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Seattle. Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? I trade stocks, usually poorly.

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Thanks Donald! (I'm so glad this trend is happening)#thanksdonald
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @talktoskirt you were a trail blazer!I was in Arizona the last week and I totally get it. Nobody wears a motorcycle helmet. Nobody. It kinda makes sense now. @talktoskirt I think you'd like the song "me" by The 1975 @RussianBear wow...😍 @monkiman possibly! Wax on wax offTime to get motivated for my workout! I'll just take a big swig of sports drink & then read this inspirational quote
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @brgulker I think you're right it would take a concrete economic disaster"We are upset that the international community is pissed about us bulldozing over women while they sleep in their h…'s a guy wiping his ass in the stall next to me using what sounds like an aggressive back and forth stroke, like he's polishing a car. @JennOTK I did, thank you! Just one of those flights where they don't even bother with drink service because it's too rough haha
@jeffreymaxin update! I fell asleep for 20 minutes which is a record for me @RussianBear most of us know already @VintageHoops_ @Kelseyplum10 cold blooded!!The huskies are in the college football playoffs! Thanks Jeff @BioRunner59 I wished both his and mine would collideDelay flight for engine maintenance and now they are saying it will be very bumpy. Ugh I'm about to panic I hate flying. @nytimes what if you don't watch either of these train wrecks?The Christian Persecution Card is Used to Sell Cars in Oklahoma
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinLol at people saying trump will get impeached if he breaks serious laws. By whom? There's nobody left in his party he hasn't owned.This is America right now we really need is nobody to have food. That will go over well. this be true? Are people this fucking dumb? lot of funny smart people have passed this year, and stupid ugly people have been given power. Mourn, be sad-then fight. Fucking rebel.Lol @AdamSinger @rushtonjdr @ByRosenberg @seattletimes 😜 @rushtonjdr @AdamSinger @ByRosenberg @seattletimes I keep not buying a house here because I'm waiting for the bubble to pop. Who knows.2016 resolution: eat healthier 2017 resolution: kill a nazi with a flamethrower
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @talktoskirt sorry you're feeling this way, but you aren't alone just know that. We're all creeping silently and alone through the nightTerrorism deaths in Europe since 1970
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxinwas about to reply to trump's tweet but after reading this beautiful exchange, there'd be no point
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @AdamSinger @ByRosenberg @seattletimes it's completely stupid hereThe Reno, a famous train. Maybe you've heard of her.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin
Could you imagine eating steak he cooks? "This steak was obviously the best steak you've ever had. Perfectly season… Christ bros we get it you fucking love Israel. They can do no wrong. Ironically the prophets criticized Israel first but you forget.Is there a point in disputing his claims with facts though? Literally nobody gives a shit what's happened. The trut… @realDonaldTrump fucking prove it you cuntI'm already bored of this. When my nieces act this way I put them in timeout. literally created the most growth and stability in us history and people were like "nah fuck this we want more Walmart employees"You're the most hated Pres Elect in history replacing one of the most beloved. The world is terrified. Now say some…
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @brgulker that game on Christmas was fun @ChrisPirillo @FluctibusFludd @frankieboyle old people just elected the equivalent of a YouTube whore...lay off the kids of today. @ErikasJourney hi Erika. Merry Christmas.Jon Stewart: here's a video clip of something newt Gingrich said that was retarded. Fake news: Hillary runs a sex ring in Pizza Hut. See?
@JohnSalmon859 @TimesofIsrael ok John...believe what you want. But go visit the people. Go to church there. Go to mosque. Anyway I'm bored @BR_DougFarrar @donsummer @mikefreemanNFL you got raped and your family was murdered? Your city was nuked? You have cancer? Get over it! @JohnSalmon859 you should go visit Palestine rather than telling me what "most Palestinians" want. You'd learn a lot. Go to Israel too.I guess these guys really would rather die than perform at trumps inauguration.How embarrassing to be human.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @JohnSalmon859 you should go visit Palestine. It's eye opening. @future_timeline everyone dies a horrible death?Jesus Christ 2016...go home you're drunk @APSouthRegion @AP they've lost so much money in 2 years it's insane. The government has little killed their economy. @LRiddickESPN @Edwerderespn it's 2016...there's no more consequences to anything. You can do whatever you want.So...what's the deal with the Warriors? Are we just supposed to hate them? Are they the new Ivan Drago?All I've learned since the election is that, at least on twitter, most of the precious little snowflakes I see voted for trump. @talktoskirt become a landlord, according to Facebook it makes all your fantasies come true @MoralPatrician @BillNye reported and blocked "Christian" brother.Politics aside holy crap this is an attractive family! I wonder if that's playful or if they are hunting librels takin our jerbs and havin homosexual buttseks on our Jesus day, calm down. The RNC statement isn't about Donald Trump. It's about Vladimir Putin.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @realDonaldTrump very?The state of our union (and world) from a hero of mine. tip: Kissing up to your boss on Twitter is super lame
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@JohnSalmon859 your problem is a low view of Jesus. If their soldiers raped your daughter would you shrug and say "god is faithful"? No @JohnSalmon859 those promises come to fruition in Christ. To say secular soldiers shooting kids in Palestine is part of gods plan is sick @JohnSalmon859 look if you're interested in a conversation I'd love to chat but if you're just a troll I don't care. @JohnSalmon859 @CrownerofSaints @wkendy @NoahPollak you don't understand what that means-It wasn't their land first. It isn't their land now @JohnSalmon859 @CrownerofSaints @wkendy @NoahPollak you're right my current faith means I forgot everything I learned about the bibleI went shopping at Walmart in Arizona today so I feel like I'm officially as Christmas in America as you can get.I made a short film for @zjwhitman
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinBut that's none of my business... #meme
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @jfreewright @djt4president don't forget the trump hats made in china...may they keep your head warmThe Rockettes are rehearsing for the Donald Trump inauguration.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @DoubleEmMartin @billard_matt @mlse I've tweeted things and been attacked by frog accounts by the dozen minutes apart. It feels coordinatedHere's the thread in question. I've experienced this too.