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Any of my followers in Norfolk Va
My son was a champion on this day at the Jolly Roger Wrestling…
You think lol
Y'all help me wish my daughter a happy birthday #daddyslittlegirl is…
@BB919 looking for a new job @pinxmocha that Superbowl trophy was spotted at Tom Brady house this evening dude using it as a paper weight lmaoHell yeah RT @YoungBreedCCC: Nah it might be over... 🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣How much is her bond #weaintbegginwebuyin is what happens when you put action behind your words .....S/O…
Raleigh 4:30 am will be here b4 I know it box whichever comes first lmao
I'm up ....good morningWaiting for your rt...Goodnight lol'm not i gotta be at work at 5am ...inserts Jordan crying face @3kissesLesa I do too John lynch punish yo ass u catch a deep ball hell no @Trilladip all it boils down to is that was the right play call and if the safety stays disciplined and doesn t get… Trump cause UGA the game ..ion know how but everything that happens bad is his fault #BlameTrumpNah dude he still not white have u been to Alabama b4 lil mama @Trilladip Imma just sit this right here cause Tampa bay won a super bowl only playing cover 2 cover 2 the corner coverage is soft cause the safety supposed to be over the top to prevent the deep ball my dud… @NanasiaMusic keep us balanced then young NanaCover 2 was the right coverage safety just blew itOr play rb sense Russel Wilson could never make that throw lil roach ass muthafucka he had safety help over the top which he should've but the safety was trying to be a hero and fucked up that safety fucked up he tried to cheat ...QB looked him way off and then threw back to his side that was a To… this I'm going to sleep gotta work in 5 hrs
Gotta play to win u can't play not to looseLol get ready to be a running backI only ask once then im like fuck it the pussy fire but if we can't relate Imma get bored and move onLmao remy they just want his wife down there to entertain for MartiGras u know where one of the mask to cover her face an… I never heard it . nobody taking that ish lol nigga Dip gotta get a talk show or podcast bro covering like 3 different topics right now plus sports lolEverything is cool til it ain'tSpelled Lakers wrong they know who said it full of DL dudes and transgender ion trust no bih in Georgia lmao them mf's transgender try to kiss me Imma steal on a nigga soft afThe lady on fb sad we should be mad at H&M b/c white people use to call black people MONKEYS ....but wait they also… see a pick 6 bout to happen #rolltideYOLO Dawg in Dade going with GeorgiaThey gotta play A1 ion care who get mad at me if u gay u either a fag or a dyke fuck all that bisexual transgender and whatever el… going with Bama right Yall letting them people destroy Genuwine cause he wouldn't kiss a transgender woman ....blinded by that… neither u love most likely own by a racistLol fuck ass out of my project window I feel so inspired hope someone kneel #fucktrumpThey little boy in the H&M ad is an innocent bystander to cooning..his parents straight coons entertaining white fo… when they said they were almost out of henny was that racismI dont want a woman that rocks a DIKE FADEMen are choosing women who weren't meant to be their rib....and they wonder why they can't breathe easily in the relationship
Hold up lmao people stopped eating pork cause that shit cost too much #ButImSleep