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unfortunately i'm completely invisible in that light does not bounce off me at all but at least you can read this disembodied gay tweetOn #lesbianvisibilityday take a moment for the extraordinary work of Laura Aguilar, whom we lost yesterday. A good… @justincharity as soon as i'm done teaching this current class i'm going to SCHEMEi think contemporary pop leftism might enjoy a post-marxist reading group and i would be so happy to run oneLyotard, 1979: "It is conceivable that the nation-states will one day fight for control of information, just as the…
In this tweet I meant that my brain becomes the clean jug not that I put the brain in the jughi! i'm a freelance journalist looking for work—freelance or something more regular. if you have any assignments or…
Retweeted by jo livingstone @lindseyweber i would lay down my life to protect you from being disappointed by tom hanks @mattschnipper that is very kind, thank youconstantly, constantly, constantly writing is emptying out my brain into a clean white porcelain jug today i have nothing to say. enjoy yr respite
@kmcdonovgh Wonderful that you can tweet this despite not knowing what an airhorn sounds likeRing the damn bell cos this shop is UNIONIZED @newrepublic filed a piece that has the Awl DNA splattered all over it hang on let me think of a less repugnant metaphorYes I’m the same as good as Chekhov you know that the seagull from The Seagull is not actually a seagull? Anyway, the new film adaptation by Michae… rose bush is a decision, every tree a dedication of resources. Writing about The Seagull this morning and thi… @JasMoneyRecords they tried! but they did not succeed
@marianbull to see the new film of The Seagull this afternoon. Can't wait for the bit where Dorn despairingly blames th…'s all i have to say this morning. Except happy birthday ShakespearebRitIsH wOmaN gIvEs BiRthH tO bAbBy
@SafyHallanFarah minimal dumplingMe a hangover intellwxtual
to Virgil’s catalogue of good omens let us add butch teens playing basketball in the weekend sun
For @medium, I wrote about the historical nexus between aviation safety as a material and the virtual aviators on o… @bridgetgillard i cannot account for her mahogany burnish @brittanbeck thank you!I HATED I Feel Pretty. Not for its premise, but for its poorly-executed magic. A failed movie spell is a sad clunk… @JasMoneyRecords @lindseyweber is this not a really unusual situation though?? buy then understand later? industry rubicon imothe best thing about going to see I Feel Pretty was @JasMoneyRecords asking @lindseyweber about the many products s… @L0RDRAJA @cliomiso clio get the hammer @L0RDRAJA make an igloo on roof!having writing on medium is a trip! there are a bunch people inside that thing reading stuffThis piece is sorta about Snapchat but truly about how if you fly a plane straight upwards you might freeze your ey… @lindseyweber What Lindsey Wants @lindseyweber Don’t scoop my take!
I replaced my very old boots with new one but kept both pairs. I just put on one of each by accident so I’m walking…, that was inarticulate. please read this piece by my astonishing friendits Shon, doing her THING @magiciansbook I would love to a read a metacritical piece about Rajneesh coverage! @magiciansbook did you read at the time?? @PamelaPaulNYT Sad to see the lunch is not themed. Eg: Gazpacho a la Joan didion @JasMoneyRecords you know that the owner of TNR was a reporter for Oregon Magazine in the 80s and wrote a book about the Wild Wi… am Thinking about this today! A note to self to discuss in class
Didn’t they tell you that I was a cabbage
Retweeted by jo livingstone @termitetree @damsorrow I’m so sorry about bodies @alanna Position bun on forehead pls @marianbull @RyuSpaeth Thank you this is correct. You point at a cultural moment about demonic possession and scream @justincharity I think it was an accident of history! Without much calculation behind it. I don’t know. I do know t… @kellyconaboy You too were once varnished @justincharity In a way I kind of think it’s great. The jury with no context were just like, yes sure I love it @justincharity Not that any other hip hop albums were considered !!!today I wrote about Kendrick and the way DAMN. reframes the whole mission of the pulitzer @bridgetgillard i went to medical school for one hundred years to learn thisyou know that white stuff babies are born smothered in is called "cheese varnish" in latinMy first lede! :') "Like gout and marrying cousins, demonic possession and exorcism belong to that category of thi… first book review i ever wrote was titled WHEN NUNS PUKED NAILS so i am cross that @RyuSpaeth is on the fence a… fine hed hope kendrick is so thrilled i just want kendrick to be happy. here are some kendrick thoughts @RyuSpaeth !!thank u for the shout out here @jhedelstein—this is great @cliomiso deep breath
@jiatolentino @waouwwaouw @marianbull @cliomiso @lindseyweber @pixie_casey @whoweekly NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE @waouwwaouw @marianbull @cliomiso @lindseyweber @pixie_casey @whoweekly FROM THE VERY FIRST MOMENT I SAW YOUspending the morning listening to DAMN with my eyes closed for work. closing my eyes was optional but i opted in @lindseyweber @jamiekeiles you must pursue what sparks joy inside the golden retriever. the golden retriever does n… @lindseyweber it's a really prickly old chestnut that we're all trapped within. I remember once talking to… @lindseyweber were you the questioner!!!! and honestly idk how food media works @marianbull my cherubDear Performing Your Life, thank you for your problem. I prescribe Strollers and Onlookers at a Place of Entertainm…
@mollyhpierce Mope lifeIs it possible to be sadder than when on a multi hour bus ride staring at winter trees or am i really maxing out @magiciansbook Really! @hallithbates It’s conveying me Boston to nyc!