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Seattle. Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? I trade stocks, usually poorly.

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For all those questioning what Obama ever did for Indiana, here’s Indiana’s jobless rate since he took office:
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It's incredible that he gets away with this stuff. Would be like NFL writer saying "James starks leads the NFL in r…
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinI hope Donald Trump drags his chins to Seattle and tries to grab some underage pussy while he's here. He's gotta make us all great againHillary Clinton doesn't connect with white poor voters. A billionaire philanderer does apparently. White poor voters are stupid @OlRengy @duncantrussell @realDonaldTrump @vicberger @YouTube omg I love Vic Berger this is amazingMake Christianity great again @jpbrammer is this a real thing? Do people buy this?Rinse. Wash. repeat @AdamSinger @thejenlife please let this happen! @BeReal2001 thankfully for us we do have rule changes. We let African Americans and women vote now. So suck my balls. @anylaurie16 @BeReal2001 so land mass voted for trump? Are you saying Montana is more important than New York, LA, Seattle, Dallas combined?Jesus Christ I hate this country sometimes'd you get your PhD? Trump University?
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinGotta move this game Carrier deal is astonishingly bad. They are leaving to Mexico still and the taxpayers are paying for some to stay. Wtf. #MAGA3XCarrier gets millions in tax breaks. Indiana loses thousands of jobs. United Technologies took Trump hostage and won.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinI can usually tell a lot about a person by their stance on "pc culture". If they think we are too PC they are usually just a douche @SDMumford @KidDynamiteBlog @juliagalef but isn't that exactly what the illuminati would say?This clip is astounding. Tens of millions of Americans believe these same things.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinSomehow, we Democrats have to find a candidate who isn't so unpopular that she only gets 2.5 million more votes than her closest competitor.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin👏🏼 part of Bojack Horseman was the greatest thing I've seen in animation ever. Legit heartstrings @Boomskie @JoshKuh44 man, if Edgar's a "bubble guy" is Big Papi not even voteable? Papis numbers are almost as good as Edgar's.
@ConcrndFthrPrep @jfreewright this guys values fatherhood and supports a guy who likes to grab underage girls by their pussies. NiceHe's playing the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat. (2/2)
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinHere's what I know. Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. (1/2)
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @monkiman and who are they kidding with target....that's their only place to go @given2tweet @johnmanuelba yeah that makes sense @johnmanuelba @benshpigel @jonahkeri I think David Ortiz is close to Edgar...sure he's not as good but he's close isn't he?This is my mood since the election @ComfortablySmug @talktoskirt this is my new favorite gif (particularly my attitude post election)If ur a Trump voter & u don't see picking a Goldman exec for Treasury as a giant middle finger in ur face I want to sell u a time share.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinAnother metric: Trump would have to do one Carrier-sized deal a week for 30 years to save as many jobs as Obama's auto bailout
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinDear santa: please let this happen to Trumps plane. lack of any responsibility. Completely punting. What an ass news is so depressing. I still can't believe how shitty white people are. We are just so goddamn shitty. @Snowden how ironic this tweet turned out to bethis held up well
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinRemember how you could mail supplies to armed white terrorists who occupied a federal building?
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinKen yes
Still pretty depressed about this election. Not about Trump (there will always be charlatans). About the amount of fools voting for him.Well, at bare minimum at least 2016 definitively answered, "What would it be like to be left behind during The Rapture?"
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinHitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America's face to the world.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinBoy! Protest voters angry bout a speech at Goldman Sachs sure showed America! Particularly the new Secretary of Treasury from Goldman Sachs.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @MrRunGood seriously though I'm happy for you, a job is a job. Just don't forget you voted for him in the next year. Own it. @MrRunGood @CNBC good luck with those manufacturing jobs and not being able to get healthcare. Plus they still have Pence lol. @MrRunGood @CNBC haha exactly, apparently American jobs overseas aren't "real 'mericans". Net loss 1,000 American jobs he claims a victory 😂 @CNBC and lose 2000 more worldwide report the whole story Jesus Christ @given2tweet @davidfaber the interesting part are the twitter stock guys tweeting it out like it's legitimate news. People are stupid.Omg, trump is exactly what this episode of the twilight zone was about: @paulwoll I can't imagine the mind frame of someone so upset by flag burning that they ban it. So fragile. @CNBC it's so awesome that finally the richest 1% will have their turn in the glorious sun.ive never snapchat filtered my face so i dont know what i look like as a gerbil or werner herzog or whatever the kids these days are into
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin[first date] DATE: I voted for Trump. ME: [trying to impress her] Oh ya? My uncle is a racist.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinMy new shirt @given2tweet this is definition of unstable I don't understand market optimismI've never considered burning a flag as a viable means of protest- until today.18: can I buy a bottle of wine? USA: no that's illegal & irresponsible 18: can I go $50,000 into debt for education? USA: we encourage it
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @odd_jeremy @michaelianblack @RealClearIndie worldwide? Islamic extremism. Nationwide? Christian white supremacy.Trump's HHS pick will take health insurance from millions of poor people. The flag tweet is not today's big story.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinAmerica is gonna be so great you guys
@GregJohnsMLB yuck @foswi @rushtonjdr your thoughts on putin lately have been spot on I'm afraid, and we won't see it for a few years @foswi @rushtonjdr we're all just kinda stupid I'm afraidhe probably still lost the electoral college @rushtonjdr I think some will realize it, but a lot will dig their heels in even deeper, and their the ones to watch out for, @given2tweet the best part are the several popular twitter accounts of highschool trump fans who have got to be super jealous now @NeilTurner_ @realDonaldTrump how pissed off are you that he retweeted some other 16 year old troll and not you?? You've tried for so long! @given2tweet this is it isn't itCompletely alienated. I get the anger. I get the violent rhetoric. I get why you could think violent thoughts against a person u think evilAnd think "wtf" are these people? This is alien to me. I feel that way now. I see pro putin blogs, white america, evangelicalism, and I feelI think we're feeling what the rural south has felt for years. Alienation from the prevailing political winds. They see gays, blacks, (cont) @given2tweet high blood pressure? That would kill meCan you imagine how deformed this guys dick must be? I'm ready for a west coast split off. I think MA/NY would want to come too. We'll control >80% of all GDP and be able to govern ourselvesTrump vows to reopen every single Blockbuster Video Obama closed.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinI don't support a recount of votes. I do support an investigation into third party claims that Russian hackers directly changed vote totals @monkiman yeah 😒