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seminary grad, straight ally, environmental causes, former Christian minister. Now? not so sure. I trade stocks, usually poorly. We will hunt monsters

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@patriotas1600 your twitter profile says you support less govt interference yet you support trump as he bans marijuana and bathroom rights.The Russia cover-up story & the media lock-out story are the same story. Administration is hunkering down for the scandal that will end it.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinThis x1000 @carlvath @CNBCnow I dunno I just figured you were an anti muslim anti catholic derp a derp based on your comment about fake news @carlvath @CNBCnow I'm with you I'm just glad he's finally getting rid of Muslims and Christians. Bout time @carlvath @CNBCnow lol nice troll work @CNBCnow a good way to start your presidency is to ban media from reporting on what you do @CarmineSabia @PeterHamby I think the obvious conclusion was that trump supporters there don't realize why they shouldn't wave that flagHe's implying that dark people came to Paris and ruined it and now we can't let dark people ruin the US too. What a… is insane who are these people?
@rushtonjdr insanityAmerica: "You mean the people I voted for are going to do what they said they would do? Well I never would have voted 4 them had I known!" @given2tweet those eyes!Thinking of Sophie Scholl, who was executed on this day in 1943 for leading student resistance against Hitler. She…
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @CNBC I'm guessing he does it by spending his retirement money now since he'll be dead by 50 @senatormcdaniel hey I remember you at William Carey, the guy with lots of gay porn on his laptop. You still doing that in secret?I'm sure Vicente Fox is a great guy but this twitter headline photo he has is a bit strange @bitchyologist but those emails
@Caitlyn_Jenner how'd that work out for ya? Your boy trump just shit on all of us @KIRO7Seattle seriously? What a coward.Doesn't matter if it's a high school or a Moscow hotel suite: this guy just likes telling people where to pee.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @talktoskirt no no I heard these are all Soros paid protesters and #pizzagate operativesAlmost 50% of trans kids attempt suicide and the president for no reason, just made their lives even harder. But those damn emails...
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @keithlaw yep. Fuck that racist shitty flagSince the ACA was passed in March 2010, the U.S. private sector has gained 15M jobs and set a record for consecutiv…
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @KevinShorey @BransonMill @ExploreBranson Kevin can you please speak out against the evil abuses happening by Trump against Christians?Cool infographic Brady but lol @RussianBear I spent some months in Kyrgyzstan and a few forays into Kazakhstan. All I remember was eating lots of horse and goat.#MAGA
@jowrotethis can tv include porns? Because hooooooo boy @shanehall31 so...your top 3-4 hitters have 8-9 at bats a game and everyone else hits 1-2 times? That's stupid.I uncle so hard ain't mincing words.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @CNBC why include that these particular comments were a year old? He's filth @maisonwithapen @cloudypianos is it weird if this turns me on?Please retweet
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @given2tweet Craziest line of the article: "Shkrelli is famous for doxxing noted cult leader and dog lover, twitter celebrity Matt Rosen"6. Milo, and its because hes gay. I think its proof that you better be careful who you join up with. They tossed him aside so quick.5. If I am Milo I would be so mad that predisdent Trump did and said way worse and conservatives haven't turned on him, yet they turn on4. sexually assaulting people. Trump has been accused of assault. He goes to dressing rooms. There are whispers of child trafficking.3. age of consent. He was right to be criticized. HOWEVER, he didn't actually sexually assault anyone. President Trump bragged about2. He said he was assaulted and talked about it being "not a bad thing". This was dangerous because it excused pedophilia and questioned the1. I hate Milo with the passion of a thousand suns and I don't feel bad for him at all. HOWEVER, if I am him I would be so angry and hurt..@EliotHiggins New accounts, thousands of tweets a month, same pinned tweet... Botnet.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @talktoskirt agreed, I don't think we have any room to judge how someone looks when they're trying to work outUmmm...the theology in this question is showing a drasticly uneducated bent @given2tweet congrats!As a @Mariners fan this is odd to see @Alextr0magnetic @MarkRuffalo he labeled himself this. He said women should be beaten and Muslims should be shot. Fuck him. @Palmetto_Joe @CNBC Chelsea could be like "well outside of Obama my dad oversaw the greatest economic growth in 60 years, bitch" lol 😂
@leloveluck @myfox8 Jesus Christ @megrowler he looks like every New Jersey trope! neck and a fresh tan it's like if Donald trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger mated"Ok here's how it goes down...keep the plan but change the name to "Jesus wonderbread care"'m shopping at Trader Joe's without yoga pants OR a reusable shopping bag. I might get banned wish me luck @given2tweet his stuff has been really great lately @YourAnonCentral what are they hoping to learn? A well reasoned argument for why Muslims aren't really people and women shouldn't work? @DBDude @bdgrabinski @GIJoter @andybankertv @KPLR11 @FOX2now do you really believe that? Trump encourages this. Obama hated it.I'd make a snarky comment about making America great again but honestly this might be what they meant troubling as Milo's remarks were (and they were troubling), they were way more mild than everything else he says constantly.This is astonishing. world can be dark and terrifying but at least we have pho.'ve never noticed this hopefully people had access to eat delicious Swedish Fish mine. Creator cropped out for their safety - Reposting (with permission) because it's fantastic:
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin @PFF have...have they watched the Texans?Its now been a week and still no resolution to my terrible customer service from @VirginAmerica. So disappointed with this-usually a good Co @AP that's it, better use this to round up all Mexicans, Jews, women, blacks and Muslims and ban them all. We need to be safe. 😒Wait...he'll pay to send me to Sweden? @MegaraFurie it's really easy to buy .edu emails on the open market. Scammers buy them by the thousand. I bet this isn't a student. @keithlaw @CPAC "hey we were ok with you saying women and Muslims were the two greatest threats to America, but this is too far" lol @jgdeporre1 @CGAdamo @DineshDSouza are you more excited for him to target Mexicans, Jews or baptists? Which will be next?!Finally a glory hole that's the right size, AMIRIGHT?! @SmericssimmEric @HouseGOP lol good luck with that. It's ok snowflake basic economics and math are hard. You have a safe place for idiots 😉 @SmericssimmEric @HouseGOP yep. He's already cost you more in taxpayer money for security detail having 3 homes than obama in 11 months 😂 @CNBC look at the pic they chose. Intentionally made to make dumber readers think "oh man that guys pissed, he shouldn't have protested!" @SmericssimmEric @HouseGOP lol you're still glad? How's that third weekend of taxpayer golf vacations in a row working out for you? @CNBC I came here to read the "good these people should be fired for standing up for Christians and Muslims" comments. I was not disappoint