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Nightwave @iamnightwave Glasgow / London / Ljubljana

Producer/DJ @HekaTrax | Fools Gold | UTTU mgmt: booking: 🐯RIP Rashad

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@thedjangos into my mix live on @BBC6Music 🐱💕💓💕💓Now Playing Nightwave - Lava #nightwave
Retweeted by Nightwave21:00 Tom Ravenscroft: Tom presents a Guest Mix from Nightwave.
Retweeted by NightwaveNew track #MaxedOut out now ▶️ Free Download cause you deserve it 🆓 #TreatYoSelf2017
Retweeted by NightwaveGerman firm starts selling 'EU 2019' map with Scotland as independent member milo a sacha baron cohen character
Retweeted by Nightwave @LOUISAHHHh I read Tina Fey's autobiography the other day, really good&fun readoh dear @extrastereo aye from 9pm I thinklots of Glasgow producers in there>> Primark with the flu, trying to explain to my Slovenian mum what "I must be a unicorn" tshirt means🤒Applications for our glasgow beginners' music production workshop for women close tonight @ midnight…
Retweeted by NightwaveCorsica Studios has been an important place for so many of us over the years. One of the founders now needs help
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Avin a @BBC6Music party in Glasgow with @iamnightwave @Duskymusic @gqomubhenga @smdisco @RebeccaVasmant @K4CIE_
Retweeted by NightwaveThousands of empty Buckfast bottles found in Claddagh Basin to @theskinnymag for the live show review☺️ you☺️'re throwin a party in Glasgow on March 4! @chippy_nonstop @iamnightwave @RebeccaVasmant more info:…
Retweeted by Nightwave @b_nmrrs lol
cause of death-anxiety induced by facebook messenger shit blizzard 😖☠️Happy birthday to the big man @S_Type 💕🐣 @AnnaCafolla @ThursdazeClub ah thats a shame :/ @iamnightwave 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by Nightwave @BigDopeP finally some good news'm coming to Belfast to @ThursdazeClub on March 16th pow pow pow 💚#producergirls x @inter_sessions AFTER PARTY at @Broadcastglas with @chippy_nonstop @oiiiemma @RebeccaVasmant & me…'s performing at this year's 6 Music Festival? #6musicfestival #glasgow
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hyped to be a part of #bbc6musicfestival
@ssofay I havent backed up a single bad..but got it all with this @ssofay nightmare! i transferred the HD and saved it all when it happened xTrudeau is explaining quantum computing while our guy is tweeting about news articles.
Retweeted by Nightwavelittle vid from the live show🏄🏼‍♂️if you'd like to book me>> Becky 😘
"Are you excited about the live set?" "yeah all set mhm" 🤣 tonight at @LaCheetahClub - @iamnightwave returns with #Nightrave #BrawGlasgow
Retweeted by Nightwave. @0hitkidd0 mixtape just dropped ft our exclusive unheard collab 'From Memphis to London' #WHATITDOMANE
Retweeted by NightwaveSome £5 tix for #nightrave and my live show left at RA+some saved for the door🐯Top Glasgow crew on support as well! @iamnightwave LIVE! And @Fear_E_DABJ Mother & @r_ibeka #glasgow #lacheetahclub
Retweeted by Nightwave @loula808 a hot bed hahait's no coincidence that my live show in Glasgow falls on the same day as #WorldCatDay. Stinson and Delia will be p…
Our #Glasgow clubs picks, inc @iamnightwave at @LaCheetahClub + @horsemeatdisco at @BerkeleySuite
Retweeted by Nightwavemy mum thought johnny knoxville was called richie rich
Retweeted by Nightwave @posthumanmusic funny coz its true🐒 @posthumanmusic been to a few hahanot all white male would be good live show is sounding quite Scooter-y @visitgovanhill our local Lidl is selling crow bars hahahaWTF is Robert Downey Jr's dog doing?
Retweeted by Nightwave @franklinflea one I just retweeted, Reading/Leeds, this for example.. do these fuckin festivals need to realise their line ups are a many again this yearpuke more homes in Govanhill social renting scheme
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Pakistan: IS attack on Sufi shrine in Sindh kills dozens built a giant drug catapult on the US-Mexico border
Retweeted by Nightwave @r_ibeka been having these since 1999 haha can't wait til Saturday xx @r_ibeka I usually have a tantrum/cry, then get drunk, then laugh and try and figure out what I can do better next time 🤓❤️fixed it. @iamnightwave
Retweeted by Nightwave#wokebro thing! coming right up #wokebro @tom_konxompax haha just had a shite one sent to me coming up in Glasgow that pissed me offif you put women on the flyer as art but don't have a single one playing you're a fuckin arsewipe @lynndo @visitgovanhill where did you report this to? I have constant mean bins in my street too😷 @tiraquon
@sam_binga cant find a DL online for it...its probably in a torrent somewhere! 'What on earth were they thinking' mixinterview with @synthglasgow ahead of my live set this Saturday check-in with Heka Trax boss, @iamnightwave, as she prepares for her debut live performance @LaCheetahClub:
Retweeted by NightwaveWould you buy a bow tie from this man? @derrickmayday is selling neck ties 👔👔👔
Retweeted by Nightwave#Producergirls is happening in Glasgow! Want to get started in production? Apply now! With @oiiiemma & @iamnightwave
Retweeted by Nightwave @James_0K oh just seen you live with her haha shit! my crazy ex flatmate was stealing from me and shagging guys in my bed ......i just left @James_0K restraining order, pretty easy to do on stalker basis, just go to police if it's upsetting you
Music production workshop for women to be held in Glasgow next month @iamnightwave @oiiiemma
Retweeted by Nightwave"The album tells the story of a relationship gone sour prematurely, ending in heartache" Brilliant, @jackmaster
Retweeted by Nightwave4 March @SWG3glasgow FREE Female Producer Workshop feat. @iamnightwave @oiiiemma sponsored @Ableton APPLY 24 Feb at…
Retweeted by Nightwave @thomas_lennon weird!on this day in 278 AD St Valentine was beheaded in Rome
Meet the woman who taught Philip Glass, Aaron Copland and more.
Retweeted by Nightwave😭😭😭 Peterson's Synths via @Synthtopia
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