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Senior software engineer @RedHat. Part-time PhD student @computingncl. Sometime @Debian contributor. Amateur archivist. Views my own. RT ≠ endorsement.

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@BBCSounds Thanks for responding. In my case I wanted to share a link with my dad, rather than the wider world via… @UniofNewcastle why: I listened to an inspiring podcast and wondered what had replaced "societal challenges", the p… the "Share" button easily in iPlayer radio app. I really hope Sounds gets more polish before they kill the ol… to answer a question about @UniofNewcastle research strategy and all I can find are broken links and confide… @BBCSounds how can I share a programme? No obvious share button on the iOS appSome colourful record choices with Holly this evening guess it's consistent (as in consistently WAT) with the celebrations of their general election defeat last yearI'm trying to wrap my head around Labour not having enough of their own MPs in-house to vote on their own amendment…
Homebase nailing the current political zeitgeist
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Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @JochenCordes @joefern1 @openshift That stuck out to me too. Are they attempting to track people leaving or just g… #InternationalMenDay everyone!
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"Online abuse is a tawdry attempt to limit what we say"
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Nadine Dorries seriously just complained that the Brexit deal gives us "no MEPs, no commissioner, no votes". 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ #skynews
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @__psn your website certificate hath expired @Pfrobinson Good questionIs the FB messenger app still a privacy nightmare (doing behind the scenes stuff etc)?Looking for a decent flat pen for use in a pocket diary. Any suggestions? I used to use a charity biro but I haven'… @carolecadwalla @BBC So their line is “he deleted it without apology but in case you missed it before it was delete…
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@alicegoldfuss I'm imagining her doing a bashful "aw shucks" gesture @DevRelCallum Shame you can't wear it as a suitGreat project idea @DevRelCallum Lol can you book it a seat? @EbornIan @Bhaal_Spawn Worth checking out :) @EbornIan @Bhaal_Spawn Sounds a bit like how eg jjffe overhaul "Frontier: first encounters" (underrated game), essentially with black magic!Authors will eventually rue the day they ever worked with Amazon.
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandHmm @NclUniCATS versus @_NUCATS. Did someone lose a password?Urgh. @My_Metro are the monkseaton/pelaw trains withdrawn? Wish the app would tell us
2000 beziers.
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Only recently learned that Lush split shortly after this gig. Glad I could be there! @ybanez_rodrigo @NPCShake @james_mclamb @HamillHimself I guess in a round-about way you answered my question, and t… @ybanez_rodrigo @NPCShake @james_mclamb @HamillHimself Are you saying that CEO and Prime Minister are "men's positions"?It's the monthly "wear your @nineinchnails t-shirt to work day" at the @RedHat NCL office. Don't worry if you forgot, I brought spares!The single most important issue facing the country this morning is: is the deal good for the Tory Party?
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandSometimes I like to ignore everything else about Brexit and imagine what people will say about May's legacy in 10+ years time
Excited to share another form of the perceptual color mixing I've been working on with the #axidraw. Dm me if you'r…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandTime to arm badgers?
Listening to an old MOJO tribute album to "power, corruption and lies" and I forgot how great it is @kosmikus @argumatronic Is that Solarized (light) on the top?
Cracked a tricky issue I was wrestling with haskell today before bedtime. I'll sleep well tonight @Paulxthompson @davechurchley +++ATH before it's too late!
@marnieofficial "Maniac" is awesome. Also "better call saul" and "mindhunter". Oh and "altered Carbon"Fascinating graphic from Europe. • average car is parked 92% of the time. • roads reach their peak use only 5% of…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandToday, the president threatened to take federal aid away from a state where 150,000 Americans fled their homes due…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandI just found this record in a box I loaned a friend. Surprise present I think's first tweet fhkythvdrg yyxfnmzcjc retyuuggxijhdmhhrssadflllllllllppooooihb gizglyIsstrufzufzufzfixfigxcgh ch😎💜💜💕💕💕👀ljpts💜knnnbbhhb"I hope to God nobody else sends me any more prayers. I want gun control. No more guns!" says the mother of a victi…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @Ener_Vate_Ltd @bobbyllew Yes that graph doesn't support what the text is sayingThis is not a still from the last Blade Runner movie @mart_brooks @pwaring @gremski Yes.
