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Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. VP of Engineering at Loyal3.

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@dgtlnmd @notxcain @extempore2 Or like “() => A” with some syntactic sugar @dgtlnmd @notxcain @extempore2 Not a typo. The type “=> A” in Scala is an A that is evaluated by need. Like an unmemoized lazy value.Stupid website says 404 is not found. I just looked and it’s right after 403.
TIL the bible has an opinion on trolls. Proverbs 26:18-19 @rit But…a pressure cooker isn’t a bomb without…never mind, I don’t want to be on a list.A: What’s your biggest weakness? B: Answering questions too literally. A: Can you tell me more? B: Yes, I am capable. A: … @jamie_allen ouch @jamie_allen come visit California from time to time so you can be reminded what the sky looks like
@built I'm not crying; you're crying! Wait...that's what you said @built Kodak carousel @rit @rossabaker real life table flip @rossabaker @rit - Stuart Sutcliffe, Pete Best: get out now - Brian Epstein: Oh, I see, you’re applying for a management job.@internetofshit @headius But we already know where that leads year is 2020: our voice assistants only talk amongst themselves
Retweeted by Prisoner 849 @bodil @rit Easy? No, wait… ARRRGHGHRLadies and gentlemen, the United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology quoting… @mralancooper I do: one is a testable hypothesis @timsweeneyepic @perlinmandlebro @ffee_machine @timsweeneyepic @perlinmandlebro @ffee_machine C grammar isn’t context-free either. “x * y” is an expression or a declaration depending on x @rit if my tweets make you want to take off your pants I won't judge. need to tell me about it.
http status codes 420: client too high 520: server too high
Retweeted by Prisoner 849 @peterseibel An Internet @paul_snively Well, on the plus side Bush II is no longer the biggest dufus elected in my lifetime. @paul_snively Just one more hit, then I’ll quit. @lmeyerov Hi Bob, we’re so excited to have you! Come meet your on-boarding mentor. Oleg Kiselyov, Bob. Bob, Oleg. Have fun you two. @johnregehr Doesn’t have to be too sophisticated. Just filter out the right shade of orange.My notifications tab shows that my tweets are popular with the scantily-clad demographic.One of my favorite programming stories is how Insomniac games exploited their own game to patch a bug.
Retweeted by Prisoner 849 @sigfpe Rule 35: if it exists, there’s a computerized, Internet connected version of it.Netflix offline playback. F’in’ finally! is better to light a candle than…fuck, the candle needs to be rebooted.
@built Yup, it’s time to admit you’re tilting and windmills. @fanf42 @scottclasen Yeah, a tweet is too short to convey exactly what Java type system does and doesn’t promise @scottclasen proven sound, but it turns out only because it skipped some features like null. @scottclasen Not really game changing for engineers, but from a formal semantics stand point it’s very interesting. Featherweight Java was… @scottclasen One promise of Java’s generics is that with no casts you shouldn’t get ClassCastException without at compiler warning or error @scottclasen Published in October, I think, so not very old news. @built I’m inclined to agree. @djspiewak Their Scala code has a hidden null @djspiewak Also uses null, but in a sneaky way without using the “null” literal. @built I wonder if I could get a good deal on a condo there.; The wisdom of the stack frames. push rbp ; Always remember where you came from mov rbp,rsp ; and know where you are going toTL;DR of the Java/Scala unsoundness issue: fucking null. (null inhabits types that would otherwise be uninhabited) @fanf42 If I complete it then it won’t be incomplete which would make the title a lie.
@johnregehr Liar! You’re not that young. @_tessr And don’t get started on social security number, the thing you must somehow keep secret while also sharing with every other company @DataMiller 😢Astronomer 1: Why did you downgrade Pluto? Astronomer 2: It just happened. I didn’t planet! @deanwampler 3 finger drag doesn’t work for you? @deanwampler As compared to trackpad 1? Or just in general you don’t like Apple trackpads?The spam aspect of cyber Monday is very, very tough.
@BrianGoetz @deanwampler I'm imagining a series of puzzles where you try to find @PhilipWadler in crowds all wearing lambda-man costumes
From Category Theory in Context @jamesiry @PhilipWadler #15minutesoffame
Retweeted by Prisoner 849 @firefox Ut oh, the secret's out, this is a good one. @chrisamaphone This one has already been peer reviewed. @viktorklang I use @firefox with Vimperator and a few privacy plugins. Don’t tell anybody I don’t use Chrome. It’ll be our little secret.
Imperial units are so confusing. This bag is 20 pounds tall. @michaelshermer @jasonbaldridge Especially when they use MySQL down? Do what I do and watch a Wendy’s training video NIST guidelines: no password hints. No fallback security questions (e.g. mother’s maiden name), no SMS for 2FA.NIST password guidelines: need to be at least 8 characters, no silly rules about needing numbers and symbols.
Retweeted by Prisoner 849Listening to that one White Stripes tune where Meg kicks the shit out of her kit. Love that part.Had to use my daughter's baby shampoo this morning. It promises "no tears." And it was totally working! Until I remembered Trump was elected
Police are on scene near #SanJose airport as foam is expanding, flooding the surrounding streets:…
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Mmmm, pimpley moose. instance, did you hear about the French magician who made a bigger violin on stage? He said “Et viola!”Is there a word for jokes based on words that are spelled similarly but pronounced very differently? @tottinge @kaleidic The desperate desire to be wanted of a 50 year old. ZING! * runs away *Wanted: the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old, ok with the pay of a 20 year old, and the credulity of a 10 year old.
@deech @drmaciver If you got get food poisoning from salsa then it wasn’t spicy enough. (Not literally true, but sounds good) @bodil @rit Yes. What’s your point? @bodil Any music from HalfLife 3? @johnregehr Yeah. “Now do go.” is in the CS school’s Google recruitment center. @manisha72617183 My code is so perfect that whenever it doesn’t meet the spec we change the spec.
Retweeted by Prisoner 849 @pelotom @raichoo I like the cut of your jib.