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Biodegradable Entertainer. Actor, producer, director, stand up comedian, choreographer, voice artist, occasional pessimist, frequent optimist. Eggjactly!

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The #CBI coup must be seen in context of political appointments since 2014. @RanaAyyub writes:…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiThanks to all those who saw and appreciated #Lupt and my performance. Am proud of my work in the film and thankful… appreciated #Lupt. I am proud of my work in the film and thankful to @prabhuraj_n and very importantly… @vip007s tricky @blackapple 🙏🏽CJI angry over ‘leaked information’ to citizens in CBI case . Isn’t transparency of system and justice and citizens…
@rezaaslan Peace be upon you! An admirer from Bollywood :-)Thousand salaams to these Palestinian mothers who have been born in,and will probably die in, a war zone RT… @sagarikaghose All the beat for the book.. looking forward to reading it @SukhiDinu @BarveRahi 🙏🏽 @masoom_kameena Ashirwad to Mayank @ManorathShukla aapke ‘swag’at ka shukriya :-)🙏🏽 RT @nitecrawlerz: I always feel @jaavedjaaferi ranks one of best top voice over artist on the country,n… @RoopaSpeaks Hi there Roopa. @kulkarnishreyas @BarveRahi thanks Shreyas.. hope you get to make your film soon 👍🏽 @barnalirays looking forward to your book 👍🏽 @wamsha92s 🙏🏽What an off beat observation 😆 RT @fxdurandy: TFW you realise a young #MichaelJackson was cast in a #GuruDutt film.… @102_9FM @rizbukhari thank you. Wishing you all the best. Play on !
@ashwinikpn koi bat nahin @DaniyalHasanRa3 thoroughly enjoyed that movie..was pretty ground breaking on SFX for its time @SinbadJahazi @galat_fehmi 😆nostalji aah😆 RT @VividBharthi: What did the nurse tell Arnab’s parents when he was born? “Mubarak ho! Bhadka hua hai!” @Dbollywoodguy ye raat bataao kiski hai ? @ReyanshBhai @nripendraj9 @fanfan82223964 @aapkadharam @NavedJafri_BOO @Bollywoodirect @FilmHistoryPic @SrBachchan true dat @rizbukhari @102_9FM nobody’s voice matched mine as good as the super talented #AmitKumarRT @jaavedjaaferi: 2 days of amazing work with @BarveRahi and 3 fabulous actors who make up the rest of the cast. A… @Arabiangirl_oud 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Hatham @meenakshekhosla 🙏🏽 @rayspicture thank you my dear friend. Hope we collaborate on something as special as ‘Ramayan’ soon @PrasadHonrao thank you for the nostalgic appreciation 🙏🏽 @niharica_WT thanks NiharicaThe wry wit of the inimitable @ShatruganSinha a lighter note: "Sherlock & the Curious Case Of Demonetisation" Sherlock: It was a colossal failure! Watson :How…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiHere’s another moment of pride for India. Congratulations #AmalPushp . May you reach your event horizon. Womens team hammer Australia..unbeaten till now in the T20..last year was a miss with England taking the tro…
@R_For_Rimi 🙏🏽 @ankisreal 🙏🏽Starting shoot today on an amazing film called ‘Mayasabha’ where I play the central character. Directed by…
Truly a 😳 moment @RanveerOfficial Como ke commotion aur zindagi ke promotion ki Mubaarakbaad ! Khush raho, Saath raho, Aabaad raho ! @hemantbavle 🙏🏽An advertising genius, a master theatre director and a vociferous social activist who inspired people to fight for… @Nikhil47913939 conveniently selective. No further argument. Thanks @Nikhil47913939 so by that argument, no politician should have any religious representation on his /her body.. and… @indiarama @upalakbr999 yes 👍🏽 @TheLinguist5 its a typo and too late to correctWell put RT @SAYYEDAHMEDMEH6: @jaavedjaaferi Jagdeep saahab Tab se filmi line may hai Jab Dilip sahab Raj saahab Ra…♥️
