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Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Grateful, Hopeful American. Catholic, Constitutionalist, Conservative. Capitalist. Product of the Greatest Generation. Most DMs will fall on deaf ears.

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And it's been a financial and medical disaster ever since it was passed. I'm amazed people are fighting to keep tha…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogIn Wichita, the diocese, is still compiling information on “alleged miracles” attributed to Father Kapaun.…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @RoboHoward @LorenceHud Here is the guy who Elected #Obama & Twin #Socialist #Trudeau. The Terrorist Funding Felon…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @DonaldJTrumpJr They are always wrong!SCOTUS upholds temporary travel ban. I guess the 9th circuit activism is wrong again??? #maga
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @billoreilly @jjburdett Love it.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @Cernovich Thank you Supreme Court 👌
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogOf course it did.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSupreme Court allows Trump to ban travel from 6 chaotic Muslim countries embarrassing the liberal judges who sought to limit Trump.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWINNING! Supreme Court has lifted most of the liberal appellate court's travel ban injunction. Media & Liberals across USA will be TRIGGERED
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogNo braver govt. whistleblower. I follow up w/Special Agent Dodson, Fast & Furious 6+ yrs into the investigation.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @CharlieDaniels @jjburdett Sound like lyrics to me sir.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogBehold the glory of God in an early morning Tennessee sky.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @ilneigesurliege @mikeez3 @jjraegirl @jjburdett Ya I was referencing kid being altered even if a bit & w/mindset th…
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Congressman Steve Scalise is one of us, He stood by President Trump when others would not. To my Followers, Please…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWhy isn't she in jail?
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogGeorge Soros belongs in jail. He causes civil unrest and violence in multiple countries. His time is up.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @MammaLon @TEN_GOP Likewise!Your not alone.......Mike
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog#andJusticeForAll
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @TEN_GOP @MammaLon #soldout #bernedout #LockHimUp @TEN_GOP I lived in communism, was under surveillance of stalinism/totalitarianism, studied Marxism-Leninism. Berni…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett @TEN_GOP #ShadySanders
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @TEN_GOP @MammaLon Tick tick tick #fraudsterI'm just gonna leave this here..
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogThey drove 17 hours to see Trump! Hard Core Trump Supporters.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @gehrig38 @zeus4ever Curt---- Iran Deal. Treason. This was our $$ @robreiner This drivel continues! Thanks Meathead! @ROCKONDUDE2 @LeahR77 @LVNancy @ConstanceQueen8 @JrcheneyJohn @eissolomon11 @pinkk9lover @TheTrumpLady @surfermom77
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogClinton stole, Lynch obstructed, Rice lied, Obama sat on his ass and did nothing to Russia, and TRUMP is the one people want to investigate?
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett @ms_erika74 Bwahahaha 🤣😂🤣😂🤣! YES! LOL
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @StacyLStiles @ms_erika74 The only good thing McConnell has done in his career! @StacyLStiles @ms_erika74 .... and the other on a bottle of gin!Keep It Up, Keep It Up, Keep It Up....... #50ShadesOfCray @MaxineWaters
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @chrisncal @michaelnation01 @colettey6 @jjburdett They're truly disgusting. That magazine takes the cake. That's th…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @shook_stephanie @michaelnation01 @chrisncal @colettey6 Yes. Apparently the majority of them are too big to jail. W… @jjburdett @michaelnation01 @chrisncal @colettey6 Carter looks conservative compared to the crazies today. They've gone full blown commie
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog.@JordanSpieth has won the @TravelersChamp in INCREDIBLE fashion. UNBELIEVABLE! 😱🏆 #QuickHits
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @DawnFults @colettey6 Margaret Sanger, Hillarys hero..... specifically targeted blacks. @DawnFults @colettey6 Many poor whites as well. @colettey6 @jjburdett How stupid...planned parenthood only targets minorities
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @shook_stephanie @michaelnation01 @chrisncal @colettey6 Learned my lesson with Carter @michaelnation01 @chrisncal @colettey6 @jjburdett I'm not real fond of Dems either
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @jjraegirl @jjburdett @ilneigesurliege @mikeez3 @POTUS @Eyechatpolitics @IngrahamAngle @BasedElizabeth @Camtemp
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @colettey6 @jjburdett Yep..........
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @realLawMuse @jjburdett @GaryD_Sr @CarmeciPeter @StevenSchirripa @Md_Renegade @VJCortese @vincentcuratola @joeinthejeep Looks Good 😊
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @colettey6 Quietly we should give Thanks to God. Then haveas many Children as we can lovingly support!#WTF???? Yet #whitepeople who love God R the evil pple???😡
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogMANHUNT: Previously Deported MS-13 Gang Member Allegedly Murdered Girlfriend via @BreitbartNews #Pride2017
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @colettey6 thanks for your support!True Christians do not put stumbling blocks in front of others. Nor would they consider antichrists, "brothers."
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @ilneigesurliege @mikeez3 @POTUS @Eyechatpolitics @IngrahamAngle @BasedElizabeth @Camtemp @colettey6 @NewtTrump
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogThis is why Europe is in the state they are in- they have forgotten God.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @JohnKasich you do not have a vote on Healthcare. You are not a Senator! You are irrelevant! #stfuTrey Gowdy: What was the DNC hiding on the server they didn't want the FBI to see? #SethRich
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @4AllSoulKind @GhostWalker40 @Shellemarie @GILMONK1 @VolHawk78 I don't think you are a Democrat anymore! Just like…, wife Jane, hire lawyers amid FBI probe on loan application: report via the @FoxNews App
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @alger_luana @jjburdett Its Gowdy Time!!!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @hrenee80 @jjburdett @POTUS MSM IS ARM OF DNC LEFTYS DEMS💣💣💣
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog#ShadySanders and #BankFraudBernie practicing their perp walk
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWe need @FLGovScott running for Senate against Bill Nelson in FL, after 2 terms in Senate Nelson's approval sits at 7%
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogI don't think we glory in the horrible situation, but rather we glory in Jesus who is with us and will help us get…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogThe plot thickens
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @SteveScalise @jjburdett Bless U Steve😇😇👍👍👍
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @EricDarrell Nothing new about me Eric. Just a strange twitter week. Understand Leftists. Not crazy!Wow. There are some real wing nuts on Twitter!THIS is why @POTUS must never stop speaking directly to the American people. #MSM
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @SteveScalise Glad to see you are feeling better!Geaux Tigers! Loved watching y'all win today!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogKaren & I have landed in Colorado & were greeted by members of the @usairforce and their loved ones. Thank you all…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogTogether, we are going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #AmericaFirst🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @saturday4242 This is unfunny. It is also what continual Democratic rule does to a state!Unfunny
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSummerPasta #PomodoroCrudo @GaryD_Sr @CarmeciPeter @StevenSchirripa @Md_Renegade @VJCortese @vincentcuratola
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogIntent of this Tweet is to give folks a heads up so when it hits you understand it's scripted and not legit. Over t…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @AlanDersh @ger_gerbear Counselor, I see it as rather one sided.Criminal law should be reserved for obvious violations of the crim law that exists. Not for scoring political point…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @President1Trump @Westxgal Never has an association of malcontents, liars, thieves, murderers, anarchists, and perv… bad apple spoiled The whole bunch! #RottenToTheCore #LockThemUp
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