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Group Strategy Director @criticalmass - strategist,traveller,foody and lover of social media, marketing, digital & advertising.

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@actnormalco I love latest. Any chance you could add more filters, so it's not all Trumpinstein all the time? Science, etc. @KrisColvin got to get this shit through fast before people figure out what happened."my generals"Seems like this is just setting up something terrible.... We had an adorable #FacebookLive #InaugurationDay Puppy Party in NY - via @FastCompany by @dansolomon
Retweeted by jfolkmannWe make the terror.
Retweeted by jfolkmannAmerica you seem a little less America today. Sincerely, The rest of the worldlmao
Retweeted by jfolkmannSpeech made in bullet points.Tiger blood!All that building ... all those taxes....<-----church - state------->This is my president face.
Subtle. This thread photoshop battle of @realDonaldTrump 's official photo is priceless. @MaryamAshoori nice! thanks!Reality check on O'Leary. Thanks @ArleneDickinson #cndpoli
Retweeted by jfolkmannWhen people question the value of philosophy and literature, remember: it's the first thing dictators purge. They seem to know the value.
Retweeted by jfolkmannThe genius poetry of 7 year old boy in my daughter's class. "I farted. It tickled. My butt cheeks. Wiggled." @amritachandra no one will remember them - they will remember the artists @armano ugg.How do I get a #tjbot ?Extreme content warning, but this should make anyone think again about taking a fun selfie at the Holocaust memorial
Retweeted by jfolkmannNote to self. This man is brilliant. Fact.
Retweeted by jfolkmannIt's less a swamp. More muskeg. Looks solid(ish) on top...and then sucks you under. @faris @scottrking have this chat all the time.As a Canadian, it's starts a little more 'we'.....
How Louis CK Tells A Joke has some smart things to say about where the big social platforms might be headed in 2017:
Retweeted by jfolkmann....and here is the @sainsburys spot.... spot for @sainsburys from @W2Optimism -reminds me @Tesco work from a few years ago. editing and type(ish) anyway "The Bunker": Twentieth Century Fox's Futuristic VR Innovation Lab have some huge ass grizzly bears up here. They don't like school though.
@caro I think i won one there once.This is Sundance. He's a doggo drummer. Even sings a bit on the side. 14/10 entertained af (vid by @sweetsundance)
Retweeted by jfolkmannWow. Looks like a great line up. Tickets booked! - All American Ball | 2017 Inauguration vivid photos capturing 'lonely houses' are incredibly beautiful
@scottsinclair he called it.They're coming for you @stefansmith TeamT spin goes something like: we're downsizing inaugural activities because he wants to get to work right away. hahahahahahahahaha
Retweeted by jfolkmannWhite House correspondents dinner should be a doozy this year. @livlab @elreiss that was the fun bit
Retweeted by jfolkmannThe year ahead for digital agencies is set to be Darwinian
Retweeted by jfolkmann8)You'll know you panicked correctly when you can only elect one person.7)The next 4 years will be a test for US institutions.6)Even to the most closed minded, this must not make any sense. Yet there is no discourse...5)Nothing Trump is doing at the moment is in America's best interest.Alienating historical allies at the expense of befriending a Tyrant.4) This US election is fishy. (It's pretty clear that it was compromised.) But lets say for a minute it wasn't.3)...but for protecting their ability to elect anyone else in the future.2) But this feels different. The majority of Dem complaints I see are not for electing @HillaryClinton instead of @realDonaldTrump ...1) Observation: Dems are obviously upset at losing the election. Like any group is when they lose. (see the last 8 years as exhibit A) ...
More Trump inauguration performers announced: - Someone with a triangle. - That guy you knew at camp who could make tunes with his armpit.How to wash a car with a baby. hope @Nicolas_Colin is right. Regardless, this is a fascinating analysis.
Retweeted by jfolkmannCongratulations America, you've elected yourselves a dictator.
Retweeted by jfolkmann1/ To everyone piling on this admittedly silly comment: Remember the literally/seriously distinction the media miss…
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MAGAroni & Cheese Box (Limited Edition Collectors Box) - yes this exists.... new @HamillHimself doing the Trumpjoker. So so good. expect the Trump presidency to usher in creativity in bar drinks will flourish. e.g. The Russian Hangover🎶 🎶 Woah, we're halfway there WOOOAH-OOH
Retweeted by jfolkmannBrilliant. #SlowGolfClap #Resistance
Retweeted by jfolkmannFinally watching Black Mirror. Episode 1 is giving me anxiety.
A nice use of 360 video by the White House.
Retweeted by jfolkmannDigital Disruption and the Wile E Coyote Effect – Building The Agile Business – Medium Daliyah, the 4-year-old girl who has read more than 1,000 books Year in Kickstarter 2016 2016 Annual Report - lovely @Schwartzie14 If you can do that...automatic pass @ifenn @SamsoniteUSA They're a fortune...but they last and we're adults (sorta). Rimowa.
It's all fun and games until someone takes over the power gridThe Most Exciting Camera Rumors of 2017 prayers answered. idiot called them "curly fries" instead of "french revolutions?"
Retweeted by jfolkmannSo email is sent which drives stock price lower so that other company can buy cheaper. How is that not illegal?