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Producer/DJ etc ㋡ @hekatrax #nightrave #producergirls booking: mgmt: །ཨོཾ Ⓥ

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@posthuman hahahaha what a fuckin saddo
We head to Glasgow to @RebeccaVasmant and the scene's heroes including @JDTwitch, @meltingpotuk and Tommy Smith fro…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @clouds it’s the sun, he’s never seen it beforeSadly I will not be performing in Serbia tonight as a part of Resonate fest. Žao mi je 💕 on our newly announced session "How Music Works" (with @iamnightwave, @rashadbecker, @nickluscombe,…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Please remember the flashy DJ life people see from the outside is often a version of the truth - most musicians suf…
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People think DJs just party party have fun woo and live the good life and make anthems on their laptop and yay it's…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗RIP Avicii 😔💔 So youngHappy birthday to my beautiful & super talented friend @RebeccaVasmant 😽💕Love you xxx probably won’t catch on in Scotland. #EatShyte
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Thank you😽💕🐷🐮🐔🐶🐰 glad I had tonight off and saw @ssofay play again 😽💕
they’re playing Sorrow and a cup of Joe in this pub wowSo excited to finally host the wonderful @violetakaviolet for May's edition #Nightrave at @LaCheetahClub !!💜Got so… 👺 emoji is changed forever
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @quique_dj time to let go☺️most are mint/VG condition too
@r_ibeka @rubadub_glasgow @LaCheetahClub thats a spectacular meme @solid_blake @modeselektor 💗💗💗 @solid_blake Emmaaa I love your tune on Modeselektion☺️💕can’t wait to be back in Srbija this weekend to have my brain wired up to an EEG, kinda scared it’ll just show fog…
only selling as a bundleselling a bunch of records - electro/Detroit/ghettotech/bass here's the list, pm me if interested-can courier 👽💫
the language test was full of grammar and spelling mistakes as well loljust had to do a language test at the airport to prove I’m Slovenian and not an illegal immigrant wtfquick visit to Madrid to finally see Guernica before I fly home👨🏻‍🎨
'DJ Desk' is my new artist name
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @matthewarthurw omg intense @sheepsheaded @rixtin aw guys💕 @gracebassface remember the guy in Corsica that said ‘you look older irl’ hahaGracias Zaragoza and Face Down Vss Up crew for looking after me so well❤️ guys I wrote a new poem xxxxx
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗some guy told me last night that ‘I’m not photogenic but look better in real life..’ so rude lolwent to see some avantgarde industrial flamenco before I play, can’t think of a meme to go with that
Found this on reddit (u/someothermate) this is the funniest thing I have ever seen
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Very Happy to see u enjoying life👏🏾The true meaning of a Survivor in the game! U been through some things but u are…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @DJMURLO this tweet needs to narrated by Werner Herzog
@lizzoaw @Saaaaaaax must be a thing as I’ve seen a few such white ‘dread’ offerings with marigolds on a beach in Goa @shonbell I wonder if he'll clap when you land
@posthuman I just have this just asked my why I’m googling pics of Chuckle Brothers in the pub..why not?! womxn producers out there, please don't be shy to submit your demos for @HekaTrax, the lapiz encrusted golden m… @shonbell they sell pygmy hedgehogs in Shawlands🦔💕need to lay off the coffee, nearly bought a hedgehog
DJ Sammy put castañets in a trance tune, bold move @sproggar too close for comfort
yikes Zuckerberg looking like he's still going from the Easter weekend afters👻 @JaHu100 Vse najboljse Janja! Upam da si imela super dan 😘💕💫Saturday I’m in Zaragoza for Face Down Vss Up!!🍑💦😽 new Kamasi W album just announced, hope we don’t get nuked quite as yet @fuckingelle fuksake...🙈 @Big__Miz @Snowbombing 🏂🏼you can rent it all there, it's 100% worth it⚡️mental one⚡️ Off to Serbia next week with old pal @MrBeatnick to be hooked to an EEG while I… done💜 love to @ninalasvegas for always supporting and generally being a boss 😽💕 Acid Mouse x @UNIIQU3 ‘Trunk’ on Boil…
Why did my mother get her HAIR BRAIDED BY RACHEL DOLEZAL
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @DavidVujanic ludnica>> @mmachinewwoman lolz @Big__Miz last time I played in Swindon a guy shat himself at the club and kept shoutin about itgod bless the kind lady in Morrisons that ID-ed me for a bottle of wine there, I know you did it to make my day😽💕 @jackmaster ace! wonder what Letroset is doin now🤔 @jackmaster oi oi
Have you made your summer festival plans yet? Check out these suggestions from @solardomusic, @YourHappyMeals,…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Ram Dass, Going Home - Catch this all-new documentary, now streaming on @Netflix!!! From his home on Maui, Ram Dass…
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If you Then you Don’t love me Don’t deserve me At my At my
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @ssofay 😽💕beautiful @ssofay last night supporting Objekt, such a good set❤️book her noww did I google this at the club :/ @CaliDosh haha dunno what to say, switch brain off more😊
watching @RP_BOO_ live with a saxophonist & drummer in Glasgow💜 @ShyOneBeats always aiaiai for me @esqueeezy 🚀💕💫
decided to do more ayahuasca rather than go see Scooter in concert next month🐍*same thingOuch
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Shouts to @Dazed & @martynpepperell for the love on @iamNightwave's Sanctuary EP of "joyous after-midnight anthems.…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @MellaDee_ a must for Glasgow 👽thanks for including Sanctuary😘 sues doctor who 'used his sperm' to impregnate patient wtfff psycho
My @ITSHYPERHOUSE @Beats1 guest mix is up! Thanks to @annalunoe for the invite☺️