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jfolkmann @jfolkmann Calgary, Canada

Group Strategy Director @criticalmass - strategist,traveller,foody and lover of social media, marketing, digital & advertising.

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Check out how Albertans share #holiday spirit at Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine! #SkiBig3 #MyBanff @GoPro​ #goprotravel
Retweeted by jfolkmannUnicorn Startup Simulator by Toggl | Put your entreprenurial skills to the test - lolz @Elika the test of will. :)#Need Marketing cards against humanity or how short-term tactics are being confused with real strategy by @djc1805
Retweeted by jfolkmannFrightened by Donald Trump? You don’t know the half of it | George Monbiot
👏 Protests do work, even when called "illegal behavior"
Retweeted by jfolkmann. @kevinolearytv seems to be gathering the same sort of racist/bigoted support in Canada that Trump did in US. Don't let it go uncheckedAlec Baldwin Offers to Stop ‘SNL’ Impersonation if Donald Trump Releases Tax Returns
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D.C. punks lit up the façade of the Trump International Hotel with a basically legal, homegrown, historic protest…
Retweeted by jfolkmannCompeting at half time for affordable education seems a bit on the nose....I might have peed a little.... I AM GROOT! @jonathankopp if this bubble has a burgitto, i like the bubbleHow AI and voice interaction may change in 2017 from our own @grantowens: via @VentureBeat
Retweeted by jfolkmannYou should know what you’re dealing with. via @johnklima
Retweeted by jfolkmannThis is the best letter to the editor.
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@heardsy you've been following #trumpcereal?"DNC Statement on Trump’s Foolish Taiwan Call"
Retweeted by jfolkmannEmails everyone. Emails. @darrellwhitelaw love that wallAn intelligence briefing for @realDonaldTrump has a very different meaning than an intelligence briefing for @BarackObama @NOTCOT i wonder if it'll turn gold on inauguration day?Advent calendar for nerdy folks Roosevelt: "Speak softly and carry a big stick" Reagan: "Diplomacy is a subtle and nuanced craft" Trump: "I must have butt-dialed you"
Retweeted by jfolkmanndata love. The Rhythm of Food — by Google News Lab and Truth & Beauty did it again! @djearworm mixes up the best jams of 2016
Retweeted by jfolkmannI introduce to you, The Prez dispenser
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And all that work to figure out how to edit their handles.
Retweeted by jfolkmannLOL, Internet!
Retweeted by jfolkmannThis Children's Hospital Turned Kids' Drawings Into Digital Stickers - Interactive (Slideshow) - Creativity Online…
@danielstein totally agree - but wouldn't put it past them.threats/fear seem to be the way of operating for them. ScaryAn artist transformed a wrecked car into an emoji as an anti texting & driving advertising campaign for Sprint
Retweeted by jfolkmann @danielstein they're also probably setting an example with Kellogg' that other advertisers act in fear, rather than principle @danielstein true - that said by getting their crowd riled up, i'm sure they're hoping that they'll punish Kelloggs with their wallets. @danielstein they've made their world on attacking people @malbonster always funny. fact.Dealing with Trump.He's playing a shell game.Don't focus on what you 'think' he might do.Focus on what he is doing.He wants you distracted.
The look on Romney's face suggests he knows that everyone spit in that food. Multiple times.Forget 'celebrities' and embrace creative talent for influencer marketing, writes Amy Luca of @VisualAmplifier
Retweeted by jfolkmannMy new range of dog toys... TugPullnSniff.Trump has lied about so many things it makes me immediately question...what's the catch on the Carrier deal?Trump voters, artist's impression.
Retweeted by jfolkmann @TBWAChiatLA @TheWebbyAwards is it live streamed somewhere?What retailers can learn from museum apps monetization: Fool's Gold or Viable Business? Via Sid Lee & Medium #innovation #content
Retweeted by jfolkmannThis article went online at 6:49 am. Six minutes later, Trump tweeted on flag burning. Press attention: diverted. M…
Retweeted by jfolkmann @robertlendvai At least you had a chance to get out and ride.Product announcement! Our all new Flip-Disc Display System is the first modular plug-and-play kinetic display.…
Retweeted by jfolkmann @robertlendvai holiday? or work? or both :)Royal Constellations
@clweinfeld something you're involved in? @conradlisco bout timeIs there such thing as a vote of non-confidence in the US? #lazyweb @KrisColvin well he is standing with Bardot :) @RGA THis would make an awesome caption contest. I submit "Show me where the exclamation point is again.. " @RGA *badum tish*I love the new h&m Wes Anderson spot right up to the end - feels like it's missing a part of the story...
The @Snapchat Spectacles rollout almost a perfect PR coupOH Trump supporter: "Trump winning election is like erection lasting more than 4 hrs. It felt good at first, but now I am getting worried."
Retweeted by jfolkmann @thaz7 Shipping only to the US for now. Bah - my daughter would have loved this. We did a similar thing for xmas last year. @BiIIMurray Depends what shape you want to be? Round is still a shape.Why not audit and recount the whole thing? Would make everyone happy, no? @KrisColvin how about @CNN right now? 'trumps latest theory'I won the popular vote if you discount all the people who didn't see my invisible name on the ballot.Better late than never I guess:
Snapchat 10 second talents are my new fave thing.I wonder if the secret service will clean up his Cheerios after his tantrums?The BC Explorer @scottrking right?In other news Trump thinks the recount is a scam.Rather than due process in a democratic society - self funded by people who care. @NOTCOT *takes hand off credit card* @DJ44 @jmspool She didn't just help. She did the code. It was hers. @mhp wow. that's frightening. that said, now Hollywood will make 2 dozen movies so they'll learn the revisionist versions that way ;) @jonathankopp enabling, normalizing, soon m'urica will be discussing changing the laws for a Trump 3rd term.Oh @digg I get you have to pay for stuff - but those horrible YUGE masthead banners like @mashable ruined their site with are terrible.I hope Mitt has the stones to tell Trump where to stick his apology. #trumpistan @KrisColvin They have a whole city of pickles... assassination ever. #CastroThe Best Burgers From Each of the 50 States - I hate their politics, but those southerners make good burgers
The Cards Against Humanity Holiday Hole - thank you CAH, thank you