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Biodegradable Entertainer. Actor, producer, director, stand up comedian, choreographer, voice artist, occasional pessimist, frequent optimist, aam aadmi

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Serious complications
Proud of you PC.. keep the good work going RT @priyankachopra: Follow my Instagram to share my experiences as I vis… freedom is menaced, justice is threatened and aggression takes place, we cannot and shall not be neutral. F…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiIntolerance in itself is a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit. Help us in r…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiCrude price ₹31 per litre. Petrol price in Mumbai 85.62 per litre. Fuel for thought ?! A good statistical analysis… is freaky 😱 Pooja ! of you #GandeepSingh. You have shown what a cop should be in the line of duty. #RespectWe appeal to you to come forward and support @cjpindia secretary @TeestaSetalvad and #HumanRightsDefender Javed Ana…
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi
#JavedJaffery & @AnilKapoor at the premiere of #BucketList @MadhuriDixit
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi @dheerajAdheer hahaha
Veg we get our info from ??? away with the most beautiful smile of the film world..At the screening of #BucketList, Madhuri’s first Mara… @chintskap looking like a total jaat-setter 👍🏽RT @WhatTheFFacts: The wind speeds on Uranus can reach 560 mph (900 km/h). Similar wind speeds of Ur anus found in…👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽 RT @AAPInNews: Delhi Government Starts Spoken English Course For School Kids @kunalkamra88 @Vaibhav_AAP it does look photo shopped doesn’t it ? @prakashraaj doing a fantastic job with his foundation #justasking.- superb initiative which I have been long think… you wanted to know about Socks but were afraid to ask ! RT @VishalDadlani: Crazy-ass socks, for the begi… @dr_jahan1 Maa baap se badi kisi ki dua nahi hoti.. @dr_jahan1 Wow.. 10 years ago.. and you’re a Doctor now.. MaashaAllaah.. May you be blessed with health and success @BhaiAjaySingh good dp 👍🏽 @srishersingh teue @kristiku don’t know if he jas a twitter account. You could look up in the net @chimneechatter @gopal_tantri @gee2pree 👍🏽
@drshamamohd 🙏🏽You post something symbolic and allegorical and the dumbo’s start their gyaani comments 🙄A colourful Dosti moment with a colourful and talented man #MakarandDeshpande 🤗 is so so sad and angering at the same time..when are we going to end these extremities? The only solution is s… @rahulelectra what has ISIS and BoKo Haram got to do with India ??? My immediate concern is my country..don’t diver… @gee2pree तुझ में अक़्ल होती तो तुझे पता होता कि twitter दुनिया भर में कनेक्टेड है । और दूसरे, जिसने यह कहा है वो इ… @rahulelectra didn’t know about that. But that was a sick minded murderer and I hope he got the worst punishment. T… @jaidsen लेकिन कुछ लोग ऐसे भी होते हैं जिनके ज़मीर उनके पेट से ज़्यादा मज़बूत होते हैं । यही लोग रास्ते बनाते हैं @jaidsen @luvsalimkhan @MaheshNBhatt @BeingSalmanKhan @PoojaB1972 @aliaa08 @tweetbeinghuman @SKFilmsOfficial 👍🏽अगर कोई शख्स अपनी भूख मिटाने के लिए रोटी चोरी करे तो चोर के हाथ काटने के बजाए बादशाह के हाथ काटे जाएँ। * इमाम अली @KukretiSandeep 👍🏽 @t4travel @htTweets don’t shut your eyes to what’s happening in the country in the name of caste and religion so op… @KukretiSandeep if you had dome some more homework on my stand you would know that I fought elections for, and stil… @kushangjoshi @drshamamohd @BSYBJP @INCIndia o mighty know it all, the denial was from MLA Hebbar regd the call to… @GP792 this is a caste based murder.. not a political one.. the later happen all the time and are also condemned..… @KukretiSandeep why are you following selective morons o enlightened one ?? Leave the space open for like minded morons
Now #BSYeddyurappa himself has been caught on tape offering a bribe to a Congress MLA. As #Karnataka CM, @BSYBJP
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiSomething worth having a look at. #Respect @GreyFrost 👍🏽 @jaavedjaaferi
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi“When you forgive, you don’t change the past, you change the future” (anon) @appadappajappa @Aun_X 🙏🏽Loved the honesty and dignity of the Harry-Meghan marriage. Older than him,divorcee,humble family background..none…, starve, bomb, and eventually, conquer — #AJOpinion
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiA historic milestone for Arab cinema: @NadineLabaki wins the Jury Prize for @capharnaumfilm - the first prize for a…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiA beautiful song with a beautiful message from Palestine. Ramadan Kareem via @YouTube
Yeh sab kya ho raha hai bhaee??? Too much of this communal crap spreading.. this is the biggest danger to the count… @Soooper_Bakar @RaviKapoor oh my Ghosh @RaviKapoor @Soooper_Bakar one of my favouritesThis is too cute 💕 RT @chintskap: Dubbed version of the wedding ceremony for release only in India. @brainyKam the channel thought the show was not good enough to continue 😏 @ZHayaak ?
The sad state of sportspersons in our country..#Satnam Singh : One in a Billion? Not Anymore via @YouTubeThose cheering and supporting one-party rule in all of India by any means, Constitutional or otherwise, and express…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiIn excitement over Karnataka elections, worth noting that the SC closed for vacations today, so the decision in Del…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiHahaha Palestinian mindset. A good analysis via @sabrangindia @valeovalium you’re late @jaavedjaaferi Please check this fundraiser for Dadaji Khobragade - creator of HMT Rice now suffering from paralysi…
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi‘Anti national’ seems to be a badge very conveniently distributed to many nowadays. @DeepaSinghSays thank you for the nostalgia. The selection was through a process and you probably didn’t pass that. Sorry about thatAbsolutely moving story RT @Bollywoodirect: My mother was almost cast as Anarkali for (cont)
Something to keep years of state of war and human right violations and getting worse. 55 Palestinians killed in Gaza: UN Security… @confusedvichar I have been cracking these kind probably before you were born..with a track update your research @theniketkumar 🙏🏽 @Sabamahfooz @RanaAyyub that should be called Kar ‘nataka’ files @Ayan__Ray 🙏🏽Karnataka has become kar nataka
The greats of Indian cinema who also cared for their country and made films which spoke about its problems and poss… @Shy22348887 yesSome are wise, some aadhaar wise