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Seattle. Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? I trade stocks, usually poorly.

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@Gdubya1 great job on the write up!
@rushtonjdr I know I know..."church" would have been more apropos than "God" @KimDotcom @realDonaldTrump I'm a fan, but wasn't megaupload just a place for people to steal content? Isn't this kettle/pot?80% of evangelicals support Trump. You want proof that your God is dead?Feel free to @ me, i'm actually quite lonely.Hearing chatter that Assange has hacked the FDA email server and selling AA info to highest bidder is a day of interesting reversals @minakimes @AP_Planner can we get married? @smartertrader crazy isn't it... @KidDynamiteBlog ow my balls!A candidate for presidency jokingly dismisses being engaged in third party espionage and then asks for third party to do more espionage. @given2tweet he looks like he's also in a self imposed quiet periodHaha that's amazing. What an absolute semen dumpster. Putin literally has a shock collar on his balls 😁
@xNYxKnux @nytimes agreed it's super strange. Trump would silence Assange so quickly. Nothing adds up.Regardless of the outcome of this election, can we please stop sucking Israel's dick?Yeah, it's the media whose credibility is shot on this issue:
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @PaperWash he'll just come and destroy that place too#DemsInPhilly @hilarycakes amazing moment @AdamAizer too many innings catching upOne thing for sure, if Hillary was friendly with Putin and the RNC's emails were hacked by Russians, the GOP would be totes chill about it.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinIn re that last retweet. what a messed up world we live in.My 7 yr old: "I love her hair. She's a strong speaker. Does she like us (muslims)?" She asks this about every politician now #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @given2tweet @KidDynamiteBlog hahaha...that's amazing actually.We may disagree on politics but can we all agree that karaoke shows on tv should burn in a fire? @given2tweet we're all gonna need AA if this thing gets CRL'd @given2tweet can you send out a similar update for deals to Las Vegas or wherever the AA party will be? I vote San Diego. @hilarycakes you have such a pretty smile!
The best part of this election are trumps tweets. I know he's drunk as hell but it's still funny.Lol look at these dummies wasting their time playing Pokemon Go when they could be arguing politics with racist strangers on Facebook.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @monkiman have you read House of Leaves? Kind of reminds me of that actually. @monkiman you gotta watch Stranger Things on Netflix. It reminds me a lot of Annihilation. @anachtomi I am asking myself that about getting a house. Gotta think housing market crashes in nov, especially with trump. @JoeVeyera @realDonaldTrump you gotta be kidding meSo, can Cory Booker run for president instead?Lol Cory Booker just sitting there thinking "holy shit I'm gonna own this party in 4 years" @given2tweet huge if true @Quarry_Rock I am! It was a poorly thought out choice of animal! Lol @SafisKusai @given2tweet surely you jest! Seriously though yeah that's a better comp. very Stephen King think I found a connection. 99% of Trump supporters have never read Harry Potter. It's so obvious when you realize it. @anachtomi lol no...but I'm bored and hungry. Probably not the best image in retrospect.Me waiting for $SRPT guys ever miss GW Bush? Sure he was shitty, but he was OUR shitty.Met a Trump supporter today who wore an Ed Hardy t shirt, worked at the mall, and called Obama a "nigger". First honest trump voter I've met @JimAllenLive @nytimes plus there's chatter that they have some which will end the Trump campaign permanently. It's exciting.The 2016 election. @NateSilver538 so you're saying we should sell our house now? @CNBC @CNBCopinion can't make this up. What world does this guy live in?? wants Trump as president soooooo bad. That would be an interesting dynamic. @given2tweet it's's sort of like if Poltergeist and Signs made a babyInstead of sleeping I stayed up to watch the first 3 episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix. It. Is. Amazing. @AdamSinger dude I started last night and ended up staying up waaaaaaay too late. So freaking good though! @Val_Invest_12 lolImagine what Republicans would have said if Barack Obama featured his 5 kids from 3 different women at his convention in 2008...
