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James Iry @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. Director of Engineering at @MeetEarnest

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You know that Jurassic Park scene where they take one last look from the helicopter knowing they barely escaped bef…
Quick reminder, SF Scala UnMeetup tonight at @MeetEarnest
@posco @peterseibel @Srini_T is THAT what "pay it forward" means?Hello 911? Send the fire department and an ambulance. Hurry!
After ~150 years, Ringling Bros. circus is ending. Probably concerned about competition from the circus about to start in the White House.
SF Scala nerds, @MeetEarnest is hosting a Scala UnMeetup next Tuesday.
Software development motto: if it ain’t broke fix it until it is.
@bigthingist Why not both? Also, most don’t use ⇒ etc @heathercmiller INTJ’s unite! (In small groups or solitarily of course) @susanpotter “bank level encryption” means hiding your data in the scroll work of a faux marble column? @timsweeneyepic except figuring out big O of lazy, amortized algorithms. [brain pain emoji] @satwikhebbar Gig??? GIG??? HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s not even 15 meg.
@apontious as luck would have it that someone would be me. Email james dot iry at earnest dot com @SethTisue @milessabin @tpolecat @pandamonial is it compatible with my smartphone? @paul_snively @deanwampler @PhilipWadler better than 15 minutes of lame @SixBitProxyWax @MeetEarnest the answer right now seems to be "not really." @apontious Let me know if this looks interesting to you @milessabin @tpolecat @pandamonial How else would remote people send their code? @tpolecat @pandamonial Right now I think the culture is tepid about remote. But it’s something I’m working on. @sigfpe floppies do have warmer pixels. @milessabin if you play your cards right we might even let you work on CORBAHelp! I've fallen into a time warp. work with me and people even more awesome (I know, impossible right?) at @MeetEarnest
Reality show villain parlays minor celebrity into White House gig
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@swartzrock Thank you thank you. How’s your world?<3 @larsr_h it was prologicProlog tips: Use the right logging level. User actions are almost never ERROR. Aggregate your logs. Be consistent about log time zones. @BrianGoetz a motion has been filed to stop the recount.Grabbed an extra pair of socks. Was putting back but realized I haven't actually counted my feet since I was 3. Time to recheck assumptions.
Belated announcement: today was my first day @MeetEarnest
@coda yeah, but what are you gonna do with all that junk in your trunk?
@johndcook RadiolabAs my flight instructor used to say: landing is the one maneuver that isn’t optional. Whether you land on your wheels, however, is up to youI often pedantically point out that humans are apes. But after 2016 I won’t insist that we are great apes.
@raganwald Diaeresis. I had that last week. I think it was some bad Häagen-Dazs. @palvaro @johnregehr No, gack would be kinda cool Former NASA astronaut and Senator John Glenn has died at age 95, OSU says.
Retweeted by James Iry @extempore2 For layers of fun here’s a case where the phrase “clement weather” is used to talk about something bad. @extempore2 If you’re curious. @extempore2 “the employee remained gruntled”
@marcfawzi nope. I’m just moving on. @heathercmiller @samth @fommil Would not call them merged, though. Still much head scratching and/or shouting about licenses. @heathercmiller @samth @fommil I think “FLOSS” arose as a pragmatic way for practitioners to talk about some useful commonalities.Starting Monday I’m going to be unemployed! New gig starts in the new year. Stay tuned.
@dgtlnmd @notxcain @extempore2 Or like “() => A” with some syntactic sugar @dgtlnmd @notxcain @extempore2 Not a typo. The type “=> A” in Scala is an A that is evaluated by need. Like an unmemoized lazy value.Stupid website says 404 is not found. I just looked and it’s right after 403.
TIL the bible has an opinion on trolls. Proverbs 26:18-19 @rit But…a pressure cooker isn’t a bomb without…never mind, I don’t want to be on a list.A: What’s your biggest weakness? B: Answering questions too literally. A: Can you tell me more? B: Yes, I am capable. A: … @jamie_allen ouch @jamie_allen come visit California from time to time so you can be reminded what the sky looks like
@built I'm not crying; you're crying! Wait...that's what you said @built Kodak carousel @rit @rossabaker real life table flip @rossabaker @rit - Stuart Sutcliffe, Pete Best: get out now - Brian Epstein: Oh, I see, you’re applying for a management job.@internetofshit @headius But we already know where that leads year is 2020: our voice assistants only talk amongst themselves
Retweeted by James Iry @bodil @rit Easy? No, wait… ARRRGHGHRLadies and gentlemen, the United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology quoting… @mralancooper I do: one is a testable hypothesis @timsweeneyepic @perlinmandlebro @ffee_machine @timsweeneyepic @perlinmandlebro @ffee_machine C grammar isn’t context-free either. “x * y” is an expression or a declaration depending on x @rit if my tweets make you want to take off your pants I won't judge. need to tell me about it.
http status codes 420: client too high 520: server too high
Retweeted by James Iry @peterseibel An Internet @paul_snively Well, on the plus side Bush II is no longer the biggest dufus elected in my lifetime. @paul_snively Just one more hit, then I’ll quit. @lmeyerov Hi Bob, we’re so excited to have you! Come meet your on-boarding mentor. Oleg Kiselyov, Bob. Bob, Oleg. Have fun you two. @johnregehr Doesn’t have to be too sophisticated. Just filter out the right shade of orange.My notifications tab shows that my tweets are popular with the scantily-clad demographic.One of my favorite programming stories is how Insomniac games exploited their own game to patch a bug.
Retweeted by James Iry @sigfpe Rule 35: if it exists, there’s a computerized, Internet connected version of it.Netflix offline playback. F’in’ finally! is better to light a candle than…fuck, the candle needs to be rebooted.
@built Yup, it’s time to admit you’re tilting and windmills. @fanf42 @scottclasen Yeah, a tweet is too short to convey exactly what Java type system does and doesn’t promise