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Vegas in 50's Flamingo Hotel Dad was Exec VP&Gen Mgr Stars I saw showroom:Judy Garland Brenda Lee Pearl Bailey Jac…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @teetoyou tired tired & tired! @jjburdett @_Makada_ Absolutely. Aren't we all, tired of this. Something has to be done NOW with Congress.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @POTUS Please consider putting those in opposition of "eminent domain" on the MEXICAN side of the wall. It worked f…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogLt. McInerney: ‘Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Are Both in Violation of Espionage Act’ (VIDEO) #ObamaGate
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @tiffanylloree @SenateDems diversion just to attack the agenda of Donald JTrump!This Russia story is going to blow up in @SenateDems faces
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWeiner's Alleged Child Pornography Victim Turns Against FBI: Comey "Victimized Me" and "Helped Abuse to Continue" RT
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @_Makada_ @teetoyou may have violated Federal Law...... no he freaking breaks all our laws! #lockhimup ! Send Hillary with him! @LJFMAGA @jjburdett WOW I don't like it at all!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSick. It's an exercise for students to adopt the terrorists ideology. Stop the indoctrination of our American child…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog
My #RadioInterview @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @RealKyleMorris @WatchOutAmerica @jjburdett @ralphshields313 @EricSpracklen @EjHirschberger #MAGA
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogGreat news! Thank you, President Trump!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @DeCiccoGloria I never liked or voted for him. But I never thought an American President would try to destroy our Nation! #treason @speakerryan bears the brunt of the failure to repeal & replace OCare. He told Americans and @potus he had the votes. He failed. Remove him @SLstar_n koppel wouldnt have had a job if Carter hadn't allowed the Iranian Hostage crisis to go on..! 444 Days. Resolved First Day of RR#ReleaseTheHannityTape
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @J0eDirt007 @ChelseaClinton @StefMacWilliams @thehill I agree but even with all that, people still try to make her relevant. So annoying!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @SWFLBeachBabe @ChelseaClinton priceless!You should ask @ChelseaClinton. It could be a bit confusing for her.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @In_TrumpWeTrust Oh and by the way were sacking up your entire family foundation and hauling all of you elitist crackers off to Gitmo!Chelsea Clinton is literally idiot! Please see👉🏿👉🏿‼️‼️ omg and they gave her Life Achievement Award? I wasn't that…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @UNLVSanchez joined Seat and Ed to discuss the @raiders move to Las Vegas and how it helps @unlvfootball #UNLV
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogOver 30 Major News Organizations Linked to George Soros | Media Research Center - 🖕🖕
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog#ISIS leader FOUND: Evil reign of ‘injured’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘OVER’
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogREPORT: Podesta Hid 75,000 Shares of Stock from Kremlin-backed Company Violates Financial Govt Disclosure Hypocrite
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogSessions: Shit's about to get real for sanctuary cities.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogAmazing how much ink Russian bullsh*t gets but Ford opens 3 new plants in MI and crickets from major media.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @realclearisrael these stupid judges have exposed us to untold cases of terror! #extremevetting
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog4th Circuit Infringes on Heller/2nd Amendment - American Thinker #2A #NRA #MAGA #PJNET 999
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogRT Do you agree with AG Sessions' crackdown on sanctuary cities? #poll #Sessions #SanctuaryCities #MAGA #TrumpUSA @POTUS @VP @jeffsessions
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @davisisabella99 been working for them for years!Former Obama press secretary Josh Earnest has a new job. Care to guess where? 👈 see here 🇺🇸…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @quiet104 @jjburdett praying for his family
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @quiet104 @jjburdett This is really getting ridiculous !! I want an EYE for an EYE ! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HANG'EM HIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @Trumptbird @jjburdett also said "Trump is listening...that has NOT happened in 14 years." Good interview!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @Trumptbird @jjburdett @BarackObama Worst President In U.S. History... What a piece of 💩! #WasNeverMyPresident !!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogIraqi Prime Minister said Obama didn't want to get involved with eliminating ISIS. He said Obama walked away from I…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @RealJack @esdriedger berned out then sold out to Satan.This defines Bernie Sanders pretty well...
