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@PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 However, I did bow to your primitive wishes and replaced s & P with the approp… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Cuniform writing and Roman Numerals were primitive expressions. Your wish not… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 'Symbolic logic' was derived from syllogisms using subject s and Predicate P.… @mohdmazharkh Please, Dawkins SelfishGene model is embarrassing ancient 1970's history and his atheism is strictly a pop version. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins The Arab Spring was a desperate effort to throw off centuries old Muslim d… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Ataturk threw out Arabic script and enforced The Separation Of Powers open… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Right; just like imperial Japan who only has Samuri swords, Turkey import… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Right, theory created the science which created the weapons. Idiot beliefs then used the weapons. @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 In any contradictory pair if one is false the other must be true, no exception… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Without these three you couldn't even write a sentence in language! The newly… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 These are: 1 Verification 2 Non Verification (a contrary) 3 Refutation (a contradiction) @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Any individual syllogism only has a t/f function ie it's Boolean. Maths is ent… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Aristotle discovered individual syllogisms and then compounded them within a s… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Woweee, if they were only separate premises why would they be presented in a s… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins We will stop manufacturing the goods you buy with oil revenues, the medici… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Right we will stop finding more oil for you, building the oil rigs for you… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins That's about the depth of your intellect.. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins I read all this stuff and a lot more besides! Do yourself a favour and edu… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins I suggest you remain in your perfect societies. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Right, that's why millions of Muslims are so desperate to come here as ref… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins My dear, you are such a wonderful example as to why anyone with any intell… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Theories makes bulbs light up, food to grow more plentifully, diseases to… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins As stated, you have no idea whatsoever what a theory is. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins As stated, I have no interest in your religion or any religion for that ma… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Theories evolve via testing them. More Islamic ignorance.. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Human rights are a theory my dear not just a belief so I don't expect you to understand them. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Only one 'human right' in Islam: do exactly what you are told. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Democracy is an evolving system. Unlike your fascist belief system, it doe… @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins More like a fat head. @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins Democracy isnt anarchy. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Yep a real pity Islam *stayed* medieval. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Your medieval idiocy which you freely displayed here for one and all to re… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Because of the increased surface to volume ratio only small creatures can… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins The problem with freezing is not the heart stoping it's the expansion of ice crystals. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Your Islamic ignorance is only exceeded by your Islamic arrogance: antifreeze. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins In our Democratic states that's for you to believe and for others to disbe… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins As stated, we are compassionate and empathic but not stupid. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Ok you keep on deluding yourself with that one. Meanwhile, we will reasses… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins It's *your* religion and it's *your* responsibility to reform it. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins We didn't fight WW2 against a medieval fascist & racist plague to say to M… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Islam can't/refuses to separate a belief from theory so it can't even understand the sep of powers. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins It's simple enough for most normal 10 yr old to understand: 1 Democracy… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Any concept without a contradiction can't enter The Square. @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Omnipotent means: unlimited. @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 The Square forms a compounded syllogism. @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 (A) All Gods are omnipotent (E) No God is omnipotent (I) Some Gods are omnip… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Then address the issues involved: 1 Separation of belief from theory 2 Se… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 I did. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins We in the west don't care about either, we only care about your medieval fascist politics. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins It's your own ego and the incredibly inflated ego of your medieval belief… @PaulDOlivier @LKrauss1 @crypt_oguru I would strongly suggest you engage the methodology or stop making a public fool of yourself. @PaulDOlivier @LKrauss1 @crypt_oguru Your continued insistence for specific s & P's shows your ignorance of logical methodology. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Yeah sure; your self congrats are really sick. @PaulDOlivier @LKrauss1 @crypt_oguru Nope it's how the premises form a compounded syllogism that can be read four w… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Yet again here it is. Your wilful ignorance is truly shocking. Hint: the arrow… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Liking you own tweets may indicate you need psychiatric help. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Your ignorance is so refreshing I don't think: psychiatry is about how exp… @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Mr Olivier claims to have 3 degrees but can't/refuses to understand Aristotle'… @PaulDOlivier @LKrauss1 This is as clear and concise as it gets: @PaulDOlivier @crypt_oguru @LKrauss1 Unfortunately, Mr Olivier's belief addiction has finally blocked his cortex to… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Right, 'hormones' are a major part of the Western medicine you ridicule bu… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins You butcher each other either way. We in the west are dammed if we try to… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Your unreformed religion remains a medieval blight on this wonderful world. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Again, unless this tenet id reformed your belief system remains incompatib… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins That's why Sunni & Shia butcher each other over the colour of Allah's sox. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Your 'as far as we are allowed to know' says it all. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Hormones are theory based not belief based. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins Reformed religions ie any major religion *except Islam*, allow individual… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins OK then please leave any Democratic country you may be living in. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins I have no interest in your religion only the fascist politics it embraces. @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins You don't have a clue how to separate belief/theory so you have no idea wh… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins This is why your unreformed religion provides an ongoing unacceptable thre… @01Meryem @manwithbeard2 @RichardDawkins This is why your *unreformed* religion represents an ongoing threat to our… @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins God isn't literally anything. The concept is 100 % empty only leaving God… @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins That's what everyone says unfortunately. @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins I am arguing the God concept is literally 100% empty only leaving God is metaphorical. @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins Thus BOTH believing & disbelieving in God is certifiable since God is metaphorical not literal. @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins The sad truth is any God who designed or created itself (circular) or exem… @manwithbeard2 @01Meryem @RichardDawkins Western Medicine is a potent mixture of art and science.