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@andybudd @iA @aexmo As an external authority, agencies can bring a great deal of clarity. As with all things design, it depends...
Retweeted by iA Inc. @andybudd @aexmo It is understandable that a bigger corporation wants to own its design development. Cost and quality are steep challenges. @andybudd @aexmo Agencies are only perceived as expensive until the cost of an experienced internal design team becomes apparent. @aexmo @iA I regularly see in-house project taking 3-times as long with twice as many staff as an equivalent agency project.
Retweeted by iA Inc. @aexmo @iA Then agains it's always amazing how long some internal projects take and how much they'd cost if person hours were tracked!
Retweeted by iA Inc. @aexmo @iA And so have customers. Now they insource and ruin their projects internally until they go out to find and agency to fix it :)
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@thijs …there is more of the insourcing and less conglomerate forming in our industry—maybe because of Silicon Valley buy ups. Data wld help @thijs Brand agencies went through the same at least cycle twice and never fully recovered anymore. @thijs Building the UI of a banking system is not the same as building its core system—calling one frontend the other backend is fair enough @thijs …cashflow at agencies can wear you down and eventually leave you vulnerable for a take over. @thijs Yeah, but that’s another discussion and you know that. @thijs In general, we advocate that if you design, you need to build the frontend. Backend though is an entirely different ball game. @thijs :). Not just banking, shop for an international sport brand, Internet security systems, products that require big engineering. @thijs If you have the experience to manage a design team—the idea internal design teams work better than external ones is… a bit naive. @thijs Haha. Your previous argument: Building everything you design works for small projects. But designing and building banking software… @thijs Maybe the death spiral happens because design is perceived as important enough to be part of a company’s own asset. @thijs What kind of designers are you working with? Fire them all. @lukasztyrala Any agency? Or the “average” (what ever that means) agencies? Isn’t high quality generally the exception to the rule? @iA I see more and more companies looking to fill (UX, usually) design, content, digital production and product management roles.
Retweeted by iA Inc. @iA agencies have screwed themselves by being ineffectual, expensive and hard to work with on long term projects
Retweeted by iA Inc.Do you observe an unusually strong insourcing trend for design services? @leonjacobs Not selling. @leonjacobs It’s a clear pattern. We observe a strong, ongoing insourcing trend of design throughout all industries.Sapient, Adaptive Path, T&L, and now Ideo… Is there a “death spiral of independent design firms” or not?“Brown dismisses the idea that Ideo is ‘caught in the much ballyhooed death spiral of the independent design firm.’” just sold part of itself to join… Hakuhodo DY Holdings?
Retweeted by iA Inc.“US Supreme Court blocks Obama carbon emissions plan” “Hm… what gallery would fit here?”
“you seem to think your boss must be right because she runs a big company and knows about restructuring.”“outlawing…overt conflict at work and the replacing of it with silence and passive aggression is not a good thing”
Let’s make America crash again: @HarryWolst There is no trial right now. Sorry. @arikfr Yes: Shift+Command+N. @arikfr It all depends on how big your window size is, the typography adapts to the viewport. This has been the case for a long time as well @samgabell Hm. Can you tell Grammar Check to ignore that? @arikfr What new font? It’s the same font as always... @samgabell Thank you for helping.
@mattomaszewski @sketchapp Please, no. @thijs Is this a rhetorical question?Final result: More web designers in iA’s reach use @sketchapp than “Something Adobe”. (We @iA all do as well, btw). @juerglehni @kupfers Keep the old tweet and show it it is corrected. Old issue, solved many times. @juerglehni @kupfers What would be a clear improvement is a function to correct tweets. @LanceStein They have made tons of experiments in that direction, remember ”popular tweets” and what not. @juerglehni @kupfers *teach=reachAll that being said, it may well be that algorithms may work for a bigger mass of people. It *may* or may *not* make Twitter more popular.The argument “you can't judge the algorithm unless you tried it”: Facebook feed and “while you were away” are based on algorithms.The idea of Facebook's algorithm is to make corporations pay for attention. That’s why it is such an illogical, in-transparent, boring mess. @juerglehni @kupfers The Facebook algorithm allows them to sell attention. Want teach all your followers? Pay us! @kupfers @iA for now…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @iA I only read this far: “Yes, you can opt out.” okphew
Retweeted by iA Inc.Twitter timeline—the difference between what you want, what tests say, what users feel and how you interpret it all. self filming technique. Swing an iPhone on a sting, record yourself in slow motion: *love* real-time. We love the live stream. It's us. And we're going to continue to refine it to make Twitter feel more, not less, live!
