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Players from the @nyjets told me they were directly discouraged from taking a knee. The owner is a political appointee of Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Jill E BondHaving a sexist, racist, slumlord, serial pussy-grabber as our president. killing innocent people.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond#TakethekneeNFL does not violate the federal flag code. POTUS demanding NFL fire players exercising 1st Amendment rights violates 18 USC 227
Retweeted by Jill E BondUh... did you miss all the people kneeling in front of the folks with locked arms? That was solidarity for them, n…
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe confederate flag.
Retweeted by Jill E BondTrump is treating our flag as a symbol that represents allegiance to his power. That's about as un-American as it gets. #TakeaKnee
Retweeted by Jill E BondDid the POTUS demand Tebow be fired??
Retweeted by Jill E BondListen to the players taking a knee. They aren't asking for UNITY, they are asking for ACTION on racial injustice.
Retweeted by Jill E BondDear white multimillionaire: an African-American multimillionaire CAN BE oppressed, and also can be motivated to he…
Retweeted by Jill E BondMany of the @MiamiDolphins players came out for warm ups today wearing #ImWithKap t shirts! ✊️ #TakeTheKnee
Retweeted by Jill E BondDear @POTUS Please stop watching football & help Puerto Rico. P.S. Flint too, please.
Retweeted by Jill E BondRepealing the ACA has never been about improving the lives of the American people. It's always been another scheme…
Retweeted by Jill E BondFixed it.
Retweeted by Jill E BondIf you threaten to harm one person on Twitter, you get banned. If you threaten to kill millions of innocents, you g…
Retweeted by Jill E BondI wrote about why the NFL players' protests are patriotic.
Retweeted by Jill E BondI am taking a knee on Sunday. I might need someone to help me up. #TakeAKnee
Retweeted by Jill E BondNFL: Releases flurry of statements voicing support for NFL players right to peacefully protest. Also NFL: Colin Kaepernick, not employed.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond.@SenatorCollins had the courage to vote against #Trumpcare before. Sully needs you to vote NO again. CALL: 844-859…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @KatinCumming Hey Katherine!His wallet is involved now..
Retweeted by Jill E BondSo Rex Ryan was okay with Trump being a sexist, a bigot, a racist, and a slumlord, but he finally crossed the line…"I supported the guy who demeans people constantly, but then he insulted some people *I* know" is an interesting re…
Retweeted by Jill E BondSen. Cruz on Graham-Cassidy bill: “Right now, they don’t have my vote and I don’t think they have Mike Lee’s vote.”…
Retweeted by Jill E BondFrom the people I’ve spoken with — GMs, coaches, players — it will be an unprecedented day in @NFL. From protests to team displays of unity
Retweeted by Jill E BondIf Trump stares a veteran in the eye & explains why his foot injury prevented him from serving then ill start listening to him on patriotism
Retweeted by Jill E BondLooks like it clearly covers @POTUS and he appears to have violated or at least attempted to violate 18 USC sec 227…
Retweeted by Jill E BondCleveland Clinic shreds Graham-Cassidy bill Think @senrobportman knows that Clinic is Ohio's 2nd biggest employer?
Retweeted by Jill E BondTrump ordered players to stand and owners to fire them if they refused. So more players kneeled and owners supported them. Trump is weak.
Retweeted by Jill E BondFox News: players kneeling is an un-American act of treason! Also Fox News: guys, let's just hear the nazis out.
Retweeted by Jill E BondThe Broncos are blasting "F*** Donald Trump" by YG in the locker room pregame right now
Retweeted by Jill E BondIt's almost like those millions should have senators and representatives
Retweeted by Jill E BondPay your child support. #deadbeatdad and now they're also protesting a president who attacks black people and demands they be punished by "owners." Makes sense, no?
Retweeted by Jill E BondAaron Rodgers just posted this on Instagram.
Retweeted by Jill E BondCalling for people to boycott the games is what drove it. Don't go messing with the bottom line.
Retweeted by Jill E BondMultiple churchgoers wounded in Tennessee shooting - ABC News (via @ABC)The business moguls who control the NFL are siding with their players over President Trump. tweets so far this weekend about football & race: 6 Health care bill: 6 (4 mention McCain) Nuclear war: 2 Puerto Rico crisis: 0
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @jaketapper
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @jaketapper Steve mnuchin ok with using offshore bank accounts to avoid paying US taxes not ok protesting civil liberties #mnuchin
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @jaketapper Players have every right of free speech on and off the field.
