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Nightwave @iamnightwave Glasgow / London / Ljubljana

Producer/DJ/Khemitologist @HekaTrax ✩ Nightrave ✩ Bam Bam booking&mgmt: me:✨RIP DJ Rashad ཨོཾ་

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@NainaReprezent thank you!!! x x x xthis one rn on @ReprezentRadio is a new tune of mine called Speakeasytune innnn ^__^ @DaftLimmy his wife made one called 'Papa's got a brand new punch bag' ....(shite)A night out in Ibiza leads to the accidental eBay purchase of a $37,000 bus:
Retweeted by Nightwave @rixtin yeah i shaved his bum lolTONIGHT! So excited. Shout out @iamnightwave <3 @ReprezentRadio 7pm onwards.
Retweeted by Nightwave @rixtin just had to cut poop balls out of his fur😖he brought his wee toy into his tiny box 😭 have a listen to my @riddimcomm Remix ft my favourite MC @DDoubleE7 😬via @RBMA BLUKU @LDLDN I gave one a sugar cube last week but he was high as fuck after went mental👽 @LDLDN he needs some sugary water to get back his strength!!Hear the new @iamnightwave remix of @riddimcomm feat. @DDoubleE7 now on the RBMA Soundcloud:
Retweeted by Nightwave😌-sociopath emoji @S_Type hahah fuckin wish
@S_Type try living in Govanhill, we live inside a footoff to DJ at @UrbanOutfitters Glasgow💕💓💕💓💅🏽💕💓💕💓just went on a @topbillinmusic promo binge dont call the copsi have such bad RSI from the laptop my fingers are becoming like that poor tree man :(omg just reading about a chopper full of drugs coming down in Bosnia and the air in Sarajevo is full of cokeNorth Korea has their own version of Netflix called Manbang happy 86th birthday to Sean Connery
Retweeted by NightwaveHappy birthday princess @chippy_nonstop 💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓💕
#savefabric @Serato sorted it with Matt today thanks :)Fucking sick of all the great venues I grew up in: Arches (Glas), Venue (Edin), Turnmills (Lond) going without being replaced. #SaveFabric
Retweeted by Nightwave @grainnerules @usikhushi @jackmaster im inCatch us and @iamnightwave tomorrow @UrbanOutfitters Glasgow's 15th birthday party! #glasgow
Retweeted by NightwaveThis week @iamnightwave jumps into the Motion Mix on @ReprezentRadio :)
Retweeted by NightwaveTalking Japanese juke, collaborations & launching a label with @iamnightwave: #UOEuropeBlog
Retweeted by Nightwave @Andreas_Hz theres some brilliant research and advice over at @MAPS @Andreas_Hz including advice for people that inevitably will take drugs would be more constructiveWhy not offer some safety advice with an article like this instead of more Brass Eye style fearmongering? "experts" @Serato @b_nmrrs didnt work well at my Sunday show sadly, glitched :(
jeez my snapdragon dried out whilst I was away and turned into some kinda demon tormented souls plant
Retweeted by NightwaveJurassic World.
Retweeted by Nightwave @Mathias301 haha thank you💓ah thank you💓far from perfect but fun 🐯 of the day: Nightwave, Somalian coffee table and thirty minutes of personable donk melodies
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Edinburgh fringe crowd is basically the jester from Limmy's show x 1000
the girl has locked her account but thank god for print screens
Retweeted by Nightwavetonight I'm djing in Edinburgh with Prosumer at The Mash House, all proceeds go to the Joshua Nolan foundation💜doors at 11Oh shit 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nightwavehas anyone tried the Akai AMX for Serato? @TiernanDouieb meth?TONIGHT! @themashhouse Edinburrgh with Prosumer and all profits go to charity💓 @lhrlls hahah that sounds amazingyeah I went to buy booze in my pyjamas @the_real_semtek @tony_poland fuckinell"one was standing right up against the glass having a good old tug."
Retweeted by NightwaveWhen he accidentally called Salma Hayek a lesbian
Retweeted by Nightwave @b_nmrrs youre not a techno dj if you dont have one🎀shout to all the people that havent unfollowed me🎀boyfriend just reminded me we have beers in the fridge just wanna make a tune as good as Purple Pills
@MalikAhmad388 ah yeah thats the don @tasoteklife @MalikAhmad388 didnt play that, tracklist is on the BR page :)That's *bisexual* fool, thank you very much.
Retweeted by Nightwave @cradface I'd pay in the ballpark of £10 (sorry)Stop giving me a hard time coz I use Serato and laptop, why are you looking at the DJ anyway you are in the club to dance&get lost in space👽 @fluffyduck88 I'll probably end up paying it lol I love JB @ssseannn i know, it's mentasm! (sorry) @fluffyduck88 stereojesus £22 to see Joey Beltram in Glasgow tonight..think I'll stay in— Shaun Bloodworth fundraiser, Ministry of Sound / Thu. 15 Sept. Full announcement Mon. #RaveForShaun Please RT
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@XLRECORDINGS @NTSlive @NewYorker @odbpowell thats some good contouringGive a follow to @LaCheetahClub Glasgow🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆Talking Japanese juke, collaborations & launching a label with @iamnightwave: #UOEuropeBlog
Retweeted by Nightwave.@iamNightwave at @MashHouse on Sunday is one @edfringe party not to miss - thanks for the love @scotnational
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fuksake a bottle of kombucha exploded in my hands and now i smell like a sour old cheese😑Thrilled to announce ♕ ♛@Ashes57 ♛♕ Solo Exhibition & After Party at @SWG3_Gallery Glasgow's violently ripped up a Bob Marley poster in our back yard lol @opiumhum lololI can't recommend this @blackmadonnachi @residentadvisor documentary enough ❤️ @inkke lol they are fuckin brutal @mara_kitsune oh babe im so sorry. sleep tight xxxInterview with @UrbanOutfitters ahead of their Glasgow party next week, RSVP to secure your place *free cocktails* guy in the music industry ever
Retweeted by Nightwave @cradface yeah thats why it works hahafinally ordered DNA ancestry kits, I will do Jeremy Kyle style live stream of the results when they come inFabulous.
Retweeted by Nightwave @b_nmrrs @LDLDN yeah I'll try the new update but only at home I think, still schlep the ancient working laptop+drivers to shows haa @b_nmrrs I upgraded and had to use a Mac from 2008 to do shows, brutal. new drivers work apparently (recent update) @b_nmrrs will it work on el capitan now? @sexyresults been using a prehistoric laptop bc of the dodgy drivers,hope these work! I just love Live, I like the skip to start button haha @sexyresults in what way? cheersdoes anyone on here use Serato DJ? I cant seem to ever switch from Scratch Live and need some inspiration @bambooshooter "Akashic Records"
@Aggykins7 thanks☺️took 4 hours! @djlyrichood thank you 😻 @Aggykins7 omg he does!!new hair @jackiedagger *160 Edit* @jackiedagger Firmom Krstić haha have fun!!! @jackiedagger de ides bre lol @iamnightwave We are sorry for the actions of this franchise in Egypt. Please see our full response on Facebook
Retweeted by Nightwave @OliverHoMusic you wont be going on the 65 bus once the school comes back hahaRed Bull reveal Music Academy tour; Glasgow stop ft @jackmaster @Youngfathers @iamnightwave
Retweeted by Nightwave👎🏽 Awful 👎🏽