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12 photos showing indigenous activists' celebration of historic Standing Rock victory via @MicI will be on @karenhunter's show tomorrow; be sure to tune in!
Retweeted by Jill E BondMy rant to @realDonaldTrump from last night now featured on @NBCNews via Chelsea Bailey @writefreedom09: #RESIST
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @4lisaguerrero @groopspeak I want to tweet this at Trump on a daily basis. No, make that hourly.A Woman Just Stood Up To Trump’s Latest Outburst On Twitter – And America Is Cheering Her On
Retweeted by Jill E BondI heard she has to pay $25 million settlement for defrauding vulnerable students by running a fake university. Oh,…
Retweeted by Jill E BondSave and RT this thread.
Retweeted by Jill E BondPaul Ryan, when asked if Trump is correct that millions voted illegally, says: "It doesn't matter to me."
Retweeted by Jill E BondWhy, sir, have your construction projects consistently used Chinese rather than U.S. steel?
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @studio2grl Yes, finally! latest The Jill E Bond Daily! Thanks to @mommapolitico @KimZimmerman1 @StrwberryJammer #indigenous #nodaplTrump is a kleptocrat who will use exec power to pillage both US and world for personal wealth regardless of geopolitical consequences.
Retweeted by Jill E BondClassic move. Trump appears to have played Romney, exploiting Romney's sense of public service and his ego.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond
It takes 3.2sec to retweet and help find missing BRIANA ANKUM, 17 yrs old, from #NewportNews Virginia #usa since…
Retweeted by Jill E BondFlorida man in pickup with Confederate flag and Trump stickers threatens drivers with weapons, racial slurs…
Retweeted by Jill E BondGood thing GOP plans 2 bar NASA from doing this type of climate research anymore. That way we can be content by not…
Retweeted by Jill E BondCan the party of the New Deal unite as they did in 2008 and battle Donald Trump? #DemBootCamp via @amjoyshow
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe bodies of a missing mother and her teen daughter have been found in a well, police say
Retweeted by Jill E BondYour book was literally titled "IN TRUMP WE TRUST"
Retweeted by Jill E BondG R E A T T H R E A D !
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @HollandTaylor Not a chance.The actions of North Carolina Gov @PatMcCroryNC are despicable and shameful. He is beyond a sore loser. Good riddan…
Retweeted by Jill E BondFull analysis of the election in one tweet: Too many democrats demand purity or wont vote, while most republicans want victory, and so vote.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @ananavarro It's not just you.LOL, FTW! unique instruments from my wickedly talent client shoot today #violin #vintageinstruments
Retweeted by Jill E BondReminder that our president elect pretended to be his own publicist "John Miller" to brag about hot chicks he banged. Ok good stuff.
Retweeted by Jill E BondCollier County shelter hosts 33-hour Adopt-A-Thon - #winknews
Retweeted by Jill E BondBy 1983, Trump was using the John Barron alias + Barron Trump was born in 2006 = Donald named his son after his own…
Retweeted by Jill E BondFed up CNN analyst David Gergen calls Donald Trump a "son of a b*tch" via @PalmerReport
Retweeted by Jill E BondCan't consider a guilty verdict when the man was unarmed, shot repeatedly in the back and evidence was planted?
Retweeted by Jill E BondComing up @NBCNightlyNews the ten minute call that rattled decades of diplomacy. @realDonaldTrump & Taiwan
Retweeted by Jill E Bond.@realDonaldTrump Wow, Carrier "deal" turns out to be a big PR scam. A handful of "saved" jobs. It's all bullshit. #CrookedDonald
Retweeted by Jill E BondNY Times, Washington Post Worked With Trump Campaign’s Bannon On Clinton Stories
Retweeted by Jill E BondIvanka Trump Has $100 Million Clothing Line Outsourced To Asia
Retweeted by Jill E Bond#ICYMI... Another #Kochsucker slithers his way into the Trump milieu - Pete Hegseth
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe latest The Jill E Bond Daily! Thanks to @onesedonia @_silversmith @LiberalJaxx #nodapl #indigenous @NooneOfan Should be a fabulous night!Former Green Beret accuses Trump DoD pick Gen. Mattis of 'leaving my men to die'
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @T1theinfamous 😆👍Christmas tree 🎵oh Christmas tree 🎶 #mytree"80 to 90 percent of the marine debris we're finding in the ocean is plastic."
