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Biodegradable Entertainer. Actor, producer, director, stand up comedian, choreographer, voice artist, occasional pessimist, frequent optimist. Eggjactly!

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“Love Me Tinder, Love me True”... Dangerous terrain. THE TINDER MURDER - How Priya Seth murdered her Tinder Date an… ! And that applies to all ‘democracy’s’ including India millions of children, the words pain, fear and insecurity define their lives. Children's lives should be define…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiAnd the highly criticised leader of this country was given a rousing reception including a ‘Shalom Bollywood’ while… @chimneechatter this is probably some. Local paper from the back of beyondSomeone actually posted this to me as a justification to the atrocities committed in retaliation to ‘Love Jihad’. C… Shri #ABVajpayee ji. The nation has lost a great leader. @ArvindKejriwal Belated birthday greetings to a man I highly respect and admire. Dear Arvind bhai, love and prayers… @MonaAmbegaonkar Salute to Wing Commander NKS Ambegaonkar
@ImKoushiK2 @Beingmazeem ‘other religion’ to whom and where ? @SoinAjay 🙏🏽
“Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiWow ! a new solution to joblessness with added perks. RT @Beingmazeem: #JaiSriRam If you marry a Muslim Girl, you… retweet this with a heavy heart and immense disappointment in the system allowing this in a public place. Warning…"Crime by America and its allies against the children of Yemen."
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi @MiraSorvino Greetings @asin_bd goodWah. Jai Hind! RT @irfanhyd: One of the best pic I have come across.... #IndependenceDayIndia #Hyderabad @disha_in_way appreciate the half faced appreciation :-) @KrutikaRG @Sethrogen hmmm..I wonder. @PrriyaRaj hello PriyaWow! The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version) via @YouTubeThese are selfish times we are in. It’s either about ‘me’ or ‘economy’ @theparambhole16 @mehdirhasan True dat. It’s all either about ‘me’ or the ‘economy’Hindi films era judged by B.S and A.S. Before Sholay and After Sholay 😀 true @mehdirhasan. Where is the global outrage ? realised that it’s the 71st year of Independence but the 72nd Independence Day 😀Independence or in dependence. The gap is huge @iamjohnylever 🙏🏽🙏🏽More than 40 dead and 60,000 in relief camps in Kerala..heartfelt condolences to the affected. Prayers for all.Ek na ek din toh panchi ko udna hi tha, hai na? Wishing a very #HappyIndependenceDay from team #LUPT.…
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi @msneera sure @manish_123456 🙏🏽Independence from Hate. Independence from Injustice. Independence from Thought Control. Independence from Discrimin… @I_m_samy I am in hope Mr.Panda. You are in a box.JAI HINDस्वतंत्रता दिवस मुबारक हो ! जय हिंद🇮🇳Let My Country Awake (Tagore) Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where (cont)یوم آزادی مبارک. جے ہینڈ🇮🇳
Maybe they are going to hit ₹71 to the $ to synchronise with 71 years of independence #justsaying @dadofad Ah! A comedian in the house who thinks ‘thinking’ is only reserved for the ‘chosen’ few @ManpritManni kyon ? Sirf rajneeti waalon ko desh ki chinta hoti hai ? Shaayad aap un parties ko support karte ho j… @SaquibSalim @anubhavsinha can’t say, there are fringe elements everywhere. The director must’ve done his research @gaurangtalati 🙏🏽 would love to.. up to Cartoon Network @iamjohnylever Janm din Mubaarak to the funniest guy in Hindi cinema today. God Bless you with Health and Happiness… to the $ ... ‘Sattar’k ho jaao!Wage a motivated hate campaign against individuals & sooner or later someone will feel emboldened enough to take th…
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi
Had dinner at a friends new restaurant last night in Juhu (Mumbai). Huge space, Great food 👍🏽
@BabitaKri @anubhavsinha 👍🏽..2 Performances of #RishiKapoor #RajatKapoor #KumudMishra #AshutoshRana stand out. The highlight performance for m… saw ‘Mulk’👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.What a superb, topical and brave attempt by @anubhavsinha. Highlights the most dangerous enem… @javalians123 🙏🏽 @notthatsid @VamBho supports democracy Mr.Allegator. Or do I smell a bhakt here ? @amitmdave @NavedJafri_BOO can clarify further @msushilpandey19 sati was forced.. and ended a woman’s life giving her no choice.. hijab is a choice..intending to… @anandserrao 👍🏽“If you help a criminal before a crime, you’re an accomplice. If you help him after the crime, you’re a lawyer” (The Lawgical Louts)
Boys in this village are not receiving proposals because the village has a ‘muslim’ sounding name. So they changed… Delhi opposition proposes NRC..And these prtoposals will spread through the country. A ‘right’ solution to an ‘… not recent. Things have been ‘Assam’etrical since as early as 1930. A brief but enlightening take on the politi… ! well said #HenryStewart,OG,loji sunoji. Its time people in power called a spade a spade. AG slams Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi police f…
Watching #PayinGuests on Zee..was a fun film.. @Sahil45711646 😄Woh: Mera naam Panna hai. Main: Palat doon ? @rakeshkamboj 🙏🏽 Rabb ka karam @Vaibhav_AAP 😆 @amit_agrl @iamsrk another unique film 👍🏽‘Tehelka’ 1992 on #SonyMax .. Dong kabhi wrong nahi hota 😆. 26 years.. Nostalgia !Meet Dev. LUPT Conceptual Teaser | Vijay Raaz | Releasing on 14th September via @YouTube @Nadu_unchained I remember 😀 @Asultanpuri @NavedJafri_BOO @FilmHistoryPic @Bollywoodirect @tabassumgovil @superstar_faizu @SirajHSyed Jai Ho Sultanpuri sahab 🙏🏽👍🏽
@tarahbGlebss 🙏🏽 @mufaddal_vohra @rainamyidol3 🙏🏽❤️SHOM SHOM SHAAMO SHASHA RT @anthony2006440: @sowika71 @aapkadharam @Anilsharma_dir @GulshanGroverGG @jaavedjaaferi CINTAA ! across my old school badge #StTheresa’sHighSchool #Bandra #Nostalgia of my favourite funny films. Due credit to #AneesBazmi..10 Years of Singh Is Kinng: 10 scenes that made this an…
@FarhadArora @YouTube @ShayanItalia 👍🏽