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Jeremy Lambert @Jeremy_Lambert Los Angeles, CA / Bowie, MD

Writer. GOOSEBUMPS for @IDWPublishing. Assists on DOOM PATROL. Head of Production at Breakwater Studios. I used to cast extras. jeremyfranklambert(@)gmail

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Late to the party, but so damn happy to be here. Brilliant. @EiffelArt 😍😍😍Driftwood sculptures by Japanese artist Nagato Iwasaki
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertAmazing tracking shot from Wings, filmed in 1927
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertBleak House Bookshelves Part 2 Vampire fact and fiction. 1 of 2
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertCoraline is such a fascinating movie in so many ways.Hello, please look at this cute mom. Thank you.
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@virtual_don @J9Schaefer still friends 🤝🤝🤝 (I only cried one time when we toasted) #VegasBorn #ALLCAPS
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @mingdoyle @olliemasters I LOVE THIS!!!The United States is sentencing a gay man to death because they think “a life sentence served in a men’s prison ..…
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@J9Schaefer @DafnaDOOM CIARÁN HINDS IS A LEGEND @NotLikeFreddy @robertjbennett I'm 100% in agreement with that. @IDW_David_M @thrillothechase Paulina ruuuules! @malloryomeara 6!!! You doubled it!Happy Summer Solstice! 🌤️ What better way to celebrate today than a Summer Color! BOOK GIVEAWAY! It's super easy to…
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@thisquietcity This is great, thank you so much!Seriously @malloryomeara That's amazing! @malloryomeara Ah, I haven’t yet, but I think I should!
Wow, how long has it been since I've had new glasses! New glasses! New prescription! I can see! *looks at receipt… have literally had hundreds of people ask me how they can help fight Trump's Family Separation policy. This arti…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertFor all you super queer D&D players
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertIt’s almost as if they didn’t mean it when they said “All Lives Matter”
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertWe finally won a cup and now it feels like the end of Return of the King. When the hell’s our ship to Valinor,… and now Mister Miracle 12. 👋😢
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertJust buy it. del Toro's The Shape of Water illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertYep! REDLANDS will return later this year. Thank you so much for reading and for the kind words!
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambertnew titles announced!
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertA running list of how to help fight family separation at the border: via @slate
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Check it out!! My Editorial Debut at Lion Forge is with this awesome magazine "Rolled & Told"! Indie Comics Imprin…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertThis book is the incredible true story of her life, but also an exploration of why her accomplishments still matter…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertSo many friends with great announcements today! I love this.This is amazing!!! yeah, Jody! Lady from the Black Lagoon is available for pre-order! Holy shit!
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertOrwell: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential comman…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertLaura Bush 👇
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @megsauce Excellent. Been on the to-read shelf for a while and now I think I’ll actually give it a go @ChrisFenoglio *wipes tear* they just grow up so fast! @ROWAN_MACLEAN MORRORRRRRR @ROWAN_MACLEAN I'm so excited for this!!I’m 100% convinced my grandma was the reason Mexico won
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertWHAT @JonRivera Oh duuuuude. I watched Hereditary and then followed it up with Paddington 2.
@ROWAN_MACLEAN @chantalclaret @bigwormy I love this! @jp_jordan @chantalclaret Fair play, JP. Fair play.Stranger: “Excuse me, just wanted to say happy father’s day *hands me gift card* and please, treat your little one… Father’s Day to the best chosen family dad in all the land 😍
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertHell YES, Mexico!!!Burbank! Just left some signed copies of Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight at Barnes & Noble! Now for some In-N-Out...
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertWould anybody want a b&w 5x7 commission tomorrow at Heroes, just a little Sunday special? DM me or talk to me at AA…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertThis is my favorite picture ever
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @franklinleonard I just watched it last week and my fight against happy tears lasted about 1 second. @rayfawkes Tell me you've seen these grave boys @JDBoucher0 I'm so excited for them, definitely building them first!
Just a Witch and his Familiar. Happy Saturday, from Hex & Jer. Photograph by the wonderful @allanamato 😻 preordered! This set looks gorgeous. Those Death models are amazing. And they're all push-fit minis to boot. AND THE BEAST (1991) Dir: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise See IMDb for artist info More Shots:…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertSame hey, @oheysteenz and I have a story in this month's issue of the #Princeless Charity Anthology! We made this way…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertComics are good. Writing is fun. Team Doom Patrol rules. Happy Friday ✌️❤️ @ROWAN_MACLEAN LOVE THIS
FUGGGood-bye to my GOOSEBUMPS: DOWNLOAD AND DIE #3 cover art! You can bid on this bad girl: SUNDAY, JUNE 17TH, 3:30…
Retweeted by Jeremy LambertDon't steal children and keep them in cages. If you decide to steal children and keep them in cages, you are monste…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @TiniHoward Ahhhh congratulations! Can't wait!LA folks, come see me and @ReadingGPodcast July 1st
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @bigwormy @softshellcrabby PARTAYWatched The Greasy Strangler last night and thank goodness @malloryomeara gave us a primer (initiation speech?) bef… set up and ready to go at @DenverComicCon ! Come get free @OniPress goodies and preview some rad advance reader…
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The most successful people I’ve met: 1. Sleep constantly 2. Are picky about food 3. Groom themselves daily 4. Lov…
Retweeted by Jeremy Lambert @PlinaGanucheau Woo! Thanks, Paulina! @PlinaGanucheau Ahhhhhhh! That'd be so fun! I just got a Switch and I only have Zelda so far, so I need to branch out! @PlinaGanucheau I'm SO EXCITEDWould love to see Jóhann Jóhannsson's Fordlandia album become a part of this as well. @jp_jordan DAMN IT, JP