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Seattle. Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? I trade stocks, usually poorly.

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Dafuq? 😐's not a protester. That's a man with very serious insecurity issues. this drives me crazy about fan bases. Everyone fan base is full of bandwagon people and idiots.Thanks @ellenosyogurt for being so tasty!Jesus you'd think with that many options in his pocket he would know to keep his mouth shut@aaronwbeach @Chris_Fetters I am LIVID that a team of freshmen can't beat a senior ranked team on the road. Fire Romar now!@chasingthealpha @PropThinker other than create a much better drug and completely follow all #FDA guidelines you mean...🙄
@SamActs319 @aigkenham I don't think I need to answer someone who apparently gets to state that the Pope is not a Christian. Fuck off please@Kalapoof @given2tweet Sure it is, but you are always Mr. cautious SeungI can't stop watching this...
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinDamn, Christine McSherry is going after Drisa hard. Good for her. $BMRN $SRPT
No, I don't want to ban Muslims or defund planned parenthood...fuck offWhat's up with stock people I follow posting really racist and horrible political stuff?@BioInvestor2013 Tylenol and viagra are both drugs and therefore work the same too.Next year's Starbucks holiday cups feature the words God Is Dead on a festive red background.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinThe Message is really fun. Creepy and old fashioned scifi fun. Check it out. about to go bananas. B A N A N A S.
@falconsfan9801 yes and they also believe in science. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not you though lol@falconsfan9801 hey you're right. It's all good man. Believe what you want, call it the gospel. Just know most Christians disagree with you.@falconsfan9801 are obvs free to believe whatever religion you want. Hams creationism is a sneaky lie that distorts the gospel. Best of luck@falconsfan9801 I'm sorry I'm not religious any longer but I'm honestly surprised, I didn't think there were many YEC around anymore. YouI'm arguing with a young earth creationist on Twitter who doesn't realize his beliefs were created 100 years ago by a small American cult 😑@falconsfan9801 haha, ok. If you think young earth creationism is a "biblical doctrine" I can't help you. Best of luck.@falconsfan9801 the previous text as if the author was writing a scientific creation account- something no Christian believed until now@falconsfan9801 he still touches women on the rag. He eats shellfish. He presumably doesn't slaughter Canaanite children. Yet he reads@falconsfan9801 yet that is what Ken does. Then he disregards all other aspects of Genesis and reads them from a theological perspective@falconsfan9801 that's "basic theology 101". There is no way to read Genesis 1-3 as a scientific text while taking the authors seriously@falconsfan9801 like you do understand that no Christian until about 1865 believed what AIG teaches right? It's a new heresy.@falconsfan9801 ok let's do it this way. Show me the academic support for AIG from a biological and theological perspective.@falconsfan9801 his creationism is a newly created 19th century heresy. There are literally like 4 churches that would let him come speak.@falconsfan9801 lol he's been completely discounted by literally every Christian publishing group of note.@aigkenham secularists don't try to answer you. Our greater Christian community has already answered why you are a complete fraud.@jane_bot gorgeous@TDUByourBUD yeah that was legit@Slate @macwrites @Panoply @ge can we get more podcasts like this please?? Awesome!@business cool that the money goes to a great cause though@JennieKetcham are those silver feather hooks? That's beautiful@HBEndTimesNews @aigkenham he acts like Genesis is to be taken literally but not the rest of the Torah? That defines inconsistency.
