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If you're considering law school keep in mind I passed the bar exam & now I'm a purple hippo online

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@adamjohnsonnyc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @adamjohnsonnyc tfw patreon is more responsive than the government @fromsehri this one @pareene These are the guys they’re waiting for @ebruenig @surfbordt i hate when i'm hacked and the only thing i post is something everyone knows i believe but won't say publicly @surfbordt cant believe people are still using "i was hacked"i wonder how long it'll take for me to stop feeling like any bit of good news must be a trick @70ceeks he thinks he can get trump to listen to him if he brown noses enough……not wrong @emmaroller realpolitik baby @abbycohenwl narrator: but there was if democrats can just run against a child molester every time they’ll be in great shape
Retweeted by Hippo (online) @jordanuhl trump is dril confirmed @muhmentions roasted by the hell dudeevery day our president wakes up and religiously watches the equivalent of saturday morning cartoons for old people @muhmentions @Lubchansky Odysseass @Lubchansky Assyphus @realDonaldTrump
@randygdub to my supporters i just want to say im sorry…we did everything we could but we fell just short of losing this time @surfbordt its spinning around like a broken compass @charles_kinbote its like politics bitcoinmost important election statistic out of alabama: more than zero people voted for the child dating theocratIt’s really cool that our creative energy went into creating a republican roomba @floozyesq They were both elected judges I choose to use this commonality to rail against judicial elections @mynnoj yea exactlyif you see one of these abominations on the street you have my permission to wreck it @AllezLesBoulez @alexnpress Poor Donald @ebruenig @emmaroller mother of god @okayfineaaron richard nixon i thinkA man is not defeated when he's owned. A man is only defeated when he logs off.No matter who wins the election tonight the important thing is that we all continue rapidly descending into hell, w… @haircut_hippie this website rules millennials think it should be easy to vote. Guess what pal, voting is a privilege not a rightso excited to vote in the election & participate in democracy you've ever replied to me and i don't follow you i 99% for sure muted you. if you reply to this i will mute you.…
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I'm not religious but I'm spiritual, which means I don't believe in gods but sometimes I stare at the night sky and go "damn" @Major_Healy Remains to be seen how well they market it but that’s trueThe first party to put “Hate your cable company? Vote for us” on a bumper sticker will rule for 50 years @nanglish Brands are our friends !!Our president is double fisting a Big Mac & Diet Coke and screeching about cable news he consistently manages to be… have too much regulation in this country. When a business does something obscene they should just get a letter f… @muhmentions Hello
Jeff Bezos is worth $100 billion
Retweeted by Hippo (online) @NormsRespecter It mostly happens when someone is explaining that we can’t achieve X bc of some arcane legislative… @allezlesboulez doogie howser jd has logged on @NormsRespecter imo the inside baseball nature of talking about politics makes everyone think of themselves as legi… @realDonaldTrump sir is this true @d_a_clarke @speediest_sloth how do you insult a guy like that @tierrasinpan damn thats good @surfbordt it wasnt terrible but all the russia conspiracy guys were like "my god a native speaker" @buckyisotope the giants beat the chiefs so they must be goodIf you think about it, which I haven't, friends are just highly persistent strangersMe [motioning to posters on my wall]: these are just some of my heroes Date: Is that the grinch @hey_kay_kay Sorry, @charles_kinbote congrats on receiving the opportunity to buy me lunchGrammar fact: the correct place in a sentence to use a comma is wherever it feels rightI’m excited for AI because it’ll either make my life easier or kill us all and both of those seem like pretty good options at this point
Retweeted by Hippo (online)Me: I am a taxpayer. I pay your salary. You work for ME Waiter who’s refusing to bring me extra rolls: None of that is true @dubsteppenwolf mother of god @ebruenig This kid is running for President
@randygdub aside from free press implications blah blah this is also tattling to an employer for a tweet - the lowest thing u can do on here @cushbomb @alexnpress @randygdub i'd donate to any media outlet whose owner told trump to eat shit when he complained about a reporter @randygdub agreed. if the complaint is from the pepe center for journalistic integrity, just lean into it @krangtnelson @daveweigel do this every time he gives a speech imo @boringstein @normsrespecter our terminally online president @estabrawn by far one of the most pathetic things you can do online @zandywithaz zoom in @roqchams in mecca they call him brother bush @fidrychds dont go there @sadvil i guess i'd like to know what a healthy republican party is @sadvil ohh boy @turgidswine i believe he is the funniest person alive @lunamatic_ it's not very spicy but its good as helli feel bad for our country. But this is tremendous content.
Retweeted by Hippo (online) @bransonreese The best is “I realize this is a joke but”God was right to abandon this cursed land
@muhmentions I don’t understand most of these words @FBroomeIV