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@PumaBare @cafreeland History will label us all idiots, having anything to do with SA. @grant_goodlight Try to wrestle the simplest two key words of the quote. @smileatanger @RichardDawkins Overnight oil will become almost worthless. The Saudis will have to sell their gold t… @smileatanger @RichardDawkins It will happen and when it does, the shit will well and truly hit the fan. @smileatanger @RichardDawkins Jesus, it's not about him it's all bout somebody lost in a garage somewhere living on… @grant_goodlight You didn't supply sufficient info to trace the quote. @cafreeland @PumaBare Saudi Arabia is a Terrorist State pure and simple. @grant_goodlight @RichardDawkins It's only about separating Darwinian (dependent) parts from Darwinian (independent… @grant_goodlight @RichardDawkins Developmental biologists like CH Waddington well understood that Dawkins confused… @_CROPES_ @AtiyaRajbee @TakeThatDarwin @054durin @BatuElmastaolu2 @rosiecuddihy @RichardDawkins @BBCWorld @Reuters @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Since Galileo, scientists understood that a non testable God has to be 100% r… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins J Edser: Traditional Atheist (TA) What separates TA from NA: only the former… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Waiting for Godot. @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins #JustLikeATheist @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins So enlighten us: what do you think 'metaphorical' means and what do they achieve? @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Ummmmm...we can debate the origin of these ideas if you really want to but at… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Umm...that's not under debate *just the actual allegations*. Are you sure yo… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins What we have established: You don't know what 'metaphorical' means/doesn't m… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins I may as well be attempting a reasonable dialog with a Christian Fundamentali… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Still nothing of any substance. @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Perhaps the-penny-may-be-dropping as to why exactly Prof EO Wilson claimed Da… @WTravisMcMaken You refuse to supply the title and author. #idiotic @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Nothing specific, no facts, no testable propositions just endless rhetorical vomit. #JustLikeATheist @WTravisMcMaken Which one was that (instead of writing what you did you could have simply supplied the title and author)? @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Just more empty rhetoric. A good student of Dawkins. @WTravisMcMaken I have a house full of them (and scientific papers) which ones would you specifically recommend?. @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins You are a verification that it's not only #theists who suffer from #BelieifAddiction @WTravisMcMaken So far, not a single #fact supplied or even a testable argument just #rhetoric @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Not a single fact or testable argument to back it up. You are acting like a cornered theist. @WTravisMcMaken How exactly? @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins When you simply can't debate a point *that you don't like* with facts and tes… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins More empty rhetoric. @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Prof EO Wilson a world authority on Evol Theory commented Dawkinism has becom… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Idiotic empty rhetoric supplied just like idiotic theists serve it up. #Frightening @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Ah yet another NA who doesn't have a clue what a #metaphor is/isn't or what t… @stan_abelovsky @RichardDawkins @rdfrs The net result: #science was reduced to just circular mathematics where even time can go backwards. @stan_abelovsky @RichardDawkins Aristotle's Square fails whenever the sets are empty, which of course it must, sinc… @stan_abelovsky @RichardDawkins It's the new epistemologies that are causing all the trouble! Western Epistemolog… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins For NA information: Dawkins didn't invent #Atheism (shock horror!). Tradition… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins One fine sunny and golden day Dawkins NA will actually get it: it's not the t… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Politicisation poisons everything it touches. Richard Dawkins politicised Dar… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins When God and formalised religions are correctly taken strictly and only metap… @Cold_Comfortt @rdfrs @RichardDawkins Beliefs misused as literally true, are. Beliefs are #metaphorical not… @reedjenkinns @AtiyaRajbee @TakeThatDarwin @054durin @BatuElmastaolu2 @rosiecuddihy @RichardDawkins @BBCWorld @katydid_alot @sherlockmichael @RichardDawkins @neiltyson @danieldennett No Dawkins is simply a ruthless politician… @ragh_twt @RichardDawkins @elonmusk To receive even more subsidies? @MarkRaffles @sherlockmichael @RichardDawkins @neiltyson @danieldennett Muslims must never separate #belief from… @MarkRaffles @sherlockmichael @RichardDawkins @neiltyson @danieldennett How manny Nobel Laureates refuse to separate a #belief from theory @joebeattie @RichardDawkins The huge ongoing problem with reason is, its so goddam reasonable. Not at all interested in vested interests. @joebeattie @RichardDawkins Other did, unfortunately. As stated, the only responsible solution is to issue shares to every taxpayer. @MathTheologica @RichardDawkins @rdfrs Ask Dawkins why he has attempted so very, very hard to exclude Epigenetics f… @MathTheologica @RichardDawkins @rdfrs Ask Dawkins why he doesn't ever discuss Darwinian pangenesis. #laughable @joebeattie @RichardDawkins That's why we have free enterprise; nobody has a magic glass ball to predict the future… @bishan2010 @RichardDawkins Didn't you know? Dawkins is such an alien who altruistically came here to teach us ..and take home a few 100m.. @joebeattie @RichardDawkins REASON states: it's our money folks so why not, with every gov dollar spent on billion… @hyabas @054durin Science doesn't use ideas that can't be *refuted by nature* ie don't allow at least 1 prohibited… @bendermanlaw @JCKerrigan_LA @jafarcakes @RichardDawkins Oh sure, little tiny Australia subsidised our auto industr… @MathTheologica @RichardDawkins Epigenetic's doesn't work like that. Being a mathematician but not a scientist you… @bendermanlaw @JCKerrigan_LA @jafarcakes @RichardDawkins Ok but with just his own money..please. @JCKerrigan_LA @CatChillout @bendermanlaw @jafarcakes @RichardDawkins But Dawkins would be happy with that. @JCKerrigan_LA @CynicalMallu @RichardDawkins Ask how much the present batteries store, how long they last, how much… @JCKerrigan_LA @CynicalMallu @RichardDawkins Electric cars ain't at all hard and have been around forever on paper.… @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman @rdfrs IOW let's replace emperical science with just mathematics. Gode… @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman The problem with understanding how we think is the problem of… @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman @rdfrs And I repeat: science simply doesn't use #belief #disbelief @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman @rdfrs Dawkins Selfish Genes pioneered exactly this. The oversimplifie…
@xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman @rdfrs "Faced with difficulties in applying fundamental theories… @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman @rdfrs A theory is emperically based and refutable but a model isn't.… @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman @rdfrs I find it staggering that not even the prestigious journal… @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman @rdfrs @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman It's important to be able to distinguish between just a #model and a b… @xabahat @sciam @RichardDawkins @ProfFeynman Just a #model not a #theory of anything. @theLOGICALman @RichardDawkins The Darwinian wheel revolves around competition but is propelled by cooperation. @theLOGICALman @RichardDawkins In Darwinism (which Dawkins claimed is 'fascist') the almost forgotten Baldwin Effec… @theLOGICALman @RichardDawkins Ayn Rand, Like Richard Dawkins (on the other political side) utterly confused Selfis… @arisytner Competition is complimented by cooperation. @arichduvet Let's all start printing our own currency. @AtiyaRajbee @054durin @TercanFatmanur @RichardDawkins @BBCWorld @Reuters @ScienceNews Educate yourself to separate… @AtiyaRajbee @054durin @TercanFatmanur @RichardDawkins @BBCWorld @Reuters @ScienceNews Dear dear me, Darwinism isn'…