@angelnek1 @TDLockett12 as a pastor I don't want prayer in school- who knows what they would make your kids pray too?@angelnek1 @TDLockett12 Starbucks removing a snowflake from a cup and people being shot for their faith are different, but ok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯We be ballin @TDLockett12 I saw the first, it makes us feel like we are being persecuted when we aren't. Real persecution happens...not here@angelnek1 @TDLockett12 honestly I think this movie gives Christianity a bad name...Adele can't be the next Whitney Houston. Adele writes her own music and isn't a cunt to everyone she meets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯How to make your own realistic talking Donald Trump puppet
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinLiterally gov huckabee would spit on Jesus' face if he were here today. #tcot #NoRefugees truth is, we know so little about life, we don't really know what the good news is and what the bad news is.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin
#EdgarHOF? #EdgarHOF.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinHolding hands with my baby son Richard for the first time.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@Oostwalum @MegaraFurie gorgeousWtf? "hey Mac! Working hard or hardly working, that's what I always say"@hilarycakes oh man the post office is the worst thing ever@aigkenham good thing you don't mock religion KenWorking from home today and $SRPT is killing it ☺️🎉 @zbiotech @adamfeuerstein pretty obvious tho. Etep is safe and works. Drisa doesn't. Writing is on the wall.@MegaraFurie lol
@anachtomi @kalhan it's scary how insane it has become. We are seeing peak idiocy.@AP heil trump, mein fuhrerAt this point the conservative Christian movement in America is pretty much like "what would Jesus say? Fuck that. We hate everyone"@aigkenham thankfully you aren't inconsistent on anything Ken.@given2tweet lol I actually had to unfollow him last week because of the shitty political rhetoric.Yes wecouponincThis Syria crisis has really been great for identifying the racist, repugnant assholes amongst us. Thank you for making yourselves known!@DanScavino @CindyBlackwel12 I love that you are openly racist Dan. It's refreshing. If more pigs were as open as you we would be better off
@CNBC no the oil company told me it wasn't because they are to be trusted over everyone else they are good and kind and know be@monkiman or let her get near a bathtub@FascinatingVids sounds like me when I eatSo hey Rihanna's done pretty well for herself considering she's a gremlin.@matthiasellis it's like someone dared him to sound as unchristian as possible...@RandPaul as Jesus would do obviouslyThank you we need to get this message out wait until they get approval and 90% market share...then the stock will be $17@given2tweet lol this fuckin stockSo this is the world we live in...I'm not even mad as much as I am flabbergasted at the cognitive dissonance that would literally be the least Christlike thing I could imagine
@keithlaw @stevenjoshwa but Keith WHAT IF THEY WERE EATING A KABAB I MEAN ARE YOU A SAVAGE[At job interview] Interviewer: So tell me why you want this job. Me: I have no money and I prefer when I have money.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinLove that $SRPT after hours action. She's just so reliable. 💩@hilarycakes and so underrated!@Deadspin @JoeVeyera did he trip over a table and get injured as well?I get important friend requests from real people you guys famous men asked if they are feminists. Salmon Rushdie has the best answer.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinI imagine the Top Gun 2 will basically just be Paul Blart Mall Cop 3@MattBowen41 @FieldGulls @ESPNInsider this is what happens when people equate "large market players" to "best players". Confirmation bias.@Gdubya1 well done@VicBergerIV honestly greatest thing I've ever seenWhat is this though? It's beautiful
I literally can't think of something that is less Christian than refusing war refugees. Jesus himself was a war refugee. Just stop¯\_(ツ)_/¯Politics aside- please stop pretending to be a Christian if you think any government should deny war refugees. You aren't a Christian.@CNN but look at that dangerous MUSLIM terrorist in the pic with the pink hat?@keithforrealz only in Afghanistan. Probably not like you have. Radical Islam is jacked up, it's why I support the refugees running from it@keithforrealz @HaroldItz the idea that you can't support vets and refugees at once is so, so messed up. 😟@HaroldItz @YourAnonNews "welcome to America! You're way more likely to get shot while unarmed by a cop than you are to die in Paris"Don’t worry, right wing crazies: the US screens #SyrianRefugees far more thoroughly than it does gun owners who shoot up schools & theaters
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinRemember when AJ Green was a player in the NFL? Did he sleep with Daltons wife or something?@rushtonjdr it's not about absolute truth. Primates act from a sense of communal justice/injustice as well@rushtonjdr @greg_boyd I have. Twice. It's not very good academically. Justice has been proven to be an aspect of communal evolution.
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