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NIGHTWAVE 𓆗 @iamnightwave Glasgow / London / Ljubljana

Producer/DJ etc ㋡ @HekaTrax / @foolsgoldrecs / #nightrave #producergirls MGMT + Booking: །ཨོཾ

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Normal person: I should probably have a warm bath to sooth these injuries. Scottish person: Am injectin’ masel wa…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗Last call for Nightrave tonight with @Lone & me 👽✨If u havent got adv tix get down early! Hardcore will never die⚔️ Nightrave at La Cheetah Glasgow tonight with the boss @iamnightwave 💥🌊💥🌊💥🌊💥🌊
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗lol got an invite to see this 'healer'..looks like a @DaftLimmy character*TONIGHT* Last #Nightrave of the year with @LONE (@randsrecords) & me at @LaCheetahClub 💫 Let's rave as a family 💜😇 @r_ibeka ahh fuck! check for tiny brown/blue spots on bedding, take pics for evidence and complain/demand compensat…🎉see you in Glasgow images of ancient and modern wonders of 1800s Egypt
@Hyperdub tell him to call me😱 @Togetherclub + @FoolsGoldRecs 🙌 @atrak@edbangerrecords@bignarstie@Mercer_Music@stookisound ✅…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗There's a crop circle theory suggesting they were made my migrating hedgehogs...well I for one welcome our spiky overlords @DaftLimmy Happy born🎉
toot toot lads lets play some Coil Metal Gear Solid to Donkey Kong, video games have shaped club music's most inventive minds 🎮 Read here:…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗
wish I could swap my fragile heart for a Nespresso machine so I could care less and hang out with George Clooney @hotgemMGMT haha no point..tbh I've never been happy with a haircut ever @marnieofficial it's bad :( @LDLDN "Can I speak to your manager" my new catchphrasewent for a 'treat' trim haircut and they ruined 3 years of me growing my hair, thanks you bunch of shitcunts👏🏼💩I look like a Tory nowAdvance tix for last #nightrave of the year with @Lone nearly all gone but we saved enough for the door..Don't miss💜
@Altered_Natives Great record Danny ⚡️🥂 @AngryScotland processed meats.@iamNightwave is joining @atrak & more to celebrate 10 years of @FoolsGoldRecs at @ministryofsound on Dec 2nd, tix…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗Tuesday vibes courtesy of @iamnightwave! 🚨New Playlist Alert🚨! Listen here & catch her in London Nov 17th 👉🏾…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗RIP to a genius actor, journey well through the shit drinkypoo abyss Mr Lahey💜😿 @HudMo nooooo 😿
HEY MEN, WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO BETTER? because you need to do better I have some ideas
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗 @elisaelektra a week long iboga retreat for them all @ngtngl @oiiiemma @ikonika @Dexplicit @Pjam100 @DJMURLO Hiya, yeah the Kickstarter has now ended x @danideahl think we've all been there, we really need to stick together as women in this shit industry💕 @danideahl been nrly assaulted by a promoter that followed me to my room,groped crotch while I played BR,groped all… lot of guys in music love to talk abt how our differences don't matter until the reality that they do is pointed out to them
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗thank you😽💕 @chippy_nonstop @SJeanWrites, fuckin lost count by now
Schoolgirls Leah Dixon and Jasmine Agnew have gone missing from Paisley and Renfrew. They failed to come home last…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗Stinson got some bunny ears from Tokyo💜 son baa thanks to superstars @bossy_love for being special guests last night💕✨Amandah mc-ing over a Mr De tune was amaz… @VonKeira ugh so many places record without permissionhighlights from last night
Catch me at @nice_n_sleazy tonight with special guests @bossy_love after their Glad live show 👽 No crap tunes, door… Nightwave with special guests Bossy Love 11.30pm - £4 (free for students)
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE 𓆗What dreams are made of. Includes my Sandstorm restorm. Join us at HMT666 in Nov>> 👽🎶 @FunsterMixmag cc @gabrielszatan @LOUISAHHHh I get anxiety dreams about it @ssseannn omg @posthuman make sure you search for unclaimed plays, I had 3 years worth of radio unassigned/unclaimed
@Aggykins7 awww ❤️🐾 @JosephCox @goulcher that should get a Turner Prize to be fair @its_rob_bliss ....and yeah DJs find it harder to get booked now if they don't produce @its_rob_bliss producers now have to get most income off live/DJ gigs as oppose to selling mechanical releases..that's the issue I thinkChild 'forced to stand on bus as last pram space was taken by cat in buggy' 🐱CAT MUMS UNITE @JubileeDJ it never endspeople seem to be forgetting the difference between producer / djI'll be presenting the award for best electronic act at @OfficialSAMA tonight🔮🥇✨
"For noo" *Limmy voice*
@IonaFortune happy birthday you beautiful hero xxx#worldmentalheathday Talk to people, ask for help, be compassionate to yourself, we're all in this together, we all…'m delighted to be bringing a *very* special guest to @nice_n_sleazy this Friday-the one and only @bossy_love !! >…! Today is the LAST day to apply for our October #producergirls beginners production workshop 👸🏾🎶✨
Happy birthday DJ Rashad 💜 The greatest Jamz 😽💕
@sneakypetesclub yeah heheaw look at my Dads facebook post bless him :') the woman with eyebrows from 1996 hometown has been taken over by Scotland fans haha 💙there will be no beer left soon
@VonKeira Ah amazing! All separation is an illusion✨ @VonKeira good frequency knows no boundaries/distances✨🔮2 wks til #Nightrave with the one and only @Lone at @LaCheetahClub!! Adv tix moving fast, dont miss✨🔮👽✨ @Altered_Natives thats why I stopped writing @FunsterMixmag I feel like that about Seinfeld
"Mormon fertility treatment" - wow "Youtube Tailored Ads" you've outdone yourself with this one @Naina_LDN @Beats1 💜🎶👏🏽
@Bbr_music_ I get to celebrate either way😇 @Altered_Natives yeah still England were shite tonite 🎶lolz go Slovenia 🇸🇮✨#ENGSLOgot some petition through called "May vs Sturgeon" and got excited Derrick May and Surgeon have a collab out @r_ibeka DM DM