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Jeremy Lambert @Jeremy_Lambert Los Angeles, CA / Bowie, MD

Writer of GOOSEBUMPS for @IDWPublishing. NIGHT LIGHT reader. Painter of miniatures. I cast all your favorite extras.

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It's #NCBD and there's another kind of DOOM you should check out, a DOOM PATROL. #9 from #DCYoungAnimal released to…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @WarlordGuymer @ChildofFang @Xisor I'll sound the trumpets @Jody_Houser @ChrisFenoglio @Ben_Abernathy Bit of a late addition here, but I'll second that Chris is wonderful to work with!
Hold the're telling me Gotrek Gurnisson is ALIVE?! Well, of course he is. Not like the end of the world could stop him, anyway. @WarlordGuymer @Xisor @ChildofFang Hold on...I'm just catching up on all things Weekender. There's...there's more Gotrek?! @WarlordGuymer Wait, where can I read this?! @MeganEngiNerd how do you buy just one christmas gift for a toddler? My amazon wish list is now 9 pages long. Everything is cute, what the heck @EiffelArt HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!Ticket acquired! Fishman suit...not acquired yet. You there! Lemme borrow your flippers, this is very important. @NotLikeFreddy I love this @TiniHoward Yes, thank you, thank you @ROWAN_MACLEAN @thisquietcity @bigwormy They're up to their usual dirty tricks, I bet. I bet these beans all just taste like bananas.And now it's time for my favorite thing: process shots! From my Goosebumps variant cover for @IDWPublishing.…
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@TheJenya @sarahgaydos @No_Nami @lokhelle Haha, I'm so excited for the book! @sarahgaydos @No_Nami @TheJenya @lokhelle This is amaziiiiing!SO EXCITED! @sarahgaydos + I had the pleasure of working with @No_Nami who killed it on the Goosebumps variant cove…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @jp_jordan @olliemasters @dearbhlala @AdlaiM @whoajordie @nellucnhoj @HassanOE I love you all and you're all amazing @AdlaiM @olliemasters @dearbhlala @whoajordie @nellucnhoj @jp_jordan @HassanOE
#NowReading @mizuki_hana2 Absolutely! @mizuki_hana2 Not strictly Marvel by any means but haven't enjoyed the current DC flicks, Wonder Woman excluded of… Thor: Ragnarok is astoundingly good and you all already know this but I finally got to see it last night, thank… @olliemasters @AdlaiM @jp_jordan @nellucnhoj @dearbhlala @HassanOE Hahaha so FAST @AdlaiM @olliemasters @jp_jordan @nellucnhoj @dearbhlala @HassanOE @olliemasters @jp_jordan @nellucnhoj @dearbhlala @AdlaiM @HassanOE HEY GUYS, GUYS, I GOT THE DV- @olliemasters @dearbhlala @jp_jordan Ollie saves the day! @dearbhlala @jp_jordan @COLORnMATT Amazing, man! @dearbhlala @jp_jordan As a spoiled American I feel like I need to show up in Ireland like Tony but with a ton of P… @fxvoriteliar Hi! You're great too!
Dungeonquest just got way too real @GWayEastCoastST I've got a squad?!Have a wonderful night, everyone! @matthewdowsmith @TheHorrorMaster I listened to them a bunch when I was at USC and I would always be looking for al… @matthewdowsmith @TheHorrorMaster Those commentaries are wonderful.Dark horse loves us and wants more if we can make $$$$$ I'm just saying holidays are coming up 😘
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertA day may come when I finish painting this set of the Fellowship, the Big Bad Cave Troll, and his gobbo friends...b… @thisquietcity @ROWAN_MACLEAN @bigwormy NO
@pauljholden @tomfowlerbug Y'all are some real good Wizard Dads @tomfowlerbug This is incredible! @moriarteas Me too me toooooooo @moriarteas One of the best scenes ever! @pencey_preppin Doesn't sound like a very good friend to me, I'm so sorry he did that. Try to remember that you don… @pencey_preppin Of course I'll be your friend!i think that my favorite thing to happen in art history is when a guy made a lucifer statue that was too hot for ch…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @pencey_preppin Thank you so much!!Let's write some comics 🤓👍 @pencey_preppin First off, that box is a sham. My trick is to write "SEE BACK" and then write the longest run-on se… and scary as hell. have stopped for the night. Temporary victory, The Stop Police. Temporary. See you tomorrow.
Been writing since 10 am and you can't stop me. You can't stop me, I'm a machine. Go away, The Stop Police. I refuse to stop.If a DC superhero & a Marvel superhero can work together, maybe America can too. I mean, anything is possible🙅🏻‍♀️…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @edgarwright That, and then searching the floor for an hour with only one working contact, just to make sure the ot… @ChrisFenoglio 😭❤️ @thisquietcity Haha, yay! It's so fun!
2017 @NotLikeFreddy MALAKAIIIIIIIIIIIII (excellent list) @NotLikeFreddy Warhammer heroesCheck out #MILKWARS coming in January from ME, @gerardway @Jody_Houser @misscecil @JonRivera, ACO, Ty Templeton,…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @thatartzygirl ForeverrrrrrKeep a sharpie in that board game box so you can write winners and high scores on the inside of it like an arcade game 👍Hello my friends. There is no easy way to put this out there. This is my sister Becky. Since two years ago, everyt…
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@gregpak Every single one of these is amazing!The moment @SenatorWong heard the majority of Australians said 'Yes' to same-sex marriage. #ssm2017
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertPumpkins still in the house and I'm shopping for your christmas gifts @jennyneedstorun The kind that are always full and never ever coldTake me there is a questionable sketch of @Jeremy_Lambert on the reading raincloud that I did because I was bored oops
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @ryleviro I love this!! I want to live on the reading raincloud!Lisbon! Produced this short for Breakwater Studios. Hope you enjoy it! @DiaFramps Of course! It's wonderful. Plus, gelato shops all over the place right friends vs me
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @TheJenya This is amazing @DiaFramps This museum was amazing! Plenty of artifacts, handwritten letters, etc from John Keats and Mary Shelley.… @TheJenya Happy birthday!
@moriarteas Yeah. And we had so many stand ins/photo doubles. There's a video floating around out there where we li…'s all here