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Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @Jeremy_Lambert Los Angeles, CA / Bowie, MD

Writer. Currently GOOSEBUMPS for @IDWPublishing. Samwise Gamgee to Gerard Way & Team DOOM PATROL. I used to cast extras. jeremyfranklambert(@)gmail

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@jonrog1 Hell yes.Kelly is wonderful!! @thesteveorlando @thirdeyecomics @gerardway @ThamesOyster That's a damn good spot, my friend.
@GermaricanMix Mayyyyybe @malloryomeara This is the BEEEEESSSSTThey linked to @ivynoelle's ko-fi for donating to their displaced-by-fire fund! @comicsbeat is a class act. ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCI always wanted to be a tree after I died. But please, for the love of all that is unholy, bury me in a nice, scary… #NCBD to #DCYoungAnimal and #DCComics fans alike! Be sure to pick up your copy of #MILKWARS PART THREE, featu…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @J9Schaefer It's just so good. So GOOD. That first fake is so convincing it lines everything else up ✨✨✨ @ReadingGPodcast @breagrant @malloryomeara Dark magic!
Y'all. The dangles. THE DANGLES. @ElusiveJ @xtop What! Yay! This is awesome!! @ElusiveJ @wastedwings @TerryBlas @bookswpictures ❤️ @pauljholden @TheBigBang_ Yay!!!💖💖💖 PSA/General Reminder that the Artist Alley at #ECCC is on the top level of the convention hall! There are a few…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCHi. We can finally talk about my two new Image books - CROWDED and SHANGHAI RED.
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCCat’s out of the bag! BLACKBIRD coming to you from me and @samhumphries via @ImageComics in October 2018. Magic and…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @CiciAndersen contributor @CJPendragon reviews Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight #3 by @Jeremy_Lambert @ChrisFenoglio and…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @ZarionKreena This is wonderful, thank you so much! It really means a lot to get a note like this, I really appreci…
Had an amazing opportunity to do a cover for Bombshells United #17!! On sale May 2! 💪💥👊⭐️
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @carabahniuk *whispers* @J9Schaefer, don't kill me, but @RandyS0725 @RL_Stine Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)Tomorrow DEADPOOL VS OLD MAN LOGAN #5, the final issue of the miniseries is in stores. This series was an absolute…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC✨😍✨ pitches pitches
💖 "FUGG!" 💖 doesn’t show polls and I thought this was the second creepiest short story I saw on twitter today.
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @thisquietcity @GermaricanMix YOU MUST CHOOOOOOOSE @thisquietcity This afterlife is unforgiving.😱 perish. You awaken. There are 4 doors in front of you, a word carved in each. You must choose. @HeatherAntos Ugh, chance* @thesteveorlando @derek_charm @HeatherAntos (Any change you'll be at ECCC, Wondercon, or SDCC? I'm gonna see if I can make it to NYCC for the first time, too!)I did the super awesome Horror Talk podcast with @JamesFerguson talking about Goosebumps! Give it a listen!!! :D
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCAnother awesome review of Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight!!! :D
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCWho else was obsessed with this 1997 masterpiece?😍
@ROWAN_MACLEAN @bigwormy I get to fulfill my dreams of being Gotrek @bigwormy Oh shit, I didn't!! 😍
Doom Patrol/JLA #1 the “MILK WARS” finale! in stores Feb 28 @thesteveorlando @gerardway @daleeaglesham
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @ROWAN_MACLEAN Ah, yes. The Painter's Demise.You had me at Dark Jazz.
2018 @tomfowlerbug Aye Aye! @tomfowlerbug Ooooh, that's next up on my watch list!'s getting closer! i'll be doing panels and portfolio reviews and i'd love to see you there! @NC_Comicon
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @WarlordGuymer HELL YES, REALMSLAYER! gives us a striking new black and white #Batman and #Joker (Exclusive)
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC
Don't forget to check this out! Its a great read and a little spooky scream of a time! Recommend this book to all a…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @3cheersforpizza Thank you so much for picking them all up! All of the photos and support mean so much to us! Thank you! 💚Thanks so much for the awesome review of Goosebumps #3, @Comicsthegather! 💜💚💜 for today's big announcement, I'M GOING TO BE WRITING DOCTOR WHO!!! More specifically, the adventures of the Th…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @Jody_Houser @ComicsTitan @RachaelAtWork @ErenAngiolini @THR Congrats Jody!Our Top 5 Pulls for NEW COMIC BOOK DAY include #Goosebumps Monsters at Midnight Issue 3 "Re…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCSAY CHEESE AND BUY! 🖤💀🖤 WEEK! Myself, @pauljholden and @dearbhlala will be signing copies of JAMES BOND: M at @TheBigBang_ from 7PM. D…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCC @JSolis82 @ChrisFenoglio @br_peer @IDWPublishing @VillainMediaCom Thank you Jorge! 😊My 5 Reasons To Get @Jeremy_Lambert, @ChrisFenoglio, @br_peer's 'Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight #3' (…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCThe sisters are safe & sound in their beds Their nightmares a folly, it’s all in their heads Now wait, I hear somet… @IanAlekzander @ImageComics @JeffLoveness @sarahvictoriav @leiladelduca @ChrisFenoglio @br_peer This is awesome, thank you so much!My TOP @ImageComics/#Indie Picks, Feb. 14th, 2018: 😈 #Judas by @JeffLoveness, #JakubRebelka ⚔️ #Sleepless by…
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#MilkWars continues this #NCBD from #dccomics and #dcyounganimal! #WonderWoman/#Shade by @misscecil @Mirkand
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCDrew's Goosebumps #3 cover is AMAZING and I could die happy right this minute... If I wasn't already dead. Whoop… GOOSEBUMPS: MONSTERS AT MIDNIGHT #3 @Jeremy_Lambert @ChrisFenoglio @IDWPublishing #comics
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCUh, @J9Schaefer, did you see this snipe? @oheysteenz Ahhh, awesome! Congrats!GOOSEBUMPS: MONSTERS AT MIDNIGHT #3 out tomorrow! The final issue...will the sisters Ferreiro escape Horrorland?! 💜… book is tons of fun and is definitely worth a read. Prepare for scares tomorrow!
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCGodspeed. ! I'm Alexa Sharpe, a biracial Filipino American Illustrator. I specialize in book art- writing and i…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCHey #VisibleWomen I'm Marley, and I'm a comic artist. Currently on Shade the Changing Woman at DC/Young Animal. I l…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCMy name is Jen Vaughn - I like to draw skulls and things that smash them. Cover artist, comic writer and artist! 💀…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ ECCCGUYS! My third (and final) issue of #Goosebumps comes out TOMORROW! I had such a great time working on this with…
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