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@sylvia_ritter @LiaSae hnngghh. i've been ignoring this for so long. now i'm pissed. maybe i'll actually do it. thanks. @Pinterest @clintfulkerson if you are not logged in and click an image on pinterest, you have to LOG IN TO GO TO TH… @JoAase @Pinterest @clintfulkerson well i didn't know about it. so let's try. it's up on my site now. @inconvergent Feeling with you. I am constantly removing images from Pinterest. People who stole my work often ment…
Retweeted by inconvergent @cr1901 @inconvergent Content goes there to be forgotten and die, it’s a walled garden that prioritizes engagement…
Retweeted by inconvergent @sylvia_ritter yes. @JoAase @Pinterest @clintfulkerson does that meta tag help at all? @scanlime @cr1901 just see what happens if you end up there via any link. you are forced to get the damn app to eve… @Pinterest @clintfulkerson i guess it will have to remain like this because i don't have the patience to try to do… @Pinterest @clintfulkerson i think 5 of these aren't mine. @Pinterest @clintfulkerson page four. @LiaSae IIIIINTO THE SUUUUN @LiaSae and if you happen to end up on their fucking site you are met with a broken site, since you are basically forced to get the app. @inconvergent @Pinterest The original image impressions on flickr: 6k Pinterest boards: 10k Pinterest impressions: ???
Retweeted by inconvergent @inconvergent @Pinterest
Retweeted by inconvergent @Pinterest @clintfulkerson search page three. almost all these are mine as well. @dvsch @Pinterest achievement unlocked, i guess. @Pinterest sure got their impressions, so that's good! @Pinterest one is by @clintfulkerson if i remember correctly. but it looks like it's posted by me in this view. @Pinterest it goes one for a bit (only a few of these aren't mine) @Pinterest someone sure benefits from my work, and I know it's not me. do you have anything to say about this, @Pinterest ? @marcinignac Yeah, @Pinterest thoroughly gamed and ultimately broke image search :(
Retweeted by inconvergentIs it my filter bubble or 95% of google search images link to pinterest screenshots with no source these days…
Retweeted by inconvergent @stvltn ok. traffic to my site is just fine. HTTPS is not relevant to the issue I posted about. @stvltn what is it you are trying to say exactly? @stvltn the first picture is about traffic _from pinterest_ to my site. https is not the issue then. @stvltn i don't see how this is relevant here.your platform is broken. @Pinterestwhy i don't like pinterest, a story. @jdmssmkr no, but they could have been drawn with desert if i had gotten to implementing the lisp client for it (i'… these are variations of the same very simple rules: make a dot grid and connect some of the dots. (with a few o… @scanlime i agree. that would probably look neat. @MaxCountryman sorry, this isn't available.i kind of like this ... would be a really good time to get an #axidraw. site-wide sale over at @EMSL: i really need at work is a room where i can go and chop wood with a giant god damn axe.... the last 6 mos, my office has investigated a massive scheme to corrupt the @FCC's comment process on…
Retweeted by inconvergent..., guy with noise cancelling headphones---who's speaking on the phone---you are IN FACT SHOUTING RIGHT NOW. @Ruter i dag ble jeg forsøkt holdt igjen av en av deres fotsoldater etter å ha vist reisekort til noen. ikke egentl… @ruter oppnår dere noe med alle disse kontrollene, sånn rent bortsett fra å skape kø mener jeg?...
Retweeted by inconvergent... #generative
Retweeted by inconvergenttoday i will be listening to @YourBaroness.oh hello. #generative
Retweeted by inconvergent @A_Schuhardt this helped me with that @ireneista @lorenschmidt we know each other!
here is the main inspiration for this experiment: @A_Schuhardt currently using this: @A_Schuhardt it's not actually. i'm writing lisp atm and i have not made a lisp client that can use it yet.... #generative images of early growth stages of bryozoans and some other British marine invertebrates in:
Retweeted by inconvergent @BryozoanNhm this might be relevant to your interests @nervous_jessica.... #generative @stvltn i'm sure it's not perfect. i will have to test it. i've not seen zouassi before. some nice textures there,… #generative @inconvergent We can put it in the cloud! With internet of things!
Retweeted by inconvergent @MaxCountryman let's hope they see reason soon. @neauoire @ragekit "cryptographically" archiving it is not a bad idea. but i hardly think you need a blockchain to do that. @ragekit @neauoire i'm not serious about this. it is a terrible idea.oh hello. #generative @ragekit @neauoire everything must be a blockchain! @neauoire oh no.we should start providing the entire internet via blockchain!!i realised i only really need depth. here is a neural network approach: @stvltn this is probably sufficient for my case provided it actually works. thanks! @stvltn this lead me to realise that i was asking for the wrong thing. i found a more recent neural network approac… @zacbir there is only one item in that list that has "image" (not images) as data source. so i don't really there any tool that will let me do (approxmate) "photogrammetry" from a single image? @cmdrSprocket i don't want to be cool. i want to get things done. @Argorak @svenlito the most standardised thing is that the stick is usually on fire.