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James Iry @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. Director of Engineering at @MeetEarnest

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@johnregehr Disagree: it’s probably not obvious to any person who has ever gotten laid. @jaredpar @gafter Need a whole catalog of them “Cosmic Rays” “Quantum Uncertainty” “Act of God”No, it’s true. @built Who the hell wants to live in Sacramento? (More seriously, Sacramento has ~1/2mm people. LA county has ~10mm, Bay Area ~7mm) @built Two words for you: housing pricesStrange invention stories: One day Captain Jean Bic dropped one of his smokes into the sea. On that day his boat became a cigarette lighter.
@rit I heard the rabbit had some trouble with the law in its youth.
In retrospect it’s clear that the main reason I had a child was to have cover for making lame jokes.If you come work in my yard for an afternoon your jeans will look even worse and I’ll only charge $100. You’ll be s… They should be called Süe-ber.
That escalated quickly.
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@johnregehr @jamesiry @Plinz @chris__martin C is a pretty good model of how modern computers work, in the sense tha…
Retweeted by James Iry @Plinz @johnregehr @chris__martin C was a pretty good model of 1970s hardware. way. @Plinz @johnregehr @chris__martin C is lightyears from the metal of modern hardware. For instance SIMD not part of… @_kelseyfrancis @Plinz "the metal" is whatever layer of abstraction you choose not to look under
Retweeted by James IryTold my wife I was going to prune the tree in our backyard. She looked pretty pleased until I pulled out buckets of red and black paint.Spent the morning pruning the tree in the backyard. Still looks pretty balanced. Computer science education pays off yet again!
@jamesiry I found this tutorial that you are in a unique position to appreciate
Retweeted by James IryIf @stevej is baffled the rest of us stand no chance. @ehud Me (with a straight face): MetaGod.I put a picture of a lock on my door.
Today, a triptych of #scala releases: 2.11.11 | 2.12.2 | 2.13.0-M1. Thanks for your contribs! See you at #scaladays!
Retweeted by James Iry @ChrisLoesch @paul_snively Disagree with the logic. Seems like there is a consistent viewpoint where you think abor… what happens if I do believe what happened next?
It's incredibly easy to contribute. With no prior experience, you can start adding your own tires in minutes.
Retweeted by James IryIt's elegant in its simplicity because it's all tires. If you understand tires, you can understand the whole system.
Retweeted by James Iry @ehud Doesn’t your face feel hot when you’re angry? Gaia is really, really mad at us.
@tpolecat I love your AMA! Thank you so much for doing this! Here's my question: how do you publish to Sonatype?British consumer protection is basically just placing a sticker reading "mind the [extremely dangerous thing]" @bodil But semi seriously, it's not obvious by wording alone that a tail might itself have a head. Real animals don't usually work that way. @bodil Only one of those leads to the joke "'my other car is a cdr"
Dear London, I'm very disappointed. If I had wanted weather this nice I would have stayed in California.
I've got the jet lagged in London blues, which I admit is a very specific sub-genre of the blues
does it hurt when you segfault
Retweeted by James IryTypical legacy system @djspiewak To do: 🕰 In progress: 🏗 Done: 💩gamers are mad a game about World War I is turning into a long, pointless stalemate
Retweeted by James Iryphilosoraptor.jpg’( It hurts because it’s true @paul_snively @manisha72617183 Anyone? Yes. feel it’s important that I set one thing to rest
Rare image of a software developer trying to deal with enterprise infrastructure and info-sec policies.
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Retweeted by James Iry @headius Locals probably think it’s a pleasant spring day. @raganwald Sounds like you have your next startup figured out. I’ll take the first order plz. @raganwald WAG: House windows don’t come in a standard size, so they need to be customized. Also, way more windows.…
On mastodon I can’t toot. Please no snickering. This is a serious condition.It’s called mastodon because they’re thawing out ice age beasts using burning servers. @rit @djspiewak Did you tie an onion to your belt (as was the style at the time)? @djspiewak @rit Core IRC is horribly busted and needs duct tape and chicken wire to hold it together. See for insta…
"As a user, I want to log in" -says no one ever. #ias17 #AgileUserStoryFail @jmspool
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@eirikbakke @samth I remember when it was “machine language” @fogus DittoBART svc has stopped between WOAK and EMBR due to downed power lines in WOAK area. WOAK stn is closed. Pls seek alt means of trans.
Retweeted by James Irybots can age you based on punctuation in texts so I’m changing my style to be more like a young cool swinging hepcat 23 skidoo
@chiefscientist Well, 💩 @jamesiry brother Bob, just quoted this clip: ah... :-)
Retweeted by James IryUnderstand the generic state machine and the Free Monad so that you can choose to implement something specific instead.
Retweeted by James Iry @paul_snively Where to? Haven’t you been in SoCal for approximately forever?Ummm, one of my best headlines? I think yes...
Retweeted by James IryString is the only type you need. Do it well.
Quote the RT if you worked on the compiler enemies to scream "Aaah!" if their vertical speed changes without their doing (ie. falling) but now they scream if riding an elevator
Retweeted by James Iry @jeffrschneider say hi to Bob! @rit Who are you and what have to done with @rit ?OMG on sprint plan. Tentatively: when gun goes BANG run really fast.One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong. a new personal productivity movement: Inbox O(n)
Omg, the reaction gifs go on for ever'm going to nonchalantly start calling PEG grammars "PEGular expressions" and see if it becomes a thing.
Retweeted by James IryThere is no God and Dirac is his Prophet. -- Wolfgang Pauli @viktorklang @drmaciver Surprised you didn’t say “pull your head out of your monasp, Iry” @viktorklang @drmaciver We’ll spend all day arguing whether monadder or monasp.“Man-in-the-middle”. Do Alice and Bob think they can discourage Eve with an unnecessarily gendered phrase?Hey, let’s create a defense for man-in-the-middle by creating a technology that’s vulnerable to man-in-the-middle from @raganwald: "Imperial measures are so odd. We have 16 ounces in a pound, 12 inches in a foot, and 140 characters in a tweet!"
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