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The latest The Jill E Bond Daily! Thanks to @Limeylizzie @andreagrimes @democraticbear #investigativenews #amjoyJust "darn close"??? --> Sec. Kelly: Intelligence Leaks Are 'Darn Close to Treason'
‘I don’t want to be associated with him’: 100 eighth graders refuse to pose with Paul Ryan during DC trip…
Retweeted by Jill E BondSo much for the promised "total separation" by trump sons. never believed them in the first place, but still brazen
Retweeted by Jill E BondYou know who else had a back-channel to Russia? Robert Hanssen,now serving 15 life terms for espionage in federal super max in Colorado.
Retweeted by Jill E BondThis is how a former employee of Jared Kushner's described him.
Retweeted by Jill E BondGianforte and the ‘thug’ politics of the GOP
Retweeted by Jill E BondExperts agree: #Trump is obstructing justice in Russia probe
Retweeted by Jill E BondExperts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing... Week 28 (2/2):…
Retweeted by Jill E BondExperts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you'll... Week 28 (1/2):…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond*looks directly at camera*
Retweeted by Jill E BondHe's kidding, right?'t. Stop. Watching. are in place to protect us from people just like this but they have to be enforced.......
Retweeted by Jill E BondTrump stomping all over NATO and questioning its historic role in unified defense is EXACTLY WHAT PUTIN WANTS. Just sayin.
Retweeted by Jill E Bondgreat thread
Retweeted by Jill E BondThat Gianforte himself name-dropped the senator indicates his polling is telling him the same.
Retweeted by Jill E BondFomer Bush ethics lawyer tweets link to federal prison suggesting it as Trump's new "Winter White House"…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @JJohnsonLaw @darth He's a keeper.This:
Retweeted by Jill E BondThis is how low the bar is set now, giving the president cudos for not making a TOTAL ass out himself. (via @ABC)Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment #morintoon #TrumpNATO #GOP #TrumpRussiaEspionage
Retweeted by Jill E BondThere is a protest Sunday at 10 AM outside of Trump's Northern Virginia Golf Course. RSVP:
Retweeted by Jill E BondMeanwhile, hourly wages for full-time workers have barely moved. And Republicans want to cut taxes for corporations…
Retweeted by Jill E BondTrump literally closed his eyes to the Italian Prime Minister's plea for partnership on the refugee crisis.…
Retweeted by Jill E BondYup. I can't tweet some of the foul things some WH officials have messaged me about him since Friday alas :/
Retweeted by Jill E BondMelania wears a $51,000 coat but Michelle Obama was an elitist for trying to get kids to eat vegetables.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @BeschlossDC @sterlewine
Retweeted by Jill E BondToo cool. was fired from the campaign after assaulting a reporter and left lobbying firm amid accusations he was…
Retweeted by Jill E BondSomebody please leak the minutes from one of these Fox editorial meetings where big news breaks and they go "let's do college kids again."
Retweeted by Jill E BondKushner not going anywhere, I'm told. He's keeping his head down to focus on work and is eager to cooperate with inquiries, source says.
Retweeted by Jill E BondLet's not forget this horrific racially motivated murder last weekend.
Retweeted by Jill E BondGianforte didn't even offer to buy @Bencjacobs new specs. So GoFundMe me did. But Ben is good so he asks $ go to CPJ
Retweeted by Jill E BondNews: The CEO of Blue Cross NC tells me flat out that Trump and GOP Congress are why premiums will soar:
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @PastryPlate Right! @Limeylizzie CVS no longer takes my BCBS here in Florida. @cliffschecter I know, right?Oh, this is just TOO easy! Trump's invitation to him still pending?
Retweeted by Jill E BondIt's really something that the idea Hillary Clinton is an out-of-touch elite while Donald Trump is a man of the people still persists.
Retweeted by Jill E BondInteresting you haven't said this same thing to Bernie, who is older than her and got four million less votes.
