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seminary grad, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister. Now? not so sure. I trade stocks, usually poorly. We will hunt monsters

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@humansofny 💚 @JoeVeyera As someone about to move to Portland I am dismayedLet me sum up this twitter conversation: "I'm white" @talktoskirt Plus side this can double as a sensory deprivation hood for the kinksters @AndrewPrichard @NFLDraftBites @AndrewPrichard @NFLDraftBites He's that goodAh the Chicago Bears had a case of not wanting many good draft picks.In about 30 minutes everyone on twitter will be an expert in every player draftedYou can get a three month in home daily p90x workout for $75. It will be better than any amount of time in the gym. Why go to a gym??I fall in love with authors who write book series and then never ever ever finish them wtf George Martin, Pat Rothfuss-I'm looking at you @20committee The best part is she has retweeted multiple stories from, which was started in… @tigersgoroooar If you grasp their testicles they must cut off your hand...its brutal out thereIll never understand how people like this are able to walk the streets in safety without retribution. People have s… @chisilent1 @chicagotribune I'd ask if you are retarded but honestly retarded people aren't this stupid @Spotify @SOHN Because @SOHN is the bomb 👌 @kjmeow 👌How else is @Cernovich supposed to get laid tho? 🤔 @Team_Trump45 @jasoninthehouse @yandex email @YourAnonNews I don't support violence but fuck these people that think the #antifa are domestic terrorists. Coulte… @Melski1 @KORANISBURNING @peterbuilt1900 They aren't Muslim so you aren't allowed to call them terrorists, remember?
@astVintageSpace 6.8 miles/second? I can't even fathom that speed and yet it's relatively so slow 😯well this explains sessions confusion about hawaii tbh pup
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinWhat if I happen to know a large pro trump twitter account (over 120k followers) is a Russian person with a Yandex email? @mimi362 @MrIcallball @DarwinBrandis @NBCNews Interesting-so the holocaust wasn't bad because it was legal? Pedophi… @NBCNews Wow...what a fucking bald faced lie @yashar @SheriFew I know someone in her district who basically says shes fucking drunk at all hours of the dayYou guys, Barack Obama is not allowed to make money from wall street. Thats worse than the guy making $ from Wall Street and getting peed on @KenJennings Don't forget SorosTwitter, as you ponder losing health care or war with North Korea, let me remind you who our new villain is: Chelsea Clinton
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @ArthurDelaneyHP @MEPFuller Why is the pic of a senator? @JoeVeyera Yankees fan? Who has time to be a Yankees fan when the Dallas Cowboys Spring practices are about to start?Yes we all realized this after we saw the ending of Split man...some imported aluminum gets all the luck @Gdubya1 LolSlavery. Rape. Diarrhea. Food from chipotle. Cancer. Trump. The Yankees. White evangelicals. Human trafficking. Pep… @OlRengy Sure-but this recent election will show us that the little guy doesn't want to be supported because at roo… @RepAmWatch @Kira_Media @fordm @JohnKasich Can you think of any international country or person in power who would… @Kira_Media @RepAmWatch @fordm As a former GOP voter I find it humorous that you think the left has been "indoctrin…
@Fusion Yes we are @TheMikeSalk Can't see it he has me blocked for some reason. But indeed after tonight we all need a little cheering up 😢 @MLGerig Yeah there was some less than savory people aroundGo inside, watch the Mariners, fuck yourself. Go outside, freeze your ass off, get drenched, fuck yourself. Either way, go fuck yourself.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @talktoskirt It basically implies democrats must be ethically perfect meanwhile republicans pay children to pee on… day after school 250 kids come home to post #redpill videos on YouTube and masterbate to pics of Eva Braun drawn up in anime style @aaaaiiiieeee @stillgray @redsteeze Holy crap they totally made this up. Bill Nye can sue the shit outta them.The problem here is it reinforces the image that democrats must be ethically perfect while republicans can pay pros…$CMG blowing up is proof that Peter Lynch's theory about never buying stocks of companies that have a bad product is crap. People don't care @rushtonjdr Yeah you do-although I'll be moving to Portland soon! @monkiman @jeffvandermeer I just started Shantaram so I think it will be a while before I can start BorneNothing is worse than a Jewish slaves telling the Egyptians that their giant pyramid doesn't matter. @monkiman @paolobacigalupi @jeffvandermeer @hughhowey Absolutely one of the best parts about being here. An opportu… this this @ShaunKing They *do* have a wayNo wonder I get so tired watching the original Willy Wonka guys I'm famous I met Ken Griffey jr @kjmeow Same tbhwhat...what is Chaffetz doing? @NotThatHilary He has a foot fetish it seems @given2tweet Cyrano de Bergerac begs to differ, sir @tiwhitter @MEPFuller It's FAKE NEWS. Not real news like infowars or Breitbart or the Onion or National Enquirer, right Tina? @Airbus It's amazing!
@NotThatHilary You're basically Dexter at the very endYou know the downstream effect of Bill O Reilly leaving cable? Comcast takes a hit. @monkiman Kushner is Einhorn! @ChrisWarcraft are democrats in the senate not going on national tv nightly and saying this? How is anyth… gonna lie female Kushner is kinda hot I've learned in 2017 is the people who investigate elected officials are put in place by those elected officials. What a dumb country @Safeway yeah its the Safeway on 45th near U Village in Seattle. Its so slow, all the time. Every line, even the ex… policies lead to steep declines in abortions over republican policies. Of course you can be pro life and democrat. JFC. @BadponyMedicine @itsmeweimar @OhThatsJody @Jenn_Abrams Lincoln was a republican and modern day republicans would h… @CNBC Lol 7 years of record highs...were already down off the highs. Give it 3 more months and see where we are ar @goldengateblond These kids are god's precious gift...until they are born and then fuck them lolChoose your fighter
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinAnd you thought the news was a boar to read @redtex13 @PeterAH7777 @gvravel @KurtSchlichter @HelenKennedy @amurphy @kenvogel yeah getting a blowjob by an inter…! @MrSpargel @janethuckabee @GovMikeHuckabee Those stretch pants are the real hero...holy shit I know he loves fast f… @LisaTLemoine2 @janethuckabee @GovMikeHuckabee Lol @DotLolly It's not infowars or smallpenisdaily but you should read it