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NIGHTWAVE @iamnightwave Glasgow / London / Ljubljana

Producer/DJ ㋡ I run @HekaTrax & Nightrave Fool's Gold | UTTU mgmt: Booking:

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shit show of bucket hats in town today, def a Stone Roses concert dayGreat day helping out Mr Batman for @glasgowcomiccon✨Make sure you go, it's next Saturday
@DJLYRICHOOD yess you're in my town on Sunday, gonna come down say hi 😍Cancer season is here🦀♋️🔮💗 hell we just marked an answer paper from another team and they answered this as David Bowie
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@JubileeDJ also fuck promoters who allow/enable some DJs shit treatment/sexual harrassment of female fans at shows.Seen nuff horrors so fartechno man: women blah blah I'm better at pressing sync Internet: let's start a popularity contest thread of all the women we can think of
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEIntroducing the #SmirnoffHouse at #TRNSMTfest, curated by @Mixmag. The countdown is on, you ready? ~…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEGovanhill has a great music scene
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE"Terrorist Synthesizer"
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @DISCWOMANNYC kill them all with fire🔥🙌🏽💕 @UBERKINGS aw hes lovelyupdate: my cat Stinson got glued on the insect trap over night 🙈What every girl wants to hear: "I put down insect traps for you by the bed" #Govanhill 😑
@esqueeezy omg I love itMay the Solstice energy purify you and wash away all the lame weak ass men out of your life, ladies☀️🌼Happy Summer Solstice☀️
*walks into a tattoo shop* me: just fuck me up fam
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @m_modular had no idea it existed @m_modular loool @cooortney get a graduated or a fan brush to pick up less pigment (TK Maxx is ace for that)A white, hispanic and black man finessing together. I fucks with the vision.
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My very talented illustrator friend Miu has an amazing but limited offer on work at the moment!! Great opportunity…
Happy Father's Day💕 strength of women surprises and inspires me every day❤️ @Topangakiddo aww💕Fucksake I cried when I played the Streets tonight😑Full house at Nightrave tonight🙌🏽💕💕💕Glasgow loves UKG! thank you @RebeccaVasmant @DJMilktray_ @bushidomusic >>>
2nite: Nightrave Garage spesh £5 before midnight/£7 after😎@LaCheetahClub @DJMilktray_ @bushidomusic @RebeccaVasmant man slices off penis after attaching razor blade to fidget spinner 😩My handsome boy Stinson😽💕
@TC4wolves 🙌🏽💕"The culture of greed and narcissism that's been promoted across this country has to change," says this North Kensi…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEBig up @DJTarget and @TODDLAT supporting 'play samba' out now on @HekaTrax 🍍🌴👍🏼🍸
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEThis weekend's top club events, featuring @BAKEGLA, @Auntie_Flo, @iamnightwave and @SubClub:
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@MellaDee_ this one's my fav thanks to @theskinnymag for choosing Nightrave UKG Spesh as their highlight! Adv cheap tickets flying>>… @MellaDee_ and all Stinson/Donald stuff of course🐬🦈 @MellaDee_ 👾,,,,
@visitgovanhill fuck this place seriously 💩whenever I hear an ice cream van I get anxious and think a clown is coming to murder me🤡 @eclairfifi found these x ST CLEMENT'S CHURCH, 95 Sirdar Road, W11 4EQ TABERNACLE CHRISTIAN CENTRE, Jubilee House, 210 Latimer Road, W10 6QYAn emergency number has been set up for anyone concerned for loved ones in #NorthKensington fire please call Casualty Bureau 0800 0961 233
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVERT this please ppl. #grenfellTowerFire
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @fruitorhuman yeah that night has been goin 20+ years haha
@fruitorhuman except I've never played Subculture lolyet another all male line-up Spotlight: @TC4wolves
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEOur first EP came out a month ago on @HekaTrax Have u listened yet? 👀 x
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVE @eclairfifi Wtf!!!! thats so fucked up im so sorry xxx @Trend_Shark that would be slaveryjust seen a woman in city centre struggling in massive high heels, her feet bleeding on the shoes as she walked..girl, put some Reeboks onThank you @ninalasvegas for having me on your @RBMARADIO show with @swickswick 😍
He wasn't wearing a helmet. He obviously wanted it.
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@Lone I want a happy meal😞someone just crashed a car in my local McDonalds damn is the 7th circle of Dante's Inferno🔥Thanks to everyone supporting @TC4wolves - Play Samba, out now🍍Listen back to their mix for @1Xtra @DJTarget
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Happy birthday @r_ibeka, a Glasgow superstar❤️Have a fab day xx100% Scum @fluffyduck88 sure did hahabest band in the world are playing Glasgow tonight - ✨Scooter✨
Effervescent club workouts and Glasgow rave with @iamnightwave, @swickswick and your host @ninalasvegas 👉🔒:…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEThank you for having us Glasgow! Super fun times as always with @Ableton @simonlyon1 @dannywhite01 @iamnightwave 🙌🏻…
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEplease Lidl, no...nuff crusties out there as it is🤦🏽‍♀️ denied Corbyn his place in Downing St by telling Scots voters to tactically vote Tories where they could beat SNP to protect Union
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEFarage looks like the Crazy Frog after years of alcohol and crack abuse in the sun in Magalufyesss 🙌🏽💕💕🦄@MhairiBlackI bet drake tried to vote in the General Election
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Bout to do a panel on record labels at @stereoglasgow with a bunch of 'sound cunts' as they say😎 @fluffyduck88 much worse! shit show hahaReally enjoyed the Question Session💓Great to see so many people passionate about #producergirls!Join us at Question Session Glasgow today to hear about #producergirls and work with @Ableton 💁🏽💕🎹 free all day at @stereoglasgowReminder that Scottish Labour didn't want Corbyn in and even suggested that some areas tactically vote Tory..has to be @theSNP for Scotland🦄Hussein owns a cafe in Finsbury Park. He’s known @jeremycorbyn for 9 years.
Retweeted by NIGHTWAVEDon't let that toilet haircut Nosferatu win #ToriesOutGwan Scotland🦄