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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

#Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Tenno, Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light. #FederalistParty

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@Comicstorian @DCLegends You running one in Injustice 2? The one i'm in is OK but not a lot of coordination. @PolitiBunny *wraps foo up in a blanket and carrys off to bed.* You will sleep or i will have Snyder bombard you. Sleep Damn it. >.< @VekaFitzfrancis @growingupzee Maybe a little bit but probably not much.Awwww @growingupzee @VekaFitzfrancis @BenWilhelm1230 @Thomasismyuncle @JesseKellyDC ...ok...@danmsnyder you sir have been invoked by this asshattery. @PBandJaeJae Final fantasy 15 food porn?Need to get some stuff off my chest about this attack, so bear with me. This one feels.....different. I don't know why or if it should../1
Retweeted by David Oslin @bluelivesmtr @KIR_bigg50 I actively avoid that region of the state. @BenWilhelm1230 @PolitiBunny @Thomasismyuncle @JesseKellyDC Ok M. WHO IS YOUR LIST?? And no going to Q for backup. @PolitiBunny @Thomasismyuncle @JesseKellyDC Both of your Bond lists are WRONG so it doesn't matter
Retweeted by David OslinMissing @BarRescue? Get your official Jon Taffer merch to hold you over! Shop now at
Retweeted by David OslinMany Americans don't fully understand what #Federalism is. Now's the perfect time to educate them. #FederalistSurge
Retweeted by David Oslin @GooGwaba @MTFIII At least there's time to recover before Memorial Day. #BallPark @RadioFreeTom @Lady_Sappho Would that mean you escaped from it while it was still open? :) @BloodyfasterTV @elgatogaming Cat Gifs, Dog Gifs, and Otter Gifs? (I dont own one of these yet. >.< ))I looked this up with the full intent of debunking an Internet rumor, but yes, a CNN analyst actually suggested this
Retweeted by David Oslin @_youhadonejob1 @VekaFitzfrancis Just wow. it out your ass :)
Retweeted by David OslinThis letter just breaks my heart. If you follow me and have been pushing the #SethRich conspiracy story PLEASE stop…
Retweeted by David OslinFox Retracted their conspiracy pushing story.
Retweeted by David Oslin @DorMouseSez @seanhannity Oh dont worry Sham Fraudity will have plenty to say tonight. :P @PolitiBunny @chadfelixg @TwitchyTeam Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.If you want to put it in quotation marks so that my neighborhood stretches for 90s miles, than sure. But that's not…
Retweeted by David OslinMY VEKA. ;) CC @VekaFitzfrancis time there's a terror attack, you have people on Twitter mocking Christians for praying, as if secularization is the best response
Retweeted by David OslinQuestion: How can you have a brain and call a reduction in increase a cut?
Retweeted by David Oslin @AG_Conservative @sweetdee1589 At this point i honestly believe Hannity is trying to get himself Fired from Fox News rather than leaving.And Hannity is still pushing it every night...
Retweeted by David OslinLate busses today...For grace. For vigilance. For justice. 🙏#manchesterattack
Retweeted by David Oslin @maximilian_ Guess you have a new contract? :) @baseballcrank @houseofbuddy Only jumping in to say this is the most highbrow flame war I've ever seen.
Retweeted by David OslinLike clockwork, these terrorist attacks always go from "lone wolf" to additional arrests and still we pretend the W…
Retweeted by David Oslin @VekaFitzfrancis @thesteve42 I thought that was EhZedstan? @sallykohn Sally, baby, thats what you dont understand. People like you have made sure facts are already extinct.
Spokesman for family of Seth Rich told me @seanhannity has NOT reached out to the family; Hannity declined comment
Retweeted by David Oslin"I'm disgusted by it" “It drags the rest of us down” "It hurts those...focused on journalism”
Retweeted by David OslinI spoke to Fox News staffers about network’s continued promotion of Seth Rich conspiracy theory (hint: many upset)
Retweeted by David Oslin @MTillbilly This person is not employed by AXS. We don't endorse this despicable comment.
