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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

#Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Tenno, Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light.

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@PolitiBunny @Dawnsfire @gdlcolorado @MILE @MileHighSports Honestly, i thought Romo would retire earlier this season.
@RRRawlings @RRRawlings @gmgdaphne Got to say, glad that thing had a reserve. That price was Criminal. @RufusKings1776 @PolitiBunny @staffordvoice @GJ_Refill Thats WBNY radio where the chainsaws are as live as the mouths! @RRRawlings Richard. We buy cars like that up here. :) @RRRawlings That however is a good omen! @RRRawlings dont know...but i dont like this already... *shudder* @zerohedge And thus the conservative movement has been obliterated upon capital hill. The Single Party Farce rejoices. @RakestrawJeff There we go again. With the Corrupted state of Misery...just another day in Asserica i guess. @RakestrawJeff Then why even make the poll?Right On Sam, Right On. @BostonGlobe @omaze No, thank you. Some people can be too good of an actor. He's one of them. #CaptainAmericaHeAint'Hate Crimes' bullshit started because the law wouldn't be enforced. @RakestrawJeff Should we be in the business of legislating what someone thinks? @MeganPSweeney There is no last laugh. only buffoons who laugh and think the current system can be saved. @BrunusCutis @Tiffany1985B @BlazerMc88 is PI? o.o.... @LinkedChief @xCinamibunx when the elite of the FGC will have had access to this game for 2 full years before the rest of us? @andrewpcurrier Oh i know. But i felt like dropping some truth bombs. @andrewpcurrier The Legitimate AFC champion is whoever Commissioner Goodell Says it is. Same with the superbowl.It will take the better part of a year for many new players to get caught up to the established elite in @TekkenThe release of @Tekken has locked in an elite class in online and local play for that gameStill the method they are adopting concerning this game. Is something that should NOT be replicated.If i cared about Tekken at all as a franchise i'd be screaming right now. But honestly? I dont i never have.When Bandai/Namco rolls out the next Soul Caliber if they were to do something like this...i would be furious. @TEKKEN The plebe masses will finally have access to this game that a select group of people have had for 18 months already IN 6 MONTHS. @Tekken was delayed to give players additional content, but it was also given to the elite of the FGC and put in tournaments.What Capcom did with SF5 was pretty bad. But objectively. What was done with @Tekken was as bad and potentially worse. @TEKKEN You could have done that by not giving the elite of the FGC early access and putting it in tournaments ahead of time. @xCinamibunx @maximilian_ @INFINITE_SGE Too many people have had early access to the game which has been in a competitive state for awhile. @xCinamibunx @maximilian_ @INFINITE_SGE My complete lack of care about this game is at all time levels. @michaelkruse @jpwilloughby @POLITICOMag @TimAlberta He has no credibility with me any more. And likely never will again. @michaelkruse @jpwilloughby @POLITICOMag @TimAlberta Sorry. Its more simple than that. Ted chose not to live up to his own words.#NotMySuperbowl I hope, i hope that people will end their addition to the NFL Opiate. We have too many problems.#NotMySuperbowl The Falcons will lose to the patriots by 30. Because that is what Vince Mc-Roger Goodell wants.#NotMySuperbowl it is no coincidence, that certain teams have been favored and have avoided penalty in the Era of Goodell.#NotMySuperbowl Silly hashtag, but what the hell. The NFL has been open for business since goodell took over.
@PolitiBunny Skipping New York City and stopping in the Lehigh Valley. :)So, Steelers cant get the job done. And the New England Cheatriots are going to win another. Hell of a way to start 2017 #Steelers @PolitiBunny What do you think i should change my avatar to for 2017?A new year. Time for changes. Avatar is changing. I love that banner..Hmm...HANNITY YOU ARE FUCKING SCUM! @Danno_a_Jyd @WDTnow He's lost friends? THAT GUY HAS DISPATCHED PEOPLE TO ATTACK OTHERS OVER NOT LIKING TRUMP! @jayhup @CounterMoonbat It was always this bad. They were just on a hot streak. Same as the Falcons. @blogilates Or running out in the rain? #SunnyCA @Psalm62_8 @SteveDeaceShow That will be a VERY happy moment for me. @Psalm62_8 @SteveDeaceShow From your lips to gods ears my friend.They are scum. First Rate SCUM. No team deserves LESS respect in the MODERN ERA of the NFL than the New England Cheatriots.The NE patriots cheated. They stayed silent when their home state committed kidnapping of a US Citizen years ago.And for the record, i utterly hate the so called 'patriots' @SteveDeaceShow where the falcons will just be happy to be there while New England eats their lunch AND Dinner.Just so we're clear, if the spread were 30 points. I would NOT take the spread in NE vs ATL at the superbowl. @Debsam1760 Oh i am just fine calling this one wrong. But Reality is reality. @CouchPotatoNews Patriots Win. Bowls. That's how Goodell Wants it. That's how he gets it.#GBvsATL Neither team stands a chance against New England. One Team was riding a hotstreak the other lucky to make it this far.And i'm going to say it right now. The falcons will lose to the patriots by at LEAST this much. @josh_hammer They were riding a streak. They were the Hot team. That flame goes out at some point. I expected it to go out at the superbowl.Assuming this is the real account of @DemolitionRanch You just put: on my wishlist... @PolitiBunny bwahahaha. :) @growingupzee So When does the Meowdrone 8000 hit the market? o.o @PolitiBunny Surprisingly even the bunnies didnt leave messes. But this guy is a walking mess. >.<Rawr. @PolitiBunny ;) @TGBED8v8 @YouTube I know that but we're not talking about 'research' we're talking about basic facts.
@TGBED8v8 @YouTube I only have one problem with this. Manhunter does not have speed. @Jamie_Weinstein @TGBED8v8 Enough is enough. @Jamie_Weinstein @TGBED8v8 they BEGGED to put their hands on the hot stove, They can keep them on as long as they like. @Jamie_Weinstein @TGBED8v8 Some of us have protested long enough. And Now? Are willing to let everyone else destroy their hands. @TinPangolin @FormerRoadbeer @PolitiBunny I mean overall The story it tells. @FormerRoadbeer @PolitiBunny Call me crazy but i dont think there was a bad one of the bunch. @FormerRoadbeer @PolitiBunny Should have dropped me in with you. @RRRawlings Is there no money in Car History any more? I cant get this. Those are Holy Grail Cars. @KueblerSusan If only... >.< Cutie...There should be no quarter, there should be no reprieve given those who openly and actively supported trump. @WhitcombTim @Zigmanfreud Please. Stop lying. You own every bit of this.People really need to just cool their jets. @redsteeze That is what i read from that. But does that affect the 2016 tax returns? @PolitiBunny Should be Their There They're ;) @PolitiBunny I'm not fine with CAIR attending anything >.< @PolitiBunny I'd refuel but you're already gone. *Huggles* Night Sam
Tuesday for gamers is going to be a crazy day.