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MoMA artist. Designer to brave clients. Think: Tony Robbins Meets Banksy. Author and Keynote speaker, duh.

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Dear @POTUS @realDonaldTrump History will not be kind to you. #fucktrumpFlashback Friday - James Victore on Focus #burningquestions Obey tee on #Threadless: #DangerousIdeas
We have learned to like the taste of shit. the fuck is a 'real' American?The entrepreneurial spirit is one marked by action. Just Start. Poster: Perfection tee expertly modeled at our last workshop. Available now from #threadless:
“Oh, you’re WEIRD too..I thought I was the only one!” This is how relationships and businesses are formed. Be WEIRD most dangerous idea that has changed me personally and professionally was that I was free. I… from James Victore - To Be Brave, a webinar on Creative Courage. Find it on #Gumroad: Idea #24: Where do Ideas Come From? Weekly Videos, Dangerous Ideas. It all happens on #Patreon -… now to get today's post "A Few Ideas About Where IDEAS Come From" @jamesreekie Thanks, dude. Cheers, the other James. @cmstudios That I was free. I mean REALLY FREE. I could just be me-- and that was enough. Thanks for the question, Chris. Cheers, James.
A small piece of a larger "Dangerous Idea""Dangerous Ideas" is where we face all the hard work of being powerful and CREATIVE people. JOIN… Obey tees newly added to #Threadless shop: #dangerousideas Ideas - Filming weekly and exclusive to #Patreon. Take a gander:
Freedom is Something You Take: #Threadless #dangerousideas posted a photo Dangerous Idea: Click the link to subscribe for news and updates from Victore Productions -…
Scribble tees: Ideas: filming weekly, often in front of a giant saw. Join us on #Patreon. Father's Day gift to all of you. Follow @luxurymindz A selfless effort to make the world and…
There Ain't No Rules. Phone cases on #Threadless: #DangerousIdeas the Critic. #newbook @chroniclebooks @watsonpayne @lisadimona #art #jamesvictore Difficult Advice:"We look around the internet and ogle others’ creativity, but put off developing our own..." #newbook #jamesvictoreRun from comfort. From this morning's writing. @chroniclebooks @watsonpayne @lisadimona #assdivot
Once we become confident and secure in our powers— we become attractive to all kinds of abundance. Including cash dollas. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreFlashback Friday: Too Old or Too Late? #burningquestionsThis is why people study with me, "James, seriously man, I feel like I've just been set free!" Thanks, Ray!...and I love you. Tees from: one and only @jamesvictore photographed with @leicacamerausa on location #soho #nyc
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The beautiful @lvictore and baby (insert name here). #blessed Perfunction. #Threadless: me for this week's Dangerous Idea on @Patreon"I can see Uranus from here!"
"...Our studio is located on State Highway 29 'tween the IHOP and Discount Tire. We get shit our done with sprinkles on top."Working on a new limited, private LIVE course called "YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE" geared to pro and develping designers.Scribble: available from the #Threadless Artist Shop. Idea #23: There Ain't No Rules. Weekly Videos. Dangerous Ideas. It all goes down on #Patreon.… Tees added to the #Threadless Artist Shop. Take a look: #DangerousIdeas @tedforbes Ed Zachery
WOW. T's. New. Groovy. Phone cases. Opinionated. Gluten Free (kinda). GO to… Tees: available now. 100% Gluten Free. @Jamesvictore
Retweeted by James VictoreCheck out our new Artist Shops Custom Photo feature in action! Read all about it:
Retweeted by James VictoreFuck the RULES. Join me @patreon for the whole story. LINK in my bio. Shirts and not T shirts: the rules. Watch this week's DANGEROUS IDEAS video @patreon via the link in my profile or… the urge to create be stronger than our self doubt. How To Find Your Voice, a webinar on Gumroad:… yourself a big political favor, TICKING GIANTS
Speaking again. @AAUP in Austin about design and book covers. things that make you weird as a kid make you great today. #dangerousideas #threadless for news and updates from Victore Productions:
Dangerous Ideas. Weekly videos on #Patreon. Take a look: Have Dangerous Ideas: #Threadless #DangerousIdeas Bonus: watch Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle on Netflix.
"...Luca, I am your FATHER." "NOOOOOOOOooooo...!" A piece of my childhood died. Adam West, rest in peace knowing you are the Batman. Just fucking JOY! Sprinkler fucking joy. Yup. Forgot to Eat today. Cheers, JamesEat Fuck Kill. #threadless sacredsoulmagic //// This full moon got me all like... 😦 Contemplating my existence on the… today's writing: "...Our storage units are stacked high with the shit we love, but don’t want."
Are you following me on "Dangerous Ideas"? THIS is where It's happening. JOIN my weekly teaching… T'aime X infinity. Get it on #threadless: view this morning. The photographer is the incomparable @markmannphoto Well worth following. Friday: How To Stop Worrying and Love Your Tools. #burningquestionsWhen you express your honest, authentic and weird self, it attracts others. "Oh, you're weird,…
Favorite slide from #99UConf so far, courtesy of @JamesVictore.
Retweeted by James VictoreCuriouser and curiouser. #99uconf I love you. Always time for romance at will make sense later. #99uconf #victoremademedoit @JoshuaDavis @99u Which hood? Yers? Happy to hang.
If you didn't read my first book, hurry up before my next one comes out! to the kind and creative folks at @zendesk for today's chat. // @tokenygaard James… you can't come to my @99u Workshop tomorrow, here's my "Your Work Is a Gift" talk from a few years back