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MoMA artist. Designer to brave clients. Tony Robbins Meets Banksy. Author @Entrepreneur Keynote speaker.

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The character of a country can be measured by the treatment of it's native populations.
I love the Texas Hill Country. @Randy_Barias Super!!
Giving Thanks and wishing the world a day of peace. T's are for LOVEBIRDS. Thanks to @SkyNebula & @gartner for the Pic! Get yours here:
@Signalnoise 👍"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" HAPPY THANKSGIVING from me and Norman. your business a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ restaurant or a McD's?Attracting your audience also means repelling those who ain't. Just FYI.The goal is to have the freedom and the VOICE to express your opinion, put it in your work & make work that matters…
@badhousebob Paint pens, customized.Preparing some new prints. #resolutelydifficultadvice wonder how typography and branding work together, or what tools I use? Then this class is for you:… @infographx Hiya, kiddo!The World's Most Powerful Jerk? a Burning QuestionBravo to the middle and high school students at @innercityarts in LA for their bold and brave work. now. Yourself. 2.Change the world. Get the poster here: World's Most Powerful Jerk?
The love of sport and speed is handed down."The World's Most Powerful Jerk?" tomorrow's Burning question Victore & MailChimp present A Design Workshop and Creative Retreat. Three dates to choose… Victore & MailChimp present A Design Workshop and Creative Retreat. Three dates to choose… Victore & MailChimp present A Design Workshop and Creative Retreat. Three dates to choose… to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with our Burning Questions series & see what we're working on!…, testing, 1... 2...
If you’re not happy at work, you’re not going to be creative or productive. Period.
My article "Success Is Having the Balls to Trust Yourself". This and others can be found here:…"In The Particular Lies The Universal" is about connecting with our inner voice to create work that resonates.…
"A Deer In The Forest" the newest film by cocovictory love.: from my muse @lvictoreBecome a supporter of Burning Questions and you'll get access to exclusive videos, advance writings, & more!…
A PSA from James Victore You are not powerless. // It’s a week after the election and many of… can see my classes on "Bold & Fearless Design" AND "Digitizing Hand-Drawn Art" at CreativeLive… you’re not happy at work, you’re not creative. Period. #BurningQuestions @_LEROYJAMES_ @rwpdesign We are announcing soon. Stay tuned.He did. He fell out of this tree.
An update on the Wyatt museum. You can't invite creativity in then give it boundaries. @Sean_GMC AH... that clears it up. Thanks just Sean.Not sure how to pronounce this company's name... work wants your best creative thinking and productivity, they should try to keep you happy and healthy. huge THANK YOU to everyone who made our Fall Workshop Series a huge success. Our guests… @dawnhouser Ahhh.. The early 1600's were a groovy time. And VanDyck knew how to party...If you’re not happy, you’re not creative. Period. #BurningQuestions
If you’re not happy, you’re not creative. Period. #BurningQuestions @Ewerths @CACollegeofArts Smart teacher.Work+Family=Guilt? A Burning Question @jkcalladine Keep on truckin' #wildcreativityToday's Newsletter: WORK+FAMILY=GUILT? Subscribe at or via my IG profile for… practical application of creative thinking. Another BurningQuestion
My Design Workshops yield unexpected results-- THIS being one of them. For the long story come… @vonkoz Yup.Just start. The entrepreneurial spirit is one marked by action— followed by mistakes and… to my Amazing Eight. You did the hard work, shared your excitement and lives and brought…
Sunday morning Design Workshop at #ranchvictore If you want to be e better designer, become a… path to new ideas should always involves a campfire. Design Workshop #ranchvictore you want love, give love. If you want attention, pay attention. Not your average Design… the wee hours Design Workshop. #ranchvictore
Musical paint pens at #ranchvictore Design Workshop Phone Zone. Workshoppin at #ranchvictore @lvictore "I feel the collective heartache. The shattered hopes, the shutting down, the… @markjandresen I don't always understand your tweets, but I support them nevertheless.Y'all the one, the only, @JamesVictore #keynote #AustinDesignWeek16
Retweeted by James VictoreThe PEACEMAKER Anytime Ale. The Perfect Beer for the end of 2016... And a big Congrats to…
Prep for keynote at austindesignweek HOWDY fix a damaged reputation you gotta fix yourself first. #BurningQuestions @talyellin @joemarianek All forms of communication are necessary-- just depends on how well they're done. #printisdead?"There's a crack in everything/ that's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen, thank you. You will…
@LindaDesigner @atxdesignweek Free. Just register.Austin! Join me tomorrow at Austin Design Week @atxdesignweek Let's talk about the things that make you WEIRD"...And I Love You" shirts & more are available at @threadless creativity is the answer. We are entering a period where your creativity, your ability TO… @fernandogros Yup. Many reasons 'how' The country is angry.
@badhousebob 👍🍕🍺Ah, wilderness. @stewartsc nah @jessicahische Dearest J, Thank you for this. Sorry to offend. I apologize. Post is removed.