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe @WhiteHouse excluded the same-sex husband of the Prime Minister of Luxembourg from an official photo caption.…
Retweeted by Jill E BondThese Are The Victims Of The Portland Train Stabbing Attack via @juliareinstein
Retweeted by Jill E BondPeep the body language on either side of him. He's like the elementary school bully who doesn't even realize the ot…
Retweeted by Jill E BondThread. Pick it up from the top and absorb.
Retweeted by Jill E BondRest in peace Greg Allman peace and love to all the family 😎✌️🌟💖🎶🎵🎶🎵☮️🌺🌹
Retweeted by Jill E BondGregg Allman, Southern Rock Pioneer, Dies at 69 – Variety Allman dead at 69 - ABC News (via @ABC)Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin
Retweeted by Jill E BondTrump complained to world leaders that difficulties opening golf courses in Europe influenced his EU views: report…
Retweeted by Jill E BondCertification for my SF86 security clearance form, which says false statement punishable by imprisonment. Jared Kus…
Retweeted by Jill E BondMalcolm Nance on @MSNBC: This one incident requires Jared Kushner to have his security clearance pulled right now.
Retweeted by Jill E BondGood to see my friend Prince Harry in London to discuss the work of our foundations & offer condolences to victims…
Retweeted by Jill E BondIt can't be said enough how unprecedented it is for an American presidential administration to exclude its own press corps on a foreign trip
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe latest The Jill E Bond Daily! Thanks to @LisaToddSutton @NooneOfan #theresistance #politicsNO, he's NOT --> “He’s been in prison, he’s always been spouting anti-establishment stuff but he’s a nice person...” Kushner Was Just Told To Lawyer Up Because He Committed A Crime #trumpleaks @tedlieu
Retweeted by Jill E BondOnly reason 4 any WH 2 use RUSSIAN secure comms is to hide from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. That's an Espionage Act violation tantamount to treason.
Retweeted by Jill E BondHow Macron thwarted Trump’s alpha male, grab-and-pull, power pump.
Retweeted by Jill E BondSome people did not want a special counsel. There are no backchannels to a special counsel. That is the point of a…
Retweeted by Jill E BondGood lord he still doesn't understand how NATO works. Countries spend for mutual defense. Money doesn't "pour in."
Retweeted by Jill E Bond👍🏿
Retweeted by Jill E Bond"We stand by the numbers," Trump budget director says of $2,000,000,000,000 error that uses same money twice.
Retweeted by Jill E BondFEC faults Cruz on Goldman Sachs loans in rare unanimous vote
Retweeted by Jill E BondAnd she knew.
Retweeted by Jill E BondRural Farmers Voted Overwhelmingly for Trump. Now He’s Destroying Them.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond'He played me for a fool': Kentucky Trump supporter laments he should have voted for Hillary
Retweeted by Jill E BondJohn Boehner: Trump has been a 'complete disaster'
Retweeted by Jill E BondWait, you're saying it wasn't a good idea to appoint an unqualified real estate developer son-in-law to manage US foreign relationships? Huh
Retweeted by Jill E BondLet's be clear: #Kushner lied on his first SF86 security clearance form. Then he LIED AGAIN on his revised form. Th…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @morningmika @zbig @Ebbtrees Sending love and light your way.We are remembering my father tonight with the love of his life who inspired him and shared in his wonderful life ov…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond
missed this one - filing it away
Retweeted by Jill E Bond#HillaryClinton was EASILY 1 of the most unfairly treated politicians, but she didn't say so at #Wellesley2017. THA…
Retweeted by Jill E BondDonald Trump's lack of concern for human rights gets a body count
Retweeted by Jill E BondIn Obama WH, we had a "peace room." We called it the ethics office. Result: we never needed a war room. Not once.
Retweeted by Jill E BondThere's nothing legitimate about secret channel for Russia to brief national security advisor on military strategy…
Retweeted by Jill E BondAs a former CIA analyst and targeting officer, here's what I think about Trump's speech at the #CIA on Saturday:
Retweeted by Jill E Bond