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David Oslin @hyperion5182 Waiting to Hot Drop.

#Constitutionalist Gamer. #Podcaster #Streamer Tenno, Human, sinner, saint, warrior of light.

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Was really hoping for better decisions. Its clear they're not. Well. Fuck the #Oscars fuck the #Academy Fuck the #SAGMajor League snubs tonight. Typical. @SonnyBunch @EWErickson That alone proves how tone deaf hollywood is. @Zigmanfreud Not surprised at all. @growingupzee Or meowMeowmeow. *hug*The #Oscars for Best Makeup👉🏻 Moroccan TV airs makeup tips 4 Muslim women hiding the bruises on their face from th…
Retweeted by David Oslin @RightAllTheTime @PolitiBunny #FuckTheOscars @blogilates saw your blitz a few days ago...You ok?All i can say is enjoy the show folks. :)Well that's not going to work. Ok. Too bad for now.Ok lets see if we can actually get this working. Or maybe it just didnt want to play nice...Snowflakes going live within moments. And so will i. Bwahaha @LordKnighticus You aint kidding @HeyItsMeSalty This would be where you find someone in your army to do it for you. Be prepared to pay :) @kuhb00m Somehow i am not surprised given recent events. But hey . . . @HeyItsMeSalty First is having the content. 2 the music to go with it. 3: making it all work. Its a process.Just tried to watch @NASCAR for the first time in years. The #Daytona500 is now as boring as golf. * click *
Retweeted by David Oslin @TheBatriarchy I agree watch the @SnowflakeAwards instead @ScotsFyre @VLRAmyCurtis With everyone dying off lately...good luck with that... @HornerMichelle Just another day in Filthadelphia... @bloodless_coup ...stop that talk right the @#*(&#@ now... Please....@#*&^@#*&^ @GMShivers Cats. Thousands of cats. ;) @TheRickWilson Low or not still more than i got right now. @theblaze we can call title 9 dead. @Aaron_Brackett @cbiemiller This means more to fans of his than they know. One of his best roles.It just keeps getting better! Hundreds of storm chasers honoring Bill Paxton in KS and OK. Each dot is one person's…
Retweeted by David Oslin @TheRickWilson wish i could make a find like that... Damn. Nice score! @TheRoadbeer Dude played some of the most fun roles. He made anything he was in better.Wow... RIP sir... This...this blows. @BenWilhelm1230 WHAT!?? @kenputt1 @rc_kris I'll be posting links when i go live tonightOr @Kenputt1 watch my twitch stream tonight as i stream the stream. =) @rc_krisgoing to have limited time when i get home tonight so doing some prepwork in advance. @DorMouseSez @MarlaMHughes Going to talk to you later. Unfortunately work prep intterupts. @JPrice02 @KFoleyFL Then you'll hate the Plan @Tek_Roo has come up with. I hope PA is its testing ground. #Pineappleoneverything!Expect fun!A lot of gamers will not like using facebook live. So assuming i get home on time tonight, I plan on streaming as i watch @TheFlakies @PolitiBunny @TwitchyTeam The ending of this is epic... :D @yung_domon Keep the lies rollin buddy. Nobody got time for you anyway. @yung_domon @KFoleyFL How about you just take a big ol dose of shut the fuck up and fuck off. You already got caught in 1 lie. @MENofWM Yeah if you all could turn in your man cards by 5 pm on monday that'd be great. @SouthernKeeks @Tiffany1985B Time to revoke some more man cards. @Tiffany1985B Oh i meant from that comment alone. :) @PolitiBunny @TwitchyTeam hahahahahahaha @seatinmol And how it beats DBZ Dokkan Battle... @HollytWolf Wow. @Tiffany1985B Most of us have already revoked that derp's man card status. @Latheman1791 @Brick_04 Sorry. Refuse to believe that the people that started that movement became so stupid in 8 they voted trump. @Brick_04 With everything that's happened over the past five years. .I"m legitimately beginning to question that. @AnimalBabyPix can i has? o.o @ClingonHillary @PatriotsOfMars Best of all, he's an obamunist to boot. @SyfyWire NOTHING UNLESS YOU'RE PROMOTING A FUCKING AGENDA! @SyfyWire The whole thing about Comic Books is that we are equal in our damn fandom...WHAT DOES RACE HAVE TO DO WITH IT!? @SyfyWire ....Fuck off. Seriously This is one area where Race shouldnt mean a goddamn thing. Glad to see you're taking orders still. @E__Strobel @PolitiBunny @williamlegate Honestly i like the Jeff Fisher solution to all of this.#StuffTrumpIsafraidof Chainsaw Wielding Bunnies....i mean. Who wouldnt be. @PolitiBunny ;) Oh and Roos. @Tek_Roo @redsteeze She could not motivate the vote in Philly or Pittsburgh either. Something no one talks about. @redsteeze Plenty of open targets with that one. Fire away sir. Fire away. @GaltsGirl all i can say about it, no riots. No one killed. Thank the lord. @aurora_g96 @PolitiBunny @RadioFreeTom the supply of booze is not going to be able to keep up at this rate. @Judianna Here's a laugh to start your day with, my friend. Latest example of @TwitterSafety having a double standa…
Retweeted by David Oslin @e2pilot sadly this kabuki theatre passes for actual resistance from 'conservatives'
@maximilian_ You better know what time it is bub... My Goodness
Retweeted by David Oslinand fluffy. @TheRoadbeer @PolitiBunny #SavageBunny *hugs* @womensmarch I dont.Time to write up and record a rant.....Saw something that about blew my mind. @PolitiBunny nah i like them flailing like idiots.I am going to play some games for a bit...Then i got a rant to record. @CuteBabyAnimals @PolitiBunny Almost ready for its first chainsaw. :)#DNCChair so leading the communist party will be a Clintonite and an obamunistWHAT THE FUCK #DNCChair
Retweeted by David OslinExcellent move by Tom Perez. He just named Keith Ellison deputy chairman of the DNC. #Unity #DNCChair
Retweeted by David OslinTom Perez just named DNC chair. SHAME ON YOU @TheDemocrats! SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU! #DNCChair #RESISTANCE #PeoplesParty
Retweeted by David OslinFirst round of #DNCChair vote: Perez - 213.5 Ellison 200 Brown - 12 Ronan - 0 Buttigieg - 1 Jehmu - .5 Peckarsky - 0 No vote - 2 Abstain - 1
Retweeted by David Oslin @YasmeenKaboodle are you kidding me?