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If you're considering law school keep in mind I passed the bar exam & now I'm a purple hippo online

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Look, I’d love to take the time to understand what you’re saying, but I’m too busy interpreting it in a way it most enables me to be mad
Retweeted by Hippo @roqchams @adamjohnsonNYC Please do not shame the cow for exercising her rightsBeware becoming “Good.” For that is the first step down the road of being “Bad” @MissTiffanyTiff The dreamI don’t think we’ve reckoned with how funny it is that “love trumps hate” as a slogan has been proven objectively false @twitersgoodboy @2dAmMuslim’s my favorite time of the year baby!!!!, when my hands and feet become cold for 6 consecutive months
*guy bumps my shoulder* "You're lucky this isn't the Internet pal"
Retweeted by Hippo @StuntBirdArmy False, @ryanlcooper Lol the “they’re mad at the flag” category
@allezlesboulez very nice @squierzz damn... @squierzz none of these are real words @shraaamp 😂 @imustdestroy loli love the idea of republicans angrily saying “merry christmas” to everyone. just spitefully spreading holiday cheer @SPREEEEEEEEEEEE v nice shirt @mightycw yes you will @tylergryffindor actually it’s good @talkingatthetv2 no @justinmpeters you will learn to like itMore like the Trump “Badministration”I love neglecting basic household tasks and then resenting myself for days instead of doing them @charles_kinbote get the face phone @boring_as_heck thank you, toilet paper usai cannot be MADE to feel a certain way. I ALONE choose my feelings. NOBODY can MAKE me feel bad except MYSELF, the NEWS, and certain banks
Retweeted by Hippo🎵 Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight Why did you kill me with your arms
@pattymo the one thing wrong with this website is that it doesn’t make me mad enoughme: let me log off, i beg you satan: no @melanclock it’s great @esjhanez hell yeahOur brains evolved to focus more on negative information so being online is probably great for our mental health @buckyisotope whyhmm, I'll see your bet and raise my own son
Retweeted by HippoDonald Trump is the president lol
@ChairmanMcDank 😩I’ll never share my weight loss secret (flashback to me eating only 30% of every meal I cooked because it tastes bad)Our government paying for a war vs paying to relieve human suffering
@JasperQNoob @theamadiskay what are you sayingAfter several years of research I’ve concluded that jobs aren’t for meCapitalism for hurricane victims, socialism for Wall Street bankers @kenklippenstein *shaking with rage* haha @scryptkitty u will get the content u deserve @itszutak a big mallet to hit myself over the head with @lanadelraytheon excellent @charles_kinbote me joining twitter a few years ago Right: me now @bromanconsul i havent had it actually i’m just reflexively defensive about cheese @bromanconsul log off @cmslenko sorry @stuntbirdarmy @evepeyser @chemzes wherever theres a gathering of 3 or more women bernie appears and talks at them against their will @RobbySlowik I feel attacked @3milySays 🤔
@arealhappyguy No thank you @pharmasean NoThe gall of online strangers expecting you to argue with them for free @HelloCullen Damn
@ryanlcooper donald trump spreads nothing but hate verritt code forty two sixty eightDifferent M&Ms
Retweeted by Hippo @krangtnelson kissinger constantly looks like satan is trying to pull him down to hell @2dammuslim was a single one of those replies helpfulMe: Hello Stranger trying to provoke an argument: Oh, so what you’re saying is [some insane thing i never said] Me: That’s right @frozenblueber Source?During Bush administration: Things cant get any dumber During Trump: Wow I was wrong. But this is the dumbest for sure During Zuckerberg: OhPlease lord...I don’t ask for much. Let me live to see our president on national television struggling to draw a tr… I ask is your unconditional love and support regardless of how shitty I am, why is that so hard
@obeyconsume im not connecting them that’s worse somehow @camijoan 🙏 @hagen_aj my life is a wreckIt’s late enough online that i can admit this and delete it before tomorrow…..i use several pairs of pants as a blanket @jon_snow_420[i take a knee during the national anthem but it’s to pray] mike pence: i’m not sure what to do here"It's-a me. Mario," he says to Peach. Her elderly eyes don't recognize him. Alzheimer's has done what Bowser couldn't.
Retweeted by Hippo @Andres_an_Art No @FlyingRotors Same @fruitsareedible damn its true @cadenceterminus typical doesnt understand theoretical physics opinion 🙄 @jakethex love discovering that i suck for new reasons