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Say “Alexa, play Justice League comics commentary” to listen to renowned comic book artist @JimLee talk about…
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About to livestream some cooking! Pancakes for the midnight launch of Doomsday Clock! jimleeYes & pancakes at @GothamCentral1 for the #DoomsdayClock 11:57pm party with @geoffjohns! Share your photos from t…
Retweeted by Jim Lee91-89. Unbelievable. #lakersvsbulls a while but 3 for Lonzo! #lakersvsbulls #datenight with @Joke2far #courtside @ Staples Center @ShellDogDCPR @Joke2far Good question. Hopefully better second halfLakers Bulls with @Joke2far #datenight #lopezvslopez out this clip of me showcasing a mock-up of the first IMMORTAL MEN cover for the dccomics… own countless @ImageComics, so getting to write all the music for this @SYFY doc was a dream gig! Amazing stories…
Retweeted by Jim LeeTFW your new @dccomics social media manager @kylerexjones tells you not to use #fam in your posts anymore 😭😭😭😭😭 #istillconsideryouallFamRT: An interstellar visitor…scientists have confirmed that an intriguing asteroid that zipped through our solar sys… The Oral History of Image Comics - Immensely proud of this 5-part docu-series I Exec Produced & Hosted for…
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DR DOOM! PUNISHER! DEATHSTROKE! Artstream with Jim Lee: via @YouTube
@mingchen37 XoxoLakers Nuggets with my wife @Joke2far ! First Lakers game in 24 years lol. Been too long.… son in high school uploaded his first game that he made. It's odd, simple but challenging--check it out and sup…
On my plane with my honey @Joke2far who helped and supported me all day through our Houston… to @cadetcollective (location E) on Robinson Road! Here til 8pm and then off to the airport… stop at @8dcomix Was a success! #tacocat stole the show! Completely adorable. We may or may… to location B which is the @BedrockCity on Westheimer Blvd! Getting #whataburger #justiceleagueday! (Slight spoilers ahead...) Movie is a ton of fun and draws inspiration… now @BedrockCity!#justiceleagueday #localcomicshopday #dccomics #houstonstrong @ Bedrock… taking the longer route from #DNAcomics to @BedrockCity on Bay Area Blvd 🤔 Thanks to all the… bright and early on our way to stop 1 of 6! DNA Comics In Humble, TX! With Dan DiDio, Adam…
With fellow publisher Dan DiDio!Amazing times fo’ sho!’s my schedule for tomorrow’s marathon of store appearances here in Houston! Just added: DNA Comics located at… justiceleague (get_repost) ・・・ The time has come for a new age of heroes. #JusticeLeague you live in Houston? Meet DC Co-Pubs Dan DiDio and @JimLee at @BedrockCity Comics tomorrow, and get a free Houst…
Retweeted by Jim LeeGet hyped for tomorrow's big signing with #DanDiDio & .@JimLee! Here's an interview w/ .@BRCUncanny!...
Retweeted by Jim LeeCongrats @CBCebulski! Can’t think of a better choice for Editor in Chief at @Marvel. A great advocate for talent an… (Nov13) 10am-11:30am PST - Artstream with Jim Lee: via @YouTube
SUNDAY STREAM MOVED TO 2pm - 3:30pm PST - Artstream with Jim Lee: via @YouTube.@USAToday praises #JusticeLeague, NOW PLAYING! Get tickets:
Retweeted by Jim Lee“Alexa, tell me about Justice League comics commentary...” #justiceleague #justiceleagueorigins to @JimLee share EXCLUSIVE commentary around his experiences and thought processes while drawing Justice Le…
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Shazam! A sketch suggested by a fan on twitch, drawn live during one of my typical Sunday art streams #twitch
Hey Houston! Excited to visit @8dcomix @commanderking and @BedrockCity (Clear Lake, Westheimer, Washington). Hit up… link for @bedrockcity-also giving 1000 pre-signed special edition #houstonstrong #justiceleagueday books… be in Houston all day, 1day on Justice League Day, Nov 18th to hit 5 stores @bedrockcitycomics x3,… day at DC! Amazing news to share with you all today 😎
@Eversinging It’s a lot of pins and many are bent. Opportunity cost dictates I replace the motherboard!
@SeeJay_DZ The new card is fine. It’s the motherboard :000 @FrankMPIII To be fair, the existing graphics card was so large I couldn’t see or access the release latch :0 #isuckIn from the I’m an idiot dept: bent a ton of connective wiring that connects the graphic card seat to the motherboa… this bad boy in my main PC tonight. If the driver is anything like the packaging—it’s…
Wow! AMAZING!!! Congratz, all!
S E V E N! ! !Clutch!!!!Last day of #inktober not complete w/o the badass inkery of the master @scottwilliamsinks! Immortal Men # 3 cvr w/t… Halloween everybody!!! 🎃👻🎃☠️ Can’t thank my special lady @Joke2far enough in throwing a… and the Wizard of Khonoghed johndolmayan_ #happyhalloween
Retweeted by Jim LeeI feel for all the pitchers. Just wow! @pottertardis Happy birthday! @Danieljbosco I'm fine...may jump on this eveningThe Three Kings collection of course #wisemen 🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻 your set today! Stop by your local @ATT store in costume. Get more info here:
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It’s #inception! #halloween #spookyhalloween #soad costume revealed :) @serjtankian is my alter ego :) #systemofadown the Clown in the house! Can you guess my costume :)? #happyhalloween #vintagecarnival @GregCapullo Sent you an invitation long ago my friend :)My wife @Joke2far really should be an event planner. She’s the best!Got so much to share with… to go live on my to talk and demo how to draw clothes on figures and perspective!
Congratz @ZacharyLevi! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Excited to see the Big 🔴🧀 come to life! #shazam Lehnsher, drawn during my twitch stream. Sent to a fan who tuned in. #givingback #inkoctober I use photo reference for my art? Only for the construction cranes..., la version US de mon BATMAN est arrivée! Je suis très content du résultat. I'm very happy! Thanks, DC Comics a…
Retweeted by Jim LeeTwo Face Fridays courtesy of my stream
A new age of heroes begins. Get tickets now to #JusticeLeague:
Retweeted by Jim LeePharah—a giveaway sketch drawn for my twitch stream followers. Link in bio above. Congrats to… @johnsippel @warrenellis @JonDavisHunt It’s all white out :)
Having dinner with the latest group of dccomics Talent Workshop Artists! They’re the next… out a preview of a brand new Deathblow story by @JimLee from today's WILDSTORM: A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS!…
Retweeted by Jim LeeMy Wild Storm # 9 cvr. An amazing flashback sequence by writer @warrenellis & choreographed by artist @jondavishunt
Celebrating the W with some ice cream. Best served cold 🐍 #dodgerswin #worldseries in LA #letsgododgers #worldseries @KINOTheProducer @kyrahiko Warner Bros Studio :) nice to have met you too.