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Jim Burdett @jjburdett Las Vegas, NV

Married, Catholic, Conservative

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@4AllSoulKind @BillPeriman @Ash_Bash23 the truth of decades of greed and corruption buried HRC in the depths of her depravity.Muslim supremacists on killing rampage of Egypt’s Christians: ”Allah gave us orders to kill every infidel”, kill……
Retweeted by Jim BurdettHUH?! Los Angeles Officials Request #ICE Not Identify Themselves As Police? #SundayMorning #BuildTheWall
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @GloriaLamb11 @RedBlueTrue me too. A lot more productive.Bombshell: O'Keefe Releases Undercover Footage Inside CNN via @FreedomOutpost
Retweeted by Jim BurdettSyrian priest: 'It is miraculous that we are still alive. We owe that to Vladimir Putin' No wonder Dems hate Putin
Retweeted by Jim BurdettBREAKING NEWS: Twister and Titanic star Bill Paxton dies at age 61 via @MailOnlineI love this Lady @MLP_officiel @ChristophHeer52 @Napoleonlegal @AirWarrior1969
Retweeted by Jim BurdettWe #Deplorables can live without the #Oscars but #Hollywood can't live without US! #BoycottOscars #StandWithPOTUS
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @DKurdistan @Nvehecnycrrcom1 animals! #SwedenyouhaveaproblemOUTRAGE IN SWEDEN: Sickening picture of blonde woman spit on by muslim ‘refugee’ draws...
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @stella_covelli @yzbeauty4him @ed_hooley @POTUS I believe it's what fires his fame media schtick. They committed suicide! @judywmiller @DebFreedomVoice @AP @CNN thus the new name for Jake...... #fakeyapper @yzbeauty4him @ed_hooley @jjburdett this is painful 2watch but I truly believe this moment helped 2fuel the fire in @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Jim BurdettA sign at a Texas gun shop. @DananaMama
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @ARnews1936 @S_T_O_P_TERROR @BryonnyM another reason to hate these murderous cowards! @DebFreedomVoice @AP takeaway the gas ⛽️ from the fire 🔥. No one will care what goes on now. No one will watch. Great move! @POTUSTrump says he won't attend correspondents dinner this spring (from @AP)👉Reagan didn't nor did Carter, I agree fully!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettGood night Patriots!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @CNN they should tattoo IDIOT in the middle of their forehead!HOW THE 2011 COORESPONDENTS DINNER CREATED PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP #MAGA #obama #Trump #CNN #CoorespondentsDinner
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @staggerlee420 @LGRIT25 @EjHirschberger @LifecoachNV16 @mark_selby723 @BrittPettibone @ralphshields313 weren't all of them disbarred? @LGRIT25 @RafaStar4 @EjHirschberger @tonygiove @LifecoachNV16 @mark_selby723 @BrittPettibone @ralphshields313
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @8a48d82c8f1f483 so tired of those two idiots!Need any more reasons to consider CNN Anti-Trump "Fake News"??? Here's two more‼️
Retweeted by Jim BurdettFor first time the failing @nytimes will take an ad (a bad one) to help save its failing reputation. Try reporting accurately & fairly!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettRight on Brother ! Henry Davis,American Patriot reveals that Michigan is loaded with Muslims committing welfare fra…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @bcwilliams92 pretty cool. That was a week ago Billie! My Dad was and loved his Jayhawks!Actually happened. Alarm goes off..... song comes on....... it's my ding a ling. Well you have to love ❤️Vegas @Jennife52613581 John Wayne...... Hollywood now is a flock of pajamaboysAnd James Woods! Clint & Woods are awesome real men!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @piersmorgan @jjburdett NOT.🤢💩😡😎
Retweeted by Jim BurdettColorado rancher plows mile-wide #‘Trump' sign
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @piersmorgan @Jennife52613581 why would we watch or go to their movies? Only go to Clint movies!As you watch the Trump-bashing #Oscars tonight, remember how they cheered convicted child rapist Roman Polanski:
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @SueLorain @ARnews1936 @Heliosat @S_T_O_P_TERROR nothing to love about Radical Islam? Sick bastards! @ARnews1936 @jjburdett @S_T_O_P_TERROR these bastareds. We need to blow them to Smithereens
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @ARnews1936 @Heliosat @S_T_O_P_TERROR filthy cowards!ISIS attaching bombs to suicide #dogs in #Mosul via @S_T_O_P_TERROR
Retweeted by Jim BurdettLiar, liar. CNN on fire.
