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A work-at-home mom and small biz owner. A teacher's wife. Daughter of Dems. @Desertcronenm 's niece. Obama loyalist. I block assholes.

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I keep hearing that if impeachment proceedings are undertaken against Trump then it'll hurt the chances of the Demo…
Retweeted by JenniferIt's only a matter of time before @seanhannity starts invoking executive privilege.
Retweeted by Jennifer @RadioGuyChris When I go to your URL, I end up at your Etsy page with only four products. I’ve tried BandedMasculin…
@realDonaldTrump WHAT THE FUCK?! @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump How about you read the Mueller Report...Instead of media asking Democrats in the House if they can investigate and legislate simultaneously (which they see…
Retweeted by Jennifer @Catfriend87 Here’s a virtual kitten hug... got a kitten. Evie.
@RadioGuyChris Yay! My hubs is almost out. @RadioGuyChris Are you planning to make beard oils?
Bret Baier on Fox after Mueller's newser: "This was not, as the president says time and time again, no collusion, n…
Retweeted by Jennifer"I've mainly listened to conservative news" aaaaaaaaaaaaand there you have it!
Retweeted by JenniferMy new kitten is chasing @maddow ‘s hands. So she was moving a lot!
@reidconnord Why don’t men just get vasectomies. Less invasive, reversible, cheaper, no questions asked. But it’s n…
Retweeted by Jennifer @reidconnord Why don’t anti-choice men become eunuchs? I’ll wait while you look it up.
New idea: men’s rights but for women
Retweeted by JenniferShe is SO getting under his skin. think SHE is goading him. Playing the Live & Logic approach: you’re in trouble but I’ll have to give the punishme… forgets he led the actual worst witch-hunt of a President.’m embarrassed in advance for any reporter who treats Barr’s findings as anything but a press release from the Trump campaign.
Retweeted by Jennifer @jonfavs I want to get out ahead of this for you, 90 percent of media coverage will treat Barr’s findings as a seri…
Retweeted by JenniferI am dead.
Retweeted by JenniferMust say it is rather jarring to watch top Democrats rather calmly tout legislation they're passing in the House (w…
Retweeted by JenniferCover of the new @NewYorker by Barry Blitt is titled "The Shining"
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@AmandiOnAir I’m curious to see it. Thanks for sharing, sine I hadn’t heard of it. ;)How cool! @soledadobrien, you see this?
Retweeted by JenniferWarning ⚠️ ⚠️ When y’all go to the circus and get entertainment from the cute little bears. Just remember that this…
Retweeted by JenniferThis is so #Sweet😍Meet Hope!😇❤️🐈💋🐾Adorable stray #TabbyKitty found #Love😻N a forever🏡by walking up to a lady walkin…
Retweeted by JenniferRex Tillerson Secretly Meets With House Foreign Affairs Committee to Talk Trump
Retweeted by JenniferIt’s repeal is long overdue. The AUMF is a blank check for war. Which no President should have. Especially this one…
Retweeted by Jennifer @mkraju @LauraAJarrett @jeremyherb WTF?!? We’re past looking political on the scale of scary shit going on in our government!
@ChrisEvans Quite scary days we’re living in. @chucktodd Did I hear correctly that you brought up gender-choice abortions as a counterpoint in a discussion? Befo… fact, “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” is not defined in the Constitution and does not require corresponding statu…
Retweeted by JenniferAnd now for some good news.
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The GOP’s deafening silence today might be the worst sign for Donald Trump yet
Retweeted by Jennifer @tressiemcphd today we feast
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Parkland students dedicate page in yearbook to therapy dogs that helped shooting survivors
Retweeted by Jennifer @MSNBC @hardball He acts like a child who did something wrong at school and tried to get away with it. It’s time to… Justin Amash becomes the first Republican in Congress to call for Trump's impeachment and accuses AG Barr of i…
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@damianpaletta Perhaps @ChuckGrassley should submit gifs instead. is not OK. #Alabamahateswomen @djlavoie They are all dicks.The 22 Alabama senators who voted against including an exception for rape or incest in the abortion law. I feel li…
Retweeted by Jennifer @desertcronenm Yes. I have heard of that."The number of Syrian refugees allowed into the United States in fiscal 2016 was 12,587. In fiscal 2018, the United…
Retweeted by JenniferThe whole thread is educational if you didn’t know about this. I’m so angry right now! all know someone who has had an abortion— now we all know “criminals”. #alabamahateswomenI agree with folks tweeting #LindseyGrahamResign. But we can do better. →Let’s beat him with votes. →Let’s beat…
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Interestingly I have yet to hear any member of the @HouseGOP or @SenateGOP demand that the farmers receiving…
Retweeted by Jennifer @msbellows @vforrestal But it would be paper-down. That woybe soul-crushing. @vforrestal @msbellows I’d be able to cope, if not for that triangle at the bottom right. You can’t make that work ever. @JoeOfTheNorth He doesn’t know because he didn’t read the report. @MelissaJPeltier @mjhegar Is qualified, ready and able to take on the Senate seat in Texas and has already declared…
Retweeted by JenniferHelp get her name out there so TX can finally have a voice for us Dems out here.’d knock back a few beers with @ewarren and have a grand time! Guys Heather Heyer’s Mother is on Twitter and only has 530 followers. Let’s show Susan what love looks like an…
Retweeted by JenniferPlease remember that Heather Heyer died as an advocate and ally of Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, and Women’s r…
Retweeted by JenniferMy opponent Tom Cotton suddenly pretends to give a damn about healthcare. I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do w…
Retweeted by JenniferThe NRA is trying to get @shannonrwatts killed and none of us are talking about it. @shannonrwatts is a mom and a f…
Retweeted by Jennifer @realDonaldTrump Do you even believe the Holocaust happened? Many of your followers don’t, so you may want to chang…
@ChGordo @fras99 I can’t read “chutzpah” without hearing Michele Bachmann pronouncing the “ch”.Be Best Hypocrite @sianoresist <bangs head on desk> <bangs head on door> <bangs head on any hard surface>Can you imagine, if the 14,000,604 other alternate futures that Dr. Strange saw were just the rat pressing the wron…
Retweeted by Jennifer @realDonaldTrump Hillary won the popular vote. Because you are not liked.