@pwaring @gremski I've heard postfix is excellent for the fast lane stuff, it would probably be a better default for Debian @hownottodraw Isn't that an iMac? Not throwing shade, I love imacs @pwaring @gremski Hmm I dunno I like exim itself @gremski @pwaring It is indeedOh it's 9/11Fedora/RHEL/CentOS etc. HTTPD *still* serve the test page with a HTTP error code 403, this has driven my irrationally crazy for 10+ years
Blog post: duc BBC should dial down their @BBCSounds marketing and maybe put some of that resource into making the app work at… @majorhayden I haven’t seen a consensus emerge. I’m still on IkiWiki and can’t find something to match it. Jak recently moved to HugoThe Biosphere - A new home for life science companies right in the heart of our bustling city centre!…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland1) Took @PressSec Sarah Sanders' video of briefing 2) Tinted red and made transparent over CSPAN video 3) Red motio…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandExisting #creativecommons images on Flickr are safe from the looming >1000 cull. Good news.
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@codemonkey_mike Congrats! Also, weird coincidence, that why my brother was there too. His honeymoon,not yours ;) @bee_n_dashmama @mollycrabapple @Kemp @FBI Wrong Kemp I think @codemonkey_mike Florida? My brother took a similar photo a few weeks ago :-)Mac saga continues. 1T hdd wouldn’t work, 500G ssd wouldn’t work, 320G hdd did. Suspecting physical sector size issue
@directhex No luckily it's standard SATA. But I read a janky SATA adaptor can be a common problem @directhex Retrofit. MBP i7 13" non-retina circa 2011Gonna let you in on a little secret. This never happens in white neighborhoods.
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandUtterly failed to install MacOS on a SSD today. No idea why. Tried every combination of swearwords I could think ofNews outlets furiously trying to fill the news void until results are clear @jimwebber @marcsavy :-) are you visiting ncl anytime soon? Not to suggest a tour of pharmacies. But perhaps hostelries. @jmtd Fixing that would probably require a multi-million pound tender that ends up with outsourcing something to Capita
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @jimwebber @marcsavy This one is inside a Hospital @pwaring At least once a long time ago but it didn't changeI chuckle at this every time and have for years @joeshaw I’m 99% sure that, with a heavy heart, @archiveteam will be on it (anything yahoo-related has been on death watch for a while)
@sunildvr Me neither and agreed. Need to check detail for what Macs do @catovitch huh somehow I unfollowed you. RectifiedFeeling quite vindicated that I've always stuck to software encryption. But this is terrible, when the Mail @MailOnline rip off your stories, it's pretty obvious it's a cut and paste job. It's not no…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandWhen you failed history at school and missed the part about how people wear poppies because the Nazis were actually…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowlandthe comments on that article are on the nicer end of cesspit, but cesspit non-the-less (inevitable given the subject)I have the dubious honour of having been recently quoted in @lwnnet again ( - subscribers only at the moment) @BBCSounds the app seems to be much less reliable at re/establishing a connection after a break compared to iPlayer… @carlacantsleep @cliffexcellent @DMReporter And the pregnant man wasn't Trans anyway
The absolute brass neck of this. Since 2010, this govt has: 🔹Culled 15k NHS beds 🔹Cut half our NHS district nurs…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @AnonymousNigel @ysbryd1 @graywoodhouse @INorBY2020 @KeepBooks @theJeremyVine Thanks. Interesting reading!… @ppiixx Gah looks like I have to self assess now @AnonymousNigel @ysbryd1 @graywoodhouse @INorBY2020 @KeepBooks @theJeremyVine Is there any credible estimate of the… @TheMadMonkey247 @ADBremner @theJeremyVine @marissamcteague @INorBY2020 Private equity: yes. Public investment: no,… graphic is insane. I keep staring at it and thinking there must be something wrong. The gap between people in…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @Pfrobinson At the sterling/rate at the time? @Pfrobinson Thanks. I'm trying to figure out their impact on child benefit claw backAnyone have any idea how to check whether/how much child benefit you've repaid thru tax? I can't find any mention on my tax statementf(5,6) - "The ideal syntax for practical programmers" f 5 6 - "Bizarre; only academics would use" (f 5 6) - "Too ma…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandAre RSUs taxable as income?