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @celebspkrs4u @jjburdett There are ancient ties that bind us Templars made good Stone Masons they still do, the reverse is also true ;)
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog--😢😢#HERO Rest in Peace Justin --Condolences to your family friends coworkers 🙏💙-- #BlueLivesMatter 💙💙💙💙
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogIt took Democrats 8 years to completely ruin healthcare in America and they expect Republicans to clean up THEIR me…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogWH MOLES ARE TALKING? OANN: Obama Officials Told To Work Against Trump!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogHow is it POSSIBLE that the entire Congress cannot come up with a sound solution to national health care? We need to start fresh #TermLimits
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogPost hearing Dems in cmte are expected to demand "additional information" from Gorsuch. Questions to be answered in…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog
Meanwhile on a train in France... Citizens stand Idly By & WATCH Muslim Invaders claim their Country for Allah!…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogI should thank @CBSNews for providing me the opportunity to unmask "The Anatomy of Edited Fake News!" Stay tuned...Hope David and Ben watch.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @CBSNews Too good to be true, @60Minutes talking about "FAKE NEWS". They "accidentally" left themselves out!!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @PatriotsFiredUp @4AllSoulKind @CarmineZozzora @jaketapper a Foundation troll. Gets his talking points every morning from the deep state.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogCome see it....
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @HanittySean thanks for follow! @NastromKenneth @realDonaldTrump I think anyone under 20 can be mentally ill! Bots are sick. Many LGBT are on the train. Rest inform thmslvsFEEL SAFE YET? PHOENIX “AVOWED JIHADIST” ACCUSED Of Planning ISIS Terror Attack Released From Jail…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @kandeekane13 makes me wonder if they have 51 for Gorsuch.Think all 3 are undocumented DEMe loons Ryan sleeps w DEMe lobbyist McCain Graham are jealous as hell that DJT POTUS
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @kandeekane13 we all should seek enlightenment! I despise @SpeakerRyan and Graham McCain. @MaryGioiaGrace Obama never realized his opportunity lost. You have 4 hours to bond with a deal maker.Anti-business socialist shills can't seem to comprehend the fact that Trump negotiates deals on the golf course. Th…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett that's all the DEMe lemmings have left
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogRETWEET if you're proud of the job President Trump has done in his little time in office! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogEddie Munster was way cooler ..
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @kandeekane13 sad but they need to seriously analyze what happened in #Orlando @kandeekane13 it would just b easier if there wasn't all the drama. Maddog will eviscerate ISIS in short order! @blackhulls bots yes. Young and stupid yes. But the truth is they do not recognize the true evil that would drop them off a bldg! Sad!I'm FKN sure they don't..look at the constituency demographic..most are flesh bots programmed by the Liberal Machin…
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @jjburdett I know. I pray for them to save themselves!astonishing! Lack of any intent to survive. Yet they do not effort a defense. Mind Boggling
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogOur condolences to the family and friends of Detective Jason Weiland @ODMP #NeverForgotten
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogYes folks, these are the types of people accusing us of working for the Russians.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogThey have NO IDEA that Islam KILLS gay people. ZERO TOLERANCE.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @AmericaRising17 the swamp is massive..... Holder is one of my favorites.... you remember with that Mark Rich thing.... then AG. Remarkable!astonishing! Lack of any intent to survive. Yet they do not effort a defense. Mind Boggling you did a great job Mike!
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDog @AmericaRising17 I see so much corruption, and I see deep ties to the Shadow Government. Clintonistas abound! and then the financial crisis @jjburdett I see her name and I think 9/11.
Retweeted by Jim MaddestDogHappy for Las Vegas...... this coming from a lifelong Chiefs fan! Kushner, Beware of Jamie Gorelick