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinWhen women lose their reproductive rights it's gonna be awesome thinking about how upset we all were about politics as usual.
@BosCaptn @given2tweet sure there will be. And it won't just be DNC. It's a whole new world. @given2tweet haha..I was wondering how many abortions he's paid really. 5? 10? Yet he's running on pro life campaign. Lolol @given2tweet let's get some good srpt news this week and forget about it all, at least for awhile. @given2tweet hell I know good religious folk that abhor racism that support him. It's a non sequitur but it's true. @given2tweet I can get behind that...and yeah, what happens when he gets bored? Lol what a shitshow this all is. @given2tweet youre right that Bernie/Trump supporters just want anarchy. Wealth redistribution on one side, white nationalism on other @given2tweet I know what Hillary wants. I know what Cruz wants. I have no idea what's trump wants because he doesn't believe any of this. @given2tweet very true @jeffreymaxin gut feeling is people want to burn it all down. Great. But ur gonna lose right to choose and peacefully assemble in processPolitical Twitter is confusing-especially amongst liberals. What do people want? I honestly have no idea what people want @AlbertBreer you'd think with the emergence of Russell Wilson the Seahawks job looks a lot better long term than the Packers job tho. @EABattlefront hey I'm having bad server connection issues...any advice? @Kalapoof lol the funny thing is that's Dave Valley-he was the first player I got an autograph from. But he's not really in this talent poolWhen you aren't as good as your 5 friends at baseball but you still want to get in the photo. @chuckwoolery I'm shocked that a hot prostitute looked good in a dress and a career politician didn't. Also we should judge women on thisBaller move by Ken Griffey Jr. today. His pinstripes on closer look read "Hall of Fame Class Of 2016"
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinThis this this this @louisgray is he making America great again? @talktoskirt it dishwasher safe? @shannondrayer anywhere to hear it on radio? @AdamSinger lol @AdamSinger I watched a clip of a "foam party" that she DJs regularly in Ibiza...there's no words to describe what i saw. @AdamSinger i hear Paris Hilton is performing at least you know it can get worse!I imagine being a Trump supporter is odd. When you watch Schindler's List are you actively rooting for Ralph Fiennes to snipe more Jews? @EABattlefront any update on server issues? I've been booted from 3 straight games. Last 24 hours it's unplayable.And if your a republican that's happy about DNC leaks, wait until your party email gets hacked. Jesus it will be the end. @toonmelis yeah that's exactly what I saidWikileaks is so strange. You've got a guy who wants to kill Jews running for president and you care about dirty DNC politics instead. Huh. @given2tweet he looks like a guest on late night tvGrowing up as a huge Mariners fan, this pic is so cool to see. So many childhood heroes together. reading the political tweets of my favorite financial Twitter people...realizing they are probably super racist
@DanaSchwartzzz a person who sends that kind of image actually deserves to have Trump be his president. Jesus Christ. @OphirGottlieb that's crazy @given2tweet @KidDynamiteBlog hearing chatter he'll say Kaine's gay. Or Mexican. Or Lutheran. Maybe all 3. @rushtonjdr actually I wouldn't argue because I don't care...majority of Christians supported Hitler they will certainly support Trump. @rushtonjdr yeah but you're also a Christian, and I would argue that it's fundamentally impossible to be Christian and support Trump.This dude has spent the past month shitting on Hillary and dividing the left. What does he expect?? @catjungle @MMFlint exactly. I love Moore but every word he says is "Hillary sucks don't vote for her". Jesus. Of course tump will win.Edgar Martinez for the hall @YoungDems4Trump @RussianBear this dudes a democrat like I'm a 6'7" black power forward. @jeffreymaxin actually the only reason I've seen for Trump is you're legitimately scared for the future superiority of white race. @jeffreymaxin unless your strategy is to buy the "chaos dip" might be smartI can see being smart and being a conservative. I may disagree on things but it's fine. But I've yet to see one smart reason for trump.