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My mentions are full of offended senior employees at prestige women’s media sites, and my email is full of junior e… @heymichellelee Because the commodification of feminism as an ingredient of native advertising, branding etc is esp…
i'm sorry to anybody laboring in the content mines whose feelings i hurt today. i just truly believe that sponcon i… @jawnita @hazelcills @kmcdonovgh TNR sponsored by ritter sport, movie criticism by [takes wrapper out of trash] KnusperflakesIt’s okay to be cross with me. I wake each day in a roiling bucket of rage @marianbull My beautiful stan @cliomiso @waouwwaouw @kmcdonovgh @hazelcills Mees, mees @heyydnae @carleighbee I can’t remember who the first culprit wasThank you @bridgetgillard for sending me to the excellent work of @andreagonram @waouwwaouw @cliomiso WHY ARENT THEY BETTER @bridgetgillard I am injured so actually it’s good! No I know what you mean. I’m just so bewildered and mad @christinefriar @twelveoclocke ty to the # 1 investigative money diaries journalistmultinational investment bank and financial services company feminism!!! @caleweissman hold menota bene in an ideal world this dek would read "Except Jezebel" @jamiattenberg this is harm reduction jamiRefinery29, Glossier, Bustle, branding agencies, Instagram influencers, generational wealth, fEmInIsM™, expensive h… is so close! You probably need a prayer honestly
@cosme_drb do you wanna practice swings in the park one day @ClaudeWillan Hug @cosme_drb Cosme, you’re right.There are so few people left to loveI hope missy elliott is having a great day, wherever she is
@caleweissman @JasMoneyRecords im gonna bump in to her and pretend she broke my liquor bottleshas anyone seen the BET 'video vixen' series? @cliomiso Emergency office sweatshirtCan anything dry in office a/c i went outside @nickmatlin @popula was just realizing that i need to read the 2007 biographygorgeous, rare piece on Bessie Head! read "When Rain Clouds Gather" if you haven't. ok @popula u got me are some of the things inside the new Sacha Baron Cohen show, ‘Who Is America?’ —-> @MedinaMora Fond kiss @SamAdlerBell Then I won’t be readingI smoked from 14 to 30 and I’m still 30Quitting cigarettes is the great tragedy of my life
@randlechris @alexmolotkow omg found it @JC_Scutts the classic street signs of a nearby drug abuse! @alexmolotkow Me Oh Myra! if anybody would like to talk about Brass Eye here I am 🤚 getting a gun lobbyist to shake your hand after saying it's not rape it if it's your wife, well. i will be atte… thought the bit with the lefty Reed professor was so pointless. and that the gallerist lady was positively heroic“Today we are gonna teach you how you can stop these naughty men and have them take a long nap!" ☠️💀☠️ I wrote abou… @Muna_Mire do it, nothing new is worth its price!! @Muna_Mire craigslist @negaversace kill me and throw my body in a canal my queenthe gays are all busypls the straight journalists must do the Times shouting todayIf you liked Who Is America or Nanette may I recommend La Forêt which is on Netflix? They have nothing in common bu…
@333333333433333 Lotta good ladder quotes in here @333333333433333 @333333333433333 all night in my dream reporting a killer story about the gestures people used when shopping at whole foods
Experienced a great plot twist yesterday on the L train when a man with a saxophone shoved his way on but then play…
quick blog'ge about ScarJo with a strong message: do redmayne next @kmcdonovgh @cliomiso this is us connECTing through a PROduct"connECTing to people through a PROduct is what my entire carEER has been aBOUT" -- woman yelling into phone in union sq @Jo_Livingstone There was a really good adaptation of Mary Stuart at the Almeida where the two actors flipped a coi…
Retweeted by jo livingstone @josiet_j Fuck!God why were these two not cast in each other’s roles @mollyhpierce Ooh I haven’t read
every fuckin time watching this tonight chaps week Netflix premiered their first Indian original series, based on a 2006 Vikram Chandra movie. It’s very swi… tally: 4
Whatever happens don’t speak to me for one year @sarahburnes @TheGernertCo @SamSifton You’re a famous chef agent!Never learned to eat a fish either come to think of iti just moved into a flat where the kitchen is the bedroom [bedchen] so i count being in a cooking newsletter as ...… my piece about Rose Salane's extraordinary curation of objects Deb Rodi took home from Windows on the World,… to be shouted out in this fish themed newsletter @cejarvis @dtortorici @yoloethics i think you'll only find out if and when he starts misbehaving in a burn down your house kind of way @dtortorici @yoloethics @jamiekeiles yr femininity is so overpowering it causes hostesses to see doublei'm never going to be mean to servers but if just for today nobody in new york could greet me and my gf in restaura…
@JasMoneyRecords I don’t get it with makeup bc I don’t rly wear it so the mirror-desire doesn’t work. Haircuts? Oh ys @JasMoneyRecords I know, I know.