Retweeted by David OslinRepublicans have not the balls to eviscerate a flea..
Retweeted by David Oslin @TCC_Grouchy @PolitiBunny @halfwayhalfway *demands the return of cursebunny* No swear jars either! I dont want my Foo going broke!HE'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE 😍🐶😭
Retweeted by David Oslin @BillRehkopf @WilliamAmos @CBSNews JesusBREAKING: @CBSNews' Len Tepper confirms #Manchester explosion was work of suicide bomber. MORE...
Retweeted by David Oslin @rockiwithani @Shadowgeek75 Mine is! There will not be a War On My Mother tonight! :P @mchastain81 No just a McMuffin head. @SteveDeaceShow @seanhannity You look at key positions key endorsements and you ask a few questions.... @SteveDeaceShow @seanhannity Think i got into this with you before. I am not yet convinced that it ALL wasn't an ac… @SteveDeaceShow @seanhannity That's what happens when you spend many years building up conservative credibility and…
Retweeted by David OslinIt's hard to see/explain what's happened to @seanhannity. Doesn't need the money or fame. By all prior accounts decent guy. Sad to watch.
Retweeted by David Oslin1st tweet:"Multiple confirmed fatalities" + sick joke 2nd: mocks reaction 3rd: unapology Sociopath…
Retweeted by David Oslin @LilMissRightie @RantyAmyCurtis Bullet to the head @TCC_Grouchy @KLRNRadio @PolitiBunny Chainsaw is prepared ;) @andrewklavan @benshapiro Dang the bullshitometer is pinging hard tonight. ;P @kuhb00m *Mmmrh* @David_Leavitt Magnitude of Tragedy. Oh such a Choice of words BULL. SHIT. You've earned your stripes tonight Buc… @kuhb00m looks like it needs a hug. I volunteer! Send him to PA I'll hug him bunches! :) @staffordvoice @RebelRoadTac Maybe after the state party forms. @staffordvoice @RebelRoadTac It aint me! :) @David_Leavitt Well that would be because Wonder Woman at heart is a Tinpot Dictator waiting for her moment.… @lifebythecreek I aint unfollowing :) @PolitiBunny You aint kidding. >=( @GooGwaba He doubled down a few minutes later.BREAKING NEWS: REPORTS OF ANOTHER BOMB LOCATED AT VICTORIA METRO STATION IN MANCHESTER. EMERGENCY UNITS RUSHING.
Retweeted by David OslinThey want to rewrite history because it offends them
Retweeted by David Oslin @JonahNRO @CNN @MSNBC Its downright disgusting. Expected...but disgusting. @Isla_78 Are you fucking with me right now? This is real?? *checks CNN* ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME @CNN!? YOU PILES OF EXCREMENT! @PeculiarBaptist @TwitchyTeam @PolitiBunny @Patriot_Musket I got fires on multiple places of the map, I said my pie… @TwitchyTeam and Friends @PolitiBunny @PeculiarBaptist @Patriot_Musket Have fun! @David_Leavitt Ya know...some jokes are in bad taste...this just redefines bad taste.You could get damn near anyone else it would not turn me off as quickly as this decision does. Joss did this to himself.Too many just want to be larger children. @ZombieSl4yer2 @gamespot That is just a sampling. His timeline is full of this and if he's deleted it there are records eleswhere. @ZombieSl4yer2 @gamespot You're now seeing what i am seeing. Its no joke man. This was a snap bad decision by WB Studios. @ZombieSl4yer2 @gamespot A lot of people had real hope on the DC slate, WW looks AMAZING. But i will not support Jo… @ZombieSl4yer2 @gamespot For a movie as BIG as JL you really dont want someone THAT polarizing on the squad. @ZombieSl4yer2 @gamespot I am not going to include that vile mothers day tweet., @ZombieSl4yer2 @gamespot Here's some of his latest and…