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Jim Burdett @jjburdett Las Vegas, NV

Believer! Conservative! A job is the best Social Program! #MAGA

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ACE I love you my brother. I'm in disbelief and don't know what to say. I love you ACE 🙏🏽 @…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @LelandVittert Obamacare has already failed! @amy_abremner94 just because it's said doesn't mean that it's true! Tell it to the FCC when they come to take your license!CNN president: Network’s ‘credibility is higher than ever’ Ummmmm...not!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettWe are devastated by the tragic news that Yordano Ventura, 25, has died in an automobile accident.…
Retweeted by Jim BurdettYordano Ventura killed in an auto accident via @HardballTalkCOME ON CHUCK, REALLY? Todd BADGERS Conway on Inauguration Crowd Size
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @dbongino @jjburdett @jimsciutto I'm proud of our @POTUS for saying he had their backs and support! Shame on Brennan!!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @maga_silverback @jimsciutto jarrett, abedin, ............. @jjburdett @jimsciutto He belongs in the slammer. Was a bloody Muslim mole put there by the mole in chief. Along with many other moles.
Retweeted by Jim BurdettWondering if Brennan felt the same "shame" when Hillary lied to the faces of the families of the slain Benghazi pat…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @jimsciutto @maga_silverback who cares what this muslim traitor thinks. He leaked CIA InformationBreaking: Fmr CIA Director Brennan "deeply angered and saddened" at President Trump's speech at Memorial Wall
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @CUBASIKASTRONO @Bob_Oscar @soniaerasmus @SCTeamTrump @DanScavino and Kostinen @Bob_Oscar @soniaerasmus Remember this leeche and corrupt ???@SCTeamTrump @DanScavino
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @PotluckPolitico he is after all his elitist Fathers son! Like Hillary he just knows whats best for all of us! Sick of it and him!Chris Wallace still doesn't get it. War with the dishonest media IS part of the agenda. A dishonest media is a threat to the republic.
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @jjburdett @RealJamesWoods @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Exactly! We don't have to see/hear from that traitor anymore!! TRUMPLAND USA!!😇🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jim BurdettBrian said he never Lied about CLINTON? Really?
Retweeted by Jim BurdettThat is so perfect! The good news is that with these types of intellectually bankrupt followers, the Democrats have…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @angeldot11 @RealJamesWoods @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS i can start watching the news again without throwing things at the TV! @luckyjonesss @JessicaTarlov @FoxNews she doesn't like me.... she blocked me. @RealJamesWoods @jjburdett @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Thank God we have President Trump and his Dream Team, America is ours again!!🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @jjburdett @JessicaTarlov is a hateful lib who tries to hide it to keep her job at @FoxNews. 'Soros' and PP funded Woman's March ..eye-roll
Retweeted by Jim Burdett.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump Between your powerful #InauguralAddress and this glorious @FLOTUS by your side, the world…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @jjburdett I bet you are! Your right there in the middle of it! I'm so envious!Should be a exciting 4 yrs.Already working on 2018 Caucus!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @chucktodd and #NBC are antisemite! Ask our Jewish friends what party best represents their issues! His daughter is Jewish! #racists @AndMySpace very excited too! @jjburdett Thanks4theFollow Jim.So excited for this time in history! Finally the ppl are heard by our President Trump!See you on Twitter!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettYes it should! Former President 📲
Retweeted by Jim BurdettJessica Tarlov is an angry exclusionist. Why were prolife Christians excluded... and Radical Islamists enabled in the Women March? @marymauldin @jjburdett @Cheridr77 Instead of focusing on the plight of women in undeveloped countries. Paid actresses attract Trump. Sad
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Retweeted by Jim BurdettYou're so right, Jim. Hearing SS is paying her a visit.
