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Jeremy Lambert @Jeremy_Lambert Los Angeles, CA / Bowie, MD

Writer. GOOSEBUMPS- @IDWPublishing. Assists on DOOM PATROL- @DCComics. Head of Production @ Breakwater Studios. Used to cast extras. jeremyfranklambert(@)gmail

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@sarahgaydos Definitely!! To the email! @sarahgaydos to snap a few photos during our staff visit last weekend to Otto’s home library—probably the best private c…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertIn all seriousness, as a sufferer of night terrors and a fellow oddball, I really love this character and she means… @NitrateDiva I would like to send encouragement instead, if that's okay?Fight me @JaneEspenson @ROWAN_MACLEAN Oh my god, AMAZING!
@Jody_Houser @JaneEspenson 👍👍 @JaneEspenson Hell yes!Dorothy Spinner is my favorite superhero and she is the most powerful member of the Doom Patrol. Thank you for yo… else can I go to get such amazing burritos, chips, and back to back to back Sade hits? @jannazagari This is the worst! @mikezagari @jannazagari Agh! I'm heartbroken!My... my favorite restaurant 😔
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertJet Lag @ Berat, Albania was incredible. The adaptation of my dreams.
@StuckInTheIV @HeatherAntos @kierongillen Just be glad we're not in that store with you *Kieron and Jeremy sing,… @HeatherAntos @kierongillen @StuckInTheIV YAAAAAAAASSSSS BUGS
@HeatherAntos @kierongillen YES! (BTW, pink and white is a totally valid paint color scheme)Hey, why all this chatter about Rod Rosenstein -- ohhhhhhhhhh.
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertGillian Anderson and Lily James confirmed to star in All About Eve with music from PJ Harvey…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @cavanscott Pack a bag within your bag. Trust me. @cavanscott GET READYSneak peek of #doompatrol 12! Inks by me, colours by the phenomenal @TBonvillain!
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Today on @ReadingGPodcast, I got to geek out about metal with @grady_hendrix and learned from @breagrant why my anx…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert✨😍✨ BIG NEWS 😱 The official Halloween ComicFest Store Locator is live! Find out which local comic shops are partic…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertSometimes you end up in really weird situations when you do something to cure your boredom 😅 In the case of Mia and…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @tomfowlerbug Ah man, best of luck with this! @DialHForHagai Oh my god, me too. This is fantastic.HOLY SHIT! As one of the many completely obsessed Buffy fans, it's so damn exciting to see @J9Schaefer (odds-on favorite… 19.09.18 BEN CHATWIN | Drone Signals Ostensibly a companion album to ‘Staccato Signals’, this is…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @sarahgaydos Me too! Ha, it's just a silly goodreads review.
The only dude in Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight is Slappy, and he's a dummy. Sorry, I couldn't resist that either list. you read one thing today, read "True Crime" by M. Rickert in @NightmareMag. Devastating, harrowing, true.…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @mink_ette Oh my god this is BRILLIANT @dommessier @LolaPlusG Doom Patrol lives! Keep an eye out in October...Suburbs at Night by Spanish Painter Alberto Ortega
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @mink_ette Ahhhh I actually haven't!!! Ha, thank you! @DanielDKraus Amazing! And Jóhannsson is a treasure. Loving the new Mandy score. RIP. @malloryomeara It’s fantastic. Valancourt Books has been putting out some great editions. @malloryomeara Another McDowell book, Cold Moon Over Babylon!GOOSEBUMPS! For FREE! Issue 1 of Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight is one of this years Halloween ComicFest books! G… also act like little time capsules.I used to think starting a new notebook for each project that's gained traction was a bit of a waste, but honestly,… to a screenplay after not looking at it in over 2 years. Ninth draft, here we go.
It's almost heeeeere! 💚💚💚 freshly-inked page from TWO DEAD has joined my own personal list of my all-time fave pages. I’ve been waiting…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertHigher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ @CaptainMarvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertLook Mom, I’m a superhero. #CaptainMarvel
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert👀 my #Frazetta on for #doompatrol issue 12...!
