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Nightwave 𓆗 @iamnightwave Glasgow / London / Ljubljana

Producer/DJ etc @hekatrax #nightrave #producergirls booking: །ཨོཾ Ⓥ

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On this day 20 yrs ago Alice Deejay "Better Off Alone" was released & I have a cracking hardcore mix to play next w… Joe💕 @oiiiemma did u get my nudesIt's London to Watford, Watford to Milton, Milton to Keynesy, Keynesy-Wigan. Wigan to Penrith, Penrith to Carlisle…
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@violetakaviolet please 💜
@SHASHAKIMBO Courage xxx💜☀️
Metro Jaxx repress & t-shirts available NOW details:
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@hotgemMGMT @LaCheetahClub Sorry😽💕I love Scotland #PrideGlasgow
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @OliverHoMusic hidden talent-copywriting!Happy Pride Glasgow !! 💗🌈💗😽🌈💗 #PrideGlasgow
@optimum____ thank you!JO Malone fuksake hahalol had a bit of wine and steaming already, said my perfume was ‘Neil Armrstrong’ instead of Joe Malone looll wtf @fluffyduck88 @LaCheetahClub aw haha @anakristensen @ExitFestival ❤️❤️❤️ @mmachinewwoman hahaha xxxTonight!! 5 years of Nightrave (and 35 years of me)🐯 Come celebrate with us at @LaCheetahClub, doors at 11, first 5… Trump to go to Pride. Scotland has a great First Minister.
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Scotland is gonna give the carrot cuntface hell today🙌🏽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #TrumpUkVisitTrump arrives in Scotland tonight, we projected these on his Turnberry golf course ahead of his visit...! We'll als…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Hey @realDonaldTrump There's been a bit of a heatwave in Scotland recently, so if you get thirsty while you're here…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @DavidBarbarossa mad bastardthese people that go on your socials and like lots of stuff from like 4 years ago really fuckin scare me
@oiiiemma “Your listening to” hahaa @iamnightwave take your pick xx i was thinking your ladies favourite dj xxx
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @eclairfifi @AFRODEUTSCHE_AD @mbootyspoon all my favs 💗Thanks to @oiiiemma for this amazing present, this half year gonna blow up 🙌🏽❤️ @hellhathnofurby thank you love💕 @tony_poland hahaha relevantthis has been my first bday back home in 18 years and it’s been full on Costanza family reunion all day lol my ears are tired💕 @brrrrrap hahah gracias ❤️ @blastto haha gracias xxx @Andrew_Beltran @r_ibeka ❤️❤️❤️ @yunganz_ thank you queen💗💕💗 @TekiLatex @sheepsheaded Merci🐉 @aquarian @sheepsheaded Thank you ❤️💫 @sheepsheaded aww ❤️ thanks for kavorka blessings @r_ibeka Awww stop there’s water in my eyes xxx @b_nmrrs this will do💫 @b_nmrrs 🙀who can find me this tune for my bday here for a work colleague. RTs welcome.
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@mbootyspoon don’t look up ‘catman of greenock’ @richard_nmbrs Trippier’s was pretty wildEngland played with much more grace tonight to be fair, Croatia went full BalkanBregzid mean’s brexits @Neil_bloke haha nema na čemuMandžukić wooo sranje drugo pakovanjeit’s very quiet here in Croatia right now lolajmo Hrvatska & good luck to England too💫 @DJC59335 Can’t wait to hear💜I’m in Croatia and they were already trialling massive fireworks last night haha
@b_nmrrs saw someone post a screengrab of someone’s ‘proof of download’Sleep paralysis but instead of a demon it's a local DJ standing over you saying "big things coming soon" over and over again
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗guy next to me on the beach has copied and tattooed all the stamps from his passport onto his leg
Sturgeon watching the Conservative Party blow itself up from a safe distance.
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @M_O_I_R_A_ aw thank you Chenrezig😽💕
HMT Glasgow is three weeks away
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Why is Steve Coogan on this messed up Slovenian advert for missionary kids? birthday to His Holiness the 14th @DalaiLama 💜 ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པདྨེ་ཧཱུྃ to make some noise for the Venga Boys.
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @tom_konxompax @RianTreanor been playing this all morning 🙃Big thanks to @theskinnymag for including Nightrave in their July highlights & thank you for supporting us for the… Birthday #NHS 💙 exhibition Thursday 2nd August Please retweet 🌀
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@eclairfifi bb do not miss @mmachinewwoman x @r_ibeka at @rubadub_glasgow tonight>>
my gift to humanity is not having kids
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗My Nataraja EP on @dextrecs dropped today on digital - vinyl hits the shops next week -
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@GeeNitram cheers😊 @_noncompliant_ yeah..because they don’t pay attention and it’s obvious they see all this as a PR stunt hahathe pilot just said ‘Statistically the survivors are the ones that pay attention, so please do listen up’ fuksake Easyjet haha @posthuman * L@@K Wee booked ‘females’ where’s our award brexit mean’s brexit*see if your line up is a bit more diverse than average, no need to bang on about it non stop, be a bit more graceful with your PR lolIt finally happened, left the airport without picking up my case from the baggage carousel💫😑