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the wide path is drawn as one continuous vector line. "layer by layer".quite intricate details. to have to plot this tomorrow. #generative code is not exactly nice though. but i've been trying to get this working for two weeks. so i might just leave… can't see any bugs in this. which is promising. test cases are now working.
so, refactoring is going real well. @SophiKravitz don't hesitate to ask. i'm full of helpful advice like this. @SophiKravitz have you tried fire? @LiaSae *wide eyes* i just want nice things. @SophiKravitz then everything is as expected.everything works?!?! @GuyBirkin @quasimondo @DrBeef_ @jvtoups @manfredemohr i don't know. isn't the training data and the ml architectur… don't know why i tried any of the other stuff. i should have known better. it's not like i have not been here it running. legacy bios and only /home encryption. ok. @Worthless_Bums fuck solar. it should run on the anguish of coiners. @Worthless_Bums i think i will run my computer on a blockchain. it is easier. more secure and very, very in.this bug is in fact a feature.there is also a bug if you use full disc encryption and enable nvidia graphics drivers. this is obviously to be expected. @inconvergent This one!
Retweeted by inconvergentwho am i kidding. grub install failed.bios flashed. m2 disk installed. ubuntu install in progress. maybe this will actually work. @quasimondo only it is corrupted. @inconvergent A 150 GB PNG that contains the actual blockchain?
Retweeted by inconvergent @inconvergent dusty GPU fan on fire
Retweeted by inconvergenti was thinking a 1x1 pix gif that is completely transparent.any suggestions for what we can replace that physical bitcoin stock photo with? @rndbrtrnd @blodgar @quasimondo i have github, a nas and amazon s3/glacier. (also manually upload some stuff to gdrive quite frequently.) @V1TU5 that may be, but it frequently does not work nonetheless.the default in our stars
Retweeted by inconvergentwhen you test the code, and can't get it to work. but it turns out it works just fine, and you are using it wrong. @gsuberland they would make nice circuit boards with some more work too. but atm it's intended to be used for plotting solid lines.all gone. yay.
Retweeted by inconvergent @zacbir i'm very pleased with myself. not so pleased that i've spent this much time painting myself into a corner. @JonasEltes easy to get running, but it requires ruby. just so you are aware. @JonasEltes i use it in a pretty basic manner. i wouldn't recommend it if you need sophisticated content administr… Galileo Galilei, Buenos Aires, designed and built by Enrique Jan (1962-6). Photographs by Luis Argerichs…
Retweeted by inconvergent @JonasEltes it's not really what you ask but i use a static page generator. (jekyll, the one that runs on github pa… @JonasEltes first you have to summon Satan.obviously i need to refactor the code once more. but it's not like i have anything better to do. @Charley_Peters @GalleryGriffin @fiona_grady these look good. wish i was able to see them in person.Great first day in the @GalleryGriffin residency studio collaborating with @fiona_grady to make, present & reconfig…
Retweeted by inconvergentalso, this has taken an unreasonable amount of time. but I think I have the bugs cornered now.i try not to cut corners when I write code, but I'm making an exception for to track down these other suckers.
Retweeted by inconvergentthere are still a few corner cases (pun pun pun), but i can probably fix this now. gone. yay. that i know what was happening i should be able to fix to track down these other suckers. we go. @jabelsjabels no. it's lisp lists and structs. (to be converted to svg)i should have understood this sooner. but anyway.actually. i just understood what is happening. problem is, these numbers look fine. but it still does not work.the worst kind of debugging ...
Retweeted by inconvergenthad to read about m.2 disks again, and why can't someone write something that is comprehensible. @pisquaredbyi this is to be expected.i suppose this is what happens when you write thousands of generative images to an ssd ...i'm getting very mixed signals here. this could be a sign that i should go outside. but it's cold, wet, dark and snowy outside ...... guess i will buy a faster hard disk. @quasimondo i probably had it coming ... i have backups. i'm paranoid. i have backups of my of my hard disks just crashed. that's a first. @wblut i have probably done this. i try not to.Another mixed feeling thing: people rediscovering things, writing context-less blogs, talks and tutorials about the…
Retweeted by inconvergent @Worthless_Bums it is poetry. @Worthless_Bums that last little kick is my precise feeling about this. @Worthless_Bums perfect answer. @Worthless_Bums i hear you say that you don't like Eℓon Musĸ, could you please substantiate your claims somehow? i… @IanJGavin @Pinterest and this is the only realistic way i can do anything about that in a reasonable amount of time. @IanJGavin @Pinterest so to be clear: it's not the people pinning i'm after. i just really, really don't like the w… @IanJGavin @Pinterest i didn't get on it. people pin my work there and i don't want my work to help the pinterest b… @DrBeef_ also, go here, if you ever get the chance: @DrBeef_ there is also and @DrBeef_ maybe you know it already, but if not: loads of old generative art here If you're into generative art, *please* look at - such a wonderful site! It has full…
Retweeted by inconvergent @quasimondo got to keep that apartment warm.