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Congratulations #T-Series.. way to go 👍🏽’s very own, the Chutiya Kingdom 😳 @badalta_waqt hahaHow many people opine that its highly time #Jagdeep sahab should be given a lifetime achievement recognition by the… @chimneechatter @Radioactive189 👍🏽😄 @chimneechatter @Radioactive189 true dat @AmanKumarJha20 🙏🏽 Kashmir. Near Shopian @SwatiRoy23 really??You think monarchy existed only with the Mughals ?? They were only one of the plethora of monarchs in the countryA super contribution indeed.Australia has already started to test a network of drainage with mesh so that plastics… @adnanmafy @cmahendra @BombayBasanti @NavedJafri_BOO 65 active years to be precise @soumilgawde 👍🏽😄RT @ramnarayan_sr: Ready to take Off ... @jaavedjaaferi @meetakhanna67 just released a film called LUPT fee weeks agoWhat is happening to my country ??? @KM78604 @cmahendra Parde ke Peeche @jaavedjaaferi Throughout my childhood, I struggled to find the answer to "What do you want to be when you grow up?…
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi @nina11_arora 😄“Zindagi mein kisi ko bhi chhota nahi samajhna chahiye...isiliye ke raah ke kaanton se pair ka joota hi bachata hai…
Amazing talent on the street. A song I never tire of hearing. #SultansOfSwing #MarkKnopfler #DireStraits tak hañstā rahā un par hamārā bachpanā tajrabe aa.e the sanjīda banāne ke liye Let children be children till… @Kivi_1511 @Radioactive189 👍🏽 @neilraviya LOTS in a name ! @Kivi_1511 @Radioactive189 Eggjacty @Radioactive189 padhe likhe hote toh yeh sawaal na karte. Know the difference between monarchy and democracy. @jaavedjaaferi @BombayBasanti @NavedJafri_BOO कलकत्ते मे आयके, पालिश ना करायके, चले नहीं जाना, ओ बाबूजी चले नहीं जा…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiNow here’s something from Hollywood about a Sikh hero.. a biopic based on Canadian boxer Pradeep Nagra. Sat Sri Aka… citizens of the concerned cities whose names are being changed should demand a referendum of the people for th… @irfanshaikh2274 he was originally Waljibhai Shakpedia @KM78604 that is such a selective observation (if it is an observation). And what had Israel been doing for 70 years ??? @neilraviya lol.. that’s being the ostrich putting its head in the ground @sammyfromnowher now That’s an observation 😆“All in all we’re just another brick in the wall”
Need some ‘love news’ too in the midst of all the hate news is India changing cities′ Muslim names? @insenroy @Change I stand corrected 🙏🏽I stand corrected,India has two..India’s Gandhi (Dehi), Ahilyabai Holkar (Indore) RT @Change: Can you name one majo…
"If the United States and the United Kingdom, tonight, told King Salman [of Saudi Arabia], ‘This war has to end,’ i…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiIf they (Opposition) think like that then definitely it (BJP) should be: Actor Rajinikanth when asked 'The oppositi…
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi @PKGulati I have to subscribe to read the article 😆How Israel denies Palestinians the right to narrate their past. [via @AJListeningPost]
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiProfessor Madhav Gadgil, the environment scientist.....does the name a ring a bell? Environmentalists point that…
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiVery well said my friend.. RT @VishalDadlani: This hurt. I mean, he LIVED while he was here, but it's always sad to… time RT @ANI: Amnesty International has announced that it has withdrawn its highest honour, the Ambassador of… of married women in India experience spousal violence, says study
Retweeted by Jaaved JaaferiRIP #StanLee..thank you for the amazing contribution to our entertainment. A pioneer indeed ‘flying’ and ‘men’ have a connection..a flying profanity?? 😆 RT @Change: Can you name one major airport in th… in India or most other countries RT @Change: Can you name one major airport in the U.S. named after a woman?"We may never know how many Africans died during WWI." #RemembranceDay2018
Retweeted by Jaaved Jaaferi😆 RT @chimneechatter: No better way of projecting the fallacious (almost criminal) efforts of @SarahHuckabee & her… Definition Of 'Black Mirror' Has Officially Freaked Everyone Out On Twitter @sats45 @BombayBasanti @NavedJafri_BOO thank you Satish bhai..69 yrs to be precise from shooting of #BRChopra sahabs #Afsana