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Solo Christo. Ole Miss. Republican. Sr Comms Advisor to Gov. Huckabee. Frmr Exec Dir: HuckPAC & SCGOP. Instagram: @jhogangidley Tweets are my own. #Huckabee2016

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"The worst thing God can do to you is give you over to yourself," Rev. Kevin DeYoung.
Me too man. Babyface is always a go-to. Hope to see you soon. an #OldSchool soulful Saturday night. "Whip Appeal" by @KennyEdmonds a.k.a. Babyface deep heartfelt thanks to all of the security forces involved with the @GOP Convention in #Cleveland. They did amazing work keeping us safeWell now He's just showing off. #GodDidThat"Can we not show Republicans dancing? I can defend Trump & the last 3 days easier than I can defend some of these dance moves" said me #CLE
I appreciate it. @rolandsmartin is the best & his show on @newsone is amazing. 2016
"The other side will say I feel for you. My father...will fight for you," said @IvankaTrump about @realDonaldTrump. @Elaine_Quijano @OmarVillafranca @NomikiKonst @CBSNLive @LeslieSanchez she can't hang.Objects are closer than they appear. Getting ready for @CBSNLive #RNCinCLE coverage. @LeslieSanchez @JHoganGidley
Retweeted by J. Hogan Gidley @dchocolaterose @rolandsmartin ha! It's been James Brown & Jodeci today."Making Cufflinks Great Again" #MySolidSartorialChoice for tonight's @CBSNLive commentary. #RNCinCLE #Cleveland @GOP! Maybe & @rolandsmartin should co-host a show! arrives to @TheQArena in #Cleveland for his walk through. got a feva...& the only prescription is more video chat with @RobinBiundo. appreciate it Marilyn. much next...I'm about to join THE ONE AND ONLY @rolandsmartin on @newsone from #Cleveland."Ted Cruz...put his own ambitions above country...a self-absorbed politician..." Huckabee's scathing @facebook post: ticket for President & Vice President of the United States of America: @realDonaldTrump & @mike_pence
.@mike_pence enters the @TheQArena to accept the nomination for Vice President of the United States. #RNCinCLE #GOP much."We deserve better & we can do better...@realDonaldTrump knows America's greatness is in her people," @IngrahamAngle 3 of the @GOP Convention. I'll bring you a LIVE report at 5 PM on my hometown station @wis10. @DawndyWISTV & I talk news from #TheLand.
Dang...I was bumped from @TrishIntel for this guy??? #HesTheBest cc: @trish_regan @GovMikeHuckabee @FoxBusiness beams in LIVE to #Cleveland from Trump Tower. You're ridiculous but always clever. Great seeing you Weigs. moment @realDonaldTrump became @GOP nominee for President. "Congratulations dad! We love you!" @DonaldJTrumpJr. awesome seat for the @realDonaldTrump nomination tonight in #Cleveland. cc: @CBSNews @CBSNLive much @RobinBiundo @MichaelBiundo me too!Getting ready to go LIVE at 5 PM for my local South Carolina station @wis10 talking to @DawndyWISTV re: #Cleveland to @CBSNLive with @vladduthiersCBS & @SalvantoCBS. Watch here: man! Always appreciate the pocket square dap. to @CBSNLive with @LeslieSanchez & @JoshElliott32. Watch here:
"No room for small thinking. No room for small results. @realDonaldTrump gets things done," said @MELANIATRUMP. #GOP truly means a lot. Ding. Ding. Good job. quiz: One belongs to @vladduthiersCBS One belongs to bobschieffer One belongs to me Any guesses? "shoe game" at the #gopconvention in #Cleveland. to @CBSNLive with THE @bobschieffer & @vladduthiersCBS. Check it out here: #Cleveland from #Cleveland...about to @FoxNews with @K_JeanPierre talking @GOP Convention.
9...9...9 @GOP Convention Hall at @TheQArena. Cleveland, Ohio. into these two amazing people in Cleveland at lunch! cc: @GovMikeHuckabee @janethuckabee @SarahHuckabee @RobinBiundo @MichaelBiundo I would love that! Wish you were here so I could hug your neck. Y'all just need to come back to South Carolina.Now I definitely feel properly welcomed to Cleveland. #TheLand #GOP #gopconvention & others! Busy week for sure. things first before this 4:30 a.m. flight to #TheLand. Thanks @Delta for the vital & free pick-me-up. #coffee
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my long-time dear friend, my some-time travel partner & my all-the-time good for a laugh @janethuckabee.
Thanks much! Enjoyed it & excited about reporting LIVE for @wis10 from #TheLand @wakeamkira DM me.
