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repost via @divvypic from phantomclub repost via @divvypic from treperson_ #bblu this Sunday at… via @divvypic from @alladreamnc ST AUG/SHAW U/ NCCU/ PEACE COLLAGE/ #GETONTHEBUS THIS… via @divvypic from phantomloungenc repost via @divvypic from @alladreamnc GET YA BACK TO… via @divvypic from @alladreamnc $1000 CASH BACK TO SCHOOL RAFFLE THIS SUNDAY NIGHT… RT @Geeky_Sheek: Bully fine af.repost via @divvypic from treperson_ #bblu this Sunday at phantomloungenc were doing a back to…
My nigga @Rell_Connected came through the bull city to catch my son game ...salute @TYK0_2TIMEZ what upLol don't make you real or popping some people just ain't got it straight up clowns
Retweeted by BullyDaGodphantomloungenc RAFFLEING 1000$ CASH THIS SUNDAY phantomloungenc GET YA RAFFLE TICKET AT THE… @TYK0_2TIMEZ COMIN to turn with me tonight at club phantom Bih we litMy nigga da_mac.diego Said he shutting the city down next Fri night phantomclub #majorkey TO @therealtahiry & 252 ROCKY MT, FRIDAY NIGHT phantomclub #STRAIGHTMOVIE🎥🔥🎥🔥🎥🔥🎥🎬
Retweeted by BullyDaGodEither we fuckin or see you 2morrow
Retweeted by BullyDaGod
Jay Z album need to hurry up and drop9195271065 @sheEBONYblack I need to speak with you @Bigga_Vel05 is my folks he said u might can help me with something u getting thick as hell via @divvypic from @icebergent HENNESSY VS PATRON PARTY FRIDAY phantomclub TEXT… via @divvypic from @icebergent RAFFLEING 1000$ CASH THIS SUNDAY phantomloungenc GET YA… via @divvypic from @djmconline Kicking off my bday celebrations for Sept in the 919… via @divvypic from @icebergent FRIDAY NIGHT phantomclub HENNESSY + PATRON SHOTS… Forrest Gumps gorgeous much sauce party this Friday at phantom bout to be lit we going in Hennessy drinkers vs… much sauce party this Friday at phantom bout to be lit we going in Hennessy drinkers vs patron drinkers who's the littest @sheEBONYblack trying to contact u about some business
repost via @divvypic from @icebergent HENNESSY VS PATRON PARTY FRIDAY phantomclub TEXT OR DM ME… night Hennessy vs Patron a few spots available on my Guestlist text 9195271065 to get VIP… the lie detector determined that's a lie got all the Juice B-Day booths VIP booths or VIP Guestlist at Club Phantom Friday or Sunday night in Raleigh… swear they have relationships figured out but they don't know where their bf slept last night
Hit @alladreamnc And tell him @imdabully sent u a historic career.. The city of LA is set to declare 8-24, Kobe Bryant Day
Retweeted by BullyDaGod @YoungBreedCCC @DucePoundQuise
Retweeted by BullyDaGodLMAO"Just Might" New Single @YoungBreedCCC X @DucePoundQuise ‼️‼️‼️
Retweeted by BullyDaGodNot shit bout to go to work in a few via @divvypic from phantomclub BACK TO SCHOOL RAFFLE FOR A 1000$ CASH THIS SUNDAY… 38th @KobeBryant! Thanks for the years of relentless drive.
Retweeted by BullyDaGod @Rell_Connected my nigga what's good @OfficialBelaire
Retweeted by BullyDaGodThis Friday on my vip guest list free shots of henny or patron til 12!!!! Come take a shot with… MUCH SAUCE 😁😁🔥👀 booths bout to fly this week. #HitMyLine 9195271065
Girl u might as well cheatOK lol via @divvypic from @k975 It's not about me It's about the kids I am the mouthpiece!… via @divvypic from @icebergent DM OR TEXT 9195271065 FOR BDAY BOOTH OR VIP… via @divvypic from @k975 I have been apart of 3 back to school community events now… morning everyoneI would speak but I forgot your nameAll money ain't. Good money .. All friends ain't best friends .
Retweeted by BullyDaGodI will never cheer for a pussy niggarepost via @divvypic from @meekmill When u run out the back door wit 12 and use the "old man" 2… yeah @Addicted2Nadia I saw your sister tagged u in my oxtails pic on fbI'm trying to PULLUP niggas eating Bobby.... Damn walking deadTURNUP too these niggas pussy off the internet police'm out in my state and I barely see the niggas that tweetHarrisburg lol own town will hate you cause u eating just cause they know u and ride with an out of town nigga over uThat's Winston too y'all that's Charlotte that's everywhere I'm really out here I see it a nigga got a bag and bitches NC niggas line up to followShow me out of town niggas run our state NC ain't like it use to be these niggas ride with hoe niggas all the time ain't a gangsta police gon put meek under the jail if anyone touch that white boyAnybody can get on ig and see nigga out the city @Rell_Connected tell drake go to New York and diss HovIn Toronto with a pussy ass cracker as mayor gunning for him who the fuck wanna be locked up in Canada like a week nigga running around calling a real nigga name out so if anything happens to him y'all know who did it #bitchniggashitEveryone know MEEK not in Philly tonight but y'all 😂😂😂😂They playing that Shit right now 😡😡😡😡😡 Rell niggas kno not to play that soft shit round me
#mood bout to PULLUP to phantomloungenc for #BBLU SUNDAY HOLLA AT ME @FlashySunrize came from behind the bar one time at starbar one night when I was bout to give a nigga his issues he was like Bully chillI seen u niggas with muscles be getting the Shit beat out them.... Too much time in the gym staying out of trouble LMAOI told a nigga he can't bench with his head then I knocked him out got kids already and ion know bout no church my bad keep jumping in my mentions getting these hey Sal tweetsU gon have to tell people where to register u no u picky af 😈😂😂😂 ain't beat yet resting up cause I been chasing her #BullyWontLieForTwitter @MarcusTheMesiah tried to get me to drink Hennessy mixed with patron he was like smell it u gon be lit 😂😂😂😂Slept my whole day away and now I'm late for BBLU SUNDAYs at phantom