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Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett Anthem Nevada, USA

Grateful, Hopeful American. Married, Catholic, Constitutionalist, Conservative. followed by Sean blocked by Hillary.

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ATTENTION #TRUMPTRAIN: We must amplify our online presence.1 RETWEET this tweet2 Follow... by #ALEXANJK
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogDems can't win at the voting booth😂😂😂😂😂 #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogJust posted a few minutes ago! Liberals are in full meltdown mode/spewing hate/no facts #WednesdayWisdom
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogDear Liberals: Isn't it time for ALL Americans to work together for prosperity & jobs for the USA? We sink or swim…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogABOUT TIME CONGRESS TAKE ACTION against Mueller's #KangarooCourt #WeAreAwake & DONE w/FED GOV traitorous acts
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogGood Morning Patriots!!! Strength alone doesn't make America great. Pride does as well.🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @4DC4USA #FakeNewsMedia should have been filming the look on his face after these events occurred 2008-2016.THOSE E…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @IngrahamAngle @jjburdett Absolutely libellous!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogDon't let liberal terrorist remove this!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogNot even good enough for fish n chips! Donate to Muslims to wipe their backsides.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWe have it in our power to begin the world over again. - Thomas Paine #quote #quoteoftheday
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogUh, facts matter. Fact 1: Iran is world's largest funder of terrorism. Fact 2: Obama gave Iran $1.7 billion, in unm…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWould #antifa #OFA #BLM have us remove this Monument? Stop this nonsense! For 1 @IngrahamAngle Exposes The Left's Coup Against Free Speech & Rips Krauthammer #GeorgeWashington
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWhenever our leaders begin to follow the rules our nation will heal. Enlist in the #USFA at
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogNow I lay me down to sleep, I pray The Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake I pray The Lord my soul…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogI am very pleased about Judge Roy Moore doing so well. Pray for him to WIN but also WORK for him even if it's ReTweeting Tweets. #Alabama :)
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogLaura Ingraham wrecks Charles Krauthammer: "Being honest about the evil of Antifa isn't defending neo-Nazis."
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogsuggesting #GeorgeWashington memorials could be next is not reaching. There is no limits or boundaries to what Liberal Logic will twist.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @IngrahamAngle Thank you for giving the American people the unvarnished truth! A continuous light in a ever growing dark place.Disgusting, misleading and dishonest title.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogThanks. A fun @SpecialReport tonight.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSo sad. So pointless. So destructive.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogCommunist woman arrested for toppling statue.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog.@DineshDSouza is one smart dude! As always, he delivers conservatism w/ clarity, context & courage. @foxandfriends
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogEvery single night I thank God that @realDonaldTrump is President & not some Globalist/Elitist Leftist...or squish Republican. #AmericaFirst
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWhen #ImpeachTrump is the top trend on Twitter, you know Trump is doing the right thing for America, and that liberals just hate it.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett Absolutely. How about all past Presidents who owned slaves?Will their statues also come down? These stat…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @Tonyg04456745 @jjburdett I've got the land for all the Confederate statues.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @LouDobbs @realDonaldTrump Globalist agenda NYTIMES is a rag. It's a waste of ink! Ignores the wishes of millions o… Want Just Two People Out of White House: Bannon and @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #TrumpTrain #AmericaFirst
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @LouDobbs @POTUS Lou. Give thanks for you! One of the shining Patriots in the Media! America First!Combative media - @POTUS in heated news conference blames “both sides” for Charlottesville violence. Join #Dobbs NOW FBN7p #MAGA #TrumpTrain
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog#LDTPoll: Is the Left-Wing Media exploiting the Charlottesville tragedy in an effort to discredit @POTUS and derail his ambitious agenda?
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogDespicable- @CharlieHurt: Dems’ smear campaign against @POTUS is destructive, sets back race relations. #Dobbs
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogHow can #Ca #Dems call suit agst #DOJ re sanctuary cities backing constitution when they are not following law?
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @lizpeek @FoxNewsOpinion @realDonaldTrump The Democrats would have paid a billion dollar ransom to this global bull… Fox News Opinion (@FoxNewsOpinion): .@lizpeek: Why @realDonaldTrump should be taking a victory lap on...
