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James Iry @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. VP of Engineering at Loyal3.

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@pelotom Yeah, depends on how narrow the finding is written/interpreted @pelotom I posted a correction. This reimplementation was fair use, but others may have to fight their own fight. @davescruggs I posted a correction. This reimplementation was fair use, but others may have to fight their own fight.Correction. The TL;DR is this reimplementation was fair use. May be that other reimplementations have to fight their own fight. @bascule @briantrice They are copyrightable. The finding was that Google’s reimplementation was fair use.Seems the TL;DR is that APIs are copyrightable but reimplementing them is fair use.BREAKING: Google win in Oracle v. Google. Victory for fair use!
Retweeted by James Iry @bodil “The broken promise of statistics”?
@myriachan @johnregehr BTW, in looking into std::launder I learned that STDs don’t survive laundering. So…yeah @myriachan @johnregehr lot of head scratching @myriachan @johnregehr Which isn’t to say I think it’s a good approach, just saying that I finally got where they were coming from after a @myriachan @johnregehr the compiler to unwind some of the optimizations and actually read the “new” value @myriachan @johnregehr Optimizers love to do fun things with constants. Reading between the lines I think “launder” is supposed to force @myriachan @johnregehr It took me forever to understand what was going on but I get it now…After the massive data leak, emails like this feel kind of creepy ...
Retweeted by James Iry @bodil @mattgodbolt That IS uncanny! @bodil So In your first program you thought @mattgodbolt was cool? @shamusyoung What could possibly go wrong?I agree that empathy is more important than code. That's why I have empathy for my coworkers when they're forced to debug my shit code
Retweeted by James IryProfessor Trump wrote just the best paper (credit actually goes to Matt Crawford).
Retweeted by James Iry @nuttycom And drink mint juleps!
@dangillmor @brendaneich Dear @nytimes “an internet” is a connection between networks. “The Internet” is where we trade animated cat gifs. @jasonbaldridge Wow. I had to go look up the source to make sure that wasn’t just a shop @jasonbaldridge They hung up. I can only presume because I’m too far gone for help. @jasonbaldridge Some of my food has both deoxyribonucleic acid and dihydrogen monoxide. Should I consult a dietician?We have a right to know whether the food we buy contains DNA! #smh #dihydrogenmonoxide
Retweeted by James Iry @fogus You’d think an Earl could afford good tea, though.Excellent reply to "The Empty Brain" that separates information processing metaphor & computational theory of mind.
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2016 Fizz-buzz in #TensorFlow
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Finally found where to put the damn things, responsibly
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@built What do you mean “now” I can? @raganwald Ah, the labor theory of value. @viktorklang Because it’s the porcelain, as in the outer layer of a toilet, as in a public toilet in a bad part of town, as in shitty.
@xjoeduffyx Depends: rewrite to say “assert(true);”; comment it out; or comment it as “ignore.” Phew, so glad I avoided the big red button @chris__martin @briantrice Nope. And that bubble is tiny.Just had to look at an industry standards based XML web service. I need to wash off with plenty of hot water and Oh godAt this point it would be easier and faster to just declare Oklahoma unconstitutional it! No real C program ever works. Some just exhibit undefined behavior that happens to pass acceptance tests Tell me a scary story! ME: Modern journalism avoids resolving factual disputes due to fear of being accused of bias. *CHILD faints*
Retweeted by James IryTIL $ cat test.cpp #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Hello world\n"; } $ clang -E test.cpp | wc -l 37580 @therealbuzz @buzzs_xtina Yep, somethings haven’t changed at all @johnregehr The deconstruction of the deconstruction of the deconstruction of …. shit, I lost my place
@built also, InWhatCurrenciesAmIABillionaire dot com . Boom! Billion...something...idea! @built ooh, I do hope they'll like meOH: "There are more secret service agents than people"Bernie Sanders outside my office window doing his part for workers by making it hard for anybody to get any work done.Sanders rally going on outside my office window. Feeling the Bern. Well…hearing it.Uh huh. And what, exactly, were you doing at the time of this alleged “accident”, @vmehra? @alexelcu @fogus I use both daily. Would not accuse either of having much to do with taste. @fogus I believe the Mayans also predicted the end of the universe when Linus recognizes value in a tool he doesn’t use. @HiveTheory preach it brodamn new ghostbusters script is woke
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Remember the Pottymo! picture of me at standing desk with headphones on I stand at my standing desk with headphones on I wonder where my scratch table and light show are.Difference between Stephen Curry and me. Curry prefers 3 pointers. I prefer to curry without pointers. @justinesherry The “Poor” graph goes all the way around. “Exceptional” doesn’t get all the way. So I’m choosing “Poor”!Done writing iOS for now. Up next: server side Clojure. out trump was upset about the new ghostbusters so I made this
Retweeted by James IryAs developers it’s always always good to ask ourselves “y”?
