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Seattle. Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? I trade stocks, usually poorly.

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@given2tweet almost's gonna be YUUUUUGE @given2tweet @given2tweet kids losing ambulatory, share holders supporting innovation losing millions, moms losing hope- just so he can try to save face @given2tweet assuming AA and DPO filed by Farkas- I'm struck by how fucking horrible that looks for him if eventual approval. @KidDynamiteBlog tell them to piss off @BiotechBaller haha agreed on Trump. Im a Mariners fan so I only know about the Yankees because of the current series- some good young guys @keithlaw "hey we need you to spend billions on R&D to create this new drug but then we demand you sell it to us for cost" @BiotechBaller last nights game for instance highlighted two exciting young catchers (Zunino and Sanchez)...that's cool to see @BiotechBaller I used to be a huge hater, but nowadays I'm just a fan of exciting baseball-I'll root for players to do well on any team.
@FillWerrell you jacked this from @david8hughes @david8hughes wtf...that's so bad @lukeburbank that takes a strong man @RyanDivish @MLB what a catch! @SciencePorn you're atoms are constantly getting recycled. There isn't an "atom" in your body that was there a month ago. Stfu. @MGorton_9 @Yankees totally. He looks great. @MGorton_9 @Yankees just don't think you should call him the next Posada yet, ya know? @MGorton_9 @Yankees nothing against Sanchez, the kid looks decent. But cmon, 33% of his homers have come off Cody Martin. A bad AAA pitcher @JoeVeyera 84 mph down middle 3-1 count. Jesus. Effing. Goodness. @Yankees it's amazing what you can do with an 84 mph fastball from a AAA pitcher.A classic. One of my favorite YouTube fail vids. San Diego morning news. .starts right now! Lol @JoeVeyera @glengerman @710ESPNSeattle YUUUUUUGE @realstevepool fear @DrFunkySpoon cc @nealstephenson @TDUByourBUD @JuicyJaySeattle Jamie is gonna win huh @given2tweet "we're looking for a more realistic and achievable male body type. We think Matt opens us up to the skinny, hairy market" @given2tweet I literally hate this stock. This stock is why we should lose. @isis
@BiotechBaller of course there were some great people there, and I got to hang with Cornell West a bunch which was very cool. @BiotechBaller I was there for grad school. I worked at an eating club pouring beer for the rich undergrads and they were often insufferableHonestly I want the back story to this picture @given2tweet lol I literally thought of your tweet the other day when I wrote this. FBI gonna be on my caseMy parents found this old medal lying around. I forgot our team set a school record. Pretty fast for a short whitey this under "who gives a shit?" Show me an email where she says In N Out has good French fries and I'll care. are things with me? [the distant howling from the dogs of hell, the howls growing ever closer] never better, thank you for asking
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @BiotechBaller that's awesome! Quick google search suggests Dave Newmark? Ivy League sports can be surprisingly enjoyable. @BiotechBaller lost a game of what? where'd you play?
