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3pts blessedWHAT THE DUCKFLGKHOW??????I hate what you do to my heart @mterstegen1Let's double our lead already!!!If only.........NO. NO. NO.HAHAHAHAHAHA @RayHudson learning about (American) football is the greatest thing I've ever seen.This black boy can play. @UmtitiSamARE YOU KIDDING MELook at you. @ArdaTuran CRACKI LOVE HIM SO MUCHNote: always tweet your predictions.ATTAAAABOYYYYYYGCRACKITIC!!!!!!!!Ter Stegen was as floppy as a soup sandwich - @RayHudson 😭😭😭VAMOS!!!I LOVE PEP GOSHZamnnn Zaniel!Way too easy, what is a defender?😳 what a header.When you take a shower 5mins before the game starts thinking you won't miss any goals :)))))))
@ArianaGrande should write a book.STOP true I know the get money song and the that's just the way it is song
Retweeted by donny♡Hey Steven @onewish_xoLOML @KhloeBeauty meCutieee't think about it too much.💀 gotta update you on my life, it's been like 15mins since we last spoke fam you don't know can't hurt you.Can't believe I just did that 😩... than an Olympic swimmer's stroke 😂👏🏾 @RayHudsonPISS OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF @rccelta_oficial;))):)$/&,@(@:@;@,@:@2@;&&:6,6$/Celta could've ended this match. More reasons to want to kill them
Retweeted by donny♡YOU HAD ONE JOBLet my predictions be wrong @rccelta_oficial @GodWatch Madrid win 3-1 or 4-1BLESSINGbirth control
Retweeted by donny♡Steups. No, they shoulda sub him @KingOfKingsInMe KID🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄Sick of @BrightHouseCare @realDonaldTrump #Power better than #BreakingBad?Lip readers everywhere disappointed 😂😂Liverpool😅Hurry back to Barcelona! @neymarjr you are missed.Looking at clips of Neymar celebrating Olympic gold and tearing up. 😩I never learn 😩 every freaking month omg
Javi be living his life up😂 @KhloeKFanxo sameARGHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by donny♡✌🏾️✌🏾Bayer Munich have already won the Bundesliga. Congratulations!
Retweeted by donny♡Sprint kiosk employees are beyond annoying.Gimme strengthDafuq did I just witness @YannisBK there's one left boo to be in work. Stay tuned endure what you're going through, what's coming is much better than what's been.My God is awesome.😣
@nikefootball DROP @hopesoloJUST IN: Rio police summon Ryan Lochte to a new hearing
Retweeted by donny♡Un día más en la oficina.
Retweeted by donny♡Grupo fácil. Octavos el 3º de Italia, Cuartos el 8º de Alemania, Semis el 4º de Inglaterra. Vuelta siempre en casa.
Retweeted by donny♡It's very very difficult Piers. Ask your 'friend' Arsene to buy quality defenders!
Retweeted by donny♡🔴🔵 Força Barça!!
Retweeted by donny♡I won't wash them then.
Retweeted by donny♡If Arsenal don't qualify from this group, I'll wear @GaryLineker's underpants. #ChampionsLeagueDraw Group A PSG Arsenal Basel Ludogrets
Retweeted by donny♡The Internet 😭😭😭😭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by donny♡So I guess surgical tech school and getting a job in the medical field are off the table now. Good thing UBT has a great job... Oh wait
Retweeted by donny♡This is not an apology. See you in 6 months! I know, my redeemer lives. @KhloeKFanxo I KNOW
Here it is!! The video of me getting my hair shaved for #StrangerThings. Enjoy!😘💙 #buzzed
Retweeted by donny♡Best costume of #GenCon2016. #StrangerThings
Retweeted by donny♡Everyone's favorite smile.
Retweeted by donny♡On a scale from 1 to 10, she is an Eleven.
Retweeted by donny♡Friends through thick and thin.
Retweeted by donny♡Bound to be a best seller. #WWBD
Retweeted by donny♡Don't touch Eleven's stash. #NationalWaffleDay
Retweeted by donny♡Must learn Spanish.diaaaaa-blo😻
Retweeted by donny♡Sup😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my snapchat isn't working i'll just leave this here..shoutout Rosa Parks
Retweeted by donny♡Be encouraged, no matter what's going on... You'll make it alright
Retweeted by donny♡Pray for truth pray for freedom pray for healing pray for justice thank you universe.
Retweeted by donny♡You can delete your Twitter, but you can't delete the bullet you shot Harambe with, @CincinnatiZoo.
Retweeted by donny♡The Cincinnati Zoo can delete their Twitter but they can't delete their wrongs we're fighting for you Harambe
Retweeted by donny♡Harambe memes prompt Cincinnati Zoo to delete its Twitter account
Retweeted by donny♡Cincinnati Zoo deletes Twitter account after harassment — "just like they deleted Harambe"
Retweeted by donny♡