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John @jnehlich NYC, NY Milky Way Galaxy

stage & company manager, writer, independent smartass, karaoke hopper, and lover of livin' life and working with cool people.

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stop booking her!! there #Journalists fighting the good fight and reporting the #Facts - Thank You. #ImwithJournalistsReminder for federal workers getting silence orders this week: here's a secure way to reach the Washington Post
Retweeted by John @realDonaldTrump ummm. Can you maybe repair the roads and bridges that are LITERALLY falling apart first? It would create jobs after all... @HJFrisbie I'm certain there are bigger battles to be had. But it does make me wonder what they have on her to make her flip like this.GODDAMN RIGHT I WILL
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Retweeted by JohnBefore Trump I couldn't imagine this happening with any other politician.
Retweeted by Johnfor damn sure. DT, I know you love your stupid wall, but at some point soon can we repair roads and bridges that are LITERALLY falling apart?This f-cking administration is a fascist f-ck party. #StandingWithJournalists might be nice if former Presidents spoke up about the state of things. @BarackObama @billclinton #JimmyCarter @GeorgeHWBush #GeorgeBushJrHow is it that the party of Theodore Roosevelt has decided to wage an all out assault on wilderness and wild places?
Retweeted by John @HJFrisbie Indeed. there's so many dogs crawling under the fence, I can't keep track of them all.Oh wow! A scientists march on Washington is being planned @ScienceMarchDC
Retweeted by John @SenWarren why did you flip for Carson?!!! @wyliepeacock I have my moments of genius. on occasion. LOL @wyliepeacock they just evolve into an invisible form.Aw, Schumer, really? Disappointed. Trump signs an anti-abortion executive order surrounded by men: #GlobalGag
Retweeted by JohnNazi gets punched: violence is not the answer, freespeech Black person killed: they shouldn't have been disrespectful
Retweeted by JohnI just want to give @FLOTUS a hug. And a way out.I don't mind being called a snowflake. They're pretty. And if you get a group together, they can really fuck up your day.
Get your phones ready for tomorrow, y’all. They want to start to WWIII.
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Retweeted by JohnSobering.
Retweeted by JohnHouse Republicans have introduced a bill proposing that the U.S. withdraw from the United Nations…
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The NRA wants to suppress one of guns’ most important safety features White House Now Says, Nope, You're Never Going To See Trump's Tax Returns
Retweeted by JohnSean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway - might I suggest you get tickets to this. Also, bring a notepad. It's certain to… @POTUS This is how you respond to the March, as a leader. Take notes. @MerriamWebster - might I suggest the following update? And then send a copy to Kelly Conway?
Shut it down. Today's best sign (via @womensmarch).
Retweeted by JohnWhat is in this to hate or fear? How is this "radical#?
Retweeted by JohnDear Media who is outraged tonight,
Retweeted by JohnWhat. The.F-ck. @CNN gonna have to do better to be a real news organization.
Retweeted by JohnWith this many "liberal tears," we could sure drown a lot of Nazis.
Retweeted by JohnRetweet if you don't need TV networks to protect your ears from @Madonna using words we all use.
Retweeted by JohnNY Gov. Cuomo requires insurance companies to cover contraception
Retweeted by JohnOk... this is awesome.
Retweeted by JohnThe #womensmarch sign game is an embarrassment of riches
Retweeted by JohnWe were in all 50 states + over 70 countries! See pics from the #WomensMarch all around the globe here: #WhyIMarch
Retweeted by JohnDespite what you heard at inauguration, crime is down in NYC. Historic lows. Shootings, homicides, robberies... all down. Spread the word.
Retweeted by JohnActual photos from Sean Spicer's first press conference as White House Press Secretary. arent going to get answers from Spicer. We are going to get answers by digging. By getting our hands dirty. So lets all do that.
Retweeted by JohnSean Spicer is a joke, a liar, and an insult to the position he now holds. #PressSecretary #WhiteHouseThat's just a lie. Change your name to Propaganda Secretary.
Retweeted by JohnTrump gloats about "grabbing p***y", gets to be president. Madonna drops an appropriate F-bomb,news cuts to commercial. Got it. #WomensMarch
Retweeted by JohnI mean seriously is there a better visualization for how most reporters cover protest
Retweeted by Johnfor a women's march, this man is talking for an awfully long time. #WomensMarchWhat you can do: 1. Call congress daily. 202-225-3121 2. Join advocacy groups. 3. Form personal rapid response te…
Retweeted by John @FLOTUS I sense you missed this. If that's the case, you can go here to review. #Equality #WomensMarchOnWashingtonit has already started.
Retweeted by JohnThe #WomensMarch in downtown St. Louis! This is what democracy looks like.
Retweeted by JohnThanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values @womensmarch. Important as ever. I truly believe we're always Stronger Together.
Retweeted by JohnWe're not going to be ignored, Don: liveblogging the #womensmarch
Retweeted by JohnIt's nice to see the news focusing on the important things in life. I mean, it's not like there's more important th… guide to protesting safely in New York City:
Retweeted by JohnMassive crowd #WomensMarch
Retweeted by JohnThe cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama's inauguration 4 years ago. The one on the right is Trum…
Retweeted by JohnEvery Trump tweet needs to be archived. If he deletes a tweet, he should be in violation of the Federal Records Act. He works for us now.
Retweeted by JohnTrump Promised to Resign From His Companies — But There’s No Record He’s Done So - ProPublica
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Let's just settle this one right here right now shall we? K? K.
Retweeted by JohnMidterm elections are right around the corner. We need to plan now. #elections #midterms2018Trump begins with call to kill climate action plan
Retweeted by JohnMay the election of Trump bring forth the fiercest, smartest, toughest generation of ass-kicking women this country could possibly imagine.
Retweeted by JohnIt’s only been 25 min and the Dept. of Labor’s report on Advancing LGBT Workplace Rights has been taken down.…
Retweeted by JohnAll references to climate change have been deleted from the White House website
Retweeted by JohnThe side eye from @MichelleObama was on point. I just want to spend the day having drinks, manicures, and girl chat with her. #LoveHerexactly., that Singing happened.Is this an inauguration or a church service?.."for ALL of our people." I'm going to hold you to that statement Pres. Trump. #InaugurationNaw, iPhone news, I'm good. I'll pass. @HJFrisbie I already knew about the water pipe. And who do you think I am that I can afford an uber from 59th to brooklyn. #PoorAF
Remember, tomorrow we are not crowning a king, or bowing down to a dictator. Tomorrow our new employee starts his temp job. We're the boss.
Retweeted by JohnJust sitting around waiting for a train for f-king ever. Typical night for the MTA. #nyc #MTAhurtsmysoul