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@GraficaObscura i suppose they kind of do.... tiled plot #generative
Retweeted by inconvergentnew tiled plot #generative the number of people on Facebook far outnumber the number of people that have existed in the history of Earth…
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2124: William Gibson is born.
Retweeted by inconvergentthis is more difficult than I'd like. plotting on multiple papers is tedious, and there is always a danger of vario… adjustments. getting better now. test.
2123: we are making the moon into a gargantuan ballpit.
Retweeted by inconvergent"The internet has been described as a networks of networks, a system that connects with itself at every possible po…
Retweeted by inconvergent2124: William Gibson is born. @son_of_a_didily until I have zero's super effective.big concert in the middle of Oslo. heavy presence of police with sidearms. the new normal is now. @TrevorFSmith they already discovered that blockchain dating was a bad idea in 2018.mostly to keep the people who think this is a brilliant idea occupied with something.send tweet.2123: we are making the moon into a gargantuan ballpit.I don't understand the part of jet lag that makes you feel like you're on a boat
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i made a tiled plot yesterday. 4x A3 sheets of paper.
Retweeted by inconvergent @poellll @yhancik not since windows destroyers edition a while back. @poellll @yhancik weeeelllll. not here. @yhancik setting the lock screen does not change the login screen. @herrjemand yeah ... but i don't want a hack. which is kind of my is not possible to set the login screen background on this windows 10 computer. i'm impressed.unfortunately something went ok.i made a tiled plot yesterday. 4x A3 sheets of paper. up today to get your free mustard token. @yhancik at least some times during testing and development i suppose.there was an expected error. @joshu i've seen people distort diffline with noise fields. but never tried myself. i always intended to use "food… @joshu so disregard my input on this. @joshu should work fine. but for getting really nice raster images the blending method is the way to go. but obviou… @joshu not that it matters much. i just have this one hammer for drawing raster images ... @joshu but without using proper blending i guess. @joshu ah, i see. sounds fun. @joshu if you are going to do what i suggest though: use 64bit floats for accumulating. and increment by a small number 0.0001 or something. @joshu but not sure what appearance you want, so may not be what you want. @joshu in that case you can blend using similar methods to what i mention in the article. premultiplied alpha+ blending. @joshu aliasing is one option. or, as you may know, my preferred method: (what do you draw with now?) @joshu i'd venture a guess that the artefacts are numerical instability. but i don't know what you did to improve it, so maybe i'm wrong?first tiled plot for sale (aaaand good night.)
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first tiled plot for sale (aaaand good night.) to the mustard economy.Drinking tea at home creates a new, slightly depressing memory
Retweeted by inconvergenti did some shit i dont know
Retweeted by inconvergenti just want to say: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggghhhhhhhhthe primary medium of payment on the island is now mustard. naturally.
Retweeted by inconvergent @quasimondo @wheresaddie @FedExEurope hope it's not Klatchian coffee. @MikolaLysenko @quasimondo @wblut thanks. i might try this. it has the benefit of being easy, and probably fast enough for my case atm. @wblut @quasimondo fair enough. sounds a lot like what i had in mind. just pick a grid density and accumulate "hits" for each cell. @wblut @quasimondo what is a cell in this context? pixel/voxel? @quasimondo @wblut i agree. but i thought it was worth a question. raster maps are a little finicky. @quasimondo @wblut maybe you know, @MikolaLysenko? @quasimondo @wblut previously i've used an underlying raster map to do this. but i'd like a vector based method if… hints on a good way to check to what extent a line segment will cover an area that already has a high density o… @quasimondo @tombielecki @simondlr yeah, i know you knew about the idea. i meant this in particular. @quasimondo @tombielecki @simondlr ah, should have figured you were aware of this already. @tombielecki @simondlr you might want to talk to @quasimondo about this. but i can't say i like the idea that the a… mustard economy.the primary medium of payment on the island is now mustard. naturally.i got sloppy with this. but yeah, it works.
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2121: the people who still think blockchain is a good idea all live on a small island in the South Pacific. they ha…
Retweeted by inconvergent2121: the people who still think blockchain is a good idea all live on a small island in the South Pacific. they ha… i'm busy fucking up these plots, you might want to look at the ones that turned out as i wanted them: @cameronp98 not really my thingi got sloppy with this. but yeah, it works. @v21 looking forward to reading this. and the illustrations are really nice. @everestpipkinit was raining in the data center
Retweeted by inconvergent @evilhackerdude @EMSL best option i know of. good hardware. good software. great service. @emsl @evilhackerdude @EMSL there are some limits though. you have to consider where the feet of the plotter should be et… @evilhackerdude @EMSL yeah, i realised that was most likely what you were asking. np. @evilhackerdude @EMSL sorry, should probably say 'provided you have a machine that you can position freely'. which… @evilhackerdude @EMSL if you mean, 'can you plot on a sheet of paper rotated at 45deg', the answer is also yes, pro… testing this.