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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

#Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light. #FederalistParty Opinions such as they are. Are mine and mine alone.

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@AlphaOmegaSin Are you even conscious right now? #SNESClassic ;)Could you guys tell @BestBuy, @amazongames, etc that you want @NintendoAmerica to make enough and have Pre-Orders?
Retweeted by David Oslin @Gibado @RyanHigginsRyan I think it was released to Japan. Like Mother 3. But not sure. @TobyXi @RyanHigginsRyan Stuck in licensing hell @DaddyBoJangles @RyanHigginsRyan 3 other squaresoft games on there. I think square made nintendo choose between CT… @RyanHigginsRyan There are There are about.. 8 nominees for GOAT in gaming on that list....and every one is a fun FUN game.Damn near did a spittake when i saw #SNESClassic That is an all star roster. With several GOAT nominees. @Hecate40 @Tek_Roo @usweekly Indeed @RLibertyCaucus Cuz they are essentially progressive corporatists with a dash of war monger?
Retweeted by David OslinHuge case. This could be the final death of religious liberty, depending on how it goes.
Retweeted by David Oslin#BREAKING: Supreme Court refuses to hear high-stakes Second Amendment handgun case
Retweeted by David OslinFLASH POLL: Can passing a healthcare bill be a win for Republicans if it doesn't repeal #ObamaCare?
Retweeted by David Oslin @DismalAbysmal Mhm.I remember when some libertarian claimed Justice Kennedy was one of us. Yeah, explain this.
Retweeted by David OslinThat will likely never occur because they are set for a DECADE out. You should be overjoyed. The Republicans are no…
Retweeted by David OslinLike a little wolf.
Retweeted by David Oslin @TAFFPaulT THis is going to make upcoming events pretty fun. We're going to have to talk at the summit. @PolitiBunny just double your order ;) @FBLCommish So you're actually doing this? :) @Weston_TAFF Welcome to the Twitter Madness.Dumbass. Auto insurance is a state law, not a federal one. FFS, read something other than Harry Potter.
Retweeted by David OslinThe list of books @glennbeck suggested we read: • Tribal Leadership • Friction • Mistakes were made • The Righteous Mind #WhatILearnedToday
Retweeted by David Oslin @PolitiBunny They want to maintain Obamacare. They're going to paint people who stand against this as supporting obamacareI want it stopped because it's just Obamacare lite - honestly I'm shocked so many on the left are this freaked out…
Retweeted by David Oslin
@parsoned @Federalists_USA @cnstitutionprty If they wish to join us and help us along fine. But we have our own path we choose to forge. @parsoned @Federalists_USA @cnstitutionprty 2016 showed that no political party is up to the task of what must be done @parsoned @Federalists_USA @cnstitutionprty Quite simply? They fail to organize and operate. They are as much a par… @growingupzee @Carla_T_Nichols @RadioFreeTom I figured you two cats could have a meowing of the minds. @MattWalshBlog To break the Monoparty we need truly new thinking. The GOP can not be saved. It and the democrats must be shattered. @MattWalshBlog As long as people do not understand that it is a farce to maintain power. This continues Matt. @RadioFreeTom Yes but what about your cat, Carol?But i need a new keyboard. Recommendations for a gaming keyboard please.Ok the key getting stuck on this keyboard is annoying me. I wish i could use my birthday money upcoming for other things. @PolitiBunny You being happy raises my spirits after a day in customer service i need that. @HarryTuttle11 ....RIIIIIIGHT. Byeoh my god ...
Retweeted by David Oslin @ComicBookNOW @NotoriousJnX They do but I hope they are not underestimating the transition curve.*** PLEASE RETWEET *** Dirty scumbag stole my Cystic Fibrosis collection pot from the Bull Ring Tavern in Birming…
Retweeted by David OslinMany citizens need to be reminded that government is not the solution to most problems. Personal responsibility is as Federalist as it gets.
Retweeted by David Oslin @growingupzee @Carla_T_Nichols @RadioFreeTom Carol requires specs for the keyboard railgun ;) @4ever2runval96 @AP4Liberty @subedew @rose10052 Come on you know you want a couple hundred of these.... ;) @john_alvarado_1 @Hella_Right In Agreement Sham O'Fraudity and Banality Coulderp need to take each other out. @RVAwonk @GiGicmka @Federalists_USA Look into these guys. @4ever2runval96 @AP4Liberty @subedew @rose10052 Needs more fireworks and M-60's...oh *bleep* it. GET THE CANNONS!!!Can we get a 'like' for the mightiness that is THE #USSIowa?!
Retweeted by David Oslin @benshapiro Agree. He wont step down unless a Dem is in power.Kennedy won't step down unless he thinks a "moderate" replaces him.
Retweeted by David OslinIf Mark Zuckerberg runs for president, I will run my vacuum cleaner. It will win.
Retweeted by David Oslin @Carla_T_Nichols @RadioFreeTom It finally happpened.... IT FINALLY HAPPENED... Ok well I'll introduce you to anoth… @Tiffany1985B @Jennie_Cake1 @DetTitanUp @Mellecon Same with 7/2 most years On 4th of July weekend...Yep @Tiffany1985B Yours too huh? :) @VixenRogue It doesnt get crazy till he gets to AAA. @theblaze The same Jesse Ventura that campaigned once with Donald Trump for the presidency via some third party.... @AnnCoulter @realDonaldTrump YOU MURDERED true conservatism and replaced it with Trumpism. You speak for no one any more. @AnnCoulter @realDonaldTrump Sit down and shut the fuck up. YOU Created this problem. You and all your sheeple that stood blindly by. @Grummz Could this lead to a breakup between Rockstar and Take-Two? @JWonggg I hear Max isnt too far away. Crash his pad?Overcoming our biggest obstacle: The knowledge gap on what Federalism means
Retweeted by David Oslin @HarryTuttle11 Right so all those super delegates overriding the vote being hillary supporters didnt actually happen...Boomity Trump's rhetoric is dangerous and destabilizing! Also Dems: Republicans are terrorists who take blood money to kill thousands.
Retweeted by David OslinIf you thought 2016 was bad, how about a 2018 between a party embracing cultural Marxism and one that broke a 9-year promise to voters?
Retweeted by David OslinOtter having a great day!
Retweeted by David Oslin @ScotsFyre @Muelann This is why i am going to work with @Federalists_USA @bloodless_coup Wrong way of looking at it. @Federalists_USA @bloodless_coup GOP ain't 'Our Side' @Muelann @ScotsFyre And unless we are willing to break the single party farce we will not get off this road. @bloodless_coup @Federalists_USA We are the answer. @th3j35t3r Idiots will be idiots @th3j35t3r Say what you want. Its pretty clear the 2016 dem primary was FIXED.
@BanditGolf Only 2000? We can do better than this people. @IgnantRizzy Due to other circumstances i've already put this game on my Do not buy list. I hope others do the same and get refunds. @geargutz @Tek_Roo NOOOOOOOk. Ok i havent done this in a while buuuut... *Grabs @PolitiBunny and RUNS!* #BunnyNapping! @PolitiBunny No. I want that asshole exposed for the asshole and LIAR he has become. @JusticeWillett @JayRFifteen @Federalists_USA @ThisPeggy @wendy_soxy1girl @PeculiarBaptist @tedcruz @SenTedCruz There's a reason for that. @ThisPeggy @wendy_soxy1girl @PeculiarBaptist @tedcruz @SenTedCruz Sorry. No. This was one line that could not be cr…