Retweeted by iA Inc.Thank you all for your passion and trust. We will continue to work to earn it, and we will continue to listen, and talk!
Retweeted by iA Inc.Twitter can help make connections in real-time based on dynamic interests and topics, rather than a static social/friend graph. We get it.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Hello Twitter! Regarding #RIPTwitter: I want you all to know we're always listening. We never planned to reorder timelines next week.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Twitter is live. Twitter is real-time. Twitter is about who & what you follow. And Twitter is here to stay! By becoming more Twitter-y.
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Retweeted by iA Inc.OH: “going to be like that dream where you are trying to shout but no sound comes out of your mouth and then you wake up moaning” #algorithm“Twitter is working on their own algorithm” Called it in 2014. In a biting satire.
Retweeted by iA Inc.“LinkedIn stock plunges 43% wiping $11 Billion off firm's value following disastrous results” @zpower There is no third time... just upgrade Pro for free.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Life is change. the icon, Grand Slam: @jacobrosenfeld We get this request every half year or so. If it increases, it moves up on the priority list. Currently, it is low priority.iA Writer 3.1.1 is here. Tap tasks to mark as completed, move line up/down buttons, auto file name, code highlight…
Retweeted by iA Inc. @jacobrosenfeld Touch ID to protect others from accessing your files? Currently, no. @OwenKelly Swipe left.
Here’s a perfect game of Snake if you need something to stare at.
Retweeted by iA Inc.But mostly you should never, never conclude or even remotely suggest that all buttons should henceforth be red based on your a/b test.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Anyway, a/b testing can be a handy tool, but it’s not science. It’s also not an excuse to stop thinking and just try arbitrary changes.
Retweeted by iA Inc.With a/b testing, there’s no reason that the results can be generalized beyond the two specific conditions you were testing.
Retweeted by iA Inc. @rUv @iA we’ve got exactly the opposite result a few weeks ago. A/B testing is not rules that you can apply blindly
Retweeted by iA Inc.A red button converts 34% better than a green button.
Retweeted by iA Inc. @techEDvance Not right now. But we keep note of this wish. @bytebaby Updateproblem. Bitte App löschen und nochmal installieren. Dann geht es wieder. @nathantschultz No. Right now, preview only allows for changes in the choice of templates. @MyEcommerce Not impossible, as more publishing integrations are on the list.Web designer, what is your main visual design app these days?Dropbox is not doing as badly as some say, some say. @itscip That’s a shame, we are moving forward with big steps now that we have two instead of four apps.Soon, you can tap/click task lists in iA Writer @PeterGales Sorry, not at the moment.My text editor is my task list <3 @iA
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@zhangjiantao Big update. Delete the app and reinstall. This fixes the issue. @mohldesign For sure.“Une 3.1 iA Writer confortable pour les doigts et les yeux sous iOS et OSX” plans hundreds of physical bookstores: Uber logo(s): @ChLabacher Unless the folders contain Gigabytes of text data, not sure. Contact so we can find out.
@letterror Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit you win this one. German used to have Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz.This is awesome: How the Times used to broadcast election results.
Retweeted by iA Inc. @takac_OL Please contact so we can help you figuring out how to fix it. @techEDvance What preview lines?❤️💛💚💙💜
Retweeted by iA Inc. @Zaki_Jarrah App Store update issue. Reinstalling usually fixes it. Please write to so we can help you fixing it. @f_ranft Caroussels and popups in popups. :) @f_ranft Heard the rumors about 3.2?L’éditeur de texte @iAWriter affiche chaque mot dans une couleur différente
Retweeted by iA Inc. @felixjmorgan Sorry no. Unless you get into the Beta program. Shoot a mail to No promises though.
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