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seminary grad, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister. Now? not so sure. I trade stocks, usually poorly. We will hunt monsters

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@jessiep95 @juliangwan the bigger question is how shitty do you have to be to use this to attack Muslim people? Jesus Christ she looks fineWhat's left to cover? @PrisonPlanet @mitchellvii hey Paul we know about your child porn bro...we fucking know about it. Emily told us. @PrisonPlanet @mitchellvii you're a cunt with a micropenis and I know you're downloading child porn with your hotmail address 😳 @truthernationno haha but in the meantime at least trumps done paying for vets...waste of money amirite? Who needs meals?!?!Thread. Very interesting. @SamanthaKinslow @YourAnonNews sure but they elected a governor who thinks gays and blacks aren't legally "people". What is she espousing? @YourAnonNews I mean she goes to Ball State in the middle of racist Indiana. How extreme are her views to feel unsafe there? @BarbarianCap @MugatuCapital if only she liked getting pissed on by 12 year old girls she could be president 😂 @ReaganBattalion ummm...technically Nunes just broke the law and should be arrested immediately,In America it's not terrorism unless they are brown. @LibertyU @realDonaldTrump wow you e officially said "piss off" to Christ haven't you?
💫GET TO KNOW Neil Gorsuch!
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinLol this fucking place will be the official drink of the impeachment hearings?
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @ahab_captain totally agreeAny democrat that votes to confirm Gosuch should immediately be ran against in their home district/state. Clean house.Your Obamacare repeal tax savings in one depressing chart
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @given2tweet lol this is amazingThis—this is a tweet that definitely did not age well.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin2017-03-20 - Slick #phishing email. This might even be enough to fool someone.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @CNBC oh man he's fighting for his job so hard...trumps gonna 86 him thoughLol enjoy herpes
Cool cool why is putin still alive btw? kids your parents take marijuana so no food for you, good fucking luck @monkiman @Borderlands lololGuys not to brag but my niece is really skilled at marker makeup mean...fuck everyone and everything was the day we look back and count as the official beginning of the end of Trump. President Pence (eww) in less than 1 year. @avflox this hashtag is amazing haha @Deplorable_Vik @susanwiggs @mitchellvii we already know deplorable Viktor is a fake account don't engage.
@steelslave and we're now gonna take away their food source #MealsOnWheels wtf is wrong with us 😠It's cliche by now, but Man Denouncing Obamacare Doesn't Know He's On Obamacare is such a great anecdote genre…
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinThe fastest way to melt glaciers & flood the World's coastal cities: Ignore scientists and do nothing to stem the rise of CO2
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @CNBC ooh ooh let me guess- melting poor people into goo and selling it as nourishment?? @NotThatHilary @enjoyLaCroix I struggle with this addiction let me talk to the pup @InternetHippo @glavenq totally agree plus they're stupid
Me every day reading the news @FHS_Girls_Hoops he makes so much money and his players make no money @AP_Politics @AP lol perfect dumb and dumber @Glinner nice of the newspaper to provide the names of these sick fucks... @OphirGottlieb insaneGOP Budget Director says there's not enough data to justify feeding hungry children. And that's the difference between the parties.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinWisconsin is hanging tough!There is no reason for any of these kids to stay in school when they can get paid millions to leave. @NYMag @Olivianuzzi @KellyannePolls thank you for showing how great she is! You guys are helping make America great again. 🙄 @ReformedBroker @RussianBear this girl is kinda hot but definitely looks like she's 59 shades of cray @rrw315 @WilliamShatner true but in fairness you pay for the Bible/Jesus on the backend. It's no money down.• Costs of 1 term at Mar-a-Lago: $600 million • Costs cut from arts, homelessness, scholarships, etc: $597 million
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @Softykjr Dan Bretler from all those annoying cartoys commercials? @Hublife @pattonoswalt brenden looks really effeminate what's up with that @ChickfilA and get diabetes and heart disease together apparently @RussianBear lol "his" "policy"Lot of sad people in Reno at 2:00 am @srqstockpicker @FoxNews @AdamShawNY also this is funny trump didn't even try to answer debate Q's, none of his voters even cared @srqstockpicker @FoxNews @AdamShawNY lol I get the feeling we're gonna be hearing about plenty of leaking pretty soon @FoxNews @srqstockpicker @AdamShawNY good thing we Elected someone who's taking my grandmas healthcare away instead. Piss piss piss @leloveluck shocking 🙄 @PRyan I hope you die from your herpes you cunt
@AnnasWorld3 @michaelianblack my friend voted trump and even he says he's the least honest person he's ever seenTrump refused to shake Merkel's hand. And he's generally dismissive. This is awful.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @NikkiGlaser it's magic. Would recommend 10/10 @SheIsAdorbs thanks Laura!As a seminary grad and ex pastor I can confirm that this is heretical and moronic. #TCOT #FUCKEDUCATION? 2020 they'll be demanding to know why Obama cut head start and meals on wheels
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @vadowd547 @AoDespair meals on wheels primarily feeds vets, but sure, let's pretend Trump cares about vets (after refusing to rent to them)Favorite athlete tweet of all time ever ever ever am 36 years old today. Where the heck did the time go? @APNSADinaPowell I can't imagine inheriting the best economic growth in your countries history. Poor trump..@RobertFaturechi gave this tweet a lot more context: Bharara was investigating HHS Sec Tom Price when he was fired…
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @fullhousemomma @MattWalshBlog no just poor ones who get healthcare from the state and PP- fed funds don't pay 4 abortion so they like PP @CNBC we just can't pay for this anymore we need more golf courses for our overweight child predator president @BR_DougFarrar also when the reason for not saluting the flag is legit. The NFL can fuck off @MattWalshBlog planned parenthood gives people medical care. Every conservative I know supports planned parenthood. Are you fucking daft?
In Reno. Doing the Kellyanne Conway in the lobby. folks, but Meals on Wheels ain't workin'. They feed seniors one day and by the next day they're hungry again. #Budget2017
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @CNBC 9/11 @given2tweet @KidDynamiteBlog lol