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DC Entertainment Publisher-Chief Creative Officer. Comics that are good for you.

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Darth Vader! Art Stream with Jim Lee: via @YouTubeRIDDLER! STARFIRE! DR. STRANGE! Art Stream with Jim Lee: via @YouTubePortfolio Review with Jim Lee: via @YouTubeFINISHED INKS of CATWOMAN and BATMAN and PSYLOCKE! Art Stream with Jim Lee: via @YouTubeLivestreaming drawing comic book art NOW on my channelStreaming LIVE on Twitch right now.Giveaway sketches from past livestreams. Next one is tomorrow—SUNDAY, June 24th. 10am-12:30pm PT.… a sweet gift. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
DCzoom and DCink representing #neworleans #ALAAC18 #Repost @michelewells with get_repost ・・・ Loved this great conv… NOW! #dczoom #alaac18 this pic!♥️ The #DCInk and #DCZoom Writers will be talking about our amazing illustrators and comics today #ALAAC18
Retweeted by Jim LeeThis industry needs people outside our circle to buy comics again. This program will help that big time. I am super…
Retweeted by Jim Lee @antifajedi @Newsarama @DCComics @JimLee @TomKingTK @thedanjurgens @HackinTimSeeley Its about growing readership an…
Retweeted by Jim LeeSuch a big fan of @NickDerington’s work!
@trishm Thanks Trish!My new penciled cover to the recut Batman: Hush Unwrapped trade paperback. Out this Fall. #batman #dccomics
@daniellempaige Not this time unfortunately. Enjoy some beignets for me tho! @daniellempaige Thanks Danielle :)#DCVertigo is proud to announce legendary musician @OfficialSting's involvement in JOHN CONSTANTINE, HELLBLAZER: 30…
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@TomKingTK Hard to say...which one is yours?
#spoileralertHappy Father’s Day everyone! 🖤 #twitch #artstream #giveaway will be insane!! This is the new glyph/logo. Freshly smuggled out of Atlantis! (stolen off King Orm’s bel…
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It's here! JUSTICE LEAGUE #2 out WEDNESDAY. Art by @jorgejimenezart Variant by @JimLee
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@GailSimone There was indeed ⭐️🌳⭐️ @DenysCowan Thank you, Denys!#Sanctuary colors by @tomeu_morey! I really dig the gray sky as a backdrop. Makes the gold really pop. #dccomics Pine is back! Director @PattyJenks shares the first set photo from her #WonderWoman sequel #WW84
Retweeted by Jim LeeWonder Woman 1984 #WW84
Retweeted by Jim LeeWelcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor! #WW84
Retweeted by Jim LeeMy variant cover of Hawkgirl for Justice League 3 inked by the amazing @inkmonkeyhope! She knocked it out of this w… @gregpak Thanks Greg!
@robertbuckley Thanks Rob! Very kind and much appreciated. @geoffjohns Geoff! Geoff! Geoff! Geoff!SCOOP! Geoff Johns exits DC Entertainment, gets exclusive writing and producing deal. Will write script and produce…
Retweeted by Jim Lee @GailSimone Lol that’s just hilarious! Love you and your amazing feed @GailSimone #trees4lifeCheck out writer @TomKingTK on @LateNightSeth TONITE to hear about just the first of many incredible storylines we… but definitely not least, I continue on as Publisher alongside Dan DiDio. No one has more passion or energy fo… also want to acknowledge and thank Diane Nelson for her many years of leadership and for being a friend, inspirat… good buddy @geoffjohns and his awesome team have set the bar high but we are all excited for what’s to come! Ge… you all for the kind words of support and encouragement the past two days! Working at DC has been a dream jo… to our oldest son luc_alg on…
Starfire from my usual Sunday morning twitch stream #titans #teentitans #dccomics
Live-streaming my usual Sunday sketch and giveaway on my channel 10am-12:30pm PT!With Martian Manhunter as chairman, the League better get used to more meetings in its psychic boardroom. What's yo…
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Livestreaming a portfolio critique in 5 mins!, @Sinccolor for making this image complete. Can’t say how much I adore the color art and how it beautifully…
New voices. New stories. New #DCVertigo. @LATHeroComplex chats with executive editor Mark Doyle about the line-wide…
Retweeted by Jim LeeAs we celebrate 25 years of graphic storytelling, we're proud to announce a host of exciting new titles and a line-…
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Now that it's raining more than ever Know that we still have each other... Slinging India’s finest with style. Chec…
BOBA FETT!! Art Stream with Jim Lee: via @YouTubeGAMBIT and ROGUE (Savage Land) and Wally West FLASH! Art Stream with Jim Lee: via @YouTube @theramblingbard @Ivy182 Haha, it’s the best :D @mykgerard No, I am. @CullyHamner Thanks Cully! @THEBRYANHITCH Thank you Bryan!I got you babe #batman #catwoman #dccomics #batmanissue50 #coverpencils #variantcover #rainynights #gotham
Art streaming LIVE rn on Come… LIVE on Twitch right now. Art never sleeps...apparently neither do I.RIP Nick Meglin, one of the original editors of MAD magazine—a long time contributor whose impact spans generations. a glimpse of movie-making magic with the cast of #TeenTitansGOMovie, and check out the film’s new featured trac…
Retweeted by Jim LeeIn honor of #PrideMonth, #DCAllAccess chats with #DCTV stars about the importance of LGBTQ visibility and represent…
Retweeted by Jim LeeWith the Omega Titans ready to feast on Earth, the Leagues will have to go to INSANE lengths to save the day! What'…
Retweeted by Jim LeeBurning buildings are no problem for Superman! What's your review of THE MAN OF STEEL #1?
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Fishing, drinks & ice cream while talking sports. It’s casual Fridays on #LoudMouths with @sal_licata at 530 on…
Retweeted by Jim LeeIt's here!!! Out WEDNESDAY! JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 by @jimcheungart @mark_morales11 @tomeu_morey and me! Put everyth…
Retweeted by Jim LeeThe fourth round of testing for Sanhok is now live!
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Order your copy of #doomsdayclock from your LCS. You know how crowds can get. @geoffjohns
Retweeted by Jim LeeNo idea where this is coming from…no plans on a UK appearance this year or in upcoming future, sorry.! CLOUD STRIFE! Art Stream with Jim Lee: via @YouTube @devinher @Sinccolor yeah was trying to give him a different kind of physique from Batman and Superman…wait til you… League issue 2 variant cover with spotlight on the Martian Manhunter! Inks by @scottwilliamsinks and colors…
@theTinyPainter @KrunchyMaki Sorry to break the bad news but that’s not my signature. Very poor forgery. Also in 19…
Cloud Strife #twitchsketchoftheweek #finalfantasy @JamesGunn Did he mention GotG was one of my fave comics back in the day and it was cool to be able to ink one of i… a fun challenge! Thanks for the suggestion, Max!