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Ex-GOP David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

General of the #BunnyArmy #IchooseHope #Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light. Lord of Flame and Rage. #Cthuhlu

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@BradThor Maybe so. But i dont agree with it at all. The GOP made this bed. IT can DIE IN IT. #EndTheGOP @PolitiBunny @InuHsien I hope that entire crew is on the unemployment line. @marcorubio @SHannitysHair Just keep saying that to yourself #NarcoRubio
In honor of the 500k subscribers and the awesome sale @maximilian_ and @ultimatetoy This has arrived!! won't debate Cruz or Sanders. But he's gonna kick ISIS & Putin. Sure. 😂
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @GrantGambling @RichardNixon103 not this time sorry. @AP4LP and burning downticket who stand with trump#MarcoRubio has no principles #NarcoRubio#MarcoRubio by supporting Trump your saying everthing you said were all lies and you were fake
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David OslinI think Rubio meant it all when he said it then. It's now that he's being disingenuous for political expediency.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David OslinHOW MUCH do Trumpsters FEAR free speech? They got ME, @ChuckNellis, SUSPENDED to SHUT ME UP! #NeverTrump #CruzCrew
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @SKIPdaZIP @cavs yep we need another scripted epic failure to keep ratings inflated on political sport networks! @KelseyLeeDotCom lots of reasons. Head to Nebraska @DanRiehl @instapundit yep showing himself a 2 time coward is a lot of chess #trumphasnoballs #coward #NEVERTRUMPORHILLARYHey @marklevinshow I need your help! Trump Trolls got me .@ChuckNellis intentionally suspended, could you PLEASE Tweet out #FreeChuckNellis?
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @AlanJSanders @CaliAzona make a bunker. Clear your debt. Stay in shape. Trust almost no one. Know how to shoot. We failed you. We are sorry.You want to replace our Constitution with a strong man ruler, here's a thought: Quit draping your ass in the American flag.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @NorwoodTeaParty He can kiss my ass. @KingKurmudgeon @PolitiBunny @marcorubio you are a coward. #NarcoRubio @AOTR_Host @PolitiBunny also this @AOTR_Host @PolitiBunny yeah...about that. @PolitiBunny @kjon1234561234 @theddcannady @elainebatt3 @CmdrProton which is why its time to end the gaudy outrageous pussies. @bloodless_coup @Gogoette not sure they are beck went on vacation today.This weekend if a vet does not beat you in the street. Thank god. If they do. Thank them for not killing you. We have failed that badly.People can change. But some choices should have permanent consequences. First degree murder is one such choice.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @marcorubio @philipaklein and you threw all of it away in a second. #NarcoRubioI don't need any politicians to justify my #NeverTrump stand. We don't give up our principles because politicians choose to abandon theirs.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @DavidAFrench @Isla_78 seconds @stigquotes and lose. @FisherofMen80 @SteveDeaceShow @bloodless_coup in texas? Oh yes he would."Ad Blocker is STEALING!" Screw you. You and your shitty Flash laden, slow loading, browser crashing bullshit adds.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @Rebuild_Liberty He's more pro life than most people who are anti-abortion. @BlameBigGovt Sadly some of us expected it. :s @TracyCristello1 We don't have much time for Zombies or Cultists. But especially zero time for Zombie Cultists like yourself. #bye @GaltsGirl @mkibbe I would be stunned if he wasn't. @GaltsGirl Yep.#CruzCrew only: if @tedcruz endorses Trump, would that change your support for Cruz? Please RT after voting.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @scrowder @chadfelixg Yes It is Tyrannical. And the people that stood silent will have to answer. @IFCYipeS keep. Your head down. @Tulgaat I damn near threw the iPad when I heard that...Ugh. @skiplacombe @DocThompsonShow @LibertyHoosier who gives a damn about proof today? Seriously.7 Things You Need To Know About #Trump And Sex Slave Island… #NeverTrump #CharacterMatters
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @SooperMexican I don't think Marvel wanted to do it. But it has a larger goal. Sadly The shit they're pulling now is the worst. @lfmelton1 Time for you to burn in frustration. YOu said you didn't need us. Good you don't get us. #NeverTrump #GFYS @SooperMexican I did. Marvel's been pissed they can't get X-men back Fox is going to have to take that property over entirely to save it. @PolitiBunny @burddog27 @JayWoodLP @atm_show @AP4LP we welcome all you conservatives :-) read and share so AP wins!!
