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Jay Burdett @jjburdett Nevada, USA

#Catholic #PJNET #LasVegas #NRA #Conservative. #kc #Wichita #ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ blocked by @hillaryclinton #NEVERHILLARY #COS

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So often times I find myself, my causes, and my Candidates defeated. It was a fight well fought Ted Cruz.“Everything St. Jude is doing for us, and we won’t have to pay a bill? That’s amazing," says Gracie's mom.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettLet's ALL unite and take down the corrupt Clinton Machine!! #Trump2016
Retweeted by Jay BurdettVery well stated Milo !,,,,
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThe people wanted a street fighter this time around. The pendulum is going to swing back HARD. #NeverHillary #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @stuartpstevens so you will be running Hillary's Campaign? #NeverHillary #rememberbenghazi @JohnKasich step aside Don Quixote! No one would vote for you on the 23rd ballot!Now more than ever, there are two paths...
Retweeted by Jay Burdett.@tedcruz, You've showed integrity, class & immense faith in America. I'm proud to say I support you! May God bless you & your family!
Retweeted by Jay BurdettNavy SEAL Charles Keating IV, killed by ISIS in Iraq. RIP
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#NeverHillary because she's a traitor working with Muslim Brotherhood mole, Huma #IndianaPrimary #StopIslam
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHillary Reacts to News that She’ll Be Running Against TRUMP 😱 #NeverHillary #Trump2016
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHILLARY Gets THUMPED in Indiana – Then Begs for Money on Twitter to Beat Trump
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIf Hillary can't even beat a socialist in her own party,how isShe going to face Trump?People R tired of Politicians.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettKasich has no class! He looks like a moron in this. Cruz had class and stepped aside. Now somehow glue the GOP back! Cruz is fearless fighter for CONSTITUTION, Limited Gov't, Security, JOBS, FREEDOM! #CruzCrew #PJNET #TCOT
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMany of my friends tonight are mourning the loss of Navy SEAL Charles Keating, a faithful Catholic and heroic man. Please pray for his soul.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMitch must go !!!!!! New leadership!Democratic and Republican establishment prepare yourselves for a new population of Senators and Congress people! Term limits must come!Please Share. Fox Stinks! @SmallBiz4Trump @Gypsydragup @ElianaBenador @pastormarkburns @RealBenCarson
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIRS to hire hundreds of new enforcement employees
Retweeted by Jay Burdett.@realDonaldTrump: Cruz is one hell of a guy! A tough Competitor. #IndianaPrimary
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBlack Female Executive Speaks Out About Working For Trump Family
Retweeted by Jay BurdettOh yeah, almost forgot about this guy. LOL. He needs to get OUT also. #DropOutKasich
Retweeted by Jay BurdettCircle the Wagons around Donald Trump! Take it to #NeverHillaryTrue Class - Great Speech #TedCruz - #NeverHillary
Will Ferrell is a stone cold moron! @LynetteRoseMrtz I am a foot and half taller than my father..he just had to LOOK at me & I fell back in line. Encouraged by youth like you! @LynetteRoseMrtz children do not learn manners or etiquette any more. Their parents should not expose them or put them up to this! @MattWalshBlog then her great grandchildren! ...................A sad and desperate woman. Her grandkids must die of embarrassment every day.
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @LynetteRoseMrtz @TIB2016 That is the problem. They learn this behavior from their parents. These are the parents thoughts! KidsLittle Shithead kids! Parents who let their children act like this need to be accountable.Your child represents YOU!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @deb_shelton Bill should recuse himself from anything TRUMP. They are too close of Friends for him to be Fair and Balanced!Next time a Dem tells U they fight for regular people, ask this scumhag to explain Superdelegates. #tcot #ccot #gop
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @realDonaldTrump @tedcruz @heidiscruz @seanhannity @CharlesKrautham @ChuckNellis @JewsForCruz
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SHOCK: Mexico Arrests Cartel Smugglers Bringing Drugs into Texas
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMans best friend 🐶
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#Kcchiefs doing the wrong thing drafting #TyreekHill. Memories of #JovanBelcher violence must have dimmed. Slippery slope!#ObamaOut thank the Good Lord! Our national nightmare is about to end!
Love seeing photos of dad Ive never seen before. Here's 1 I got from a longtime fan 2day. @GoodyearRacing @BuschBeer
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Echoing the prayer of Pope Pius XII, we pray, Lord Jesus, your return’s not far off:
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHit the road @peytonmanning Just go quietly into the night! #NFLDraft2016 @betsy_klein showing us that this WH is always been style over substance. Shed be a better Press Sec than any of the Obama's Secretary's!A Muslim Marxist holding a socialist sign is leading the burning of an American flag. Take note, Americans!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @frrogers2156 @TelegraphSci appears to be a miracle to me. Shame on those who can not see this first moment of life!Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg | via @TelegraphSci
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @phillip_plynch still with the Jack I hope!The photographer who snapped this photo at the climate conference should be given a Pulitzer.
