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NIGHTWAVE @iamnightwave Glasgow / London / Ljubljana

Producer/DJ ㋡ @HekaTrax | Fools Gold | UTTU 👏🏽Wavejumper EP out now

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every time i look in the mirror now I see those versions of me from FaceApp. Gear grannie and tech house producer>
WARNING TO "THAT GIRL": a man who has been staring at your facebook status for five years instead of washing is com…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEHappy birthday to the don @tasoteklife 🙌🏽💕🎶thanks for tuning in and thanks to boss @eclairfifi @NTSlive 😽💕Eclair Fifi is your fav djs fav dj fav dj.It’s @iamnightwave inside with @eclairfifi - live for another 70 minutes on channel 1 -
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVELive for the next couple hours on channel 1 with @eclairfifi joined by guest, @iamnightwave -…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @iamnightwave me rn
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEI have wee @iamnightwave joining me live on my @NTSlive show today 3-5pm :-)
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#NP - @iamnightwave - wavejumper @ReprezentRadio / #tekONEtekTWO / / 107.3fm
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE.@iamnightwave mixes Miami, Jersey and Glasgow club sounds:
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @iamnightwave launch party at Uncontrollable Urge tonight - come to @dsuperstore for 9pm. Dress to sweat and all that.
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVERIP dj Rashad, that infamous warp records party in Chicago with @jacquesgreene & @iamnightwave will be forever engr…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEPlay samba out soonish 🍍🍸
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEMuch NEW in my @Dazed mix by @inkke @josephmarinetti @BigDopeP @UNIIQU3 @MissZoraJones @TC4wolves @djliltaty etc 😍😎 NEW MIX for @Dazed 😎 >>> Rashad❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @tiraquon I had a guy who insisted I was a hardstyle DJLDN crew come to my EP launch 2nite, downstairs at @dsuperstore from 10pm. Crazy good lineup for FREE + very spe$hi… @oiiiemma ahahaha x @oiiiemma do you even realise it was made by a FEMALE producer?!1!!!DJ Rashad died 3 years ago this week so reminding you of the Nextlife comp. All proceeds go to his family:
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEthanks for playing Lava😍 @StarSlinger @MichaelaSelmani yo I'm home next week let's have a kava 😎✨
🌴⚡️🌴⚡️📻 RINSE TONIGHT! 📻 MUMDANCE b2b E.M.M.A. 9PM-11PM BST #radiomumdance
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @soundofsilv3r @eclairfifi fucking hell :/ @eclairfifi ?? that is not real surely? hahahapsa: dancehall will cure most ailments of the body and mind✨🌴G L A S G 👁 W Sat May 6th 2°17
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEwhoaaa what "Unheard James Stinson recording" preorder ?!?🤓take my moneythanks Manu☺️ Kemistry who died 18 years ago today ❤️
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEquick Q&A with @dsuperstore ahead of my London EP launch tomorrow 🐯😽💕
@sindhuyeah it's not that bad but it also slims your face so I'll try it haha (I grind teeth too😬) @sindhuyeah same, I'm gonna get botox for it @gracebassface aw still look a bit 🐹 from tooth surgeryI picked some records at my fav Glasgow shop for @beatport 😽Every day is Record Store Day excited to announce a new signing to @HekaTrax - @_TreeTrunks Their debut EP is out in May,give them a follow… x me at 3 for newness from @murlo @TheBusyTwist @iamnightwave @laurorobles @Murder_He_Wrote plus a SICK mix from…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEahaha my Dad's mate bammed him up and put a big 'I love Barca' sticker on his car over night lool (he's a big Madrid fan)
Being female is not a political stance. Le Pen would be the first NAZI president of France, you knuckle-dragging t…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @TC4wolves was too wavey to get a proper videopeople went mad for @TC4wolves last night without comment.
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEremember we're goin til 4am tonight at @LaCheetahClub 😎✨✨remembe we're going til 4am tonight @LaCheetahClub 😎
@stace_walton will save you one💕also hot off the press-Versesh tees for all you fancy sesh gremlins😎 £20 yrs of Nightrave tn with @dontbeafraid and techno royalty @djbone313 all the way from Detroit at @LaCheetahClub 😎saved a few tix for door @dontbeafraid made it🙌🏼lets raveLyon airport worst fuckin shit show I've ever seen...Brexit in airport formdo you have 10 minutes to talk about our lords and saviours @YourHappyMeals ? over to @rubadub_glasgow to celebrate #RSD17 and grab yourself 1 of these for tonight's party 🔈@djbone313…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEPound shop gold. The instructions are the greatest thing I've ever read.
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEI look more and more like Gerard Depardieu as I get older😕Glasgow tonight @LaCheetahClub with @djbone313 @iamnightwave Wardy and Semtek.
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEhundreds of millions from the taxpayer, 24hr medical staff, people wiping her arse, the best food on the planet...
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVELyon was amazing last night, Glasgow tonight for Nightrave x @dontbeafraid with @djbone313 at @LaCheetahClub 🙌🏼💕✨Ordered some drinks in Shoreditch and they arrived in a steaming suitcase. Literally kill me.
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEOizo's playing the set I wanna hear when I'm signing out of this life✨✨✨✨
Very hyped to play with @oizo3000 and @Panteros666 tonight in Lyon😬✨everyone attending will receive 3000 years of g… @JubileeDJ it's called *UK GARAVE VOL 1*!! @b_nmrrs thats a proper fan *run Luke run* loving the debut release on @DJBarelyLegal Pretty Weird label🙌🏼♥️ @b_nmrrs so fun, I wanna play every single tune tonightbit obsessed with the new Luke Vibert album @jawnita yesyesyesomg my Dad just asked me if Mr Oizo is Japanese and then sent me this gif>> hahahIn France and only English channel has "Michael Portillo chasing ducks out of the lift" proper @PartridgeIdeasCelebrating @iamnightwave new EP on @FoolsGoldRecs wednesday in London 🔥📀🎉
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEHere's the podcast of yesterday's Nova Club with new music from @DJMURLO and @iamnightwave feat. @RyeRye:
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @Mara_kitsune I'm in Lyon yeah 🤓 @DavidVujanic the truth is out
@Mara_kitsune aw thank you🙌🏼💕💓This Saturday we visit @LaCheetahClub for @iamnightwave x DBA with Differ-Ent aka @djbone313
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE.@laRadioNova @DJMURLO @Mixpak #np on @laRadioNova: @iamNIGHTWAVE feat. @RyeRye «AWESOME» (@FoolsGoldrecs) ➜
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