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iA Inc. @iA Tokyo, Zurich, Berlin

iA is a strategic design agency with offices in Zurich, Tokyo and Berlin. Account is managed by @reichenstein

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Highly interesting strategy: Facebook starts selling offsite ads targeting non-users too., the movie. Dawkins, Mount Improbable. “In the spirit of evolution“ “no two book cover are exactly alike.” a Century-Old Typographical Mystery’s PR persons should have told him to not use direct denial (“It’s less about revenge”) unless he wants to hammer in what he denied. @ozaed Makes more sense.A troll’s motivation lies in the pleasure of chaos and destruction—can but is not necessarily triggered by jealousy. This is clear revenge.Hm… “funding a lawsuit […against] a news site he hates feels…like…Internet trolling” Does it? Not really. @Pangeum Yes. @arnorb @nebu Correct!Here is today’s Guess the Song: @johannheadley Been stingy this and last year, assuming that work instead of talk is better advertisement @johannheadley @couponfollow But no iA speakers present at Generate this year, or do we?There are a couple of new dictionary entries today, including: @johannheadley @couponfollow Why should we?
New iA Dictionary entry: “Peak Minimalism” @ravimotha If you click on the tweet and look at the discussion, you’ll find the answer: It was “Big in Japan.” @sdw Exactly. iA’s “A” shooting down icons in icons with “LASER”, eventually losing the fight. @thijs Okay, will try. Thanks! @thijs Issue is compression on Twitter...浮世絵 lover’s heart’s beating faster. @flyosity Can’t wait to talk about what we’ve learned. Started as a @reichenstein tries Swift for a week and turned into a rabbit hole.Impossible to post sharp screenshots of the game—it’s so pixelintense that washes out—testing iPad Pro Screenshot… the iA Game…
@ravimotha "Road to Nowhere" looks like this: @iA Big in Japan :)
Retweeted by iA Inc. @eldh So fast!Today’s Guess the Song... @lostkobrakai Humans tend to believe that because there is a number and a % it must be objective. @lostkobrakai Data as such is not biased—the method getting/sorting the data and the interpretation of said data is where it gets tricky. @lostkobrakai Using algorithms based on statistics to determine a criminal penalty? What is there to miss? @lostkobrakai You miss everything.“There’s Software Used to Predict Future Criminals.” If you know how algorithms work this gives you goose bumps. @sdw Nuclear detonation.“Apple looks to debut Siri SDK at WWDC, developing Amazon Echo competitor” @tibor @arturot That's right. 2000 ligatures. @gloupgloup @nicolasfurno Exactement. @arturot @tibor It's a font that we made from scratch. @awenro Local images is very high on the list. Not ready in 3.2 yet.Poor Tom Hanks! @interplato We're beta testing now. As soon as we're sure it’s rock solid. @thijs Wow, this will be helpful to finish this mad mad project. Verbs are hard. Not as hard as the small words though. @tibor The font will be embedded in iA Writer 3.2. We may sell it separately, but haven't decided yet.This font has 2,328 glyphs. Every single one has been drawn individually. This is about 1/10th of the full set: in Icons. @evilhackerdude We’ll be fine this time. :) @stiller_ Could you please contact so we can fix what is bothering you? Thank you!“When replying to a Tweet, @names will no longer count toward the 140-character count.” Also, no more .@! Nice. whole Star Wars Movie in a colourful scrolling schematic. Whoever did this is beautifully crazy: claims made by IBM about Watson and AI—Roger Schank: “IBM is simply lying now and they need to stop.” @jenslukowski It is.
@frankjonen Header and footer: yes, first page: yes. @nicknumber It’s still there. You can use iA Writer 3 exactly like you used iA Writer. @frankjonen We think so.You in six months: gave up making games. “Why make video games when you can make, like, a trillion ‘Star Wars’ movies?” @TheGediWorrier We are working on a better Word export, too. @TheGediWorrier Yes. It already does... @lupascudragos You may forget that you can still use it like the original Writer. :) @Smeikx social network widgets blocks images that contain the name of social networks? :/ @pixelambacht You can cheat by using a different emoji to illustrate a word that is not in there, or just write it out. @pixelambacht More precisely, it features the 1000 most common words, plus all core 2015 Emoji, plus some extras. @pixelambacht IT’s Unicode Recycling Category 6. @FrankShowalter Yeah. On the list. @osteslag That’s one of the plans.iA Writer’s 3.2 “Iconic” template translates the most common 2’000 English words into icons. Great fun. @ianisted Is on the list.If you'd like to help test custom templates for iA Writer, send along an email to Writer 3.2 will offer customizable templates—soon you will be able to export your company documents in style. @Smeikx What browser/OS is that? Here is how it looks here. old media company owns which new media company?“UC Browser covers more than 30% monthly PV market share in the 1st quarter 2016 in Asia, surpassing Chrome” @maximekjaer Amazing. We were not sure if these riddles were even remotely comprehensible. How long did it take you? @iA The Manhattans - Kiss and Say Goodbye
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Guess the song, Monday edition. (Yes, this is done with a mad font that automatically translates words into Icons.) Zuckerberg tells a manic paranoiac that Facebook is “an open platform”. The manic paranoiac believes him. @davortomic Check out Wittgenstein, On Certainty @davortomic What seems plausible depends on your knowledge horizon. The # 150 has popped up several times in news over the last few months. @davortomic We’re not the fact checking office. If it seems plausible we give the author the benefit of the doubt. He’s Google’s ethics guy… @davortomic Ask him.“The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. Why do we do this? Are we making 150 conscious choices?”
“‘Instant Apps’ allows users to open the content in the site’s app…seconds later, even if they don’t have the app”
@idazz Wow, that was fast. @iA Beatles - I'm so tired.
Retweeted by iA Inc. @Jicecream Thank you!Guess this song. may not be as attractive as you think. “Selfie-takers tend to overestimate their attractiveness, study finds.” @davsenbms Blank Space by Taylor Swift.dear futurists stop trying to fix books
Retweeted by iA Inc.Another icon riddle for the weekend. Guess the song.
@tomglimps Pretty good.State of VR demonstration at iA Zurich. @jenslukowski Exactly.Rusbridger: “something profound and alarming [is]…happening in recent months…Facebook…cleaning up extraordinarily”
Retweeted by iA Inc.Propaganda has never been easier: @ia Yes, cleaning up iTunes would be a dream job! Timm and I did a UI design class on this at FH Potsdam last year:
Retweeted by iA Inc.I wish every IxD would read this article.
Retweeted by iA Inc.“the idea that humans must be information processors…because computers are information processors is…plain silly”
Social media shows you what you want to see.“Cause, you know, sometimes words have two meanings...”