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NYC based stage & company manager, writer, independent smartass, karaoke hopper, and lover of livin' life and working with cool people.

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Goodwill has security guards, when they really need a monthly everything is free day to get rid of stuff they don't have room for.McCain 202-224-2235 Murkowski 202-224-6665 Collins 202-224-2523 Portman 202-224-3353 Capito 202-224-6472 Say vote no on Graham Cassidy.
Retweeted by John @FLOTUS actions speak louder then words. Look around to reality.
Listen. I hear you. But please leave us out of it. Us meaning real people. You two psychos go out back and handle t…
Retweeted by JohnLet's do this for all 50 states and call it a day
Retweeted by JohnJIMMY KIMMEL IS NOT AN EXPERT scream the people who let Hannity talk about public policy for an hour every night
Retweeted by JohnWtf?! about POTUS blocking someone w/ stage 4 cancer ahead of the push to strip health care from millions seems…
Retweeted by JohnYet another officer skating away after killing someone. This is some bullshit.
Oklahoma City police fatally shot a deaf man as neighbors yelled he couldn't hear commands to drop a metal pipe
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Stop scrolling through all these phoned-in Rocket Man jokes and make the call: 202-224-3121
Retweeted by JohnJust had the chance to see President Trump's golf swing tweet. Enough. This has to stop. Our children are watching.
Retweeted by JohnThe GOP has 11 days to ram Graham-Cassidy through the Senate. Here's what you can do, from red & blue states alike:…
Retweeted by JohnRemember, if folks tell you that we can't afford any social program, they're lying. There's money for equity, there…
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Harvard fellowships, Emmy appearances, huge speaking fees: there's just gonna be no penalty for working in Trump's White House, huh?
Retweeted by JohnJust take this slice of the pending atrocity: Republicans are thinking about ending Medicaid as we know it without a CBO score.
Retweeted by Johnshame on every person who took a photo with spicer as if this is a joke.
Retweeted by JohnSean Spicer gets a recovery tour after lying to the public for months but the first woman nominee is supposed to go into hiding Fuck sexism
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Yet another design stolen. smh.@Forever21! ..Though what does the cab driver's race have to do with this? @BBC should not be an officer or an employee of any school district. #discrimination #ClayCounty is a murderer. #AnthonyLamarSmith should be alive today.
Retweeted by JohnLMAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Syrian Refugees Thrown Out Of @zara After Being Attacked By Homophobic Customer via @NewNowNext
*raises hand for movie adaptation*
Retweeted by John...when stupid people use products the wrong way and then are mad when they get a different outcome.…*Applause* "Applause👏👏👏👏* those Qweens a Streamy! #UNHhhhForStreamys privileged children are hired to work adult jobs
Today, the White House press secretary used the people's podium to call for the firing of an individual citizen, @jemelehill. Take that in.
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I guess every city is now responsible for monitoring the growth and decay of every piece of nature? This family sho… Farewell to All the President's Men #WhenBooksAndFilmCollideCrime and the American President #WhenBooksAndFilmCollidesitting here scooping wheat thins into cottage cheese & drinking wine. Because apparently even my taste buds don't give a f*ck anymore.#lifeFYI: If ever I run for president & get 3M more votes than my racist, misogynistic opponent & he still wins, I’ll have a lot of shit to say.
Retweeted by JohnHOLD UP!!! Everyone, pay attention to this! This no small things. They are trying to reshape the electorate. #huge
Retweeted by JohnSuicide prompts question: Should schools wait for parents before confronting students over cellphone sex videos?
Retweeted by Johnall y’all drag queens are fucked
Retweeted by Johnwas my first thought as well that Ted Cruz: -- is homophobic -- is anti-choice -- has supported banning forms of birth control -- defended a ban on dildos
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hahahahaha!! love it when irrelevant actors get dragged on Twitter by relevant actors.
Retweeted by John"Every single day Nigeria loses about 145 women of childbearing age, making her 2nd largest contributor to maternal…
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Yes!! So awesome! @RuPaulsDragRace #dragcon2017 this panel line management is terrible @DirtSquirrelCo are you all DragCon today as well?The first panel is at 10 and the doors open at 10. How exactly does that work then?? @RuPaulsDragRace #DragonCon2017 #DragonCon#DragCon2017 NYC day 2. Wearing sensible shoes today. Godspeed to all of you wearing heels again. @RuPaulsDragRace
Congrats @RuPaul and to the entire @RuPaulsDragRace team! #Emmy #morethenone #yaaaasss @TheGingerMinj !!! #wedding #dragcon @javitscenter Thanks!!Sashaying to @RuPaulsDragCon NYC this weekend?! 💅🗽 Here's what you gotta do! #DragCon
Retweeted by JohnYaaaassssss!! #LoveAndQueens @javitscenter, anyway to get the air turned on in 1C?! #verywarm #DragConAnyone else have problems with the NYC subway wifi login page popping up? Is there a manual link somewhere? #MTA #NYC
Sexism is alive & well in the US House. @RepJayapal was just called a "young lady" who "doesn't know a damn thing."…
amazing. haven't seen a more perfect visual analogy to the current state of the US. Oregon fires near this golf course:
Retweeted by John... the fuck she is. Three words: Ruth. Bader. Ginsberg.
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If Arpaio can be pardoned, #DACA recipients can be naturalized. This isn't about law & order, it's about racism. I hope everyone recognizes.
Retweeted by JohnHave a good time??!! HAVE A GOOD TIME!?!? What the fu*k are you talking about @realDonaldTrump?
Retweeted by JohnBLOOP.
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@sethyohnka I watched. @WallistheElder
Hey #Congress, time to do your job for the people and not just big business. It's 2017, do your f*cking jobs or res… Republicans, your moment has come. Every Democrat will join you. Show the courage and grace to save these chil…
Retweeted by JohnYoung people affected by #DACA are American in every way except immigration status. @POTUS ending program is not who we should be as nation.
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FIRE Detective Jeff Payne #officer should have been fired, not given a slap on the wrist. What happens when he encounters someone less p…
White House leaking the end of DACA while the White House briefs on Harvey. Despicable people.
Retweeted by JohnThe amount of time I spend waiting for a damn southbound C train #mta #theworst
TRUTH. Erik Prince is the point at which I'd actually quit my job if I worked at the Times opinion section
Retweeted by JohnFOX is always on the cutting edge of breaking and important news. #WhatAJoke #UnFocused #WasteOfSpaceNewsOrg
If you are on a plane where someone is being deported, always remember that making a fuss can save a life
Retweeted by JohnTrump said we’ve never seen anything like this before. ON. THE. ANNIVERSARY. THAT. KATRINA. HIT. NEW. ORLEANS. TO. THE. DAY.
Retweeted by JohnIf you think Obama was president during Hurricane Katrina we really do not know how to break reality to you. #harvey
Retweeted by JohnBarack Obama consoling hurricane victim in 2012, Donald Trump consoling hurricane victim in 2017.
Retweeted by JohnVideo: “Katrina breaks my heart...but we must not let Katrina break the bank for our children & grandchildren” Mike…
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