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Roving reporter Arabic Al Aan TV. I mainly report on Middle East topics. Specialized in checking garbage bins for secret documents &ISIS laptops. Horse Rider.

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Good morning from #Mosul #Mosul2019 #morning #bike #Mosulgraphy
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@hxhassan @guardian Yes I saw. The mistake is in the translation. @hxhassan @guardian I am sure you mean 80 thousand and not 800 thousand. They should correct the translation in the… Furqan, top media house of the Islamic State, announcing a release soon. I'd be curious about something more sub…
Retweeted by Jenan MoussaOil prices jump 20% after attacks halve Saudi output
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There were rumours at one point that Hamza Bin Laden may have made it to Syria. That seems not accurate. Accordin… @RuwaydaMustafah @amazon @MhdSoza @Hanar_Marouf @ZanganaLana @almudarsmustafa @RawaJelizada1 @KareemDizaye
@MayssounAzzam شكرا ميسون. كل الحب ❤Iraq has issued life imprisonment for a female ISIS member who helped the group develop chemical &biological weapon… U.S. State Department has announced rewards of up to $5 million each for information concerning 3 al-Qaeda lead… @emanmohammedD @akhbar 😢
@OS26 @akhbar الله يرحمها 😢 @RNatourious @akhbar I am also so appalled. Can't agree more.They wanted to control her body when she was alive. And they want to control her body now that she is dead. Res…, the family killed their own daughter in name of "honor". And now I'm reading the leaked autopsy report. It… @ascia @meseoulkool Congratulations Ascia 👍 @marklowen @zeynep_erdim She is great 😍
12/ Omaima told Germany embassy in Ankara she married a Syrian guy &was pregnant. Yet another lie. Pics from her… At German embassy, Omaima claims ex-husband took her & children to #Syria without her knowledge. Total lie. A… Interesting thread by German reporter @FlorianFlade with extra info on Omaima. Turns out that after her ISIS t…برأيك، إلى أي حد #تنظيم_القاعدة قريب من الأفول التام؟ #أفول_القاعدة #إفلاس_الظواهري
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa @MosulEye @DailyMailUK Tell them, tell them!She probably would have remained successfully free in Germany if not for tenacious reporting by our friends…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa @jenanmoussa @HaraldDoornbos Just because they are women does not mean they were not aware of and participating in…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa @IbraNaber @LennartPfahler Shokran ya Ibrahim 🙏 ممنونتكما مدى قوة القاعدة منذ موت #بن_لادن؟ #إفلاس_الظواهري #أفول_القاعدة
Retweeted by Jenan MoussaEn av ISIS-topparna, Omaima A. återvände till Tyskland, tog av sig sin niqab, levde ett normalt liv. En prisbelönt…
Retweeted by Jenan MoussaLarge scale anti-ISIS police operation against 16 locations in northern Germany, also in Hamburg. "Polizei und Sta… @AlbertoMiguelF5 Thank you for always supporting my work 🙏 @wezafabregas شكرا معتز على اهتمامك ومشاركتك لتقريري. @LennartPfahler @IbraNaber Thank you Lennart. I follow Ibrahim's work too and learn from him.9/ "Die Bundesanwaltschaft bekam offenbar erst genügend Material für den Antrag auf einen Haftbefehl, als die liban… Thank you @welt:
@alsharq I wonder why my name is not mentioned in the story then! @jenanmoussa Germany's best-selling tabloid in Europe @BILD even managed to completely omit the story that led to h…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa7/ pffff. "The lost phone fell into hands of an Arabic journalist who passed it on to a Dubai-based TV channel who… Why is it difficult for some media to give proper credits in case of an exclusive story? Very annoying. No this… In case you forgot the details about ISIS supporter Omaima A. and her lost telephone in Syria, do check out my e… Here a video of the arrest of Omaima A. yesterday in Hamburg. Video via @ndr. For those who don't speak German, google translate does miracles. ISIS supporter Omaima A. was yesterday arrested in the city of Hamburg, 5 months after my exclusive report on he… een ontwikkeling! Bijna 5 maanden nadat @jenanmoussa en ik onthulden dat Duitse Omaima bij #IS in Syrie zat en…