Kernel memory corruption in Symantec/Norton antivirus, CVE-2016-2208 (more patches soon).
Retweeted by James IryComputer Science Fact: It’s called Timsort because it sorts in constant TimHow did people poop before smart phones?“Zeal of the convert” is a real thing @_jamesward @havocp Different strokes: I’ve always learned langs from the bottom up.Oh bother.
Retweeted by James IryVim keybindings, ported to Emacs, now backported to Vim. Alpha is omega. The Universe has reached its fixpoint.
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@travisbrown When Iived in Austin 10 years ago it was a mystery how that place was still open.
@sarahjeong @lindsey Judge: “The jury is instructed to ignore the possibility of using the ternary operator.” Juror#3: * cries *When you run a command and it takes so long and fills up your screen so much that you hit up-arrow to just remind yourself what you just didthis whole thread 😂
Retweeted by James IryIs MythBusters reality TV? this the Google attorney will wheel out a whiteboard and ask some of the jurors to implement various sorting algorithms in pseudocode
Retweeted by James Iry @xor I’m expanding the GNU acronym recursively with a drink on each iteration. Base case will be when it makes sense. @built Just the fax, ma’am. 4) I can make slides about permutations and combinations! Also commutations! And um…permbinations!.@mydataangel 3) I too can break AES. Or spell it. One of those..@mydataangel 2) I’m 6,000,000 times better than other data angels as proven by algorithmic mathematics.Dear @mydataangel, I want to be a data angel. Qualifications: 1) I can almost say “64 bit computer cycles” with a straight face.Maybe some Feds want crypto to be illegal just so people stop pitching them crap.
Retweeted by James IryData angels. 64 bit computer cycles. I just threw my money at the screen. Or threw up in my mouth. Threw something.
@jamesiry and that one thing is, "parse strings of an ill-specified input language poorly and produce an ill-specified output language."
Retweeted by James Iry📷 “Philip Wadler explains ‘Propositions as types’ “ Carl Bloch Oil on copper 1877
Retweeted by James IryThey had been ugly: 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs. Still the exo-archeologist wiped a tear away with a tentacle. “Why did you destroy yourselves?”The unix philosophy is for each tool to do one thing and do it well. Which is why they all have hundreds of options. @travisbrown And it’s not even a dry heat @DRMacIver heretically, I think Win 10 is a better desktop out of the box than OS X. It's a shame the rest of the platform sucks so much. @fogus there's a phrase for how you're feeling. You are more ose.
We should learn philosophy to: Aquinas: understand God Sartre: understand freedom Popper: understand science Hegel: understand Hegel
Retweeted by James IryHold on, filing an amicus brief explaining nerd humor. Should I include all of the Jargon File as an appendix? @fogus ⊂ ⊃Making silly #latex jokes is much more fun than doing final tweaks in my thesis on #coeffects...
Retweeted by James Iry @drmaciver Live a little. Linux host and do real work in a Windows VM. @DRMacIver desktop linux: an emoji story 💻🤔💿😬🐧🤓🐉✨🙄🕓⚠️😅🔥💥😞🌋😱💀😭
Retweeted by James IryJust realized that that tweet could bee seen as anachronistic in two different directions depending on your POV can ever forget this memorable episode?