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Nightwave 𓆗 @iamnightwave Glasgow / London / Ljubljana

DJ / Producer etc @hekatrax 𓂀 ཨོཾ Ⓥ 𓋹 Management: Booking: USA:

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@esqueeezy lol where are you? hope you have the big plates for the buffetwhoever changed Edinburgh ‘canal centre’ to ‘anal centre’ on the big billboard on the motorway, thanks for making t… @VonKeira go somewhere where they do a bit of massage after as well💆🏻‍♀️if the marks are quite full on after, homeo…
RA: Why Drexciya took Detroit electro underwater’ll be supporting the legend @GreenVelvet_ 💚 this Sat at @SWG3glasgow @aalinkaa I was sad to miss you but happy you got your tacos😊xx
Happy birthday @ssofay 🌷💗🐕✨ @tonjethilesen aw no💕Left my heart in Berlin❤️🐻 What a city, what a fabulous club, hope to be back soon
Set time tonight 4-7am👩🏼‍🏭 @DJTAYE 🐣Hello Berlin☀️☀️☀️NEXT WEEK: skyrocket your music project with @iamnightwave, @prehberg68 (@EditionsMego), Tony Morley (@leaflabel),…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗a bit of common sense at last
Chinese scientists have created healthy baby mice with two mothers and no father, pushing back the barriers to same…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @_noncompliant_ tota trash @matthewarthurw I’m sure you’ll get the advertised ig post soon hahaA movie about the ‘struggles of pioneer girl djs’ with a soundtrack made mainly by men 🚮 I’m good thanksCelebrate @madeaux's new LIMBO EP with his FG WEEKLY takeover on @spotify! Hit for dark dan…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Ambivert Tools Volume Four - digital out today ! vinyl next week. Thank you for the support 💜…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗really excited to be back in Berlin tomorrow, first time at Renate😍
@loula808 💜 @JaytonF yes I have, some of my family back home are farmers#buttbodyshop @adicarter seeing the suffering that happens in dairy farms-no cheese is worth being a part of that horrorbeen fully vegan for 6 months and I’m shocked at the quick and massive improvement of my blood well as…
@eclairfifi you never know when you might need a banjo preset @CarltonDoom Friday I think
@CosminTRG seem to be Eastern European preference to Whatsapp (my parents use it etc) haha @contakt321 google it haha @posthuman there must be a market‘Festival lineup gender equality by 2020!’ 2018: 7-9pm GMT ✨Joining boss @Sarge_Pokes for Roulette Radio with @RoskaOfficial & @ItsSISTER live from… Birthday Rashad! Rest In Peace
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@eclairfifi oh god just realised I totally copied what you tweeted yesterday lol @hotgemMGMT @LaCheetahClub 😈‘jeff flake’ sounds like something outta shotta textsDelia is 2 today😸💕✨ @DeeJayBRS @unsound 🙌🏽🌀✨✨
Happy birthday @laurenflax you beautiful, talented, shining soul💜😽💕love u✨
@FaltyDL that old living off your art/fear survival instinct fuckery loopwe're doing an album launch party at @fivemileslondon with @iamnightwave @Fear_E_DABJ & Natalie (Envy / @Ryewax) on…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗.@sgtpokes and @Twilliamsmusic will be bringing #exclusive sets to @PirateStudiosUK from some of the most respected…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @eclairfifi apparently it could be because we got Alexa recently😶which is scary if true lol @HudMo 😸
the sponsored ad tshirt bot has gone into meltdown @DeeJayBRS That’s so sad..maybe a cool little houseplant or aromatherapy candle/bath stuff for a bit of pampering?…
Just seen ‘Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution’ ✨so powerful & inspiring @violetakaviolet kept it mainly just on wifi @violetakaviolet just my own.. @JubileeDJ hahaha *shudder* @violetakaviolet Betternet VPN app x"There's a very controversial bear bone that some say is a Neanderthal flute, whereas others say it is a hyena’s di…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @romanbold uf ne, more neko ili u Ljubljanu🙃Ending free movement. On the left: your current free zone. You can work, travel, study, love, retire across this a…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗lived in the UK for 16 years and seriously think it'll be time to leave when this Brexit shit ship starts sinking, what a mess 😓I see Theresa May is at it again using the image of Frida Kahlo (Communist party member, dated Leon Trotsky) as a f…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @eclairfifi what a fuckin mess, so glad I never changed my citizenship @Mara_kitsune Aw thats too kind, have a long way to go💜
@objectblue_ Welcome to the Slav tribe💙Congrats!!Guess what was hiding in the Guatemalan rainforest... And then imagine what is still hiding further south in the 5.…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗Atari found @NolanBushnell, the Commodore Amiga and @iamnightwave@NickDwyer doesn't hold back on the Season 3 pr…
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@GiantGiantSwan is that The Proclaimers?
Chose the best mixes of the month again, didn't I. big up @iamnightwave, @birolrol, @pete_swans, @JasmineInfiniti,…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗My mental HMT live mix ft Crazy Frog x Bells is in @FACTmag mixes of the month, thanks so much @chalravens you beau…
"Alexa, play 'Percolator!" "OK, here is Sting" sigh @_ralph online and in my headI love watching hardstyle dancingThanks so much for having me on Diggin’ In The Carts @NickDwyer @redbull_radio👾 Up on archive now🎮 the Mini Manoeuvres Halloween rave for kids I'm playing sold out in two days👻 Core audience!
Catch the premiere with @atari founder @NolanBushnell and Glasgow based DJ/producer @iamnightwave, 7PM EST.
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @S_Type annual appreciation tweet🙌🏽AMIBVERT TOOLS VOLUME FOUR - PULSAR: - OEDO 808: OCTOBER 12…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗OMG i’m so excited to be playing in Porto for @boilerroomtv Into The Dark series with @eristoff alongside legends…
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@JoshAJHall @chalravens @JubileeDJ @elisaelektra of course💡 @posthuman It’s coming😅 have a lot of time for the moth memes @wrongisland good tip
@gabrielszatan article means a lot to me, not least b/c I interviewed gay clubbing pioneer Lucy Scher before she sadly passed…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗promoter bringing you to the venue’t stop looking at this
I’m so happy to be back in Berlin next month👽catch me at Salon Zur Wilden Renate Oct 13⚡️ @DaftLimmy guess so... Queens fart haha @DaftLimmy we asked for ‘trains from Queens Park’ and she said ‘Ok! I think you’re asking about flatulence’Hobbes Music 5th Birthday Party @BongoClub Fri 9th Nov: @iamnightwave & @MAnnikManetti headlining - two fierce ladi…
Retweeted by Nightwave 𓆗 @sararaofficial so horrible..still happens to me“Vinyl”
@EevilTwynne your profile pic looks a lot like my aya journeys :)this beer looks like a Kanye production credit @EevilTwynne it’s an old alchemy woodcut, think it’s called ‘The spiritual pilgrim’ @siwellowe 😍Happy Autumn Equinox🍄💜🌟🍂 @aerielist my fav are the ones that stand by the booth and stare at you while you play
@codeinedrums @ClaudeSpeeed omg @medlar_ OMG hahah @gabrielszatan *waiting skeleton meme* @GotSomeMusic @jamzsupernova @FutureBounce @lucyproducti0n @Sherry_S_Beats lovely to meet you😊