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retired academic, staff culture writer @newrepublic, advice doctor

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@seanwinslow Yeah no, I just noticed it and thought it was funny @negaversace Mate
@mollyhpierce @Fly_Norwegian Because I have no other recourse! It is humbling though @mollyhpierce @Fly_Norwegian This is different @hallithbates @Fly_Norwegian @sjogrenjack I’m never flying them again it was like lord of the fliesthe idea of tweeting a brand makes me puke but i flew with @Fly_Norwegian on January 4 and my bag still hasn't got… idk why Sam is staring at it so hungrily, a moon diagram is not going to help you kill those dead icy fellows weird how they just shoehorned a medieval Iranian astronomer's work into an otherwise medieval European-look… watched this Game of Thrones again and I can't believe how directly they just lifted this diagram of the phase…
@marianbull @perfumegenius It’s okay we are all doctors even if I’m the main Doctor who prescribes advice @HarronWawker that fucking bitch i'm so sorry, also so well done for handling @thehighsign VERY good point @cliomiso interstish @333333333433333 @cliomiso we all cute in the medieval ote fandomwhich of these getty images search results for "nanny" should i use for my review of the perfect aforementioned @333333333433333 @cliomiso baaaaa so cuteee! here is me @ 30 @cliomiso @333333333433333 in medieval times it was spelled 'ote' which is so much nicer @cliomiso @333333333433333 lmao. a goat and an oat are pretty simliar. rural types @cliomiso @333333333433333 smelled alright. tastes goaty @marianbull *ding ding ding* that's you going absolutely barmy on the triangle @marianbull and our band practicing in the other garage @333333333433333 just tried oat milk its yuckStellar piece by @ArabelleRaphael on the shitty, offhand way that journalists write about Stormy Daniels specifical… Dumped, thank you for your problem. I prescribe Henry Purcell's "When I Am Laid in Earth," from Dido and Aenea… @alanna I delete your guilt! *delete* see now its goneDear Ridiculous (@alanna), thank you for your problem. I prescribe Pablo Neruda, "Keeping Quiet."… @joliekerr jolie. thank you
@CAAF @jiatolentino Aw man. You’re brilliant!!!! @marianbull bettter not miss our booking @marianbull MARIAN @colindrohan Oh please you passed yourself! Also I think teaching your class was the one when I had to leave to thr… @colindrohan @CatapultStory You would know!!!!! Ty Colin @michelledean I lost several fees due to thinking it was spam @tomscocca @Awl tom scocca thank YOU @tomscocca I enjoyed trying to understand :) @hujane @DearSplenda @Millicentsomer @JMikanowski @annehelen @SarahLizChar Big truth! @tmibugbee @haleymlotek @marianbull @caleweissman Very good! You should guest-rx @michellelegro Crowd goes wild! @haleymlotek @marianbull @caleweissman It’s all in the rx @marianbull @caleweissman I do!!! For political reasonsThank you for your problem, @caleweissman, who can't get out of bed. i prescribe to you an understanding that clock… "pop culture and dorky shit" on my tombstone
Retweeted by jo livingstone @marianbull @Awl Hehehe @Awl If you’re interested in the gritty bits of why a general interest site struggles in the current Media Advertis… can remember The @Awl as a strange, gorgeous kind of orchid that grew out of a gross fungus in a New York sewer.… just read someone on Instagram express ‘let alone’ as ‘little own’ how nice @annacod Eeeeeeeeeek @amandadjulius True but they’re often ON Scarlett and Fiona @annacod @CatapultStory Sure
@RyuSpaeth Btw I just filed @RyuSpaeth No it’s hat womensometimes we forget that the only thing that matters in four weddings and a funeral is the friendship between scarl… @claire_voon @CatapultStory I’m sorry 😕 @JasMoneyRecords @CatapultStory You get it for free sweetpeaHi i'm teaching a 6 week @CatapultStory class on writing cultural criticism, it's in a conveniently post-work thurs… Henri. I"m a doctor whateverThanks for your problem, Employee. I prescribe Henry Matisse's 'The Open Window,' 1921.'m truly overwhelmed by the wonderful questions I've been receiving! Keep writing problem-havers. There is art for us allThank you for your problem, Painter. Your prescription is beauty-in-failure, joy-in-progress: Debussy's 'Doctor Gra… Awl let us translate a five-line medieval English love lyric—me in to words, @hallithbates into pictures. So jo… @hannahkateboast @333333333433333 :) @333333333433333 The prescribed resource is so so very good @333333333433333 just a doctorThanks for your problem, @333333333433333. You've been prescribed the Boq'e-ye-Haroun Velayat at Isfahan.
Love is hard and love is soft, so that’s how she sang it. I wrote about Dolores O’Riordan’s extraordinary talent
Retweeted by jo livingstone too. is hard and love is soft, so that’s how she sang it. I wrote about Dolores O’Riordan’s extraordinary talent @hurricanevicky @Choire It did and I was so pleased to learn about you and your brilliant work! You’re so good @hurricanevicky I remember when I pitched a map piece in like 2012 @Choire writing back that he already had a maps columnistVery considerate of @silviakillings to time the announcement to coincide with my psychiatrist appt though @evilmallelis Without it, you’d struggle to imagine melet me be the first of the many to say: the awl changed my lifeNO @JasMoneyRecords ok no @JasMoneyRecords 🐍My first Rx is prescribed! The problem lies in summoning sufficient resentment at First Gay Love. The medicine is B… @shonfaye thanks babe it really undermined my sense of self as a stoic @shonfaye yeah you're not in need of intervention. and honestly my eyebrows look exactly the same now as before. don't bother