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iA is a UX consultancy with studios in Zurich, Tokyo and Berlin. We make @iAWriter. Account is managed by @reichenstein.

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What happens to the traffic you send to the App Store?
Retweeted by iA Inc. @nicholasmacias @bobbyjgeorge The Play Store, too? @nicholasmacias @bobbyjgeorge Is there a way we could share our data via google docs? I’d really like to see some d… @nicholasmacias @bobbyjgeorge Hard to believe. If that is true, they’re in for a major exodus of independent developers. @bobbyjgeorge It is probably a measure against gaming the charts as well. But how can they pull that off without ma… @iA This is our exact same experience. 👍
Retweeted by iA Inc. @bobbyjgeorge Amazing. What about the absurd price elasticity? Where, no matter how high the price, revenue stays t… just published “Is Apple punishing us for sending our customers to the App Store?” on getting new headphones soon? You'll want to read this first.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Hey friends, my favorite writing app is trying to launch on Windows! If you’re a PC fan and you write things, check…
Retweeted by iA Inc.Japanese trains may soon speak deer and dog
Retweeted by iA Inc.“as long as we cannot sell directly on our site, we are not indies, we are dependies.” Interesting insights into…
Retweeted by iA Inc.„What happens when we change the app price? Nothing. No matter whether we go up or down, revenue remains unchanged.…
Retweeted by iA Inc.So many gold quotes in this article. „We don’t mind being in the bizarre Bazaar for fun and additional sales, but…
Retweeted by iA Inc.What happens to the traffic you send to the App Store? = Money? "If time equals money, then Jeff Bezos owns 1,828,639 years of the average American’s life" via @iA
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@rojcyk Thank you. Another one coming today.Great way to get the tablet generation of kids building things in real life: search of the perfect writing font:
Retweeted by iA Inc.How to design words:
Retweeted by iA Inc.Typography World Trip: Subways.
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Retweeted by iA Inc.Facebook investor @Moonalice, ex-Google ethicist @tristanharris, and former fb-employee @mixblendr on the Today Sho… @brunoabatti @RogerBlack It is. @iNerdier @RogerBlack Likely, yes. @mickduggan @RogerBlack Yes.Editorial design black belt @RogerBlack on the Guardian redesign. And just so you don't get bored, he respaced the… just published “Money, Quality and Time” @TimoTweetwood Thought about that as an article image for a second, indeed.Bitcoin rose from 1,000 to 19,000 in a couple of months. Today it fell back to 10,000. If time is money, then what…
Retweeted by iA Inc.“‘All your data today is censored in terms of what boundaries it can cross and what applications it can live in,’ h…'ve been working hard on Genesis Noir, and now we need your support! Genesis Noir is now live on @Kickstarter. He…
Retweeted by iA Inc.iA Writer for Windows comes with folding and writing goals. More about it here:
Retweeted by iA Inc.YouTube changes monetization conditions: “new channels will need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch… @Manx That is certainly another aspect. @andy_mckee It did. Every bitcoin has been bought with time at some point. @cryptoomar Who knows... @lyemcfly You spend time to earn the money you need to buy bitcoin. And you lose time if the value goes below the a… rose from 1,000 to 19,000 in a couple of months. Today it fell back to 10,000. If time is money, then what…
@iA Pretty sure that says Wargame12. Glad to know our country is safe in the hands of 1983 Matthew Broderick.
Retweeted by iA Inc. @iA @swissmiss In the Chinese Twittersphere, these are called #推特小剧场 , or literally "tiny Twitter theatres". Lots o…
Retweeted by iA Inc.This is a nice one, too, @swissmiss. subtle Twitter coincidence., Hillary Clinton was citing Martin Luther King in a screenshot from iA Writer. “Wow. Hillary Clinton uses…
Retweeted by iA Inc.Password management, Hawaiian style: everyone gets all “OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE UI DESIGN” crazy… It looks like these are user-named saved template…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @howieweiner @jag4091 Many misreading are possible here indeed. But nicely designed.Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the Ethereum Network, recently proposed a new method for decentralized fundraising… too often mobile forms make use of dropdown menus for input when simpler or more appropriate controls would wor… @StevePantol Thank you Steve!“Fact-checking is not a great business. It’s expensive and tedious to prove a lie to be a lie. Giving people what t… is a difference between apps and games in the App Store. Would be interesting to see that differentiation in…, Hillary Clinton was citing Martin Luther King in a screenshot from iA Writer. “Wow. Hillary Clinton uses… 6. Starting to approach half the goal now. 24 days to go. がんばろう!
@kupfers Thought so. :) @kupfers But you realize that this article was satire, right? @lovskogen “But don’t get lost in there. Write daily. Publish as often as you have something to say. Link to other… @zalesthebard Niente paura. Al lavoro!“…practically every online article that talks about AI looks like they’re talking about someone named Al.” Because… @designworkplan Looked at all that of course, started blockchain, @iA_Chris is a blockchain insider, but meh. @vladsavov Easy. We just learned that Hillary Clinton uses iA Writer. @Euphiophone Thank you. It’s a pleasure to use all the stored fuel now.Wow. @HillaryClinton is using @iAWriter How super amazing is that?
Retweeted by iA Inc.These words from Dr. King also come to mind today:
Retweeted by iA Inc.‘If you are one of those old or young bloggers, please join in. Drop Facebook, drop Twitter and drop Medium for ori…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @robinberjon @Medium @facebook @Twitter Do it.I like the idea the folks at @iA have to bring back blogging. @Medium destroyed its UX, @facebook is dead, and…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @shepgo Wrong blog. Then somehow Twitter screwing with our minds. :/Web Trend Map 2018 (Don't get too excited): @lorakolodny Thank you. Going through years of private notes, it was hard to stay objective. Maybe the most shockin… setzt sich ein für die Netzneutralität in der Schweiz. @reichenstein im Gespräch mit drei politisch viel erfahre… @lorakolodny They're all just jealous. :)
If you want to see one of the most beautiful apps ever created to appear on your Windows machine, please support iA…
Retweeted by iA Inc.25 days left on our iA Writer for Windows Kickstarter. In the meantime, we polished and added night mode and PDF ex… look for the Guardian. Congrats to @GuardianDesign!“…it wasn’t Facebook that cut us off from our followers. It was ‘the algorithm’. The algorithm, both genius and bog…
Retweeted by iA Inc.“‘News on Facebook has actually hurt, not helped, them,’ another former senior Facebook employee told BuzzFeed.” @jwdomb Not sure we could fill the 2003 Beijing Metro map with enough stations. :(