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Senior software engineer @RedHat. Part-time PhD student. I mess around with Doom engines & @Debian. Views my own. RT ≠ endorsement.

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@pwaring @jpmens I think identica evolved into gnu social which is a protocol upon which mastodon is built... so they’re all the same family @TheRealRevK I wonder if they really mean “2 working days”
That would have looked so much better if the stripes lined up with the shirt @migueldeicaza All their old 32 bit apps they paid for probably still work! @ruimvieira @devconf_us @jwendellExplore the evolution of computers at the Urban Sciences Building @newcastlehelix - iconic models like BBC Micro &…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandThe School of Computing is displaying a selection of its old computers used during its 60 year history in the atriu…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandA fascinating exhibit is available to view at the Urban Sciences Building as part of @getnorth2018. 60 years on fro…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandRetweeted two depressing threads about the reality of some plastic alternatives. But it’s better to be realistIt only biodegrades (aka composts) in 30 days under highly specific and controlled conditions including reaching 14…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandFYI, biodegradable PLA and compostable straws require special facilities to actually break these items down. Only a…
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Blimey I forgot how much work I put into this @byuu_san More useful reply. A good example of a static table is, imho, doom’s table of randomised chars. Determini… @byuu_san Respectfully disagreeOur historic computing display covered in @ChronicleLive @voyagersprit1 That sounds interesting ! I’ll DM you my email to discuss, thanks @shaunspalding Wouldn’t 10k x blood pressure mean you actually explode?RT if you're a male dev and can v.easily talk to female devs without worrying about being creepy or misogynistic.…
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@fraggletastic @NostalgiaNinja @byuu_san Sure. Because none of the arguments rm sees in that case are a bare ‘/‘. How far do you…
@FelixMarques @ManMadeMoon Sounds like a Kim Stanley Robinson story. I’d love to see *anything* of his adapted. Eg New York 2140what are you fav ambient records by women ?
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @jonrimmer coincidentally I've just found out I'm in the uni news about this @jonrimmer Wow cool! Bletchley is definitely on my one-day list, I haven’t got there either. @jonrimmer we are planning an exhibition of stuff relating to that mainframe machine pictures (IBM360/67) in mid-November @jonrimmer in which case you should check out one of my side-projects! Netflix error messages I could use
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @jonrimmer what's your banner pic? @jonrimmer @msexcel now try opening two separate spreadsheets with the same basename ;)Happy Birthday #debian! If you're in Cambridge this evening, pop by the @HaymakersCam
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandHappy 25th birthday #Debian! I've got my Debconf 7 shirt on today.
...just realised I’ve missed half of the studio ghibli season already! Argh
small brain: playing on original GameBoy Advanced glowing brain: playing on GBA with backlight incandescent hivemin…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland"New Order: Decades" will air on Saturday 22nd September at 9pm on @SkyArts. Directed by @mikechristieuk, the par…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandBut will it fit on my record shelf?
@fraggletastic Where’s mr blobby when you need him @DevRelCallum What are you going for? @amymist @dubsteppenwolf Monty Python was miraculously save from this fate due to almost pure luck that the cast wa…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandIn 1922 a German court ordered all prints and negatives of Nosferatu destroyed following a copyright dispute with t…
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Somehow survived a day of toddlering despite behaving like a Young Person last nightMore electronica at @Sage_Gateshead please. The concourse is literally bouncing for @orbitalband.
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandBest club in the world? Tonight it’s @Sage_Gateshead
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandSo, unsurprisingly, @orbitalband are kicking ass at @Sage_Gateshead. Shot by Tom for TyneSight / @Sage_Gateshead
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandBack from @orbitalband at the @Sage_Gateshead. Fantastic gig, great venue set-up: on the concourse
@fraggletastic @rjek @BBCNews I’m determined that you two should meet in person one day @rjek @BBCNews LolFor sake of long view and to give sense of scale, here's difference between $100k and £100k in 2008 and 2018. Witho…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandIf a missing kid post has a phone number that’s not a police number, don’t ever call it.
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandSimplistic focus on the machine and loss of perspective on the bigger system & society is the hubris that keeps the…
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@omcgee82 Worth a look. Thanks for the tip! :)Surprising how debilitating it is having to rely on the (largely fictional) metro timetable instead of platform dis…'m no friend of the #gewista motion ad displays in Vienna, but today I realized that my polarized sunglasses now w…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @kchoudhu @thatcks This situation is what’s stopped me getting into rust too far (all test programs I tried wouldn’…
Flint still doesn’t have water, Insulin costs $296 a bottle, parts of Puerto Rico have been without power for 10 mo…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @Pfrobinson yeah that's the problem. it's pretty rule-heavy. I think, once most are internalised, it might play faster. The box is huge! @BBCRadMac gonna miss ya @jessfraz Sounds like Knuth’s literate programming tools tangle and weaveMysterious lack of @My_Metro at monkseaton this morning, two timetabled trains missing so far and counting @Pfrobinson Gloomhaven. Alas no; we haven’t completed the first beginner scenario yet after two evenings of play!
This game is insane @icculus hey, do you know whether anyone has taken your 3ds/sdl2 work and mashed it with the Homebrew stuff?The remix album coming before the proper album had bothered me for 11 years, and now it is fixed.
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@cyriakharris @jazzmickle I can relate to that. As per your criteria, irc (barely) qualifies (with dcc for files an…
I read a draft bio of myself today which described me as a Scientist. I quite liked that."I keep getting asked why I'm programming for a Sega Genesis system in Java, the reason is I'm hoping someone from… @SpiderOak @braddockcg that blog post does not address the open source client issue. @ManOnTheGreen @yorksfairy67 @digidsmith @Steven_Swinford Sorry that was me transcribing “will have to” , to “must”I've just seen how my qualifications have been encoded in a database: as "XX A-Level- obsolete XX". @RobVCohen @steveclarkuk @Steven_Swinford The issue is the headline framing the empirical likelihood as “women must” @yorksfairy67 @digidsmith @Steven_Swinford The report says “most likely” based on precedent. Depressing but true. The headline reads “must” @Albert_Herring @DavidWGWalker @iankridley @Steven_Swinford Exactly, it’s the framing in the headline that is shock… researcher: we need to figure out ways to write safer code with fewer bugs so it can be exploited less often. H…
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@jimwebber Rarely. I think our mutual acquaintance Jonathan H manages to, occasionally @paullewismoney That paper may be worth a read but that reporting is pretty poor @rhoml @cryptomilk @tqbf @richburroughs It was one of GitHub, gitlab or similar which didn’t support ed keys last I tried
although the modern team are obviously ace. The target audience is those living in the past. Possible brexit applicationsHigh quality inventions tonight in the pub: AR, that superimposes England World Cup team 1966 over modern games