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Seattle. Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? I trade stocks, usually poorly.

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@given2tweet any chance is this doctor named Farkas?My sister is quite the speller
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinWatched Bad Santa last night for the 3000th time...god that is such an under appreciated movie @AdamSinger that's your office view?? I'd never leave work @talktoskirt well and your other points are fair. One year not enough time and this guy is clearly still emotionally involved @talktoskirt this particular prior engagement issue seems to really bother you. I was engaged and made a very adult decision to call it off
MVP @given2tweet @adambain but it happened ON TWITTER @BartHubbuch @ProFootballTalk and Bart loves him some Bart...who the fuck cares?โœŒ๐Ÿฟ
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @JessamynMcIntyr @BrandiKruse the best part of this when it's over!
@itsWanda @rushtonjdr he's so emo @given2tweet hearing chatter that Farkas is set to release Twitter BD any hour now
When you're being indicted and retweet things people say about you on Twitter you must have hit the top @Fascinatingpics true story that lion ate that cub just seconds after this pic.USERS: you're alienating the people who actually use your product TWITTER: likes are now florps USERS: what TWITTER: timeline goes sideways
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinWhen theists say someone is "struggling" with same-sex attraction, it's important to note it's the theists that are creating the struggle.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinSomehow my @SylvanEsso Pandora station has become a defacto @alt_J station. I like both bands...but why does Pandora do this?I'm shocked that $LNKD is down so much...just kidding that site sucks so much assThe @US_FDA is basically Anander Miannai from Ancillary Justice. Multiple personalities at war with each other. No consistency.The Odds That Record High Global Temps are Not Due to Global Warming?
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Mike Huckabee has decided to end his presidential campaign but I think he should be forced to carry it to full term.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @SpeakerRyan you are such an embarrassment... @MartinShkreli MySpace @CNBCnow giant douchebags, or what?If I ever write an autobiography I'm definitely going to call it "Everything is terrible"Apparently aspartamene kills waaaaay more people than diabetes, according to the 900th person that told me Diet Coke is worse then reg CokeThis is legitimately idiotic
@monkiman @Pete_Spence lol it makes sense @given2tweet it so happens that I waffle between atheism/agnosticism, but yeah I agree @given2tweet former Christian minister here and I couldn't agree more. With everything. @StuffCCLikes wow @StuffCCLikes who did the bounty?? @perrynoble @BCooP @DaveRamsey @LysaTerKeurst @stevenfurtick it's like a "who's who" of terrible peopleWhy does this Hostess Zinger look like its about to drop the hottest anti-immigration speech of 2016?
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @AdamSinger beautifulClinical Trials-Choices: "It's not a picnic" - Billy Read:
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@Sport234a @rushtonjdr you aren't painting a pretty picture @given2tweet rocking that @GStarRAW though, so it's not all badGF: I'm leaving you because you're obsessed with Spanish puns and Despicable Me. ME: Please don't go. You're Juan in a minion.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @given2tweet friends all say it with a vaguely racist Chinese accentI hate Trump but he literally skipped Iowa and still came in second. How is that a defeat? @given2tweet the other joke is that you should always have a dentist appointment at "tooth-hurty" (2:30)Wut?
@PaperWash MARRY HER NOWPho on Mondays or GTFOOK AltJ, I see you, I see you @RandPaul i mean you could be a party that isnt all racist asshats, but yeah, lets focus on facepaint, mmmkay? @ahab_captain @siegel_katie @ShannonSharpe yeah @Dicedotcom temple of doom! @ahab_captain @siegel_katie @ShannonSharpe so apparently sweatshirt and hat = thug to this lady? @siegel_katie @ShannonSharpe he wore a sweatshirt and hat??? What a THUG @LiveNationTV @MileyCyrus what's on her face ๐Ÿ˜•Ummmm..."Yes, hi, I'm watching your Doggie Daycare webcam, and there are several dogs who appear to be excluding my dog. Please have them put down."
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @talktoskirt smuckers
@TheAnimaIGifs what is that thing some kind of horse @AdamSinger @taboola the hot blond gonna help ME with my 401k too??? @megrowler I love that answer ๐Ÿ™‚
when you've exhausted all of the weirdest videos on pornhub you just get a screen that says "try Game of Thrones"
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @JoeVeyera @wyshynski kThis @DougBaldwinJr not a single Seahawk in the whole film ๐Ÿ˜
@Keenan13Allen bruhKanye's got nothing to be ashamed about in re his sex life. His last album on the other hand... @given2tweet Hearing chatter they are going to pour all remaining Etep doses into the Charles River on Sunday and burn down headquarters @given2tweet are you describing CG or Shkrelli?I trimmed all the bushes in the front yard to make my house look bigger.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @BtBScore because he's a racist! Just kidding I have no idea @JeffAllenComedy @fred_burton15 @DavidBartonWB David Barton is a complete fraud. I don't care though, read what you want. @fred_burton15 @JeffAllenComedy completely agree. You can do way better than Barton...the guy is a liar.
I vote based on dreams. I dreamt Santorum sat next to me on a bench; he was made out of dung beetles. "We you we you we you" they hissed.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @JaredStanger yeah you can't let him go @nicole_soojung all people are good enough! Even the men who are overweight or not well endowed. Unfortunately some people are douchebagsIs there a class that Trump supporters have to take where they learn how to write a Twitter profile with caps lock on?
On the other hand...first rule of dating is you NEVER diss an ex. They know about your weird shit. Go in peace.Man it must have sucked to be Kanye West and have a hot girl that cared about his wants and sexual needs. @JacobPlieth @pharmalot @statnews if only the FDA had an accelerated approval process that could be revoked if safety issues arose. Oh wait @RawStory why do these guys always look like this? @OlRengy sounds good...I'm glad he's stabilizing! @OlRengy lol I'm like shit for flies apparently. How's Tom? @StephanieSimon_ @pharmalot @statnews even though zero safety issues with drug so far? You can grant accelerated approval and pull if unsafe
@ProFootballDoc picturing Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes saying thisLike I've got people who support the idiots in the Oregon militia riding me's fascinatingI'm getting trolled hard by gun nuts with very small penises @TacoFetus @MaiDindu he's gonna be real tough in prison I @TacoFetus @MaiDindu really? Hmm...ill take my fighting skill against his fat cholesterol laden ass any day. You need a gun you are a wimp. @MaiDindu @DrSalvelinus @TacoFetus buddy strikes me as a wimp...isn't he always carrying a gun? Who would be afraid of that sort of man? @AdamSinger if you have to ask you can't afford it @ClevelandMatt @zerosum24 lol me too @given2tweet you still going to hold through...whatever happens next? And yeah, this whole thing is really depressing @FieldGulls Donald Trump begs to differDonald Trump is so evangelical you guys @710ESPNSeattle stahhhhp
Your god damn right @LookoutLanding so many people say @Mariners fans are bandwagon- it's not true. There's a small but very loyal following of usI don't get people who stay virgins until after marriage. Its like buying a car without having sex with it first
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