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@ladidalimey @RichardDawkins Amazingly it does in a spectacular way: a massive Baldwin Effect for cooperation. Darw…
@get12min @RichardDawkins Amazingly, and unfortunately, it appears the critical difference between literal and meta…
@get12min @RichardDawkins Words serve us in two contradictory ways, literally using the three basic categories of e… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Amazingly both came up with the same solution: variable species became refutably e… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins In the biol sciences the fixed frame of ref was fixed species. We made sense of th… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins To refute Einstein's frame simply observe anything moving faster than c strictly a… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Newton's frame of reference was critically changed by Einstein. Instead if a unive… @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @dvibrationz @jackiebarbosa @orna_verum @StevieSteveSGR @KitemanArgues @robster16a @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Either Dawkins and New Atheism is as epistemologically ignorant as Theism or Dawki… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Science doesn't deal in non falsifiable belief systems only falsifiable theories o… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Thirteen books, and Richard Dawkins mentions nothing of this continuing the fictio… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins You can't confront theists about the literal nature of their belief system without… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins But Dawkins isn't engaging and teaching just, confronting. It *isn't* about what G… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Why do New Atheists and Theists alike think verification/non verification is all y… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Why is Richard Dawkins so epistemologically naive? Why do New Atheists engage Thei… @TomTheAtheistOn @RichardDawkins Please ask Richard Dawkins why he & New Atheism, just like theism(!) refuses to se…
@GetZilient Wanted: just one African leader who actually understands freedom and trade. @DarylMoore @RichardDawkins You mean you remain happy for others to die/bemaimed/suffer lifelong psch trauma as lon… @Atheism_Has_Nil What evolution by natural selection is screaming out to anyone with a brain small enough to hear i… @Atheism_Has_Nil Ideas without a single contradiction allowed to them *by definition* eg an Omni God or Selfish Gen… @Atheism_Has_Nil It's not only biological entities that evolve by NS (strictly competition by default never by inte… @Atheism_Has_Nil Evolution by NS is so ubiquitous you can spectacularly observe it now: AIDS infections and how it… @Atheism_Has_Nil Right; that's why natural selection is *non* random. The problem: NS is way, way, way too simple t…
@Bucketfoot_Al @RickySFG49ers @aubrey_huff @chadk21 @RichardDawkins In any valid definition all three must remain a… @Bucketfoot_Al @RickySFG49ers @aubrey_huff @chadk21 @RichardDawkins In fact you could say Americans are amoung the… @Bucketfoot_Al @RickySFG49ers @aubrey_huff @chadk21 @RichardDawkins Funny thing here is they also forgot to teach t… @Bucketfoot_Al @RickySFG49ers @aubrey_huff @chadk21 @RichardDawkins Yes SOP (Separation Of Powers) is so incredibly… @jackiebarbosa @EBatterson @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @jackiebarbosa @EBatterson @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @jackiebarbosa @EBatterson @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @jackiebarbosa @EBatterson @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @jackiebarbosa @EBatterson @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @KitemanArgues @Cworth71 @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @Cworth71 @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @EBatterson @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @Cworth71 @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @EBatterson @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @Cworth71 @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @EBatterson @luv2research @ABranesample @_OnlineGospel_ @Cworth71 @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @EBatterson @EBatterson @jandrew62956555 @StandBackUp2 @Cworth71 @_OnlineGospel_ @ABranesample @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @EBatterson @jandrew62956555 @StandBackUp2 @Cworth71 @_OnlineGospel_ @ABranesample @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @AllistairGraham @hauxton @jackiebarbosa @luv2research @GrahamMundie @wallstreeter43 @Charlesthornt @Cern_lXXl @StandBackUp2 @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @_OnlineGospel_ @5317006 @wallstreeter43 @DoYouEvenSci @Charlesthornt @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @Cworth71 @_OnlineGospel_ @ABranesample @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @jandrew62956555 @StandBackUp2 @Cworth71 @EBatterson @_OnlineGospel_ @ABranesample @AllistairGraham @TakeThatEpi @jandrew62956555 @Cworth71 @EBatterson @_OnlineGospel_ @ABranesample @Quesst21 @StandBackUp2 @AllistairGraham @Cern_lXXl @wallstreeter43 @jandrew62956555 @Cworth71 @Quesst21 @_OnlineGospel_ @ABranesample @StandBackUp2 @BertramBaxter66 @Axel_Sharpshire @PragmaticBent @Sibelius7 @CollinOctantis @RJDownard @wallstreeter43 @BertramBaxter66 @Axel_Sharpshire @PragmaticBent @Sibelius7 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@CollinOctantis @PragmaticBent @RJDownard @wallstreeter43 @MikeBravoYanky @Charlesthornt @Cern_lXXl @robster16a @C_82l @GrahamMundie @ScottBlivtrusci @Contragamer911 @jandrew62956555 @creationwrong @nchave01 @Contragamer911 @StevieSteveSGR @AllistairGraham @KitemanArgues @C_82l @vlynxy1 @creationwrong @nchave01 @Contragamer911 @StevieSteveSGR @AllistairGraham @KitemanArgues @C_82l @vlynxy1 @creationwrong @Contragamer911 @StevieSteveSGR @AllistairGraham @KitemanArgues @nchave01 @C_82l @vlynxy1 @AllistairGraham @StevieSteveSGR @KitemanArgues @nchave01 @C_82l @vlynxy1 @orna_verum @quizzedwhy @TakeThatEpi @LordCropes @Contragamer911 @TakeThatDarwin @GrahamMundie @ScottBlivtrusci @jandrew62956555 @vlynxy1 @EBatterson @GrahamMundie @orna_verum @StandBackUp2 @PainesReason @Contragamer911 @Jim1810 @TakeThatDarwin @ScottBlivtrusci @AllistairGraham @StevieSteveSGR @KitemanArgues @nchave01 @C_82l @vlynxy1 @orna_verum @quizzedwhy @TakeThatEpi @luv2research @nchave01 @jandrew62956555 @StandBackUp2 @EBatterson @KitemanArgues @AStratelates @EveKeneinan @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @StandBackUp2 @luv2research @nchave01 @KitemanArgues @AStratelates @EveKeneinan @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @StandBackUp2 @luv2research @nchave01 @KitemanArgues @AStratelates @EveKeneinan @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @StandBackUp2 @luv2research @nchave01 @KitemanArgues @AStratelates @EveKeneinan @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @StandBackUp2 @luv2research @nchave01 @KitemanArgues @AStratelates @EveKeneinan @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @StandBackUp2 @luv2research @nchave01 @KitemanArgues @AStratelates @EveKeneinan @jandrew62956555 @EBatterson @StandBackUp2 @luv2research @nchave01 @KitemanArgues @AStratelates @EveKeneinan