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iA Inc. @iA Tokyo, Zurich, Berlin

iA is a UX consultancy with studios in Zurich, Tokyo and Berlin. We make @iAWriter. Account is managed by @reichenstein and @iA_Chris

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“LinkedIn may consider developing original shows.” Strange idea.’t design your emails:
@staffcolwriter Btw, the email is set; seems to be a bug with iTunes connect. @staffcolwriter Thank you. Please write to @davidedwardc @ev @jack Have you tried it? I thought it's a bad idea before trying it, too. Completely changed my mind in no time.I also suspect conversations will be much better when not so clipped.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Why I like 280-characters, in theory: Most tweets will not get longer, just because they can (or they'd all be maxe…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @ev The @reichenstein account has 280 characters. Don't use the full 280 often—having more space for nuance leads to less misunderstandings.
Now THAT'S an existential crisis 🔬 🖌️ @tomgauld
Retweeted by iA Inc.iA Writer, la mejor aplicación para escribir en Android:“The extent to which Facebook and Google work with political campaigns and groups hasn’t been widely understood.”
@thomaswensma Visually pleasing but Dropbox/eBay are following an aesthetic owned by The Outline. There the aesthet… Calendar redesign: rebranding:
How badly do you want a Windows version of iA Writer?
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Last year the NYT had $1.6B in revenue, a 53% decrease from 2004…though the source of that revenue had flipped…“… @mronge The camera button:
*The* upper case and *the* lower case and what we *shift* to when pressing an arrow key pointing up.
Retweeted by iA Inc.201? You mean 201 thousand?“That’s the day I discovered what Twitter was for. It was for having fun. And telling jokes.”
25 rhetorical devices:
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@andybudd “They will be able to write music to rival Bach, and paintings to match Picasso.” Balanced?
Until 1935, Disney had the monopoly on technicolor. Other studios, like Fleischer and Iwerks, settled for a two-col…
Retweeted by iA Inc.“The curse of knowledge is the single best explanation I know of why good people write bad prose.”
Retweeted by iA Inc."Google, Twitter and Facebook workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves""a…lost masterwork by Leonardo da Vinci…artist’s last painting…had been painted over and was sold…for £45 in 1958"… world's most respected ‘Made in’ labels:“Spotify data indicates that most users stop seeking out new music at the age of 33.” @rubyzblue That's nice to hear. Maybe we should add a donation button. :) @justinsincl Thank you. You can support us later with the Web collaboration app. @sahalin Mac beta hasn't gone out yet. Contact to get in.
Why Hemingway took a machine gun fishing.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Always double check when prompted to enter your passwords. riding the Mountain King:*The* upper case and *the* lower case and what we *shift* to when pressing an arrow key pointing up. just found this beauty at a U-Bahn station in Berlin: A subway map that shows the amount of passengers with line…
Retweeted by iA Inc.Friends of Aeon can save, highlight and annotate their favourite pieces. Perfect for the student, teacher, reader:…
Retweeted by iA Inc.Who doesn’t love Sketch?“Twitter confirmed it’s planning to launch a bookmarking feature to save tweets for later reading.”
@devolute Not quite ready for that. But we'll show something ahead of the launch for sure.Yes, iA Writer 5 for Mac will also be a free update. The price will go up soon.“big brands don’t get disrupted by startups–they get disrupted by the few startups that become big brands themselves” @PaulMcCartney My fave Beatles story: you guys got into a loud argument; he lowered his granny glasses to the tip o…
Retweeted by iA Inc.And by opposite Mike means control, not despair. I hope. the already nerve-wrecked Facebook PR-department tearing out its hair.“Google previously downplayed the problem of Russian meddling on its platforms.”“As long as you’ve got new ideas to share, you are free to re-present the old one.” The iMac almost was the MacMan:
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2011 Leica ad doubles down in its never changing brand identity: “When you keep being different from everything, ch…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @rands “In der Oder schwimmen keine Grafen.” (Counts don’t swim in the Oder river). Silly German mnemonic for the F…“When you pump in Millions and Millions into these social platforms… you get white club treatment…they send their r…“Pretty crazy”
"If…you live in…the Google ecosystem, the Pixel…is ideal…if you live in the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone is…better…" to Toshihiko Suzuki for his eBoy vs. reality comparisons on Instagram #Tokyo @LouisVuitton
Retweeted by iA Inc.Process of Ghost Migration✨
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Android now comes in 14,290 different flavors of brands, resolutions, processors, screens, sizes and shapes……
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Remember when the notion that Facebook had influenced the election was a crazy idea?,000 different watches, phones and tablets. 4 Million apps. One place to focus. The new iA Writer for Android.…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @nomanfindthewar Obviously, among 14,000 contenders there must be some that are great. @martinbeaumont Danke gleichfalls! @martinbeaumont Ja. @andybudd First misread “beekeeper” as “barkeeper”… 🤔+- a dozen phones, tablets and a watch from Apple compete with 14,290 different types of Android devices. That’s a… @hawkun You’re kidding again...On a desktop, you can hover to see them close up. There are so many we had to split it into 4 tiles; the original image crashed the browser.China's Airbnb wants to expand in Japan mean, Google hangouts doesn’t work? the Game. now comes in 14,290 different flavors of brands, resolutions, processors, screens, sizes and shapes……“It’s not what you think it is. We just monitored you to make our Apple Watch app run better. Scout’s honor!” bad news for Facebook: “Albright found that the content had been ‘shared’ 340 million times. That’s from a tin…
Retweeted by iA Inc.“As long as you’ve got new ideas to share, you are free to re-present the old one.” The iMac almost was the MacMan:
How Hans Zimmer and Radiohead… transformed "Bloom" for Blue Planet II:“According to our data…”
@c83photo Not likely. @AisleOne Looks like the Outline. There is one line that matters “our mission has evolved from keeping files in syn… brand identity for Dropbox:
iA Writer 5 iPad sneak peek:
Retweeted by iA Inc. @mb2100 Mind you, to fool a couple of humans you don’t need a quantum computer. Language, culture, religion, art an…