Hahahaha haha no.
Retweeted by Jennifer @JoyceWhiteVance I knew you looked familiar.Make sure you stop for school buses people. Geez. Great work by this bus driver!!
Retweeted by Jennifer @cj_mirk6 @DuprasJanine @TracyLCooper2 @desertcronenm @DMNCBIRD @jenbeccyRN @KatyKatStation @DerwoodS85 @animecomicbook On your left @desertcronenm @TracyLCooper2 @DuprasJanine @DMNCBIRD @jenbeccyRN @KatyKatStation @DerwoodS85 @TarynStanford @cj_mirk6 @DuprasJanine @TracyLCooper2 @desertcronenm @DMNCBIRD @jenbeccyRN @KatyKatStation @DerwoodS85 @DuprasJanine @TracyLCooper2 @desertcronenm @DMNCBIRD @jenbeccyRN @KatyKatStation @DerwoodS85 @TarynStanford @DuprasJanine @TracyLCooper2 @desertcronenm @DMNCBIRD @jenbeccyRN @KatyKatStation @DerwoodS85 @TarynStanford has to be a priority for voters in 2020. We will need to shore up our institutions & up date our laws. We need…
Retweeted by Jennifer @DuprasJanine @TracyLCooper2 @desertcronenm @DMNCBIRD @jenbeccyRN @KatyKatStation @DerwoodS85 @TarynStanford
"Donald" drops on list of most popular baby names from 2017 to 2018
Retweeted by Jennifer @ChrisEvans Who chooses who gets to sit together?
This will get you this morning:
Retweeted by Jennifer @TracyLCooper2 @KIResists @DuprasJanine @kinz8730 @desertcronenm @jenbeccyRN @SueinRockville @DerwoodS85 @TracyLCooper2 @DuprasJanine @kinz8730 @desertcronenm @jenbeccyRN @SueinRockville @DerwoodS85 @bywillpollock @KIResists @TracyLCooper2 @DuprasJanine @kinz8730 @desertcronenm @jenbeccyRN @SueinRockville @DerwoodS85 @KIResists @TracyLCooper2 @DuprasJanine @kinz8730 @desertcronenm @jenbeccyRN @SueinRockville @DerwoodS85 @67jewelCDH @NY212Mick $5 @TracyLCooper2 @DuprasJanine @kinz8730 @desertcronenm @jenbeccyRN @SueinRockville @DerwoodS85 @bywillpollock @SethAbramson I hate her. @CharlesFinch @fvdlfvdl It’s feeling pretty fucking dark. @JoyAnnReid @GreenEyedLilo I would cry for my son if he felt this much responsibility. He should not have to feel l… just cannot shake that kids are jumping in front of bullets to protect their classmates in school.
Retweeted by Jennifer @JRubinBlogger @LeftsideAnnie I hope so. @willchamberlain @JRubinBlogger That gave me chills and repeated my desire to punch him!The frequency of this "joke" and the suggested duration are increasing
Retweeted by JenniferWoo hoo!!! I xoxo this idea! @chrislhayes @Rob_Coh He seriously did a Rodney Dangerfeld face and tie-tug. @TheCheekyGinger @DuprasJanine Sign me up! @realDonaldTrump: Fine people @HillaryClinton: deplorables Me: #ImWithHer @leftcoastbabe @ProudResister I wish you were, too. Sadly, I read an article earlier about neo-Nazis at a Holocaust…