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @BarackObama your bio should now reflect "Former President ".Had a great meeting at CIA Headquarters yesterday, packed house, paid great respect to Wall, long standing ovations, amazing people. WIN!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @marymauldin @Cheridr77 #lockherup with Hillary! @marymauldin hi Mary! We won! BLM Code Pink Acorn...... all violent anarchists! @marymauldin @Cheridr77 no pro life Christian ladies allowed! Comment Madonna??? No free speech!Plus read an article last night th Soros has ties w at least 50 sponsors of march Not organic movement, but bought…
Retweeted by Jim BurdettThis is what happens when you have a Sick corrupt Flawed Candidate under FBI investigation. You Lose! Spicer thumps the media at first press conference: ‘We’re going to hold the press accountable’…
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@Lrihendry @jjburdett Yep. Media just doesn't get it. Like we're idiots.
Retweeted by Jim Burdett#FakeNewsMedia used images b4 people arrived or when they left! All I see is wall-to-wall people all the way to WA…
Retweeted by Jim BurdettA WIN IS A WIN......but Man that was a tough game to watch! @toybanker Mike is great for that job. Posturing is ridiculous. Congressman and WestPointer........AND he's right !!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettThank God for Hannity!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @gayletrotter along with Kristol he lost his edge, Like McCain being exposed to the left for too long!Anyone that is on this side...or thinks this is their "right", ur just as much of a POS then they are. SICKENING!😡
Retweeted by Jim BurdettTrump blames ‘political games’ for delaying Pompeo’s confirmation as CIA chief @SConnorTX @jjburdett Sent her back to the sandbox to peddle her wares! Not here in America!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @Mandy022889 @WayneDupreeShow no.... it was just a lie! @WayneDupreeShow @jjburdett the idiot probably didn't know what MLK looked like!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettNOT FAKE NEWS, THIS WAS A LIE! Zeke Miller said MLK Jr Bust was removed from Oval Office when it was not!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @Cheridr77 gateway pundit had a similar article.Organizer For DC Women's March, Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas
Retweeted by Jim BurdettGuns & Baby's The American way.
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @jjburdett @brianefallon Who is lying now?
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @Mister_C_72 @PrisonPlanet @lsarsour You won't let American Prolife women march in this Event..... but this woman? #shameful.@PrisonPlanet why are women marching with organizer @lsarsour promoting her mysoginistic, antisemitic pro-Shariah…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @brianefallon lets see..... you worked for HRC and Schumer..... and you don't have a horse in the race. Elections have consequences! #MAGA @MayorSlyJames Sexual Assault is deplorable. Especially when the attackers are so powerful and continue to harass t… @We_R_TheMedia @jjburdett I prefer a "dickless" Nazi.
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @LeahR77 @jjburdett @AshleyJudd Well, if ignorance is bliss, she's ecstatic 😅😅😅 #dumbasastick # getaclue #getyourheadouttayourass
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @PolitiDiva that's affirmative by the numbers only you guys weren't "crowded" in front of #MSM cameras w/ a worthless cause 😑@jjburdett
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @We_R_TheMedia @jjburdett Right, I am surprised. Idiots being led by a man that's only agenda is taking their freedom!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettIf the left really wanted to fight for women's rights they would be protesting against Islam right now #WomansMarch
Retweeted by Jim Burdett#WomensMarch #maga #WhyWeMarch #NastyWoman #WomanForTrump #LanternsBuzz #TrumpInauguration
Retweeted by Jim BurdettI Don't Think @AshleyJudd Really Knows The Meaning Of The Word Hitler ..Let's Inform Her #WomensMarch 👍
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @We_R_TheMedia @girl4Trump and the anarchists from yesterday!Surprise! Evil Commie George Soros Has Ties To #WomensMarch Cuz Nothing Symbolizes 'Womens Rights' Like An Elderl…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @seanhannity @jjburdett Happy times!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettLast night!!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @catfanfl and that Isis and Soros thing. @catfanfl I've never understood McCain. War hero. Yet he is always on the wrong side. Gang of 8. @jjburdett @budb66 @mundyspeaks Yes they are. Actually worse. They are pretending to be conservative but are liberal.
Retweeted by Jim BurdettHey #WomensMarch - will you be marching on the Saudi embassy? They torture and imprison female rape victims. No?
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @Jeffery_Keith2 Clinton Foundation is the business model for leftist Democrat shake down artists. Step up @ObamaFoundation