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A film buff & ex video-cassette delivery boy who dreamt of becoming a filmmaker. Currently living my dream! Filmmaker, India

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#InduSarkar #DilliKiRaat crosses 500k views #Throwback to retro days by #BappiLahiri, @taneja_ishika @The_AnuMalik
Civil society in support of @imbhandarkar's #InduSarkar across 40 cities in India 🇮🇳
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarWhat is Cong trying to hide by opposing the release of Indu Sarkar? Asks a protester #InduSarkarWar Immersive LIVE…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarRally in Guwahati tomorrow to express solidarity to Madhur Bhandarkar for his film 'Indu Sarkar'
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarNationwide protests in favour of #InduSarkaar @imbhandarkar
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Thank you so much "Pune" for your love & support. #WeSupportInduSarkar 🙏 is #HTP why cong is afraid of #InduSarkar ? #BigDebate must watch 7.57pm @News18India with…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarParty which keeps harping on #FreedomOfExpression & #WomenEmpowerment today protesting against a woman centric… soft reminder for the ignorant,My stand on against banning films,pls check screen shots of #UdtaPunjab & #ADHM in…
If my film was sponsored, I would have released it in 2019, just before the election: @imbhandarkar #TTP
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarWhat I am showing is documented fact: @imbhandarkar on controversy over his film ‘Indu Sarkar’ #TTP LIVE…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarThe higher authorities in Congress can at least tweet & tell the Karyakartas to calm down: Madhur Bhandarkar, Filmmaker
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar @UnSubtleDesi I am not surprised at all,in politics & show biz I always remember Lata Didi song of Page3 Kitne Ajee…
LISTEN IN to what filmmaker Madhur Bandarkar said on Congress protests escalating over his film ‘Indu Sarkar’…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarMe and my actors are frightened, we are being threatened. You are scared of a film, what is this?: Madhur Bhandarka…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarDear @OfficeOfRG after Pune I have 2 cancel today's PressCon at Nagpur.Do you approve this hooliganism? Can I have… Nagpur today for #InduSarkar promotions. Looking for some gr8 media interactions in the heart of India.@iamkirtikulhari @InduSarkarMovie
Thank u for your timely intervention Commisoner Rashmi Shuklaji @PuneCityPolice & spl thanks to DCP Mundeji for ensuring safety of my team.🙏Its baffling to see self proclaimed custodians of #freedomOfExpression creating huge ruckus to prevent a legitimate… workers hv barged in the Hotel lobby & created ruckus,me & team are stranded like hostages in hotel room.…
Time to go retro, presenting #DilliKiRaat by evergreen #BappiLahiri #InduSarkar promo song @theanumalik #RDTribute of #DilliKiRaat with Baap of Disco #BappiLahiri today evening in Delhi,an #RDTribute for #InduSarkar promoti… Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar speaks to TIMES NOW on his new movie 'Indu Sarkar'
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarSo well said @swapan55 sir.🙏
Governor Vidyasagarji& @CMOMaharashtra @imbhandarkar released'Marching With a Billion:Analysing @narendramodi Govt…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarThanks to @mumbaimirror for publishing this brave cartoon, Morparia hits all the right chords. #InduSarkar will ove… threatens protests if @imbhandarkar's film on Indira Gandhi's Emergency, #InduSarkar, is released
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Humbled to receive overwhelming support for #InduSarkar against the unfair censor cuts.This gives us the courage to… the City of Joy #Kolkata today with @IamKirtiKulhari & @tota_rc for #InduSarkar The @KapilSharmaK9 show #tkss @sherryontopp with @InduSarkarMovie cast @NeilNMukesh @IamKirtiKulhari @imbhandarkar
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarStop day dreaming @cnni ?The attack on innocent #AmarnathYatra Hindu pilgrims is a cold blooded terrorist attack,pl…
Director Madhur Bhandarkar on #IndiaForAmarnath
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarAbsolutely goes without saying it sir. censor cuts trailer dialogues is ok not in the film.🙏
My prayers are with #AmarnathYatra attack victims & their families. This disgusting act of cowardice is beyond any reason of any kind.How can d dialogues in d trailer b deleted frm d film? Am i missing some logic or r difrnt yardsticks being used during censor?#InduSarkarJust got out of #InduSarkar film censor screening.Am appalled at the 14 cuts suggested by the committee.Will go to the revising committee.Nice chatting up with you.@ManishantarDESI #GanpatiBappaMorya 🙏 it was great to see #InduSarkar team on @SonyTV #TheKapilSharmaShow @KapilSharmaK9 @IamKirtiKulhari