Retweeted by Jenan MoussaMan sollte nicht vergessen, dass es die tolle Recherchearbeit der libanesischen Journalistin Jenan Moussa war, die…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa @susa7170 Thank you Susana 🙏1/ Here with English subs. I got the phone content of top German #ISIS widow Omaima Abdi. 1000s of pics show she…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa1- Five months after my exclusive story aired on @alaantv about #ISIS supporter Omaima A. and her lost Syrian phone…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussaبعد أشهر من نشر قصة حصرية لجنان موسى @jenanmoussa على تلفزيون الآن حول أميمة إحدى مؤيدي #داعش في #سوريا وهاتفها ال…
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1- Five months after my exclusive story aired on @alaantv about #ISIS supporter Omaima A. and her lost Syrian phone…
I just voted for this initiative and I hope you can support them too. 👇
“When the Islamic State comes back, I will put your head on one of these poles,” an ISIS wife shouted at an SDF gua…
@seginusnews2015 👏👏👏Why do holidays have to come to an end? #Hvar #Croatia is the 1st foreign ISIS jihadist who doesn't want to go back home. Why? Well, during interview he says: Sure,… Bulletproof backpacks and now this. 😳
Everytime I need inspiration, I read this. should all learn from this. Ethiopia planted 350 million trees in 12 hours to fight climate change. @BonkersLebanese It's a coping mechanism.Lebanese memes, U've got to love them. 😂😂😂 This guy parked his car and left this note inside: "Its not booby trapp…
If every Westerner who caught a £20 quid Ryan Air flight to somewhere foreign stopped acting like they were on a ci…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa @HughNaylor @JShukaili @marwanmatni Very true. 😥How nice. Volunteers in #Benghazi cleaned the Corniche of the city. Each one of us can contribute to make our cit… claim to have many enemies. But aren't we ourselves our biggest enemy? If most young Arabs want to leave abroad…
@Samir_Madani Where exactly? Beautiful country.No filter. #Hvar #Croatia @_modroplavo Like what? @MataGabry R these lavender fields? How beautiful!Ready to go after breaking news on the Croatian island of #Hvar. 😃 Until now, I've discovered picturesque villages…
In Dalmatia, a Dalmatian dog. Havent spotted the other 100 yet...
she even "influences" the weather @murad_ismael @YazdaOrg Good luck Murad.In 2015, Lebanese car mechanic, who is a Christian, repaired ISIS vehicles. He wasn’t ISIS member but group paid hi…
How tragic! Body of Iraqi migrant who tried to swim to Britain found off Belgium. The 48-year-old man was wearin…
قامت موفدة أخبار الآن، #جنان_موسى، بنشر فيديو لتمثيلية أعدتها شابة تحاول من خلالها التوعية ضد العنف الأسري. يتيميز…
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@carolinerichmnd Sending you love ❤ @PinkiBl0 Much love to both of you ❤ @najkassem
@HuberMargarethe Exactly. Thanks for watching.Also one day we will all regret having allowed all these cameras in our lives.I am actually scared of that term "facial recognition tower". I didnt know something like that exists. 😥 @Shaimaakhalil Very true. Thanks for sharing Shaimaa 😘 @mariemariehb Yes. Very powerful indeed.Context matters. #HongKong
Retweeted by Jenan MoussaWhat a powerful clip to raise awareness about domestic abuse. 💔
@BeresfordJane 🥳How did they make such beautiful things in the past? This Hungarian secession mirror is from 1900.
@DesiMountaineer Same here. @MosulEye I hope I will see u there one day. I'll take u for a tour. @haneenvo And that guy combing his hair 🤔 @AndrewC_Nelson I hope you will fall in love with it. @AriStot40120268 Why not? @HisyarBarzan Ahlan wa sahlanI love these picture from Beirut's Corniche taken by Nabil Ismail. Beirut is really a city for everyone. @adammbaron @RashaAlAqeedi @NYTBen @akhbar No, this is from Beirut. I remember there was one in the past close to AUB somewhere.
@borzou Spoiled spoiled peopleAmazing news. Africa looks set to be declared free of polio – after the World Health Organisation announced the con… threatens Europe. "We're holding thousands of ISIS fighters right now. And Europe has to take them. And if Eu…
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa @ayahsupreme This is beautiful. ❤❤❤When me and mama be missing Sudan too much on Eid day #Sudan
Retweeted by Jenan Moussa @RashaAlAqeedi @NYTBen @akhbar boos elwawa instead of inta omri