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Senior software engineer @RedHat. European citizen. I mess around with Doom engines & @Debian. Views my own. RT ≠ endorsement.

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Congratulations to those of you who had "Microsoft Excel cheers on Wu-Tang Financial's response to Kanye West" on y…
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We interviewed a number of candidates for an junior software engineering position last fall. During one of the scre…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @Arad1el That’s one job off my list, thanks!
I'm reliably informed that this is assembled from data from Rosetta, this is the surface of a comet Who Watched “The X-Files” Pursued More Careers In STEM #MakerEducation
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So, a bunch of people who I respect deeply are at hearings today to argue for software preservation. The outcome wi…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandI didn’t realise #MegadriveMonday was a thing! Here’s my contribution @My_Metro hi, just to report at least two validators are broken at Whitley bay @namecheap your control panel (advanced DNS) seems kinda broken? confirmed in firefox+chrome. "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS"“Sleepy eyes” is an anti Semitic term that was and is stilled used by neo- nazis groups relating to “how to spot a…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @jearle It prompted me to nuke a whole bunch more notifications (although I’m sure I’d done this one already)
@futurewas8bit hi are you planning to attend maker faire this year?No, the surge in measles is not caused by trips to Europe. The surge in measles is caused by people not vaccinatin…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandThe t shirt/top situation was even worseGirls and boys shorts on offer at @sainsburys. Girls: less sun coverage; thinner material; tiny pockets“Quitting for being late for work was regarded as laughably eccentric by colleagues whose shame threshold is set so…
@ste1 I had my wedding reception in that café :)copy on write
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @FOSSjunkie I’ll be doing some crate digging on Monday so I’ll keep an eye outRobert Smith is 59 today, born 21st April 1959 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. Singer, songwriter & musician. F…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandHere it is! The @RegaResearch PRIZE DECK #RSD18. Winner announced tomorrow on Record Store Day April 21st. Winner w…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland#RSD18 "Hi Mike, can I have a copy of the Bowie limited 45?" "Sorry Dan, sold the one we had hours ago." "But I'm i…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandJoin us from 7am this Saturday to hear nothing but records from our presenters’ collections plus brand new releases…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowlandanyone after anything in particular for #rsd18?Delighted to win the @RICSnews North East award for Design through Innovation for the @computingncl Urban Sciences…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandYesterday I wrote about my mixed feelings about #MyTwitterAnniversary
This is a thread of my local record shops all in it together for Tomorrow. @garyadavison Did end up being a lot more than 140 chars!Blog post: Twitter 10th anniversary #followfriday (but: read blogs instead! @hivickylai @thatcks @AshleyMPomeroy
@Paulxthompson Ive been thinking of picking this up recently.
this comment is peak Hacker News: 'The 4-color map theory is bunk. It is very easy to create an artificial map tha…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandBlog post: simple time in my small garden @omcgee82 my cure tickets arrived :)Today, Jeremy Corbyn forced a vote in Parliament to stop Theresa May bypassing MPs to make way. • Jeremy lost the…
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@DevRelCallum @TheCoreUK No worries. Hope it works out! @DevRelCallum hey dude did you find an office space? Did you look at @TheCoreUK?This Saturday is my ten-year Twitter anniversary, apparently. I have mixed feelings about it.what idiot called it "YAML Parser Error" and not "A Series of Unfortunate Indents"
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @pwaring @mart_brooks AWS already host >50% of the web
@jwildeboer Ah. And I read, *that* might not be a coincidence. @wakeyjess I wasn't sure it was still working so I just dropped my window from 1Y to 3M, to see what will happen ☺ @jwildeboer Suspect it's a coincidence. Nobody marks Hitler's birthday, particularly. Rather than lose 1/365 to th… is cool. I do similar using, but I might switch to something like this (good excuse to…'m looking fwd to the rest in this series "Analysing @Debian packages with @Neo4j – Part 1 – Debian" by @norbusan
Amber had time.
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandSo, a summary: the UK enables a global fraud epidemic by registering companies without any checks. Man exposes this…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandAnd the “wish” deluxe is due too, also great newsInstant pre-order @bengoldacre @robmanuel That said good luck to them. I’d definitely like a revived NTK, too. @bengoldacre @robmanuel From the Jurassic, are you serious? I hadn’t realised it had even gone away yet. This is Ju… @BBC6Music Nine Inch Nails - A warm place (Or Bowie - crystal Japan)In 1999, I asked David Gerrold to write a "future of computing" prediction for the magazine where I was Technology…
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Computing@60 crafting activities to celebrate 60 years at Newcastle university
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @thaJeztah @pierrchen @crosbymichael Not sure about fuelling it so much as calling it out (silence can be interpreted as tacit acceptance)New teaching focussed leactureship. Come join the @csmcr team!
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Taking Dan to see "Ready Player One". Or as I like to think of it, "Logo's Run".
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandHow honest is the news you read? Check it. Very: Guardian, Wash Post, Reuters etc Not at all: Daily Mail, Fox etc…
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this site is sometimes good: a story in four parts
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandAt the end of a great day of celebrations and thoughtful seminars marking 60 years of @computingncl
I wrote this before I learned @thesoftmoon was playing, argh!The Meltdown line up looks phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime stuff, and I’m so jealous of anyone with a lifestyle to afford the time to see itNo NCL, no MCR :( @paloblancogames Very cool accident
This does seem quite wrong. Anthropogenic climate change is settled science but Lord Lawson et al still get their “…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandFor the past 5 years I've collected articles about #openlayoutoffices. The jury is very much in: open layout is h…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @tdobson Presumably so ~/somefile.html also works, which can be useful @TedMielczarek @mhoye I’m not sure that’s it. They still seemed to be media darlings long after gamergate was done @marcsavy Try leaving orange or lemon rind downScreen readers read you're entire long, elaborate name, including emojis, with every tweet and reply. Imagine heari…
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Forgive me, I made a Doom one
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandI should re-read this favorite reason to learn a bit about the lambda calculus: it shows us 1) how simple computation is (at first it…
Retweeted by Jonathan DowlandEveryone at home kept watching Netflix using my profile. Messed up all my lists and history... so I renamed “Dad” t…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @JaredEHalpern @fabynou I’d pre order too.When I get sick and tired of a book project, I order a WIP proof print. To see it in my hands never fails to bring…
Retweeted by Jonathan Dowland @Cryect @fabynou Have you settled on the next-style logo for the final proof? @andrewrstine @fabynou I’ve offered this a few times too but haven’t been taken up on it! @andrewrstine knows his s…