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Catch #InduSarkar team on @SonyTV #TheKapilSharmaShow tonight at 9pm with @KapilSharmaK9 @IamKirtiKulhari you a speedy recovery @TarekFatah sir, you have always been a fighter & will come through once again. God bles… Madhur Bhandarkar refuses to screen his film to any political party
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarBorn #OnThisDay Remembering one of India's finest filmmaker,actor, GURU DUTT,on his birth anniversary.🙏 #Baazi
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarThanks @AshishSinghLIVE 🙏
42 yrs ago film Aandhi & kishoreda were banned, prints of film "Kissa Kursi Ka" were burnt.Seems nothing has change…"Wht's flopped is industry’s unwillingness to respond to harassment of one of their own"on @imbhandarkar predicament
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#Viewpoint -- Actors sometimes fear backlash for playing certain roles: @imbhandarkar to @bhupendrachaube
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar#Viewpoint -- No matter who is in power, always had problems with CBFC: @imbhandarkar to @bhupendrachaube
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar#Viewpoint -- Unclear about why Jagdish Tytler is upset with #InduSarkar: @imbhandarkar to @bhupendrachaube
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar#Viewpoint -- If your films fail, doesn't mean you will quit the industry: @imbhandarkar to @bhupendrachaube
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar#Viewpoint -- If I would be playing in some political hand, then I would've made a biopic on Mrs.Gandhi:…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarThanks @RjSmritii 🙏, unscripted, candid & blunt #UNMISSABLE @imbhandarkar on #Viewpoint with @bhupendrachaube, clears the co…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarIt's stupid @INCIndia opposing @imbhandarkar movie. no case for a pre screening. Unless of course @sanjaynirupam wants to watch it for free.
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarUnfair to ask prior screening. Have been pressurised and bullied to change film name: Madhur Bhandarkar on 'Indu Sa…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarThanks @AshishSinghLIVE you so much @sudhirchaudhary 🙏 CBFC take a call; Why should I show Congress the film? Madhur Bhandarkar on #InduSarkar
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar#YehAwaazHai is a song about desire, resolve & hope. Beautifully sung by @monalithakur03 Indu's Story unfolds 28July and seeped in melody... New song of #InduSarkar - #YehAwazHai... 28 July 2017 release.
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It's funny how threatening someone is called "Sangharsh" by the soldiers of freedom of expression. One more soldier… love for #InduSarkar is getting stronger by the day. Thanks for 5 million+ views. More to come. Stay tuned till… Congress leader wants to blacken Madhur Bhandarkar's face over the portrayal of Indira Gandhi in ‘Indu Sark…
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar#InduSarkarRow: People have not seen the film they are just drawing parallels by just watching the 3 minutes traile…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarFilmmaker @imbhandarkar speaks to #NewsX about #InduSarkarRow
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.@imbhandarkar will not show #InduSarkar to anyone before its release | @IamKirtiKulhari
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarYes mr @imbhandarkar do not fear. Do not explain.
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarWow so much freedom of expression. 🙏#InduSarkar
.@IamKirtiKulhari and @imbhandarkar talking about Indu Sarkar , emergency and much more at @RedFMIndia
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar @INCMumbai chief @sanjaynirupam writes to CBFC Chairman protesting @imbhandarkar 's #InduSarkar demanding screening…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarPoliticians have threatened to take legal action against me: @imbhandarkar.
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar @imbhandarkar interview in @IndianExpress on #InduSarkar .
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarGive another round applause #InduSarkarTrailer just reached 4M+ viewers. Kudos! #InduSarkar @imbhandarkar
Retweeted by Madhur Bhandarkar#InduSarkar पर हो रहे विवाद के बाद कुछ पात्रों के नाम बदलने पर विचार कर सकते हैं @imbhandarkar
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42 yrs down will #InduSarkar face, Congress' #Emergency? Will @imbhandarkar's freedom of thought/expression be curt…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarHere's @imbhandarkar speaking on the furore over his film, Indu Sarkar. Watch him on the #EmergencyDebate with Arna…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarNice catching up with @anandmahindra in Delhi bound flight. Its always great chatting with him on Business,Politics… should be explosive! @imbhandarkar on #RepublicTV Sunday Big debate with #Arnab on #InduSarkar controversy to…
Retweeted by Madhur BhandarkarJagdish Tytler spies himself in "Indu Sarkar" trailer, threatens to sue @imbhandarkar - my story-
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