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWhen this was happening under Obama , not a peep from you effin morons ! Leftists are despicable ! #ImpeachTrump
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogBREAKING: Dem Congressman Luis Gutierrez Arrested While Protesting Outside White House. #ImpeachTrump #BothSides
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogRobert E Lee was first in his class at West Point. Would the left close WEST POINT? @FoxNews @Danielle_Parker Prayers for an American Hero!JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani hospitalized after fall, report says
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @realJoshuaHall #RudyGiuliani was a SENSATIONAL MAYOR & turned an unlivable city into the best in America.I pray 4…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogMerkel set in motion the destruction of Germany...and she felt sexy about it. #FightGlobalism #FightIslamization
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSo Shirls in your foreign service did you run with Al Qaeda or the Taliban? Asking for a friend.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogDems cry #ImpeachTrump almost as much as they accuse conservatives of being "racist" & "Nazis", yet they know zero about Civil War or WWII.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogHere's One For You SJWs 👍🏼 #ImpeachTrump
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @POTUS Please Pres. Trump. These 3 must stay and the Liberal Left mustn't think they determine who does & doesn't…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @zigzagman22 @SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr SUCK!! They couldn't give a rat's ass about conservatism!! FIRE THESE…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog
The left created "Identity Politics". So why are they surprised that whites want a piece of the action? It's a natural progression
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWait is the left really saying they never heard of the Alt-Left. I knew they were stupid but come on. #ImpeachTrump #ANTIFA
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogNorth Korea walks back Guam threat with conditions @4DC4USA @RonWyden @POTUS Nothingburger again! @RonWyden Our Nazi, white supremacist @POTUS. Ron Wyden is a pathetic actor for the Globalists. #VoteHimOut
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett You're exactly right Jim!! #DemsInDesperation
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @EnlowKen @jjburdett @vannsmole Too sad its all about the purse 👛
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @vannsmole @jjburdett Dana knows there's another Bush in the bullpen and she has to show the Bushes that she can still sell out for them
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogThat look on a Liberals face when you say "Alt-Left" 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog"Trump blamed both sides!" "@POTUS Trump didn't respond quick enough!" Quit your damm whining & fighting and let th…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog.Screen shot this e'rybody ... instances where Trump disavowed racism and the KKK as far back as 1990! #FactsMatter
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @MeekKristy Rinse repeat impeach. That's all they got! PitifulThe last 7 months of Trump's presidency, I've been trolled by haters. All saying: #ImpeachTrump Yet not 1 Lib can g…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogJust placed my vote for the #ALSen GOP primary. I hope all of my fellow Alabamians exercised their right today. 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSadly @marcorubio Is Now Giving ANTIFA Nazis The Nod To Hurt Destroy & Maybe Kill Those They Disagree With…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSo what exactly are the justifications for impeachment this week? You gotta be more creative 😂😂😂you're losing us😂😂😂 #ImpeachTrump 💞Trump
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWhat's up with Kelly?
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogDemocrats have no money, no leader, no message, no solid candidates #MAGA #DemExit #DNCCorruption
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogYour son went to jail being in ANTIFA. Those are the facts. #ANTIFA #AltLeft #ArrestLeftistAnarchists
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @MeekKristy @ananavarro She's a disgusting vile woman @ananavarro yea forget Russia, obstruction, ect. WHY?? Because none of its true! Now.. He's gross? LOL…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWhich would explain why you're always on the wrong side Uncle Joe #Charlottesviille
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @NewbombKrull 😡George Soros is playing Liberals to "Divide & Conquer" funding radical terrorist groups #Antifa #BLM
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @itsEdwardOZ @donlemon Don Lemon enjoys all the white privileges more than most white people by selling his victimh…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogPoor @MittRomney still doesn't realize he got his a$$ handed to him once already 🙄 #BothSides of his a$$
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogAfter months of constant media conspiracy pushing the Russian collusion non-sense a new report shows it was all a H…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogRT 👉🏽ANTIFA Is A Terrorist Org & Needs To Be Brought Down NOW ‼️ @POTUS #Maga @jeffsessions
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWe had an election Trump won so STOP with your nonsense of #ImpeachTrump #FakeNews & #DeepState should go start their own corrupt country
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog💥Boom 💥 💥 BOOM💥 #Lock him up 👮 People got hurt & People died 👮 🚨Accomplice to #MURDER🚨 #TheResistance #KILLS☠️💀
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