@TheEss @suzi_kew ha. Clearly!Thanks for the kind words Susan. I love @GovChristie. But yes, it would just be "two Yankees yellin at us." : )
Pretty compelling "before/after" coffee propaganda
This serious-faced #TBT #ThrowbackThursday is when I dressed up as Clark Kent. "Exactly" like a suit he wears right? I was. Thanks!, SC:'s really "a hundred degrees in the shade." #famouslyhot Game for @TrishIntel today: navy pinstripe linen suit, solid white linen tie & pink @Burberry pocket square. I'm about to @FoxBusiness with @TrishIntel, or I'm about to play a life-sized intense touch screen Simon Says'all...@HillaryClinton can't be BOTH the "smartest, most qualified ever" AND "oblivious about a server & deletion of incriminating emails"
Thanks so much man. It's a winning message for sure. Hillary is all about her, we need to be all about "the people." at 7:15 PM EDT: @LeslieSanchez & I talk #HillaryEmails with @Elaine_Quijano. @CBSNLive is #AlwaysOn: ready for some political conversation tonight on @CBSNLive about #HillaryEmails. @LeslieSanchez & I are ready to discuss at 7:15 PM EDT.You're going to hear A LOT more about "Title 18 Section 793 Subsection F" of the federal penal code...& you should:! Have no fear...I'm on @CBSNLive tonight at 7 PM EDT (ish) & you can watch it here:'all, FYI, the Mayor & I might be looks like The President & Hillary are landing in North Carolina now. up at 2:10 PM EDT - I'll @MSNBC with @ThomasARoberts. Mayor Willie Brown & I will discuss #HillaryEmails, #2016, etc."None of these emails should've been on ANY kind of unclassified system," said FBI Dir. Comey about #HillaryEmails.FBI Dir. Comey about #HillaryEmails: "...they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information."
@doryowen @gmstiles3 @amjoyshow thanks much!White of course. @MichaelSteele holds the title for sure! my friend. It's always a pleasure. Fourth Weekend y'all! I'm bringing the red, white & blue ensemble today for @amjoyshow...because, #4thOfJuly.'m pumped! Ready to talk @realDonaldTrump VP picks with @Lis_Smith & @GovHowardDean to @amjoyshow at 10 AM on @MSNBC with THE incomparable @JoyAnnReid. @Lis_Smith @GovHowardDean & I will talk @realDonaldTrump VP picks.
A deadly serious topic via @FoxNews GIDLEY: "Hillary knew Benghazi was a coordinated attack & she lied about it."
During the attack Hillary chose to discuss messaging instead of Americans & politics instead of people. Just gross up at 1PM EDT on @FoxNews - @JulianEpstein & I join @JonScottFNC talking #Benghazi report & @realDonaldTrump #MuslimBan cc @foxnation
The American people are sick and tired of DC decorum - @JHoganGidley to @trish_regan on #DonaldTrump
Retweeted by J. Hogan Gidley.@JHoganGidley: #DonaldTrump knows how to create jobs, he knows economics & he’s going to protect American workers
Retweeted by J. Hogan GidleyYep. When ONLY the top 10% of wage earners have seen raises under Obama - the rest of us, 90%, need that voice.'s 100% true & I said that because the American worker has been crushed for at least 30 years. @thedude42422016 @TrishIntel @trish_regan no doubt. She runs that debate for sure.About to @TrishIntel with host @trish_regan on @FoxBusiness at 2:15 PM EDT. Watch @LeslieMarshall & I talk all things 2016 election.
About to @MSNBC with @AlexWitt at 8:40 AM (ish) EDT talking @realDonaldTrump, #Brexit the @GOP Convention etc.
Dusk. Pawleys Island, SC. @taylorswift13
Retweeted by J. Hogan GidleyThis #TBT #ThrowbackThursday is when I met THE @twhiddleston just before #WHCD. He's talented & extremely gracious.
@BaptistMessage you can contact me directly.Buddy Holly watches over my skim latte from "Drip" - a pour-over coffee house on Main St in downtown Columbia, SC. & to stick to these strong themes: "I'm running for put you, the American worker first..." @realDonaldTrump.Good theme: "We'll never be able to fix a rigged system by counting on the same people who've rigged it in the first place" @realDonaldTrump"The insiders wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power...and in the money..." said @realDonaldTrump.
#NationalSelfieDay for me, includes a Chipotle burrito, a bottled water & a scowl. up LIVE at 7:30 PM EDT: I'm about to @SteeleAndUngar on @SXMPOTUS Channel 124 talking Trump. Tune in. cc: @MichaelSteele @rickungarYou too. Always fun to be on with you. Hope it's in person soon! Congrats on all your success. #welldeserved