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @jjburdett Thanks for following. I am San Bernardino Strong
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@andersonDrLJA @jjburdett I wish someone would throw water on Hillary so she'll melt! Hearing her voice makes me throw up in my mouth.
Retweeted by Jim BurdettWeekly Address from @WhiteHouse: ➡️
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @ralphshields313 @andersonDrLJA I would volunteer! @jjburdett @andersonDrLJA
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @andersonDrLJA the nerve of this evil woman#HILLARY’s BACK,EVEN THOUGH A #CRIMINAL & #TRAITOR! THUS, #ProsecuteHillary 4 EVERY CRIME! #HILLARYnotABOVEtheLAW!…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @RachelCohen12 like and respect you. Just disagree about Col North. He's a hero. Every thing else spot on.As a Retired US Army Colonel, I Agree Fully With #LtColOliverNorth's Belief that #BO = #ISIS & would add that…
Retweeted by Jim BurdettGREAT MOVE @realDonaldTrump #FakeNews #CNNLeaks #DNCChair
Retweeted by Jim Burdett#Nevada - Contact your Senators! Let them know you VOTE, and you expect them to Fully Support President Trump…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @mickeynu477 I'm looking at this now and can't confirm any where else. Only place I see it. Makes sense. Can't confirm.Destroy CNN fake news
Retweeted by Jim BurdettTotal Blackout @CNN 👥Your all #VeryFakeNews @POTUS #Trump Shows how insane & Small 😃#MSM & You showed how Unhinged…
Retweeted by Jim BurdettNetworks bottom line is money.As is Trumps bottom line 'Make America Great Again' Media not with him R against hi…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @Atheen_ @SSNjl @Emodius__ @BreitbartNews why the hell is the matter with these people?Again these women 4 Sharia Law & death to Israel are going to manipulate women to march against their own self inte…
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @Tim345Karen2 you are right! if you see a flag or an eagle 🦅 in a bio. You are looking at a Patriot and probably a Republican! @CaraSkyler @jjburdett @mitchellvii @whitewolf2226 Not witchcraft itself but this Trump spell, absolutely!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettThis is so ridiculous that he's not confirmed yet because of your game playing @TheDemocrats
Retweeted by Jim BurdettThank you Trump for skipping the #FakeNews correspondents dinner. I don't want you pallying around with hypocrites
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @LaRaeBelle @BillKristol there's no bringing Bill around. He's terminal nevertrumpers.Everyone dies sooner or later. Sooner if associated with #HillaryClinton
Retweeted by Jim BurdettHow 17th Amendment destroyed the State Sovereignty that had been designed to limit the federal gov't: #MAGA #PJNET
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @usmc1940 ty Buck for your service! GBU!Marines being Marines. A Marine headed to Iwo Jima fondly names his flamethrower "Miss-Spitfire" #USMC
Retweeted by Jim BurdettLet me translate this Bill Kristol prediction for you: Republicans will pick up even more seats in 2018.
Retweeted by Jim BurdettCongratulations to Thomas Perez, who has just been named Chairman of the DNC. I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @wikileaks way to make a break from the Clinton Crime Family!New #DNCChair Tom Perez: 18 Podesta Emails show him working for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders
Retweeted by Jim BurdettA truck plowed into a crowd of people watching a parade in New Orleans, injuring more than 20 people.…
Retweeted by Jim BurdettReince Priebus and Steve Bannon were great at CPAC. Remarkably effective joint presentation. So positive will confuse news media. Good job!
Retweeted by Jim BurdettAnd the Winner for Beatdown of the Year🏆goes to......Ben Stein!! #FakeNews channel @CNN just got Torched!!! #Surreal
Retweeted by Jim Burdett @4AllSoulKind good night Lisa. @4AllSoulKind @TulsiGabbard wouldn't argue with either one of you! Especially a girl from Michigan lol #much respect 4 yr service! @4AllSoulKind thank God! I think we started to save the Republic! It will not be easy going forward. StillDevils on the left and Right. @4AllSoulKind we are all undesirables to the Clinton's. @jjburdett @brunelldonald @TezlynFigaro She is a dead stick! She and all her flunkies are now irrelevant to America. We said no more!
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