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MoMA artist. Designer to brave clients. Tony Robbins Meets Banksy. Author @Entrepreneur Keynote speaker.

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We are ALL wildly creative-- most of us just forgot. It can be either nurtured or squelched. I… without ACTION is bullshit. Sign up here"..the freedom to express your opinion, and make work that matters. This is your VOICE.""...because ultimately, what happens when you free yourself from the self doubt, worry and fear,… fear makes us forget that we always have a tractor... #BurningQuestions
A great (Fucking) article on my pals @GoodDsgnAdvice by @adamjsaint @Bench @flowerwheel76 Thank you for the kind mention, Amy. Cheers, James"Animals!"-- CD have the answer, you’ve always had the answer. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreYou have the answer, you’ve always had the answer. You just don't have the tractor your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch…
Our fear makes us forget that we always have a choice. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreThe designer's job: Make stuff look like other stuff.You have the answer, you’ve always had the answer. #BurningQuestions"You have the answer, you’ve always had the answer." —@JamesVictore ^^ if you don't already, follow/subscribe to James. He is incredible.
Retweeted by James Victore @amber_vittoria Thanks, dear. Cheers as always, James.Advise others. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions -"Apple Store Williamsburg" Awwww fuuuuuuuuuuck. @kluddaren A big thumbs up and cheers to you, Micke!!! @kluddaren Now THAT I can translate!!You always have the answer 'know thyself' or to Advice Others?"All thinking men..." EH Tombow pens make your lettering look like everyone else's. Just sayin'
@MDescharles Glad you like the video, Michael. Cheers, James.7 months of videos, one every week, only 7 'dislikes.' I'm either doing something wrong, or doing something right. Either way, don't care. @BroThatsShitty ...drop me a line at @BroThatsShitty !!$$$ @chasejarvis Lemme know when/ if you're ever in Austin!'Gluten Free' does not mean Glutton Free.If a cookie is 'Gluten Free' does that mean you can then eat 40 of them?One my better Yohji Yamamoto T's. I call this my "To Do List" The one thing I haven't done yet. Knows. ONLY client that ever asked for more creative and WILDER WORK. I ❤️ Yohji Yamamoto. of my better pieces for Yohji Yamamoto. conversation with Yohji Yamamoto. Well... my photoshop'd conversation with Yohji.
Stache. study with me.
@mofox1 I think you'll like this one - Done is better than perfection @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore @Qucifer #messedupquotesI give and I give and I give some more... but your account is PRIVATE??!! So... how do you think… to live by from @JamesVictore (thank you @AinsleyAlan for this!)
Retweeted by James Victore...intolerant meglomaniac. --SJ am soo glad that I have no relationship problems. My wife on the other hand... @harmenstruiksma ...and we send it to you, so you can watch it at your leisure
@harmenstruiksma You are 7 hours ahead. I believe it will be 9 in the evening (21:00). But check with a time converter to be sure.Finding your VOICE is a process, trusting your voice is a skill. Check out… move. The world is waiting for you. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James Victore'John Wick' for the Boss Mustang and the Chevelle SS.Only work for the good guys. Cheers to @david_duchemin
@Dell You + Me = Creative Courage Workshop in Round Rock! A good idea, non?Funny to see designers jerking off to the highest bidder... one said it would be easy. @AllSteve1 @AinsleyAlan Good enough to get into most museums in the world. How 'bout you?Out for some wheelie practice. .. more to follow... #johndeere #2040 #jamesvictore't waiver and don't hesitate. Just be your sexy self #BurningQuestionsMake a change in your life and your business. My friend Brandon will help you your opinion, your VOICE. It's the best tool you have. #BurningQuestions
"I have not failed..." TE are all heroes. Waiting. Not waiting for the call to be heroes— but waiting to act on it. The… our new post from on the recent @aigahouston event with @JamesVictore. #HerringDesign
Retweeted by James Victore"Only through ART..." --MP world is waiting for you. Give 'em hell #BurningQuestionsThere's always an escape-- it may be through a mountain of shit, or just facing your own ego
The freedom to use our Voice— to put it in our lives and work— takes balls. #BurningQuestionsAn up-and-coming 19 yr old! Show him some supportJust move. The world is waiting for you. #BurningQuestionsThe reluctant hero. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - @guaybrian You rock. And roll.The Reluctant Hero up for our August 17 Webinar “HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE” via the link in my IG profile or go… ask, "Why me?" Just be the Hero you were put here to be @coffeetographer Thanks for the kindness, dear. Cheers, James.Be yourself--OW #messedupquotes @TariAkpodiete @jacobkrupnick Thanks for the kind mention, dear. Cheers, James.if you like type and fonts, this video with @JamesVictore from @jacobkrupnick is for you #art #design
Retweeted by James VictoreAre you a Reluctant Hero?'s #BurningQuestion is a PIP!
Did you find the Monty Python reference? #BurningQuestionsThe sketch. Make Yourself Happy First #resolutelydifficultadvice yourself happy first. Years ago I had an assistant who whenever we got a new project would…"...and I love you." T shirt is now available! am free. FK your VOICE is about expressing yourself creatively-- not searching through flea markets to find one... comes easier than craftsmanship. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreMake the fucking work. -- WW @marcthiele @Hosteurope You totally rock! Cheers, Marc!How to Find Your Voice My Aug 17 webinar
Pretty much screwed. #messedupquotes't do it in post. Fuck photoshop. Just paint the fucking chair. Have some balls.
@vonkoz ...close friends...Sign up for our August 17 Webinar “HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE” and recieve “Let Go Kitty" as a gift.…
Retweeted by James VictoreKeep your eye on the prize. Stay on target. by @jamesvictore-
Retweeted by James VictoreThe Undeniable Benefits of Being Weird by our friend @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore @mikecostanzo Yes. Yes I am. Cheers, Mike."TP"? They actually went with "TP"? These mooks are dumber than I thought...Our Fears can control our movements and even stifle our VOICE. Join me August 17 for a LIVE…'t wait for this: Fear 2.0 / How to Find your Voice. A live webinar on Creative Courage w/ @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreLive Webinar: FEAR 2.0: How to find your VOICE. by @JamesVictore
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