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @phillip_plynch an alleged comedian..Phillip don't waste one moment of precious time on his marathon. 1 shot of jack and you are better off!Has anyone ever paid to see Will Ferrell in a Movie? Not heard one humorous quip out of his mouth. Usually plays an idiot...appropriate! @AHMalcolm @deepcow kids these days............... A Bernie Sanders bastian!Weeks Most Popular Tweet: Another puzzled takeout customer.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHillary Clinton bashes Donald Trump for his wealth yet she lives in a mansion and a life paid for by tax payers!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
How much more money do these con artists need...?
Retweeted by Jay BurdettFear nothing. #kcchiefs #lockerroom @ Kansas City Chiefs Training Complex
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWatch "Caller: what will Target do to a man who stands in women's fitting room to protect his daughter?" on @Vimeo
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThis is why I love Twitter. When a LIAR gets OWNED by a citizen! Retweet!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett"Italy nabs four suspected in ISIS plot to attack Israeli embassy, Vatican"
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThey are gone now. Please gracefully leave the stage before we remove you! Romney and John Boehner failed us as Republicans. You are now GONE, so bye! Hit The Road! Vaya Con Dios! Should take their passes away!I would pay any amount of money to watch @HillaryClinton put on a bright red pant suit and jump on I-95 to play in traffic.
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@redsteeze @Cynlorrine23 don't forget our favorite Oprah! @Chris_1791 @Randomsmom the crime is that the Mother is supposed to be the one to nurture and protect, not MURDER!Shouldn't you vet before you announce???? I m sure she's fine but this is where an Eagleton shows up! 8 family members killed in OH were done by the Mexican drug cartels. OH is flooded w/them. MSM is silent.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettShe he should be in jail for killing that poor woman in CA Obama leaves office, the tax payers should fund a warship in his honor. #USSObama
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @Mysticeagle1 try generics and write the manufacturers for help. Use the Pharmacists to assist you. You might be able to cut 1/2. GBU!What am I to do?
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI'm saving my "ugly Twitter energy" for Hillary Clinton. #AnyoneButHillary
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWe tried to warn you. California Businesses Already Fleeing The State Just 1 Month After $15 Minimum Pushed Through.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettLike the feelings of a hated ideologue! @TMZ
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMSM where were the petulant teleprompter remarks for the past 7 years. Hypocrites. @DenNpt A 9/11 attack is unacceptable. Pearl Harbor was unacceptable. Our Troops are citizens as well. No Difference!Hastert is a disgusting human being! Coddled and hidden by the establishment!If this is democracy,why do both political parties have mechanisms built into their primary process to circumvent the will of the people
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI thought Mr. Trumps speech was better than imagined. I hope he loses the narrative that American Militiary are our Citizens too. @RobManess @walkerkpt Maybe he should talk to the family of James Foley!Leonardo DiCaprio only thinks climate change is our biggest threat because he's never had to look an Islamic Jihadist in the face #oscars
Retweeted by Jay Burdett"In my opinion Hillary Clinton is a criminal & if she was under my command in the military, she would be in jail" @RobManess to @BuckSexton
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#NEVERHILLARY Remember always....#Benghazi Where was HRC and BHO? Missed the 3:00 am phone call. Great People died!#NEVERHILLARY Remember always....#Benghazi and the missed 3:00 am phone call.#NeverTrump #NeverCruz lets pause. Talk 2 me about #NeverHillary and her negatives. She is a terrible person, speaker, leader..#NEVERHILLARY
MT @BrookeLynnBooks: 'Do You smile on the outside but feel your heart breaking or hurting?' #RenewUS #PJNET
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@LilSoCalGal @seanhannity Tracy.... the fix is in! When Ted pulls this off it certainly will be due to the hand of God!Democratic Prospective Demographics - - Illegals and Convicts.... Ponder that for a moment!Read The Tea Party Conservative Daily ▸ today's top stories #VoteTrump #Trump2016
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is 'Abortion',... Mother Teresa #PrayToEndAbortion
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThe Holy Rosary is one of the most powerful weapons that we have against Satan and his minions.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettYes @jma928 We need @kelliwardaz in CA! Import Kelli! @TeamWardPima @swhotmess @SusanRempel @TucsonGirl @win_az16 I
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @KurtSchlichter @dennis_peter_58 @DrStevePerry common sense plays no part in the leftist idealogy !EU law trumps British law, EU courts overrule British courts, The Eurozone outvote the UK, time to LEAVE #Brexit
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHeartbreaking to read-the Rigby killers should have got the death penalty
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @marclamonthill @piersmorgan
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#WakeUpAmerica before it`s too late.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHonoring Marine 1st Lt. Matthew R. Vandegrift who selflessly sacrificed his life eight years ago today in Iraq...
Retweeted by Jay Burdett @MasterGuns1313 @GhostingGal wow.... dodged a bullet there! Phew what a relief!