Retweeted by Jill E BondTwitter should rename "While you were away" to "Oh god, what did he do now?"
Retweeted by Jill E Bondthis isnt really a suggestion. its a statement of fact supported by evidence.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond
Retweeted by Jill E Bond.@chrislhayes and @maddow explain why it's a really big deal that Trump talked to the pres. of Taiwan today #inners
Retweeted by Jill E Bond"DNC Statement on Trump’s Foolish Taiwan Call"
Retweeted by Jill E Bond"This is a huge mistake...we don't need this." - Ambassador Christopher Hill on #Trump's call w Taiwan's president
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe crazy thing about this tweet is that it feels like we're all stuck in a Stephen King novel.
Retweeted by Jill E BondThis is the only tweet Obama made during his time as President-elect
Retweeted by Jill E BondExactly! No one who manufactures off-shore to save a few bucks is trying to make America great again ... or ever.…
Retweeted by Jill E BondFederal Judge Pummels Florida Gov. Rick Scott's 'Obscene War' On Voting Rights Of course, A…
Retweeted by Jill E BondSally Field Slams Donald Trump’s Brazen Dishonesty In Heated Interview- right on Sally!
Retweeted by Jill E BondThey mad. RT @intlspectator: BREAKING: Chinese government has made contact with White House over Trump’s call with Taiwan’s President
Retweeted by Jill E BondHome invasion by a snarky right-wing guy isn't "liberty."
Retweeted by Jill E BondSince Obama took office - 11M new private sector jobs - 20M-plus gained health insurance - Unemployment has plunged
Retweeted by Jill E BondAnd how about every news outlet that printed WikiLeaks? Should they go to jail as well? @CLewandowski_ #Trump
Retweeted by Jill E BondCarrier parent co's top 6 execs make $43M "Dealmaker" Trump couldn't convince them to take a pay cut instead of s…
Retweeted by Jill E BondHere is why I stand with Standing Rock. WATCH: #NoDAPL
Retweeted by Jill E BondTo remind you, Scott was murdered on video, shot in the back by a cop who planted evidence.
Retweeted by Jill E BondIt's awful. Plus his name shouldn't be attached to the deal, it's governor of Indiana. Trump isn't even president y…
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe latest The Jill E Bond Daily! Thanks to @rhiles2760 @JerryOD @PastryPlate #fightfor15 #usrcGreat. Does this work for humans? This is my new column. The post-truth world of the Trump administration is scarier than you think
Retweeted by Jill E BondAnd yet we still can't get men to take them. tree decorated. ✔🎄'm with you 100% if you add the following to that sentence: " overcome minority-targeted GOP voter suppressio…
Retweeted by Jill E BondAll I want for Christmas is for Cillizza to lose his job.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond.@realDonaldTrump team moves to block Pennsylvania recount
Retweeted by Jill E BondI really, truly, sincerely want to stop tweeting about the election, but someone keeps pulling me right back into o…
Retweeted by Jill E BondIn honor of Trump calling McMullin "that guy" today, here's my favorite tweet of the campaign again...
Retweeted by Jill E BondIf calling out bigotry is uncivil, then maybe the media needs to be less hung up on civility these next four years
Retweeted by Jill E BondUS oil rig count rises by 3 to 477, Baker Hughes says
Retweeted by Jill E BondMy backyard gate on Pinterest page. Woo hoo! scottslawn #backyard #gates #lawn! #gameofthrones #drumpf Via @AngAngieAngela speaks volumes. Mnuchin's bank foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman's house after a 27-cent payment error…
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