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John @jnehlich NYC, NY Milky Way Galaxy

NYC based stage & company manager, writer, independent smartass, karaoke hopper, and lover of livin' life and working with cool people.

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I'd watch a full production of 1776 with Martin Sheen anyday! @GraceandFrankie #pleasemakethishappen
@Derrick_NYC so C service has resumed to standard. lol @Derrick_NYC discovered that after an announcement was finally made. ...after nearly 10 trains passedFour A trains, two B trains, and two D trains. Where the hell is the C train?! #mta #nycsometimes happiness is just a jar of peanut butter and a large spoon. #living
ready for the rest of @LeelaJames "Did It For Love" to be released. Living for everything thus far #INeedAllOfIt #Music #FillMySoulIf my iPad breaks because of angry tapping during Mario Run, Nintendo should pay for it. #DamnYouMario #JumpNow #GetThoseCoins #addict
@tyleroakley Happy Birthday! 🎊YAYS! WERK QUEENS!!!!!!
Living for the deluxe version @todrick Straight Outta Oz album music and video. #music #artistI'd watch this show. #NYPD #Shameful #TriggerHappyPlaying tv catch-up. So great to see Stephanie Szostak on @BravoGG2D !!
Season 2 of UNHhhh finally!!! Yes!!! @katya_zamo @trixiemattel #comedy #queens #everythingIneed @HJFrisbie I have no chest hair. Apparently whiskey puts none on ones chest. But I keep trying. Lol @HJFrisbie If only stalkers looked that good. @HJFrisbie if I have a stalker, does that mean I'm a celebrity now?! omg, FINALLY!!! LOL. @HJFrisbie before I leave for the summer. (and now all of twitter knows I'm leaving for the summer lol). @HJFrisbie I could use one of those Iced Teas right now. LOL @HJFrisbie there was a time you used to believe me. the trust is gone. the love is gone. woe is me. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :pNYC you're looking awfully pretty today. 😁
Try not to love this.
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when you confront an internet troll in person
Retweeted by JohnWe need to put relentless pressure on these 27 between now and Thursday to save health care for 24 million. Share w…
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when your customer service wait time is 50 minutes, you know your business isn't running right. #USPS
As Trump nominates his fifth Goldman Sachs official, let us take a moment to remember the wrongest take of 2016:
Retweeted by JohnAre you advocating for artists to sleep in cars to join? & do we really want to tell artists that to be honored the… EO "..Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch" #TheSwamp #USA #Resist #DontGetDistracted
22 degrees out and the MTA has the AC pumping in this train car. 😑#freezing #nyc
@HJFrisbie right?!Really #lyft, 100% gratuity. Bitch, you outta your mind. #nyc #yellowcabinityo @VH1 are you gonna start advertising @RuPaulsDragRace at all?Rewatching @RuPaulsDragRace seasons in prep for s9. Forgot how perfect @Alaska5000 was on s7 premiere. #brilliant #vogue
A good first step for a broader audience would be for #VH1 to start advertising on their website. Currently, there'…
Someone plastered posters of Donald Trump's sexual assault monologue all over the East Village in NY
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Trump's antics distracted me from realizing that HR 610 has been introduced, which would fundamentally change publi…
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Are there anymore $35 tickets for Whiskey Walk NYC available anywhere?? #Drinks
"Students with disabilities are 23 times more likely to be handcuffed at school." ...children aren't the only ones… Wisconsin, you just re-elected this moron. You get 6 more years of this mess. Better keep the pressure on.
Again: Immigrants commit violent crimes at lower rates than U.S.-born citizens.
Retweeted by JohnTrump sent a man to his death, we got no significant Intel, blamed the death on military, exploited his widow, but he sounded presidential?!
Retweeted by JohnWhen Trump said we need to promote clean air and clean water, I had a hard time not laughing. Today he rolled back clean water rules.
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In 12 hours, there's been more investigation/clarification re #Oscar2017 screw-up, than there's been of Trump/Russia ties in last 3 months.
Retweeted by JohnI'd like a Victims Of The Swamp formed first please. #JointAddressI can't wait for the next @PodSaveAmerica.I held my breath when I heard him say this. absolutely terrifying. president may want to check in with Flint about poisoning our youth.
RT- Issa won his seat by less than 1% in a district that Clinton won by 7.5%. Call him tomorrow. Remind him of hi…
Retweeted by JohnAP: Records show EPA's Pruitt used private email, despite denial
Retweeted by JohnReally cool graphic of all the dresses ever worn by Best Actress winners:
Retweeted by JohnWH scrambling to divert attn from alleged Russian ties. Independent investigation needed as GOP allies in Congress try to help bury story.
Retweeted by John19 Jewish community centers in 12 states rattled by bomb threats in a single day
Retweeted by JohnIn case one ever wondered what married sex with a GOP lawmaker from Ohio is like.
Retweeted by John @HJFrisbie omg. yesThe Oscars have a lot of explaining to do.
@c_wong79 @HuffPostEnt ahh Gotchya! @c_wong79 @HuffPostEnt ...Whoopi Goldberg? @violadavis is life.Awww. Do those celebs hurt your feelers? Given your level of masterful ignorance, I'd think you'd enjoy it. @LizProBackstage I can't exactly hook bunny ears up to my desktop lolIt's 2017. It shouldn't be this difficult to watch an award show online. #ABC #CatchUpWithTheTimes #Oscars11,132 people voted in this #DNCChair poll Keith Ellison - 5,143 Tom Perez - 502 The DNC doesn't represent their…
Retweeted by JohnReal Paid Protestors Being Exposed #StuffTrumpIsAfraidOf #TheResistance #SundayMorning
Retweeted by JohnRIP Bill Paxton. :(
$4M renovation of Bed-Stuy's 45-year-old Billie Holiday Theatre slated to wrap this spring, city says:…
Retweeted by JohnEverything u need to know re: #ACA repeal in 1 sentence: In KY, working families lose $259m tax credits, while hi-income get $677m tax cut.
Retweeted by JohnI'm really digging this revamped look for @thebandperry . Also, those leather pants on Reid..dayum. yes. more pleas… @LizProBackstage honestly, from the tension i've seen with them, it's not surprising this happened.
Sadly, I've seen subway dancers berate people on a number of occasions if they didn't make room for their routine.… LaPierre's salary is $5,000,000 per year. My salary is $0. Who's the paid protestor?
Retweeted by JohnCEO confirms Mercers, top GOP donors, are part owners of Breitbart
Retweeted by JohnLet's not forget that the WH Chief of Staff pressured the FBI to call reporters about an ongoing investigation involving the President.
Retweeted by John#ReginaBrave survivor of #WoundedKnee, US NavyVet arrested at Camp raid. Women always lead ✊🏽❤ #StandingRock #NoDAPL
Retweeted by JohnI just want a warm, sunny, beach. To stay. Forever. #lifegoalsAww Peter King is such a coward. Spicer is an obedient puppy doing the dirty work for a cowardly and hateful administration, that seeks to dismantle our democracy. #USAThis is how a dictator rules. It's getting worse and we must #resist and remain vigilant. #TrumpIsATyrant hate reality tv. But if @SirPatStew & @IanMcKellen had a reality show together, I'd watch it That image. Equating Police Officers to The Punisher. That's a f-cking terrible logo if you want peace and res…