Retweeted by Jill E BondHey Steve Mnuchin, many people say you should fly private jets "on your own time" with your own money.…
Retweeted by Jill E BondI'm not into football, but recognize it's a uniquely American sport which unifies 🇺🇸. Leave it to Trump to ruin even that. Divider-in-Chief.
Retweeted by Jill E BondMemories... of players kneel, link arms at first NFL game since Trump remarks to be perfectly clear: this is a message that totalitarian governments like to deliver to their subjects.
Retweeted by Jill E BondIt's an agreement that prevents them from having a nuclear weapon. Without the deal that missile could have a nucle…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond"... I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world." - Jackie Robinson, 1972
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @soledadobrien And yet he gets a platform and a paycheck.
Retweeted by Jill E BondPruitt withdraws Obama protection–came after 3 yrs of peer-reviewed study that found a mine "would result in comple…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond“I didn’t fight for a piece of cloth or a song, I fought so every American could exercise their rights.” -My Vietnam Vet uncle. #TakeAKnee
Retweeted by Jill E BondNever. Forget.
Retweeted by Jill E BondAgain Trump is threatening to eliminate a nation of 25 million people...over Twitter. THIS IS NOT OK. THIS IS NO…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond
@One_Stein 👍This explains so much about Trump, the NFL, and why Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job
Retweeted by Jill E BondI'm one of countless military veterans taking a knee. Do not exploit our service to silence black Americans and endorse racism. #TakeaKnee
Retweeted by Jill E BondNo, Doug, kneeling does NOT distract. A non-violent protest is supposed to get your attention. It's not supposed to…
Retweeted by Jill E BondKind of harsh to listen to a Vietnam draft dodger use this rhetoric about patriotism.
Retweeted by Jill E Bondyou know what's actually pretty disrespectful to the american flag? the confederate flag
Retweeted by Jill E BondHanging upside down with her arms crossed would be my guess. Bruce Maxwell, son of an Army Vet, born on a military base, just became the first MLB player to take a knee d…
Retweeted by Jill E BondNo but seriously: what is the US Congress doing on Monday to address the acute humanitarian crisis for 3.5 million American citizens?
Retweeted by Jill E BondRetweet if you agree that our illegitimate president @realDonaldTrump is the REAL #SonOfABitch!!! #TakeAKnee #ImpeachTrump
Retweeted by Jill E Bond"Ungrateful" here is code for "you're lucky you're not a slave, so shut up." In short, Joe's a racist *and* a dea…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @realDonaldTrump If anyone is guilty of disrespecting our country, it's YOU.As if being gay is something to be ashamed of. To be clear, it's not.'s Saturday: - tweets attacking NFL/NBA: 4 - tweets attacking McCain: 4 - tweets about the 3M+ Puerto Ricans still without power: 0
Retweeted by Jill E BondI think it's cool that all of these athletes are getting political. No one should stay in their lane. Politics is for everyone!
Retweeted by Jill E BondIt's notable how many US conservatives suggest the anthem and flag represent wartime sacrifice rather than the Cons…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond7 owners gave $1M to Trump Kraft (Patriots) Jones (Cowboys) Kroenke (Rams) Snyder (DC) Shahid (Jaguars) Johnson (Jets) McNair (Texans)
Retweeted by Jill E BondTake a seat. @realDonaldTrump You are an unhinged, reckless amateur scrambling to maintain a grip on a nation that is abandoning…
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @realDonaldTrump Dude. You're talking about killing 25 million people enslaved by a megalomaniacal dictator. WTF is wrong with you?
Retweeted by Jill E Bond @chris_girouxAZ @JacobAWohl @realDonaldTrump He's been charged with securities fraud & has whored himself out for T…
Retweeted by Jill E BondThis from the @NewYorker explains just how racist Trump is all by himself. #TakeAKnee
Retweeted by Jill E BondNot taking any L's tonight! @BigSean got everyone dancing at #GCFest with "Bounce Back"
Retweeted by Jill E BondSays the man who called the White House a "a real dump"
Retweeted by Jill E Bond.@stephencurry30 is all set. He's been to the Oval when it actually meant something.
Retweeted by Jill E Bond