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MoMA artist. Designer to brave clients. Think: Tony Robbins Meets Banksy. Author and Keynote speaker, duh.

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The 10 Principles of Storytelling - @bobettebuster distills down two decades of Hollywood wisdom:…
Retweeted by James VictoreIt is not about becoming 'special,' it's about becoming you.
"Evil Losers"? @POTUS moron is still in High School...There is NO professional development without personal development. For more, Join me on… Universe Salutes You: #Threadless #DangerousIdeas your religion says God wants someone dead but can't bother to smite them Himself then your religion sucks at religion. #ManchesterBombing
Retweeted by James VictoreYour Voice, Resolutely Difficult Advice. Poster: was so moved this weekend by my Workshop guest’s honesty, gifts and talents. Their ability to…
There is NO professional development without PERSONAL development. Join me at takes a stand. are no shortcuts. Posters at: another Workshop guest gets their "Purpose" tattooed on their wrist. We take this shit fucking SERIOUS.Howdy. Subscribe for news and updates from Victore Productions: bearer Wy. #ranchovictore Thanks @mailchimp build a far. #ranchovictore's fawn time at #ranchovictore drive slow.
It's "Shit Or Get Off The Pot" time at #ranchovictore Workshop & Retreat. dance party. #ranchovictore Workshop & Retreat The Particular Lies The Universal: an article on making work that resonates. #99U Yourself. How to Find Your Voice, a webinar on creative courage. Find it on #Gumroad:, pushing, pushing. #ranchovictore Last day. goddamn mark. The Workshop bench. can smell the gears grinding... #ranchovictore
Coach @JasonBacher #ranchovictore brilliant Oscar from @luxurymindz filming our Workshop. #ranchovictore Not Worrier. Phone case on Threadless: #dangerousideas horoscope says, "You want to change the world but only if it involves fire." First evening of… begins. Workshop & Retreat. Rest up, we got work to do. #ranchovictore
Workshop & Retreat prep. Thanks to @austinbeerworks and @yeticoolers #ranchovictore box of Courage. Day 1 of #ranchovictore Workshop. Friday: Warrior Not Worrier! #burningquestions
When you die your INBOX will still be full @MariaElias_Art Trust me on this one. Cheers, James.The things that make you weird as a kid make you great today. Poster: #dangerousideas work, begets crap work. @andrewareoff Har!When you meet me, don't apologize for following me on Instagram... THAT's what it's for!!New thought. I am not more 'creative' than anybody. I may possibly be more free with my creativity, though.Your creativity is part of who you are— the best part. @jamesvictore #dangerousideas
Retweeted by James Victore @gwenmakes I was unprepared, too. It's cool. Cheers, James.
Always work to do on the ranch... can't wait for clothes. #johndeere For More. Posters at: #Dangerousideas Idea #19: When you die, your inbox will still be full. See the full video on #Patreon.…, See you tonight @TheHappyFilm with @sagmeisterwalshNew Design up on #Threadless. Check it out: a true leader, @POTUS places any blame squarely on the shoulders of his staff. Fuggin' moron #fucktrump
Product testing for the weekend's Workshop & Retreat. @yeticoolers and @austinbeerworks, "What do you read, my lord?" Hamlet, "words, words, words." Words matter. Lettering,… Perfuction. Phone cases on #Threadless. #dangerousideas for news and updates from Victore Productions: watch a news channel called, "What's The Asshole @POTUS Done This Time" #fucktrump @nickdid_ @Signalnoise !!!! @Signalnoise Yup. What could it possibly take? If it were ANY other pres. they would have been railroadedRT @FallonTonight: Tonight: Trump plagiarized his commencement speech from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde #morningjoe
Retweeted by James VictoreHoly shit! The president is a HOAX! Fuggin' Moron @potus #FakePresident @cmstudios @NaomiDevine Delete them all. If it's important, they'll call back. @tedforbes !!!! @fernandogros it THAT obvious, FG?
Today I was a gardener. Agave fields forever. @Al_Humphreys @hiutdenim Me too.Hey weirdo! I really like this from @jamesvictore & @hiutdenim. The coolest adults were weird as kids. Wish I'd kn……
Retweeted by James VictoreWhen you are dead, your Inbox will still be full. To learn more, subscribe at… I love You: #Threadless #dangerousideas Ideas: Weekly videos, exclusive to #Patreon Secret of the Universe. The best advice I ever received was on a dirt track in New Jersey.… you're going to hijack an Alien reference for Political reasons, do it right. #SheWontGoQuietly
Retweeted by James Victore
There Ain't No Rules: Phone cases on #Threadless. to be Brave and Scared Shitless at the same time. A 2 hour tutorial on Creative Courage. Find it on #Gumroad:… and Wy. and puppy. @strng @gray @DoBookCo .No 'we' shouldn't. I do. @gray @DoBookCo .This is a 'thing' I've always done. Artists sign their work.
Next workshop (99U) topic. Say No. Poster at: #dangerousideas THAT's a conversation starter! From @wearecivilized "Spent an incredible afternoon with… Videos, Dangerous Ideas. Only on #Patreon.
Feck Perfuction. Free shipping on Threadless orders over $45 with code FREESHIPada255. new ways to communicate. A magazine back ad for @dobookco