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Senior software engineer at Red Hat. European citizen. I mess around with Doom engines. Views my own. RT ≠ endorsement.

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My Bloody Valentine have announced their first live performance in nearly four years, and they'll be sharing the st…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @FBECarnevil Are you folks considering multi platform support? @DavidJSharples @davechurchley They've apparently just stopped; had it deleted from our shopping orderToday @CommonsCMS launched an inquiry into Live Music. You can contribute your views here:
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @davechurchley Not aware of local stockists for this particular brand, but it was also an add on item theoretically… - University of Texas is using Chocolate Doom to teach reverse engineering:
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Pensions. Ugh. @garyadavison @jearle Every time I buy the normal stuff from Wilkos the cashier asks if it's for my tattoo. Every time!I forgot to mention this was an add-on item, but arrived alone. @jearle That doesn't make it any less a waste of cardboard and paperPresented without comment. Retailer is Amazon. @TheJournalNews Why are you blurring the vehicle company name out? They can stand by their actions @rob_sheridan I still have a soft spot for this (alarmingly fuzzy looking) movie
@Bhaal_Spawn @Gheaviside Oh god I think I might too, somewhere"17,130 songs, 55 days, 10 hours and 32 minutes, 123.4 GB" @andrewrstine Strictly, both are true
@sophwats @herbkim Ah bad luck. Although I guess gas stove boiling water would be pretty expensive @sophwats @herbkim Do you have a gas stove? I wonder if that would be quicker @jearle @SwiftOnSecurity I was pondering the omission of win98/the IE/explorer merge disaster
@vaurorapub You are missed by some, but your decision remains respected @treeinawood Ah I see; thanks!This looks interesting and seems to be available for before broadcast. "Soul Music - Boys Don't Cry" lecture on @bbcradio4 Four Thought - Philosophy on the Battlefield RSS is still a thing and is a great way to follow outlets you love. • You don't miss stories based on s…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandUPDATE: WE DID IT, THANKS FOR THE RETWEETS. @tripadvisoruk @holidaylettings have evidently seen this thread as they…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandBlog post: Announcing "Just TODO It" @Ganneff :(Working on Computer Systems in industry or a university? Submit an abstract to our 3rd UK Systems Research Challeng…
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@directhex Glad to be warned. I've held off due to some apps not supporting it (doom rpg!) @jimwebber @savasp Curious to see what @savasp recommends. The new thinkpad t series perhaps? @andrewrstine @eevee @fraggletastic @AsianMammoth @doom_txt I really wanted it to work, but now even if kb1 has com… @eevee @fraggletastic @AsianMammoth @doom_txt It's just one thing in a grab bag of other things on people's wish li… @eevee @fraggletastic @AsianMammoth @doom_txt There's been talk about fixing this in a "boom++" effort on the DW forumsNot enough spoons today @mike_watson @fraggletastic What about filing off the "this game has been modified press enter to continue" prompt?!!?!
@tadthuggish @RooneyMcNibNug @flatluigi I'm hovering over the "like" button here, but I think I'll pass, too Poe's lawI think I'm glad these people are editing videos all night and not murdering women instead. But uuuurrrrgghh! It's been years since I've seen, let alone drank, Murphy's in a bar. projects: please describe what you actually are on your homepage, don't assume we know. Latest culprit:… listen to "Blue Monday" done; original 12" 1983 version of course @mhausenblas @mjasay @cloud_opinion Maybe @mjasay is ex-RH? just guessingConversation with female friends about dating. I said I liked dating, even bad dates, because dating can be a kind…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandNo argument. #fungal logic
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandI want to do something great today @fraggletastic Apparently the next one is a bit more unicorn chaser? @fraggletastic S04e03!
That was DARK even by Black Mirror standards :( @Bhaal_Spawn @Tengushee This story from it was really memorable @Bhaal_Spawn @Tengushee Ah yes. Makes sense, the First Encounters one is called "further stories of life on the frontier". @Tengushee @Bhaal_Spawn I can't remember. I've mislaid my frontier manuals, but I still have my first encounters on… @Tengushee @Bhaal_Spawn Yeah the short fiction and stuff, really expanded the feel of the world @tqbf Those who use it ironically are at least On NoticeI really want to blog about PhD stuff, I just haven't managed yetNever thought about it this way, but Frodo's journey is much the same as doing a PhD. Must remember to put this in…
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I uploaded a spectre meltdown checker in Debian : soon in Ubuntu
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @SpeedySPCFan @Bhaal_Spawn Heh thanks. That's one I want to replay properly. I only messed about in it first time around.The official Linux kernel mailing list being offline for days because it's hosted on a home Linux server that suffe…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @purpleidea @spaans @DrWhax @MoreUsersNeeded @fedora @debian Yeah this has Just Worked for a long time in Debian now @Bhaal_Spawn Heresy I know but they might be going on eBay soon. Need space! @Bhaal_Spawn This reminds me of my house right now @jdub How wrong of me is it to dismiss the middle one out of hand because PHP? @pwaring We'd be paying either way, right? @andrewrstine Yeah the shame of that ugh @andrewrstine ...but what was the plant?
I spy Doom USB conversion kit for Amiga 500 keyboard #Gaming
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @andrewrstine @quake_txt Quake_txt makes sense to about 2, 3 people max. @ninlive 1Password standalone (one off fee) + lan sync to other devices you own. It ROCKS @fraggletastic I've muscle-memoried "sudo su -" and I can't remember why @fraggletastic NP. Me too, inspirational guy. I've started little guerilla archiving efforts after learning about hisBlog post: Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It @My_Metro good morning. Where are all the Pelaw trains departing Monkseaton? I haven't seen one for a while
... however you shouldn't see this as a negative but an opportunity. Almost all companies are clueless on strategy,…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @Bhaal_Spawn Whiny Reese was the worst @Bhaal_Spawn Imho the male casting, arnie aside, was the biggest problem with that movie. I didn't believe in or care for them @Bhaal_Spawn Nostalgia plays a big factor, but stuff I hate about modern pc (huge day 0 patches etc) apply to modern consoles too
@Bhaal_Spawn I think I'd rank as follows: modern pc < modern consoles < classic consoles < classic pc @directhex t470s?