurrazi? :)While no one will ask it. Someone ought to be asking @TacoBell why a Manager would Deny a former employee their last check. @PolitiBunny Without Question. THIS. @jontaffer @SpiritsonBourbo @NightclubBar @BarRescue Awesome! Glad to see that guy's doing well one of the best episodes EVER of Bar Rescue! @lehighvalley of greater significance why would a Legal business deny a former employee their last check? @PolitiBunny But i appreciate you trying *hugs* @PolitiBunny Look this day could be graced by an attack of pics by @danmsnyder and it still wouldn't be much worse. That kind of frustrationAnd right now i dont give one damn about tempting fate...i really dont...its been that messed up.I cant talk about my job because of its position...but truly...really....this day cant get much worse. @BeccCobain No damn it. @JonahNRO reminded me of this... (terrible LOL)
Retweeted by David OslinMedia won't cover it because it ruins the progressive agenda.
Retweeted by David OslinYou would be hard pressed to find anyone without an axe to grind. Maybe a random selection of former state AG's and a jury @MelissaAmour72
Retweeted by David Oslin @rlucasvideo @glennbeck then in all honesty you are not thinking large enough. @conrad1on @Grummz scary stuff. @evil_bun_bun Yikes @PolitiBunny I'd rather live in Bunnyton. Better chainsaw friends furrever
Retweeted by David Oslin
Here we go! Thanks to fraud @seanhannity, Single Payer is coming to town! "There is nothing about Trump that's not…
Retweeted by David Oslin @Grummz Buddy, I saw a video tonight that agrees with you. Give this one a watch before YT pulls it down. @krueger3321 @RRRawlings YOu can learn to drive a tank in 5 minutes. Doesn't mean you'll be part of Old Ironsides on day 1. @krueger3321 @RRRawlings Trained and Licensed does nothing against an experienced hardcore racer like Chief. Sorry Not Sorry. @RRRawlings I would hope not. But such is life. @VekaFitzfrancis oh of course! :) But still you were expecting hedgehog then...PUPPY! xDYou can view that video here. do not agree with all the positions taken in this video. But he puts right a lot of the things i've been hearing about lately.After watching a video linked by @GooGwaba I have come to some decisions concerning future efforts.#AdsenseGate: The Truth About Youtube Demonetization via @YouTube Take note folks @GooGwaba I've reached the point where i wont be putting videos on youtube any more. I was beginning ot get started. Wont happen. @GooGwaba Watching this now. Jesus christ. @Comicstorian You do not use Diehard quotes when #Robert appears behind you batmanlike!! @Comicstorian EXCUSE ME!?? YOU DO NOT USE THAT DAMN QUOTE!!Notice at the veyr end...not a real hedgehog. @GooGwaba @YouTube will be checking this our once I get home @GMShivers One of my favorite images EVER. General G. S. Bunatton. ;) @BenjaminRaber1 @Ereshkijen @ScotsFyre They used to not to. You cant say that today. @Atlanta962 @TGBED8v8 Five seconds? @GMShivers Bunnies in Tanks! @DingItTV Damn right.And they have been betrayed.Seriously if the City of #Oakland has any balls they'll Bill The Raiders HARD right now. There has been no more loyal base in US SPORTS. @Ereshkijen @ScotsFyre No its Invasion by a Foreign entity in non PC language. Its a crime punishable by death. But everyone is PC. @AnimalBabyPix Go right on ahead while we give you the BOOM BOOM! ;) @CUTEST_ANlMALS @CuteBabyAnimals meeee tooo O.O @elflein1 Heck if I know.Lock & load. #DodgeDemon
Retweeted by David Oslin @Comicstorian Which means i might not...xD Cant wait. @RussSegner You damn right. Levin's Debased Currency at this point @PolitiBunny When its warm enough to have the windows open. it's warm enough to have the sunroof open ...
Retweeted by David Oslin @Jennie_Cake1 @VekaFitzfrancis Worst of all is how bad the conceal laws are over there. Stay safe Veka! @PolitiBunny @TheRoadbeer @NickBuser5 @MarkToMerit @tripletangels3 Ok. So I'm not the only one confuzzled. @Cinnabon @TheValuesVoter Oakland needs to send a message loud and clear in the form of a BILL to the Raiders. @BenSmithDC Make sure you add a couple bio hazard signs and a few Zombie warnings. ;) @PolitiBunny @TheRoadbeer @NickBuser5 @MarkToMerit @tripletangels3 ..da fuck is dis shit? O.o @SegravesNBC4 @WilliamAmos @CatoctinHS God bless that father....God he must be going through hell... @Patriot_Musket @Tiffany1985B Nuthin Hunny. :) @Tiffany1985B @Patriot_Musket Ok you two get a room. ;)