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @SteveDeaceShow @bloodless_coup no frigging way, Ted Should go independent and endorse no one. @NAPAKnowHow He'll make a Deal with Trump to Fix the Race. Using his mob connections to screw the other teams. @atm_show Gotta wait and see what the Libertarian party does. But yeah if he gets their Nomination. I'm all in.Unless by some miracle the GOP pulls their head out of their ass and stops Trump, Austin looks like a great choice. @atm_show @AP4LP
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @LiveFreedomOrDi Narco Rubio Narcs. Bottom Fucking line. I hope this permanently ends his viability for ANYTHING. @scrowder Projections of the time suggested invasion would have cost potentially millions on both sides....See WWII Japanese torture of war prisoners. Then see statements on their unwavering devotion to conquest. Then thank God for Hiroshima.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David OslinWe've lost some #CruzCrew to Worker's Party, but two of my grassroots heroes refuse to join the pod people: @PolitiBunny @ChuckNellis WTG!✔️
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @AKermodeBear @Tek_Roo @InuHsien unfortunately I doubt we'll find this country's balls in there...Narco Rubio, Rand SnakeOil Paul, Scott Silence Walker. Are just a few who do not deserve the label.People need to stop calling other people conservative. It does not mean what people think it means. @bob_owens no apparently it was according to this PIECE OF SHIT OF A PRESIDENT.BARACK OBAMA SPIT ON THE GRAVES OF TWENTY FUCKING MILLION SOLDIERS AND GOD KNOWS HOW MANY JEWISH PEOPLE! @BarackObama Just apologized to Japan obliquely for ending a war without millions more dead. ON THIS WEEKEND! @jason_howerton As close to an apology as he can get the idiots won't get what he's saying. Sadly I do.... @charliekirk11 @HappiKamper Cruz Lee and Cotton at least are. @JohnathanPowell Sadly, Unfortunately. Yes. If that happened. He would be...and it probably would crater turn out. @mcevoytm yes. Each stage of one of those things can be considered a Round. @wallen48 Got ya... @wallen48 As a heart attack. We are in a cold civil war. And we aren't far from a Shooting Civil War. And some of our best have betrayed. @wallen48 You asked in general when you said what did you need to do to prove yourself worthy. @wallen48 This fight is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the uncommitted. I only seek to be sure you are ready. That's all.The principles I believe in will either save the republic or condemn me, there is no middle ground and I refuse to abandon them... ever.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @1968105 wow how original...truly like we haven't heard that 1968106 times before....And they wonder why we think their 'movement' sucks.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @JimLysaght Which way do you mean? @ericsports So I assume you are going to start riots before the game? #Smh Couldn't you find something else to say? @WDTnow These are the times that try OUR souls. And in more ways than one. We have a bigger picture problem now.
@WDTnow if they are not willing to look at the situation dispassionately and understand what is at stake. We don't need them. @1968105 Yeah...ok. see Trump as a DEMOCRAT who turned GOP DEMOCRAT. Party left us. Didn't want us. Now we're gone. DT is THEIR prob.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @wallen48 What's your Core? Figure that out. Believe in it. Then we talk. Because this fight isn't for those who don't get what they believe @TheRoadbeer Not sure. Not sure at all. It doesn't matter at this point. Larger picture applies. @WDTnow If they want to stand now. They stand in the way of restoring the constitution. Mow them down like weeds. @WDTnow Sorry, not sorry. I don't feel sorry for them at all. They're cowards and punks. They ain't conservative. never have been. @DanaMoxley For the Country's sake. I hope you pick the right one. @ChuckNellis @NahBabyNah @KatyinIndy @jstines3 Trump's Business Expertise at its finest. (Disaster)
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @freelancer1787 @TheBoldPursuit the best option at this point barring a libertarian miracle is to prevent a Hot Civil War.Trump is the best because he has no morals, and taking a moral stand means losing. Gotcha. We're doomed.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @coolestgrandma8 @TheBoldPursuit not surprised a bit by snakerubio sadly.We sell out Our Platform Planks, things that Define Us As Conservatives, for a Win? That's How We Got Obama. #tcot
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @schmiedsrr @Freedom4Dummies I want @SenTedCruz to #CrashTheDebate @Macklaaaaa Offending someone to you IS hate speech. So... Yeah.There is no such distinction. This is absolute nonsense.
Retweeted by Ex-GOP David Oslin @oliverdarcy @TheBoldPursuit We are truly in a Cold Civil War. @WDTnow Hillary finishes the job. Trump Finishes the job and it takes five times as long to recover. @realDonaldTrump wow. Just wow. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. @Entrepreneur @instapundit needing a 15/hour job to afford your own apartment does not help @KenGardner11 @TheBoldPursuit Captain Limp Dick who went soft on Obama in 12? No thanks. @AP4LP Or write in. @ScottPaeth If you punch me in the face do I have the right to pound you into the ground? @redrivergrl The single greatest insult of this primary season was Cruz not getting a 1 on 1 against Trump. For that I hold several.... @benshapiro @Freedom4Dummies We can go on and on and on. But it's a Trumpanzee. Hell bent on a civil war in the country *Shrug* @TheRoadbeer Unfortunately. Well I can't care about him any more.