Our reaction to Gabby Douglas vs our reaction to Ryan Lochte are why the terrorists should win. @AdamAizer @CBSSportsRadio @daverichard better question is who plays in a .5 PPR? NFL already Davies WR...why give even more benefit to PPR? @BreakingNews honestly how small is your penis to have to do this? @JoshNorris is that tape rolling in slow motion?Libertarianism is so funny. White males raised with benefits of social services who now want to cut services since they are wealthy. @cganiere we NEED to stop feeding poor people. Jesus hates the poor. Enough with this. Also no roads or water or electricity or servicesAl Roker is all of us.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @foswi @given2tweet my hairy wrists get pinched @OlRengy aww 😘
@BiotechBaller I see that being their new slogan @rushtonjdr im like, "the whole point is the resurrection! Granny's fucking dead until the resurrection! Not in a 'better place' right now!" @rushtonjdr thats a good point! When I was a pastor I would get mad at believers that said stuff like "well granny's in a better place now" @BiotechBaller hey if my love life is gonna suck let's at least get some accelerated approval, Amirite??? Lol @Mariners I like how this is written... @AdamAizer thanks 😊 @AdamAizer Adam is it possible to just view a printable list of Jamey or Daves rankings? @AdamSinger impressive...nice work!We haven't communicated exclusivity in any way, but it still sucks. Dating sucks. People just kind of suck. πŸ˜’Been seeing a girl for about a month now. She's been sort of distant but is newly divorced. Found out she's got a date tonight with someone @given2tweet metal segmented watch band with hairy arms? I knew you were a risk taker based on your call options but this is too much @XplosiveFoodTrk where you guys at today?? @JaredStanger Earl @KidDynamiteBlog oh yeah that makes sense @given2tweet I lol'd @KidDynamiteBlog @barkbox named for Ken Griffey Jr.? @BiotechBaller only thing consistent about this company in my mind is that it's going to be inconsistent. I don't know what to expect @given2tweet he did say he's got over 12k shares...I bet he just hated that you play options mostly. Or he thinks Luke is an FDA agent @monkiman it's like just feels cowardly. Plus it's meaningless. We all went less debt How do you do it without being crap? @BiotechBaller honestly no idea. I think Matt is pretty right with 45. In this market I could see 50 or so be I'm remaining cautious. You?I just don't get this. Brock is awful. He drones on and on sentences at a time. He knows his stuff, but his voice...
@JaredStanger please let's have that stop @ToddHagopian true...I shouldn't have jumped in. Seriously overall I appreciate what you're trying to do. Best of luck. πŸ™ @Smith11Vicki @ToddHagopian look I have no beef with guys love your country and are passionate about your beliefs. I applaud that @ToddHagopian it's just a lazy sounding platform. Great, you want things we all want...but no way to get them that isn't super shitty. @ToddHagopian shrink government? Great! But does that mean less environmental protection or support for those who can't feed themselves? @ToddHagopian eliminate the debt how? Less military, or less schools, or what? That's not a real answer. We all went less debt.Honestly these sound like something a shitty person would want. I guess I'm not a libertarian. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― @cbessex @AHMalcolm
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinIf you're upset about Gabby Douglas still, I respectfully ask you to go fuck yourself. @ProFootballTalk DAAAAAAAMN cold blooded PFT @given2tweet I got my dad in it years ago...same thing. He asked me last night what's up and I just shrugged my shoulders @given2tweet on it @given2tweet it's honestly the most miserable thing @violetblue love that placeI don't know who this person is but that's pretty funny πŸ˜„ @SarahKSilverman @realDonaldTrump ideal make body tho @given2tweet assuming AA do you still see a PPS of about 45? @given2tweet pics or GTFOI watch this Carl Sagan pale blue dot quote all the time. It gets me in a way nothing else does. @YourAnonNews that discipline isn't effective at all πŸ˜₯Afternoon jam at work...makes me smile every time @MegaraFurie had to remind myself of that over and over this year. It's ok to be kink positive, don't dislike your "spots". πŸ™‚ @MegaraFurie "normal" dating can be disheartening when you feel judged for liking fringe things. It's important to accept who u are @MegaraFurie this is something I have to remind myself of every dayIf love to sit down and talk to these people. Just 5 minutes. texted random strangers trying to trick them into finishing my owl joke
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @given2tweet all you tweet about is good food and sitting down to hold Nora. How are you so skinny?My office is 90% men...every time I have to use the bathroom I have to go down three flights to cafeteria to find a stall that's open. @crampell @seanmcarroll because "the benevolent dictator" is a very popular notion with young evangelicals. I heard it every day back thenHoly shit greatest thing ever
So what do you do if you're a racist but you also hate the government forgiving debt for broke billionaires? Is Trump still your guy?All the medical community. Literally all of the medical community. Yet still holding to "parent pressure" narrative's two kinds of people: Those that think Breitbart is "news", and those who have traveled further than 1 mile from their house. @given2tweet it's starting to piss me off to be quite honest
@YourAnonNews @beccastanek later they referred to winter snowfall as "pedantic" and Bengal tigers as "confounding"