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III out now:
Retweeted by donnie♡.@SergioRamos gave El Clasico referee a signed jersey... Before being sent off by the official. 👇…
Retweeted by donnie♡#Summer17 anthem is here. Watch @djkhaled, @justinbieber, @QuavoStuntin, @chancetherapper & @LilTunechi's #ImTheOne
Retweeted by donnie♡8 MINS @djkhaled @chancetherapper @justinbieber @QuavoStuntin @LilTunechi #imtheone #wethebest 🔥Don't know why I'm awake at 5am but 😭😩😍🔥 los ha llevado al límite. Ya no pueden disimularlo. Es más grave enseñar una camiseta que mandar callar un esta…
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.........bye @KingOfKingsInMe 0 lies detected Lemmos🙏When your friends from high school start getting married and making babies Me: stop playing games. You were fine a few hrs ago @throat @itsaDashthing she needs to @ us both next time!
Retweeted by donnie♡ @ughidkwhatever1 I was like coworker told me she hates the word shook bc it's 'all over the Internet', I told her I was shook bc it's my favorite word. 🤷‍♀️ @ughidkwhatever1 Goodnight Sara with an H! 😂😂😂 @bieberdaze @matthew_noszka SHOOK @thecomet 😂 @bieberdaze Wtf whoTomorrow #ImTheOne #Grateful
Retweeted by donnie♡😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥 @ughidkwhatever1 Whatchu getting US? @dos_santos_8004 I am in work sadlyEndless laughs in the break room with the homie it's about being a legend there is no difference between 500 goals and a single one. Proud to be a teammate of y…
Retweeted by donnie♡only one of those people is kim kardashian
Retweeted by donnie♡ @reemxxo I AM SHOOKRape Allegations Against Real Madrid Star: 'It Has To Be Less!' Ronaldo Wrote in Text Message…
Retweeted by donnie♡"She claims that he anally raped her." @messileftfoot WTFFFF
2017 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @itsaDashthing WHAT NOW?
Retweeted by donnie♡ @KingOfKingsInMe😭💔 right where you are I'm calling the police
Retweeted by donnie♡I love this guy😪💙 babyyyy😭😩💔 @ughidkwhatever1
Retweeted by donnie♡LOVE THIS: Barca fans in Camp Nou remaking Messi's goal celebration in Santiago Bernabeu
Retweeted by donnie♡Me with cats @Mascherano 😄😄😄felicitaciones!! Gran trabajo y 3 puntos 👏👏👏 Come on @Mascherano 😄😄😄congratulations!! Great wo…
Retweeted by donnie♡Crack @Mascherano @RCDeportivo 🤷‍♀️I love you so much @FCBarcelonaFINAL: #Messi, Gomes, Gomes, #Messi, Alcácer, Mascherano, Alcácer. Barça put up seven! FCB 7-1 OSA #FCBOsasuna
Retweeted by donnie♡Mascherano, 7 years in Spain: 1 goal, 4 Liga titles. CR, 8 years in Spain: hundreds of goals, 1 Liga title.
Retweeted by donnie♡
Retweeted by donnie♡So lucky you took a pic in Messi's backyard😭😍
Retweeted by donnie♡STAT OF THE DAY: FC Barcelona have won every game in which Javier Mascherano has scored #MascheDependencia
Retweeted by donnie♡MAKE THIS TWEET BANG LMAOOOOOO! Mascherano scores his FIRST ever goal for Barcelona in his 319th appearance for the club. What a time to be…
Retweeted by donnie♡Rakitić offered the penalty to Mascherano so that he could score his first goal for Barça. Love them both 💙❤️
Retweeted by donnie♡MOTM! AW BBY @Mascherano70 min: @Mascherano has his 1st official goal for Barça on a PK as things happened so fast we couldn't type fast en…
Retweeted by donnie♡FINALLY
Retweeted by donnie♡THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS!!! @Mascherano joins in with his FIRST ever goal for @FCBarcelona! #LaLiga
Retweeted by donnie♡PACOOOOOAbsolute bullshit stuff happened this season. PSG 6-1, El Clasico last second win, Mascherano scoring was bound to happen.
Retweeted by donnie♡Bench's reaction to Mascherano's goal. We all were waiting for this moment!
Retweeted by donnie♡👏👏👏 @Mascherano #FCBOsasuna
Retweeted by donnie♡IM CRYING LMAOOOO CONGRATS @Mascherano67 min: GOAL BARÇA! GOAL BARÇA! GOAL BARÇA! No this is NOT a broken record! @Mascherano! FCB 6-1 OSA #FCBOsasuna
Retweeted by donnie♡Ughhhh stop scoring. Im not home yet @FCBarcelona👏👏👏 Camp Nou 🔵🔴 #Messi500
Retweeted by donnie♡When you're on the verge of tears and someone asks what's wrong 😂😩 @momokhlo Thanks babe! & I have the flu 😩John Terry's mom giving head has scarred me for life. Never cringed more while watching a video.Not even clocked in yet and my boss is telling me to go home😷Everything you need is in the potter's house.A lot of people have been asking about my infamous playlist for having sex so here you go 😉
Retweeted by donnie♡ @itsaDashthing You too ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by donnie♡ @itsaDashthing Same twin 😩
Retweeted by donnie♡😭😭😭. Sending you alllll the hugs, feel better soon❤️❤️ wanna feel better😩
When you grab the McDonalds and eat a little bit out of everybody's fries then take the one you didn't touch
Retweeted by donnie♡🙌⚽️ This man @mterstegen1 played a big part in Sunday's #ElClásico victory. See how right here 🎥👉…
Retweeted by donnie♡BIG goals on the BIG stage! 5) Keita ⚽️ 4) Di Maria ⚽️ 3) @TeamMessi ⚽️ 2) Schick ⚽️ 1) @ivanrakitic ⚽️…
Retweeted by donnie♡ @KhloeKFanxo I gotchu twinny😘