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THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER (2015) DP: Julie Kirkwood Director: Oz Perkins More Shots:
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THIS IS IT! My dream @DCComics project has finally been announced! The #comics project we have been secretly worki…
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My son’s high school research project is on representation of Black folks in comic books. Would love to connect him…
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Happy birthday to my fave, my spooky Goosebumps editor, the one and only @sarahgaydos! 💚💚💚
Berat, Albania the UK work folk, my new book with Stephanie Hans and Clayton Cowles was announced yesterday. Out December. "Go…
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Off to Albania! Maybe while I’m there, I’ll find out what REALLY happened with Bertha Jorkins. Which forest are we… images: Image Comics' new series 'Die' takes fantasy and gaming into new realms
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @FriendlessMean Ah yeah! I lucked out and saw the Criterion edition. I'm so intrigued by every song's lyrics, haha.The first page of FRANKENSTEIN, in Mary Shelley’s own handwriting. via @openculture and
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambertzoom in on the syrup
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So, I watched a gorgeous film titled THE LURE last night 🧐🤯😐🤮🤭😍😭😵 a shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertFans of YA/queer horror! Yomorrow is the last day to preorder @IDWPublishing’ GOOSEBUMPS: DOWNLOAD AND DIE HC? (HC…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertSlashbaaaaaaack John Atkinson Grimshaw Lights in the Harbour, Scarborough 1879 Oil on Canvas (Scarborough Art Gallery)…
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One second from every scene in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertNot to mention Ben's next album, Drone Signals, will be released in less than a week. So excited.Lovers of ambient/classical/dark/drone/damn good music unite, @Talvihorros's latest album Staccato Signals is beyon… @thalestral @lynzway New adventure for the Squirrel Quest LogOutstanding cinematic album of heartfelt poignancy by Ben Chatwin on @V_G_Recordings
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertDelighted to announce my second album of the year 'Drone Signals' will be released on the 14th September on…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertGo go go! at all the atmosphere @COLORnMATT added to this panel. What a nice man he is. (The Wicked and the Divine 1373)
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Retweeted by Jeremy LambertListening to this score again. I think THE MONSTER is a great horror movie. Extremely underrated creature feature t… told Siri to remind me to order a "Thorgrim Grudgebearer" mini today, and Siri has the much better name of "Door… Shard of Narsil Glass of Lagavulin Warhammer Miniature Piece of Black Licorice Any Harry Potter Book @kierongillen BRING YER RATS @kierongillen YAS! If I had a table I'd be bringing my warhammer minis, damn it.
George Papadopoulos will be sentenced today. So, if you're keeping score at home: Trump's Lawyer: Felon Trump's Ca…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertAlso I'm right down the row from @DarkHorseComics. They have *free* ashcans of #umbrellaacademy. I'll happily sign…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertOkay, I LIVED IN A CLOWN MOTEL is now available on Kindle. If you want one. It's $6.50. Please rate it and review i…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertCan you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body?
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertEveryone can stop looking the best twitter exchange of 2018 has been found 🙏🏻
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @xtop Whaaaat, to hell with this. Fool didn't even go on an insane mystery hunt to the middle of nowhere and Perisc… haven't listened to this soundtrack in ages and holy shit did I forget about that 1:09 mark.
Happiest of birthdays to the marvelous @thejimgibbons!Hellboy commission!
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertBLACKBIRD on the LA Times today with some exclusive never before seen interior pages 😘 issu…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertThis looks amazing. The quality of the @foliosociety books is stunning, and @ramseycampbell1 is the best guide to…
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I've been excited for this book for what feels like forever & it's finally out. It's funny and visceral and moving…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert⚔️Holy moly Another Castle won a 2018 Joe Shuster Award! WOW! That's seriously amazing. Thank you!…
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